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Great American Famine

Great American Famine

In american stories there is a fact of crime against its own people - this is the so-called Holodomor 1932 / 33 of the year, as a result of which the United States missed millions of its citizens.

About this, as well as the genocide of the indigenous people of America, one cannot find condemning resolutions of the congress, angry speeches of American politicians, "memorable signs" built on the anniversary of the mass destruction of people and other signs of memory. The memory of this is reliably bricked up in forged statistics reports, in the archives cleared of evidence of crimes, charged to the "invisible hand of the market", varnished by panegyrics about the genius of President Roosevelt, and the happiness they organized for the nation of "public works". Here are some facts based solely on American sources.

Attempting to get acquainted with the official demographic statistics of the United States is staggering from the very beginning: 1932 statistics for the year were destroyed - or very well hidden. They simply do not. Without explanation. Yes, they appear later, in the statistics later, in the form of retrospective tables. The study of these tables also leads the attentive researcher to some amazement.

First, if you believe the American statistics, over the decade from 1931 to 1940 a year, the dynamics of population growth in the United States lost as many 8 million 553 thousands of people. Moreover, population growth rates change immediately, at one time, two (!) Times exactly at the turn of 1930 / 31, they fall and freeze at this level for exactly ten years. And just as unexpectedly, a decade later, they return to their previous values. There is no explanation for this in the extensive, hundreds of pages, text of the US Report of the US Department of Commerce "Statistical Abstract of the United States", although it is filled with explanations on other issues that are not even compared to the above.

Any responsible demographer will tell you that a one-time double change in population dynamics in a huge hundred million country is possible only as a result of a massive loss of life.

In total, according to calculations, in 1940, the US population, while maintaining the same demographic trends, should have been at least 141,856 million people. The actual population of the country in 1940 was just 131,409 million, of which only 3,054 million are explicable due to a change in migration dynamics.

7 million 394 thousands of people as of 1940 year are simply missing. There are no official explanations on this issue.

The beginning of the thirties is a real humanitarian catastrophe in US history. In 1932, the number of unemployed reached 12,5 million. This is with all the population of the States - including children and the elderly - in 125 millions. The peak came at the beginning of 1933, when there were already unemployed people in America before 17 millions - with family members, this is about France or Great Britain completely unemployed!

The administration has not had a federal program to combat unemployment for a long time, and the problems of the unemployed were passed on to state authorities and city municipalities. However, almost all cities have become bankrupt.

In America, hunger began when even in the most prosperous and richest city in the country, New York, people began to die en masse from starvation, which forced the city authorities to begin distributing free soup in the streets. However, not all states had enough money even for free soup.

Every sixth American farmer fell under the famine rink. People went nowhere, deprived of land, money, their home, property — into uncertainty covered by mass unemployment by hunger and indiscriminate banditry.

Roosevelt’s “community service” became the catalyst for this mass of unnecessary population. A total of 1933-1939. in public works under the auspices of the Public Works Administration (PWA) and Civil Works Administration - Civil Aviation Administration (CBA) (this is the construction of canals, roads, bridges often in uninhabited and swampy malarial areas), with a one-time employment to 3,3 million. In total, 8,5 million people passed through the American Gulag of community service, not counting the prisoners themselves.

Later American statistics contain data on the age distribution of surviving children, as of 1940 year. And if in 1940, the number of births in 20's is 24 million 80 thousand, then, while maintaining this demographic trend in 30's, at least 26 million 800 thousand children should have been born. But in the generation of those born in 30, the shortage of 5 millions of 573 thousands is striking! Perhaps, so reduced fertility? But even in 40, during the Second World War, despite all the losses and millions of men called up for military service, the birth rate has recovered, almost to the same level. The enormous demographic losses of 30's cannot be explained by any “reduction in the birth rate”. This is a consequence of the huge number of additional deaths, the trace traced to the millions of lost children's lives, is the black mark of the Great American Famine.

Here are the real memories of the child about these years: "We replaced our usual favorite food with more affordable ... instead of cabbage we used leaves of bushes, ate frogs ... within a month my mother and older sister died ..." (Jack Griffin)

Especially high - the beyond - death rate then touched on the minorities of the United States. National minorities have never been in the United States a special concern, but what happened during the Great Depression directly borders on genocide. If after the first genocide of indigenous peoples, which lasted almost until the beginning of the twentieth century, during the 20-s, the number of national minorities and indigenous peoples increased by 40% over the decade, then from 1930 to 1940, their number not only did not increase, but, on the contrary, decreased significantly . This means only one thing: in the beginning of the 30-x of the minority diaspora, they simultaneously lost up to several tens of percent of the original population.

Against the background of mass hunger and the death of the "surplus" population, the US government is also noted that, in these years, for the sake of certain circles, namely the agrarian business lobby, in significant quantities and systematically destroys the country's food reserves. Of course, quite "market methods". It destroys diversely and in a big way: the grain was simply burned and drowned in the ocean. So, for example, 6.5 million pigs were destroyed and 10 million hectares of lands were harvested with the crop.

The goal was not hiding. It consisted in the growth of food prices in the country more than twice in the interests of agro-capital. Of course, this completely coincided with the interests of big capitalists from agriculture and stock trading, but it was unlikely that the hungry really liked it.
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  1. Evgan
    Evgan 13 November 2013 09: 18
    The goal was not hiding. It consisted in the growth of food prices in the country more than twice in the interests of agro-capital. Of course, this completely coincided with the interests of big capitalists from agriculture and stock trading, but it was unlikely that the hungry really liked it.

    Frankly speaking, I do not really believe the last conclusion in the article, since the interest of "big capitalists from agriculture and exchange trade" could not consist only in raising prices. First of all, they were worried about the proceeds, and with an increase in prices, the purchasing power of the population falls. Considering the "loss" of 8 million mouths - even more so.
    1. Igor39
      Igor39 13 November 2013 10: 01
      When I saw the headline, I think we should read it, maybe the Russians also made a famine for them smile
      1. fennekRUS
        fennekRUS 13 November 2013 11: 30
        same impression
      2. smile
        smile 13 November 2013 14: 40
        And what, are you still in doubt? Clear business, we are guilty ... here you think why dinosaurs became extinct? This evil commissars took away their grain and drove them into collective farms. Where did the mammoths go? Yes, the Bolsheviks simply repressed them and they got their hair out of torment .... Any democratic elephant will tell you about this.
        Why do you think Atlantis has drowned itself?
        Because, as the Bolsheviks (and every liberalist knows for sure. That the Bolshevikkk is just another Russian name), out of an ingrained habit, they opened the kingstones in the barge on which they lived.
        In general, we have exhausted almost all ... only cockroaches could not, because they are the standard of liberals and their degree of survival exceeds the harmfulness of the Bolsheviks ... thus they are proof that the universal people are indestructible.
        So what you thought is absolutely true. :)))
        1. Corsair
          Corsair 13 November 2013 14: 57
          Quote: smile
          And what, are you still in doubt? Clear business, we are guilty ... here you think why dinosaurs became extinct?

          Oh, and I envy you, the terrible, green stare of your HARM laughing .
          Welcome smile!, as you can see, the themes of "Holodomors" also hurt you.
          But the Yankeesky concerns me insofar as, and if it were not for the "persecution" of amers with accusations towards the USSR, then their "get-together" would have passed completely unnoticed for me ...

          And so, once touched ...
          1. smile
            smile 13 November 2013 15: 39
            Why envy? You yourself ... our man! :)))

            Remember the joke about Petka and Vasily Ivanovich? It sounds something like this:
            Petka in the bathhouse asks, Vasily Ivanovich, why do I have yellow pants in front and brown in the back, and you have them all brown? Vasily Ivanovich answers importantly - well, so, I’m older than you ..... :)))

            so here it will be! :)))

            And the topic of the famine really bothered me. Yes, there was a disaster, and such a disaster that happened to everyone for various reasons .... no, someone wants to dance and prove to someone on the bones. that everything is bad with us ... and it was bad, and it’s bad and it will be bad ... and we ourselves ... are not very good .... but they will call us good only when we allow ourselves to be dismembered, robbed and destroyed. ..and I don’t have any evil with our potential partners - they have such a job :)))
            It's a shame that some compatriots joyfully pick up - yes, we are the worst in the jungle ... ugh on them ... :)))
            1. Corsair
              Corsair 13 November 2013 15: 55
              Quote: smile
              It's a shame that some compatriots joyfully pick up - yes, we are the worst in the jungle ... ugh on them ... :)))

              We will clear the "jungle", and we will see WHO and WHAT is it worth ...
      3. kush62
        kush62 13 November 2013 20: 26
        The high-rise building built by the Moldavians collapsed in Tbilisi yesterday,
        hired by a Ukrainian company with Estonian money,
        which Poland occupied from England. The building was designed
        developed in the USA. Georgian experts concluded
        that Russia is to blame for the tragic incident.

        For them we are always extreme. Maybe Georgia is of course not relevant now, but there are enough others. The joke is just old.
    2. erg
      erg 13 November 2013 10: 34
      Everything is simpler here. When the proceeds from the sale of products do not cover the costs of their production, and storing products is even more costly, it is easier to destroy. It could be handed out free of charge, but these are also expenses and not small, especially when there is no support from the state or any public structures. In addition, the factor of competition must be taken into account. If you suffer heavy losses, competitors will take advantage of this. They can also be accused of unfair competition, such as intentionally bring down the market.
      1. Corsair
        Corsair 13 November 2013 15: 34
        Quote: erg
        . They can also be accused of unfair competition, such as intentionally bring down the market.

        Better die ...
    3. RussianRu
      RussianRu 13 November 2013 11: 00
      They were primarily concerned about revenue.

      That's exactly the revenue. The concept of "purchasing power" will appear much later. And then all the ways were good for getting the proceeds. And raise prices and lower wages. And the main thing is not to divide, it is better to destroy. And try to murmur.
      1. Nuar
        Nuar 13 November 2013 11: 35
        Quote: Russian
        The concept of "purchasing power" will appear much later.

        hmm .. haven't the "Ford principles" been published already? And wasn’t one of the principles - to raise the wages of hard workers so that they could buy our goods? recourse
        1. Astartes
          Astartes 13 November 2013 13: 25
          You see, you don't know much about economics, although you are quoting Ford, and so, in America there was no hunger from lack of food. People simply had nothing to buy this food. There was no job to get paid. And the destruction of surplus food is a common practice for cap countries in order not to reduce prices. And by the way, the quote from Ford refers more to working people. The same \ Roosevelt, just gave people the opportunity to earn their "giant construction projects"
    4. Fedya
      Fedya 21 November 2013 22: 42
      There is such a site Come in there, there are a lot of interesting things!
  2. Egoza
    Egoza 13 November 2013 10: 08
    The USA is silent about this page of history! But our "immigrants" there are already choking on the "Holodomor in Ukraine". And they demand, demand, demand repentance from the damned commies and Russia. am
    1. viruskvartirus
      viruskvartirus 13 November 2013 12: 25
      Yeah they are silent))) when the Holodomor was illustrated in Ukraine, they used pictures of the Amer's Holodomor. And when the journalists noticed this quickly, this case was hushed up. I would face every libera and westernizer in this article and stumbled on these photos.
  3. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 13 November 2013 10: 38
    Roosevelt, then, has a stigma in the cannon. And he adopted the way out of depression from Adik.
    1. Corsair
      Corsair 13 November 2013 15: 52
      Quote: Uncle Lee
      . And he adopted the way out of depression from Adik.

      Indeed, the German model has been applied, but even Hitler did not allow such a famine in society. They starved in his camps, but in fairness and the Americans "sinned" by using forced slave labor.

      The reasons for getting into the camp for the Germans and Americans were often really different, but the methods of maintenance and operation were as close as two drops of water ...
      1. Vasyan1971
        Vasyan1971 14 November 2013 00: 56
        Exactly exactly! At all times, only the "dry residue" matters, and not the lyrics surrounding it. Does it matter to me the reason why I was capped in a concentration camp so that I would die there? Bold fat plus!
  4. svskor80
    svskor80 13 November 2013 10: 39
    It would be interesting and more detailed to read about it, a really little-covered topic of US history.
  5. vanya
    vanya 13 November 2013 10: 57
    more details in the book Steinbeck John "Grapes of Wrath"
  6. Sergey Medvedev
    Sergey Medvedev 13 November 2013 11: 44
    If ghouls from the top of the United States even destroy their own people, what kind of attitude should be expected from them towards foreign nations? That's certainly exceptional!
  7. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 13 November 2013 11: 53
    Here liber-Asty "nurtured" in Russia and the countries of the former USSR capital, But they (capital), and here they can arrange the same. How many factories, factories, state farms have already been launched around the world? And this WORLD "globalization" leads the peoples of entire countries and continents to the same. Back in the Soviet years, I read how Americans poured milk into the ocean in hundreds of tanks, so that the price would not fall. kO - green humpbacked ...
  8. stoqn477
    stoqn477 13 November 2013 13: 37
    -20 qualifying.
    I have a feeling that someone there with you is trying to justify the actions of Stalin and the company. There is a slight difference. To you in the USSR there was a state policy in the world in connection with the financial crisis. Before I put the cons, in which no doubt look at the photos. The picture clearly shows people who are waiting for a free soup. Do you have any photos of the NKVD or the army to distribute soup in Ukraine?
    It may be a little background on hunger and unemployment, but it is still something.
    1. Astartes
      Astartes 13 November 2013 13: 41
      In the USSR there was a state system of social security, all working people were given food, for them and for their families. And this USSR was different from the United States, even when not enough tried to provide as many people as possible.
      1. stoqn477
        stoqn477 13 November 2013 13: 54
        That is, they do not pay them money for labor with which to purchase any products from the store?
        1. Astartes
          Astartes 13 November 2013 13: 58
          For special "tankers", there are few products, in contrast to the United States, everyone who works in addition to money must rely on a guaranteed volume of products, still have questions?
        2. Russ69
          Russ69 13 November 2013 14: 37
          Quote: stoqn477
          That is, they do not pay them money for labor with which to purchase any products from the store?

          And how skyscrapers were built at that time, in the USA. There was no salary, just fed at a construction site.
        3. smile
          smile 13 November 2013 14: 56
          Well, why so brazenly juggle? it’s not serious to behave like that ... :))) And they paid and supplied food almost free of charge, in order to ensure anyway survival — the card system, which was always introduced in the West in difficult years.
          For example, after World War 2, the card system in the UK was canceled much later than in the USSR, or do you even know such trivial things? So why argue without owning basic information? Out of mischief? :)))

          And if you are so illiterate, take an interest, please, in the prison system of the British Work Houses, when a person actually went to live in prison, being separated from his family, children and working on the hardest jobs for food.
          Moreover, children from the mother were also taken away. even very small, it seems older than 2 years.
          The prospect was one — to go outside and die there, or hunch over food like a slave until the end of life. And the mortality there was monstrous.
          And without any NKVD :))) or the democratic public, is it embarrassing to delve into its dirt, is it more pleasant to expose us to our troubles, to the occurrence of which they made every possible and impossible effort?
          I'm afraid your knowledge does not allow you to write something sensible - for this you need to know not only the propaganda slogans that feed you ... :))))
          1. Corsair
            Corsair 13 November 2013 15: 31
            Quote: smile
            For example, after the 2 World War, the card system in the UK was canceled much later than in the USSR, or do you even know such trivial things?

            My paternal grandmother, a hereditary Don Cossack woman, told me, although she didn’t like it, how in 47, on the day of the cancellation of the rationing system, she several times took a queue for bread (because of the excitement, they were given a couple of loaves).
            Her words: I brought bread, threw it on the table and ran back to the mine store, stood up, took the desired warm loaves and went home ... I came home, and these parasites (my father and younger brother and sister) I CLEAN ALL ATE.
            And my father told me that their mother (my grandmother) beat her because of this, oh, very much.
            No, not bread, it was a pity, children ...
          2. stoqn477
            stoqn477 13 November 2013 16: 12
            Quote: smile
            In the USSR there was a state system of social security, all working people were given food, for them and for their families.

            Because of this answer, it is doubtful that they paid the workers money. I understand that they are not given money, and given the necessary products of life.
            1. smile
              smile 13 November 2013 16: 39
              Well, what doubt? and paid money and rations issued in difficult times, why doubt something? This is a well-known truth - google it and you will find both the salaries of workers and employees and the sizes of rations at different times ... you have no doubt, look better and all doubts will disappear. no need to fantasize.
          3. stoqn477
            stoqn477 13 November 2013 16: 27
            And without any NKVD :))) or the democratic public, it’s embarrassing to delve into their dirt,

            The fact is that in our system, unlike other countries of the former socialist camp, the former national security is not disconnected and many representatives are in power or pulls the strings behind the curtains.
            Even the paradox, an agent of the same branch, later the party leader, has an ethnic background, and when he gets hot on his interests, a card with the question of renaming Muslims with Bulgarian names is deducted. This person has been in power in one form or another for 24 years.
            So we have dirty. There is no country without dirt.
            1. smile
              smile 13 November 2013 16: 45
              This is not so rare — in many countries there is something like this — ask, for example, in the USA all presidents come from just a few family clans — they simply do not allow others to enter the government. The same applies to immigrants from the special services. A common thing for any country. How do you like it. For example, I liked the situation in Poland. when were the president and prime minister twins?

              And you're really right - there is no country without dirt. There are only small nuances. So, do not slander on your own Bulgaria - you have no worse than others.
        4. Corsair
          Corsair 13 November 2013 15: 17
          Quote: stoqn477
          That is, they do not pay them money for labor with which to purchase any products from the store?

          It was SO in the United States during the Great Recession. The municipal police did not receive a salary and lived in exactions and went under the maintenance of the mafia. To say nothing of the clerks of various bankrupt banks and offices ...
          And in general, watch the film "Once Upon a Time in America" ​​(1983), and you will discover a lot ...
    2. smile
      smile 13 November 2013 14: 51
      1. The famine was not only in Ukraine, but in a significant part of Ukraine and in some other areas of the USSR.
      2. Power structures do not distribute free soup anywhere. other bodies are doing this. and the forces of the whole country were thrown into the fight against hunger.
      3. The famine in the USSR was inspired by the Entente countries mainly - the country got out of ruin. It was necessary to raise industry in the most difficult conditions of confrontation with Western countries trying to strangle and dismember the USSR. No one actually hides the sabotage war-0 along the borders, no one hides it — a lot of documents have been published in the West about that. that the sending of sabotage groups from Finland to the Far East did not stop. And at that moment, the Entente countries decided to refuse to pay gold to us in payments with us. They demanded only grain. And we could not at that time without the procurement of mainly industrial goods and means of production. And then crop failure and hello.

      So. that you better not repeat your propaganda, but really take an interest in documents ... though. of course. it’s not fashionable for you ... :)))
      1. stoqn477
        stoqn477 13 November 2013 15: 35
        Entente - If memory serves, and what we learned in history is an alliance against Germany and its allies in the First World War (According to sources, it was created in 1907.). Member of the Entente Russia. The truth is not the USSR. It is true that your former allies tried to return you to the fold of capitalism, but failed.
        Indicate what you mean by “to raise industry in the most difficult conditions of confrontation with the West?” Your former allies no longer made military actions against you.
        For diversion along borders is possible. We had sabotage in the years after 1944, and before that there were no such actions.
        I'm sorry about who pays grain technology from the West, but who made this decision in accordance with the requirements of the West? Were they people in the Kremlin? Of course. Once they have made this decision, the responsibility lies with them.
        1. smile
          smile 13 November 2013 17: 16
          I answer out of respect for that. that you are a resident of Bulgaria.
          1. I called the Entente countries for simplification. I had in mind all the most powerful countries of that time - England, France, the USA, Japan, and their satellites.
          2. The country was in ruin. Infrastructure destroyed - gold reserves stolen, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk. Vladivostok. Odessa robbed by the Entente. With the help of the Entente troops, the Russian territories of the Baltic states and Finland were torn away. Local supporters that these territories remain part of Russia are physically destroyed. Poles captured vast territories of Ukraine and Belarus. Romania conquered Bessarabia. The industrial potential before industrialization was minimal. Industry was not able to provide serious military operations of the Red Army. Even ammunition and shells, not to mention military equipment. The army was about 500 bayonets.
          In the Asian part of the country and in the Caucasus, regular battles continued with various gangs that armed and financed Britain, France and some of their satellites.
          Romania, Poland, Finland had territorial claims against us, Poland right up to the Black Sea. Finland-Leningrad and Karelia. And do not laugh, the size of the deployed Finnish army is over half a million, along with their Shutskor, an analogue of the Nazi SS. Finland and the Baltic countries had military treaties against us - they could easily block the Gulf of Finland with the help of one and a half hundred guns in coastal batteries (still royal) up to 305 mm tower installations.
          In the Far East, up to 39 years all the time, detachments of over a thousand people were sent to us, and there was an endless sluggish war. There were several thousand incidents.
          Even the Swedish fishermen fished in our territorial waters and landed calmly on our shores, and when we protested, the Swedish Navy invaded our territories and we could not do anything - we had neither the strength nor the means. Japanese fishermen calmly processed the fish we caught on our shores for months under the protection of the Japanese fleet, and we did not have the strength to drive them away.

          The Great Powers, periodically armed to the teeth, England and France presented us with ultimatums, threatening to declare war. Google "Curzon's Ultimatum".

          According to the calculations of our General Staff in the early 30s, we were only capable of defensive battles of low intensity on our territory in the event of an invasion of an external enemy ...

          Like this. Apparently, you can’t imagine the plight of our country in the 20-30s. Why do you think Stalin organized rapid collectivization and industrialization with such harsh methods? just your opinion about that. that the USSR, an industrial giant, is fair only after all these measures. Before that, we were a very weak country in every sense. only fighting spirit was strong. people ... but to defend themselves. one spirit is not enough, so we had to create our industry.

          Sorry. but it seems to me that you have very superficial knowledge about our history — about the same as mine about Bulgaria. :))) I also know very little about Bulgaria. So do not be offended. :)))

          3. When a decision was vital for us to acquire technology and equipment in the West. nobody knew. that there will be seasonal crop failure. which happen several times a century. As soon as it turned out that the grain was not deformed, the export of grain was stopped instantly. The network has a lot of documents on this subject, it is enough to make a request in Google, export of grain of the USSR in the 30s. You will find both volumes and terms and dynamics.
          And then there were two consecutive lean years. and grain was sold to us very reluctantly. since the harvest was not only ours. That's it...
        2. Nagaibak
          Nagaibak 15 November 2013 07: 27
          stoqn477 "What do you mean by" to raise industry in the most difficult conditions of confrontation with the West "? Your former allies did not do military operations against you anymore"
          Only thanks to the creation of industry and the transformation of the USSR into an industrial power did we survive in the wars of that time - is this not enough? The victims were not in vain. Or did you have to lie down under the West and spread your legs like your Bulgaria?
      2. Nagaibak
        Nagaibak 15 November 2013 07: 20
        smile "And at that moment the Entente countries decided to refuse in settlements with us from gold, which we were ready to pay. They only demanded grain. And we could not at that time without purchases of mainly industrial goods and means of production."
        I will add. They also refused to embargo our oil.
        And when we tried to buy the missing grain in Iran, England tore the deal by pushing Iran.
  9. Ded_smerch
    Ded_smerch 13 November 2013 14: 18
    To this topic.

    How did peasants live in the American West in the 30s?
  10. Internal combustion engine
    Internal combustion engine 13 November 2013 16: 45
    And after all there were no riots and revolutions! So you feel what this means? What other reserve does Putin have? we still have frogs and burdocks in stock.
    1. Landwarrior
      Landwarrior 13 November 2013 23: 04
      Here you are in vain reminded of frogs! once in France at one time they began to eat frogs and snails, is this what hunger they had, think wink Right now we have devouring frogs pass as the highest degree of comprehension of French culture, but in fact? So could you eat a frog? wink
  11. Sergei 163
    Sergei 163 13 November 2013 21: 20
    Hmm ... And if Roosevelt hadn't appeared in those years, maybe there wouldn't have been any USA now?
  12. bublic82009
    bublic82009 13 November 2013 22: 54
    The United States raised the issue of famine in the USSR in order to overshadow its genocide of the people. It was reported that in 1932/1933. these events occurred simultaneously.
  13. mnn_13
    mnn_13 14 November 2013 01: 50
    Very interesting article. The ability of amers at the table is exalted for a long period of time. Against this background, the current situation of the facts of September 11, for example, looks completely logical. Even in Russia, people in their majority believe the official version of Washington.
    1. CTEPX
      CTEPX 14 November 2013 08: 42
      Quote: mnn_13
      The ability of amers at the table is exalted for a long period of time.

      Then what can we say about "flights to the moon"!))
  14. Sterlya
    Sterlya 14 November 2013 05: 46
    Glasnost and democracy to the peoples of America!
    1. Afluk
      Afluk 12 January 2014 21: 25
      Myself would bring her first crying