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Russian army and special services are preparing for the Sochi Olympics

Russian military and law enforcement agencies are stepping up efforts to ensure security at the upcoming Winter Olympics, which are due to start in Sochi on February 7 of the year. First in stories Russia's Winter Olympics will last from 7 to February 23. At these games, it is planned to play 98 award sets, which is immediately on 12 more than played at the Olympics in the Canadian Vancouver in 2010, which means that the game in Sochi will potentially attract more athletes and spectators. At the same time, the Olympic Games in Sochi promise to become the most expensive in history. The cost of building only Olympic facilities amounted to 214 billion rubles. And the total expenses for the Winter Olympics, taking into account the built infrastructure, amount to an astronomical sum of more than 1526 billion rubles or 37,5 billion euros.

Naturally, an event of such a level, which cost the Russian budget very dearly, should go without a hitch, without a hitch - and this is in a region that is not particularly distinguished by its stability. Here, you and the terrorist underworld and Georgia, which has never forgiven Russia for recognizing the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, are still wondering whether the Georgian athletes will take part in the Olympics.

The grouping of law enforcement agencies in the Sochi area has already been strengthened at this point in time. At present, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia is studying the successful experience of organizing and conducting the 2013 Universiade held in Kazan. During the sporting events in Kazan in the summer of 2013, an impressive group of Ministry of Internal Affairs from 24 of thousands of police and military personnel of the Russian Internal Forces was concentrated here. At the Sochi Olympics, providing peace and tranquility of athletes and spectators will be even more impressive contingent of security officials - up to 50 thousand people.

Russian army and special services are preparing for the Sochi Olympics

It is worth recalling that earlier the leader of the Chechen militants, Doku Umarov, who has not yet been caught, called on all his supporters to prevent the holding of the Winter Olympic Games. He also found his own rationale for this: “You cannot hold“ satanic dances ”on the bones of our ancestors, who died and were buried on the territory of our lands along the entire Black Sea coast. It should be noted that at one time at the Olympics in Seoul, all sewage manholes were specially welded in order to prevent the terrorists from getting out of them. And in the 2012 year, during the Summer Olympic Games in London, portable rocket launchers were installed on the roofs of many houses, which could knock down potential aircraft of terrorists. At the same time, the protests of some residents of the capital of England did not have any effect on the military. At the same time, both in Seoul and in London the games were calm and successful. It is necessary to assume that the Russian law enforcement agencies will try to take into account all the available experience in providing security at competitions of this level.

Earlier, the head of the FSB of Russia told reporters that in November 2013, it was planned to conduct large-scale training exercises at Olympic facilities, work out possible mechanisms of interaction between all subjects of the country's antiterrorist activities in practice and, if necessary, make appropriate adjustments to the security forces. The large-scale operational and strategic exercise "Olympiad-2014" will be held in Sochi in November of this year. According to the head of the FSB of Russia, the exercises will affect the 270 Olympic facilities.

According to Alexander Bortnikov, since 2012, 15 of diverse exercises have already been held in Sochi, while 7 of them are directly on the territory of Greater Sochi. The exercise tested the adequacy and readiness of the existing forces to respond quickly to emerging situations. The main goal of the upcoming November exercises in Sochi should be to work out the mechanism of interaction of all the subjects of Russia's anti-terrorism activities. According to Bortnikov, the training stages should be linked to the schedule for the introduction of Olympic facilities into the permanent operation mode.

At present, the National Anti-Terrorism Committee (NAC) does not disclose the exact date of commencement of operational-strategic exercises, most likely, the suddenness factor will be used. Such exercises are held in Sochi with an enviable regularity, one of the last and most ambitious of them took place in September 2013 of the year, led by the exercises of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Government Dmitry Kozak.

Today it was the largest exercise, which took place in the most realistic mode and summed up 18 with interdepartmental trainings, in which the Russian departments worked out possible response scenarios for various emergency situations. The September exercises demonstrated a high level of preparation of all organizations and services for the Winter Olympics-2014, and also identified areas that require more detailed study, Dmitry Kozak said. Not even the crescent passed, as the NAK started preparing new, even larger exercises, a source at the NAC noted that by November 2013, sufficient forces and resources would be concentrated in Sochi and its surroundings that are necessary to ensure the safety of the upcoming games.

On the one hand, the leaders of the interdepartmental operational headquarters (WSS) and the NAC speak about the ability to fend off all possible terrorist threats that may arise at the upcoming Olympics. On the other hand, their concern with the current situation is visible. This concern, for example, was first expressed by Lieutenant-General Yevgeny Ilyin, deputy head of the NAK apparatus, who spoke at the opening IV All-Russian scientific and practical conference on the topic “The Role of the Media and the Internet in Preventing Terrorism” on October 14. Ilyin believes that, “despite the decrease in the level of terrorist threats in Russia in recent years, it still remains quite high. Especially in the North Caucasus region, where more than 98% of similar crimes are being committed in our country at the moment. ”

This region, as we all know well, directly borders the area where the Winter Olympic Games are held. This means that it is a potential target for terrorists, it can become a place of terrorist attacks, which are developed by the leaders of religious extremism, and often foreign ferments. It is no coincidence that, according to Alexander Bortnikov, the FSB today plans and in practice implements measures that are aimed at “updating the infrastructure of border crossings and checkpoints in the main areas of possible penetration of militants into the region, including from Syria and the Afghan-Pakistani zone”.

An analysis of the activities of the troops and law enforcement agencies in ensuring security during the Winter Olympics allows us to conclude that the MOS has built a defense system in Sochi and its environs, which includes representatives of all Russian law enforcement agencies - the FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and, of course, the Russian Ministry of Defense. As the Minister of Defense of the country Sergey Shoigu stated recently, “an important role in ensuring the security of this sports forum lies with the Ministry of Defense. Black Sea forces will also be involved in holding security measures. fleet countries".

At the same time, in addition to the Russian Navy, according to Colonel-General of the Ground Forces of Russia, Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkin, the ground force grouping will also be actively used. “The country's ground forces have already prepared themselves not only to provide protection for sports facilities and structures, but also to help eliminate potential natural and man-made disasters, combat terrorism and eliminate other emergencies,” the commander-in-chief told reporters. According to Chirkin, the best units of the Ground Forces, who have repeatedly taken part in counterterrorist operations in the North Caucasus, and provided assistance to flood victims in the Far East this year, will ensure safety at the Winter Olympics.

A special role in ensuring the safety of games is assigned to the Airborne Forces of Russia, who, according to the tasks assigned, at the 2014 Olympiad will closely cooperate with the Border Troops of the FSB of Russia. “We have a joint task with the FSB Border Forces at the battalion of the 247 th assault assault Cossack regiment of the 7 th Novorossiysk division. We have performed this task for the last 2 years. That is, such a task to ensure the security of the Winter Games is already facing us, ”commander Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov said recently. “In the event of such a need,” he continued, “we will be able to increase our efforts. Today I am absolutely sure that Russia is able to hold the Winter Olympics at the highest level in terms of ensuring its security. ”

According to Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev, order at the Winter Olympics in Sochi will be monitored by the order of 37 thousands of Russian police officers, as well as at least 10 thousand troops of the Internal Troops, what forces and means will be allocated to ensure security from the Ministry of Defense and the FSB of Russia , not officially reported.

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  1. AK-47
    AK-47 17 October 2013 09: 48
    Well, if the army is involved in ensuring the safety of the Olympics, you can not worry, everything will be fine.
  2. Stiletto
    Stiletto 17 October 2013 10: 01
    ... Everyone is preparing for the Sochi Olympics. And God forbid that the result of the preparation of our special services greatly upset those who will certainly try to spoil.
    1. Airman
      Airman 17 October 2013 11: 26
      Quote: Stiletto
      ... Everyone is preparing for the Sochi Olympics. And God forbid that the result of the preparation of our special services greatly upset those who will certainly try to spoil.

      I am afraid of one thing, that due to the high level of corruption and venality, there will be a who “will miss or overlook something” and the work of thousands may go down the drain.
  3. Constantine
    Constantine 17 October 2013 10: 10
    Yeah. The question is more than relevant. Considering the desire of many "partners" to lower Russia in the eyes of the international community, as well as the statements of militants and other trash, you need to be three times vigilant and prepared. soldier
  4. APES
    APES 17 October 2013 11: 04
    It’s like with a bodyguard. If desired and appropriate preparation and the availability of the required resources to eliminate any protected object is not a problem. The meaning of protection is only to make such attempts economically unprofitable, too costly.
    All this can only say that the rates are rising ....
  5. aszzz888
    aszzz888 17 October 2013 12: 04
    Safety at the Sochi Olympics is above all else, it is our face, the face of the state of the host people from almost all over the world.
    And as will be with the security of all, such will be the world’s assessment of everything that has been done and the upcoming.
  6. Starfish
    Starfish 17 October 2013 12: 06
    wow 1,5 trillion rubles belay
    A considerable amount was spent on the Olympics in Sochi.
    questions immediately arise: how much has been spent properly? how much will it take? and of course, how much was stolen, and not just bilalov? was it possible to organize an olympiad elsewhere in Russia? But is it needed right now, with such a rampant corruption and terrorism, problems in the economy?
    But was it possible to spend part of the money on children's sports? training athletes for the Olympics?
    yes, in the end, if they had invested 1,5 trillion in my region, the inhabitants would have said together: thank you dear authorities for thinking about us!
    1. Follow us
      Follow us 17 October 2013 12: 23
      The best option is to eat, sleep and walk by yourself. No problem at all.
    2. silver_roman
      silver_roman 17 October 2013 14: 39
      But was it possible to spend part of the money on children's sports? training athletes for the Olympics?

      in theory ... IN IDEA, for children’s sports, for the training of athletes, the development of regions, funds should be allocated from other budgets, i.e. each piece has its own piece. and not everything is on the heap.
      But the amount is grandiose indeed.
      It goes without saying that it will fight back more than a dozen years. But the Olympiad has not yet begun, and it seems that Olympic facilities are already involved.
      And most importantly, this is the development of regions, advertising, supply, new jobs.
      Think for yourself why recent major events like the same APEC summit are being held in undeveloped regions like Vladivostok and the like? to raise capital and develop infrastructure. Although the amount is huge, it’s good that at least investing in the country is not to mention corruption.
      So God forbid, we’ll conduct the winter Olympics better than anyone at the envy of Uncle Sam and his Arab mongrels.
      ps By the way, when the sheikh came to bargain with Putin at the expense of Syria, he kind of mentioned the Olympics ... you say Assad to us, and we have a good night's sleep during the games. Already, the bastards openly speak in practice.
    3. Nitup
      Nitup 17 October 2013 18: 59
      Quote: Starfish
      yes, in the end, if they had invested 1,5 trillion in my region, the inhabitants would have said together: thank you dear authorities for thinking about us!

      And what, it is envious that you invested this money in another region?
  7. knn54
    knn54 17 October 2013 12: 38
    Georgia, which never forgave Russia the recognition of the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia ...
    Georgian special services are also "preparing" ...
    At the Olympics in Seoul, ALL sewer manholes were brewed so that terrorists wouldn’t leak out of them; in London, portable rocket launchers stood on the roofs of houses to bring down terrorist planes. And there, and there everything went well.
    I would like to believe that the Russian security forces will take into account ALL the available world experience.
  8. rugor
    rugor 17 October 2013 16: 01
    Interestingly, guest workers detained in Sochi will be taken out for the 101st kilometer?
    1. MAG
      MAG 17 October 2013 17: 34
      Will and cleaning has already begun. Passes all already specialists like 3 years climbed and in some places already in their areas.
  9. zinander
    zinander 17 October 2013 18: 16
    Everything should go fine .. in the summer of Kazan we were trained to glory ... so many police and military ... there were fears, but nothing happened ...
  10. ksv36
    ksv36 17 October 2013 19: 46
    Quote: rugor
    Interestingly, guest workers detained in Sochi will be taken out for the 101st kilometer?

    Why such waste? Where else to take half a trillion? Just drown in the sea. Cheap and cheerful. bully
  11. optimist
    optimist 17 October 2013 22: 50
    Looking at all this "nix" one good saying comes to mind: "To be sure to miss, you need to aim more precisely !!!" Something persistently tells me that we will shit ourselves in February 14, not like a child ...
  12. pahom54
    pahom54 18 October 2013 09: 26
    Well, about the fact that the venue for the Olympics - Sochi - was chosen by our rulers ill-considered, to speak to no purpose ... They themselves pushed themselves into a corner where blackmail sits on blackmail ... And you must expect dirty tricks, none of our friends "will not miss the opportunity to screw up Russia, and with echoes and echoes all over the world ...
    Then one thought came to my mind ... Well, we have no influence on the Saudis ... But what if we quietly warn the leadership of some republics, diasporas, etc. about the possibility ... No, not the possibility, but the exact certainty in the event of which (of any terrorist attacks, etc.) the forced relocation of the entire population to the North Tundryatsk Autonomous Region ??? Without conducting an investigation and trial, without understanding who exactly committed the attack? All the same, everyone knows where the legs grow from ...
    Now they accuse me of durobst ... e and nationalism, extreme radicalism ... And I do not see any more way out of this stalemate. And then, you see, our forces are preparing ... So their forces are also preparing, however. And in this situation it is necessary to beat ahead of the curve - let them imagine how they will live in the tundra, their grandchildren, etc. ... Just tell the aksakals: there will be at least one terrorist attack - all of you will be covered and free barracks in the tundra behind barbed wire .
    And there is nothing to listen to howling about non-observance of human rights - first of all, human rights are not respected where terrorist acts are committed! And in general, this is our territory, and internal problems - and there is nothing to meddle in our affairs.
  13. ksv36
    ksv36 18 October 2013 20: 04
    Quote: pahom54
    Sochi - was chosen by our rulers thoughtlessly

    On the one hand, and on the other, a resort town will develop. Chep was not in the habit of traveling in Turkey, Greece and the like.
  14. darksoul
    darksoul 27 October 2013 16: 46
    Just returned from the Olympic construction site. Entrance to the Olympic facility is all strict, security cards. My friend freaked out because the guard did not pay attention to him, picked his nose, rode through ... he ran after him with a wand to whistle ..... he worked on gases and to us ... worked until 12 at night, no one I was not looking for a car. When the offended guards left the construction site, they took a friend’s pass to the construction site and a pass to the car, wrote a statement to some main committee about the night incident in short if there were terrorists (at the moment I'm talking about the GMC main media center) ........ ..... although in my opinion it is easier to detonate than to complete