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Goodbye, lieutenant!

Goodbye, lieutenant!Anyone who wrote and filmed about the Chechen war knows that the worst thing about returning there is not being able to be shot at from an ambush, or shot down by helicopter, or colliding with your own car in a fog a tankand in another: in receiving the bitter news of the heroes of your reporting. He is alive (even if seriously wounded - but alive!) Or is already supposed to drink a third funeral toast for him. This is the thought that gnaws at you while you fly to the post office in Mozdok, then to the “turntable” to Khankala, and then to the “armor” to where you became related for a week or two with marines, paratroopers and just infantry ...

I remember how in December 1999 flew from Kaspiisk to Mozdok across Chechnya on the world's largest Mi-26 helicopter. "Cow", as it is called in the army, takes a lot of people, more than the general train car. We sat on the positions many times. And to us sat down waiting for the replacement or short holidays, the war-smelling frail. Black hands of gunpowder, diesel and Chechen mud, they carefully took a bunch of my pictures from a previous trip and quietly said: “We’ll give Stepanich, he is in a hospital in Mozdok, and the lieutenant died when they came to Grozny, the sniper got him out, and Kolya wasn’t intelligence , mine exploded. " It turned out that I was the last one who shot them alive ... What can I say. The soul wanted to break out of my body and see them. But everyone has his turn before death.

October 21 last year, the day when the Basayev thugs captured the Nord-Ost in Moscow, I spent in the mountains of Dagestan, on the border of Georgia and Chechnya, where the garrison of the BTG (battalion tactical group) of the Caspian Marine Corps settled flotilla. Already in the evening we drove up to the Giselle bridge, destroyed by the flood. A graduate of the Novosibirsk General Military School of 2002, Lieutenant Sergey Verov, settled here with his platoon. He voluntarily asked for a battalion, leaving for the war. The battalion, inheriting traditions from the battalion, which in January 1945, crossing the river, took four lines of enemy trenches and ensured the success of the division. All soldiers were then awarded the Order of Glory. Platoon commanders - with orders of Alexander Nevsky, company - of the Red Banner, and two, including the battalion commander, became Heroes of the Soviet Union.

I was a little surprised at the thoroughness and seriousness of the lieutenant, how his soldiers and sergeants respect him.

In the report, “The Mountain Marines” (“Warrior of Russia” No. XXUMX 12) wrote: “The commandant recently visited the farm” Verov was satisfied with his service and advised him not to relax, to be ready for all-round defense. Verov showed us what it is: in seconds from all four sides, his temporary fortress bristled with trunks.

Lieutenant Verov decided to serve, build a military career. It seems that after six months of service in the mountains, he could well expect to be promoted, as is the case in war.

Probably, this would be the case if, in February of this year, BTG Marines, in connection with providing security at a referendum in Chechnya, were not urgently relocated to the Vedeno Gorge, in the very lair of the unfinished bandits. The Caspians came to the place where they fought gloriously in the second Chechen campaign. Presumably, Basayev wanted to reckon with them. Moreover, our top officials have ordered, in connection with the referendum, not to particularly anger the local civilian population. February 24, during a reconnaissance and search operation, a reinforced company of marines was ambushed by “peaceful” residents of a village with Arab mercenaries attached to them. Our losses suffered: there were killed and wounded, during the evacuation of the company the militants destroyed the helicopter ...

In the main headquarters I was reassured: they say your lieutenant is alive. And then Sergey's mother, Vera Ivanovna, called from Novosibirsk: "We read your material and saw a picture of a son. He died February 24." It turns out that the officers of the headquarters are sometimes "mistaken." And the mother would forgive them for this mistake if the son would live ...

What actually happened was told to me by the commander of the Guards Moscow-Chernigov Marine Brigade of the Guard, Major General Sergei V. Pushkin, who had introduced BTG into Chechnya.

When the company led by the battalion commander entered the ravine, the intelligence reported: on the heights we see armed men. Reported to the headquarters of the group. From there, they answered that there were no strangers around, and with guns - supporters of the new government. Soon, the company buried itself in an unspecified minefield. And then, according to our "supporters" punched out of AGSs (automatic grenade launchers) and rotary machine guns. The platoon of Lieutenant Verov, as the best and most prepared, went ahead. He suffered the first loss. Pushkin reported upstairs about the dead and wounded: he sent reinforcements and asked to send helicopters. The authorities replied that there were no militants, and you, having not figured it out, fight each other.

A company with a battle began to emerge from the gorge, but on its way "peaceful villagers" managed to place mines, one of which blew up Lieutenant Verov, who had taken the machine gun of a killed intelligence officer before it. In the last minutes of his life, he thought and acted as an officer, knowing that two people were dragged out of a killed man, and four soldiers were wounded, and that this would lead to new casualties. He, bleeding profusely, shouted: "Do not send people." His machine gun worked while his heart was beating - the wound was fatal.

Ours determined that about forty militants are fighting: local and two small gangs of mercenaries.

Kombrig asked the command to open fire on the enemy of the howitzers: the pinwheel was already burning. He was refused from above: you will cover the village, and on the nose a referendum. After destroying most of the gang, the marines were evacuated by helicopter. At first they loaded the wounded and the dead, then they put the sailors and sergeants in jail, and only then the officers, who considered all of their own, living and dead, firing, climbed onto helicopters. The pilots were amazed: “Look how you are, the officers were the last. Then one colonel was the first to sign, although the situation was not your example.”

“We are the marines,” said the battalion commander, looking at his platoon commander, the best platoon commander, whom the company was waiting for upon returning home. But in the war not only they quickly get promoted, on it, alas, they perish. And die, as the brigade commander Pushkin said, the best ...

After the battle, award lists were written on the distinguished ones. A few months passed, and they, speaking in military language, are unrealized. Not in time, it turns out, he accomplished his feat in his first and last battle, Lieutenant Verov. A peaceful life has been declared in Chechnya, it is preparing for the election of its president. Therefore, the bloody battle almost did not receive publicity in the omnipresent press.

When I write these lines, one party, called Narodnaya, is looking for heroes all over Russia. Watching what kind of heroes! Judging by the hype in the press, this is Roman Abramovich, who bought the English football club Chelsea for fun, or a werewolf policeman who deliberately became a gangster.

In the heroes of the brigade of the marines of General Pushkin in connection with the stabilization of the situation selected one-and-a-half salaries. Meanwhile, on the marble slabs of the monument in honor of the fallen during the second Chechen war there will soon be no place. The marines continue to serve in the vicinity of Vedeno, and on the nose the election of the president of Chechnya.

I can only wish them military happiness. And not to lose hope that the Supreme Commander will reward them, living and dead, as that legendary battalion of glory was awarded in 45, which heirs by right are.

And further. Lieutenant Verova's mother called from Novosibirsk and reported that his younger brother, a university student, wrote a statement asking him to be assigned to a military department in order to become an officer. Russian officer.

Do not look for batches of heroes in Russia. They are and will be, even if someone stubbornly does not want to notice them. And if so, then Russia will live, which we have not yet lost.
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  1. Lech from our city
    Lech from our city 12 October 2013 08: 18
    The referendum turned out to be more expensive than the lives of our soldiers and officers — yes, such a politician or general should be driven out of power.
    You can’t do this with our army - to respond to any shot of a militant with a cannon or rocket salvo - this should become the iron rule in the Caucasus.
    1. Zhenya
      Zhenya 12 October 2013 09: 21
      The Caucasus understands only power, the Americans for the soldier sweep the village off the face of the earth.
      1. Rakti-kali
        Rakti-kali 12 October 2013 12: 18
        Quote: Marrying
        Americans for their soldier sweep the village off the face of the earth.

        It’s easier for them. These are not their villages, not on their land. And the Russian soldier was always merciful to the local population.
      2. old man54
        old man54 18 October 2013 06: 12
        continue to vote and praise Supreme Commander Putin! Hooray! Or does he have nothing to do with it again?
  2. Olegmog
    Olegmog 12 October 2013 09: 17
    While reading, a lump in my throat rolled up ..! And there’s no one to ask!
  3. pahom54
    pahom54 12 October 2013 09: 25
    Hmm ... How many people died and became forgotten by the state and its rulers ...
    I’ll tell you about the paradox that I once really encountered.
    Before 2000 he traveled to Moscow, worked as a security guard in a company. So, there was one kid from the Ivanovo region (they had no work at all at that time). That kid went through Chechnya, had a medal "For Courage" and a serious injury ... But the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the security structure did not give him a license for a weapon, because he had not yet turned 21 !!! (Let me remind you that a licensed security guard received almost twice as much unlicensed one at that time).
    It is learned that at the age of 18-19 the boy HAD THE RIGHT to KILL AND BE KILLED, and then, in order to get a pistol of the Izh brand, he had to wait until he was 21 years old ... MARASM !!!
    This incident once again characterizes the snickering lackeys-hogs, who have settled both in Dura and in the government ...
    And how many of these guys drank after the Chechen wars, how many people tore off the roof ??? And they all turned out to be forgotten by the state ... But in Chechnya, everything is fine, there even a mosque for the symbol of Russia was put forward for a contest (a mosque built with our money). Ugh !!!
    1. Koenig39
      Koenig39 12 October 2013 13: 53
      Thanks to medveputam.
  4. aszzz888
    aszzz888 12 October 2013 10: 25
    Alive Glory to the lost - Eternal Peace!
  5. IRBIS
    IRBIS 12 October 2013 11: 38
    Quote: Lech from our city
    The referendum turned out to be more expensive than the lives of our soldiers and officers — yes, such a politician or general should be driven out of power.

    How many such cases were there! How many times they "beat" the hands at the most inopportune moment! Those who did this are well and now. They wrote books, their memories are tearful and heroic. They became heroes, and not those whom they substituted with their orders and decrees.
  6. Wii
    Wii 12 October 2013 15: 25
    Quote: Olegmog
    While reading, a lump in my throat rolled up ..! And there’s no one to ask!

    ask that is, with whom, but not to whom!
  7. LAO
    LAO 12 October 2013 16: 11
    I read an article ...
    Why all this? Another Afghanistan?
    How to justify before the parents the death of children, especially if the only son?
    Chechnya is that wolf who doesn’t feed much, but anyway he looks into the forest and there will never be any order there, and you need to invest huge amounts of money all the time, but there is no return.
    The Chechen campaigns are another political mistake, and another profit of some officials and military on the blood of their own (and Chechen) people!
    People shed blood for some "inflatable values" of the united Russian empire
    enrichment of arms dealers, upgrades, and enrichment of generals and officials, the prosperity of drug dealers. What this war gave ordinary people - death, disability ... Taxpayer money went into the smoke of war, half of which went into pockets ...
    Health care, roads, education - was there really nowhere to spend this money, save lives and live better?
    Read the book "Chinese Military Strategy" section "Caring for the State"
  8. samoletil18
    samoletil18 12 October 2013 17: 50
    A national idea is sought. Here you can see on such examples: the next goats were entrusted with looking for her. We have many heroes of the Chechen wars who know? But everyone knows the Hero of Russia Kadyrov. And about ours, no, no! It becomes uncomfortable in the Caucasus to live on Russian money, at the mention of just retribution, which overtook them in 1999.
  9. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 12 October 2013 19: 22
    <<< There is no need to search for the parties of heroes in Russia. They are and will be, even if someone stubbornly does not want to notice them. And if so, Russia will live, which we have not yet lost. >>>
    This scum stubbornly does not notice anyone except itself and outrages! A lot of her divorced and she dug in firmly and is always ready, as they say, "to run ahead of the locomotive", following instructions from above and making stupid decisions
    (sheer tolerance and politeness: either you cannot fight back so as not to offend the local civilian population before the elections, then the shooting militants and local bandits are mistaken for "our supporters of the new government"), and the price of all this is the lives of real defenders of our Motherland, true heroes! It is a crime when such people die because of incompetent leadership! ETERNAL MEMORY to the fallen who have fulfilled their soldier duty to the end!
  10. bolonenkov
    bolonenkov 12 October 2013 20: 17
    Everyone who writes about national money in Chechnya stupidly does not know the situation, for example, about the amount of oil Rosneft pumps there.
    Everyone who says that we don’t need Chechnya (read the Caucasus) - ignoramuses who have little understanding in politics, history and logic.
    Everyone who is dissatisfied with the Kadyrovs (like Hero of the Russian Federation), I can understand them, but the fact that they gave him this thing is a fact, at least the medal on his chest is better than the 18 year old boys in the checkpoints near Khasavyurt, and he lost his father as since at the hands of those same terrorists.

    Therefore, when discussing the state, government and politics, there is no need for the paths of flies and cutlets, there has always been injustice and there have always been vain victims, but sometimes decisions that seem delusional now turn out to be much more far-sighted and correct, and vice versa. For example, the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences or the reform of Serdyukov (the reform is correct, but not completely worked out, but to shoot Serdyuk).

    And for the guys who laid and thoughtlessly lay their heads on the altar of peace and tranquility of us and our children - ETERNAL MEMORY!
    1. SlavaP
      SlavaP 13 October 2013 22: 55
      I agree with you. If Chechnya had not been pacified, the whole region would have collapsed. Friends of Russia worked very closely there. Another question is that, unfortunately, the typical Russian carelessness worked again, only raised to a high political level and multiplied by arrogance, incompetence and outright betrayal. I'm sorry for the guys ...
  11. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 13 October 2013 01: 17
    ... The bosses replied that there were no militants, and you, you say, without understanding, are leading each other ...

    ... open fire on the enemy from howitzers: a wrecked turntable was already burning. They refused him from above: cover the village, and a referendum on the nose ...

    Scum, Scum, Scum ........................
    Covering their zh.pu with cowardice and epaulettes of scum, not believing their subordinates.

    When "working" ... You cannot trust the "military" in a brand new (not burnt out), ironed Afghan woman. This is the first sign of a possible MRAZI.
    For some reason, "this" came to mind when I read the article ...


  12. Massik
    Massik 13 October 2013 01: 29
    And again about politics, why don’t you feed a person, he will eat everything ....
  13. stalker
    stalker 13 October 2013 08: 03
    Eternal memory to the fallen
  14. major071
    major071 13 October 2013 09: 56
    Indeed, you can kill and be killed from the age of 18, and the license for a weapon, alcohol (a little off topic) from the age of 21. Marasmus!
  15. OCD
    OCD 13 October 2013 12: 47
    Gizel village is located in North Ossetia, in Chechnya there is no such village.
    1. Slavs69
      Slavs69 13 October 2013 19: 06
      Probably not Gizel, but the author had in mind Gerzel - an aul bordering with Dagestan. There, throughout the war, there was a checkpoint, now the FKPP "Gerzel".
  16. AndTchernomor82
    AndTchernomor82 14 October 2013 13: 22
    The Caucasus will make itself felt. And again, our boys will die there.
  17. kelevra
    kelevra 14 December 2013 13: 15
    There would be a big hole instead of the Caucasus, to the very core of the earth and so many problems would immediately come down from Russia!