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Oil and gas transportation networks

On pipelines with different pressure indicators, cast iron valves are used for manual or electric actuators. Today on cast iron gate price can be found on a specialized Internet site that deals with the implementation of special equipment for pipelines and other communication networks.
The quality of the pipe depends on the quality of pipes and valves. For oil and gas pipelines are used mechanisms of special strength, which have several modes of protection.
Today, the construction of oil pipelines is underway at an active pace in different countries of the world. Last news here concern the speedy commissioning of the Keystone pipeline, through which oil will be pumped from a special oil terminal in Oklahoma (USA) to the Gulf of Mexico. According to experts, skipping the ability of the North American pipeline will be at least 700 thousand barrels per day.
In the same Oklahoma there was an explosion of the pipeline, after which a large-scale fire began. According to eyewitnesses, the flames of fire made a sound that looked like the roar of jet turbines. According to the original version, the accident on the gas pipeline occurred due to irregularities during the operation of the pipeline in one of its sections.
News about the construction and increase in the capacity of oil pipelines come not only from North America. Similar news comes from Kazakhstan. Kazakhstani experts say that in the near future, the question of increasing the volume of pumping crude oil to China will be resolved. Throughput growth should be about 20 mln. Tons of oil per year. It is also worth mentioning the agreement between Astana and Beijing to increase the capacity of the pipeline to 60 billion cubic meters of gas per year. Such innovations should lead to a significant increase in trade turnover between China and Kazakhstan.
In the meantime, Astana and Beijing are agreeing to increase the supply of oil and gas, the explosions of oil pipelines continue in Colombia. Over the past week, in this Latin American country, pipelines have been blown up three times through which oil is being pumped. Official Bogota blames left extremist organizations for everything, although the latter have not yet taken responsibility for the explosions at the Kano-Limon-Covenas oil pipeline.