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Large-caliber sniper rifle Barrett M-107

Large-caliber sniper rifle Barrett M-107

Barret M82A1M / A3 aka M107

The most popular large-caliber sniper rifle in the world.

Caliber: .50 BMG (12.7 x 99 mm)
Mechanism: semi-automatic, with a short stroke
Overall length: mm 1448
Barrel length: 737 mm
Weight: kg 12.9 without cartridges
Bullet speed: 868 m / c
Shop: 10 cartridges, box
Sight: 10X Leupold M Series
Maximum effective range: up to 1800 m
The main application: the destruction of cars, trucks, lightly armored combat vehicles of the enemy, communications cabins and radars, aircraft and helicopters in parking lots, manpower at extreme distances and protected shelters, the elimination by sappers of mines by an armor-piercing incendiary bullet.

The “Barret” М82 is in demand where it is necessary to destroy lightly armored and unarmored equipment, warehouses, radars and manpower at long distances. The cartridge from the heavy machine gun 12,7x99 mm is suitable for these purposes as well as possible. True, it is necessary to take into account returns. Despite the effective muzzle brake, it continues to be present in sensations, yet the energy of the cartridge in the area of ​​17000 J makes itself felt.


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  1. fantast
    fantast 5 May 2011 19: 11
    Our ASVK "Kord" is no worse than the M-107
    1. kesa1111
      kesa1111 1 November 2011 01: 42
      M 107 self-loading, TTX closer OSV-96
    2. KASKAD
      KASKAD 27 November 2011 17: 11
      Of course, how can Barrett, created at a high-tech enterprise from high-tech materials, brought into a manual barrel and tested by more than one military conflict, can be better than the Kord ASVK made by a drunken turner from a bumper from a Zaporozhets on a 68-year-old machine.
      1. andreirib
        andreirib 15 January 2012 19: 56
        I absolutely support you !! BRAVO!!!!! WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. pum boom
    pum boom 15 May 2011 09: 50

    Exactly to the extent that the Zaporozhets car is no worse than the Audi car.
    1. huginn
      huginn 15 May 2011 10: 20
      Kord's cartridge will be more powerful - 12.7x108 mm versus 12.7 x 99 mm.
      1. pum boom
        pum boom 15 May 2011 13: 37
        In this case, the length of the cartridge case has no relation to the power of the cartridge, they both give out about 18000 Joules. But the quality, the most important parameter for a sniper cartridge, is disgusting in ours.
        1. kesa1111
          kesa1111 1 November 2011 02: 02
          12,7x108 mm sniper cartridge

  3. Azerbaijan
    Azerbaijan 20 May 2011 19: 54
    vintovka ISTIQLAL 14.5 mm
  4. Daniel
    Daniel 21 June 2011 06: 05
    I myself will soon buy myself a barrel (I’m not a fighting canoe - I’m an airsoft player), but it can’t be compared with the os-96, even when it takes off at the speed of a bullet - it gives out 900 m / s
  5. dred
    dred 23 November 2011 16: 59
    The most famous rifle in the world.
  6. Perry
    Perry 8 December 2011 15: 33
    but nifiga this is not a sniper. it is, as it is fashionable to say now, "Anti-material rifle". and her accuracy in 1MOA (like that of SVD) is forgivable. It seems to me that there is M-82 everywhere in the photo. educate ignoramus
  7. Railways
    Railways 8 December 2011 15: 48
    With such a one and a half meter shnyaga quickly do not run, it is easier with a grenade launcher. Well, American propaganda works well.
    Ours in response will release nanowires with nanoparticles for nanosoldat.
  8. taseka
    taseka 18 February 2012 09: 22
    The problem is not a rifle, the problem is preparation! For a year, there is no way to make a sniper in the Army - well, a good shooter! There are geniuses but few of them !!! The sniper is now mainly in special forces.