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Submariner's notes

Submariner's notes

Many years passed from the day when I last saluted the flag of the ship and forever said goodbye to fleet. Much has changed since that glorious time when I proudly called myself a North Sea diver: getting married, having children, hysteria of perestroika, fits of publicity, the “charms” of the era of underdeveloped capitalism, gaining independence ... Life went on the bat. It would seem, what sentiments are there? Live for today, think about tomorrow more often. Let the past remain in the past!

But how can you forget your ship, which covered more than one thousand miles, which is familiar to you from the keel to the short cover? How to forget the guys with whom he shared everything: from a cigarette butt to a breath of air?

A strange thing after all - human memory. What a selective action! I can look for glasses for half a day, which I put in somewhere yesterday myself. And at the same time, I remember well every trapeck, every frigate, every hatch. I still remember my actions in case of an emergency alarm and my place on the combat schedule for urgent immersion.

Sometimes it seems to me that even now I could go to sea in my previous position. Alas, it is impossible. And not only because I now live in another state - in March 2002, the PKK CH "K-447" made its last outing at sea and was sent for recycling. Cut into needles ... However, this is personal.

You may ask, why are you so embarrassed, boy? The fact is that friends gave me a CD with the movie "72 Meter". If you want to get an idea about the service of submariners, do not watch the old Soviet films, in which the central figure is most certainly the political officer. Moreover, do not watch American underwater thrillers like “K-19”. Nothing but bitter laughter, they can not cause. See the 72 Meter ...

I want to share some episodes of my service in the navy. Immediately I warn you: if you are waiting for horror films, it is better to immediately close the page - none of this will happen.

The "circus", referred to in the navy as a naval tavern, began already on the train taking us to distant Leningrad. The senior of our group, the captain of 3 rank, was drunk to the position of a riz and lost all political and moral character, only the last lights of Chernigov disappeared far away. He lain until Peter himself, regaining consciousness only for taking the next dose. His assistant, the foreman of the 1 article, did not lag behind his elder comrade, but he didn’t cut down - the irrepressible naval prowess demanded an exit, for which he paid the door and window in the vestibule.

We, left to ourselves, also drank, ate, roamed the carriage with wild cries of “left hand drive”, “the right to board”, “give anchor”, etc., imagining ourselves to be such sea wolves, but in reality reminding cheerful pirate gang: drunk, arrogant, ragged (at home experts warned - "old men" will take everything away, get worse). I will say straight away - upon arrival at the half-crew on Krasnaya Gorka, we were forced to send all the clothes home.

On the half-crew circus continued: we were given a form. For example, I’m 54-th size, 4-th height, moreover, that I wore 48-3! If the issue was still being resolved with the trousers: he straightened the belt, then the Dutchman was just a misfortune: the neckline reached me to the navel, and the shoulder straps hung on the sides, like Prince Bolkonsky's epaulets! In addition, with each movement she strove to move from her shoulders and become something between a straitjacket and a Scottish skirt! I had to stitch the neckline to reasonable limits (they didn't allow me to suture anything else, so the whole study went stuffed).

From the school, the most memorable feeling of constant hunger was remembered: the young organism demanded its own, and the allowance rates were calculated, apparently, for infants. The way out was found simple: after supper one person was sent to the galley (for some reason they always found themselves always hungry from Gus-Khrustalny, Sun), and he dragged a full gas mask bag of bread. Of course, there was a buffet, but how much will you go for 3.60?

We must pay tribute, they taught us well, even DEU (the current power plant) was, it only worked not from the reactor, but from the usual boiler room.

Forever remembered lessons on HDL (light water training). The very first dive added gray hair to my short-haired head: I didn’t have time to dive to the bottom of the pool, as water began to flow into the CPS (lifeguard of the diver). Of course, the depth of 5 there is only meters, and the cable is insure, and experienced instructors stand at the top, but then you would try to explain it to me! In general, they pulled me out on a rope, like a frog on a fishing line, tightened the valve and tightened it with songs!

What else in the schoolbook was remembered, so this is the first trip to the bathhouse. First, it was the first exit to the city (and in Kronstadt there is something to see), and secondly ... When we finished washing, we were given fresh linen - father light! Here it is, the promise of connoisseurs: vests - as if torn apart after the battle, panties - as if they were wrapped in a grenade and pulled out of a check, socks - I will keep silent. But we were worried for nothing, the “buyers” who came to pick us up checked everything in the most meticulous way, and we left for the North as new pennies. And about what was there - in the next story.

The closer the completion date of the training was, the more we rushed to the fleet, to real warships. The idea that you could be left in school, command the same salagas that we were six months ago (yes, hand on heart, and remained), was terrifying!

There is no worse word for the sailor “berbaza” - you wear a sea uniform, and you only see the sea from the shore. Looking ahead, I will say: even after hitting the fleet, one of our guys still did not escape this sad fate - the remaining 2,5 of the year he served in the headquarters of the division. God, how he envied us!

But this is so, the lyrics, so that you understand our state, when “buyers” finally appeared. Reception and transfer of personnel did not take a lot of time, farewell to the remaining (two went to the naval school, one preferred training in the naval service), foremen, midshipmen and officers, and now - again the train carrying us further and further to the north . The trip was somewhat reminiscent of a journey six months ago from Chernigov to Kronstadt: the same uncertainty ahead (a submariner, a submariner, and which ship do you get on? Yes, and do you even get?), Unfamiliar landscapes outside the window ... However, the landscapes ceased to speed interest us. But this time we weren’t given much time to roam, but we still managed to “stroke the path”.

But the whole thing is that our followers either did not pay attention, or simply did not want to pay him to the “fifth column” in the person of the conductors: “Boys! Cookies, waffles, chicken ... ”- and in the basket under the biscuits, waffles and chicken - bottles of little white! Of course, the sailors are not rich, but to many of us, before the release, our relatives came (as a child for Kudykiny mountains, they link to the Polar Region!) And, of course, they left behind. And how much does a sailor need, who has not tasted beer for half a year?

Finally, by hook or by crook, the next half-crew, now in Severomorsk. Compared to him, Krasnaya Gorka began to seem like an earthly paradise: all day on the parade ground, food - nowhere else, and God knows how many shifts: had breakfast at 4.00, and had dinner after 24.00. And so almost a week.

And here is the distribution - the Kola Peninsula, the village of Gremikha. Hmm ... Gremikha ... Hu from Gremikha? Although - what's the difference, the main thing - we know where! Rejoiced as little children. Then they did not hear, stupid, naval jokes: "If the whole Kola Peninsula is taken as an ass, then Gremikha is the very place."

When the young officers on the distribution were offered Gremikha, they tried to disown such “happiness” by hook or by crook. Then they have a choice - Yokangu! The officer happily agreed, not knowing that Yokanga ... just the old name of Gremikha!

However, the conditions for officers there are really not the best. We, the sailors, the barracks are our home, but then the young midshipmen with the officers also live with us, in the barracks, in four-seater cabin! All this is proudly referred to as an officer’s hostel, but it’s no easier for them!

And the climatic conditions leave much to be desired, we were joking: in Gremikha the wind blows all the time - all the time in the face. In tsarist times, political prisoners were exiled there, there is even a monument - a dugout, surrounded by human skulls.

But be that as it may, Gremikha is so Gremikha. We departed from Severomorsk late in the evening. It must be said that there are no housing within 400 radius from Gremikha, and no roads lead there, neither highways nor iron. There are two ways: by sea or by air. Air disappears by itself - only a helicopter on special missions. Sea - the ship "Vatslav Vorovsky" once every four days, and the one from Murmansk. But in the fleet for such cases there is a reliable means - BDK (large landing ship). Here it was given to us!

And during loading, I first saw the northern lights. At first, I didn’t even understand what it took to be the flashlight. The sailors with BDK explained. I looked spellbound! It really fascinates, you know, like a fire - you look, you look and you can not tear yourself away ... Imagine a huge, light, like an air curtain, suspended by uneven zigzags just above your head. And this curtain fluctuates, as if under light gusts of wind, and many people run around it with candles in their hands, and from this, light stripes of different width and intensity move along the curtain in different directions. They either intersect and run farther on their way, then collide like balls and scatter in different directions ... Then I saw a lot of lights, brighter, more colorful, but this, the first - faded, of some green shades, it seemed to me like family, and I will not forget him until the end of my days ...

... Finally, my mouth was shut, turned to the side of the ladder and lightly thrust my knee in the ass - it's time to board! Placed us, naturally, as armored personnel carriers and Tanks - in the cargo hold. Cabins of personnel and landing cubicles - to officers and foremen.

Well, yes, we were not particularly offended: the new unknown life, which we entered, overwhelmed by an abundance of impressions. They broke up in groups for acquaintances, chose a place drier (in the hold there was water here and there) and - to rest, there was a long passage ahead.

One thing is bad: we were consumed with food - instead of the suhpayok ​​put in such cases, they put out a few bags of sea crackers. Have you tried sea crackers? Not? Lucky you. These are not salty croutons for beer - a hefty slice of black bread two fingers thick, dried to a state of smashing with a sledgehammer. In fact, they can be soaked in boiling water, just where to get it? So we gnawed them, almost breaking our teeth, and it seemed to us that we had never tasted anything tastier.

... Prophet howler - Gremikha! We were unloaded from the BDK - Father Light! Surely many of us remembered Ostap Bender with his "we are strangers for this celebration of life." To call a holiday what we saw was impossible even with a big stretch: gray dull sea, gray dull fells, gray houses, even people at first seemed gray and dull ... Could I then assume that I would love this stern, but unique edge forever that, after many years, I will dream of a "gray dull" sea and hills?

But there was no time to despond and be sad - we were taken to the barracks: the standard five-story building, of which a lot was stumbled across the expanses of the former USSR. Only now these standard buildings turned out to be not quite adapted (more precisely, not at all adapted) to the conditions of the Arctic - in the winter, on the window sill, half of the window was covered with snow. From the inside. Perhaps the high authorities decided that the submariners are not enough for the military service? Who knows the dashing move bureaucratic thoughts?

How we were distributed among the crews, to tell and it would not be worth it - the usual naval-bureaucratic routine, if not one "piquant" detail - it was Saturday. And what does every self-respecting crew do on Saturday? That's right - a big tidy! We, in the absence of another place, were placed on the crew of Rear Admiral Yefimov, which the local sailors did not fail to take advantage of - we licked the barracks to them, sho glistened like cat eggs. To justify the guys, I’ll say: no one spread rot, didn’t drive, they just helped their youth.

By the way, by the way. There are no spirits, scoops, grandfathers, etc. in the fleet. Naval "table of ranks":
- up to half a year - crucian;
- from half a year to a year - dodged crucian;
- up to one and a half - greyhound carp;
- up to two - one and a half;
- up to two and a half - under the umbrella;
- up to three years old;
- well and above - civil.

According to this sheet, on the herachut everything is cleaned up to the students. They do not walk either - they refill cots, etc. Type - cosmetic repairs. Podgobki sometimes appear from the smoking room, watching the order, well, so that someone older is not particularly borzel and does not spread rot to young people.

Well, after - a solid lafa! The officers and the midshipman (by the way, in the naval jargon, the midshipman - the chest, but we didn’t call ours so - respected) dispersed to their homes, remaining in the "officer dormitory" did not pay us any attention, the duty officer also retired to them and we were presented to themselves in the truest sense of the word. And what about the sailor in glorious Gremikha? You will not go to a self-propelled gun — there is no place; I want to say that the territory of the military unit in the usual sense in Gremikha was not - no fences, checkpoints, etc. etc. Only the piers are fenced, and even the usual “chain-link” grid with several rows of spines at the top, neither give nor take - a garden plot.

Of all the entertainment available to us, the most popular was cinema. Cinema ... Cinema at the submariners of the 41 division ... Each crew had its own cinema installation - "Ukraine" and its own projectionist. And after finishing a big tidy on Saturday and all Sunday we watched a movie. On the eve, the projectionist received a couple of films based on the base, we quickly watched them, then changed them with other crews (our 11, plus the third division 4-5, plus several OVR brigade ships) and watched and watched and watched ...

And on Monday we were distributed among the ships and finally it happened - we are leaving for YOUR ship (nobody goes anywhere in the fleet, they go away in the fleet). Before that, we had already seen him from the window of the barracks, and it seemed to him that it was very close, some minutes on the 5 move. But it only seemed. The fact is that Gremikha is located on the hills, and the road resembles a mountain serpentine, so the path can be very deceptive - you can go half a day before what seemed close, and seemingly very distant only half an hour. So before the ship was more than an hour go.

The sight of him just stunned me! Of course, after the training, I knew its technical characteristics: length, width, displacement and so on, and so on ... I was even on a submarine, small, diesel. But what I saw! ..

It became even creepy - such a huge object! We climbed the gangways on board (not forgetting, of course, to pay tribute to the flag), then to the cabin fencing, up the ramp to the bridge, and to the hatchway. Over time, I learned to fly on the upper ladder in the blink of an eye, as they say, "to fall down." The first time, according to the apt expression of marine writer Alexander Pokrovsky, I crawled like a pregnant cuttlefish on thin ice.

The path to my eighth compartment resembled the path to the ship: it would seem, go straight and you will come. Not here it was! Up, down, left, right. No wonder and get lost! Then I walked this way without even noticing it, but it was later, with gaining experience, when all movements were worked out to automatism, but for now ... As I rolled over the bulkhead doors, like all the same pregnant cuttlefish.

I want to say that the art (namely art!) Of the passage of the bulkhead doors is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. For some reason, a person, if he needs to crawl into some kind of hole, be sure to put his head in there, absolutely not thinking that he has a chance to get something through it, even the same bulkhead door!

They don’t walk through the bulkhead doors: first the leg, then the torso, and only then the precious little head. And experienced sailors grab the cremallera with one hand (this is a handle for sealing the door), the second - for the edge of the hatch, jumping with your feet forward - and you are already in the next compartment!

But here I am in the eighth. First - the DEU remote. Mum dear, do I ever manage to figure out the intricacies of signal lights, switches, switches, taps, valves, and other light and shade ?! For a moment, I wanted to go ashore, to the pigsty ... But nowhere to retreat, you will have to figure it out.

Next is the engine room. Again vertical ladder, again pregnant cuttlefish and ... Wow! A turbine, a reducer, a turbogenerator, capable of supplying power to a small town, huge flywheels of directional valves, no less huge air conditioners that someone's smart little head placed right above the aisles. How many times during a storm during a storm did I count them with my head! But it is impossible without them: during the “Silence” mode, when all the extra mechanisms are turned off (including air conditioners), the temperature in the compartment rises - where is your Sahara!

But this is all later, but for now the dream of a young sailor is a hold. Yes, well, a sad sight ... I thought - is it really all mine? Of course, not all, but in the first months of service - mostly. There is a lot of stuff there that can incredibly “delight” a sailor. And so, in general, nothing, hold as hold.

It was only embarrassing that in the very near future it was necessary to study the placement of all the mechanisms as well as your own face, so that at any moment you could find any valve, any Kingston or pump in total darkness and not cut your head off.

And this study was called the surrender of the test for self-government by the battle post. Oh, what is that credit! Then I had to pass a myriad of different tests, but this one ... You are given two “sheets”: one dozen three questions on general ship systems, the other - the same amount on personal management. And you start to learn ...

It is done this way. Suppose I need the ATG oil system. I crawl into the hold, find the right tank, pump and crawl through the pipeline. Suddenly, what the hell - another pipeline blocked my way, and I couldn’t crawl it in any way! I put a flashlight on "my" pipeline and zigzag obs I crawl a barrier. I find my own flashlight around the world and crawl on. And then, having studied, I went up to the necessary officer and told him what I had learned, prudently omitting passing “adventures” - he himself knows, he also crawled.

Without this, it is impossible, otherwise a disgraceful “0” will flaunt in front of the combat number on the pocket of the robe, indicating that you are still not a submariner. Like, you say, and there is not yet? Alas, not yet. Submariner makes the sea, the first dive.

The first exit to the sea, the first dive - how to compare them? Hard to say. My favorite writer A. Pokrovsky, himself a submariner having autonomous lines on 12, compared this with the first woman. I do not know. I don’t remember her name, but I remember the first dive in almost every detail. I would personally compare it with the first parachute jump (fortunately, there is something to compare): I want to, and it hurts!

It all began in a very prosaic way: from loading autonomous stock. Fascinating, I tell you, occupation. And not easy: such a benefit of civilization, like a crane, does not take part in this process - it is considered that there will be enough ordinary ropes and crew. There is one small but very pleasant but: during the loading of the autonomous (i.e. due to ensure the stay of the boat at sea for 90 days) the supply of food, the resourceful sailors manage to replenish their personal “autonomous” stocks. And they so help out during long watches!

Then there was the transition to the ship. It’s also worth a look: bent under the load of mattresses, pillows, knots with uncomplicated sailor's belongings, a black snake stretched towards the piers. For locals, this is a clear sign - the crew goes to sea.

Finally we are on the ship. The navigators "turn on" their gyrocompasses, the movement division - the reactor, the final preparations and - now the tugs have approached our board. It's time! A siren screamed, the command sounded: “Stand in places, take off mooring lines!”, A slow move was given - and now the 130-meter cigar slowly fell off the pier. In the sea!

After the passage, the narrowness played an end to the alarm, and for the first time I was able to climb the bridge to smoke. Of course, in the database we did this countless times. But then in the database! In the sea, everything is different, even the taste of a cigarette seems different. With our eyes full of happiness, we gazed at the gray ribbon of the distant shore, at the waves rolling over our nose, at the wake, stretching by a long, wide fan, and breathing freshly, slightly algae-smelling sea air ... Soon we will have to forget its smell for a very decent time.

Then - the first meal on the ship. Such an abundance then it was possible to meet only in a chic restaurant: sturgeon balyk, Finnish savelocutik, red caviar! I don’t say about sweets: the most varied jams (before that I didn’t even imagine that there was jam from rose petals), the Bashkir medok and, of course, the weakness of a submariner - condensed milk.

But here the howler snapped up an urgent immersion, we rushed at full speed on the battle posts, the teams fell down, and the boat began to fall into the depths ... If you are waiting for a story about how I felt the increasing pressure of water with my every cell, how bad thoughts were buried in my head, how fear began to emerge in your soul — you got the wrong message. There was nothing of this. And not at all because I am a brave notebook!

He is afraid of the incomprehensible who does nothing and can concentrate on his feelings, on what is happening behind the board. We just had no time to deal with such nonsense, we worked. And when we were able to pay attention to our own person, it turned out that there was nothing to be afraid of! Everything is normal, everything is working in normal mode, comrades are laughing and joking around. And the truth is, what is there to be afraid of? I have to rejoice: I am a submariner! Cheers, comrades?

No, until the cheers, the most important thing remains - dedication to submariners. It is something akin to christenings, only there water is watered, and here they drink it.

According to the "chestnut" (general ship speakerphone) they announced: "Depth - 50 meters!" We climbed into the hold. Someone from the guys unscrewed the cover from the emergency flashlight (a small lamplight, somewhere 0,5 liters), someone nadisnoy overflow water in it ... I had to drink a volley, not looking up. Stratil - drink on the new.

I take the first sip. The teeth are immediately burned by icy cold - temperature overboard degrees 5, not more. But you must drink at all costs! It burns the throat, stomach, teeth anymore, I just don’t feel them. The three of us stay: me, the cover and the water. The brain drills one thought - drink, be sure to finish it! I throw my head back, shake the last drops in my mouth ... That's it! I am a submariner!

Consciousness gradually returns. Around crowded guys, friendly smiles, cuffs, pat on the shoulder ... It is finished!

Then there was more than one campaign, including full autonomy, and with the breaking of the hull of the boat of the Arctic ice, and with rocket shooting, and much more. But this, the first campaign, will remain in my memory for life. Yes, this is understandable - he was the first!

A unique trip, which I want to talk about in this part of my notes, was made in the summer of 1981-year, when the first submarine cruiser of the 941 “Shark” project with reinforced buttresses for ascent in the ice of the felling fencing, only passed the sea trials.

In fact, they used to go under the ice before: both the Americans in their Nautilus, and the Soviet K-3 Leninsky Komsomol surfaced in the polynya, but these were torpedoes. But the missile submarine cruisers have not yet been there, because the main task of the ships of this class is the launch of ballistic missiles. Is it possible in the conditions of the Arctic ice?

The attractiveness of this method of carrying combat duty is that in such conditions the missile carrier becomes invulnerable to any means of the enemy’s anti-submarine defense. Given the complex acoustic situation under the ice, it is not something to hit, but also unrealistic.

In the autumn of 1980, the crew of Rear Admiral Efimov set out to explore. They were given the task to go under the pack ice, find a suitable wormwood and surface. At first glance, the task is not particularly difficult, you just need to get into the polynya. But simplicity is deceptive. The fact is that without a move the boat can not stay in place, it either having a positive buoyancy floats, or - having a negative one - is sinking. To the very bottom ... It's like the predator of the seas - the shark. These fish, unlike the others, do not have a swim bladder and are forced to move all the time.

This is where the dilemma arises: either it stops and drowns, or crashes with all the dope into the edges of the open-hole area, and how this ends for the boat and the crew - only Neptune knows. But the way out was found long before this campaign and it was called modestly - the system “Spar”. What is the essence of this system? And the essence, as well as all ingenious, is simple: it is worth stopping the boat to begin to fall, as the water from the special tanks of the Spat system begins to be pumped out and the boat floats. Automatics immediately switches the pumps to pump and the boat fails again, etc. etc. That is, the boat does not stand still, it "walks" up and down, but we didn’t care about it - the main thing is that there is no forward movement. Looking ahead, I’ll say: if you knew how we were endured by these endless “Under the“ Spar ”becomes without a turn!”, Because such maneuvers are performed by anxiety, which means that you have to hang around combat posts ...

But back to the crew of Efimov. We, the K-447 crew under the command of Captain 1 of the rank of Kuversky, learned that they brilliantly coped with the task, returning from service in the Atlantic. Of course, we were happy for the guys, and what a sin to conceal, a little jealous of them - still, such a trip! They were jealous and could not even imagine that it would take just over six months and our turn would come. Moreover, the task will be very difficult for us: we have to break the ice with the hull and launch a volley with two missiles to the area of ​​the Kura (Pacific Fleet) test site.

The march itself was preceded by several months of grueling workouts, surrender of coastal tasks, a control exit to the sea, loading of an autonomous stock, in general, an ordinary naval routine preceding the fulfillment of the main task. Meanwhile, about a dozen “egg heads” arrived on the ship — scientists seconded for the duration of the cruise, who immediately installed special instruments on the hull to measure the load on the hull when surfacing in the ice. But finally, the transition to Okolnaya Bay for loading practical rockets, and then - the course of the north and forward over the corpses, do not take prisoners!

To the edge of the ice field, we were accompanied by the submarine of the 705 project - a small, high-speed one, stuffed with automatic equipment, by no means indulging a miracle with a crew of several dozen officers and midshipmen. In addition, there was a conscript - cook. Well, then we went by ourselves.

The transition to a given area was not remembered by anything special - as usual. New was just ice over his head and the understanding that if something happens - we will have nowhere to emerge. But about this as it was not thought. It was much more interesting to hang around MT (a marine TV, several of its cameras were installed in the upper part of the hull) and to view the ice from below. Although - I'm lying, there were a couple of funny cases.

The first case. Some of our midshipmen (I'm afraid to lie, kind of like a boatswain, but not sure), according to the stories of colleagues from the CPU, not satisfied with the “People's Commissariat”, invited one of the scientists, took out the shabby (hidden in the naval jargon) NZ, they nicely yanked decided to smoke. Right in the cabin! Of course, the watch 5-th compartment heard the smell of smoke - the scent we have developed on it is excellent, because the atomic bomb can be more terrible than the fire on the submarine. Six months after the demob, I could hear the smell of a burnt match being in another room. In general, watch politely, but aggressively asked to put out cigarettes.

They put out to put out, but you want to smoke! Especially after the accepted sotochka, and maybe not one. In short, these "sea wolves" did not come up with anything better than to go to smoke on the bridge, the ladder on which is exactly opposite the CPU. The first got midshipman, followed by a scientist. But the ship is in a submerged position and the top and bottom hatchways are battened down! This is what the midshipman, who has lost all political and moral status, did not take into account. And with all the dope, he ran a wild head into the lower hatch of the cabin! As the watchmen of the TsP were told, at first there was a dull blow, then a selected mat, then the noise of two bodies collapsed from a three-meter height and again a select mat. I think if they were sober, they would surely break. And so - nothing, only the commander for a long time recalled the midshipman to smoke this campaign ...

The following incident happened with your humble servant, and for me it was not at all amusing - my tooth ached. But the tooth of nonsense - the dock tore it quickly and quite professionally (ship doctors - they are). The trouble is that the flux on the floor of the muzzle still did not want to go and my distorted look for a long time caused sympathetic smiles from the crew. But the most annoying, he didn’t get off after the ascent, and therefore, taking pictures on the Arctic ice, I had to hide the right half of the face behind those in front.

Well, about the surfacing. Another time they played the alarm, they heard the already wrinkled teeth "To stand in places, it becomes under the" Spar "without a turn!" and it began ... It was possible to break through the ice only after several attempts, the whole process was accompanied by rolls, trimming, ice crash over your head - the body seemed to burst ... The feeling was not pleasant. But after the ascent!

I did not see such whiteness before or after. In the first minutes after the luminescent lamps, we apparently resembled the Japanese, so it was necessary to squint. I also remember the appearance of a floating boat: around it is snow of extraordinary purity, and in the middle of this whiteness there is a black edifice with rudder wheels hung like an elephant’s ears (they were turned 90 degrees so as not to break off the ice). The spectacle is awesome and a bit ominous.

Then photographing, traditional football, scientists took samples of ice and water and, finally, why we actually came here - shooting rockets. The entire compartment gathered on the upper deck at the clock, again the alarm, the chief command officer announced about a five-minute readiness, then readiness one minute. We wait. A minute passed, then another second, the second, and suddenly - a low, uterine growl, turning into a roar ... I don’t even know what to compare with this sound. I heard An-22 flying at low altitude, taking off "Ruslan" - all this is not that. Finally, the boat swayed and the roar was removed. A few seconds later, the second rocket went away.

And then there was a return, ascent again, this time the usual-usual, incomparable smell of fresh sea air ... At the edge of the ice field, we were again met by the already familiar anti-submarine of the 705 th project and escorted to the base itself. And in the base - flowers, orchestra, traditional roasted pig. Not without Hochma.

The first Hochma almost ended in a heart attack for our commander, when he saw this little Lyra mooring at full speed. We were slowly and stately dragged to the pier by two tugboats.

And the second Hochma pretty much amused our mooring team that came out to take their mooring lines. After all, we have a ship with more than ten thousand tons of displacement, and the corresponding mooring lines are steel cables with a girth. You will not take such mooring lines with your bare hand, the guys wore oiled canvas gloves, clean to you by the slinger at the construction site. And then they threw them neat, little white caprone with three fingers thick!

During this trip, the ship's commander Leonid Romanovich Kuversky was presented for the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. In addition to him, four more senior officers received battle orders, the rest of the crew successfully escaped gratitude from the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy and the pennant of the Minister of Defense "For courage and military prowess."

Received his Golden Star and another "friend". The future commander of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, and at that time the commander of our division, Edward Baltin, walked with us as the providing officer of the division headquarters. I don’t know what he was providing there, but according to the guys who were keeping the watch in the center, he was more nervous about the commander.

But on the incident of several years, already in times of "publicity", I managed to see an interview with the commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet E. Baltin. What he just did not tell! And that was his idea, and that in Moscow it was not even known that the ship had left for firing from under the ice ... He who served on the submarine knows that a ship of this class, without the knowledge of Moscow, will not lead the reactor, and certainly not will go to sea, not to mention the firing of rockets.

It remains to add that for our boat this ascent was not in vain,
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  1. andrei332809
    andrei332809 21 September 2013 07: 26
    Finally, my mouth was shut, turned to the side of the ramp and gently pushed my knee in the ass - it's time to board
    I remember that on a rainy day, I opened my mouth in surprise, I came to the submarine fleet as a teenager, bare-footed ...
  2. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 21 September 2013 10: 44
    Thank you. I wonder if there will be a sequel.
  3. Old_kapitan
    21 September 2013 11: 06
    chunga-changa, and thank you for your flattering review. Actually, there is nothing to continue: after sledding, in the fall of 81, we unloaded the ammunition and went to the capital, from where I was demobilized in the spring of 82. After the "semi-savage" Gremikha, Severodvinsk seemed the height of civilization. There were also interesting cases, but in general, an ordinary berbase service, which has nothing to do with the submarine fleet. Although ... Now often in the news there are cases of fires on the submarine, and it is in the repair, so, perhaps, I will think it over and write how it was with us. Thanks for the idea.
    1. rolik
      rolik 22 September 2013 00: 52
      Quote: Old_Kapitan
      After the "semi-savage" Gremikha, Severodvinsk seemed the height of civilization.

      Thanks for the feedback about my city))))
      1. Misantrop
        Misantrop 22 September 2013 01: 08
        Quote: rolik
        review of my city))
        The Navy says that the souls of the dead submariners fall in Severodvinsk
        1. rolik
          rolik 22 September 2013 16: 11
          Quote: Misantrop
          The Navy says that the souls of the dead submariners fall in Severodvinsk

          Although I’m not a submariner, but if I am a reincarnation of a submariner .... I do not mind. Since clearly a good person reincarnated in me))))))
          In 2002, they wanted to send several guys to Gremikha (I was among them). Someone told our suppliers that there is still a lot of 114B2)))))) We had to take his samples, in case of positive answers, take everything from there. But then they canceled the trip, it turned out that water was splashing in the containers instead of him for a long time))))) So I never saw the "land of flying dogs")))))))
    2. 705 KP 1-5
      705 KP 1-5 24 November 2013 05: 22
      In the fall of the 81st, I served on the very boat project 705 that accompanied you under the ice. For us, this was also an event, because until that time no one with one reactor and one turbine was under the ice. Representatives of science also came with us, and this was the first time a woman was on a ship at sea. I well remember our mooring at Yokang. When the PZZ GTZA, instead of the small one, worked back forward. At this time, I was part of the stern mooring team and was preparing to give a throwing end. And thank God that I was able to throw the mooring of the mooring straight on the bollard of the pier and make five shlags on my bollard. Since our hull was titanium, our mooring was nylon and it worked like a spring. from tension, the rope decreased in diameter by more than half. Turbinists worked professionally in the compartment. And our mooring looked very impressive from the side, but in fact we almost nearly rammed the pier with our stern horizontal rudders and did not pile up all the boats ahead of the course.
  4. Eugene
    Eugene 21 September 2013 18: 14
    The famous "distant" kingdom in Kronstadt?
  5. Stepnogorets
    Stepnogorets 21 September 2013 18: 37
    And how do you like P. Lihananamare in the beginning of 90, horror, after it even P. Polar civilization!
    1. In the reeds
      In the reeds 22 September 2013 18: 01
      Vadim, I served in the late seventies before you. Tell me there between the 4th pier and the workshops was a shallow where old ships were thrown. Was your 1990 board there in your 183s?
    2. In the reeds
      In the reeds 22 September 2013 18: 29
      Liinakhamari, the Finnish name is apparently right, but what to take from 18-year-old youth? The best time and faith in the USSR
  6. Garrin
    Garrin 21 September 2013 19: 06
    The author is a huge RESPECT! A good, easy syllable, beautiful photos and positive emotions. I read it in one breath and with pleasure. I will look forward to continuing, if any. THANKS !!!
  7. Current 72
    Current 72 21 September 2013 20: 38
    I was pleased to read the author’s story about my naval service. I’ll just say, MANY THANKS, and still continue to write, YOU are not doing badly. Regards. I myself am a land rat, served in Kozelsk, 61-64 years of the last century.
  8. Old_kapitan
    21 September 2013 22: 48
    Garrin, Current 72, thank you too. I have to continue smile
    1. Garrin
      Garrin 21 September 2013 23: 06
      Quote: Old_Kapitan
      I have to continue

      Yeah! Please continue. soldier
    2. Misantrop
      Misantrop 22 September 2013 00: 05
      Quote: Old_Kapitan
      I have to continue
      Definitely need to continue, namesake! wink And really well written. One thing only surprised - was there no smoking-room on the "beech", if these two eagles did not come up with anything smarter than to climb into the wheelhouse? She was even on the "azukhs"; the submariners of other projects often envied us, who served on the 667.
      Well, as for Gremikha, there was not just a zone under the king, but a deported one. Those. no towers, no guards. They unloaded from the side and ... sit out, how many are the ridge. In the entire history of that zone there has not been a single successful escape, it is too unrealistic to get on foot ...
      1. Old_kapitan
        22 September 2013 00: 10
        One thing only surprised - was there no smoking-room on the "beech", if these two eagles did not come up with anything smarter than to climb into the wheelhouse?

        Of course it was! But who knows her, their drunk soul? laughing
        1. Misantrop
          Misantrop 22 September 2013 00: 21
          Quote: Old_Kapitan
          Of course it was!
          And then I already began to doubt, since I personally have never been to B or DB. Although, to be honest, those smoking rooms are still a "pleasure". Smoky through, while the filters are still new - more or less normal. But by the end of the hike ... the impression is not weak. The one who entered the first lights a cigarette, the others only light a cigarette at his place. Since neither the match nor ignited, they do not want to light up. This clearly indicates that there is less than 14% oxygen (but more than 11%, since the cigarette smolders normally). And if you consider that, according to the categorical statement of medical luminaries, with a content of less than 18%, oxygen starvation inevitably occurs with loss of consciousness, then ... what Although for all the years in the Navy I have never even heard that at least someone in the smoking room has been overwhelmed. Hardy yet beast - man ... lol
          1. 705 KP 1-5
            705 KP 1-5 24 November 2013 21: 07
            At 667 A project, two people should go into the smoking room. But then not everyone will have time to smoke. Therefore, as many people enter as they enter, and even with the timely replacement of filters, smoking in a smoking room is a dubious pleasure. I tried to take a smoked pipe with me to the sea. Also complete nonsense. So I just quit smoking.
      2. Corsair
        Corsair 22 September 2013 00: 58
        Quote: Misantrop
        Well, about Gremikha

        "Land of FLYING DOGS"? lol
      3. The comment was deleted.
        1. Misantrop
          Misantrop 22 September 2013 01: 06
          Quote: Corsair
          "Land of FLYING DOGS"?
          She is the most. Although dogs not only fly there. I personally saw a dog (the size of an average shepherd) flying at a height of about a meter - it was blown off a hillock near the galley. And that was in Olenya. It is just that SUCH winds are noticeably more frequent in Gremikha than in other bases. Sometimes, and "on four bones" I had to go home (while being absolutely sober), it was not realistic to stay on my feet with that icy ice with that wind
          1. Old_kapitan
            22 September 2013 01: 53
            Sometimes, and "on four bones" I had to go home (while being absolutely sober), it was not realistic to stay on my feet with that icy ice with that wind

            I will try to find the video and put it in the next part. And laughter and sin!
          2. Corsair
            Corsair 22 September 2013 02: 01
            Quote: Misantrop
            And that was in Deer.

            In Olenya Guba it was probably in the "fertile time" October - November, and no winds, only snow on the hills and frosts ...
      4. Eugene
        Eugene 22 September 2013 19: 26
        Something like a cigarette lighter. In Crimea. A whirlwind .. !!! I can’t. Zilch, zilch .. Korifan takes matches and times, lit a cigarette !!! I served in Yokhang, he says. Then it has already begun about fighting swimmers ...
      5. gramatey
        gramatey 13 October 2017 13: 58
        Add my five cops. - during the post-revolutionary intervention in Yokang there was a prison for the Reds, transported at the end of 1919 with about. Mudyug after the uprising. The conditions in Yokang were the most hellish. In 1920, an uprising followed, followed by suppression. Some of the victims were then buried in the center of Murmansk under the local "mausoleum" - monuments to victims of the intervention. Really really skulls in the described times still remained unburied?
    3. kazssr
      kazssr 22 September 2013 13: 46
      we ask hi
  9. sso-xnumx
    sso-xnumx 21 September 2013 22: 59
    Great story !!!!!!
  10. PPL
    PPL 21 September 2013 23: 28
    Valery, thanks! How familiar everything is. I started in Severodvinsk, then p. Gadzhievo.
    1. experienced
      experienced 21 September 2013 23: 46
      For Nick Quiet!
      Live calmly, I'm not vindictive. Lurking on the Black List ... However, he is big. I do not minus drinks
      Guys, bring this thought to the Quiet ... I’m already impressed by the struggle, I don’t need his skin ... He wants to keep me in an emergency, if it’s normal, let him go. I live with him peacefully.
      Bring to the brow who can drinks
      He’s just the one who brought me to the emergency ... Somehow annoying wassat
    2. Corsair
      Corsair 22 September 2013 02: 03
      Quote: PPZ
      I started in Severodvinsk

      W / H 59075?
      1. navy33
        navy33 22 September 2013 15: 57
        Welcome! Familiar painfully tsiferki.
        1. Corsair
          Corsair 23 September 2013 13: 37
          Quote: Navy33
          Welcome! Familiar painfully tsiferki.

          Introduce myself, V \ H 59075 "B", B \ N T - 28 - 03,89-92gg soldier
          1. navy33
            navy33 23 September 2013 21: 08
            I welcome! I urgently started at military unit 59075 in the 5th company, and then at RTMe in Zapadnaya Litsa, b / n 1-36-21,98-00gg. hi soldier
            1. The comment was deleted.
            2. Corsair
              Corsair 23 September 2013 21: 24
              Quote: Navy33
              urgent began in the military unit 59075 in the 5 company

              "Uchebka", junior specialist school good 1 - 4 companies (A - D) - PC
              1. navy33
                navy33 24 September 2013 00: 36
                She is the most! 2nd training scuba diving team. drinks
            3. 705 KP 1-5
              705 KP 1-5 24 November 2013 21: 21
              He spent in the Western face in 6 DIPL from 1977 to 1984
      2. 705 KP 1-5
        705 KP 1-5 24 November 2013 21: 18
        I started in 59075 in 8th company in the spring of 1972. Then the training was 8 months.
  11. Quiet
    Quiet 21 September 2013 23: 44
    Many thanks !!! I didn’t have a chance to serve in the fleet, because before the urgent one I performed more than 200 parachute jumps and was called up for the airborne forces. Therefore, I read with great interest !!! good
    1. Old_kapitan
      22 September 2013 00: 06
      I didn’t have a chance to serve in the fleet because before the urgent I performed more than 200 parachute jumps and was called up for the Airborne Forces.

      Wow, what dislocations fate does! And I dreamed of serving in the landing, they promised me an oath every time I visited the military enlistment office, and it would be like that, but ... At the time of the call I was not 18 and I had to be called up in all respects in the fall, so the time for the initial preparation was more than enough. If it weren’t for the playful little hands of the military commissariat damsel, who slipped my personal file into the pile of those called up in the spring. In short, while we figured out what was happening, the dashing military registration and enlistment machine could not be stopped. They called me, asked if I wanted to (and 18 was about to happen to me), I agreed and ... goodbye to my favorite city ... wink
      But now I am only glad that this happened, especially since I still jumped with a parachute, a little, 113 jumps, but jumped.
      1. Quiet
        Quiet 22 September 2013 01: 19
        At the military registration and enlistment office I was signed up for surface ships of the northern fleet. But when the whole team was built and announced, I went up to the military commissar and showed the parachute jumps book, where 204 jumps were listed (including "wing"). The result of the training of the Airborne Forces ... soldier The fact that you jumped a little is for the good !! My 2000 jumps didn’t increase my health ...
  12. krasstar
    krasstar 21 September 2013 23: 57
    Everything is correct, it is, only "72 meters" is not for submariners, this is nonsense
    1. Old_kapitan
      22 September 2013 00: 15
      "72 meters" is not for divers, this is nonsense

      What exactly is nonsense? Yes, there are mistakes, but compared to what I saw before - a masterpiece!
      1. Misantrop
        Misantrop 22 September 2013 00: 45
        Quote: Old_Kapitan
        What exactly is nonsense?
        Once in our Olenyaya village, a submachine-gun watch on a ramp dropped off, and this is not even the end of the pier. When they wanted to get it, it turned out that there was a depth of 120m. Further - even deeper. So, going out to ISP-60 there is no chance. Well, the way they wander in the compartment almost waist-deep in the water ... If it were in the region of Sevastopol, I would still believe it (although it’s cold near the bottom), and even in the North ... sad

        Although compared to the rest of the "masterpieces" on this topic - I agree, a cut above. Is that "Remove Periscope", but that was filmed like a black comedy
        1. Old_kapitan
          22 September 2013 00: 58
          Well, the way they wander about in the compartment almost waist-deep in the water ...

          And how will Mukambetov famously dance on a box? For any diver, an axiom: in such a situation - a minimum of movements. And the exit of civilian through TA? There is a professional - 50 on 50, and most likely even less. Yes, there is much more that can be found, but the general idea for the civilian people is the most accurate of what I saw.
        2. Gomunkul
          Gomunkul 23 September 2013 11: 55
          Well, the way they wander in the compartment almost waist-deep in the water ... If it were in the region of Sevastopol, I would still believe it (although it’s cold near the bottom), and even in the North
          He served in the village of Hot Streams, near the Polar. So, there was no hot water on our ship being prepared for decommissioning, but I really wanted to take a shower before going to bed, so we washed cold, you leave the washing room, and then, after holding steam, we kept water from our bodies. smile hi
      2. Garrin
        Garrin 22 September 2013 00: 49
        Quote: Old_Kapitan
        What exactly is nonsense? Yes, there are mistakes, but compared to what I saw before - a masterpiece!

        The movie is awesome! Well, nonsense, for me, not even a submariner, the guys were in the sea water for too long, getting to the compartment, while talking and bantering.
      3. rolik
        rolik 22 September 2013 00: 57
        Quote: Old_Kapitan
        ? Yes, there are mistakes, but compared with what I saw before - a masterpiece!

        And the original jokes are from the book)))))) And about the cow and about the buoy)))))
        1. Old_kapitan
          22 September 2013 01: 00
          And the original jokes are from the book)))))) And about the cow and about the buoy)))))

          So Pokrovsky is the co-author of the script!
        2. Garrin
          Garrin 22 September 2013 01: 38
          Quote: rolik
          And the original jokes are from the book)))))) And about the cow and about the buoy)))))

          And about the horse, too. laughing
    2. Misantrop
      Misantrop 22 September 2013 00: 30
      Quote: krasstar
      "72 meters" is not for divers, this is nonsense
      In terms of plot - I agree, crazy stuff. But the shooting in Gadzhievo (and all Kola’s bases are very similar) for those who served there ... We watched with my wife, spat on the plot and ... nostalgic for those times ...

      IMHO films are still not made for professionals. Brother spits from films about Chechnya, we - from these, to "Case in the square 36-80" generally went at one time, like a comedy lol I accidentally crossed on vacation with my classmates, pilots, and just then the poster caught my eye. So they stopped by, I commented on them about submarines, they told me about aviation. lol
      1. Garrin
        Garrin 22 September 2013 00: 58
        Quote: Misantrop
        IMHO films are still not made for professionals

        Valera, you’re too strict, maybe he’s lying in technical details, but he’s touching his soul.
        Yes, another question. Was initiation into submariners only limited to drinking a plafond of overboard water, or was kissing a sledgehammer still?
        1. Old_kapitan
          22 September 2013 01: 02
          Was initiation into submariners only limited to drinking a plafond of overboard water, or was kissing a sledgehammer still?

          I will answer, especially since I am also Valera. wink We only have a ceiling.
        2. Misantrop
          Misantrop 22 September 2013 01: 13
          Quote: Garrin
          Was initiation into submariners only limited to drinking a plafond of overboard water, or was kissing a sledgehammer still?

          And this is depending on the crew. More often limited to sea water (at a temperature of overboard -2 its salinity is not too noticeable wink ), but some have a sledgehammer. Not only that - greased with solid oil and swinging (if applied - it will not seem a little)
    3. jjj
      jjj 22 September 2013 00: 41
      In fact, Pokrovsky in the main points does not lie. There, many themselves and their friends recognized. But not without some embellishment. You understand, when the peasants are going to poison about something, they do not speak Turgenev’s syllable. In the film, of course, there are cinematic-clip stretches. But the tape itself - a full television version - can hardly be considered nonsense.
  13. Old_kapitan
    22 September 2013 00: 48
    Damn, I just noticed that the last paragraph is not the whole! In general, it ends like this:
    It remains to add that for our boat this ascent was not in vain, it crumpled it thoroughly: the fencing of the bridge flattened out, the portholes squeezed out, the torpedo loading hatch almost turned into a corkscrew, and a huge dent formed over the seventh-eighth compartments. So after some time, upon returning, the ship left for Severodvinsk, where it stood for a long time under repair. Then a few more campaigns, the withdrawal from the fleet, and in 2004 I regretfully found out that the legendary ship is no more - cut into needles ...
    1. Misantrop
      Misantrop 22 September 2013 00: 58
      Quote: Old_Kapitan
      for our boat, this ascent was not in vain, it was thoroughly crumpled:
      It was after this test ascent with a break in the ice that the terms of reference for the development of special ice reinforcements for the light hull were issued. By the way, no one else on the planet has such a strengthening of the hull set. And if we take into account their much more "tinny" design, then the question of their attack from under the ice, let's say, is not very real. Bye, anyway

      As for Pokrovsky, by the way, he is not alone in this genre. There is a book by Volodya Boyko, which is called "Tales from Boyko", which is also well written. And not only she
      1. 705 KP 1-5
        705 KP 1-5 24 November 2013 20: 56
        At 705, a shortened torpedo for breaking through the ice like "Korunda" was loaded for an emergency ascent in the ice. Fortunately, it was not necessary to use it.
    2. Volkhov
      Volkhov 22 September 2013 02: 09
      German boats of the 7th series with a circular wheelhouse probably had a polar modification with an ice drill in the diameter of the wheelhouse, the rest only had a shape and gear case.
      But we have a lot of scientists to measure the loads when breaking ice with his head.
  14. wanderer
    wanderer 22 September 2013 00: 55
    It turned out great. Thanks, remembered youth. Gremikha, DMb78. We’re your new insects.
    , the third division of whales and samovars from the 17th, too, were dragged along the raid. We arrived at the base at the PM from the PRZ, and went to the BDK already home, shoved us around the landing cubes, which were quite decent rooms at that time. If for one night. 72 meters is good, the film is still not educational, but artistic. The very spirit of service is conveyed close to the text.
  15. michajlo
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    Good evening, dear Valery!

    Your article is interesting, read with a fuse. good
    I wish you further writing success!

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    Thanks, great. I look forward to continuing. Good luck.
  17. In the reeds
    In the reeds 22 September 2013 08: 48
    [quote = Stepnorets] And how do you like P. Lihananamare at the beginning of 90, horror ... The OVRA Brigade served there. Maiden backwater
  18. Mista_dj
    Mista_dj 22 September 2013 11: 12
    Vitally, plus!

    Youngsters, whatever one may say, need to educate!
    Dances are dances, but there was, is and WILL ALWAYS be such a profession: to defend the homeland.
    Let them understand that service in the Navy is an honor for a self-respecting Man!
  19. Mechanismoid
    Mechanismoid 22 September 2013 12: 42
    Thank you very much for your story! This kind of narration needs to be brought to our youth as much as possible and to be admired ... And at the same time, the level of patriotism would grow steadily. Article - Big + good
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    kazssr 22 September 2013 13: 45
    Quote: Old_Kapitan
    Garrin, Current 72, thank you too. I have to continue smile

    we ask, we ask hi
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    It was very interesting to read the article.
    I bow to the author. I hope to continue.
  22. navy33
    navy33 22 September 2013 16: 15
    I welcome everyone! and those who are strong in particular! A very good article! Interesting and nostalgic. Thank you very much to the author. I myself served on the lead RTMe B-524 in 33 submarine divisions on Zapadnaya Litsa.
    1. agate
      agate 14 November 2017 17: 04
      What years? As a civilian specialist, I worked for her in St. Petersburg at LAO. He was at the crossing along the White Sea - the Baltic Canal. , fine-tuning on Dubrava in Severodvinsk, the first exit with a dive - there were only 300 civilians then, and then Litsa, Malaya Lopatka bay, and then Bolshaya, if I am not mistaken from spring or 79 or 80g. Our product BIUS Omnibus. The system was going hard, in the end only we and the Bear and Skat were finalizing. The crew was excellent, few people remember, but the beginning of the torpedo compartment Larin, starling. Shchukin was a sailor from Baku, he was on a demobilization trip through Moscow, I spent the night .. There was also a torpedo officer - the oldest midshipman of the Northern Fleet, I don’t remember his last name. Well, I remember the commander of EVG Kuznetsov, Sergei. So maybe I met her until 88 years went - Architectural supervision.
  23. soldier of fortune
    soldier of fortune 22 September 2013 16: 57
    Great article! To the author Respect and Respect! Photos, facts, names are especially pleasing.
    The uncle was a submariner ..... cap 2, a medical doctor, studied at the Black Sea Fleet, started on diesels at the Pacific Fleet, then on folding beds, the first atomic missiles at the SF. He told such things ...... you will hear!
    Thank you for the article! Reminded of the glory of the ancestors! I look forward to continuing! soldier
  24. Forest
    Forest 23 September 2013 11: 27
    My friend was a navigator of the nuclear submarine, (now retired). We met while hunting, he invited us to a woodcock (as he called him, a woodcock)). They drank before the hunt, except for me (I’m driving and don’t use). We went along a narrow path one after another, the navigator was the first of course. I looked and somehow shakes him from side to side. I ask a friend, “is he really lucky with 100 grams? And he answers me:“ This is the famous waddling sea gait), and 100gr. for his 110 kg. this is a drop. "He is a very decent person by nature, reasonable and very calm and never talked about the naval service. But once he came to me and he looked" not very good. "It turned out yesterday was his son's birthday and I offered him" to undergo medical treatment ". He did not refuse and spent half a day telling me about the service. From these stories he could write a book). I will give one of them. The officer's hostel was located behind the hill from the base. And he took the bus there, as always packed. And my friend I found a simple way out - a cross over the hill. And then one day he runs to the base and looks with the command there are some scarecrows, sheepskin coats up to the nose and bulging eyes. Then it turned out that the Americans came as a "friendly visit" to see the base. And when they saw that at -15 C of a running bull (he weighed 110 kg) in sports shorts and a T-shirt, who is also rushing to work, they realized that they would have lost the Cold War if it were not for the treachery of politicians.
  25. Garrym
    Garrym 23 September 2013 22: 30
    Thank you so much for sharing your memories !!!!
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    I would like to read the continuation
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    Danko 26 September 2013 21: 56
    Cool written, Valery, sincerely! Please do not delay the continuation. Already saliva flowing in anticipation! There are similarities with the things of my beloved Pokrovsky A.M.
  28. roma-belij
    roma-belij 6 October 2013 22: 30
    Many thanks to the author, the memories of his 2 years rolled up. He studied in Vyborg in 2003, the situation in the training has not changed much since the 80s, as things are now, it’s interesting.
  29. воронов
    воронов 11 October 2013 20: 09
    Respect for the article to the author
  30. chab0
    chab0 13 January 2015 10: 33
    I read your story with pleasure about my native Gremikha, 41 Division and a submarine, on which I had to go to sea many times.
    Write interesting.
    But I would like a small fraction - a spoon - of tar in your barrel of honey.
    Efimov was a 1st rank captain. At that time, Frolov was the only rear admiral among the submarine commanders in 41 DSPL. And Efimov, like Kuversky, were "caprices".
    Secondly, the Monument to the Victims of Intervention, which you mention, was never lined with skulls. Photos are on the Internet.
    Well, of course, in the eighth compartment (as, indeed, in any other) there are no DEU. There are vocational schools. And Daewoo is a diesel-electric installation. But on an atomic submarine?
    Diesel engines are in the 6th compartment, they are called "DIESEL". D-460.
    And not Daewoo, but DGU. (Diesel generator set)
    And in the eighth and ninth compartments are located vocational schools (steam turbine units) And the control panel of the vocational school with a million light bulbs and toggle switches belongs to them.
    But in general - a very pleasant story, which is a pleasure for divers to read.
    If there is interest in the memories of submariners, then look
    Best regards
    Captain 1st Rank Chernyshev A.B.