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Five new non-nuclear submarines are planned to be incorporated into the Russian Navy in 2015-2017

Five new non-nuclear submarines are planned to be incorporated into the Russian Navy in 2015-2017

Five new non-nuclear submarines / NPL / projects 636.3 and 677 are planned to be included in the Russian Navy in 2015-17. In this case, three boats will go to the Black Sea fleetand two in the Northern Fleet. This was reported to the correspondent of ARMS-TASS by a representative of the military-industrial complex.

The submarines of the project of the Central Design Bureau of Marine Engineering / TsKB MT / Rubin 636.3 B-261 Novorossiysk, Rostov-on-Don and Stary Oskol are built at the Admiralty Shipyards in St. Petersburg. At Novorossiysk, the hull of the boat is now almost formed. However, due to the fulfillment of the Vietnamese order for the construction of six export boats of the 636 project, construction is delayed, and the boat’s launch will take place no earlier than the spring of 2014. On the "Rostov-on-Don" and "Stary Oskol" is now being assembled hull units. All of these three submarines, after being put into service in 2015, will become part of the Black Sea Fleet.

Two naval submarines of the TsKB MT Rubin 677 B-586 project, the Kronstadt and Sevastopol, are also being built at the Admiralty Shipyards. The contract for the construction of Kronstadt was unfrozen on July 9 2013 of the year after the necessary design improvements and research. The planned deadline for the submission of the boat, which will actually be a modernized version of the head boat of the 677 project “Saint Petersburg” / code “Lada” /, is 2017 year.
The submarine "Sevastopol" was chosen as the head for the new air-independent installation / VNEU /, the design of which is currently being developed. Since July 2013, the design of the boat began work related to the modernization and modification of the project for the installation of VNEU.

Planned date of delivery of the boat - 2017 year. But it can be postponed due to delays associated with the development of VNEU.

Both submarines of the 677 project will be put into service with the Northern Fleet upon completion of construction.
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  1. Denis
    Denis 19 September 2013 07: 19
    The plans are certainly good, but let's have a fact.
    1. domokl
      domokl 19 September 2013 07: 28
      In fact, it will not work right away. The boat has been built for more than one year. And the shipyards' orders are secured to the eyeballs.
  2. Sergeant
    Sergeant 19 September 2013 07: 20
    Good news! Thank. smile

    It must be built ..
    We should hurry with the Northern Fleet: something enemies fussed in the Arctic ...
  3. Ivan79
    Ivan79 19 September 2013 07: 21
    Will the boats already be with the new VNEU? Oh yes, this is good news!
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 19 September 2013 09: 12
      No, there will be one with VNEU, experienced and not at 2015, but two years later.

      About five say 636, which are already being built at the Admiralty Shipyards. The first one should be let down in the fall and transferred in the first half of 2014.
  4. Cpa
    Cpa 19 September 2013 07: 24
    Interestingly, the cities by which submarines are named are involved in the construction? I somehow read that Novocherkassk paid for the repair and modernization of the BDK and it was named after this city.
  5. domokl
    domokl 19 September 2013 07: 27
    It’s expensive, but the Black Sea Fleet now needs to be strengthened as an adult. The Black Sea by any now is not only ours and Turkish, but also NATO. Thanks to Ukraine ...
  6. cobalt
    cobalt 19 September 2013 07: 34
    Why not build a couple of three new shipyards for the construction of warships instead of all sorts of skolkovo and other rubbish. I think their construction will be several times cheaper and there will be benefits.
    1. Know-nothing
      Know-nothing 19 September 2013 07: 48
      Because "skolkovo and other rubbish" is an opportunity to get out of the role of a raw material appendage.
      1. GreatRussia
        GreatRussia 19 September 2013 08: 12
        Quote: cobalt

        Why, instead of all the skolkovo and other rubbish ...

        I would not be so, to put it mildly .... categorical in your place.
        Nobel laureate, academician Alferov about Skolkovo.

        From 7 minutes 35 seconds.

    2. Apollo
      19 September 2013 07: 55
      Submarine Project 677 belongs to the fourth generation of Russian non-nuclear submarines. It is able to effectively solve all the problems facing modern nuclear submarines, both in the ocean and in the coastal zone:
      destruction of submarines;
      destruction of surface ships, ships and stationary offshore structures;
      transportation, release and reception of light divers;

      Distinctive features of the 677 projected NPLs compared to the previous generation submarines are:
      the ability to conduct volley missile firing at sea targets;
      enhanced electronic weapons capabilities compared to the 877 project submarines;
      the presence of an integrated automated control system for the ship, its military, technical means and weapons;
      the presence of a new modern hydroacoustic complex with a quasiconformal noise-detecting antenna of a large area capable of detecting low-noise targets over long distances;
      the presence of retractable devices that do not penetrate the rugged case (except for the commander's periscope);
      the presence of anti-sonar coating of the new generation hull
      kt_677 /

      project boat 636.3
  7. Hitrovan07
    Hitrovan07 19 September 2013 08: 06
    Strange, I go to the store - and all the time I buy for myself, and only then I think about what ordering me "good neighbor". With us, "However, due to the fulfillment of the Vietnamese order for the construction of six export boats of project 636, construction is delayed ...".
    1. TRex
      TRex 19 September 2013 08: 47
      We have one ancient submarine for the entire Black Sea. And it is not a fact that the Vietnamese "partners" will pay for their order on time and in full. First, "feed" your Navy, and then think about other people's problems!
      1. donavi49
        donavi49 19 September 2013 09: 48
        They have already paid, made an advance payment. According to Su-30, so paid 100% and now they want more. Plus, RTOs with X-35, plus 2 Cheetahs already built and paid, and another 2 ordered. Vietnam is now entering the 2 position on the MTC, moving Algeria. And unlike Venezuela, let's say, it pays bucks with an advance payment and without delay.
        1. alone
          alone 19 September 2013 22: 27
          Quote: donavi49
          And unlike Venezuela, let's say, it pays bucks with an advance payment and without delay.

          unclear! Venezuela, a country that sells oil, can not pay for its debts?
    2. donavi49
      donavi49 19 September 2013 09: 16
      Vietnam set very tight deadlines - the first boat in 2013 year. At the same time, the contract itself was too tasty to refuse (direct more than 4 billion dollars = 100% payment in foreign currency + additional 1,5 billion with partial lending) Therefore, now they are driving the Vietnamese first.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  8. mirag2
    mirag2 19 September 2013 08: 09
    Great! Just super gut!
    Interesting anti-sonar coating, is it rubber? Rubberized? Ha!
  9. rugor
    rugor 19 September 2013 08: 37
    However, due to the fulfillment of the Vietnamese order for the construction of six export boats of project 636, construction is delayed

    Well, how so?!?!?!
  10. albanech
    albanech 19 September 2013 08: 53
    I would like to see with my own eyes than to listen to what will be in 2015-2017 ... but in the end there is no money - it will be 2018% in 100! And so on until the money disappears! Let's do a deed, not a word, to create a powerful fleet to restore real order in the world and the world on the whole earth!
  11. ivshubarin
    ivshubarin 19 September 2013 08: 59
    And on the Pacific Fleet and the Baltic
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 19 September 2013 09: 14
      In the Baltic, boats are not particularly needed now. For the Pacific Fleet they want more, but with VNEU. Although it is possible that due to delays, they will accept a compromise program for modified 677 or worked out 636.
  12. Tarpon
    Tarpon 19 September 2013 09: 29
    The planned deadline for the boat is 2017. But it can be rescheduled due to delays

    Alas, without delays we still can’t.
  13. Evgeniy667b
    Evgeniy667b 19 September 2013 13: 14
    Plans, projects, but there were no real boats, and no. The Vietnamese order naturally affects the timing of the submarine commissioning for its own Navy. The situation will not wait for our self-seekers to remember their direct responsibilities. You have to be completely blind not to see this. India, Vietnam, China, Indonesia are all a feast during the plague. We urgently need "Vaccine" - new ships for your fleet, otherwise think for yourself ...