Military Review

Coal situation

Monitoring the Ukrainian market shows that the demand for coal fuels continues to fall. Based on this, the miners have to reduce coal production. New geological surveys are losing their relevance, which is bound to bother Ukrainian politicians. The reason for the fall in the demand for coal with rather high prices for other types of fuel in Ukraine is not connected with the fact that a certain alternative source of fuel has been found. The reason is different. The demand for coal has fallen, since Ukraine is also experiencing a simultaneous decline in production. Numerous industrial enterprises working today on such kind of fuel as coal are forced to reduce the percentage of activity.
Experts explain this by the fact that the Ukrainian market is opening up more and more for products of foreign manufacture and is losing interest in Ukrainian goods. It hits a domestic producer, including the mining industry.
In Russia, the situation in the coal industry is also ambiguous. On the one hand, new ones are being held. geological survey from Moscow specialists increase production volumes, but at the same time it is more profitable to sell coal abroad. On the domestic market, Russian coal does not enjoy such demand as, for example, gas, and therefore coal miners are forced to develop schemes for the supply of coal to other countries. Great interest in the Russian coal is shown by the countries of Southeast Asia and, first of all, by China. At the same time, the PRC is willing to participate in joint coal mining projects in Russia.
The main problem associated with the coal industry in Russia is weak transport logistics. The coal industry needs new and new trains, which can transport the extracted raw materials to major ports. Today, such trains, if any, the time of their route from Kuzbass to the ports of the Khabarovsk and Primorye Territories can reach weeks, which is completely unacceptable for modern business conditions.
Not so long ago, problems in the coal sphere of Russia were discussed with the participation of Vladimir Putin. Putin then advised coal miners to look for optimal options for the sale of coal mined not only abroad, but also domestically, not forgetting the possibility of cheapening both coal production and its transportation.