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World elites, neo-Marxism and gender ideology

What are the world elites and how homogeneous they are? Why has propaganda of various kinds of perversions sharply intensified lately? How did it happen that once America’s Puritan America legalized same-sex marriage? - Alexey Yuryevich Komov, a representative of the World Congress of Families in Russia and the CIS, who has lived in the West for many years and knows the situation from the inside, discusses these and other topics.

Alexey Komov, representative of the World Congress of Families in Russia and the CIS, Ambassador of the World Congress of Families at the UN

- Alexey, the topic of our conversation is the American elites and the worldwide promotion of various kinds of perversions lately. Tell us a little about yourself and why you are competent in these matters.

- I have been doing international topics for many years. My father worked for a long time in London as a diplomat, for four years we lived in Cuba. In 1990, I studied at the University of New York, worked for many years in international companies. In recent years, I have been actively engaged in establishing contacts with healthy forces in the West, with their leaders. First of all, this is quite a powerful worldwide movement for family values, the “prolife” movement, which stands for the right to life of unborn children. We have good acquaintances among congressmen, senators, deputies of the European Parliament, as well as among experts, scholars ... I am a representative of the World Congress of Families in Russia and the CIS. This is the largest group of supporters of family values ​​from 80 countries of the world, including hundreds of organizations and millions of people on all continents.

I am also the ambassador of the World Congress of Families to the United Nations. At the level of the United Nations and other international institutions, we are trying to protect traditional family, Christian values ​​from attacks by liberal secular ideas that are now actively being imposed in all societies. I am the president of the “Family Policy. RF” analytical center, where we analyze the legislation of the Russian Federation, international legal norms and, in general, the entire aspect of issues related to sociology, demography and family policy, we give our recommendations. In 2011, we held an international demographic summit, “The Family and the Future of Humanity” in Moscow. In Ulyanovsk, they made an international conference on demography. I also lead projects in the St. Basil the Great Charity Fund and am a member of the board of the Safe Internet League, fighting for the purity of Internet space from pedophilia, drugs and other negative things. Before I started doing international projects, I was engaged in management and real estate consulting. A year ago, I worked in the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate and was responsible for relations with civil society institutions abroad, spoke at various international conferences. Now I am the executive secretary of the Patriarchal Commission on Family and Maternity Protection. Father Dimitri Smirnov and I at the commission that gathered in full composition - and this is 12 people, recently discussed the whole range of relevant issues, including international ones.

- The list is impressive! Could you characterize the current situation in the world? Why is this happening right now? It seems that all the dirt that has accumulated for hundreds of years has spilled through some kind of broken barrier.

- We have recently seen an increase in attempts to impose on the society radical, revolutionary theories, in particular gender. What, they say, the sex of a person is not a given from God, but a social construct. That a boy can be raised both as a boy and as a girl, and it’s not necessary, they say, to impose gender roles on him - he will grow up and decide himself. In some versions, there are five or even seven floors, and they can be changed freely. That is, the attack is now going on the human being itself, on the very foundations of man. Scientifically, this is all not justified in any way, and the evidence that is presented is merely an ideological juggling of facts. But this does not confuse anyone, and we see that the international elites through the UN, UNICEF and other structures are actively promoting this ideology.

Theodore Adorno

What is the reason? It seems to me that earlier many forces had been distracted by the confrontation in the “cold war” between the capitalist and socialist countries. 20 years ago, the world ideologically united, and world elites gained freedom of action to spread their “agenda” to the whole world. We see their activation, the imposition of revolutionary ideas that, if one digs, have neo-Marxist roots. This was largely due to the activities of the so-called Frankfurt Neo-Marxist School, which operated in the 1920 – 1940-s. The theorists of this school (Marcuse, Adorno, Horkheimer, Fromm, etc.) combined the ideas of Marx and Freudianism and gave rise to the concept of the 1960 sexual revolution, drug, psychedelic and all other “revolutions” and “emancipations”.

From there, the ideologies of the radical “green” movement, anti-globalists, and animal rights movements originate (to the detriment of human rights). From there, the powerful global movement to reduce population (neo-Malthusianism) is ideologically fueled, for the widespread abortion and, lately, for the gender homosexual revolution, which further develops radical ideas of feminism and so on. Their roots go back to neo-Marxism, that is, the desire to transform society in a revolutionary way.

György (Georg) Lukács

Considering the background of the issue, we will see that when the world revolution did not take place, which the Bolsheviks, led by Lenin and Trotsky, dreamed of, the Marxists began to analyze what “failure” occurred, and came to the conclusion that the brains of the proletariat are so “washed” by , first of all Christian, ideology, that it, Christianity, needs to be destroyed. At the new historical stage, they set the task of "washing out" Christian, family values ​​from the brains of Europeans. For example, there was such a Hungarian Marxist Georg Lukács, who, during the existence of the Hungarian Soviet Republic, Béla Kuna, was the first to introduce a sex question in schools - in order to decompose the "bourgeois" foundations of society. He realized that the easiest way to do this with young people is through sex questioning. Lukács was the Minister of Education in this republic, which existed very briefly in 1919 – 1920.

Therefore, the “sex inquiry” that is now being imposed on the UN, by the International Family Planning Association, is pure Marxism for disintegrating society and promoting the world revolution. For a number of reasons, many foreign Marxists were forced to leave the Soviet Union. They settled in Frankfurt am Main in the 1920s; they were financed by rich people, as has happened more than once with revolutionaries. And in the course of their reasoning, they came to the conclusion that at the new historical stage, the telegraph stations should not be seized, like the Bolsheviks in Russia, but, according to the Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci, they should take a “long march through the institutions” as cinema, television, media, universities, and through them to broadcast their ideas, revolutionizing society. And after such preparation, brainwashing, the political power itself will fall at the feet of the Marxists, thereby bringing the victory of the world revolution closer. Many figures developed this theory further, actively using Freud's ideas. They came to the conclusion that, as the proletariat was previously suppressed by the bourgeoisie, the subconscious mind is also suppressed by bourgeois morality, Christian norms, prohibitions, primarily in the area of ​​marriage, sexual relations, and you need to throw it all off because all his secret desires, fantasies and instincts will not receive their full realization. But this is prevented by Christianity in the first place, with which it is necessary to fight as the number one enemy, which they set as their goal. And the fact that in our, Eastern Christian tradition, in monasticism is considered a sin (and the struggle with which “Invisible scolding”, “Ladder”, etc.) are devoted to, new social revolutionaries ascends as criteria of progress and happiness. All these passions should receive complete emancipation, and then, as they believe, the “golden age” will come - humanity will come close to happiness.

George Soros

For this, you need to use drugs, alcohol, listen to the appropriate music, which should help liberate the inner instincts called sins in Christianity, and then the world revolution will come, world happiness, humanity will return to its "golden age". At the same time, this theory, which is now almost a “mainstream” in Western sociology, does not have any scientific basis. This is, in fact, a purely religious theory, although it is supported by some respected people, philosophers, and so on. The “golden age” of humanity is considered to be some initial “primitive state”, when man was not separated from nature, but was part of it. As soon as a person became isolated, he separated himself from nature as a person, problems began: private property appeared, the division into “mine” - “not mine” and all other misfortunes, and it is necessary, they say, to return to this primitive state through total emancipation and destruction of individuality (I. Shafarevich wrote about this well in his time in the book “Socialism as a World Phenomenon stories"). George Soros, for example, supports the worldwide movement for the legalization of drugs and prostitution and considers himself an adherent of this new ideology.

Also, these revolutionaries believe that a woman is supposedly suppressed by a man; she needs to be set free. Hence, the movement of feminists, which began with suffragists, the movement for equal rights, and ended with what we are seeing now - with various inadequate things.

Children, they say, also need to be given rights, as they are supposedly suppressed by their parents. We see that various “hotlines” are advertised, on which children, using the juvenile system, can complain to their parents for the slightest reason. This is also a part of revolutionary ideology in the overthrow of the established order of things by God.

The carrier of revolutionary ideology in the new conditions is not the proletariat, but various minorities: national, students, migrant workers and - first of all - sexual minorities. That is, instead of the worker from the Putilov factory, the homosexual activist is now the main revolutionary. We see that they play a central role in the overthrow of the existing social order and are "at the forefront of the attack." After all, if you look at the modern world, we note that the topic of same-sex marriage has become the "bare nerve" of world politics. So, when a law was passed in Russia banning the promotion of homosexuality to children, a huge international campaign was launched, calling even for a boycott of the Olympic Games. That is, this question is more important than oil, gas ... The world elites are alarmed and “press” Russia.

World elites, neo-Marxism and gender ideology

It is precisely on this basis that society in the West is being divided now. We remember the recent multimillion demonstrations in France against the legalization of so-called “same-sex marriages”; also in America: half of America is for, half is against. Now it is here that the main line of attack on traditional values ​​passes.

- It turns out that Hollywood, some departments in the universities of the USA and Europe are occupied by neo-Marxists?

- Yes, it is.

- But what about the fact that in Hollywood the image of the Communists has always been extremely unsightly? And how to treat our communists, besides Zyuganov, for example, who have quite sensible views on the family, while those and others must honor their common “ideological ancestor”?

- We have a confusion in the socio-political spectrum: it is not clear who is actually left and who is right. It is not clear by what criteria to refer a person to one or another force. It must be borne in mind here that the USSR did not survive all the Western sexual and drug revolutions of 1960 – 1970-ies, since it was behind the “iron curtain”. We have this destructive wave and the course towards the world revolution (the family is a bourgeois relic and must die off; free love preached by A. Kollontai; legalization of abortions and sodomy is one of the first decrees of Soviet power, etc.), first introduced by Trotsky, under Stalin faded away - pragmatism won. Many sensible things were restored and after a period of stagnation existed in a mothballed form until the collapse of the USSR. Zyuganov and our other “Lefts” appeal to the basic postulates and their implementation, which were established and existed in the Soviet Union, and thus, in fact, uphold conservative values, that is, they are “right” by many views, although, by definition, 70- years ago, the communists are always left-wing, this is the paradox of the modern Russian socio-political spectrum.

It is also a paradox that, according to the late Soviet tradition, everything that comes to us from the West is, by definition, “right” (since Soviet communists, by definition, are “left”). Therefore, for example, the party, for some reason called “Right Cause” here, essentially promotes purely leftist views: extended interpreted rights of homosexuals, revolutionary gender ideology, juvenile technologies, unjustified state intervention in family rights, etc. And all this confusion and confusion occurs because, as before, we still mistakenly consider the West as a kind of monolithic and hostile to Russia force, and this is far from being the case, and the West itself is very deeply divided now. There are liberals and conservatives in it, and the confrontation between them often takes on a very fierce character.

An additional complication is the fact that the division into liberals and conservatives can occur in the sphere of only political-economic or only social issues. So an American who adheres to conservative views on social issues will stand for strengthening family and Christian values, against gay parades and legalizing so-called “same-sex marriages”, against abortions, legalizing drugs, juvenile justice, etc .; but he may not adhere to conservative views on economic issues, but be a liberal in this regard. Similarly, a conservative in political and economic issues (that is, a supporter of restricting the federal government’s power to intervene in family and individual affairs, a supporter of reducing government spending on bureaucrats and bureaucracy, reducing the tax burden on businesses and individuals, etc.) may adhere to liberal views on social issues.

Leaders of the Right Opposition at the American Embassy

This division is quite clearly seen between Republicans (conservatives) and Democrats (liberals) in the United States. So the policy of the US Department of State under Obama promotes left-liberal views throughout the world (for example, imposing perversely understood rights of sexual minorities, abortions, etc.), which in our country are, among others, the Right Cause party. It would be good to correct this accumulated confusion and give new adequate names to the whole spectrum of social and political movements in modern Russia.

In general, it can be said that Western liberals are socialists and atheists, and conservatives are in favor of private initiative and Christian and family values. This last aspect can become the common platform that will unite all the conservatives of the planet. And here, Russia has a real historical chance to become the universally recognized leader of this nascent pro-family movement and reclaim its ideological and moral leadership in geopolitics.

Also before our eyes there was still a very interesting phenomenon: America and Russia over the past 30 years have changed places in their function in the world. If before the USSR supported the revolutionary and national liberation movement all over the world (and conservative America tried to restrain this process), today conservative Russia performs the function of “holding back” and trying to stabilize the situation in Syria, in the Middle East and in other regions, which exploded as a result America-supported “color revolutions” and “Arab spring” (which turned into “anti-Christian winter”). So much in the world has changed diametrically, and it would be very useful for Russia to grope its new mission in the world, to understand what our true national idea is, and to build in accordance with this the entire domestic and foreign policy. On bare pragmatism here you will not get far, and you need to fight at the level of ideas and meanings. If Russia takes a consistent stance on upholding healthy family values, the child’s right to have a mom and dad, then half the world can suddenly become our ideological allies. I pray that this realization will come to the leadership of our country.

- Let's go back to America. After winning the Cold War, it became clear that only one superpower remained in the world. One can understand on what grounds the US leadership supports all sorts of anti-family, antisocial programs in other countries, primarily in Russia, because politically this weakened our state. But now, when the American elites openly support anti-family policy in America itself, the question arises: why is this necessary? After all, for any sane person it is obvious that the support of such a policy is the suicide of the state. Or do they want to create a separate state?

- Modern elites often do not have nationality. Although most of their representatives are now settled in America, they are still transnational communities, which include people from different nations and different traditions. The most influential part of world elites considers it necessary to pursue a policy of further liberalization, which includes, in particular, the recognition of same-sex marriage. Approximately half of the population of the West resists this. We know about multi-million protests in France against the legalization of so-called “same-sex marriages”, communicated with their organizers. But despite this, laws like the French are passing through, being imposed on the peoples, because there is, one can say, a suicidal line on changing the nature of man. Elites set goals wider than state. They want to change the social structure of society, to reverse the concepts of good and evil, the very nature of man, and for them this occult-religious task is more important than a narrow national one. Many sound forces - in the same America - are aware of and struggling with this as much as they can. But we must take into account the fact that the forces are far from being equal.

The entire financial and economic structure revolves around the Federal Reserve System, which is a private corporation accountable to no one, granting the USA the right to use the money printed by it at interest. The elite who control the gold reserves, financial flows, the media and in general all of the country's policies do not pursue the interests of maintaining a healthy nation in the United States. These people have global goals for transforming the whole world, building a new society based on an ideology that includes a certain set of views. However, elites are heterogeneous; there is a part of elites that resists this, but it is much weaker. Conservative funds and projects account for less than 5% of 300 billion dollars spent by organizations and individuals in the United States annually for charity. The remaining 95% go to various projects of a liberal focus, actively promoted by such major philanthropists as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundations, the W. and F. Hewlett, the Rockefellers, George Soros, etc. Their tasks are to reduce population in the name of combating largely artificially bloated “global warming” and under the guise of family planning, the spread of contraception and abortion, the promotion of the misunderstood rights of the LGBT community and juvenile justice, legalization of drugs, prostitution and pedophilia. And all in the name of the misunderstood "happiness of liberated humanity," who threw off the "repressive fetters of religious obscurantism."

If we talk about the nature of the financial power of the elites, then it is curious to consider the history of the formation of the US Federal Reserve - a unique education of its kind. When the United States turned into a superpower between the two world wars, the Federal Reserve, created with the participation of the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and others in 1913, set itself the task of becoming the owner of the bulk of gold in the world. China, the most densely populated and industrialized country in the Middle Ages, selling its silk, porcelain and other products only for gold, by the early twentieth century had amassed almost the bulk of gold in the world. The country was experiencing a period of instability, and at that time Japan was armed by world elites precisely in order to occupy China and take out Asian gold, which later settled in the Federal Reserve. In exchange for this, a lot of IOUs, which are now floating in Asia, were issued - for billions and trillions of dollars. Receipts were issued for a period of about 60 years, and in 1990-ies the time of payment came. According to some information, an unofficial court was held in The Hague at the end of 1990, where the Kuomintang of China, who fled to Taiwan, demanded that the US return the gold taken from it in exchange for bonds. The court satisfied their claim, but America refused to return the gold. The court decision on the last day of payment was to be 11 September 2001, and when the towers of the World Trade Center collapsed, a large gold reserve stored under one of them disappeared without a trace in the conflagration. And it turned out that America should nothing more to China. Like it or not - you need to check, but this version is, and it is confirmed by a number of facts.

Another question raises the question: the current economic boom of China and the surrender of the American market to cheap Chinese goods cannot be attributed to purely economic reasons. There was clearly some kind of agreement between the elites of China and the United States. Deng Xiaoping came to America in the 1979 year, at a time when the Americans headed for the destruction of the united front of the socialist countries. The main enemy was the Soviet Union, while China decided to integrate it into international processes. An agreement was reached, and the modern “most favored nation” regime for China, its economic boom is largely due to the fact that this is the price paid by the American elites and their intelligence services to the Chinese for a huge amount of gold exported at the time. There is a version that a large amount of gold exported from China was unrecorded, it was used by the CIA and other special services, which during the Cold War needed financial space to carry out various secret operations and special projects. This, in fact, created a parallel shadow financial system, operating with sums many times greater than the turnover of the real economy. This shadow system is fully controlled by world elites. They have a printing machine at their disposal: they have the ability to print banknotes in an almost unlimited number; they have the opportunity to exchange speculations on virtual derivatives, to receive huge interest from the world gold reserves stored in the Fed and its international sister BIS (Bank of International Settlements), actually withdrawn from active official turnover. And for a long time the main world media came under the control of the same privileged group of people. And if we add here the fact that the ultimate owners of practically all the largest corporations in the world are persons of a limited circle related to those who are related to the Federal Reserve System, then the degree of power of the world elite becomes obvious.

Also, the gold reserves of dozens of other countries voluntarily or not quite gradually moved into the Federal Reserve. As for one of the largest gold reserves of the Russian Empire in the world, almost all of it was exported from Russia either by the Bolsheviks or by the White Guards during the civil war and through the banks of England, France, Germany and Japan, and apparently also ended up in gold deposits Fed.

When all the gold of the world was collected by the world elite, the so-called Bretton Woods system was created in 1944, and in 1970 the refusal of the gold standard occurred, and now the dollar is not secured except by the enormous military and political power of the USA (known that the US military budget exceeds the military budgets of all other countries of the world, taken together). Those who take the path of abandoning the dollar risk being severely punished. So, Charles de Gaulle, who was against the domination of the dollar and announced his intention to exchange all cash dollars for gold, was forced to resign because of student unrest. The fact is that the world elite has long been seriously in control of the situation and has its own ideology, which it promotes. This is the power of money (the notorious "golden calf"), based on the percentage prohibited in the Bible and usury, the liberal tolerant ideology of political correctness and juvenile technology, the destruction of the family and God-created human essence.

Sacrifice in a Bohemian Grove in California

Religious and occult tasks are set. We know about the existence of various secret societies throughout almost the entire history of mankind, which professed the Gnostic, occult ideologies, which were either a parody of the Church or an anti-Church. They are perfectly preserved and have survived to our days.

But I would like to say this as well. It may appear that these evil forces dominate the world so much that the “focus” of a person shifts. This is a wrong impression, unhealthy, you have to refrain from this, since the Lord God controls everything that happens on the Earth and even carries out the things necessary to Him by the hands of the villains. We know how it will end, the Bible says so. Excessive concentration on evil is harmful to man, since he distracts him from the struggle with the sin that is inside each of us. But closing your eyes, not understanding who controls many processes in the world, is also self-deception. It is necessary to separate, of course, proven facts from fantasies and notions, but, nevertheless, all these secret societies do have a great influence.

“Though you don’t need to give this excessive value, but you can’t underestimate the enemy and assume that he’s not there.” Which books, sites can be sent to an interested reader to show that this is all really serious?

- Indeed, no need to overestimate. To concentrate on evil is not a good thing. The world is ruled by a united, good and just God, but man, through his free will, is subject to sin, there is much lawlessness in the world, and it is even strengthened. And many things are clear without conspiracy theories.

For example, any normal person understands that a child must have a father and mother. However, now it is being questioned and completely abnormal phenomena, such as homosexuality, are extolled as the best, and their carriers are served as the “conscience of the nation”. In essence, 3 – 5, and perhaps less, percent of the country's population impose its line on the whole society - where is democracy and the rights of the majority here? Without the support of influential elites and their malicious intent, this cannot be done. We see that this issue has become a worldwide agenda and international organizations, in particular the UN, impose it on all countries.

Further, the right to abortion. It turns out that a child is not a minute before birth, and if he is still alive as a result of an abortion, he can be finished off, thrown into the dustbin ...

Or let's see what toys are offered to children in any modern store: the percent of the 70 range is made up of horrible monsters for boys or dolls similar to prostitutes for girls. As if some invisible hand prepares our children for life in hell and introduces them to its inhabitants in advance. Well, the content of most movies and TV programs is well known to everyone, and it is also well known that authoritative international commissions and film festivals award top prizes for the most perverted films.

And the incessant attacks on the Christian Church under any pretext? This, too, is. A certain line is being drawn, and one does not need to rush into conspiracy in order to see that some evil intent exists - it is enough to keep an eye on events and facts: that there is a certain agenda, that there are people controlling these processes, and they promote this particular line. There is no need to delve into many documents, although they abound to make sure that there is a global policy pursued by certain circles, quite influential, and it is destructive in nature and has a clear anti-Christian focus, for "the world lies in evil." However, we also know that we need to preserve vigor and courage, for victory will be ours and Christ "will conquer the world."
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  1. xetai9977
    xetai9977 11 September 2013 16: 17
    During our childhood, cartoons were more humane, taught good, were educational in nature. Well, what will "Pokemon", "Barbie", "horror films" teach? And about gender policy ..... I have always hated the image of American women that films - aggressive, through the word mate, pumping muscles in gyms and seeking absolute equality. Well, there will not be this-ABSOLUTE EQUALITY! God created a woman a woman, and a man a man. What a pitiful spectacle is women's football! A woman should be a woman, and a soul, and body! weakness is her strength!
    1. Sakhalininsk
      Sakhalininsk 11 September 2013 16: 53
      Quote: xetai9977
      What a miserable sight women football!

      And how vile a spectacle rhythmic gymnastics performed by a man laughing
      You are absolutely right, colleague, the false ideals and values ​​exalted by the West, this is only the path to Sodom and an absolute contradiction to human nature.
    2. alone
      alone 11 September 2013 18: 38
      laughing about gender equality joke

      wife argues with her husband.
      - I'm over it. I won’t wash your dirty laundry anymore, cook you dinner. I have equal rights with you.
      the husband turns to his wife and calmly says:
      -Yes. My dear! Of course we have equal rights. Now I’ll finish my coffee and go down with you to raise the piano that I bought today on the fifth floor!
    3. Revolver
      Revolver 11 September 2013 18: 47
      Quote: xetai9977
      Well what will "Pokemon", "Barbie", "horror films" teach

      Produce what is in demand. If parents don’t want it, Pokemon will not enter the house. And cartoons children watch those that parents allow them to watch. And Barbie - well, she is perceived approximately like all these princesses from the Disney cartoons, and against the background of other dolls she is quite harmless. Several years ago, dolls from the Bratz * series were popular here - these are exactly street girls, and from the most base ones, in search of a client. But they didn’t enter my house, and I didn’t see any of my daughter’s friends. However, she is past the shelf with these proby articlesthe sisters walked calmly, at that time she was interested in completely different toys, although the age for such dolls was the same.
      Quote: xetai9977
      I have always been hated by the image of American women that in films are aggressive, through the word mate, pumping muscles in gyms and striving for absolute equality.
      And I quite calmly relate to the fact that mine is fond of martial arts. What is wrong with a girl standing up for herself? That's when the guys paint their lips and build each other's eyes - this infuriates. And when such non-men are offered as a role model - it infuriates doubly.
      Quote: xetai9977
      God created woman as woman and man as man

      I agree.

      * Brat, plural Brats, distorted Bratz- spoiled to the point of obscenity child, mostly feminine. Google Translate provides a translation of "detachment", although in my opinion it is oversimplified.
    4. VDV 80-82
      VDV 80-82 11 September 2013 20: 50
      would you still look at women's hockey))))
  2. Lech from ZATULINKI
    Lech from ZATULINKI 11 September 2013 16: 22
    I would add to this the massacre of Christians in Syria by militant-ogres, and all this mass of evil spirits in the near future may turn to our country.
  3. Ruslan_F38
    Ruslan_F38 11 September 2013 16: 22
    All evil spirits gathered together in the den of Satan - Judah.
    1. Sakhalininsk
      Sakhalininsk 11 September 2013 16: 54
      All this gang would look much better with loops on their necks.
      1. kargrom
        kargrom 11 September 2013 17: 10
        Top managers have no a priori conscience, and their moral values ​​are measured only by criteria they know. But as soon as these ... begin to talk about love for the Motherland, there really arises a desire to hang them on the Kremlin wall.
      2. forester
        forester 12 September 2013 06: 07
        I agree with either a pick, a shovel, a hammer and a wheelbarrow, at construction sites of the national economy and "FINALGON" in the ass in the morning.
    2. Russ69
      Russ69 11 September 2013 17: 15
      Quote: Ruslan_F38
      Leaders of the Right Opposition at the American Embassy

      On the contrary, not a photographer should stand, but a machine gun ...
      Although after the machine gun and the photographer does not hurt ....
    3. alone
      alone 11 September 2013 18: 39
      the machine gun is not enough for them))) wassat good old maxim))
      1. Revolver
        Revolver 11 September 2013 19: 07
        Well, you are all brutalized. Machine gun, loops on the neck ... On the contrary, they must be awarded with vouchers, [all inclusive] (all inclusive, including perimeter security from a reliable barbed wire). Somewhere far away on Kabunks. Work in the fresh frosty air and a well-thought-out diet based on the balance treats obesity and dislocation of the brain. And society benefits.
        And machine guns - without fail, on the towers around the perimeter.
        Quote: lonely
        good old maxim
        But this is not good, in the cold, the water in the casing will freeze and tear. We need something modern, and air-cooled.
    4. POBEDA
      POBEDA 11 September 2013 21: 36
      Most of the ambassador’s guests are representatives of one very famous people .... Miracles, and only ... maybe just a coincidence? BUT?
  4. a52333
    a52333 11 September 2013 16: 33
    If Russia takes a consistent position on upholding healthy family values, the right of the child to have a mom and dad, then half the world can become our ideological allies overnight.
    This, by the way, is a good platform. Straight, take it and work. + To the author and thanks. Just about the gold ????? Is it in the states ??? Fat is not a fact.
    1. denson06
      denson06 11 September 2013 16: 58
      There is an opinion that US gold (as well as German gold, which they temporarily keep in the USA) has long been in China and even the hell knows where .. lol
      But this, I emphasize, is only an opinion .. hi
  5. Slotxnumx
    Slotxnumx 11 September 2013 16: 54
    ... and what can I add, some perverts were stirring up wars in Europe with their ideas, and then these perverts went to a new world and there they slaughtered the Indians, and again they divided the land, and now they are bending their line.
    Apparently the truth ...
    psWell, there was no other picture in this topic at hand.
    With respect.
    1. Just Vasilich
      Just Vasilich 11 September 2013 18: 54
      Slot46: Well, there was no other picture on this topic at hand.

      Nothing, it's fixable:
    2. Onotollah
      Onotollah 12 September 2013 07: 21
      Quote: Slot46
      another picture

      And what is depicted there, I can not make out?
      Is a tolerant person invisible?
  6. smiths xnumx
    smiths xnumx 11 September 2013 16: 57
    Two worlds, two childhoods: American school in 1957 and 2012 in eight scenarios (Galland, David)
    1 script:
    Before class began, Jack went hunting for ducks and drove into the schoolyard with a shotgun, which he put prominently in his truck.
    1957 - The deputy principal of the school approaches the car to look at Jack's shotgun, and then he goes to his car and takes out his shotgun to show Jack.
    2012 - The school is immediately evacuated, the FBI is called, Jack is dragged to prison and he will never see his truck again or his shotgun. Psychologists are called in for injured teachers and students.
    2 script:
    Johnny and Mark fight on their fists after class.
    1957 - The crowd gathers. Mark won. Johnny and Mark shake hands and become friends.
    2012 - The police are called and special forces arrive - they take Mark and Johnny into custody. They are both charged with assault and driven out of school, although Johnny started it all.
    3 script:
    Geoffrey behaves badly in the classroom and bothers other students.
    1957 - Geoffrey is taken to the director’s office, where he gives him a bashing. Then he returns to the classroom, sits quietly and no longer bothers anyone.
    2012 - Jeffrey is given huge doses of Ritalin (sedative). He turns into a zombie. He then passes a test for attention deficit disorder. His family receives state benefits because Geoffrey is disabled.
    4 script:
    Billy breaks the glass in a neighbor's car and his dad sets him a belt.
    1957 - The next time Billy behaves more accurately, grows normal, graduates from college, and becomes a successful businessman.
    2012 - Papa Billy is arrested for child abuse. Billy is a shelter and becomes a member of the gang. Sister Billy tells the state psychologist that she remembers that she was also mistreated and their dad goes to jail. Mom Billy has an affair with a psychologist.
    5 script:
    Mark has a headache, and he takes aspirin with him to school.
    1957 - Mark shares aspirin with the director at the smoking area.
    2012 - The police are called and Mark is expelled from school for drug trafficking. Police search his car for drugs and weapons.
    6 script:
    Pedro gets a deuce in English.
    1957 - Pedro goes to study at a summer school, takes English and goes to college.
    2012 - The state authorities take on the cause of protecting Pedro. Newspaper articles across the country explain that compulsory English for graduation is racism. Human Rights Defenders (ACLUs) are suing the state school system and an English teacher who has taught Pedro. English is excluded from the list of compulsory subjects at school. Pedro still gets a diploma, but he has to earn a living by mowing the lawns, because he does not know English.
    7 script:
    Johnny takes apart the fireworks left over from Independence Day, puts them in a glue bottle for a model airplane, and blows up an anthill.
    1957 - Ants die.
    2012 - Representatives of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF), Department of Homeland Security, and FBI are called in. Johnny is accused of terrorism. The FBI is investigating his parents, all of his siblings are being taken away from their home and their computers confiscated. Papa Johnny is put on the list of potential terrorists, and he can never fly a plane again.
    8 script:
    Johnny falls during a break and scratches his knee. His teacher Mary finds him crying and hugs him to calm him down.
    1957 - Very soon, Johnny feels better and continues to play.
    2012 - Mary is accused of being a sexual predator and driven out of work. She faces three years in a state prison. Johnny has been undergoing therapy for five years.
    1. Russ69
      Russ69 11 September 2013 17: 19
      Quote: Kuznetsov 1977
      Two worlds, two childhoods: American school in 1957 and 2012 in eight scenarios

      But in principle, the way it is ....
    2. alone
      alone 11 September 2013 18: 44
      Quote: Kuznetsov 1977
      Johnny falls during a break and scratches his knee. His teacher Mary finds him crying and hugs him to calm him down.
      1957 - Very soon, Johnny feels better and continues to play.


      Quote: Kuznetsov 1977
      Mary is accused of being a sexual predator and driven out of work. She faces three years in a state prison. Johnny has been undergoing therapy for five years.

      Johnny eventually becomes gay)) wassat
    3. kavkaz8888
      kavkaz8888 12 September 2013 16: 03
      ++++++++. For each scenario, a plus.
  7. stalkerwalker
    stalkerwalker 11 September 2013 17: 03
    The article is a plus.
  8. Was mammoth
    Was mammoth 11 September 2013 17: 06
    Not for nothing in Amierike the main character studied. All mixed up. Religion, homosexuals, bankers, Chinese, communists ... Demagogue.
    Particularly pleased:
    "The bearer of revolutionary ideology in the new conditions is not the proletariat, but various minorities: national, students, guest workers and, above all, withsexual minorities. "
    It is necessary to be treated. Thoroughly.
    1. kargrom
      kargrom 11 September 2013 18: 45
      It seems to me that you are too categorical in relation to the author. The topic is so capacious that it is quite difficult to clearly and concisely express your attitude towards it. I agree that at first glance an informative hodgepodge, but all theses have an evidence base, and it sounds very convincing. I would like to note that the quality of the comments and the competence of forum users deserves the highest rating.
    2. POBEDA
      POBEDA 11 September 2013 21: 33
      And you, Mammoth, aren't you from the team that is written about in the hour? Painfully zealously react to the truth ..
      1. Was mammoth
        Was mammoth 11 September 2013 21: 56
        Quote: POBEDA
        And you, Mammoth, aren't you from the team that is written about in the hour?

        What are you talking about? What truth? The article "casts a shadow over the fence". And it turns everything upside down. It turns out that the Marxists "... set the task of" washing out "Christian, family values ​​from the brains of Europeans." Can you name the works on this topic by K. Marx, F. Engels, Lenin, Stalin? I doubt it. In the USSR, fagots were imprisoned. And Putin says that there are no obstacles to them, by the way. And about the rest in the same vein. This chatterbox is Komov. And he works off the money, you see, as an anti-Soviet.
        1. Aljavad
          Aljavad 11 September 2013 23: 00
          Sorry, did you read carefully? Or did class feeling leap? It says: "NEOMARXISTS". Those who were called "revisionists" and "deviators".
          The guy arranged everything correctly. By the 30s, and in the USSR, they returned to moral values ​​that did not differ much from the biblical ones, and the bacchanalia of the first years of the revolution with cocoin and unbridled debauchery (which is the only "socialization of high school girls in Ekaterinodar taken by the Reds) was blamed on anarchists and the same" deviators. Stalin and later, the communists stood for a strong traditional family. And the author clearly says about this. To him - +, you did not understand anything.
          But Putin says: sleep at home, with whom you want, and in public behave like everyone else and don’t touch the children - let’s take it as in the USSR.
          1. Was mammoth
            Was mammoth 12 September 2013 08: 08
            Quote: Aljavad
            Or did class feeling leap? It says: "NEOMARXISTS".

            I never hid my views. "Neo-Marxists" - let's get "red-brown" right away.
            Quote: Aljavad
            The guy set everything right.

            I repeat, demogog. Working out the money. "Ambassador" he is.
      2. Jogan-xnumx
        Jogan-xnumx 12 September 2013 00: 13
        And you, sorry hi , from which team? And what, in this case, is the truth in your opinion? Is the Marxist basis attracted to all this muck? The ideas of Kollontai and Trotsky are not the ideas of Marxism. Nearby demagogues were enough at all times. And the most effective lie for the crowd is half-truth. Have you heard, dear, anything about the so-called black, gray and white propaganda?
        Under the USSR, by the way, there was no such influx of shit as it is now, although then Marxist-Communist ideology ruled. Religion was then condemned, of course, but the family, however, was considered a unit of society. Or take as an example the content of the Moral Code of the builder of communism. You will find in it many differences from the commandments of the Lord? I don’t think so much.
        Unfortunately, not all that glitters is gold. So Mammoth is much closer to the truth than you. I, in addition to the opinion of Mammoth hiI’ll say that in the article, and especially in the words of this Komov, the propaganda of the church and the worship of Christianity are rather skilfully covered by demagogy. Based on this, in my opinion, it is worth considering the questions: why, and to whom it is beneficial. The answers to them, I think, are obvious. laughing
        Where is this comrade Comov serving now? And what are the positions of the church in the world now? Are they really stable? The biblical canon of humility ... Before whom or what? What are the sources of church income? As you can see, there is something to ponder ... hi Then, probably, it will already be possible to determine the belonging to the teams, having learned ... lol
  9. a52333
    a52333 11 September 2013 17: 11
    Forum users! Does anyone know how all this "western shit" is taking root in China or not? No. ku Muslims, I understand. there are no options. And China, India? Does anyone own the info?
    1. smile
      smile 11 September 2013 18: 32
      In China, this "western dermische" was shot and crushed by tanks in Tiananmen Square in 1989. The Chinese leadership was prompted to take tough action by the fact that the Chinese Gorby, with his connivance, brought the country to the point that the Orange Revolution had practically begun in the capital. The organizers are the same as usual. the methods and performers are the same as always in such cases. Riots broke out. After almost a couple of months of liberal atrocities, when armed protesters burned several AFVs (I don’t know, I counted at least a dozen in the photos), the Chinese came to their senses - Jao Ziyang was sent under house arrest (he still has a good pension), in fact, a coup took place in the country. Gangs of democrats rolled out tracks on the asphalt and cut armored personnel carriers with heavy machine guns and .... it was all over. :))) The country was saved.
      Of course, they are also influenced by Western propaganda and they also have their own marshland-and to hell, and the stratification between the rich and the monstrously poor, for example, "unregistered", born illegally-they have th-th-th-capitalism, such-under socialism with Chinese with a cut of the eyes, so that to some extent the general decomposition has affected them too ... but they are quiet, like cockroaches under a tapkom - there is no new way ... oh ... you can't scream in the squares and money openly at the enemies is not take it, immediately "accept" ... :)))
      In India, too, this is somehow not very flexible, although IT is there too ... but I am poorly aware of Indian realities ...
      1. a52333
        a52333 11 September 2013 19: 47
        In principle, they themselves sign the verdict. For the great, 30 years to hold out, and we won. But, we will remain against the black-eyed-eyed world.
        1. smile
          smile 11 September 2013 20: 27
          Well, yes .... I just got into pedagogy to find out what they write about Zhao Ziyang ... what do you think? :))) Smirk-pedagogy believes that he supported the progressive forces of the community, promoted market reforms and fought corruption .... :))) here, damn it, a cross between a humpback and anal .... here the Chinese showed themselves smarter than us. ... but mind you, they didn’t put him either, they created comfortable conditions, they just don’t let him hang out.
          1. a52333
            a52333 11 September 2013 20: 38
            I watched the video from Fedorov. He explains that such freaks as Zhao Ziyang, Chubais, Serdyukov - before they begin to "create" the United States guarantees them immunity, including on foreign territory. I honestly don't understand how this is possible. We are being brought under some kind of law. Flea in the legislation, which is still sitting with EBNuto + o. You can see. Maybe he's right.
  10. Yuri Y.
    Yuri Y. 11 September 2013 17: 30
    Quote: There was a mammoth
    All mixed up. Religion, homosexuals, bankers, Chinese, communists ...

    The fact of the matter is that in the modern world this is all connected, it can be seen with the naked eye. The author suggested his combination of these relationships. Article plus.
  11. mole
    mole 11 September 2013 18: 12
    I liked the expression: "Movement for animal rights (to the detriment of human rights)"
    Well said! wink
  12. the polar
    the polar 11 September 2013 18: 23
    An article with a large gulenno-provocative douche.
    The author himself is a major specialist, he went through fire and water and copper pipes; from real estate broker to a member of the patriarchal commission, graduated from New York University, worked in many Western companies. And having tried all the "Western values" I came to the conclusion that the propaganda of pederasty, gender and juvenile technologies, the destruction of family foundations, these are all "pure consequences of the spread of Marxism."

    The only salvation from the devilish "Marxism" is to clearly understand that "The Lord God controls everything that happens on Earth and even with the hands of evildoers carries out what He needs ". Therefore, citizens do not twitch and most importantly do not resist. When you are robbed, humiliated, killed, bend your back and stand up with cancer, so you will quickly find happiness and freedom. And God forbid you from all sorts of revolutions and resistance to the enemy, destroying your homeland.
  13. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 11 September 2013 20: 22
    The author made a hundred miles to heaven, and all for the sake of asserting, God created a man as a man and woman as a woman. Well, some natives on the Amazon or in the African jungle do not know why they are so different why some men, other women. Strange according to the theory of the author, they were the first to go to same-sex relationships and essentially die out from the cessation of fertility, but they live strange for thousands of years and do not disappear. Here, something is not purely certain the devil himself helps them. In general, maybe the author does not know that among believers there are also perverts. Only who will be frank about this.
    By the way, Marxism, in general, he was dragging out of business.
  14. Corsair5912
    Corsair5912 11 September 2013 20: 46
    Also, before our very eyes, a very interesting phenomenon occurred: America and Russia over the past 30 years have switched places in their functions in the world. If earlier the USSR supported the revolutionary and national liberation movement around the world (and conservative America tried to restrain this process), today conservative Russia is acting as a “restraint” and is trying to stabilize the situation in Syria, the Middle East and other regions, which exploded as a result supported by America "color revolutions" and "the Arab spring" (turned into "anti-Christian winter").

    The author or a complete layman or deliberately lying.
    No one has changed places. The USSR helped the sovereign states of Asia and Africa, freed from the Western colonialists, to defend their independence. Russia also sometimes tries to do this, but too weakly and indecisively, and the West, on the contrary, has increased its aggressiveness by an order of magnitude.
    The West has always supported the bloody dictators of the Pinochet, Duvalier, Somos, Batiste, Tshombe and others, and it does so now. "Colored revolutions" in the days of the USSR were called putsches, military coups, riots, and now they correspond to those names.
    No need to invent some world elites, this is ordinary capitalism, according to Marx.
    The bourgeoisie, wherever it achieved domination, destroyed all feudal, patriarchal, idyllic relations. She mercilessly tore apart the motley feudal bonds that bound man to his "natural rulers", and left no other connection between people, except for naked interest, heartless "cash". In the icy water of egoistic calculation she drowned the sacred thrill of religious ecstasy, chivalrous enthusiasm, philistine sentimentality. It transformed human dignity into exchange value and replaced the innumerable freedoms granted and acquired by one unscrupulous freedom of trade. In a word, it replaced exploitation covered by religious and political illusions with open, shameless, direct, callous exploitation. The bourgeoisie has stripped the sacred aura of all activities that until then were considered honorable and which were looked upon with awe. She turned a doctor, a lawyer, a priest, a poet, a man of science into her paid hired workers. The bourgeoisie tore off their touchingly sentimental veil from family relations and reduced them to purely monetary relations.
    By exploiting the world market, the bourgeoisie has made the production and consumption of all countries cosmopolitan. To the great chagrin of the reactionaries, it wrested national soil from under the feet of industry. The original national industries are destroyed and continue to be destroyed every day. They are being supplanted by new industries, the introduction of which becomes a matter of life for all civilized nations - industries that no longer process local raw materials, but raw materials imported from the most remote areas of the globe and produce factory products consumed not only within this country, but also in all parts of the world. Instead of the old needs, which were satisfied by domestic products, new ones arise, to satisfy which the products of the most distant countries and the most diverse climates are required. The old local and national isolation and the existence of products of our own production are being replaced by a comprehensive connection and a comprehensive dependence of nations on each other. This applies equally to both material and spiritual production.

    It was written in the 1848 year, but it is relevant today no less than 160 years ago.
  15. Arkan
    Arkan 11 September 2013 20: 53
    Read Viktor Klimov's "Red Kabbalah" and his other works, everything is described there very accurately.
    1. POBEDA
      POBEDA 11 September 2013 21: 40
      Gregory Klimova .... There are a lot of interesting things, but they also fool 2 cars, you need to disassemble
    2. The comment was deleted.
  16. Vlad_Mir
    Vlad_Mir 11 September 2013 23: 24
    Once upon a time everything was simple! There were "red" and "white"! The time has come and everyone became "white"! There is no ideological base to fight! There is only one ideology - money! But who will admit this ?! So they came up with new "offended" and omitted - homosexuals! Here are their new values ​​and lifestyle!
  17. Artillerist
    Artillerist 12 September 2013 00: 08
    ... The author has listed the symptoms visible to the "naked" eye, but the conclusions are absolutely wrong. What does Freud and Republicans and Democrats have to do with it? The point is to consider the antics of clowns when you need to comprehend the actions of puppeteers and their consequences.

    And the mini-interview by Alexey Yuryevich Komov, representative of the World Congress of Families in Russia and the CIS, Ambassador of the World Congress of Families to the UN, (which no one has ever heard of and will probably never hear again) looks like an attempt at PR by this papa's 30-year-old son with a "beer" belly. As I understand it, he defends the interests of the family all over the world under caviar and five-star cognacs in luxury hotels and restaurants.

    I read the article as if plunged into the mud ......
  18. Ross
    Ross 12 September 2013 23: 29
    Quote: POBEDA
    Most of the ambassador’s guests are representatives of one very famous people .... Miracles, and only ... maybe just a coincidence? BUT?

    That is unlikely ....
  19. radio operator
    radio operator 13 September 2013 09: 31
    It is precisely on this basis that society in the West is being divided now. We remember the recent multimillion demonstrations in France against the legalization of so-called “same-sex marriages”; also in America: half of America is for, half is against. Now it is here that the main line of attack on traditional values ​​passes.

    Yes, Western society is far from homogeneous. France literally reared up in protest against the "overwhelming minority." But in Germany everything went smoothly. No one really twitched.

    And here, for example, the words of Prince Charles in the House of Lords in 2013: "... I do not see a single point in the whole world where revival can come from. For you gentlemen yourself understand that we all are rolling into the abyss of debauchery, debauchery, robbery, theft, complete immorality, complete corruption. The only point I see where there may be the beginning of a revival is Russia".

    So we are not alone, thank God!
  20. mithridate
    mithridate 20 September 2013 20: 00
    there is an open confrontation between Good and Evil