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China is on the economic anti-record

China is on the economic anti-record] Amid constant reports of a new wave of global crisis, Chinese analytical agencies are adding fuel to the flames. The State Statistics Committee of the People's Republic of China has published a material in which it is informed about the next adjustment of the volume of economic growth in the country this year. Back at the end of spring, Chinese analysts said that the final growth in China would be 7,8%, but on September 2 they were forced to lower the bar by another 0,1%.
European and American analysts say that the Chinese economy may add to the contrary by the end of the year. But if we take into account that Western analytical agencies predicted Chinese growth at the level of 7,4% in the summer, then now the Chinese, Europeans and Americans predicted almost the same - 7,6-7,7% for 2013 a year.
If the figures for Chinese growth at the end of this year are exactly the same, then this means a new anti-record for the PRC. This is the lowest growth rate since 2000. And although for many economies of the world (for the Russian, too), the growth bar in 7,7% per annum looks impressive, this figure is not impressive for the Chinese. The main reason, according to the Chinese themselves, is that competing companies have mastered the business of manufacturing equipment in other countries where labor is even cheaper than in China. If TVs, computers or dishwashers 3-4 was supplied to the Russian market by China at the level of 80% of Russian imports, but today Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia and other countries of Southeast Asia are pushing China.
In order to boost economic growth, Chinese economists propose to revise the yuan's rate in the direction of cheaper prices against the dollar and the euro. This could lead to new tensions in economic relations between Beijing and Washington. Even today, American authorities blame China for artificially undervaluing the yuan. The new depreciation will infuriate the United States. But after all, it is not the first time when China can respond to all bursts of Washington’s rage with Asian calmness.
Russian economists have concerns that the low rates of growth in the Chinese economy may lead to an even greater decline in the growth of the Russian economy. The reason they see in the 25-year oil supply contract concluded with China. The decline in growth in China may lead to a revision in the oil needs of China, which is not the best option for Russia right now.
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  1. a52333
    a52333 3 September 2013 12: 35
    Another time bomb under China: the "one child" policy is aging China. It is possible that their future is not so bright.
    As a result, the population of China is rapidly aging. According to UN forecasts, by the 2050 year, more than a quarter of the population will be older than the 65 years, and the huge generation will bear the huge burden of caring for the elderly.

    China is one of the few countries in the world where a person ages before earning at least relative wealth.

    The so-called 4-2-1 phenomenon is known: this means that when a child reaches working age, he will have to provide accommodation not only for himself, but for two more parents and four grandparents.

    There are now officially 980 million able-bodied citizens in China. According to scientists, these figures will grow until the 2015 of the year - and then their sharp and steady decline will begin.
  2. biglow
    biglow 3 September 2013 14: 57
    The time for China’s growing economy seems to be running out. Now they will have to invest in infrastructure projects within the country, although now, against the background of expensive energy resources, this is not the best time, but there is no other way out of the growing south of China in many villages inside the country had electricity how wild it doesn't sound in 2013