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The Baltic Way: life without hope? ("Neatkarigas Rita Avize", Latvia)

The Baltic Way: life without hope? ("Neatkarigas Rita Avize", Latvia)“For the Baltic states, unity is no longer filled with such euphoria as before, but it retains a common understanding, and one of its elements is a feeling of fear in connection with dependence on Russian energy sources. If we are unable to agree on the need to build a nuclear power plant or the Tallinn-Berlin railway line, then the unity that was 23 August 1989 of the year will remain only as a museum exhibit. The unity of the Baltic states must be proved by deeds! However, if there is a real threat to the security of states, then, I think, there will be unity, like at one time during the barricades. We are capable of that, ”says historian Ritvars Jansons.

Indicative lesson of unity

The people of the Baltic countries were really able to join hands, both symbolically and realistically, on 23 August 1989, when the legendary Baltic Way action, included in the international register of the UNESCO World Memory program, took place.

The Baltic Way was a truly emotional event, analogs of which are difficult to find in the world stories. Approximately two million people joined hands on the 600 route, kilometers from Tallinn through Riga to Vilnius, in order to draw the world's attention to the dramatic events of history, as a result of which the Baltic countries suffered. The Baltic Way passed exactly 50 years after the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact on August 23 on 1939, when the USSR and Germany separated the spheres of influence, deciding to subjugate and destroy the independent states.

The Baltic Way was an illustrative lesson in the unity of the three peoples and three states. An illustrative lesson of patriotism and faith, when everyone nurtured in themselves the conviction that the emotions encompassing the living chain, materialize into the reality of freedom. And there was also hope that the unity that prevailed on 23 in August of 1989 of the year will not end the next day, or a year later, nor after twenty years. However, it’s impossible to live all this time on the crest of a wave, and now the unity of the three Baltic countries seems to be only a made-up phenomenon, because each state has its own economic and political interests, whose spokespersons do not always look in the same direction. Rather, in the opposite. And, perhaps, only a common external threat can somehow re-unite the people of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, and besides, the union will not be expressed as emotionally as 22 a year ago - it will be more pragmatic and thoughtful action for a common goal.

Museum piece?

You need to see what really happened during these 22 years.

At one time, at the end of 80, the common goal of the Baltic countries was to create a single market, at least 20 joint working groups on privatization, energy and other issues were formed. Cooperation agreements fell like a cornucopia. However, many ideas remained only at the level of ideas, and Lithuania was the first to declare that it would go its own way. Until now, there was even the thought of creating a union of the three Baltic states, but this idea also disappeared, because another goal was set - to join the European Union. The Baltic Free Trade Agreement was concluded, but each state was interested in protecting its market, so it managed not to comply with this agreement: dairy, pig and egg wars took place. The Latvians and the Lithuanians also conducted a war against the sea border dispute. Latvian fishermen have long held anger at their government, because of the indecisiveness of which the possibility of catching herring in the Baltic Sea has decreased.

There was also no cordial friendship with Estonia: out of the dozens of countries that applied for EU membership, Latvia was in last place in terms of the economic situation, and Estonia was ahead of everyone. Estonians did not really want to cooperate with the rest. But even in this situation there was a benefit: Estonia became a kind of example and a burden for the other two Baltic countries.

Of course, there were later general positive moments. Membership in both the EU and NATO united the three states into previously unprecedented cooperation. The Baltic Defense College was established in Tartu. BALTBAT was born in 1995, a military project of the three Baltic States with the aim of creating an international battalion that would be able to participate in peacekeeping operations. Since 1996, battalion soldiers have participated in peacekeeping missions in Yugoslavia and have been trained to carry out such missions elsewhere. Although the battalion reached a high level of military training, it was eliminated in 2000. This step was justified by the "reorganization of BALTBAT". The battalion was at one time created for the sake of common external, not internal interests, since integration into Western military structures was important because of an external threat, and for each country was important a contribution to security.

The military bias turned out to be one of the most important in the cooperation of the three countries, because it is directly connected with patriotism. “If the same thing happened today as it was at the end of 80, if there was something like Atmod now, unity would manifest. But for now, each state protects its economic interests, not paying much attention to the other partners. And yet the human desire to be together unites. Of course, the struggle against the common enemy is most of all uniting, and politicians are able to find it, this is an irrefutable truth. However, I do not think that the basis of the unity of the Baltic states and the Latvians themselves - patriotism - is over. It is in our genes, it only needs to be activated, ”says the scientist Ivars Kalvins, and what he said inspires a certain optimism.

At first, the three Baltic countries talked about the possibility of a common foreign policy, but this also turned out to be only talk. From the very beginning of the 90s, Latvia, in the eyes of both Lithuania and Estonia, is the weakest link in relations with Russia. It is possible to compare Estonia’s self-esteem and intelligent waiting for the solution of the border issue with Russia with slippery maneuvering of the holders of the Latvian authorities in conducting “negotiations” with Russian political blackmailers. President Vaira Vike-Freiberga behaved in the same way, traveling to Moscow on 9 in May 2005 of the year to participate in the celebrations on the occasion of the so-called Victory Day, while the presidents of Estonia and Lithuania refused to go to Moscow. Dr Vike-Freiberga, unlike the other two Baltic presidents, forgot that the victory of the USSR in World War II was a continuation of the enslavement and occupation of the Baltic countries. Equally impressive was the "unity" when Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves suggested that the Baltic states together demand compensation from Russia for the damage caused during the Soviet occupation.

In 2007, when the so-called Bronze Alyosha, a monument to Soviet soldiers, was dismantled and relocated in Tallinn, a political scandal broke out between Estonia and Russia, the firewood of which was thrown not only by local Russian-speaking migrants, but also by Russian cyber gangs who committed an attack on the websites of state structures Estonia. At a time when the parliamentarians of Latvia had to stand up for Estonia, its political, economic and cyber security, our guys with their weak support delayed until it did not have any sense. Such a delay was obviously associated with the fear that “what will Russia say about this?” After these events, the so-called unity of the Baltic countries, which could already be considered a museum piece, was commented on by the British publication The Economist, noting that "a new cold war is raging between the West and Russia, in which the West is already losing in Latvia."

The former head of our state, Valdis Zatlers, put a fat point on the proposal for “unity” - he was the only one among the presidents of the Baltic states who didn’t fly to Tbilisi in August to express solidarity with the people of Georgia, who suffered heavily as a result of the Russian attack. The reason is very trivial: Mr. President needed to be at the Olympic Games in Beijing, which is Georgia ... At the same time, the presidents of Lithuania and Estonia, like the leaders of many other countries, did not attend the Olympic Games in Beijing, thus expressing solidarity with Tibet in his desire for independence.

New form

Former Estonian Prime Minister Mart Laar said that only negative experiences are common to the Baltic countries. Toomas Hendrik Ilves, while still the foreign minister of Estonia, stated: “The identity of Estonia belongs to the circle of states that extends from Great Britain to Scandinavia, being isolated in Estonia.” As for the southern neighbors, Latvia once noticed the Lithuanian craving for Poland.

And yet I want to look at all this also in a positive light: if once there was cooperation, which was crowned with success, then unity is possible. In February 2011, Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite confidently said in an interview with the newspaper Diena: “A natural process occurs in which this former unity is transformed into a new form. It is even impossible to preserve the unity of that time today, because at that time we were united by the threat of being destroyed, as well as the threat of economic blockade. Today our unity is more global, multilateral, we are united by the European Union and NATO. This is a more significant form of unity. ”

Currently, there is no active mention of unity and common goals from either Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia. And yet hope does not die. And the composer Imants Kalnins looks at them a little sentimentally and gloomily: “Today unity is something else. It is in power. Then, 23 August 1989, there was a real unity. What happened to people? Not with everyone, I can not say this. What have you done with unity? He is no more. You can blame those who were entrusted to keep unity. Nobody justified this trust. Yes, and I was among those to whom it was entrusted, but I really did not use power, because I was a member of parliament, and not a representative of the executive branch. But I do not take responsibility from myself. Is there any hope that unity will ever be restored? I think that yes: what would life be like if there were no hopes? ”
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  1. S-200
    S-200 30 August 2013 15: 14
    Tremble, WRAPPERS! wassat
    WHO IS NOT WITH US, he is for NATO .... angry
    1. experienced
      experienced 30 August 2013 15: 17
      Bugaga, the economy is destroyed, sprats are made according to EU standards (ugh what disgusting), the population is diminishing, as during the war, but they have become the "ass of Europe." It was sickening to live with the "face of the USSR", the invaders fed, built infrastructure and production, taught and treated for free ... Bake independence with a full spoon, if only Russia could remember who bought the land and collect this money with interest winked
      Now next to the Baltic route, Ukraine will lay its own way, on which there will also be many "mines" and "holes".
      True, the news has passed today that a referendum in Ukraine will go where to go to the EU or the CU.

      Incidentally, read a laugh wassat :
      More recently, Viktor Baloga (former associate of the ex-president of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko, the head of his administration. It was from his submission that relations between our countries were often complicated. Now he is a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada and continues to amaze with his revelations), he clenched his hand in the fist and threatened to punish the eastern neighbor for delay of Ukrainian goods at customs: "The reaction will be 180 degrees opposite. And not only in the traditionally pro-European western regions, but also in the eastern and central regions, which will suffer most from the Russian embargo. And about the symmetrical reaction, the Ukrainian authorities have something to answer Russia. The only question is whether she is ready for this.».

      It turned out ready.

      On his account in one of the Swiss banks unexpectedly showed 400 million euros. And the bank demanded to explain the origin of this money - according to local laws on combating money laundering and other crime. Well, maybe he received a good prize while he worked for Yushchenko. But I forgot to declare. Or, for example, gave a couple of interesting lectures. Which, as you know, is now in price.

      The position of an influential account holder is compounded by the fact that the Swiss bank is actually Russian - back in 2011, it was bought by Sberbank. And now it is called Sberbank (Switzerland) AG.

      However, this, as we all understand, is pure coincidence. However, the origin of such a breakthrough of the euro politician can not yet explain. Therefore, his account is blocked.

      There is no doubt that such tactlessness will only exacerbate Russophobia of the Ukrainian. But something tells me, he will find the strength to pull himself together.

      Taken from here:
      1. Alan
        Alan 30 August 2013 15: 59
        Quote: seasoned
        By the way, read the laugh:

        Good day, Alexey, it's not funny that something from such news - "The Russian government approved the restructuring of the loan to Cyprus in the amount of 2,5 billion euros." so no, Cyprus ...... angry
      2. alex13-61
        alex13-61 30 August 2013 16: 02
        Quote: seasoned
        True, the news has passed today that a referendum in Ukraine will go where to go to the EU or the CU.

        Here's another hold it separately by region ...
    2. Sakhalininsk
      Sakhalininsk 30 August 2013 15: 33
      Quote: S-200
      Tremble, WRAPPERS!

      Who is there to tremble then? They have a population decline, such that soon it will fit right there to create a pan-chukh’s almshouse .... But they are your gospoda, they have a pile of wada laughing
      By and large, they turned from a showcase of the USSR into geyrops, the most direct counterpart in the CIS is Kyrgyzton and Tajikistan ... cheap labor and no more, and not even in industrialized countries, geyrops .. now their lot was washed in the floors of Ireland and Portugal good
      In my opinion, it’s high time to cut off all this gobble from the energy resources of Russia and generally close the Russian market for them ... let’s buy shitty resources in the geyrop and sell what they produce there.
      1. smile
        smile 30 August 2013 18: 02
        I’ll add that every fifth Lithuanian (600 thousand) is ghost-fighting, so your comparison with Tajikistan is absolutely accurate.
        And squabbles and disputes between these formations arose at the moment. when they were riveted by the British, the first thing they did was to be born and destroy with the help of whites. Germans and Britons all. who was in favor of preserving the territories as part of a single country, they rushed to chop off each other's territories by force ... the British had to shout and separate this mess ....
        The article is a common Baltic lie. The author is a female doggie. She even managed to lie in the way she described the mass action of nationalists - officially their nationalist organizations created by the West, like the Lithuanian Sayudis, called this action ecological, aimed at saving the sea, allegedly during the action "The Sea hugged" .... once again "doggy female in the plural ".... although, of course, everyone understood who this very well-paid flash mob was directed against ...
  2. Stiletto
    Stiletto 30 August 2013 15: 18
    Hold hands friends!
    Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia.
    Did you take it? Now go on ...
    In Geyrop, democracy awaits you.
    1. Sakhalininsk
      Sakhalininsk 30 August 2013 15: 33
      And to continue to fulfill ....
      Wow, who are you?
      Bye Bye...
    2. Tatanka Yotanka
      Tatanka Yotanka 30 August 2013 17: 56
      Quote: Stiletto
      In Geyrop, democracy awaits you.

      Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians
      Fascists, spratniks, Chukhons
      Gayrope Ass Friends
      May they be hollowed
      The article is set - minus, I
      After all, the topic of boobs is not disclosed wassat
      1. Arberes
        Arberes 30 August 2013 18: 22
        Quote: Tatanka Yotanka
        After all, the topic of boobs is not disclosed

        Sure, not a problem! I’ll open it to the fullest!

        About a boobs.

        Are they all democrats now?
        Balts - "new friends"?
        Substituting Asses Under NATO
        They swear to RUSSIA, not loving !!!

        Still they need the states boobs!
        That would feed them to full!
        Yes, the trouble is, in place of boobs
        Big bastard has grown!

        Instead of the word "bastard", you can use another even more vivid expression but I'm afraid that under the new rules I will be banned!

        Tatanka Yotanka hello friend! hi drinks
        1. Tatanka Yotanka
          Tatanka Yotanka 30 August 2013 21: 36
          Quote: Arberes
          That would feed them to full!
          Yes, the trouble is, in place of boobs
          Big bastard has grown!

          A bastard - three?
          Here it is, yeah
          Don't udder it,
          A bastard
          The question is pretty thin
          That's only if the scrotum
          Feed pi-n-dos will be them
          It will be there for three wassat
          Arberes drinks
          1. novobranets
            novobranets 31 August 2013 10: 24
            laughing laughing laughing Well, just an evening of poetry. good
  3. uhu189
    uhu189 30 August 2013 15: 26
    Yes, an interesting article, informative, I would say. Shows the train of thought of our Baltic neighbors. Until now, poor people, they are afraid of us, although no one has been touching them for a long time ... I feel sorry for them, purely humanly ...
    1. S-200
      S-200 30 August 2013 15: 33
      Quote: uhu189
      Sorry for them, purely human ...

      Does the Russian mentality allow us to grieve when a cow is dead at a European neighbor or a fish ... in the sea off the evon shores swims upside down?
  4. zart_arn
    zart_arn 30 August 2013 15: 28
    You won’t be forcibly sweet, and we have mutual dislike. Therefore, divorce is the only way out, the main thing is less dividing and beating dishes. We need more civilization, Europeans.
  5. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 30 August 2013 15: 31
    Too much screech from scratch.
    Everyone wants to attract attention to themselves ...

    They have already lured them with their "Russian threat" - no one else is going to feed them for free, as in the Soviet Union, we will not take them to us, they will not wait.

    The NATO members no longer know what to do with them, the rotary air guards are tired of them too, and the Baltic people don’t even itch to buy airplanes, they only know that they can rent one tank from each other during exercises ...

    Live on your own, well, live. Only do not touch our veterans, do not encourage fascist trash, and you will be happy.
    1. NEMO
      NEMO 30 August 2013 16: 53
      Quote: Aleks tv
      The NATO members no longer know what to do with them, the rotary air guards are tired of them too, and the Baltic people don’t even itch to buy airplanes

      From the history of the Estonian Air Force

      Due to the lack of combat aircraft in Estonia, after joining NATO, the American F-16s were transferred. During a test flight over the country, a fighter controlled by an experienced pilot was never able to develop supersonic speed. (This is a real event.) Simply, when the supersonic barrier was overcome, Estonia was already over. (Well, she’s so small.) But the fact remained and the entry appeared in the documents of the military bloc: "... due to the specific features of the country, the F-16 fighter is not capable of reaching maximum speed over Estonia." soldier
      1. Aleks tv
        Aleks tv 30 August 2013 17: 17
        Quote: NEMO
        Simply, when the supersonic barrier was overcome, Estonia was already over.

        And also the Lithuanians, not far from the Zokniai air base, managed to collide on the L-39 with the French Mirage, which patrolled NATO rotation ...

        Probably the Balts say "thank you" for their free protection.
        NATO pilots should be afraid of the Baltic states, nevertheless, Lithuania has one more L-39 left.
  6. serge-68-68
    serge-68-68 30 August 2013 15: 35
    Article as an article ... For the most part, ordinary people do not care. The chauvinistic frenzy of the 90s subsided. Various "freedom lovers" have calmed down. There are abandoned factories, overgrown arable lands and empty cities in which old people and grandchildren live - all young people have left to work and will return or not - no one knows. I saw it all in 2005 in Lithuania, heard from the municipal officials. I think everyone was sorry. Already at that time, young people spoke to me in Russian without any hostility. It was more difficult with the elderly, but when it came to money, Russian came to mind very quickly. And when it was really difficult, I had fun switching to German.
  7. a52333
    a52333 30 August 2013 15: 36
    Not, but what were you hoping for? Well, ordinary people, okay, got their heads on: independence. invaders. What about the government? in the head only eats and wears a hat on it? He should have guessed first of all that after the collapse he would walk with a hat. In its place, independence is not to be taken, and even if they were expelled from the Union, they would press against the door with their hands and feet. It’s clear to us, if only they hadn’t deployed a missile defense system in the territory, and an extra mouth is worse than a pistol (especially in those days)
  8. andrei332809
    andrei332809 30 August 2013 15: 45
    that’s why the most insignificant countries, not even countries, consider themselves to be the arbiters of the fate of the world? the navels of the earth are direct, everyone cares only about them - as they are there, poor ones, they will repulse the eastern barbarians and murderers, defending civilization
  9. tilovaykrisa
    tilovaykrisa 30 August 2013 15: 56
    "Balts" have a lot of ambitions, few brains, Russophobes suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.
  10. pensioner
    pensioner 30 August 2013 16: 13
    Yes-ah ... A masterpiece! He laughed heartily! What is not a phrase, then pearl:
    passed dairy, pork, egg wars. Latvians and Lithuanians also held herring wars
    Probably a terrible sight ... A veteran of the pig war - they probably respected man there ...
    At the same time, the presidents of Lithuania and Estonia, as well as the leaders of many other countries, did not attend the Olympic Games in Beijing, thus expressing solidarity with Tibet in its quest for independence.
    about how! Sprats even think about Tibet ...
    At that moment when parliamentarians of Latvia needed to intercede for Estonia
    I imagine how much easier it would be for the chukhn if the sprats interceded ...
    Toomas Hendrik Ilves, while still the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, argued: “Estonia’s identity belongs to a circle of states that extends from Britain to Scandinavia, closing itself in Estonia.”
    All. I can’t take it anymore. Ready to sign up for all future work of this analyst.
  11. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 30 August 2013 16: 19
    It is not clear why this article is posted here, full of snot on the unity that did not happen. Yes, in fact, there was no unity and could not be. The melodrama was sucked from the thumb, there was just a general euphoria about "independence". And why change one addiction to another. Now they are crying, but each one is alone. Only we care about their tears. This article is likely to find a response somewhere in Poland or Germany, and even then I doubt it
    1. smile
      smile 30 August 2013 18: 13
      And also full of frank lies about our threat and other occupational sins ... and of course, like any article in the Baltic nonsense, which considers itself an analyst. the article begins with the mention of the Molotov-Ribbentrop criminal pact ... ugh, dirty trick ....
      What are the Poles. that the Germans despise them together, I don’t know who is bigger .... plus, the Poles consider them runaway serfs, illegally dragging the originally Polish lands ... :)))))
      1. Al shahini
        Al shahini 30 August 2013 19: 15
        And also full of outright lies about our threat and other occupational sins. (C)
        ====================================================================== =============
        You know. that there are legends. which are used for feeding. From the series "we ourselves are not local ..."
        For example, one nation and even an entire state is not bad to feed on the legend of the "Holocaust".
        These here have taken the legend "Russian threat". By the way, this is not their idea. This "petition" earned even earlier in Sweden, Poland, now it has come to the Baltic states.
        One bad thing for them is already poorly fed.

        And it is a pity that the people are not stupid, hard-working people succumbed to the tales of "freedom and prosperity" The quality of life is not achieved by "joining!" or by "entering" but only by one's labor.
    2. novobranets
      novobranets 31 August 2013 10: 33
      Quote: vladsolo56
      It is not clear why this article is laid out here full of snot on the unity that did not happen.

      Humorous story to cheer you up. laughing
  12. Shadowcat
    Shadowcat 30 August 2013 16: 21
    Swan, cancer and pike ...
    1. smile
      smile 30 August 2013 18: 14
      No, three little pigs, more suitable .... :)))
      1. pensioner
        pensioner 30 August 2013 18: 42
        Quote: smile
        No, three little pigs, more suitable .... :)))

        Dates what! What piglets ?? Look at their sunken bellies and shrunken sides ... 3 pooch! "We found him in the garbage, washed him so cleanly, and he draws us figwams!" - they are talking about each other ...
  13. wulf66
    wulf66 30 August 2013 16: 38
    The miserable gnomes went to g ... miki.
  14. MIKHAN
    MIKHAN 30 August 2013 17: 35
    They chose their own path. This is their right (I just remembered these countries during the USSR .. powerful industry factory factories .. they lived well .. unlike Russia ..) Now, as I understand it, they live as mongrels in the backyard of the EU .. they will throw a bone to them .. (color.met. they haven’t taken it from Russia already ..) will soon switch to subsistence farming .. (sprats for breakfast for lunch and dinner ..)
    1. Yura
      Yura 30 August 2013 19: 45
      Quote: MIKHAN
      Now, as I understand it, they live as mongrels in the backyard of the EU

      There were three brothers dogs on the seashore. Dogs as dogs are no worse and no better than others, only anxiety tormented them sometimes on moonlit nights, vague memories disturbed them, as if they were trying to remember something, but could not. And then one day when they once again lay under a tall rock hanging over the sea, looked at the clear moon, a passing coyote stopped near them, saw them so lazy and well-fed and thought: “I’m here, you see, running, looking around the world for myself for food, and they lie fed themselves, groomed and do not even notice that their brother, that is, I am hungry as a beast, and tired like a hound chasing a hare all day, it is not democratic, it’s time to attend to the high goal of serving the democratic dog-dog, the calamitous warrior world community ". "Hello," he tells the dogs, "okay, lie down." They told him: "Yes Gavrovo, and you do not sneeze." And the coyote says to the dogs: "listen to the dogs, there is a legend that the dog that climbed into the moonlit night on the rock under which you lie will become a noble Doberman, and if she still has the strength to howl at the moon that morning she will meet a free wolf." The coyote said and left. The dogs looked at each other and climbed the rock. They climb, climb, they have no strength, now they will fall and then one of them clung to the upper edge of the rock, climbed, looked at the sky, saw the moon and howled with delight, but then she noticed that the second dog was also on the rock, shaking himself off and telling her "brother , I am already a noble Doberman, too, "and with his eyes he is looking for the moon, while the third dog clutched his paw to the top of the rock with his last strength asks:" brother help. The first dog was outraged by such rudeness and plebeianism, and with a growl: "What kind of brothers are you to me, mongrels without kin", pushed them off the cliff. Coyote walked on and heard howl for a long time, but the howl was a jackal. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

      ----------------------------- These were variations on the theme of a well-known anecdote, or a translation into Russian of a part of the article describing the "Baltic Way" with his idea of ​​the unity of three nations.
    2. novobranets
      novobranets 31 August 2013 10: 38
      Quote: MIKHAN
      .. lived well .. unlike Russia ..)

      They even then turned up their face, "All Russians are savages." For that now they slurp "freedom" holey bast shoes. Serves them right. fool
  15. Troy
    Troy 30 August 2013 17: 43
    Quote: Alan
    Quote: seasoned
    By the way, read the laugh:

    Good day, Alexey, it's not funny that something from such news - "The Russian government approved the restructuring of the loan to Cyprus in the amount of 2,5 billion euros." so no, Cyprus ...... angry

    Namely, we are restructuring debts to all banana republics (including Cyprus), or even simply writing them off, but we have brains for the Belarusians. Not clear position. request
  16. crambol
    crambol 30 August 2013 18: 23
    Quote: Aleks tv
    NATO pilots should be afraid in the sky of the Baltic states, all the same, Lithuania has one more L-39 left.

    And the last - the most evil - will take revenge!
  17. Anatole Klim
    Anatole Klim 30 August 2013 18: 25
    I don’t feel sorry for them a bit, even if I don’t buy sprats and sprats, I don’t want their ss veterans to exist due to me.
  18. aviator_IAS
    aviator_IAS 30 August 2013 19: 05
    Indicative lesson of unity

    What unity can there be in a harem? smile Immediately everyone is jealous. What if the gentleman devotes less time to her than to her rivals? wassat So, besides the master (USA), it is still necessary to "please" his servant (EU). This is not a love triangle! laughing They will still fight. smile

    At the same time, the presidents of Lithuania and Estonia, as well as the leaders of many other countries, did not attend the Olympic Games in Beijing, thus expressing solidarity with Tibet in its quest for independence.
    The Chinese (if at all aware of these protests) should be in shock laughing
  19. nov_tech.vrn
    nov_tech.vrn 30 August 2013 22: 07
    Sharikas - haws, haws.
  20. Bosk
    Bosk 30 August 2013 23: 59
    Let's say about Latvia (because I live here), in the last elections to the Seimas, the majority of votes were won by the party of Nil Ushakov (currently the mayor of Riga), which is considered (not without reason) pro-Russian ... the poor Nazis had to organize a whole company to uniting to leave this party in the minority. For the next elections, almost everyone predicts that this party will gain even more votes ... and this is not taking into account 300 thousand non-citizens ... I mean, what to say about the "hatred" of the Balts towards Russia ... this is wrong. It's not all that simple, a peasant will never understand a farmer, but let's say the same Latvians in mentality ... are pure farmers, here the principle "my house is on the edge" most likely works. And hatred as such, personally, I practically did not meet, at the top, yes ... sometimes they blow something like that, but this is most likely already politics, and politics, as we know, is a very dirty trade ...
  21. Zomanus
    Zomanus 31 August 2013 07: 04
    Well, Bush once correctly said that the whole of its history has tipped the Baltic countries. Right now its Europe is tipping. Europe needs white slaves. This, by the way, is waiting for Ukraine soon ...
  22. individual
    individual 31 August 2013 08: 52
    Publication, the essence is to remind ourselves, otherwise we somehow forgot about the Baltic appendicitis countries.
    And the appendix, as you know, is not touched until it disturbs.
  23. novobranets
    novobranets 31 August 2013 10: 51
    I don't think NATO will tolerate this ridicule for long. Investing money in this grotesque without having any, even long-term, prospects. The Sprotiya Air Force threatens NATO itself more than anyone else, armored forces, of course, might, but I read somewhere that they broke the only tank. In my opinion, a powerful blow to the rear section will soon follow, and where will Shprotia fly then? "... Angry melancholy depressed, is she crawling towards the ant?" After all, why the heck she gave up, we'll catch herring ourselves. tongue
  24. Kolyan 2
    Kolyan 2 31 August 2013 21: 00
    Latvia broke one tank, the Lithuanian one and they have another 72. In short, we need to be afraid.
    1. novobranets
      novobranets 1 September 2013 13: 27
      That's the trouble, but I did not know, I’ll go dig a shelter. laughing
  25. APASUS
    APASUS 1 September 2013 13: 30
    Everything that happened on this long-suffering land the Baltic states blame Russia. From the moment when a primitive man first hit the other on the head with a club because of a can of sprat wassat
  26. Stasi
    Stasi 30 September 2013 13: 49
    When the USSR collapsed, the Balts were delighted: "We will live like in Europe! We will fill Germany with our special milk!" Well, where are all these delights now? The Baltic States have always belonged to someone: at first, the Germans owned it, they treated the local population, let's say, from above. Some farmer came to the city to sell the crop - after the sale he failed, it was forbidden to stay local in the cities. An exception was made only for those who were servants in German houses or workers of the "merry houses" famous throughout Northern Europe. After the Germans, the Swedes seized control of the Baltic states until Peter the Great knocked them out. By the way, Peter paid Sweden for the ownership of the Baltic lands as compensation for the loss of about two million Dutch efimoks, a huge amount. As such, the Baltic intelligentsia appeared only in the 19th century thanks to the Russians. And in Soviet times, the Balts lived in the Union the best. They have nothing to regret now, that they wanted and got what at the present time. They considered themselves Europeans, aspired to Europe and the West - but it turned out that they were theirs and no one ever considered and does not consider them. Such is the payback for the betrayal of the USSR.
  27. FlyEngine
    FlyEngine 20 January 2014 23: 41
    Three tankers, three funny friends, though without a tank and not at all funny, and friends are not very.