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And why is Syria?

A huge number of questions asked from different angles, and the same amount of reasoning about "And why is Syria after all" ... I would like to briefly and on my fingers present the program of one of the acts in the play, played out on the planet according to the scenario of Western countries, America and England ...

West, England and America, first of all you need to close the arc, consisting of North African and Middle Eastern countries (Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan).

Only Syria and Iran remained in this arc, not included in the global scenario for saving the existing system of economic and political governance of the world.

The existing system of trade and economic management of world finances has a significant flaw - accumulation over time of unsolvable contradictions in the monetary balance of trade relations, due to the constant flow of money unsecured by goods, but there is also a salutary moment - the ability to reboot by leveling the conflicts that occurred in the crucible of war.

From 2003 onwards, with the suggestion of Russia, the idea of ​​replacing the existing system began to advance, but this is not necessary for the West, England and America, because in economics, everything is built on their patterns and they play the main violin in global governance. And in the new system it may be better from an economic point of view, but they may have the best violin, but not the main one. And therefore, closing the above described arc, the civilization of the sea solves two problems at once: the first is to reboot its system ..., the second is to control the impossibility of the prerequisites for changing its management system in the future, through the possibility of global pricing control on the planet’s hydrocarbons. As well as China’s cut-off from Iran, not allowing China to feed its economy uncontrollably from the West with energy. And the main thing is the staging of Russia for countries that simply extract resources but do not play geopolitics.

If this scenario is not completed, the world will simply need to accept changes in the global governance system and recognize America’s complete default, and this is tantamount to losing it as a global player, and indeed a possible collapse into the states of which it is now composed. That is why we are witnessing the manic stubbornness of the top officials of Western countries in promoting the started script in any way.

The most paradoxical thing is that the West does not even want to consider alternative options, believing that everything is already decided, and who does not agree, these are problems of those who disagree. And he is so resolute in the completion of the scenario that he has begun, that he is ready to violate the established norms and rules of international law, which will ultimately lead to the destruction of their scenario, but through blood, suffering and destruction.

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  1. a52333
    a52333 29 August 2013 07: 18
    Well yes, Volfych, yesterday he said the same thing. In order to reset the dollar, you need something to divert attention. Moreover, in his scenario, after Syria, the next Iran, then the monarchy - the SA and Qatar with the Emirates.
    1. fklj
      fklj 29 August 2013 07: 47
      And Volfych, in general, is the chief specialist in the "selected soldiers of Iraq"
    2. duke
      duke 29 August 2013 08: 30
      KSA, Qatar, UAE for the time being will not touch, otherwise why are they so pumped up with weapons? It’s clear pepper that the Saudis themselves will not fight. Their modern army is being driven out on the sand, ragged Shiite Yemeni rebels with RPGs and AKMs, then all this will go as a reserve for the US Army, in addition, it needs a counterweight to the Turks and Iran, but when they’ll push them between their foreheads, don’t go to the fortuneteller. They will remove the excess, excessively rapidly growing population of the Near and Middle East. And when necessary, they will again be friends with Iran against, for example, the Turks or Pakistan ... geopolitics however ...
    3. duke
      duke 29 August 2013 08: 43
      The author of the article forgot to add that one of the reasons for these events is that they eliminate all serious neighbors of Israel, or sponsors against it, like Libya, for example (Algeria is not yet touched, it is far away, and it does not oppose Israel either). despite the super-duper weapons, even militarily powerful Israel can not withstand a new war on 2-3 fronts, human resources are not comparable ... here in Ebipt there is "spring", but here is a war, and Iran must be drawn in so that it does not have time to make a bomb, as soon as nuclear centers are bombed there, it will be possible to be friends with Iran again against someone ...
    4. Horn
      Horn 29 August 2013 09: 27
      Yes, it is not Zhirinovsky who said that after Syria - Iran. This was said even during the bombing of Libya. The script is being stubbornly put into practice. And they wanted to spit on the so-called. "world community" (with the letter Ё).
    5. KazaK Bo
      KazaK Bo 29 August 2013 09: 32
      global scenario for saving the existing system of economic and political governance of the world.

      Quote: a52333
      Volfych, said the same thing yesterday

      China is leaping with leaps and bounds to the status of FIRST WORLD POWER ... instead of the USA! He is trying to counter this with all available ... legal and not quite ways, contrary to all international laws and agreements! Losing the status of the FIRST Power will lead to the loss of sales markets ... and this means economic decline ... which will immediately lead to the LOSS OF OPPORTUNITIES OF POLITICAL LIVING IN THE WORLD ... They are striving to create a system in the form of a pro-American political and economic arc to counterbalance and prevent the Chinese economy to one of the most capacious and promising markets in the world - the ARAB EAST.
      The second goal is to PROTECT ISRAEL FROM the strongest and most rebellious neighbors! Especially those whom Israel is not neighborly very offended. Look - in whose hands the finances and economics of amers (and therefore the reins with the reins of American politics) ... and it will become clear to you why Israeli interests are not less important than the US!
  2. cobalt
    cobalt 29 August 2013 07: 25
    And do not forget that through Syria lies the closest route for the distillation of oil from Iraq and, apparently, in the future, from Iran to Europe.
    1. fklj
      fklj 29 August 2013 07: 43
      And the Suez Canal is nearby
    2. Belogor
      Belogor 29 August 2013 09: 06
      In fact, in case of victory over Syria, through its territory they intend to build a gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe. Since Europe is sleeping and sees how to diversify gas supplies from Russia and will probably make every effort to do so.
    3. hrych
      hrych 29 August 2013 09: 22
      Exactly, but only the question is more about gas and specifically Qatari, because the Saudis and Qatari people are running out of oil, and gas is full and from any nonsense like liquefaction does not get cheaper and the shortest route to Europe goes through Syria, and any zigzags are calculated by astronomical amounts of costs and again reduce profitability. The second aspect of this problem is the dependence of Europe on Russian gas, because there are already wires and new projects have been launched, and most importantly, all industrial enterprises and power plants in European developed countries and, above all, the forges of Europe in Germany have already been converted to gas. Gradually, Europe frees itself from Anglo-Saxon dependence and naturally draws closer to Russia on mutually beneficial conditions. In the current situation, Britain will soon turn from an economic center into a stinking outback, because it was the British oil corporations and the London stock exchange that controlled the flow of Saudi oil, but it dried up, and Iranian and Libyan apparently did not live up to expectations. Thanks to the ability to control Saudi oil, the USSR was essentially bankrupt and collapsed. The only attempt by the Anglo-Saxons to take control of gas flows and thereby control the industry of Europe, but this is most likely not possible because of Russia.
    4. Russkiy_Prapor
      Russkiy_Prapor 29 August 2013 10: 20
      And do not forget that oil and gas pipelines in the occupied territory can and will certainly become the first targets for partisans. I think that Gazprom’s specialists, together with GRU instructors, will instruct the Syrian patriots how best to destroy such facilities.
  3. Egoza
    Egoza 29 August 2013 07: 26
    "The West does not even want to consider alternative options, believing that everything has already been decided, and whoever does not agree, these are the problems of those who disagree."

    And when did the West reckon with someone if it needed to advance its interests? Only the USSR was holding him back! Therefore, after the death of I.V. Stalin and began to purposefully destroy. Painfully, we interfered with "eating" them. But any war changes the face of the world. And far from in favor of those who untie it! The United States should have remembered the fate of Hitler. He also "walked widely", but how did he end up!
  4. fklj
    fklj 29 August 2013 07: 38
    The Long Dollar War. Who would doubt that. Plus, another move in the game for world domination and well-fed existence of the "golden billion".
    History goes in a spiral.
    1. alexng
      alexng 29 August 2013 08: 10
      History is about to end the existence of the golden billion, as well as the end of the existence of the dollar itself. And the impending war is only a catalyst for the end of this cycle. Although there will be or will not be an invasion. it doesn’t matter anymore, the white polar fox came to amerikocii. The only question is, with blood and with the process for crimes against humanity or without blood ...
  5. Normal
    Normal 29 August 2013 07: 39
    There is an opinion. The rationale is not sufficient. There is no evidence. Just an opinion, albeit in a general trend. I would like a more detailed justification and analysis of the reasons.
  6. vadson
    vadson 29 August 2013 07: 45
    Putin needs to take the lady for the ass, put on the plane and send to Damascus. Yes, and most would fly there today. Yankee bombing postponed stopudovo. From Damascus, give a conference call on chemical attacks around the world. Let amov potrolit. And the lady in exile in Damascus, if his Yankees are not overwhelmed then the prime minister will do, there’s nothing to steal there, at least we can work out of boredom
    1. fklj
      fklj 29 August 2013 07: 52
      The effect will be - zero. And the two leaders of the country will lose.
      But the idea is still good. good
      1. Anatole Klim
        Anatole Klim 29 August 2013 09: 06
        I did not understand about the two leaders, the second DAM or something? Flatter however.
        1. fklj
          fklj 29 August 2013 20: 54
          Not at all. According to the documents - the second person and the former interim president’s acting.
    2. duke
      duke 29 August 2013 08: 34
      LADY TO Damascus? Yes, shaw, he didn’t serve in the army, lowering them there, they don’t know anything and think poorly in politics, if you push the current in the local areas? But they can inadvertently get pulled when they get tired of listening.
      1. Akhtuba73
        Akhtuba73 29 August 2013 08: 40
        Quote: duke
        LADY TO Damascus?

        In honor of him, the city was also named laughing The place to work there, and we’re calm here, otherwise the police will be renamed into gendarmes
      2. Russ69
        Russ69 29 August 2013 09: 45
        Quote: duke
        But they can inadvertently get pulled when they get tired of listening.

        And what is not an option ..? But then there will be an occasion to strike at militants. Maybe in this case, at least some benefit will be from DAM ...
    3. KazaK Bo
      KazaK Bo 29 August 2013 09: 16
      Quote: vadson
      Putin needs to take the lady for the ass, put on the plane and send to Damascus

      .... and the sooner, the better together with YARD ... but at least they will bring benefit ...
      At the same time, we will not announce that we will not fight for SYRIA, but if one of our citizens suffers, then ... We will defend the citizens of RUSSIA ... Until the last!
  7. dojjdik
    dojjdik 29 August 2013 08: 03
    in fact, on the site of the Israeli leadership of these sheikhs-traitors of their own people, it would be necessary to outweigh for a long time and confiscate all their good in favor of Israel (is it democratic?)
  8. domokl
    domokl 29 August 2013 08: 14
    We have been talking about the fact that the American currency is not backed up by anything for a long time. That the most powerful economy in the world is actually a soap bubble, which is preserved only because the dollar is the world currency too. And we also collapse of the United States as a monopolist in the production of banknotes predicted.
    And then all just who will agree to give up their dominant role without a struggle? Who will agree to the collapse of the country and the same trials that Russia has passed? Which means blood is needed. There is a lot of blood, much more than in the Second World War. And the wild east is the most real place the beginning of the mess. The current Bosnia 1014 of the year ...
    GREAT RUSSIA 29 August 2013 08: 37
    Sometimes I have thoughts that the West wants to create a single new caliphate state in the Middle East, in which there will be its own Hitler, which will unleash the third world war, but I somehow hardly believe it.
  10. Renat
    Renat 29 August 2013 08: 56
    About the World Government.
    "Those who killed our fathers,
    Have plans for our children. "
    You won’t throw words out of a song.
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. botsman80
    botsman80 29 August 2013 09: 25
    How were similar conflicts resolved before? The Black Sea Fleet went out and occupied anchorage in the eastern Mediterranean. Then he just stood and smoked ... And everything was decided in our favor. Yes, yes to OUR !!! As long as the interests of our country are not limited to the State Border. No sanction is necessary for anyone to put a fleet in the Levantine Sea. And Russia is only formidable from the rostrum ... Unfortunately ...
    1. Far East
      Far East 29 August 2013 11: 26
      Quote: botsman80
      And Russia is only formidable from the rostrum ... Unfortunately ...

      dear, a bullseye! good hi
  13. dimon-media
    dimon-media 29 August 2013 09: 28
    Yesterday at work I had a conversation with a man who had recently been demobilized. He served in the Black Sea Fleet, including some time on the missile cruiser Moskva. So, they somehow went to Syria under the guise of delivering a humanitarian cargo there. Like medicines, etc., but in the end they secretly unloaded weapons and ammunition. This is all I am talking about, I would very much like to believe that Syria is now armed to the teeth, from a Kalashnikov assault rifle to heavy weapons. SAM S-300, Yakhonts and so on. I'd like to believe that Syria will meet the "X" hour fully armed and give the aggressor a kick.
    1. Corsair
      Corsair 29 August 2013 10: 50
      Quote: dimon-media
      Yesterday at work I had a conversation with a man who had recently been demobilized. He served in the Black Sea Fleet, including some time on the missile cruiser Moskva. So, they somehow went to Syria under the guise of delivering humanitarian supplies there.

      It is very good that we are in solidarity with Syria ...BUT......

      Excuse me - I did not find any "information" confirming your comment regarding "the entry of GRK Moscow into the Syrian port and unloading of cargo" ...
      Besides the words "man", can you present something more significant?
  14. andrei332809
    andrei332809 29 August 2013 09: 31
    the article didn’t open anything new. There has already been material on this topic more than once that reveals the problem much wider. and few doubt that cash bonzes (whether Western or Eastern) are ready to bury half the world in order to save their pockets. it’s just in the east (in countries where they don’t take an example from the west) that they control their wealth, while in the west the rich control government
  15. Docent1984
    Docent1984 29 August 2013 09: 52
    Syria - because ultimately Russia. The Nazis did not go anywhere, they just moved overseas. It didn't work from the west, now they will try from the south. Doesn't it seem to respected site visitors that the picture is very similar to what happened in the late 30s. The same policy of "non-interference" on the part of the UN (like the League of Nations), the same gradual annexation of states that "disagree" (Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland / Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iran), the same futile efforts of Russia in an attempt to create collective security systems (which were undertaken by the USSR) - I personally see a clear similarity.
    And sadly, it seems about the same result ... One thing only adds optimism - the final result of those processes in Berlin 45go. Let's hope that the same fate awaits the mattresses.
  16. Ross
    Ross 29 August 2013 10: 38
    Quote: duke
    the author of the article forgot to add that one of the reasons for these events is to eliminate all serious neighbors of Israel, or sponsors against him, like Libya, for example,

    An attentive observer has long noticed Israel's role in the turmoil in Syria. The main customer of the "strike" is Israel and then the Saudis. Israel is solving a whole bunch of its "problems" - it draws the intractable Obama into a conflict with Iran, eliminates Assad, who supports Israel's most dangerous neighbor, Hezbalah. Without the support of Assad, Khikhbola loses its rear and supply base. So draw your conclusions.
  17. Egen
    Egen 29 August 2013 10: 43
    "The most paradoxical thing is that the West does not even want to consider alternative options."
    - What alternatives can there be? Either they - or we. The path in the modern world so far lies through energy. And this is the Middle East. Everything.

    IMHO, I do not understand all this hype about energy. Why fight for them if they are the sea? And in the literal and figurative sense. Those. there are many traditional ones, and constantly new ones are explored, and non-traditional ones - from shale to solar and marine energy. In my opinion, this problem is deliberately inflated, in fact, there is no problem at all. On the one hand, yes, consumption is increasing, but on the other, specific consumption is decreasing. See for yourself how much Zhiguli gasoline used to be in 75l.s. spent - and how much is the turbocharged engine in 200 bhp now, especially diesel - a lot less. On the whole, our Kuzbass remained at the same level of consumption as 30 years ago: only electricity consumption increased, and for example, gas even decreased due to the closure of a bunch of enterprises.

    I don’t understand the hype from China. China grew by American investment, most of the strategic Chinese enterprises are somehow managed by companies / people from the USA. Why do they do one thing with one hand and the other with the other? I have the only answer - to make more money on the problem created by ourselves. Or maybe it's the Masonic clans that divide the world between themselves - some for China, some for the United States - such as they were divided into England and the United States in 18в. No matter. The important thing is that we are enemies to them. And this is war. And being kind in the war (like Russia now) is just silly :(
    1. CCA
      29 August 2013 21: 05
      IMHO, I do not understand all this hype about energy. Why fight for them if they are the sea?
      The question is that the struggle is not for the possibility of producing hydrocarbons as much as possible, but for global control over the pricing of them, and hence for the ability to control the global economy ... And cutting off China from the uncontrolled replenishment of its economy with energy resources is also from this topic. .., to prevent China from developing more than the West can allow ... The countries entering this arc (if they are completely controlled by the West) just have that very natural component in hydrocarbon production, which will allow to dictate world prices market ... And even Russia, with its natural wealth, will not be able to influence this.
  18. Withoutdream
    Withoutdream 29 August 2013 11: 36
    To all the above, only one thing can be added: I would have circled red in Europe and Georgia, on the map attached to this article. To make it clear that the United States has long been our neighbors, not only from Alaska.
  19. adm656
    adm656 29 August 2013 11: 38
    The plan about the arc is certainly good ... and so far everything seems to be going as it should ... but if some screw falls out of the mechanism? How did it happen in Egypt ... because the military threw the American protege Mursi, and all the same, unexpectedly for everyone .. and suddenly there will be a man among the "revolutionaries" really with an iron will, an Arab Hitler, who will take all this warring mass into a fist and direct them against the masters? only a normal leadership ... yes, they are joined by thugs returning from Syria, who are able and eager only to kill, and even with chemical weapons in their hands ... Europe, with its soldiers in love with each other, with its same-sex families and population concerned only with LGBT rights -Community, will be swept by a wave of bearded, determined uncles who, first of all, will chop off the heads of these same gays along with the Camerons and Olands .. what then?
  20. uhu189
    uhu189 29 August 2013 11: 49
    But I’ve thought a little about something else - well, well, now everyone needs oil and gas. And what will happen in 20-30 years, anyone thinks? By this time, they are already planning the construction of the first commercial nuclear fusion nuclear power plants, even in years through 15 they will already be massively built in all technically developed countries, and the demand for traditional energy carriers will simply disappear - they will only be needed as raw materials for the chemical industry and fuel in those countries where technology will not allow the switch to nuclear energy. And is it worth the struggle for the shelves, the resources of the Arctic, of the efforts and means that are now invested in it, if in the future 30-40 years in the future there will be an inexhaustible source of energy? It’s not to cooperate with the whole world, so to speak, and to accelerate this moment - so no, let’s fight for oil and gas, gnawing each other’s throats, wasting time, resources and lives for the profit of oil companies that openly hamper the development of mankind for their own sake enrichment. These are the real enemies of humanity ...
    1. Egen
      Egen 30 August 2013 05: 36
      Quote: uhu189
      And what will happen in 20-30 years, anyone thinks?

      Here I am about the same. In "developed Asian countries" :) like Taiwan, I recently read it - a bunch of quite practical electric gas stations, they seem to say the number is comparable even to all the USA. They may be lying, but the very fact of the trend is important. Electricity itself is a more universal TYPE of energy, the SOURCE for it can be any, and as soon as the RECEIVERS of the system are sorted out, the value of oil will drop dramatically. The existing electric motors and batteries on cars - well, they don't roll ... but they are actively developing. Therefore, oil and gas is now a political instrument, but it is more far-sighted to start dealing with an alternative, that is, "substitute goods"
  21. Fedych
    Fedych 29 August 2013 12: 53
    I DO NOT think that the economic understanding of the issue is the most true and last. The basis of the conflict is spiritual, and even then it gives rise to an external economic consequence both in relation to views on oneself and on others and ways of relations with others. Being post-Christian and Europe and the USA, and before that having fallen from the knowledge and attempts of life according to the holistic teachings of the first Christian unified Church of the first century, they gave rise to atomism and infinity of throwing and searching for their spiritual and purpose, and meaning- and methods of achieving Lutherans in their implementation, Calvinists = in the beginning, more and more bustling Catholics, and then endless so-called charismatics from numerous Pentecostals, Baptists, Adventists and others completely dared all the frameworks, landmarks and goals of their lives and left only one thing - this world and life in it, according to the tradition and lust of this transient century. Hence theirs, namely, ancient Greek and other paganism, with the following of any of their lusts, whims and fantasies. This is their democracy. This was perfectly noted at the time by st. Nikolai Serbsky, comparing the asceticism of the paganism of China, India and ancient Greek debauchery.
  22. Fedych
    Fedych 29 August 2013 13: 20
    I apply this to the question of Syria. Syria, Egypt, Palestine is the homeland of the first Christian communities and churches, and monasticism, it is the homeland and teachings of Islam. Deacon A. Kuraev, in his book on missionary work, showed well that Islam of the period of confrontation of the emerging trends during the emergence of the so-called. a heresy, he was tolerant and patient with Christians, allowed them to high ranks in his administration, and provided security and guarantees .. Syria, a secular state, in it, after all, people from not one and not 2-3 religions coexisted, converging in this with the tradition of Russia. So, these are not just words that Syria, a certain fragment of Russia. And therefore, a blow to it, and a possible blow to Iran, is a blow to Russia. I explain and why, whether someone likes it or not, whether he accepts it or not, But the words, deeds and position of Vl. Putin in matters of international life was keen, clear and consistent Orthodox. Its essence, we are all brothers in deed and in deed, and must in deed and in deed both know and respect, and comply with the laws of this, say the UN. So, Syria and Iran, remaining themselves, not slaves, are our understanding, support and stronghold, the imposition of the protestantly perverted faith and the whole series of consequences arising from this in a much broken and fogged world. They are honest and defenseless children of their faith and our possible allies, albeit not in spirit, but in the possible not accepting all the perversions that are persistently imposed on Russia today. Even China and India cannot understand them like we do. And neither India nor China will understand us like that. I think that the top government of Russia has enough knowledgeable and wise people from advisers both in spirit and in spirit. I am sure that in the United States and Europe, there are millions of wonderful deeply believing and honestly decent people who do this and do this not from the desire for evil, but from a varying degree of ignorance, ignorance and delusion. The task of Russia is to briefly, clearly and consistently state its understanding of this issue both in theory and in practice. only. God! —Keep, lead and lead Russia, its authorities and its army!
  23. Yarosvet
    Yarosvet 29 August 2013 17: 00