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Tactical special occupation DOS Saturn

A week ago, I again visited the base OCH Saturn UFSIN of Russia in Moscow. My last report turned out to be quite successful, so I was invited to shoot more, but already occupations with another assault force.

I'll start with the obvious things. In itself, the special tactical occupation is often not at all a dynamic and exciting spectacle. This is a systematic and routine working out of the group's coherence and actions of each employee, this is the search for optimal solutions for a specific current situation.
Special tactical training does not directly provide ready-made solutions and permanent instructions. It contains only the principal, most important provisions and rules of the organization and the actions of the special forces, using which the commander of the assault squad makes independent decisions appropriate to the specific conditions of the situation.

Broneshit BON-6 from Armokom.

The branch is armed with AK-74М, 9А-91 and ПП-91.

This time, the department worked out training questions on the organization of the group’s penetration from the street into various premises, the entrance and the basement.

Especially paid attention to the various options to overcome obstacles and stairs in the group with besporitel.

Compact machine 9А-91.

In the course of the lesson, the instructor constantly adjusted the tasks, added new introductory ones, estimated the speed of decision making by the commander and the time the department adapted to the new conditions. The lesson took place, so to speak, in a playful way.

Submachine gun PP-91 Cedar.

Testing the group entrance to the basement

At the ready, comes the introductory and the conditions of the problem.

The main issues were: overcoming the steps, the actions of the capture group in the conditions of closed space at the entrance to the basement and the actions of the cover groups.

At the next training place, the entrance of the group to the large room was practiced. It is quite obvious that no one enters such a room without preliminary cleaning and using grenades or special equipment. But the instructor decided to see how the group would enter with a shield and clean the room. Here it is important how the group as a whole and each fighter will act in an unusual situation. What decision will make the commander, how will distribute the sector, how employees will work on their sectors, where to go and how to interact with each other.

Approximately this kind of villain opens.

A short break, although I prefer the expression "tactical pause".

Moving to another site, there will be working out the seizure of criminals who have taken refuge in a vehicle.

At the training site they decided to work out the capture of criminals in the case when both villains are sitting in the car on the one hand, and both groups are moving from the rear from one point. That is, there is no possibility of nominating one of the capture groups from the front, and the right side of the car is fully visible by the criminals.

In such an environment, it is important that both groups do not interfere with each other, because the distance between the front and rear doors is small. And it is also necessary to achieve synchronism of opening the doors, otherwise the back door and the opening will prevent the other employee from opening the front door.

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  1. Navy7981
    Navy7981 13 August 2013 10: 38
    Good day to all, Maybe someone will answer. I read (I don’t know if it is true or not) that Saturn was armed with AEK. Now, in connection with the Izhevsk monopoly, judging by the photo, the weapon has changed, but I would like to hear feedback from the military operation. I was lucky, I had a chance to shoot, I liked it, but the training ground is not a combat environment, and 30 rounds, you know, not much to draw any conclusions. Very interesting opinion of the pros.
  2. Vitya.
    Vitya. 13 August 2013 10: 43
    Cool photos.
  3. Terrible ensign
    Terrible ensign 13 August 2013 11: 18
    Well shown, moderately explained .... The guys are engaged. Very well.
  4. Atenon
    Atenon 13 August 2013 19: 58
    To put it mildly, Ak doesn’t look beautiful, perhaps the question of aesthetics is not so important when it comes to life and death. But still.
  5. Mika712
    Mika712 15 August 2013 17: 29
    The Greeks had recesses in their shields through which they poked their spears, while their arm remained protected.
    The photo shows that the machine gunner has to hold his hands outside the shield. Is it possible to make the shield a little wider with a hole for the barrel? Or will it interfere with moving the trunk up and down?