Military Review

Museum in Upper Pyshma-3

Here are the promised pictures from the building.

Lightweight armored car D-8 arr. 1931

BA-27 arr. 1927

BA-6 arr. 1936

BA-64B arr. 1942

GAZ-4 pickup

Ford GPA "Seep"

Studebaker M29C Weasel


Front end conveyor. Sorry, I did not have time to buy it.

"Bouquet" of mortars

Delahay vlr

Different typewriters and mockups of 1: 1 aircraft and something from the stands.

Tractor "Komsomolets". On the run!

Cab "Komsomolets"

And here is an update on the site. P-63 Kingcobra. I suspect that recovered.

That's about it. I don’t have enough time to upload photos of the museum completely, as I only got more 700 photos from the closing visit.
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  1. Hleb
    Hleb 20 July 2013 06: 33 New
    normal museum!
    “Excuse me,” he exclaimed with youthful importunity, “but there are no“ Loren Dietrichs ”in the run! I read in the newspaper that there are two “packards,” two “fiats,” and one “studentbacker.”
    - Go to hell with your Studebaker! Shouted Ostap. - Who is Studebaker? Is this your relative Studebaker? Dad is your Studebaker? What are you stuck to a person? He is told in Russian that “Studebaker” at the last moment is replaced by “Loren-Dietrich”, and he fools his head! Studebaker! "
    - Connoisseurs! It is necessary to kill such experts! "Studebaker" give him!
    1. studentmati
      studentmati 21 July 2013 22: 28 New
      The museum is simply gorgeous !!! good good good
      The more such museums will be in our state, and the more accessible they are, the stronger we will be!
  2. Canep
    Canep 20 July 2013 06: 35 New
    Advice to the author: to sign the photos and put them into sections (cars, armored vehicles, airplanes, etc.), and the photographer should use a professional camera (4 and 8 photo quality is lower than the baseboard), wait for the evening (so that the light from the windows does not interfere) and use the flash.
    In general, the selection is good but there are repetitions.
    1. Corsair
      Corsair 20 July 2013 10: 09 New
      Quote: Canep
      Advice to the author: to sign the photos and put them into sections (cars, armored vehicles, airplanes, etc.), and the photographer should use a professional camera (4 and 8 photo quality is lower than the baseboard), wait for the evening (so that the light from the windows does not interfere) and use the flash.
      In general, the selection is good but there are repetitions.

      This is just Sapper not entitled to error ...
      Excellent report, thanks to the author and the creators of the museum good
    2. Argon
      Argon 20 July 2013 10: 49 New
      Question: is it possible to achieve an orgasm (with a woman) in the square? Answer: It’s impossible, there are too many advisers. I’ll build a reserve, thanks, I promised, did it. The whole exposition is amazingly thematic in variety, the layouts of the planes leave mixed feelings (the “Kingcobra” layout too) but where are they (the originals) to take something, in short for the lack of fish, and King Kong, Alsou. I understand that the photo material is enough, I would like one more reportage, not so voluminous, but from the "feathers" that is. rarities, like an enemy machine gun, "Afghan" artifacts, if any, of course. And the article is certainly a plus. yes
      1. Reserve buildbat
        23 July 2013 11: 29 New
        let's try. A king-cobra can be brought from the Far East. There is an abandoned airfield with a dozen cores
    3. Zlodeey
      Zlodeey 20 July 2013 14: 07 New
      You can also see here, a good selection.
    4. Reserve buildbat
      23 July 2013 11: 28 New
      Waiting for the evening is unrealistic. Then go in the winter. The building is closed at 6 evenings. I used the flash, far from everywhere it saves. And about a professional camera - where can I get money for it? If for you 60-80 thousand for a decent device and a set of lenses is a penny, then for me it is too much. hi
  3. Andrew 121
    Andrew 121 20 July 2013 07: 44 New
    Thanks to the author for the tour.
  4. Akim
    Akim 20 July 2013 08: 29 New
    Even the words are missing - breathtaking. I envy those who saw it live!
    1. vlad1
      vlad1 20 July 2013 19: 56 New
      I completely agree with the previous speaker, it’s far to go, however
  5. Horde
    Horde 20 July 2013 08: 56 New
    Upper Pyshki is far located in the Urals, the suburbs of Yekaterinburg are driven by the Urals ...
    1. muk89
      muk89 20 July 2013 09: 37 New
      Verkhnyaya Pyshma. Our museum has a great Europe.
      1. Aleks tv
        Aleks tv 20 July 2013 10: 12 New
        Quote: muk89
        We have a great museum

        Yes, but remember how it all began?
        One line of several pieces of equipment along the road ... Nobody believed that slowly and without hurrying, you can make such a museum, thanks to the craftsmen from the workshop.

        Quote: muk89
        Upper Pyshma

        Tip: the emphasis on the last "a", otherwise it is possible for visiting tourists ...
        1. Andrey Yuryevich
          Andrey Yuryevich 21 July 2013 05: 12 New
          what stress is there ... you look that the Horde got too high ... laughing
      2. Kurkin
        Kurkin 23 July 2013 12: 14 New
        You have a really excellent museum, it was at a street exposition last summer, got a bunch of positive emotions. I myself am from Kamensk-Uralsky, 120 km to Verkhnyaya Pyshma. I must visit again, I did not know that the exposition was so seriously expanded.
    2. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 21 July 2013 05: 10 New
      Upper Pyshma!!! bast shoes .... the top donuts are- in girls))))
  6. Zheka Varangian
    Zheka Varangian 20 July 2013 09: 43 New
    Thanks to the author for the work done. Very interesting!
  7. Zheka Varangian
    Zheka Varangian 20 July 2013 09: 43 New
    Thanks to the author for the work done. Very interesting!
  8. Zheka Varangian
    Zheka Varangian 20 July 2013 09: 45 New
    Thanks to the author for the work done. Very interesting!
  9. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya 20 July 2013 09: 57 New
    Generally cool! There are even no comments !!!
  10. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 20 July 2013 10: 06 New
    Thanks, Stroybat stock.
    I was there in the winter, when the pavilion was not open, persuaded, we will have to go again, more equipment appeared on the street, mainly air, and look inside ...

    Pride takes for such a museum. Kozitsyn is doing a good job.
    1. ben gun
      ben gun 20 July 2013 12: 34 New
      The only sad thing about this museum is that the local people who work at the local UMMC believe that their entire staff went to this museum, and they are not happy about it.
      But the views of visitors, especially those far from military subjects, are pleasing, the exhibits show that they are impressed and something good awakens in them.
  11. Constantine
    Constantine 20 July 2013 10: 37 New
    Thanks to the author) Pleased in the morning! Excellent exposure, you will have to visit somehow :)

    By the way, 411 Moskvich in the station wagon body is not a killable thing. My neighbor had it until he sold it as a rarity) A machine, like a Russian tank - you’ll kill horseradish :)
    1. Akim
      Akim 20 July 2013 11: 09 New
      Quote: Constantine
      By the way, 411 Moskvich in the station wagon body is not a killable thing.

      I believe this is the first crossover in the world, not the Niva.
      1. Constantine
        Constantine 20 July 2013 17: 30 New
        Quote: Akim
        I believe this is the first crossover in the world, not the Niva.

        Yes, and it will be stronger than Niva)) We accidentally, like once, demolished a pole on it) A pillar fell, but nothing at all to the car) That's what high quality materials and workmanship mean)
      2. Reserve buildbat
        23 July 2013 11: 31 New
        But what about the "Victory M-72"? Isn't it a crossover?
  12. Dr.Serg
    Dr.Serg 20 July 2013 10: 48 New
    Friends were in this museum ... returned in complete awesome !!! THAT they did not expect from Verkhnyaya Pyshma ... I wish I could get there ...! Questions to the author of the article- I was interested in one exhibit, LaGG3 with board number 43, This is "... LaGG-3 of the 66th production series with board number "43", 9th IAP Black Sea Fleet, Crimea, spring 1944. The plane is attributed to the little-known ace Yuri Shipov ... "or its copy? And, they say, there is the rarest T 34-57 ?? Is this a real machine or the same copy ??
    1. shasherin_pavel
      shasherin_pavel 20 July 2013 13: 25 New
      LAG-3 if you look carefully, this is a model with an exact copy of the drawings of Shipov’s plane. We didn’t even bother to make the chassis in more detail, and instead of the exhaust pipes of the motor, the pipes are curved, the Po-2 brought the motor, the Ba-10 brought the parameters of the body feed tower it doesn’t correspond to the original on an armored car, but it’s good that there is such a museum. Yes, the DP magazine does not have a feed spring, although it matches the number of rounds, but it does not show the full design.
    2. Reserve buildbat
      23 July 2013 11: 32 New
      The building has only model airplanes. It can be seen even by the thickness of the suspension cables. hi
  13. smiths xnumx
    smiths xnumx 20 July 2013 11: 09 New
    SUMPTUOUSLY!!! I just can’t pick up any other words. Many thanks and a well-deserved plus to the author for an excellent photo review. Would go there! Best regards! hi
  14. Starover_Z
    Starover_Z 20 July 2013 12: 28 New
    Quote: smiths xnumx
    SUMPTUOUSLY!!! I just can’t pick up any other words. Many thanks and a well-deserved plus to the author for an excellent photo review. Would go there! Best regards! hi

    I join the opinion of Roman! Great!
    To the organizers of the museum THANKS HUMAN THANKS !!! yes
  15. nirab
    nirab 20 July 2013 12: 30 New
    Thanks to the author for the tour, thanks to those people who worked on the restoration of rarities! The pride is that in Upper Pyshma, probably a small town, the museum is more interesting than in the 24th million Shanghai!
  16. RoadRunner
    RoadRunner 20 July 2013 12: 39 New
    The exhibits are wonderful.
    Many thanks to the author for his efforts. good
  17. Jarilo
    Jarilo 20 July 2013 12: 45 New
    Great museum!
    Thanks to Kazitsin Andrei Anatolyevich, he does an important job, a deep bow to him.

    One upsets in our museums (the other day was in the Tula Museum of Arms), there are no exhibits that can be turned in hand. There are rare samples (fuseys, squeals, etc.) here it is clear. But Mosinki, Nagany, TT, SVT, DP-26, millions of them rot in warehouses, but it would be interesting for the child to hold it in his hands, to click the shutter!
    In Kubinka, in an armored car, a beautiful exposition, but everything is fenced with a red rope, you can’t get into a tank. (Well, like lunch on TV). And it’s not cheap now in museums either. (Tula - 400 rubles, it’s unprofitable to go with a family)

    PS. Museum workers, well, make part of the exhibits accessible not only to the eyes, but also to the hands!
  18. omsbon
    omsbon 20 July 2013 12: 48 New
    No doubt, a great museum!
    Praise be to its creator and many thanks!
    I really hope to go there!
  19. Leksander
    Leksander 20 July 2013 13: 00 New
    The author, THANKS !!!
  20. chehywed
    chehywed 20 July 2013 15: 33 New
    Thank. Interesting tour. It’s a pity that the information plates are not always readable. And the rest is a “rechpekt”!
  21. Des10
    Des10 20 July 2013 16: 19 New
    Stunned !!! Thank.
    From me only 130 km and did not know. I take my family and the next weekend - to the museum.
    Thanks again.
    "The principal position of the creators of the museum is that the technology of fascist Germany and the countries that fought on its side will never appear in it.
    Entrance to the museum is free. "
  22. sichevik
    sichevik 20 July 2013 16: 46 New
    In Zaporozhye there is a gun shop "Diana". Its owner - M. Schleifer collected a very good collection of knives. There (in the store, on the second floor), his collection is also explored. Who will be in Zaporozhye, I recommend to visit. Located on Lenin Avenue, near the riverport.
  23. Raphael_83
    Raphael_83 20 July 2013 17: 05 New
    Great selection of materials, thanks! The line with retro cars is generally a delight!
    We were pleased with the stands with the DT (Degtyarev tank) on the bipod and with pistols, the one on which the TK (Tula, Korovina). Stands with awards and edged weapons wake up something like that in the shower fellow .
    The only doubt is:
    - on that picture where PDM arr. 1944, it costs the most that RP-46 ("company machine gun mod. 1946") with the tape drawn into the receiver (along with the MG-34/42 prototype of modern single / universal machine guns), I'm sorry, well, neither with which you can not confuse it, the carrying handle is again characteristic. Either I accepted the excess today, or somewhere the overlay ... request
  24. Yuri11076
    Yuri11076 20 July 2013 17: 17 New
    Gorgeous, thanks to the author. Article +.
  25. Frogmesser
    Frogmesser 20 July 2013 17: 55 New
    The museum is unique !!! Maya participated in the opening and parade (he proudly sat in the carriage of the above-mentioned “student” photo9). For almost ten years I have been engaged in military-historical reconstruction and many museum exhibits for the first time !!! I saw "in the metal", and not in the photo or frames of the chronicle. PS In this collection of photographs, only a small part of the exhibits (exhibited directly in the museum building), on the territory are presented helicopter, aircraft, air defense systems, deck weapon systems, artillery, cutting with diesel submarines ..... Words can’t convey, just emotions.
  26. 420482
    420482 20 July 2013 18: 06 New
    A wonderful selection of photos, a museum for which there is no price and to which Serdyukov did not reach. For the author, the front end conveyor LuAZ-967M. He appeared in the films "Afghan Break" and "9th Company". In general, the author is a huge plus for such a selection!
    1. Reserve buildbat
      23 July 2013 11: 35 New
      The front-line conveyor I personally met on the street. smile But I did not have time to buy something. there was no money on time
  27. aud13
    aud13 20 July 2013 18: 15 New
    We used to have a museum in the church in Sverdlovsk in the Green Grove. Often they went there with the boys. A tank stood in front of the T-34 church. They covered everything, it was a pity the louis were brewed, they were not inside. Well, in the museum itself, too, the selection was not bad military-patriotic.
    Now they have given the church away, some kind of monastery there, and the exposition has been divided into several museums. I wanted to show the children everything, but I was tortured. We arrived at the weekend, but for some reason work until 17-00?
    In childhood there were some ridiculous pennies that had to be paid for entry and at least go all day.
    Now the whole exposition is divided into 4 separate museums, you can go separately. But something a little expensive there somehow seemed to walk on all floors, and on those on which I walked - it is clear that the volume of materials somehow decreased.
    And here I saw even surprised, it would be necessary to go and bring your little one. This is interesting and brings up patriotism.
    1. smiths xnumx
      smiths xnumx 20 July 2013 23: 39 New
      We have in Nizhny, also an exhibition in the Kremlin: 2 T-34-85, BA-64, SU-76, ZiS-3, ZiS-2, GAZ-AA, GAZ-67B, 120-mm mortar, though post-war with a fuse on the barrel, a parody of Katyusha based on the ZiS-5, 85-mm anti-aircraft gun, La-7, S-13 cabin. The car factory is T-70. Sormovo T-34-85 and the first Soviet tank "Freedom Fighter Comrade Lenin" (Russian Renault), and on Zhukov Square BTR-70, M-30, D-44, a 160-mm mortar of 1943 and 120 -mm mortar .. At the military registration and enlistment office of the Nizhny Novgorod region MiG-19, at the 21st plant and at the exit from the Strigino airport 2 MiG-17. Even in the Koverninsky district there is ISU-152 in the village of Sukhonoska, and T-30 was put in the village of Gavrilovka M-55, in Vetluga, there was a tank school in the war where actor Mikhail Pugovkin studied. Now the truth is there is Victory Park on Nizhnevolzhskaya Embankment, next to the springboard (Nizhny Novgorod will understand), supposedly there are L-29, S-60, Su-17 BMP-1, etc., but I wasn’t there, so I won’t say anything . Yours faithfully! hi
  28. waisson
    waisson 20 July 2013 19: 26 New
    someone criticizes the author and I will say my photo I watched with enthusiasm regardless of the quality I will be in those parts I will definitely be in the museum I didn’t hear about the museum but I understood from the photo that there is something to watch in Saratov, an exhibition of military and civilian equipment in the open air on Sokolovaya Hill, but not on the same scale, but there is also something to look at. Thank you !!!!
  29. Garrin
    Garrin 20 July 2013 19: 43 New
    THANKS TO THE AUTHOR !!! I really liked it. Thank God that Serdyukov did not get there.
  30. Spstas1
    Spstas1 20 July 2013 19: 56 New
    Great museum! The soul rejoices looking at the exhibits, the decor and the interior!
  31. 3 inches.
    3 inches. 20 July 2013 19: 59 New
    I recommend the AvtoVAZ museum in Tolyatti. Of course there are not many rarities, but the exposition is huge. Let's say it’s from an armored train to a submarine, and the whole one. Of rarities I’ll note the Skoda factory’s T38. True, a piece of pipe cannon. A modern museum can’t be bypassed in just one day. Very big.
  32. Galan
    Galan 20 July 2013 21: 50 New
    "Front End Conveyor. Sorry I didn’t have time to buy it."

    TPK LUAZ 967 1988 onwards on E1 there are offers for sale and in my opinion even in Krasnoufimsk for 200 tr
  33. navy33
    navy33 20 July 2013 22: 35 New
    I welcome everyone! The photos are gorgeous, especially where the melee weapons. Thanks to the organizers of the museum and the Stroybat reserve hi
  34. Volodya Sibiryak
    Volodya Sibiryak 20 July 2013 22: 41 New
    Well done Ural people, how long has a museum existed?
    1. Aleks tv
      Aleks tv 20 July 2013 23: 13 New
      Quote: Volodya Sibiryak
      How long has the museum existed?

      For a long time, approximately in 2005-2006.
      On personal initiative and with the money of Kozitsin, head of the UMMC.

      Initially, it was several units of armored vehicles from the Second World War, they stood in a row at the fence of the enterprise right next to the sidewalk of Pyshma Street.
      Then they expanded, took a separate platform.
      The pavilion was introduced in the spring, in winter it was still under construction.
      A whole workshop is under restoration at Uralelectromedi.
      Currently, there are many modern weapons. There is a T-80 birch, there is also the "Serpent Gorynych", a torpedo boat, aircraft ... to the fig everything.
      It was in the winter, when the Skud analog was dragged there after removal from service.

      The monument with cranes is impressive during ... This story is somehow connected with his father (Kozitsyna), I don’t know for sure, I don’t want to compose, maybe someone will clarify.
      Admission is free.

      Stroybat stock hammer that laid out so carefully all the parts.
  35. Misantrop
    Misantrop 20 July 2013 23: 10 New
    Yes, the museum is chic, you rarely see such. And even the 667 BDRMK model was found there
  36. Maxim86
    Maxim86 21 July 2013 04: 29 New
    Twice was in the tank museum in Kubinka. Upset by the lack of the ability to get around the equipment around to consider completely. Here is the same picture.
  37. DPN
    DPN 21 July 2013 06: 37 New
    I didn’t know that such a museum exists, thanks for showing it, I’ll try to visit it, Thank you.
  38. niskifss
    niskifss 21 July 2013 10: 48 New
    das ist gut !!
  39. individual
    individual 21 July 2013 18: 47 New
    Thank you for the selection of photos personally "stock construction battalion."
    I would like to know the name was the founder of the museum.
    Special thanks to him.
    I organized a museum on a voluntary basis, so faced with such obstacles that it was time to abandon the idea.
    The museum’s council had various representatives conditionally: “for the Reds or the Whites,” for the glorification of only a kind of tribe. Artists, designers saw the location of the expositions and exhibits from different angles and did not compromise. There were other troubles, both legal and ethical.
    I was over the battle of creators and got my share of negativity for the entire period of the museum’s organization. The museum was opened and the administration! received flattering reviews for "help" in organizing the museum.
  40. shpuntik
    shpuntik 21 July 2013 23: 52 New
    It will be necessary to visit Pyshma. The author was interested, well done, he worked hard. Pyshma "respect and respect" good
  41. Jedi
    Jedi 22 July 2013 07: 38 New
    yes a good museum and thanks to the author
  42. Kukota
    Kukota 22 July 2013 08: 44 New
    Well ... for not hands shaking! smile
    Was recently in Yekaterinburg. I learned about this museum when I arrived from there ...
  43. Poppy
    Poppy 22 July 2013 16: 27 New
    great museum, sorry far, probably not get
  44. mithridate
    mithridate 22 July 2013 20: 13 New
    excellent photo report; sorry that the signatures are not read
  45. Reserve buildbat
    23 July 2013 11: 40 New
    If you do a full photo essay with signatures for each exhibit, then these three parts will not fit smile We have to make new huge material with the repetition of photos (and maybe with new ones). It will take a lot of time, but do you need it? hi

  46. kotvov
    kotvov 24 July 2013 19: 37 New
    Thanks to the author! Waiting, I think not one, continuation. Wish: at least a brief description of the photo. GOOD LUCK!
  47. 094711601
    094711601 25 July 2013 18: 05 New
    People love their country! And thank them so much for this-THANKS!
  48. Des10
    Des10 30 July 2013 20: 57 New
    He promised - visited, three cars, 4 families - spent the day there. Not just impressed, but the joy of the approach to organizing the museum - admission is free everywhere, there are exhibits specifically for photographing (machine guns, a motorcycle), modern air conditioning systems (a museum!), Many holographic encyclopedias (for equipment, weapons, awards). In the basement electronic shooting range, T-34 simulator, buffet.
    In general, you can see - they did not spare money for the museum and invested their souls ...
    But armored vehicles - a lot only in the pictures and saw.
    Thanks to the plant, people and Reserve buildbat - for the photo story (I got a little less).
  49. Dan
    Dan 6 September 2013 15: 35 New
    Yes, in Komsomolets "do not fall apart" but there is a photo of the shooter ???
    1. Reserve buildbat
      19 September 2013 08: 16 New
      Photo shooter could not be done. And so I had to photograph with outstretched arms, bending over the fence rope. Though it turned out, and thanks for that. In general, 4 once visited this museum, again pulls. It will be necessary to somehow choose a nice day, and slide. Maybe something new will appear.