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Dushmanskie propaganda leaflets, Afghan war (1979-1989)

Anti-Soviet propaganda of the Afghan Mujahideen, the war in Afghanistan 1979-1989. The leaflets were apparently sent to the local population and the army of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. The text is not much, or not at all. Illiterate cattle in pictures let them study the image of the enemy, and even then they will open the school of something good, read it ...

Dushmanskie propaganda leaflets, Afghan war (1979-1989)

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  1. George
    George 22 July 2013 07: 23
    In courses whose propaganda.
    1. Hon
      Hon 22 July 2013 08: 23
      Our masks of death also came into fashion, there was an article on the teachings of the FSIN special forces, several fighters in these were.
  2. George
    George 22 July 2013 07: 54
    Plowmen opium growers! Fight with weapons in your hands, for your right to breed poppy! Mountain wheat fields are shown to the layman to the horizon ...
  3. George
    George 22 July 2013 07: 57
    And this is a direct battle for Iwo Jima (I copied the post signatures from the site, but you can’t say more precisely)
  4. makst83
    makst83 22 July 2013 08: 13
    propaganda a la goebels! Surely printed in Pakistan, on the US allocation!
    1. carbofo
      carbofo 22 July 2013 12: 02
      I have no doubt that it was just like that, monkeys could not draw such thoughtful drawings !!.
  5. Onotollah
    Onotollah 22 July 2013 08: 49
    Quote: makst83

    Yes, you're right, you feel the hand of a professional.
    It is unlikely that illiterate farmers will draw that.
  6. Igarr
    Igarr 22 July 2013 09: 10
    Ominous drawings, I must say.
    Professionals plowed, apparently.
    Interestingly, and now there are any leaflets there?
    The question, I feel it - does not need an answer.
  7. Grenz
    Grenz 22 July 2013 09: 38
    Yes, there’s no need to guess. What does the style - KUKRINIKSY. What is not visible from which country self-portraits were drawn. In one workshop they were preparing.
    We also did leaflets, but not so primitive. Because they were made far from the front end. How does a simple dekhanin know what Andropov or other features of our life looked like.
    Ours took into account the history of the people.
    Firstly. A simple Afghan will never pick up a leaf from the ground. And we abandoned the agitation mines and lamination from helicopters, only from hand to hand (see photo).
    The second one. Afghans got used to the black-and-white image and we subsequently refused color leaflets.
    Thirdly. We are not so rude in the drawings. Ordinary people even at the level of feudal development of such artistic rudeness can not stand.
    Fourth. The leaflets did the most urgent - for example, about water and land reform. Situation - Bai fled to Iran, and Dekhan is still afraid to divert water from irrigation ditches to their fields. Explained.
    Etc. Somewhere ours are preserved. I'll post it on occasion.
    1. Argon
      Argon 22 July 2013 13: 12
      I'm waiting with interest, because. in general, I have little idea of ​​how it is possible to agitate without literate people living, in fact, in a feudal society, with leaflets. In my opinion, our (sorry, I don’t want to offend) propaganda in August did not achieve its goals in most cases. Maybe it was necessary to act through religion, Do you understand correctly, I am not saying anything, I ask. If now many of the "former" Mujahideen express themselves, they say, we fought with the wrong ones, then it means that you didn’t work on it then?
      1. Grenz
        Grenz 22 July 2013 17: 29
        Now on vacation, I’ll come and try to lay out samples, since they are interested. Of course, I agree with you - there will be no masterpieces, but not popular art. The main task is not to debunk the image of the enemy - it is useless (in any village the woman has one son in the tsaranda and the other among the Mujahideen. That is how the status quo was preserved). Explained the most urgent things: how to be treated and for whom; where to get rice for sowing and from whom it is; where it learns to read and write, etc. By the way, leaflets were not the most important campaign. Here you are right. The main thing is actions and deeds. For the murder of a Bulgarian (they built roads and schools there) the death penalty was due, the same for the murder of a doctor. This is by decision of the Mujahideen themselves. In this ulus, we were receiving patients. One woman (came with a guide) was washed with peroxide and instilled with atropine, the next day he came by himself, brought a ram and said that we can go back safely - there will be no attack. Here is people's diplomacy. Graduates of a medical school after graduation (we knew and took this into account) for the most part fell into harems of spirits. And we did not touch Kali Kudus when he visited him. Holy work for a man. And he understood this and forgave us a lot.
        That's roughly how relations were built between us, power and spirits. There was no ideology like these leaflets. By the way, I have not seen a single one there.
        And the boy in the photo is a youth activist. After we left, they cut off his head. Here is the power of the word.(They offered to leave with us - he stayed. And there were a lot of such people. There is no need to vulgarize everything - they are pure-hearted people. There were a lot of them. And we betrayed them when we left).
        It would be a dummy, probably, did not pay attention to him.
    2. carbofo
      carbofo 22 July 2013 18: 20
      Kukryniksy is the essence and style of a satirical comic book, in principle, in style it is very similar to military posters, and this style was very different in Germany and in the states and we just had different content.
      1% 8B
      The principles of campaigning are generally the same everywhere, only the material and its presentation for specific groups of people differ.
  8. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya 22 July 2013 10: 07
    The Pansher lion later admitted that it was wrong in the fight against the Soviets, because the Soviets were developing the country, schools and enterprises were opened (some of them still work), and after the union left, it was only ruin.
    1. omsbon
      omsbon 22 July 2013 10: 55
      Quote: Prapor Afonya
      Pansher lion later admitted his wrong in the fight against advice,

      Expensive egg for Christ's Day.
      Thinking ahead is not a bad habit for "lions", it is a pity that they are strong in hindsight.
      1. RPD
        RPD 22 July 2013 21: 12
        Yes, then his Taliban took the eggs
  9. bazilio
    bazilio 22 July 2013 11: 12
    Hmm, a very interesting work. I agree with the comrades - the authorship of these leaflets is immediately guessed.
  10. Yeraz
    Yeraz 22 July 2013 11: 31
    Cool drawings))) laughed for a long time))
  11. Denis
    Denis 22 July 2013 12: 35
    Anti-Soviet propaganda of Afghan mujahideen
    Is diplomacy enough?
    More precisely, tolerance, and on the great and mighty hypocrisy. The propaganda is spiritual, they have a powerful printing base and a couple of offices for ideological warfare.
    Fear of offending our likely friends? So they are already deeply offended (the concept of criminal jargon) and we have never been friends and are unlikely to be
    in the USA, money for waging war against the Kabul government and the Soviet Army was spent both through the CIA and the Agency for International Development (modern USAID) [5]. In addition, part of the funds spent as earmarked to help refugees were eventually transferred to the leaders of the armed opposition, and therefore should be included in the statistics on financing the war.
    So let's call the blacks nergs
  12. smiths xnumx
    smiths xnumx 22 July 2013 13: 52
    Looking at what is happening in Afghanistan now, the words of one American president come to mind: "It's just a pleasure to watch how Afghans armed with outdated weapons are fighting one of the strongest armies in the world." And even when viewing these leaflets, one recalls the "Rambo-3" film dedicated to the heroic people of Afghanistan, in which the animal-like Soviet soldiers "papacha" and "uchanka", under the leadership of a bearded colonel in a leather jacket, who speaks purely Russian: "Spettsnyaz Immediately "and a bear-like warrant officer, they exterminate peaceful defenseless Afghan children and women. Until the" American hero "Rambo appears, together with the brave" Mujahideen "dashing cavalry attack (where there is Budyonny), smashing a tank column of stupid" Ryusky ". Yours faithfully! hi
    1. Marat
      Marat 22 July 2013 18: 15
      By the way, I also "advise" to watch the movie "The Star of the Soldier" - this is from the same opera. Ours are unshaven, dressed in caps from the Second World War, they drink vodka in the canteen, well, I will not talk about the fact that civilians are being killed and raped. the main character, being captured by dushmans, generally becomes the happiest person in the world.
  13. Humpty
    Humpty 22 July 2013 16: 20
    This is an appeal to the most illiterate Muslims. "Literate" Muslims know for sure that the image of a person is a terrible sin and believe that if someone missed the evening prayer, then the shaitan has urinated in his ears.
  14. FunkschNNX
    FunkschNNX 22 July 2013 16: 58
    Children of the mountains, what to take from them.
  15. ando_bor
    ando_bor 22 July 2013 17: 19
    Somewhere I have, a memo to a warrior - an internationalist.
    But there are no pictures.
  16. xomaNN
    xomaNN 22 July 2013 18: 41
    A selection of agitation - a look!
  17. D9630
    D9630 23 July 2013 12: 55
    Our wars, the internationalists who fought in Afghanistan, are heroes, and the bloodthirsty s who attacked Iraq are ruthless imperialists. Do they look like "double standards"? By the way, I'm sure that the Soviet army killed many more innocent souls in Afghanistan than in the wars in Iraq, Yugoslavia, and Afghanistan.
    1. Marat
      Marat 23 July 2013 17: 10
      But you do not know that in Afghanistan at that time there was a civil war in which the Afghan people were killing each other, but for some reason everyone hangs on the Soviet army.
    2. azov
      azov 26 July 2013 19: 24
      you are liberators, it’s like Romanians for Hitler - the third grade, not marriage. We, unlike you, did not destroy the innocent.
  18. beifall
    beifall 27 July 2013 06: 39
    The most terrible and unnecessary war started by the "eternally young and healthy" members of the Politburo, who wanted to build "developed socialism" in a country where the 14th century is on the calendar ?????????????? But all who fought are heroes !!!!!!!!!!
    1. vBR
      vBR 28 July 2013 01: 51
      Why is it "the most terrible and unnecessary"? There could be some technical flaws and even individual failures, but so what? Didn't the USSR need a friend along its southern borders (consider also that Pakistan had American air bases and ballistic missiles)? On the contrary, I consider the withdrawal of Soviet troops to be criminal - all the achievements (and sacrifices) were wasted, and the friendly regime was doomed.
  19. Kovrovsky
    Kovrovsky 5 August 2013 17: 52
    Quote: makst83
    propaganda a la goebels! Surely printed in Pakistan, on the US allocation!

    Customer name on leaflet: Afghanistan International Islamic Front.