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"Cannibals Shaitan." As the United States and its allies, the “fifth column” in Iran created

"Cannibals Shaitan." As the United States and its allies, the “fifth column” in Iran created

After the September 11 terrorist attack on 2001, Afghanistan and Iraq have fully experienced what it means to be on the list of states in the Washington Axis of Evil.

Pillars of American armored vehicles standing on the streets of Baghdad — then they could still “park” even in the narrow streets of Saddam City, dashing rangers striking Tora Bora, the transshipment base of the Afghan mojaheds ... The picture of the victorious march of American military power was present on TV screen daily. The pro-American public was overwhelmed with delight, because “we have no barriers in the desert and in the mountains,” and Pax Americana in the Middle East seemed so attainable!

And the words of Israeli politician Shimon Peres, spoken to American journalist Walter Rogers, sounded at the time with a scratching note: "We are pleased that your country intends to fight Iraq, but we would prefer you to attack Iran." I think that the King of Saudi Arabia and the Emir of Qatar would subscribe to these words. But - not grown together. Therefore, the stakes were made on an undeclared war against the Islamic Republic of Iran, on creating a “fifth column” in it, on run-in tools of “creeping coups” - inciting discord between the Shiite majority and the Sunni minority, creating a situation of internal instability. The conditions for waging such a war are a strategist's dream: the American contingents in Iraq and Afghanistan, the unsinkable “Arabian aircraft carrier”, that is, the seemingly unbreakable alliance of the monarchies of the Persian Gulf, considered pro-American Pakistan, pro-Western and increasingly anti-Iranian Azerbaijan ...

Separatism is a great tool for destabilization, especially in a country where there are national minorities.

In 2003, the report of the Institute for American Entrepreneurship that the device for Iran, of course, after the overthrow of the existing regime, will be a federative device “of the Yugoslav type”, became public. Well, if an idea appeared, then it must be implemented. In the same year, two nationalist organizations emerged on the western and eastern borders of Iran - the Kurdish and Baluchi, the Free Life Party of Kurdistan - PJJK and Jundalla - the Soldiers of Allah, the Sunja mojaheds. It is difficult to get rid of the impression that they seemed to come out of the same incubator. Similar slogans: protection of the rights of the oppressed by the “bloody regime of the ayatollahs” of the Kurdish, Baluchi, and also Sunni minorities. Similar methods to achieve these goals: armed struggle. Similar foreign policy orientation: USA.

But the main thing was not even that. The origin of these organizations is covered with fog, as if they appeared out of nowhere, but already armed, prepared for guerrilla warfare and having supply bases beyond the borders of Iran.

However, frankly pro-American position of the activists of PSJK did not look at that time something unusual. The de facto creation of a Kurdish state in Iraq by Americans was inspiring. “For me personally, probably as well as for most Kurds, the best president in all history The United States was and will remain a Republican - George W. Bush - wrote at the time one of the supporters of the creation of Kurdistan. “The Bush President is a true Christian and an idealist.” The first "Kurdish" US president.

Kurds thank Bush for what he has done for them. And in gratitude for this, they consider him one of the greatest in the entire history of the United States, naming just as “Mr. Azadi,” that is, “Mr. Liberty.”

Is it any wonder that such warm feelings of the United States decided to use what is called "in full" by sending the activity of Iranian Kurds to the right direction for Washington.

The task of the maximum of its activities was the creation of Kurdistan, which unites the Kurdish areas of the Greater Middle East.

Well, the minimum task was voiced by one of the separatist leaders, Salahaddin Mohtadi: “One of the goals of the Kurdistan Free Life Party is to create a broad coalition between Kurdish parties and factions against the central government in Iran.”

He was echoed by the representative of the Kurdish "educated class" Farhad Pirbal: "I am sure that the day will come when the Iranian people will be freed from the current dictatorship." The leaders of the Kurdish "irreconcilable" believed and believe that "the Iranian government plans to create a global Islamic state, destroying the cultural values ​​of our people." Hence the conclusion: the path to the creation of Kurdistan lies through the overthrow of the current government in Tehran and the destruction of the state system of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The implementation of the PJRC project was regarded by the political elites of Washington as successful. US Congressman Dennis Kucinich 18 April 2006 of the year sent a letter to President George W. Bush, in which he spoke of the need for increased support and increased cooperation with this organization. A few months later, it became clear that the US military and Israelis were cooperating with Kurdish separatists, providing them with equipment, training them and receiving intelligence information from them.

In August, 2007, the leader of the Social Security Committee, Abdul Rahman Haji-Ahmadi, visited Washington and held talks with US officials. A peculiar outcome of this meeting, the details of which were not disclosed, was an increase in the number of foreign instructors in the camps of "Kurdish refugees" in Iraq, an increase in the effectiveness of their partisan war tactics against Iranian security forces and qualitative improvements - the appearance of RPGs and large-caliber machine guns - in the "party" arsenals militants "on the Iran-Iraq border.

Speaking of Washington’s direct support of Kurdish separatists from the PJAK, it is necessary to say about one “slippery” point related to the financing of this organization’s activities. Western media are trying to convince the world that this money is a voluntary donation of Kurdish diasporas in Europe and Kurdish businessmen in Iran.

There is such an immutable law in the activities of the special services of the whole world: if a “window” appears on the border, which was smuggled by smugglers and drug couriers, then it will inevitably fall under the control of unfriendly special services and subversive elements.

The corridor on the western border of Iran, through which smuggling and drug trafficking were going on, since the mid-2000s, has been saddled by activists of the PJAK. And they made every effort to install the roof over this corridor. Of course, drug dealers had to negotiate cooperation and distribution of shares, but here the Kurdish separatists smuggled themselves under smuggling. And such activities at the curators from the United States caused only approval: an ally can and should be supported financially, but if he switches to self-financing, then this is generally excellent.

Given that PSZhK and Dzhundalla components of one project were created by the same specialists, according to the same patterns, in their “color” there is still a serious difference. PSGK was designed as a nationalist organization, but a secular one. It is this “secularism” and the orientation on liberal values ​​declared by the party leadership that makes the Western media shyly keep silent about the participation of Kurdish extremists in drug trafficking, smuggling and other very unattractive things. The creation of the Jundalla pursued, among other things, the goal of stirring up a conflict between Sunnis and Shiites. Yes, control over Iranian Baluchistan is important for the United States, and the resistance of the Baluch-Sunnis is of great importance for Western intelligence agencies, who view it as a tool to destabilize the regime in Tehran. But it would be wrong to consider “Jundallu” exclusively as an “American project”. It is also part of a broader plan of “salafization” of the region, for the implementation of which the monarchies of the Persian Gulf are working, led by the royal house of Saudi Arabia and ... Al-Qaida. Jundallah has become an example of the touching "militant fraternity" of Washington and those whom it declared to be "enemies of civilization."

The US approach to this “hot spot” is exclusively “Afghan”, the one from the 80s of the last century, when the USA and Islamic extremism hand in hand waged war against the USSR in Afghanistan. As in the war of the superpowers, which can only be called “cold” by mistake, the principle “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” outweighed everything else for Washington. The situation with the support of Jundalla was very accurately described by former CIA officer Robert Baer, ​​who had worked in the Middle East for almost twenty years: “The irony is that we are working with Sunni fundamentalists again, just like in the eighties in Afghanistan.”

The proximity of the operational theater "Jundallah" to Afghanistan and Pakistan has greatly facilitated for the United States the training and supply operations for the militants of this organization.

After the militants in 2005 managed to organize the shelling of the motorcade of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - then one of his bodyguards died - the CIA was convinced that with proper training of the militants, this organization has great prospects.

The training involved the units of American and British special forces that were in Afghanistan. In 2007, Washington has ensured that the Pakistani army and intelligence services, which already had their hands on the Taliban, also assisted the militants. The American special forces coordinated the terrorist activities of the militants, provided their actions with technical support, while the US Army and British special forces' deep intelligence groups were active in southeastern Iran, while the Jundall militants were engaged in providing these raids.

It remained only to solve the issue of financing. There were certain difficulties, “sponsoring” Jundalli activists was directly difficult due to their reputation, the scandal could turn out to be large-scale. As in the case of PSZhK, there was only one way out: the transfer of Jundalli to self-financing. Abdulmalek Riga, the then leader of the organization, spoke frankly about what this process was: “Jundalla is involved in smuggling Iranian diesel fuel into Afghanistan and Pakistan. Diesel fuel there is five times more expensive than Iranian prices. Opium, which is then sold in Iran, is exchanged for money raised - or for diesel fuel itself.

As for drug trafficking, the activities of Jundalli in the southeast and PSLC in the north-west of Iran, coordinated by the Americans, created an excellent corridor for drug trafficking of Afghan heroin, part of which was spent on the “liberation struggle”. Apparently, the financial problems for the 2010 year have already been resolved. Abdulhamid Rigi, "the head of the press service" and the younger brother of the leader, as they say, "with a clear eye," stated that in the case of receiving assistance from the West, "Jundallah" is capable of not taking Tehran for a week, then clear Iranian army and special services the entire province Sistan-Baluchistan and declare its independence from Iran.

But in parallel with American aid, Salafi ideology actively penetrated into the ranks of the organization.

Counting on keeping Riga and its militants under control, and even connecting Pakistani intelligence to work with them, the CIA and the US administration completely forgot about the lessons of Afghanistan.

The fact that the radical Salafi ideology that the Western curators had previously cherished in action films, sooner or later will lead to the situation when Jundalla gets out of control.

In October 2009, militants blew up an office building in Zahedan, Sistan-Baluchestan province, which killed 40 people and injured around 100. Western experts, who had been favorably disposed towards the “Dzhundalla”, began to express their concern that the “fighters for the rights of oppressed minorities” were somehow very bloody. There were voices that these are not “freedom fighters”, but frank Salafis, like the Taliban and Pakistan’s Al Qaeda. “Suddenly” it became known that the organization is connected with drug trafficking ...

In the White House and Langley began to realize that the leader of the militants began to act on their program. In short, the fate of Abdulmalek Riga was sealed. Belonging to the Kyrgyz airline and making a flight on the Dubai-Bishkek Boeing 23 route in February, 2010 was forced to land at the Iranian airport, where security officers landed from the plane of Riga and his assistant. “Kolotya” Abdulmalek Riga began almost immediately. "Beat" out of it nothing, in fact, was not required. I am deeply convinced that the fighter broke down on the very first day when he was informed that his brother and “right hand”, Abdulhamid Rigi, who in 2008 was “taken” by Iranian security services as a result of the operational game, was recruited by Tehran at the end of 2007. . Accordingly, Rigi Sr. surrendered everyone during the investigation, including his Washington patrons: “The Americans told me that their main problem for today is Iran. Not al-Qaida, not the Taliban, but Iran. The Americans said that at present they have no opportunity to fight with Iran in the open, so they are counting on us, on our activities. They promised us any support, they promised us bombs, machine guns, money and training bases ... ”.

In May 2010 of the year, by the verdict of the court, Abdulmalek of Riga was hanged. In retaliation for his execution, the Jundalli militants organized an explosion in a mosque in the long-suffering Zahedan, which killed 26 people and injured around 300. But it was already agony, the terrorist activity of the organization went to naught. Here are the channels that survived the defeat of these “soldiers of Allah” —in Iran they are called “Shaitan cannibals”, which is much closer to the truth — today Salafi preachers sponsored by drug money and special services of the USA and Saudis are coming. In Pakistan, Shiite blood flows. The Salafi underground in Iran is once again raising its head, perfectly aware of its need for the United States.

With all the effectiveness of PSGK and Jundalli as tools to destabilize the situation in Iran, they had a serious drawback: the majority of the country's residents perceived them as terrorists acting in the interests of Washington.

This circumstance seriously impeded the ability of these organizations to conduct intelligence and sabotage activities among the Iranians.

The new tactic, developed by the CIA in conjunction with the Israeli intelligence specialists Mossad, included at least three main points.

First, and this is perhaps the main thing, it was decided to play the Iranian nuclear program as an instrument of pressure on Tehran. The legitimacy of these actions should be ensured at the international level, through the capabilities of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the IAEA, which by this time dragged out a miserable financial existence and was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Secondly, it was decided to transfer “sharp actions”, as politically correct in the West were terror and sabotage, to “Mossad”. By this time, his operatives were actively working to create agent-based approaches to the nuclear programs of a number of Middle Eastern states, in particular, in Syria.

Third, the MEK was put forward on the cutting edge of the struggle against Tehran: “The organization of the Mujahideen of the Iranian people”, “Mojahedin-e Hulk”, the CIA established close ties with France in 1982 year.

The piquancy of the situation consisted in the fact that the “mujahideen”, since 1997, had been on the list of terrorist organizations compiled by the US State Department. She was charged with killing at least 6 American citizens and attempting to attack the Iranian representation at the UN, and assertive journalists unearthed a story about the mass graves of political opponents of the “mujahideen” in Ashraf camp in Iraq. Not a problem, bypassing this "uncomfortable piquancy" in Washington and Langley decided masterly. At the end of 2001, MEK announced the abandonment of violent methods of struggle, and a few months later a sensational statement followed.

It turns out that “freedom-loving mujahideen” mined and handed over to US officials “irrefutable data” that the Iranian nuclear program, which previously did not cause any questions from the international community, turns out to be of a military nature.

At the same time, “quite by accident”, voluntary contributions from the USA and Great Britain are received on the accounts of the IAEA. And the then director general of the international atomic agency Mohammed al-Baradei announced the need for thorough verification of Iran’s nuclear program.

The hysteria wheel around the mythical “military component” of the program, which until this time the international community was completely indifferent, began to turn. It is noteworthy that from this point on to the present day the IAEA leadership will refer to the fact that the data on this “military component” were obtained precisely from intelligence sources of “a number of countries” ...

At about the same time, the beginning of the training of MEK members at a special training ground in Nevada, where American instructors taught not only the basics of guerrilla warfare, but also the basics of intelligence and intelligence activities, information gathering, recruitment and conspiracy, was also relevant. The future field agents are set a goal: to create an agent network for obtaining information on the Iranian nuclear program. A separate group in Nevada was harassed to organize and conduct "point liquidations", and Israeli instructors from Kidon were also involved in this.

As the French counterintelligence operatives find out later, MEK activists were also preparing to commit terrorist acts in Europe. What for? This became clear only in the 2010-2012 year, when acts of terrorism against diplomatic missions of the USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia took place in different countries of the world ... Western journalists immediately accused Tehran of everything. But then the loud propaganda campaigns were curtailed, the intelligence ranks got vague statements, and there were leaks from government sources and special services that MEK was behind the organization of the attacks.

But if the question of the military component of the Iranian nuclear program was far-fetched and kept up to a certain time on artificial replenishment, then terror and sabotage against the nuclear engineers and nuclear facilities of Iran were quite real.

And they were committed in full accordance with the action plan, which the then chief of the Mossad, Meir Dagan, outlined in an interview with the US Under Secretary of State William Burns. Washington approved the plan, and the point of terror against the perpetrators of the Iranian nuclear program was launched. From February 2006 to March 2007, under similar circumstances, three aircraft belonging to the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps were wrecked. On board each were people related to the Iranian nuclear program. In the same year, under the mysterious circumstances, another Iranian expert, Ardeshir Hussein, was killed at the facility in Isfahan.

And in the same period, a united front against the Iranian nuclear program was finally formed, consisting of US-controlled terrorist and opposition groups. The replacement of George W. Bush with Barack Obama has in no way weakened the intensity of the secret war against Iran. The statement that with regard to Tehran, Washington is now "focusing on political and intelligence activities, rather than on active operations" was absolutely declarative in nature and cost no more than the paper on which it was printed. Tehran remained one of the main opponents of the United States, and the course towards regime change in Iran was not in doubt. Another thing is that Washington has shifted the emphasis, went to the "division of labor", giving up leadership in sharp actions to Israel. Well, why not if the main work has already been done? The United States prepared the MEK militants and successfully campaigned to remove them from the list of terrorist organizations, planted the IAEA’s financial needle, providing a quarter of its budget, formed a “moral majority” of opponents of the Iranian nuclear program in the international community ...

It was just the time to switch to “soft methods” - like tightening the sanctions regime in order to collapse the Iranian economy.

As well as working with the “Green Movement” of the Iranian “creative class”, providing technical reconnaissance tools, even drones, terrorist groups operating in the provinces of the Islamic Republic, and deploying a system of total espionage both in Iran and abroad.

And the terror and sabotage continued at the same time. In June 2009, the young physicist Shahram Amiri disappears mysteriously during a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. In January, 2010, the expert in neutron physics, Masood Ali Mohammadi, is killed in a terrorist attack. Later, the disappeared Shahram Amiri came to the Pakistan Embassy in Washington and declared that he was being forcibly detained by representatives of the American secret services ...

The drama of the situation is added by the fact that Jundalla joins the opposition's “anti-nuclear front”. Its representatives 9 October 2010, claim to have abducted an employee of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, and threaten to disclose the country's nuclear secrets, which were obtained from him. In exchange for the hostage and the “preservation of secrets”, Jundalla demands that the authorities of the country release the 200 man. The story turns into an embarrassment: it turns out that the hostage is not at all an expert in the field of nuclear energy and does not possess any secrets, since he is an ordinary laborer.

But after this farce tragedy occurs again. As a result of the October 12 triple explosion, 2010 of the year Imam Ali base in western Iran was destroyed, where the launchers of Shahab-3 missiles were located.

In November of the same year, nuclear engineer Majid Shahriani was killed in an explosion in Tehran, and his colleague, Dr. Fereydun Davani-Abbasi, and the wives of both scientists were injured.

Iranian Doctor of Physics Dariusz Razai, a member of the nuclear energy commission and a teacher at Tehran University, was killed by 23 July 2011 at the door of his home in east Tehran .. And on November 12 a ballistic missile warehouse was blown up twenty kilometers from the capital. Among those killed in the explosion was General Hassan Mokadam, who in the Western media was called "the father of the Iranian missile program." 2012 was marked by the date of this martyrology on January 12, this morning Mustafa Ahmadi Rovshan, deputy general director of the uranium enrichment plant in Natanz, died as a result of the terrorist attack in Tehran.

Officially, the current administration of the White House has nothing to do with the attacks. Moreover, about the murder of one of the German scientists "Spiegel" wrote: "This is the first operation, which was led by the new head of the Mossad, Tamir Pardo." But an interesting point: Majid Jamali Fashi, Iranian kickboxing champion, arrested on suspicion of killing Masud Ali Mohammadi, in his testimony reports that he was recruited by Mossad in 2008 year, that it was the Israeli intelligence officers in Azerbaijan and Thailand, where went to competitions, taught him how to work with explosives. But that is not all. Further, he gives an interesting detail. The Mossad instructors who worked with him “oriented” the athlete to the murder of Majid Shahriani and said that it would receive approval in the United States, and he could then continue his professional career there.

However, in the "political methods" in relation to Iran, which the Barack Obama administration declares, there is always a place for the "feat of the knights of cloak and dagger." Private entrepreneurship for Iranians - please, no problem, the Iranian branch of the Oriflame cosmetics company is at your service, which, “by a strange coincidence,” was staffed by US and British intelligence agencies.

Iran seeks to purchase computers to automate nuclear facilities, the power grid and industrial enterprises? No question, through a dummy company created by experts from the CIA, the National Security Agency and the Israeli military intelligence department 8220, a network of dummy companies is created all over the world. Their main task is to sell Iran computers with a "secret unfriendly stuffing," like the famous "Staxnet" virus.

Armed separatists, terrorists who kill people on the streets of Tehran, a total sanction regime is certainly an effective method of undeclared war.

But the man in the street has now gone spoiled, spoiled by "legal conscience", and therefore popular performances are best suited for regime change.

Of course, led by the leaders of the democratic movement recognized by the West, fighters for rights and freedoms.

During the period of “thaw Khatami” - in Iran’s 1997, Ayatollah Seyed Mohammad Khatami, who was considered a liberal, became the President of Iran - and within the framework of “political methods of fighting the regime”, the United States managed to form in Iran the structures of the liberal “Green Movement” headed by Mir Hossein Mousavi Mahdi Karoubi. The governing tandem seemed to be the ideal combination of the secular (Mousavi) and the religious (Karoubi), which, according to the organizers, automatically provided the opposition with a broad social base.

At first, connections in the political elite provided the Green Movement with the loyalty of management structures. Of course, the support was not of an open nature; the then leadership of Iran played with the movement, using it as a symbol of civil society in negotiations with the West. And because even the security services reacted fairly calmly to the fact that the activists of the movement participate in various seminars in Europe and receive grants from private research and public foundations. With the election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for the first time in 2005, and against the background of tougher confrontation with the United States, which began to redraw the region according to the new template of the “Greater Middle East”, the open support of the “Green Movement” was reduced by a part of Iranian political elites. The Ministry of Information began to show interest in funding sources and in contacts of activists.

However, all these actions of the authorities were not at all systemic in nature and did not in any way pull into "fighting the opposition." And, meanwhile, the mechanism of using the “Green Movement” to change the existing system has already been launched ...

"Junk" 13 June 2009 of the year. Immediately after the announcement by the CEC of the victory of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the elections, protesters appeared on the streets of Tehran with the slogans “Down with the dictator!” And “Death to the dictator!”. Flyers were handed out leaflets with a statement by Mousavi that the election results were rigged, and “the behavior of some politicians is shaking the political foundations of the republic” and that personally Mousavi will seek new elections. Correspondents and operators of Al-Jazeera, who managed to appear on the site a few minutes before the events, began to "drive the picture", reporting that the unrest in Tehran exceeds even the events of the Islamic revolution 1979 of the year, and the number of protesters exceeds all imaginable limits. From the ranks of the protesters flew stones and bottles of combustible mixture, the police responded with batons and tear gas. Riots broke out with a new force, the protesters took place in several other major cities.

Actually, that was it. So far, the unrest occurred only in Tehran, the rest of Iran watched the development of events, considering that this was a police matter. As soon as the residents saw the protesters under their own windows, they immediately began to help the authorities restore order. The “color revolution”, apparently, “green” did not happen, and the time came for “debriefing” for those who financed the opposition, prepared and honed them for “non-violent methods of changing power”.

The leaders of the movement had their own version of failure, their owners had a different version, and they didn’t want to dock. The opposition claimed that they lost only because of the overwhelming superiority of the enemy. According to the opposition, the interests of society are the interests of the “moral majority,” that is, a small group of oppositionists. And all those who do not think so are reactionaries and moral monsters. The power, if it does not belong to the “moral majority”, is in the hands of the bloody secret services. Oppositionists assured that the cause of the failure of their “heroic assault” was “the most severe and bloody repressions, up to the threats of physical destruction”. American researchers are more restrained in this regard: there was, on the one hand, the lack of talent of the organization, on the other hand - the negative response of the population to the call of the opposition to fight the government.

In an effort to smooth over their failure, and the leaders of the "green" and a number of Western analysts said that "the movement did not have a strategy." As so, just think: with the "Green Movement" worked more than ten years! And one day it turns out that this opposition has no strategy? It was different. The strategy was present, but it turned out to be unacceptable for most people in the country. Those who, according to the logic of the opposition, are "reactionaries and freaks". Following the 2009 events in Washington, Washington identified three major problems that impede opposition activities in Iran.

First of all, they noted that “anti-Americanism has become one of the features of the Iranian state,” enjoying the support of broad sections of the population.
Therefore, the main task for Washington and the Greens is to preserve the image of the opposition’s “independence” from the USA and to conceal the facts of its support by the Americans. There is another goal: to explain to the population how America’s moral support of the Iranian people in its “striving for democracy and better life” is interconnected with economic sanctions initiated by the United States. The analysis was very optimistic: “Regardless of the outcome of the opposition’s presidential election, millions of fearless Iranian oppositionists on the streets of Tehran made it clear that the time for democratic ideas for Iran has come.”

Time has disproved this conclusion. In December 2009, the “greens” took to the streets again. Western journalists began to publish materials on the topic that "there is no beginning for a revolution, there is no end for a revolution." Of course, this “green revolution”, as the participants themselves proudly called it, could not win. However, it was able to drag out, causing serious reputational damage to Tehran in the international arena. However, the grave-diggers of the Green Movement were not the special services or the police. Oppositionists themselves failed it, and 2009 burned down the Koran at the Tehran crossroad in the “revolutionary heat” and in full compliance with liberal views in December.

At this time, the "greens" were dispersed, as they say, with the whole world, amicably and enthusiastically. For any analyst, it became clear that the movement now has no prospects, which was confirmed later. In February, 2011, Mousavi again tried to bring his supporters to the streets of Tehran, planning to organize large-scale protests. The failure was even more enchanting, several thousand protesters were dispersed by voluntary people's guards — truly voluntary and truly popular, even without the participation of the police.

One of the results of the presidency of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was the actual defeat of that part of the Iranian “fifth column”, which was formed, financed and directed from the outside.

But it would be naive to believe that this “column” only by separatists, terrorists and the liberal opposition is limited, and that it does not include people from the middle and higher levels of the Iranian leadership.

Sometimes the intrigues of Iran’s political life are slipping into something that makes it possible to assume with complete certainty: “tired of the revolution”, as Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called a number of Iranian leaders, do not even oppose, under certain circumstances, to play the role of a “fifth column”, produce a “creeping coup” and to lead the republic, rejecting the prefix "Islamic". And it is much more dangerous for the current Iran than militants and "green", more secret and sophisticated. However, the dizzying patterns of the Iranian political carpet and the threads of the "fifth column" in these intricacies are a little different story ...
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  1. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 13 July 2013 06: 57
    Oppositionists who in the “revolutionary fervor” and in full accordance with liberal views in December 2009 burned the Koran at the Tehran crossroads.
    Eh, well, it’s understandable there, the shell-shocked pastor from Texas burned, but these ... fool
    1. avdkrd
      avdkrd 13 July 2013 22: 23
      it would be nice if we also recreate the people's squads, with licenses to shoot the fifth column (liberasts)
  2. pensioner
    pensioner 13 July 2013 07: 12
    It would be interesting to listen to the opinion of the Professor on this subject. At the same time I would say: what is wrong in this article.
    1. Yarbay
      Yarbay 13 July 2013 10: 13
      The article is interesting, but a lot of half-heartedness and not everything is fully disclosed!
      Of all the groups struggling with the Iranian regime, the largest, most serious, well-organized organization is * Mujahiddin-e-Halg *!
      Jundullah is a small terrorist group that did not have a future in Iran!
      PSJK unites the Kurds and is the Iranian branch of the Turkish PKK!
      Even before the testimony of Majid Jamali Fashi, the Iranian kickboxing champion about his recruitment, the Wikilix site in one of the published materials of the correspondence of the US State Department essentially issued it, it described under what circumstances Fasha was recruited and described!
      As for Karubi and Mousavi, they were just dolls in the hands of Rafsanjani and one cleric!
      1. xetai9977
        xetai9977 13 July 2013 17: 56
        Opposition to the current Iranian authorities has arisen since the moment they came to power in 1979. And almost immediately the parties turned to terror. The situation painfully resembled the situation in Russia in 1918, when the antimonarchist forces that came to power finally quarreled (Bolsheviks, Mensheviks, Socialist-Revolutionaries,

        Socialist Revolutionaries, anarchists, etc.) and turned to terror and counterterror. I well remember how on August 30, 1981, members of the "mujahiddine-e-khalk" blew up President Rajai and Prime Minister Bahonar, who were close to Ayatollah Khomeini. There were many more terrorist attacks. The authorities also did not become liberal and organized their own terror. During the Iraqi aggression, the population still rallied in front of an external threat. Later, the economic recovery strengthened the position of the authorities, although sabotage and terrorist attacks did not stop, albeit on a much smaller scale. With the introduction of sanctions by the West, the Iranian economy began to stall, the standard of living dropped sharply, and old wounds reopened. It must be admitted that the Iranian authorities are conducting a completely illiterate national policy, completely disregarding the multinationality of the country's population (at least 45% of the population are Nepers). only Armenian schools operate, and there are no more than a few tens of thousands of Armenians in Iran), there are no media in the language of national minorities either. Mediocre national policy also destroyed more powerful countries than Iran. Recently, two citizens of Azerbaijan were arrested "for reading poetry in the Azerbaijani language" at a meeting dedicated to the day of poetry. Only the intervention of the presidents defused the situation.
        The country needs reforms, and the further the authorities hesitate to make adjustments to domestic and foreign policy, the greater the likelihood of an uncontrolled aggravation of the situation in the country.
    2. Fetel
      Fetel 13 July 2013 16: 39
      Senior citizen, I understand that some people are even interested in the opinion of trolls.
      But you, I hope, realize that the opinion of the troll and the true state of affairs are two big differences?
  3. pensioner
    pensioner 13 July 2013 07: 19
    In December 2009, the Greens took to the streets again. Western journalists began to publish materials on the topic that "the revolution has no beginning, the revolution has no end." This very “green revolution,” as the participants themselves proudly called it, could not, of course, win. However, it was able to drag out, causing serious reputation damage to Tehran in the international arena. However, the gravediggers of the Green Movement were not special services and not the police. It was failed by the opposition themselves, who in the "revolutionary fervor" and in full accordance with liberal views in December 2009 burned at the Tehran crossroads of the Koran.
    Our guys were in Tehran at that time. Shots were heard. The hotel barricaded themselves. Iranians were heavily guarded by foreigners - policemen with weapons were normal in the hotel. They spent a week without water and almost without food. Then at the first opportunity, their Iranians transported to the north - to the sea. We rested for a couple of weeks, then flew to Russia. Not until WTD Iranians were ...
  4. VkadimirEfimov1942
    VkadimirEfimov1942 13 July 2013 07: 30
    I am glad that the Anglo-Saxons, together with Israel, once again "levied" in Iran. It would be nice more often!
  5. My address
    My address 13 July 2013 08: 16
    Our liberas chuckle at conspiracy theories. They say it is schizophrenia that the West through them destroys Russia.
    And I learned through learning at the institute and through life — a hypothesis explaining known facts becomes a theory. Believe in conspiracy theories. Believe and that's it!
    1. pensioner
      pensioner 13 July 2013 08: 26
      Good morning, Alexander! I went to marry my son. At 11-00 registration. If you are going to drink today in good company, then just in case - keep in mind ...
  6. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 13 July 2013 09: 42
    Only truth can stand against lies. Only the people are against the manipulative strategy and tactics of general deception. The special services police ... important and necessary things, will not work - everything will fail. But only they will inevitably lose, at least how to strengthen them. Only a people, a strong, intelligent, people not deceived by the authorities, who are capable and feeling the need to stand up for power, can only they truly save. The standard mistake of thieves and liars in such situations is to attract an army. The army (no matter how you pamper it, no matter how much you pay the generals) is not a bunch of pros, torn from their roots, who are not doing very human things. The army is the people.
    In Iran, in our opinion, there is much that we do not approve of. But look - people approve! Well, that’s all, no special services, no overseas manipulators, no chaos theories can destroy the country. The moment has come such (I always knew that he would come smile ) that lying to people, robbing people, shaking show-offs is no longer just bad. This is suicide! For this now they will take everything away and kill! And not "turners from Perm", as they used to, but them! Here is such an unexpected reprimand ...
  7. Makarov
    Makarov 13 July 2013 09: 51
    Fuuuhhh barely mastered)))
  8. zevs379
    zevs379 13 July 2013 10: 31
    Great article! +
    The more TRUTH the more difficult it is for the Parhat and the Anglo-Saxons !!!!!!!!
    Reckoning will come anyway. Get ready zucchini to the Hamburg account.
  9. shpuntik
    shpuntik 13 July 2013 10: 44
    You don't know what to expect from this "Empire of Good" ...
    1. stroporez
      stroporez 13 July 2013 10: 49
      and since when did the 4th Reich become an "empire of good" ????
      1. shpuntik
        shpuntik 13 July 2013 17: 06
        stroporez (1) SU Today, 10:49 AM ↑ New
        and since when did the 4th Reich become an "empire of good" ????

        In quotation marks !!! wink
        If there was an "evil empire", there is an "axis of evil" in the media, then why not assign a label to the United States: "the empire of good." Sane people will understand the allegory.
  10. Ascetic
    Ascetic 13 July 2013 10: 47
    The scenario is common and tested in many countries - provoking internal unrest, as a result of which the former regime is overthrown and the pro-American government comes to power. For this, economic sanctions are introduced against Iran, thereby creating discontent among the population of their own government. And all this with massive support from the internal opposition and representatives of the Iranian emigration. What we observe against the background of a continuous information war.
    Waters example from the latest news
    The exiled Iranian opposition group said it had data on building a new nuclear facility in Iran, Reuters reported on Thursday, July 11. we are talking about an underground facility located 10 kilometers west of the city of Demavend, about 60 kilometers from Tehran. The facility consists of four tunnels, two of which are 550 meters long, and six huge underground halls. Construction, according to opposition figures, was started back in 2006. At the moment, they said, final work is underway. Other information about the object, including its purpose, was not reported to the opposition group.

    Moreover, the statement was made immediately after the election of Rouhani, with whom it was allegedly possible to agree on curtailing the Iranian nuclear program.

    And military plans to overthrow the unfavorable regime in Iran have existed for a long time and are waiting in the wings.
    At the end of 2004, the U.S. National Security Council began preparations for a large-scale military operation to overthrow the power of the Ayatollah of Iran and eliminate its nuclear potential. The CIA employee Kay and General Gardner introduced the same methods into this plan that were used to occupy Iraq (they actually developed it in 80s)
    And therefore, the plan of military operation they developed against Iran, which envisaged three stages, was almost no different from the scenario for the occupation of Iraq. At the first stage, it was supposed to deliver a massive blow to the military bases of the elite Iranian units of the “Guardians of the Islamic Revolution”. To suppress their resistance was allotted for 24 hours. At the second stage, the application of massive missile and bomb attacks on 125 Iranian nuclear and other military facilities. The third, final stage is the direct occupation of Iran by land units of the American army. According to the developed plan, only two weeks were allotted for the occupation, regime change and the transformation of Iran into a "friendly state". However while neither the Americans themselves nor Israel were ready to implement this plan. The states of Iraq and Afghanistan, where they were then bogged down, have Hamas and Hezbollah with the support of pro-Iranian Syria and the consequences of the war in Lebanon.
    Right now, the states, together with Israel, are working to remove geopolitical obstacles that prevent them from carrying out a full-fledged aggression against Iran. We are now observing the progress of this "work" in Bl.Vostok.
    1. Tersky
      Tersky 13 July 2013 13: 59
      Quote: Ascetic
      economic sanctions are introduced against Iran, thereby creating discontent among the population with their own government. And all this with massive support from the internal opposition and representatives of the Iranian emigration.

      Stanislav, hi ! The main strike force of the liberal class in Iran is a special stratum of technocrats who have traditionally received higher education in the West for more than one generation. As a rule, English is their second mother tongue. They don’t believe in any ideal values, Islamic religion, Iranian patriotism. It is these Western-educated officials who sabotage major interstate contracts and agreements with Russia and China, for example, in the oil, energy and other high-tech spheres. They seek to prevent Iran from separating from Western technologies, since they see the restoration of Western dominance in the country as desirable and likely. Actually, why list their vision of the world and "values", just a glance at our NGOs. Well, the director (he is also a prompter) of the libertheater is known:
  11. knn54
    knn54 13 July 2013 12: 27
    "Persians are already almost a minority in their own country. Their number is about 52%. At the same time, there are many more Azerbaijanis in Tabriz than in Azerbaijan itself." Deputy Secretary of State R. Armitage, 2004
    Iraq was split along ethnic lines, which greatly facilitated its occupation. But on the other hand, looking at that b.arad.k.a. that is happening in Iraq, I don’t think that the leaders of the Iranian Azerbaijanis will go to split Iran.
    PS "We Jews are destroyers and will forever remain destroyers ...
    No matter what other nations do, it will never be
    meet neither our needs nor our requirements. "
    Maurice Samuel, an active promoter of Zionism.
    1. StolzSS
      StolzSS 13 July 2013 20: 26
      Conclusion Jews must go to the taiga to wash a piece of gold hi so that evil thoughts would not go into their heads)))) Well, as they say, a goldfish washed up on the rivers will warm their soul and save them from revenge and hatred of other nations hi Here is such a humane proposal for me to resolve the Jewish question laughing
      1. Revolver
        Revolver 14 July 2013 05: 52
        You know, Stolz, I would really like your grandfather to get out of the grave, that he fought against the Germans, including the SS. So that he looks at you and acts with you as he sees fit.
        Well, or great-grandfather, well, at least a cousin, you should have had at least some close or not very close relative to serve in the Red Army in those years.
        Or are there no such people, and your relatives served more and more through organizations such as ROA or UPA? Or even with the names on Deutsche - Heer, Lugtwaffe, SS?
  12. Yuri Y.
    Yuri Y. 13 July 2013 14: 19
    Quote: stroporez
    and since when did the 4th Reich become an "empire of good" ????

    About the article, I did not even read it, an ancient truth, divide and conquer. I do not
    anti-Semite, like against another nation, but look at the politics of the USA
    and think about different "protocols".
  13. Cheloveck
    Cheloveck 13 July 2013 16: 10
    Sometimes, behind the intrigues of Iran’s political life, something slips with certainty that: “tired of the revolution”, as Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called a number of Iranian leaders, it’s not at all against acting under the circumstances as a “fifth column”, to carry out a “creeping coup” and to lead the republic, dropping the prefix "Islamic". And this is much more dangerous for today's Iran than the militants and the "green", more secret and sophisticated.
    I wonder if the Iranian authorities have enough wisdom to arrange the 37th year?
    Otherwise, they won’t last long.
  14. Naval
    Naval 13 July 2013 21: 56
    Separatism is a great tool for destabilization, especially in a country where there are national minorities.

    Therefore, in the 90s, we had a parade of independence from everyone from everyone, thanks to the GDP, it curbed the desire of the "elites" for independence, otherwise the scenario of collapse and chaos would have rolled around in Syria, and not in Syria.
  15. Alexanderlaskov
    Alexanderlaskov 13 July 2013 22: 31
    Faith is strong in Iran. It saves them.
  16. Vadim-Skeptic
    Vadim-Skeptic 13 July 2013 23: 14
    Until nothing happens with Iran, the US officials need to deal with Syria, but they will increase the pressure. In Syria, they need to "resolve the crisis" - they will either have to achieve the planned result, or release them on the brakes and hush up the matter. Then they will tackle Iran - they need at least some kind of "victory". If we or China support Iran, the situation will probably repeat itself, as with Syria. If China cooperates economically with Iran, it will definitely fit in.