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Issue mining commanders

Issue mining commandersFar Eastern Higher Military Command School (Military Institute) named after Marshal of the Soviet Union KK Rokossovsky, formed in 1940, as part of his jubilee, one hundredth in a row, issue sent officers to the troops in the specialty "The use of motorized rifle units (mountain)".

During the training, the mountain students made climbing Elbrus, underwent mountaineering training in the camps of Bezengi, Dzhantugan, Ullu-Tau, in the eastern Sayan Mountains, on the military training ground of Daryal, visited the mountain units of the armed forces of India, underwent training in the mountain teams of the Southern Military District. As a result of training, dozens of instructors for mountain training and sportsmen-arresters for mountaineering have been trained.

Also issued this year, officers of the Marine Corps, while studying at a school, undertook maritime practices, made long-distance sea trips to South Korea, around Europe.

The first graduation of platoon commanders for the Red Army at the school took place in June 1941. The titles of Hero of the Soviet Union were later awarded to 27 graduates. Among the students of the school are also 8 Heroes of the Russian Federation.
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  1. Vlad_Mir
    Vlad_Mir 9 July 2013 14: 01
    Serious guys!
  2. afire
    afire 9 July 2013 14: 17
    Good luck in your future service in the name of the Motherland!
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  4. papss
    papss 9 July 2013 14: 27
    The guys continue the glorious traditions of their fathers and grandfathers ...
    In December 1979, the Government of the Soviet Union introduced a limited contingent of Soviet troops into the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. As part of a limited contingent in the DRA, our graduates proved to be competent professionals, many were awarded orders and medals, and three were awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

    Graduates of the school have shown themselves worthy in eliminating illegal armed groups in the Chechen Republic. Seven officers were awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation.

    Successes, health, peace !!!
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  5. Vipirozhnikow
    Vipirozhnikow 9 July 2013 14: 28
    There would be more of such military universities, in which they teach professionals with a capital letter! Good luck, young lieutenants !!!
  6. O_RUS
    O_RUS 9 July 2013 15: 14
    The school graduated on June 16, 1941. Our graduates took positions already on the fronts of World War II.

    According to the Central Archive of the USSR Ministry of Defense, only in the Moscow battle, as well as during the counterattack and the general offensive of Soviet troops near Moscow in the spring of 1942, about 2 thousand graduates of the Vladivostok Infantry School participated.

    During the Great Patriotic War, over six thousand officers for the Soviet Armed Forces were trained at the school. In battles with the Nazi invaders and Japanese militarists, many of them covered themselves with unfading glory, showing courage, courage and heroism.

    In September 1949, the school was relocated from the city of Vladivostok to the city of Blagoveshchensk and renamed the Blagoveshchensk Infantry School.

    In 1954, the Blagoveshchensk Infantry School was renamed the Blagoveshchensk Military School. The training program provided for three-year training in the following profiles: arrows, machine gunners, anti-aircraft gunners, mortar guns.

    In 1956, the military school switched to training with a single profile - the training of rifle platoon commanders.

    In accordance with the decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR and on the orders of the Minister of Defense and the Commander of the Okrug from August 1, 1958, the Blagoveshchensk Infantry School was transferred to new states and received the name - Far Eastern Higher Combined Arms Command School.

    Since 1959, the DVOKU has begun training officers for the Armed Forces of the Mongolian People’s Republic and the Korean People’s Democratic Republic.

    here is the DVKU site -
  7. Russian officer
    Russian officer 9 July 2013 16: 06
    Ya. In the soap, well ... and on the side! Where are you from? WE ARE OUT OF TWO! I have the honor of being a graduate of 92 years of the TWO! The latest issue for the Soviet Army. The oath was given by the USSR. Served RUSSIA. In a word, MY country and my people. From the bottom of my heart I congratulate !!!!!!!!!!
    1. Nevsky
      Nevsky 9 July 2013 16: 45
      Russian officer

      The oath was given by the USSR. Served RUSSIA

      Saving your presence hi , and even the adequacy of the written, so do not write ... sad publicly. But "+" delivered to you. soldier
  8. waisson
    waisson 9 July 2013 16: 10
    good luck to guys !!!!! the institution the right mountains is strength!
  9. individual
    individual 9 July 2013 23: 16
    Reading the publication about the release of the commanders of the mountain units, the words of V.S. Vysotsky are recalled:
    "We are chopping steps. Not a step back!
    And the knees tremble with tension
    And the heart is ready to run to the top of the chest.
    The whole world is in the palm of your hand - you are happy and mute.
    And just a little jealous of
    others who have the summit still in front! "

    Strong in mind and body go to the mountains!