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The hero of our time: a resident of Dagestan at the cost of his life saved two schoolgirls

In Zvenigorod near Moscow, a resident of Dagestan Marat Rakhmetov saved two drowning girls, but he himself died. It turned out that Marat did not even know how to swim, but the only one of dozens of holidaymakers rushed to the rescue.
The only thing that Rasim Rakhmetov asked us to do before the interview was to show the sign big - “swimming is prohibited”. It is forbidden, because deep, uneven bottom and strong current. Because you can die as his second cousin Marat died. Straight in clothes, he threw himself into the water, hearing the cries of two drowning girls. Miraculously saved schoolgirls, but he could not get out.

“He himself was in the water, I saw his head, he pushed one girl, and then he disappeared, I started to ask for help, shout something,” recalls the second cousin of the deceased Marat Rakhmetov Rasim Rakhmetov.

After the tragedy, Yulia Anikyev and Rapsina Korogian learn that Marat did not even know how to swim, even though he lived all his life near the Caspian Sea, in the village of Khapil near Makhachkala. In Moscow region Zvenigorod, he came to work. I thought that only until August. And then the wedding, no work as a plasterer, life in a close construction trailer for four. And, of course, meeting with parents. Besides the son, they had no one.

“We seem to have lost our child. Of course, we made conclusions, talked to girls. We are very grateful to parents that they raised such a son,” said Veronika, mother of rescued Yulia Anikieva.

"Was there anyone besides you and my brother on the beach when the girls began to sink?" - in response to a question, Rasim, sighing heavily, says he does not remember. But the girls remember clearly: dozens of vacationers did not even turn in their direction. Though they were only a few meters away.
It was impossible to save a brother, says Rasim. Marat disappeared under water instantly. He was found only after three days. Almost a kilometer from the place where the tragedy occurred. They were also looking for friends from local construction sites, divers, and just residents of the city.

Rasim Rakhmetov: "He was 24 of the year. He always greeted everyone on the street, he never did anything evil to anyone and was a very open person."

The fact that Marat is posthumously awarded the medal "For the rescue of the drowning", the parents of Julia Anikieva and Rapsima Korogian have no doubt. The city administration has already begun to collect documents for this. But, they say, the excitement causes another - in the dangerous part of the Moscow River continue to bathe, and the prohibitive sign still does not seem to notice.
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  1. Denis
    Denis 2 July 2013 08: 30
    There are two types of people, good and bad, and no matter what nationality they are, sorry for the guy, thanks to his parents.
    1. Nevsky
      Nevsky 2 July 2013 08: 32
      Agree to 100%
    2. 225chay
      225chay 2 July 2013 09: 28
      Quote: Denis
      There are two types of people, good and bad, and no matter what nationality they are,

      I agree with you.
      This guy is a real Dagestan and you can safely say Hero! Eternal memory to him and a low bow to the parents who brought up Man!
      1. Dmitry 2246
        Dmitry 2246 2 July 2013 09: 47
        A low bow to the parents who raised the hero.
        1. Simon
          Simon 2 July 2013 19: 45
          I also join you. A low bow to the parents who raised such a son.
    3. Apologet.Ru
      Apologet.Ru 2 July 2013 11: 25
      Parents of these girls need to be prosecuted because because of their lack of care, a person died, and children could die ...
      1. Andrey Skokovsky
        Andrey Skokovsky 8 July 2013 12: 20
        Quote: Apologet.Ru
        Parents of these girls need to be prosecuted because because of their lack of care, a person died, and children could die ...

        in Krasnoyarsk, my friends lost a boy of 7 years, they called the police, the Lenin police department found in 4 hours,
        only then they were put on some sort of juvenile record and said that if something else happens, then even the deprivation of parental rights,
        I don’t exclude that a fair amount of intimidation is in danger, but if this really happens, this mother will definitely pull to the last with calls to the police, hoping for the return of the child and possibly lose precious time ...

        so sorry but minus you, do not forget that children are children and you can’t destroy a family with juvenile methods so beloved by the West,
        punishment is possible, but it should educate the child, and not destroy his world
    4. Yarosvet
      Yarosvet 2 July 2013 12: 16
      Quote: Denis
      There are two types of people, good and bad, and no matter what nationality they are
      Alas, but as a rule it is important - no pathetic.

      sorry guy, thanks to his parents.

      I agree - eternal memory to him.
      1. velikoros-xnumx
        velikoros-xnumx 2 July 2013 23: 09
        Let the guy rest in peace. This is how a true Caucasian should be, unfortunately very few such mountains are now giving birth to the Caucasus mountains, and mother Russia has become stingier with heroes. Not the Caucasus today, there is no respect for the elders, there is no that Caucasian honor that was earlier, in a sense, similar to the Samurai. I am glad that there are still people like Marat Rakhmetov, like Major Sergei Solnechnikov. And the fewer such people remain, the more often we need to remember them.
    5. Andrey Skokovsky
      Andrey Skokovsky 8 July 2013 12: 59
      Quote: Denis
      There are two types of people, good and bad, and no matter what nationality they are, sorry for the guy, thanks to his parents.

      I had an idea here spontaneously

      how do you see that there is a state program for the priority adoption of children by people who have lost their children under circumstances when their dead child showed himself to be a real person,
      Of course with normal material support by the state of such parents
      you can consider this case, the children who died in the performance of military or official duty, etc.
      There are undoubted advantages, Russia will put its orphans in good hands, and people who have lost their child will find a new meaning in living on .....
  2. IsailoR
    IsailoR 2 July 2013 08: 31
    Man. Worthily gone.
    1. smsk
      smsk 2 July 2013 10: 17
      Sorry for the guy, because of the negligence of the parents of the girls gave his life.
  3. sys-1985
    sys-1985 2 July 2013 08: 32
    Land in fluff .. More to such people!
    1. Phantom Revolution
      Phantom Revolution 2 July 2013 09: 12
      Quote: sys-1985
      More to such people!

      This and even less people who are looking for trouble at their fifth point and who sometimes need to be saved at the cost of their lives.
      1. afire
        afire 2 July 2013 09: 55
        I hear help on our lake, he himself sailed on an inflatable mattress, found two girls with his eyes. He threw the mattress, swam quickly, another man sailed to them from the other side. The girls themselves, about 13 years old, were both on the same children's balloon, which under their weight was simply under water. When asked what happened, they answered ... a deep breath! .... we wanted to scare mom!
        1. Danafxnumx
          Danafxnumx 2 July 2013 10: 04
          PPC ...
          and when help is needed, there will be no one to save ...
  4. fisherman
    fisherman 2 July 2013 08: 32
    sorry for the guy
    1. Scoun
      Scoun 2 July 2013 17: 38
      Quote: fisherman
      sorry for the guy

      not that word ... a simple hard worker and not a glamorous major cutting through the Porsche and shooting into the air ... dad will smear ....
      A simple hard worker guy .. waiting for the bride .. parents who were waiting for grandchildren .. very sorry ..
      It seems to me that the times of permissiveness will pass sooner or later .. and people will start to pay attention to the signs ... "dog walking is prohibited" "swimming is prohibited", "parking is prohibited" "Dangerous" "garbage is not allowed to dump" and others .. now many from these signs are brushed aside like a fly ...
      recently the family was pulled into the funnel of a pipe of a river going underground ... and everyone knew that it was impossible to swim and get close ..
      My condolences.
  5. Nevsky
    Nevsky 2 July 2013 08: 33
    Hmm ... such issues, nationalist resources will not be covered in the internet ... :(
  6. rumatam
    rumatam 2 July 2013 08: 34
    another stupefying, here they are, they can not only kill. What difference does it make of what nationality is the savior, but nevertheless, among the saved Rapsime Kerogyan is not of Slavic nationality. And how everything was there, those who were there know and our journalists will write at least something.
    1. Hudo
      Hudo 2 July 2013 10: 17
      When you yourself will sink, it is better to spit in the water instead of a lifebuoy. However, such a stinking substance like you does not sink at all.
      1. Simon
        Simon 2 July 2013 19: 49
        I thought that in this mountain the whole country is in solidarity, but it turns out that no! There are scoundrels in our time.
    2. Old_kapitan
      Old_kapitan 2 July 2013 12: 28
      Lord, and in what incubator only such freaks are grown ?!

      And the guy - eternal memory!
    3. Penachet
      Penachet 2 July 2013 21: 43
      You know, I lived half of my life among them, yes, it was bad, yes, there are inhumans, but there were also real friends who became breastfeeding. Therefore, it is impossible to measure like this. There are PEOPLE, there are NON-HUMANS, but nationality ... these "Allah, Akbar", that's all. It is necessary to persuade, but not with automatic machines and all sorts of NURs, but morally, the state should deal with this
  7. domokl
    domokl 2 July 2013 08: 34
    Hmm ... And who turned out to be a man in this situation? A Caucasian is a gaster or ... the rest ... That's why comments about gangster nations burp.
  8. Hleb
    Hleb 2 July 2013 08: 36
    will be posthumously awarded the medal "For the rescue of drowning people"
    here at least "Order of Courage"
    although now parents are not up to the awards
    1. domokl
      domokl 2 July 2013 08: 58
      Quote: Gleb
      here at least "Order of Courage

      Alas, it’s a medal for such an act ... Although the guy really accomplished a feat
      1. Hleb
        Hleb 2 July 2013 15: 41
        I often see in my wife’s eyes how she feels when I take her to the water to swim (cannot swim) and this guy, unable to swim, went to the rescue. This is courage
        1. Semen Semyonitch
          Semen Semyonitch 2 July 2013 17: 37
          Gleb RU Today, 15:41 ↑ New

          I often see in my wife’s eyes how she feels when I lead her into the water to swim (she can’t swim) ...
          I present this picture: ,, Wife with a sigh-Swim again ??? "I have behaved well for the last week!
          -And so as not to relax ...
          1. Hleb
            Hleb 2 July 2013 19: 58
            I want to say to the sea. Please, here’s the sea for you. I walked along the shore for a couple of days until I dragged
      2. Yarbay
        Yarbay 4 July 2013 16: 56
        Quote: domokl
        Alas, it’s a medal for such an act ... Although the guy really accomplished a feat

        We had such a hero in 70 years!
        His name was Tofig Huseynov!
        He saved three and drowned from the fourth, a 9th grade student was!
        I don’t remember what he was awarded with, but one of the central schools bore his name!
    2. afire
      afire 2 July 2013 09: 59
      Alas and ah, but the sloppiness of our parents leads to such consequences. Instead of tracking children, it’s more important for them to consume a jug of beer, then throw all the garbage nearby and chat in the scorching sun, recalling children every half hour.
      1. Black Colonel
        Black Colonel 2 July 2013 10: 43
        And the "mermaids" themselves, schoolgirls, do not know how to read or the head does not understand the meaning of what is written?
        And the guy is sorry ...
  9. MilaPhone
    MilaPhone 2 July 2013 08: 44
    Well done boy! It’s a pity that he died.
  10. lawyer
    lawyer 2 July 2013 08: 49
    I agree there is never a bad nation, there are bad people, but this person should become an example for everyone and everyone who watched how girls drown need to hang the stigma of shame, am
  11. erased
    erased 2 July 2013 08: 57
    Steamed hero without any stretch. But who are the other vacationers? In addition to obscene words about them I can not say anything.
  12. papss
    papss 2 July 2013 09: 00
    Courage and heroism at the time of the feat do not have a nationality ... they are always committed without deliberation ... the influence of the roots, upbringing, character, a sense of duty ... and only then they become overgrown with everything ... we are always skinned (as life goes on in the world of hegemony of money, zeal, courage) that there are no such people around, and they are simple and honest ... like this guy, like Dmitry Tikhomirov, a firefighter who saved 30 people and died himself, like Sergei Solnechnikov, saving a soldier, covered a grenade with his chest .. There are a lot of them ... Russia holds onto such people.
    GLORY to all and ETERNAL MEMORY.
  13. Pacifist
    Pacifist 2 July 2013 09: 02
    A real man and a hero.
    But the parents of these two idiots must be fined for the most do not indulge in the education of brainless hens because of which the man died.
  14. Vtel
    Vtel 2 July 2013 09: 17
    This jigit. God rest his soul!
  15. igor36
    igor36 2 July 2013 09: 27
    A real man, a blessed memory of the hero.
  16. individual
    individual 2 July 2013 09: 36
    Why is the WORLD so arranged?
    By misunderstanding and chance, the best die.
    We learn about their qualities HERO only after their death.
    Solntnikov’s battalion commander also died, Major Sun — covered the grenade with his body, saving the soldier from the unsuccessful throw of a grenade by a salag.
    What are their victims for?
    Probably for example, we living - we must protect each other.
  17. Kowalsky
    Kowalsky 2 July 2013 09: 42
    And they still continue to swim there. Fine, take to jail for 72 hours, in general, you must be punished for this. Because the guy actually died through the fault of these two gouging. I understand that you can’t control it everywhere, but you can arrange demonstrative raids on forbidden beaches, arrests and fines for large sums.

    And Marat is a hero, of course. Rest in peace.
  18. alan_07
    alan_07 2 July 2013 10: 06
    We are very grateful to the parents that they raised such a son, "says Veronika, mother of the rescued Yulia Anikieva.
    And you need to think about raising your children !!!
    May Allah grant him the gardens of Paradise.
  19. Leader
    Leader 2 July 2013 10: 21
    The guy is a hero and died like a real man!
    I am ashamed of the rest of the "vacationers" who were nearby - there must have been 95% of Russians. And most of the men probably know how to swim.
    Let the parents of the girls repent - all this happened because of their criminal negligence.
  20. Yeraz
    Yeraz 2 July 2013 10: 22
    The guy is sorry, a real man.
    Allah rehmet elesin.
    1. Marek Rozny
      Marek Rozny 2 July 2013 22: 36
      Imanda Bolsyn! A real man.
  21. Muxauk
    Muxauk 2 July 2013 10: 31
    and figs where else they write, but if a fight, then immediately
    kingdom of heaven ... eternal memory
    1. smile
      smile 2 July 2013 14: 39
      This has already been written about in almost all the central newspapers, including in the Komsomolka on the first page and in the Russian press. I believe that television will not ignore this feat. Well, really, and here you have to pour mud on yourself, why? Or do you know better from Poland?
  22. Alekseir162
    Alekseir162 2 July 2013 10: 34
    Real man! Parents can be proud of SUCH SON. Sincere condolences to parents, relatives and friends ...
  23. Stasstoychev
    Stasstoychev 2 July 2013 10: 40
    Sorry for the guy. A real man!
  24. silver_roman
    silver_roman 2 July 2013 10: 56
    Glory to the hero ...
    reminds me of his act of a man who, seeing a grenade near his fighters, closes it with his body .... a man didn’t even know how to swim, but immediately rushed to help ... it’s a pity that it’s better to leave first !!!!
  25. bear
    bear 2 July 2013 11: 10
    dozens of vacationers did not even turn in their direction. Although they were just a few meters away.
    Cowardice is becoming the norm.
    Marat Rakhmetov HERO and a real man, the Kingdom of heaven to him.
  26. Bakunin
    Bakunin 2 July 2013 11: 23
    Person ! rip
  27. konn
    konn 2 July 2013 11: 38
    1/6 of land has not been impoverished by heroes and real men. Land rest in peace.
  28. PValery53
    PValery53 2 July 2013 12: 04
    It would be necessary to render worthy honors to the hero-Dagestan and material assistance to his parents. Caucasians are noble people.
    1. smile
      smile 2 July 2013 14: 35
      Supplement not "happen", but there are plenty of them, as well as among ours.
  29. Yarosvet
    Yarosvet 2 July 2013 12: 28
    Honor, praise and eternal memory to Man.


    A lot of comments, a lot of words ...

    Does anyone know a name, for example, Zhenya Tabakov?

    PS Who cares - drop the topic "Heroes of Our Time" into the search engine.
    1. Old_kapitan
      Old_kapitan 2 July 2013 12: 39
      Does anyone know a name, for example, Zhenya Tabakov?
      It’s familiar. AND?
      1. Yarosvet
        Yarosvet 2 July 2013 13: 27
        Quote: Old_Kapitan
        It’s familiar. AND?

        Wonderful - which of your close and closest acquaintances knows this name? To many? laughing

        It is unlikely that many - that's the problem.

        I - recalled.
        1. Old_kapitan
          Old_kapitan 2 July 2013 13: 46
          Wonderful - which of your close and closest acquaintances knows this name? To many?
          I told everyone. In 7 years he will throw himself at an armed bandit - this, you know, is not for every adult man on the shoulder.
          I - recalled.
          And they did it right.
          1. Yarosvet
            Yarosvet 2 July 2013 14: 24
            Quote: Old_Kapitan
            And they did it right.

  30. Opera
    Opera 2 July 2013 12: 36
    Quote: 225chay
    This guy is a real Dagestan

    This guy is a real person!
  31. polly
    polly 2 July 2013 12: 57
    What a shame it is: out of the whole crowd one MAN turned out to be! Glory to him and eternal memory!
  32. cpk72
    cpk72 2 July 2013 13: 18
    A real male act. My condolences to parents.
  33. phantom359
    phantom359 2 July 2013 13: 23
    Sorry lad. A real man. He had what to lose in this life, nevertheless went to save strangers.
  34. yurii p
    yurii p 2 July 2013 14: 00
    There are few men in our everyday lives, all the characters write, perhaps, but I think he had such a life position if people ask for help to provide this help without hesitation. Thanks to parents, universal sympathy.
  35. Mhpv
    Mhpv 2 July 2013 14: 01
    In this situation, the guy did not act as a Dagestan, not as a Muslim, and even more so not as a man, but as a REAL MAN.

    Regarding the accusations of the parents, those who shout here must be punished, answer to everyone: do you always know where your children are and what they do while you work hard from morning to late at work?
    At this age, youthful maximalism and carelessness are always characteristic, many of you thought about the consequences of running away all day to swim?
    First of all, the state is accused of getting rid of the people with the established signs. Why were there many vacationers in the forbidden territory and none of the policemen who should monitor the implementation of the prohibitions and the observance of order, because they (the policemen) continue to look for where to cut down the money do not raise their salary.
    In the USSR, the state tried not to abandon children in the summer. Trips to camps with 10% payment by parents or city camps at the Pioneer Houses or schools, the working day of the parents was normalized, and not just like now, but just the fans (parents) have a better fit for children to survival.
    So it’s time to stop the state and officials from fencing off signs and posters from the people, because these are not only our children but the same state.
    Here is a living example of a ban on smoking, there is a law, but who will control its implementation, after all, children also suffer from smokers.
  36. vlbelugin
    vlbelugin 2 July 2013 14: 05
    Quote: 225chay
    This guy is a real Dagestan

    Not. This guy is a real MAN. A real man. Bright memory to him. Many thanks to the parents who raised him.
  37. unkou
    unkou 2 July 2013 14: 45
    You haven’t heard that the entire database of Internet users has been leaked to the network with open access! There is all the information from personal photos and videos to personal correspondence and copies of documents. Of course, you can delete your data if you do not want everyone to see them. Here is the link
    1. Mhpv
      Mhpv 2 July 2013 15: 18
      You still forgot to suggest that we all update obsolete browsers, and all sorts of crap like that.
      Even here, this scab penetrates. fool
  38. Alexey M
    Alexey M 2 July 2013 15: 34
    There are two types of people, good and bad, and no matter what nationality they are, sorry for the guy, thanks to his parents.
    Unfortunately, bad ones come across more often.
  39. malikszh
    malikszh 2 July 2013 16: 43
    If he would just dance lezginka everyone would say chock here!
    1. little man
      little man 2 July 2013 17: 38
      If with a show off and shooting - then yes.
      And for the modest guys, even sympathy arises.
      After all, there are no complaints against Tajiks and Uzbeks. These hard workers joined Russia very harmoniously.
      1. malikszh
        malikszh 2 July 2013 18: 38
        Quote: man
        If with a show off and shooting - then yes.
        And for the modest guys, even sympathy arises.
        After all, there are no complaints against Tajiks and Uzbeks. These hard workers joined Russia very harmoniously.

        Oh, in YouTube, you see people just dancing and calling chocks, Tajiks and Uzbeks still calling chocks ((
  40. Grigorich 1962
    Grigorich 1962 2 July 2013 17: 51
    Kingdom of heaven to him .... a real man! ... Honor and praise. It’s good when people who are capable of such acts eat
  41. fartfraer
    fartfraer 2 July 2013 19: 28
    there are quite a lot of such cases, it is about them that you need to talk about all the time. some people become "soulless", "my house is on the edge", etc., it is necessary to remind that they are people who live in society. on a jump, remember the emergency landing of tu154 the airfield? there was a former airfield worker who cleared an abandoned takeoff, tugged grass between the plates, etc. for years cleared, fellow villagers laughed at him, and at one point this activity + the skill of the pilots saved the lives of many people. we had a case in Tomsk when some guy (unfortunately I don't remember his name) caught a small child in his arms who fell from the balcony of the 9th floor. Both are alive. And this guy is the hero of the post and just a hero, he should also become an example and such cases should not be forgotten.
    And finally, in such news, you need to give the coordinates of the hero’s parents, a current account, a card number, for example. I think no one would be impoverished from transferring at least 10 rubles to their parents’ account, now they really need money. Well, somehow
  42. Vlad-32
    Vlad-32 2 July 2013 21: 37
    I have a diary on one of the sites. And this morning I made a post about this guy under the heading "Heroes of Our Day". How many comments came to me! So I proved that it is necessary to write about such actions. Although many at first criticized me. They talked about why you write about them and do posts. It's a common thing, everyone would do that. Each? But not everyone! Rest in peace to you, Marat!
  43. Black
    Black 2 July 2013 22: 05
    The boy is a hero. Parents bow. The kingdom be upon him.
  44. Navy7981
    Navy7981 2 July 2013 22: 44
    It would be nice to create a memorial of names. There is no need to bury anyone. Let the dead lie where their loved ones will be laid for eternal times. And here is the name and briefly what he did. Marat Rakhmetov - did not spare his life for the salvation of another. PERSON!
    1. Hleb
      Hleb 2 July 2013 22: 51
      not enough stone to mention everyone
      1. Navy7981
        Navy7981 2 July 2013 23: 08
        Enough! It would be a desire!
  45. Goblin 28
    Goblin 28 2 July 2013 23: 09
    The heroic act and the guy acted with dignity, but ... recall at least one more similar case in the last ... eleven years? And why do Russians humiliate Russians, who supposedly indifferently and cowardly looked at drowning children. Among the overwhelming our cities and the weight of their unpunished crimes, sometimes this happens, but very, very rarely! There is no need to slide down to a slobbery - touched “there are no bad and good nations, but there are bad and good people!” There are bad nations and good ones. Racial theory does not arise from scratch. Tested on my own experience. He was at one time an october, a pioneer, etc. Sincerely believed in universal love and international friendship between people of different races on the planet. Until I began to meet with these people ... Arabs, blacks, Asians, the so-called "our" Caucasians. They are all smeared in one world and hate us. They are so educated since childhood - to hate us. You will regret their children and women, but they never will! The current act is an exception.
    It was just that a nephew came from the army and said - if a war had begun, no matter what and no matter with whom, then the first bullets from the Russian soldiers would have come first to all Caucasians from their unit, but also from the regiment, and then to the enemy. So the whole service was said by the Russian guys among themselves. Well, if any regular counter-terrorist operation happened again, then ... all in a row, to cats and dogs.
    Words about the good and sweet Tajiks, Uzbeks and others who selflessly work with us for our own good surprise! Where do you live, dear? What did they do with the Russians at home? Take a look around and get ready to fight for your land with aliens, and do not smear the snot!
  46. Venders
    Venders 3 July 2013 00: 52
    Very sorry guy! And thanks to the parents for raising such a son
  47. Avenger711
    Avenger711 3 July 2013 00: 59
    And if he were Russian, then they would not have written anything in the news.
  48. Apologet insane
    Apologet insane 3 July 2013 04: 36
    An attempt to whitewash the image of the Caucasus? Meanwhile, about 300 bikers blocked the building of the 7th traffic police battalion, which is located on Pryamikova Street in the east of Moscow, on Wednesday night, Interfax reports citing activist of the biker movement Andrei Rodionov.

    According to the interlocutor of the agency, motorcyclists demand a fair hearing of the circumstances of the conflict on the Third Transport Ring (TTK), as a result of which one of their comrades suffered.

    According to the bikers' version, the victim on Tuesday evening witnessed a small accident at the TTK near the intersection with Volgogradsky Prospekt. There was a light collision of a Volkswagen Jetta, which was driven by a girl, and a VAZ-2105, in which three natives of the Caucasus were sitting.

    An eyewitness drew attention to the fact that the "five" provoked an accident, frankly undercutting the Volkswagen. The motorcyclist tried to intercede for the girl, but the driver and passengers of the VAZ-2105 beat him with baseball bats. Other motorcyclists began to gather at the scene, who escorted the participants in the accident to the building of the 7th battalion.

    According to Rodionov, traffic police officers issued an accident, but did not take any measures against the driver and passengers of the Zhiguli, although they threatened the girl from Volkswagen with violence. At the same time, the motorist refuses to write an official threat statement, fearing for her life. Based on materials from Interfax and
    1. Hleb
      Hleb 3 July 2013 05: 16
      An attempt to whitewash the image of the Caucasus?
      are there children? loved ones? what do you say to the person who saved the life of his family?
  49. Free
    Free 3 July 2013 06: 26
    My deepest condolences to my parents.
    Earth rest in peace to a guy.
  50. SPBOBL
    SPBOBL 4 July 2013 01: 07
    I am sorry for my relatives ... not knowing how to swim ... A worthy person! passed away. I recognize the character of a true Highlander May God grant that they perpetuate the memory of this Man! This Man needs to be set as an example to children.