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The founder of the Club of Rome proposed to create a "global matrix" of imposed consent

The founder of the Club of Rome proposed to create a "global matrix" of imposed consent Recently, documents were found in the private collection of a former diplomat and permanent member of the Bilderberg Club George McGee, from which it follows that in 1970, the Club of Rome intended to use the idea of ​​a global matrix (G-Matrix) in order to impose on people a way of thinking environment and the need to regulate the size of the world’s population would be perceived by all as basic human values.

The author of the discovered document is Italian, the founder of the Club of Rome, Aurelio Peccei. In this document, he writes that the conclusions of the club "are largely based on the use of the global management matrix." He further writes that the conclusions of a club as unknown to people as ours (including the conclusion that it is necessary to reduce the population of the planet) can only be perceived by people in the course of a repetitive, global and significant impact. Through such a process, humanity "will gradually be able to reach agreement on an appropriate value base and avoid a dark future perspective."

“The development of the Club of Rome is based on the use of a global matrix. It is necessary to begin the discussion of concrete steps for the construction and application of this matrix. ”

The document also states that the club tried to ensure that all sectors of society accepted and agreed with the conclusions published in his report at the beginning of the 70s.

«It should be noted that such acceptance and consent is the "starting point" for the further evolution of the project of the Club of Rome ", - wrote Aurelio in 1970 year.

“This will be only an approximate value base. Its versatility, reliability and validity depend on the evaluation of respondents using the Delphi method. However, it will be an attempt to carefully and professionally describe the “Problems of Humanity”. The more groups make efforts to solve such intellectual tasks, the more important the dialogue on the global problems of mankind will become. ”

“The problems of humanity” according to the report include “an ever-growing cultural, economic and technological gap between nations, an ominous population growth in a limited space of the planet, the phenomenon of youth riot, the ability to cross the threshold beyond which it will be possible to manipulate human genetic material”.

The models and systems used by the Rome Club to predict future events were also used by China to establish the brutal policies of one child. In 1978, a group of Chinese scientists visited a number of scientific conferences in Europe and readily adopted the ideas of the Club of Rome. Among the members of this delegation was a man who is credited with introducing the very policy of one child, because of which the people of China have suffered over the past decades.

Robert Zubrin, a senior fellow at the US Security Policy Center, in his article in the Washington Post confirms that the policy of one child in China embodies one of the ideas of the Club of Rome:

“In June, 1978, responsible for developing control systems for guided Chinese missiles, Song Zhian traveled to Helsinki for an international conference on the theory of control and design systems. While in Finland, he received copies of the Rome Club's “Limits to Growth: A Survival Project” report, which promotes the theory of Thomas Malthus. He also met some Europeans who strongly supported the computer analysis methods used in the report to predict and model the future of humanity. ”- writes Zubrin.

As an illustration of how the global matrix model has evolved, the report of the First Global Revolution Club of Rome, published in 1991, is well suited. The report contains a description of how a certain common denominator was invented, a common goal around which the whole world could rally.

“In search of a new enemy that would unite us, we had the idea that ideas of pollution, threats of global warming, lack of drinking water, drought and other things came to this role. All of these hazards are the result of human activity. You can overcome them only by changing the attitude and behavior of people. Therefore, the real enemy is humanity itself. ”- the report says.

The idea of ​​a global matrix of imposed consent is an example of how deeply the deception has managed to settle in our minds, that a few years ago nobody even wondered about its validity.
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  1. Refund_SSSR
    Refund_SSSR 2 July 2013 07: 38
    Still don't believe in so called "Conspiracy Theories" ???
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 2 July 2013 08: 07
      Quote: We refund_SSSR
      Still don't believe in the so-called "Conspiracy Theories"?

      The assassination of Kennedy, the "plane" that flew into the Pentagon, the overthrow of unwanted governments, and so on, etc. No, there are no conspiracies laughing
      1. Refund_SSSR
        Refund_SSSR 2 July 2013 08: 41
        And still there will be those who "like peas against a wall" with foam at the mouth will argue that world conspiracies are a figment of a sick imagination laughing
    2. antispam
      antispam 2 July 2013 12: 19
      And what does the plot?
      Or do you sincerely believe that issues of controlling the numbers, controlling the behavior and motivation of people, etc. Are they not interested in anyone and are not controlled by anyone?

      Here you have, for example, your own company. Will you plan the issues of headcount, employee motivation, level of salaries, etc.? Of course you will.
      Humanity is no different in this regard.
      1. Mairos
        Mairos 2 July 2013 13: 27
        So let them control it in Asia and Africa - there is overpopulation, but you don’t have to do it. )))
      2. Malleus
        Malleus 2 July 2013 13: 52
        I'm off topic, but ... "Humanity is no different in this regard.".
        Here's how to say:
        - someone’s company and I myself came there (to a foreign monastery), and my land (including) and I was born on it
        - in the company, the owner solves the functions, tasks and number of employees (I don’t go to his monastery with my charter; I accept his rules and work), and as a resident of the land, country, city and my home I want to solve such problems myself. Etc.
        In short, if you agree to castration (by decision of the Supreme Manager) - then go ahead.
        I disagree.
    3. alexng
      alexng 2 July 2013 13: 09
      Quote: We refund_SSSR
      Still don't believe in so called "Conspiracy Theories" ???

      And what about the Western media? Like in a joke:
      - Mom, and dad hit his finger with a hammer!
      “And what did he say about this?”
      - And remove the mats?
      - Yes.
      - Nothing.

      So with the media, if you remove the lies in their stool, then there will be complete silence.
  2. Normal
    Normal 2 July 2013 07: 45
    That's about this and wrote. The reduction in the size of the human population, followed by the complete collapse of humanity and the start of a new project. Obviously the external impact and the imposition of the specified matrix. The population itself, without external influence, cannot limit its growth. Who carries out this impact?
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 2 July 2013 15: 10
      Quote: Normal
      The reduction in the size of the human population, followed by the complete collapse of humanity and the start of a new project.

      The main goal of transnational capital, the main method of expansion weakening and erosion of nation states and national economies.and already from this follows the contracting qualitative (debilitation) and quantitative (wars, revolutions, crises, usi
      the control and police regime in the Empire of Good itself, etc.) of the human resources of these national economies that have not yet been built into the global global capital system. And who specifically carries out this impact, so in terms of personalities and influence they have long been known, and their influence on world politics and the economy is obvious and generally recognized. Customer — TNCs and banks, is there a single control center? This is not so important as a matter of dispute, it is how the forest is visible behind the trees or not.
      How to resist them? Again, the answer is obvious: to strengthen their national state, their identity and historical culture, which they seek to destroy into small fragments and turn the remaining population into ordinary people of an unknown sex, easily controlled, controlled and inspired.

      “We have a global government, whether you like it or not. The only question is whether such a government will be established by consent or by conquest. ”

      Paul Warburg, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), made this statement in the US Senate in February 1950.
      “We are at the dawn of global transformation. We need a well-managed major crisis, and the peoples will adopt a new world order, ”

      said in September 1994, David Rockeffeler, honorary president of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), honorary chairman of the Trilateral Commission, a member of the Bilderberg Club.
    2. fisherman
      fisherman 3 July 2013 03: 54
      Who carries out this impact?

      believers have this external program, and atheists have this program inside :)
  3. rumatam
    rumatam 2 July 2013 08: 01
    But the Mayan calendar, now the meteorite threat, with terrorism, does not lead to general concern?
  4. fenix57
    2 July 2013 08: 16
    Like this: The global problem of humanity is humanity itself!
    Quote: rumatam
    meteorite threat

    So, neither Bilderberg nor the Roman clubs can cope with this threat. Here you need more hope for luck. hi
    1. fisherman
      fisherman 2 July 2013 08: 38
      quote from a joke:

      "... in our club it is customary to believe on our word of honor,

      ... and then the card went to me "

      Of course, for luck :)
  5. Averias
    Averias 2 July 2013 08: 49
    NEO, well, where are you, MATRIX is advancing laughing But seriously, nonsense about the overpopulation of the Earth is just nonsense. They are being pushed into our brains by the media (seen by the order of all these clubs). Try to find real statistics, fuck, you won't find. They immediately cite China and India as examples. Sorry, this is local, this is not the scale of the Earth. The point is not overpopulation, but the fact that a gigantic number of the population lives, excuse me in jo .... e (the same India, Africa). Resource tales are also tales. There are enough resources, it's just that the "World Government" (ugh damn how I hate this expression) thinks that this is only for the elite. Yes, and there are enough alternative options for replacing resources, but this is a taboo, this is for later. And now we need to cut money on what is and what is not so expensive to get. All these statements (overpopulation, running out of resources) are for the most part nonsense - invented by a bunch of super-rich paranoids. They want to reduce the number of people because it will be easier to manage those who remain. Indeed, in principle, they (MP) contradict themselves, because the fewer people - the fewer consumers (buyers). But what about the excess profit?
    PS Sorry for such a simplified presentation, there is no desire. We have been "overpopulated" for a long time and still can’t, the same with resources - it’s not over yet. All this nonsense, it's like a scam with freon and the ozone layer - but everything turned out to be simple to the point of trite, refrigerators had to be sold. laughing Yes, and all these participants in the "World Conspiracy" perfectly understand that it is not realistic to control (rule) over so many people (and they can rule as they want), so they came up with a horror story. Yes, you look at how many territories we have inhabited and how many are not, and I will not say anything about the reserves of minerals in the mountains, which are difficult to reach. No wonder they are so to Siberia, the Urals are sharpening their teeth. That would be comfortable to use, that would be close to everything.
    1. Averias
      Averias 2 July 2013 09: 06
      The problem is not that there are many people. The problem is not how to feed and warm. The problem is that managing so many people is not realistic.
      1. Refund_SSSR
        Refund_SSSR 2 July 2013 09: 23
        Quote: Averias
        The problem is that managing so many people is not realistic.

        This is you tell the Chinese
        1. Averias
          Averias 2 July 2013 13: 13
          China, like other countries, has its own government. Countrywide governance is not the same as global governance. It is unrealistic to rule all nations (ethnic characteristics, religious, racial, etc., etc.). We are talking about the MP, that is, about the fact that a group of people wants to rule the WORLD. SO this is absurdity, utopia, unrealistic. The only way out for THEM is to kill (degenerate, reduce, as you want - it’s the same to kill) extra. Only after that, having driven in the reservation, they will be able to control (edit). And your example with China is particular. Why switch to particulars?
          1. Mikhail3
            Mikhail3 2 July 2013 14: 04
            Really. There are several ways to master this control. For example, to simplify the managed unit. That is, to lower the level of intelligence, to clear the brain of knowledge, instead having hammered it above the limit of processing raw unstructured information (post pictures, chat day and night with virtual "friends", tirelessly read lists of funny facts, tips, funny articles).
            It is also very important to implement a package of templates that replace thinking activity. So that instead of pondering the situation, a ready-made answer would pop up on the surface of the mind. For example: "developed countries", "democratic values", "sanctity of human life", "humanism", etc. Doesn't it look like anything?
            1. Averias
              Averias 2 July 2013 14: 37
              Quote: Mikhail3
              For example: "developed countries", "democratic values", "sanctity of human life", "humanism", etc. Doesn't it look like anything?

              Bravo, to the point. You bold +. I have simplified everything in the comment, so as not to go into the wild. Everything that we observe in everyday life in the information field = this is exactly what you describe, confusion, slag, garbage, which the media give us as news. Flashy headlines without any semantic content. Our life is being turned into an advertising slogan. And even in the flow of meaningless "information" that we are fed every day, it is difficult to isolate what is necessary, truthful and really important.
            2. fisherman
              fisherman 3 July 2013 04: 30
              That is, to lower the level of intelligence, to clear the brain of knowledge, instead having hammered it above the limit of processing raw unstructured information (post pictures, chat day and night with virtual "friends", tirelessly read lists of funny facts, tips, cool articles).


              on our site it has also become fashionable to measure with video clip thinking :)

              with regard to controllability, it was necessary to immediately decide at the beginning of the discussion what mass control is, and what should not be considered as such?

              since it is not clear whether the scam with freon refrigerators should be considered successful (control exists), or unsuccessful? :)
    2. Trapperxnumx
      Trapperxnumx 2 July 2013 09: 56
      And here comes the understanding that power is above any money. And it is for the sake of power that all wars are waged, nations clash, empires collapse, civilizations disappear. And then, when everyone will be "like slaves" - after all, the profit will already be much less, but there will be complete and unlimited power over the rest.
    3. antispam
      antispam 2 July 2013 12: 27
      Try to find real statistics, nevermind, you won’t find it. Immediately cite the example of China, India. Sorry, this is local, this is not Earth-wide.
      Nefig yourself locally!
      You are aware that every third Indian or Chinese in the world!

      All these statements (overpopulation, resources are running out) - this is for the most part nonsense - invented by a bunch of super rich paranoids.
      Well, yes, oil is running out, but this is all nonsense. There really are not as many resources as is commonly thought. Of course, you have enough spokoliny for your age, but here's what to do after 200, 300 years?

      And most importantly, why does humanity need such a large population?
      Wouldn't it be better if there are fewer people, but the "human material" will be of high quality? Why does the world need so many Chinese Hindus, who are born in terrible conditions, spend their whole life in them, working in a harmful enterprise with a penny salary, and then in torment they leave for another world?

      I am for a quality humanity. Control of numbers is urgently needed.
      1. Averias
        Averias 2 July 2013 13: 16
        Headcount control - yes. Not by genocide. AT the account of fossil resources (oil), google about developments in the field of alternative energy sources. Ask why "Tokamak" is shrouded in a veil of secrecy. But we made it back in the 70s (prototype).
        1. fisherman
          fisherman 3 July 2013 04: 33
          Ask why "Tokamak" is shrouded in a veil of secrecy. But we made it back in the 70s (prototype).

          and again I agree with you, but the bicycle and sailing ship were invented much earlier

          as soon as a person has the opportunity to purchase an internal combustion engine, he immediately grabs this opportunity

          this is an opportunity to overtake others :)
    4. antispam
      antispam 2 July 2013 12: 28
      Many scourges are needed only at the stage of an industrial society.
      In the postindustrial, all the hard and dirty work will be done by machines, so you can safely reduce humanity every two to three.
      1. fisherman
        fisherman 3 July 2013 04: 34
        and who will repair the robots? :)
  6. papss
    papss 2 July 2013 09: 53
    Just for managing peopleand this is done ...through the masses countries are ruled... and no one thinks how to feed and heat ... this is also fooling ... in Africa mountains of people are already dying of hunger ... there is such an easy talerance to the issue of hunger ... actually nothing. Dogmas of democracy, undermining the economies of countries through the incompetence of their governments and then the thought of world government. On the other hand, there is an escalation of fears about hunger, the elements, the end of the world, countries rogue. On the third side, family destruction and same-sex marriage instead of fighting AIDS ...
  7. revnagan
    revnagan 2 July 2013 10: 09
    Yes, if you do not throw food in the trash, do not change cars every six months and mobile phones in pursuit of a new model, all of humanity, including the cannibals of Africa laughing can live in a completely worthy environment. It is rational to spend what was given to all people by mother nature (or God). That was what left-wing ideas were offered. Why were MP ideas cut off? They are ideas of equality, like a goat’s knife.
    1. fisherman
      fisherman 2 July 2013 11: 05
      As suggested by the leftist ideas

      these are great ideas and they will offer themselves many, many times more

      these ideas (forces) have opponents (counter-directed forces)

      Here is an example: in kindergarten, even small children build hierarchical chains-steps, only the teachers should be a little distracted

      or an example with an uninhabited island, where a group of people who were previously unfamiliar fell into, the emergence of new hierarchical situations, often having nothing to do with the past social status of these people
  8. xmike
    xmike 2 July 2013 10: 12
    In my opinion, all the horror stories are for people to voluntarily ask for "protection" at the cost of their freedom and the right to individuality. They probably want to see people as dumb and disenfranchised biomass controlled by a "one" ruler controlled by corporations ...
    In other words, their goal is a global slave-owning system, in which people with brainwash and not knowing their history with distorted life values ​​work in the sweat of their brows for the benefit of a handful of “chosen ones”.
  9. fenix57
    2 July 2013 10: 50
    Quote: revnagan
    y, do not change cars every six months and mobile phones in pursuit of a new model

    And what, let me take an interest in those who produce mobile phones, cars, televisions and a lot, a lot of all that does not need to be purchased often ... winked If only for the development of virgin lands for sowing various cereals and other crops. Maybe, maybe; laughing they’ll only agree ...
  10. Unknown
    Unknown 2 July 2013 10: 57
    Either a fairy tale, or the truth ... It will not be clear until we see for ourselves. request
  11. krez-74
    krez-74 2 July 2013 12: 56
    The world has long been in the matrix! It’s silly to ignore how people form opinions, conclusions, decisions, judgments! Not to notice how a person is degrading in the mass, how real and worthwhile goals are replaced by simple animal consumption, at least silly! It’s stupid not to notice how the level of a person’s well-being often, if not always, depends on him. Look at safety ... After all, often, some kind of explosion, or disaster, or some other artificial emergency, unties the hands of those who are interested in deriving all sorts of benefits and opportunities from this!
    The matrix has long been real, just in every country, it has a certain level of development!
  12. slaventi
    slaventi 2 July 2013 14: 09

    The Bilderberg Club is built on the principle of the Masonic lodge, its structure includes three circles.

    The Outer Circle is wide enough and unites up to 80% of the meeting participants. Members of this circle know only part of the real strategy and true goals of the organization. The second circle, much more closed, is the Steering Committee, which consists of 35 people who are familiar with the tasks of the group by approximately 90%.

    Sample scheme

    The narrowest circle is the Advisory Committee, which consists of about ten people who thoroughly know the true goals and strategy of the organization and have full authority on the group’s affairs between its annual meetings. Currently, the permanent members of the club are Edmund de Rothschild, David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Paul Wolfowitz, Henry Kissinger, Richard Holbrook, Etienne Davignon, Henry Heinz, Romano Prodi and some others.
    One of the goals: Chipization. The pacification of Iran

    Another issue discussed at the conference of the Bilderberg Group in Chantilly was a possible war against Iran.

    Jim Tucker sources said that Pentagon chief Robert Gates was present at the meeting of the bilderbergs, although he was not listed on the official list of participants. His presence was connected with the need to ensure support by the Bilderberg Group of Washington’s military plans for Iran, just as similar support was received at the 2002 conference on the issue of the American invasion of Iraq
    And finally, regarding oil prices. In June, the Bilderberg Club determined that by the end of the summer of 2008 they would exceed 150 dollars per barrel, then perhaps they would start to decrease, since the general increase occurred too quickly (during the meeting in Canada in 2006, the bilderbergs agreed to raise prices by the end 2008 to 105 dollars per barrel, but, rising prices significantly exceeded this bar).

    The main issue on the agenda of the Bilderberg Club meeting in June 2008 was the issue of large-scale implantation of subcutaneous microchips to Americans under the pretext of combating terrorism and the need to provide doctors with access to information about the state of patients in emergency situations. Thus, the process of building an “electronic concentration camp”, or a cyborg society, the preparation for which has been going on for half a century (especially actively and purposefully - after the September 11 terrorist attack) will be accelerated.

    One way or another, more and more people are beginning to understand that “global reality” is a man-made affair and this reality is being created by specific people. The more the global financial elite tries to hide the practice of global governance behind the visibility of “objective processes”, the more distinct is the mechanism of its actions, the clearer the contours of an unprecedented global building.
  13. Malleus
    Malleus 2 July 2013 14: 25
    Quote: antispam
    And most importantly, why does humanity need such a large population?
    Wouldn't it be better if there are fewer people, but the "human material" will be of high quality?

    But ... But what are the quality criteria? And who will determine? When to the commission? Take a spoon-mug-warm things?

    Somewhere we all have already heard all this ...
  14. unkou
    unkou 2 July 2013 14: 47
    You haven’t heard that the entire database of Internet users has been leaked to the network with open access! There is all the information from personal photos and videos to personal correspondence and copies of documents. Of course, you can delete your data if you do not want everyone to see them. Here is the link