PAK FA T-50 in Zhukovsky (new photos)

In 2013, the first aircraft of the installation batch are planned to be delivered to the Lipetsk Center for Combat Use and Retraining of the flight personnel of the Russian Air Force, and in 2015 it is planned to begin supplying serial fighters to combat units of the Air Force.

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    1. Inquisitor
      5 June 2010 08: 50
      it's raptor
      1. 0
        30 March 2014 10: 23
        At first I emotionally minusanul, and then I thought that you weren’t so wrong. On the other hand, Lada Priora is also similar to the Mitsabishi-Lancer in the 9 body. And all because the body length is set and adjusted to aerodynamics.

        So are the planes. In addition to aerodynamics, the main thing is to be inconspicuous for radars. That is, if a frying pan corresponded to the second requirement, then modern planes would look like pans. Well, or on irons like the F-117.
        1. 0
          30 March 2014 11: 23
          So planes with the same speed and power characteristics,
          with the same aerodynamic layout will look the same
          1. 0
            April 7 2014 16: 30
            Here the differences are better seen.

    2. Anonymus
      10 June 2010 13: 12
      Exactly, practically a copy of the Raptor xD
      only the tails are a little different
      1. 0
        30 March 2014 11: 20
        "Born in Conquest" Celia Friedman
        Ten thousand years ago the optimal balance of super speeds was deduced ...
        Better maneuverability presupposed gravitational compensation, which, in turn, required a larger generator, and if its weight was added to the total mass of the ship, then maneuverability, on the contrary, should deteriorate. The optimal balance for all elements has been known for centuries.
    3. Capa
      13 June 2010 07: 47
      This is just one of the outer shells. PAK-FA is a complex of aviation equipment, and a machine with certain characteristics, and this is just its implementation in "hardware". Those. the appearance can change 10 times. By the way, there is a variation with a forward swept wing, like on the SU-47.
      1. 0
        7 September 2011 13: 55
        Is there a photo?
    4. Xuy
      April 17 2011 17: 56
      Vopsche does not look like different turbines
    5. Novel
      22 June 2011 09: 42
      The raptor and PAK FA T-50 are completely different planes, with some common characteristics. You take a view of the raptor and ours and see the difference
      1. polyelectric
        8 November 2013 22: 27
        I completely agree, the similarity is only very superficial, due to the faceted shape of the fuselage and wings, which made amateurs scream about copying. His profile is vaguely reminiscent of the YF-23, but when viewed from other angles, the similarity immediately ends.
    6. Activist
      6 August 2012 21: 43
      price difference? I don’t know ... maybe in the designers? ... maybe in the pilots?
      1. polyelectric
        8 November 2013 22: 10
        Where is the T-50 in this image? Some people imagined it before the first real shots appeared. Why distribute deliberately false information? The T-50 is an original development, with the F-22 and YF-23 having practically nothing in common - a different shape and design of the keels, air intakes, engine nacelles, wings, bow, etc., it's obvious, just look at the pictures from different angles.
    7. 0
      2 August 2013 09: 57
      In general, it looks more like YF-23
    8. polyelectric
      9 November 2013 00: 59
      The glider and layout of the T-50 are original and protected by patents, there is no doubt about it. The question is different. The aircraft will be packed (as it should be for the 5th generation) with electronics. The reliability of this electronics is the Achilles heel of modern Russian technology (the reason, I believe in the absence of reliable components and poor build quality). If these problems are not resolved, this can negate the effectiveness of the aircraft.

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