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The US will reduce its ground forces by 80 thousand people

The US will reduce its ground forces by 80 thousand peopleThe United States, due to budget sequestration, is starting to reduce the number of its ground forces by 80 thousand people. This was stated by the Chief of Staff of the US Army, General Raymond Odierno.

The reduction is expected to be completed by the end of the 2017 fiscal year (September 30 2017). In addition, as a result of the reorganization, 33 combat brigades will remain in the Army instead of the current 45.

It is noted that out of the total reduction in funding for the armed forces, $ 487 billion falls to the share of the ground forces $ 170 billion. The US Department of State is to reduce its expenses by $ 417 billion over more than a decade in accordance with earlier laws.
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  1. IsailoR
    IsailoR 26 June 2013 10: 15
    It's good. Who knows - = in our land how many numbers?
    1. Bronis
      Bronis 26 June 2013 10: 19
      The total number of aircraft is about 1 million people. (actually, probably a little less). Ground forces - about 350 thousand
      1. Lord of the Sith
        Lord of the Sith 26 June 2013 17: 26
        Quote: Bronis
        The total number of aircraft is about 1 million people. (actually, probably a little less). Ground forces - about 350 thousand

        SV - 395 тыс.
        Airborne Forces - 35 тыс.
        Air Force - 183 тыс.
        Navy - 133 тыс.
        IN TO - 150 тыс.
        Strategic Rocket Forces - 120 тыс.
        FSB - 350 тыс. (including border protection)
        Internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - 183 тыс.
        1. Bronis
          Bronis 26 June 2013 19: 30
          The number of staff is good. Really - in places incomplete. it is especially noticeable in the NE and VV - among motorized riflemen, because are more dependent on the draft, and the contract is not the best there. Well, the figures given are mainly for the "Pre-reform" 2006-2008 years.
    2. Papakiko
      Papakiko 26 June 2013 10: 54
      Quote: IsailoR
      This is good.

      Why do you think so?
      They automatically transfer them to private armies registered in Burkinafaso, etc.
      There are a lot of examples and the UN does not fall under the actions of the UN and the "secular" of democracy is not aisle. An extreme example in Libya was and in Afghanistan the contingent of the "private" army has already exceeded the number of "kolitsii".
      In 2007, in a book about Blackwater, the company at that time had a 20-strong army, a squadron of 20 aircraft, a fleet of armored vehicles and trained fighting dogs. Most of these resources under contracts with the US government were directed to Iraq and Afghanistan.
      This is one example.
      1. Bronis
        Bronis 26 June 2013 11: 47
        Private military companies are not new. In fact, these are numerous, well-organized mercenaries. The main difference from the army from the technical point of view is the absence of heavy weapons. But this is not essential in the case of counter-guerrilla and security functions. But the most important thing in such private armies is the international legal aspect. Public international law considers mainly states (including "official" armies) as subjects. Accordingly, the intervention of the "state" army in the internal conflict of another country without UN sanction (although I remember Iraq in 2003) is one thing, and the participation of the "private" one is quite another. Whatever they do, the concept of "war crime" is difficult for them to apply. They may not comply with international agreements, since are not a subject (party). Very comfortably. In the same Libya, in the spring of 2012, the head of just such a French office died.
  2. varov14
    varov14 26 June 2013 10: 19
    They win in secret wars and in information wars, which is cheaper and more efficient.
    1. Sashkessss
      Sashkessss 26 June 2013 10: 23
      But it is easily opened, judging by the latest events. What is Wikileaks or Snowden worth?
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. pensioner
    pensioner 26 June 2013 10: 24
    In the course of about half of the retirees will go homeless. The soil for social protest in America is all fertilizing and fertilizing. It must be something to grow in the near future on it, it must ...
  5. NickitaDembelnulsa
    NickitaDembelnulsa 26 June 2013 10: 56
    80 thousand is very tangible. Our ground forces will be even more American. Although here in conventional weapons they surpass us without any reductions
    1. Bronis
      Bronis 26 June 2013 12: 08
      Quote: NickitaDembelnulsa
      Our ground forces will be even more American.
      In general terms (if not looking at the structure, but at the functional level), nevertheless, no. In the United States, the Marine Corps (about 200 thousand) and the National Guard (about 120-140 thousand) should be added to army units. Of course, we still have the VV MVD (160 thousand), the Airborne Forces, the Marine Corps — only about 40-45 thousand. The only difference is that the KMP and the National Guard are equipped with heavy weapons. Nominally, in terms of land weapons, we surpass (in most respects) the United States. We have more tanks and artillery. Only now, if you estimate the state, then, basically, all this is in storage. The same tanks - about 2500 (and not 20000 as they like to say). The Americans have about 1000 more in the regular units. But this comparison is about nothing. So we won’t fight ... it’s better to look at China, although this is much more unpleasant ...
      1. NickitaDembelnulsa
        NickitaDembelnulsa 27 June 2013 05: 40
        Indeed, I forgot about the ILC.
  6. Bokdan1700
    Bokdan1700 26 June 2013 11: 30
    They should be "cut" not from the sequester, but from successful operations around the world organized by the GRU. But someone calls them stubborn partners ... For them, they may be partners, for Russia, enemies!
  7. Yves762
    Yves762 26 June 2013 13: 19
    The US will reduce its ground forces by 80 thousand people

    Thereby replenishing the ranks of all Academi (the one that earlier Xe Services LLC и Blackwater) ... negative
    Well ... yes, they are cheaper and do not mind them ...
  8. darksoul
    darksoul 26 June 2013 17: 33
    Quote: Bronis
    So we won’t fight ... it’s better to look at China, although this is much more unpleasant ...

    That's for sure ... the Chinese will crush with quantity and not quality .... 1.5 billion, how can that be ... stop the Chinese use contraception