Military Review

Special Forces of the Marine Corps of Peru

In continuation of the acquaintance of readers with the various units of the Peruvian special forces, I publish photos of the special forces of the Peruvian Marine Corps, taken during a business trip to Lima to the SITDEF 2013 weapons exhibition.

Special Forces of the Marine Corps of Peru

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  1. shamil
    shamil 10 June 2013 07: 14 New
    Yes, menacing uncles, it’s like showing a new model of military equipment. And what about their combat experience?
  2. Yozhas
    Yozhas 10 June 2013 07: 26 New
    Green men !!!!
  3. cartridge
    cartridge 10 June 2013 07: 30 New
    In the first pictures, the elderly fighter was painfully taken off ... And I also liked the glasses with the anti-fog system. And the young man’s alarm clock. Just like Sukhov’s in the “White Sun of the Desert”.
  4. shamil
    shamil 10 June 2013 09: 58 New
    Unas, too, in the nineties shows were new equipment, and the soldiers served in old
  5. StolzSS
    StolzSS 10 June 2013 13: 21 New
    Would you look at them in business ?? or at least run to shoot with them at the training ground ... and it’s so difficult to unequivocally answer what they stand for and what their equipment is good for ...