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The new generation of MRAP Casspir raises standards for mine protection cars

The new generation of MRAP Casspir raises standards for mine protection cars

“The main features of Casspir remain the same,” says Ashley Williams, CEO of Denel Mechem, which designs and manufactures the car. He has always been a world leader in his class, providing unsurpassed protection from mines, land mines and automatic small-arms fire. .

“Now we have upgraded the hull protection with the use of higher quality steel, increased its capacity, improved accessibility for passengers and installed it on a more versatile and reliable car platform,” says Mr. Williams.

Casspir is a natural choice in demining or military operations and has been used from Afghanistan to Mozambique by the United Nations, South African national defense forces, private security companies and the police around the world.

Denel Mechem is a world leader in the field of mine clearance and combat equipment manufacturing. Nearly three decades after the first Casspir rolled off the assembly line in 1979, New Generation 2000 will provide new features and enhanced protection to its end users.

There are two versions of the Casspir NG 2000: one based on the Mercedes Benz transmission and the 2000B version using the Powerstar engine as a platform. Both versions will be equipped with an updated steel case that meets the highest industry standards of protection.

Jack Geldenhuys, manager of Mechem Vehicle Systems, claims that the new car will also be equipped with side doors for the driver and crew and an improved tailgate for the troops or passengers allowing for more convenient loading or leaving the car during operations.

Mr. Geldenheis says that the key feature of Casspir is its modular design, which provides it with an unsurpassed level of operational flexibility. At Denel Mechem's production facilities at Lyttelton, the vehicle can be modified and adapted to suit individual customer requirements.

Thus, Casspir can act in its usual role as an armored personnel carrier with mine protection, but can also be adapted to a field medical vehicle, a command and control vehicle, a recovery vehicle, or a light vehicle. All variants are fitted with inserts in tires for driving with punched tires and are available in 6x6 or 4x4 format and with a choice of manual or automatic transmission.

Its cruising speed is 100 km / h on the road and up to 40 km / h in most off-road conditions with a power reserve of up to 800 km on a standard fuel tank. He is able to withstand an explosion of 14-kg of TNT under each wheel, which is more than two standard mines.

Mr. Geldenheis says that deciding to standardize the engine and transmission makes Casspir a more cost-effective choice of international forces and defense agencies that rely on its excellent reputation for reliability. This means substantial savings in maintenance costs, spare parts and logistics.
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  1. Mikhado
    Mikhado 10 June 2013 08: 31 New
    Так я и не понял, в чем заявленный подъем стандартов, по названию думал, что будет реально что-то новое, а тут "желтушная" замануха, типа "Русские создали оружие, от которого Запад намочил штаны" - таких заголовков тут по краям страницы навалом.
    1. Papakiko
      Papakiko 10 June 2013 08: 46 New
      Quote: Mikhado
      So I did not understand what the stated rise in standards

      Таки это просто приглашение к просмотру фильма "Район №9". wink
      I couldn’t find a more open snapshot. repeat
      например КАМАЗовцы тоже "копируют" технику из ЮАР ("Район №9")
    2. jandjella
      jandjella 10 June 2013 18: 58 New
      There are developments in the MRAP class. But so far in testing. In the Light class Wolf. The average bear. Armored vehicles of the VPK-3924 family “Medved” armored vehicle with enhanced mine protection, the Russian analogue of MRAP vehicles. VPK-3924 "Bear" was developed by order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs VV jointly by specialists from the Department of Wheel Machines of Moscow State Technical University. Bauman and the Military Engineering Center from the Military Industrial Company. Medved can be used as an armored personnel carrier, a chassis for installing ATGMs, mortars and other weapons systems, a protected command post, reconnaissance and patrol, medical, convoy escort vehicle has a spaced differential armored protection. The body and glass can withstand the hit of a 7,62 mm armor-piercing bullet fired from the SVD rifle from a distance of 100 m. The machine withstands blasting under the wheel of an explosive device equivalent to 6 kg of TNT.
      1. jandjella
        jandjella 10 June 2013 19: 07 New
        Armored vehicles of the VPK-3927 "Wolf" family are four-wheel drive modular high-security armored vehicles developed by the Military Engineering Center LLC, VPK-3927 Wolf 4x4 in two versions - with an open body and with an armored module for transporting personnel.
        VPK-39273 Wolf 6x6 - a sample with a functional module for the transportation of personnel.
        Cars "Wolf" do not have all-welded body, which is an important difference from their predecessor - GAZ-2330 "Tiger" armored car. The modular design of the family is the basis for creating unified transport platforms of the new generation.

        Circular body armor is provided with hinged armor, complies with 6 class (3 level in accordance with STANAG 4569) and provide crew protection against all major types of small arms (even when firing an SVD rifle bullet) and shell fragments.
  2. Strashila
    Strashila 10 June 2013 08: 51 New
    "Он способен выдержать взрыв 14-и кг тротила под каждым колесом, что составляет больше, чем две стандартные мины."... а от выстрела из РПГ-7... от закопанного 122-мм осколочного-фугасного снаряда...
    1. cth; fyn
      cth; fyn 10 June 2013 09: 14 New
      RPG-7 is constantly evolving, or rather grenades are constantly evolving, and there is no escape from them other than distance.
      1. Professor
        10 June 2013 09: 39 New
        Quote: Strashila
        "Он способен выдержать взрыв 14-и кг тротила под каждым колесом, что составляет больше, чем две стандартные мины."... а от выстрела из РПГ-7... от закопанного 122-мм осколочного-фугасного снаряда...

        Lightly, the explosive weight of an 122-mm high-explosive fragmentation projectile is about 5-kg.
        There are MPMs (wheeled armored personnel carriers) that hold non-tandem RPGs.

        1. Strashila
          Strashila 10 June 2013 12: 18 New
          the essence is OF ... and the point is not explosives, but the presence of fragments.
          1. Professor
            10 June 2013 12: 20 New
            IEDs with 14-kg TNT are also not cloudless ...
            1. bask
              bask 10 June 2013 13: 01 New
              New Generation MRAP Casspir Raises Mine Defense Standards

              The weak point of Caspir, still the first series. There was low resistance to rollover.
              Now, after installation, the Messesian chassis, this figure has become an order of magnitude higher.
              Now about Russia, I repeat.
              But why is our Moscow Region, and the industry, the Ural plant, so stubbornly overlooked, done with the Indians Mrap on the Ural 4320 Сasspir M6 chassis. Cost 350,000 $$$, for typhoons over 1 ml $$$.
              Thousands of MPC Ural can be manufactured at the nodes of a serial truck.
              It seems that all interested parties are interested only in cuts and kickbacks. ALL there are no other reasons. Here and the order for the year 2013 is almost complete.
              Only new armored vehicles in the troops000-nothing !!!
        2. bask
          bask 10 June 2013 16: 18 New
          On June 4, 2013, an exhibition opened in Israel.
          ISDEF 2013 - Tactical combat vehicles.
          "" Zibar является привычным средством для обороны-Update читатели, как мы рассмотрели эту захватывающую специальных транспортных средств ОПС в прошлом. На ISDEF, Off Road Идо Технологии представила два варианта - Zibar Mk 2 и Zibar Mk2 Грузовик, как питание от GM 6.2 V8, 430л.с. двигателем и автоматической коробкой передач.""[media=
          I don’t understand that Israel advertises these buggies in this way. There’s no protection, the top is generally open. It drives fast, but you can accidentally run into an anti-tank mine and everyone in the buggy pi ...
          They probably want to get someone involved ...
          1. Professor
            10 June 2013 16: 36 New
            Quote: bask
            I don’t understand that Israel advertises these buggies in this way. There’s no protection, the top is generally open. It drives fast, but you can accidentally run into an anti-tank mine and everyone in the buggy pi ...
            They probably want to get someone involved ...

            I will repeat specifically for you. Here are the vehicles that the professionals offered (I hope you have no doubt about the professionalism of the Swan?)

            1. bask
              bask 10 June 2013 17: 06 New
              Quote: Professor
              Swan's professionalism Do you have any doubts?)

              No, I have no doubt.
              But it’s better all the same under the cover of armor and with mine protection !!!
              And in Russia it is cold in winter, however.
              I was at -20 on a motorcycle ,, Ural ,, drove ((remember this))) under a sheepskin coat, put on a plastic film. That would not have blown.
              For scouts and special forces, JLTV, a tactical vehicle, is most suitable.
    2. beard999
      beard999 10 June 2013 18: 33 New
      Quote: Strashila
      "Он способен выдержать взрыв 14-и кг тротила под каждым колесом, что составляет больше, чем две стандартные мины."

      It is likely that the author of this quote, Mr. Geldenhays, is extremely new to anti-tank mines. The TM-62D mine, adopted 45 years ago, is equipped with explosives of the type MS or TGA, weighing up to 11,1 kg. In this case, the TNT equivalent of TGA = 1,45, MS = 1,6. "Casspir" and one mine such a mine can not stand, not to mention two ...
      He does not have protection against anti-bottom cumulative mines, against anti-aircraft mines - such as TM-83 or such a product This MRAP does not have a tick protection (“Temp-30”) for anti-bitumen mines.
      And do not think that militants are installing land mines full of nerds. There will not be enough power of the landmines, they will increase them. A 10 liter bucket of ammonium nitrate / aluminum powder gives approximately 8 kg of TNT equivalent. Not one bucket will be enough - they will bury two (or, for example, one 20 liter canister). Increasing the power of IEDs is a completely solvable problem for insurgents. "Mastiff" holds the same 13,5 kg under the wheel, but it blew up
      Without comprehensive engineering intelligence, no MRAPs can guarantee reliable protection against mines and landmines, even in counterguerrilla wars, not to mention the war with regular forces.
  3. Lalaloa
    Lalaloa 10 June 2013 12: 38 New
    It seems to be so bad, but no, we have to do worse. The authorities do not cease to amaze. This site recently came across: where information about each of us is publicly posted. I don’t know why to do this, but it personally scares me. Nevertheless, I somehow managed to delete my data, though I had to register, but no one could "dig up" anything on me.
  4. jandjella
    jandjella 10 June 2013 19: 17 New
    There are still KAMAZ developments in this class of the MRAP Typhoon family. It seems to have been introduced to Minister Shoigu during his visit to the plant. But so far, pilot production. Assembled for testing Tipo.
  5. jandjella
    jandjella 10 June 2013 19: 21 New
    Here is a photo of the assembly of KAMAZ -63969. Even the combat module 12.7 odnok put Belarusian
  6. jandjella
    jandjella 10 June 2013 19: 31 New
    the latest 4x4 wheel formula vehicle with the KamAZ-53949 armored single-volume hull. Work on the car is carried out according to the Typhoon program. The development of the KamAZ-53949 armored car is based on an analysis of combat losses of personnel, military operations techniques of the last decade, the study of foreign experience in the creation and use of MRAP armored vehicles, their combat capabilities, as well as enemy detection and defeat means .An armored car KamAZ-53949 4x4 with a 4x4 formula, with a level of protection equivalent to or superior to the NATO machine, in the near future will be able to become the basis for the fleet of modern armed forces of Russia.
  7. jandjella
    jandjella 10 June 2013 21: 50 New
    ну и об Ураловской разроботки тоже вроде бы говорят . Урал-63099" "Тайфун" На машине применена независимая подвеска всех колес с управляемыми пневмогидравлическими упругими элементами. Это обеспечивает хорошую устойчивость и управляемость на любых дорогах. Используется дизельный двигатель ЯМЗ-5367 мощностью 450 л.с. Вместе с ним работает автоматическая шестиступенчатая коробка передач Allison. Кроме того, на грузовике стоит двухступенчатая механическая раздаточная коробка.Кабина и кузов объединены в единое внутреннее пространство, больше предназначенное для перевозки людей, чем грузов Комбинированная (керамика и сталь) бронезащита "Тайфуна" разработана и произведена в НИИ Стали,а бронестекла созданы в компании "Магистраль ЛТД". Все вместе обеспечивает машине круговую защиту по четвертому уровню стандарта STANAG 4569 (автомобиль может выдержать обстрел 14,5-мм пулями). Электронные системы управления позволяют выводит на экран водителя информацию о состоянии узлов и агрегатов машины, проводит необходимую диагностику. "Тайфун" оснащен спутниковой навигацией,и при необходимости системы автоматически сообщают на командный пункт о состоянии и местонахождении машины и могут подключаться к внешним системам управления. Для ведения стрельбы предусмотрены бойницы Для увеличения боевой мощи на крышу может устанавливаться дистанционно управляемый пулеметный модуль.Кресла специальной конструкции соответствуют уровню 3b по стандарту STANAG 4569 (взрывное устройство до 8 кг в тротиловом эквиваленте). Каждое сиденье оборудовано специальными привязными ремнями и фиксирующими подголовниками.Известно, что уральские конструкторы лишь в начале пути создания специальных защищеных армейских автомобилей - полностью проектные работы должны завершиться к 2014 году.