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Vladimir Putin inspected the generals

The President gave the go-ahead for the staging of the combat duty of the radar "Voronezh-DM"

Vladimir Putin inspected the generals

Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Central Command Center (TsKP) of the General Staff. There, he familiarized himself with the work of the TsKP, listened to the reports of the Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu and the Commander of the Aerospace Defense General Major-General Alexander Golovko about the work of the Rocket Assault Warning System (SPRN), gave the go-ahead to the radar station of the Voronezh- DM ”, located near Armavir of the Krasnodar Territory, on combat duty. The President also talked to the station team and the seamen carrying military service in the Mediterranean Sea through video calling systems.

“The deployment of a radio engineering center in Armavir and the creation of an operational unit of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea will help maintain strategic stability in the world and balance of forces in some of its regions,” said Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at a meeting with the leadership of the military department. According to Shoigu, the center in Armavir, equipped with a radar station of a new generation of high factory readiness “Voronezh”, meets the most modern requirements of military-space defense. It allows the control of near-Earth space, expands the capabilities of the missile attack warning system in the south-western and southern directions, said the army general.

The Minister, as reported by news agencies, noted that the resumption of the permanent presence of Russian warships in the Mediterranean Sea ensures the protection of national interests "in this currently disturbing region." “The operational task force of the Navy is entrusted with a wide range of tasks to ensure Russia's naval presence in the Mediterranean Sea,” said Sergey Shoigu.
In turn, the commander of a separate radio engineering center, Colonel Vladimir Severov, said that the commissioning of a new radar station in Armavir fully compensated for Russia's refusal to operate the radar station in Gabala (Azerbaijan). In terms of its tactical and technical characteristics, the station is capable of monitoring the missile-prone areas in its area of ​​responsibility, ”said the colonel. In his opinion, this station is capable of detecting both ballistic and aerodynamic targets, as well as space objects. The officer added that the radar in Armavir operates in the decimeter wavelength range, and therefore its accuracy is much higher than that of the stations of the previous generation.

It is interesting that the ceremony of putting the station in Armavir into combat duty took place on the birthday of the founder of the Voronezh-type radar, chief designer of the NPCIAR NPC Sergei Saprykin. Major-General Alexander Golovko, commander of the East Kazakhstan region troops, personally congratulated the birthday party. And Vladimir Putin recalled that in December 2011 of the year, the Voronezh-M radar station (in Lekhtusi, near St. Petersburg. - “NG”) had already been put into service in the Armed Forces, the current station in Armavir is now in line, and promised further equip troops with similar stations. “In general, before 2018, seven more such stations are to be commissioned,” said the president. (According to NG, besides Armavir and St. Petersburg, these radar stations are located near Kaliningrad, in Usolye-Sibirsky near Irkutsk, and will be built in Barnaul, Yeniseisk and the Orenburg region.)

“A modern radar station should become an important link in the missile attack warning system, and seriously enhance the combat potential of the aerospace defense of the Russian Federation in the southern and south-western directions,” the president said.
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  1. svp67
    svp67 7 June 2013 08: 02
    Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Central Command Post yesterday
    well done from the summit and the Communist Party ... Either I’m not satisfied with the results of the summit, or everything is already clear - who and when to wait ... angry
  2. Grigorich 1962
    Grigorich 1962 7 June 2013 08: 11
    The President has a busy schedule ... you will not say anything .... as he said earlier "... I work like in galleys"
    And about "Voronezh near Armavir, it was so beautifully done .... and most importantly quickly. The Ayzers thought that now all Russians are in our trap as much as we want and we will milk from the Gabala station ... we want 15 million dollars." ... we want 300 .... like our business !! ... But here it was not so ... The Russians are driving slowly, but quickly harnessing ... and there are still azer with a nose ... and most importantly, they showed their true colors ..... that they are holding a stone for us behind our backs ..... let's put it mildly ah ... ah ... yayyyy
    1. Nitup
      Nitup 7 June 2013 10: 14
      In my opinion, they did this on purpose, under US pressure, so that we abandon the lease, and not to take more money from us
    2. alexkross83
      alexkross83 7 June 2013 11: 59
      I think this is only the first sign :-) while we are thinking where in Europe we already put our missile defense. This is how we make them nervous and wrinkle their foreheads :-) :-) :-)
  3. Ivan79
    Ivan79 7 June 2013 08: 39
    I wonder what the Azerbaijanis will do with the Gabala? Will they lease it to someone, or will they steal it for a colormet?
    1. GHG
      GHG 7 June 2013 08: 52
      Most likely the second, in connection with its orientation, exploitation by outside forces without a radical reconstruction is impossible.
  4. pa_nik
    pa_nik 7 June 2013 08: 56
    Quote: Ivan79
    I wonder what the Azerbaijanis will do with the Gabala?

    What they will do, what they will do ... the warehouse will do laughing
  5. Vtel
    Vtel 7 June 2013 09: 00
    The commissioning of a new radar station in Armavir fully compensates for Russia's refusal to operate a radar station in Gabala (Azerbaijan).

    Now they have nothing to take from us and nothing to put pressure on - now we ourselves with the Mustache - decimeter.
    1. smersh70
      smersh70 7 June 2013 09: 37
      Today, on the day of the 214th anniversary of the birth of the great Russian poet Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, a solemn meeting and concert with the participation of schoolchildren was held in Pushkin Square in Baku.

      According to Vesti.Az, the rally was opened by Tatyana Kerimova, chairman of the Commonwealth of the Peoples of Azerbaijan Republican Society. Further, Vladimir Dorokhin, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia to Azerbaijan, congratulated everyone on a significant day.

      “Pushkin’s poetry has such a unique property as the unification of people,” he noted with satisfaction. It helps Russia and Azerbaijan to strengthen cultural ties. He further noted the great interest in Azerbaijan in the study of the Russian language. This is a testament to the spiritual community of our two peoples, ”he emphasized.

      The uniqueness of the attitude to the Russian language in the country, in his opinion, also creates good conditions for studying the Russian language. In conclusion, the ambassador read Pushkin’s poem about the Caucasus.
      1. alexkross83
        alexkross83 7 June 2013 12: 01
        Good answer to the nationalists.
      2. Lord of the Sith
        Lord of the Sith 7 June 2013 12: 31
        This news is needed on the main page.
  6. cartridge
    cartridge 7 June 2013 09: 20
    Want to do the job well, do it yourself! The simple truth is becoming increasingly clear to Putin that in matters of the country's development, including its defense, we must do everything ourselves, and not rely on a foreign uncle, especially on an uncle from Baku in a cap-airport and with golden teeth in a foul smelling to the mouth!
    Russia has no friends, but only two allies - the army and navy! (WITH)
  7. Zubr
    Zubr 7 June 2013 09: 27
    good That's right, comrade VV, do not relax, otherwise they will fuck .... wink And Russia has always had enough blackmailers.
  8. kind
    kind 7 June 2013 09: 31
    Well done GDP, it works !!! Not like some screamers and nonsense. You do something useful first, and then criticize and compare.
  9. smersh70
    smersh70 7 June 2013 09: 35
    Quote: Ivan79
    I wonder what the Azerbaijanis will do with the Gabala? Will they lease it to someone, or will they steal it for a colormet?

    come to Gabala, see what a paradise ... tourism develops there, hotels, Disneyland, Semin has just been appointed head coach there ..... what air, ...
    and after all the building will be destroyed, it’s a pity of course, but what can you do, the world is changing, time is flowing on its own ........
  10. The comment was deleted.
    1. Pimply
      Pimply 7 June 2013 10: 07
      The question is why it is unprecedented. Sarkozy got divorced during the presidency.
  11. Nevsky
    Nevsky 7 June 2013 11: 22
    Quote: Pimply
    The question is why it is unprecedented. Sarkozy got divorced during the presidency.

    LGBT France is not an example to us. There marriage is an empty word ...
  12. bremest
    bremest 7 June 2013 12: 05
    Such news is good. Generals require constant inspection, otherwise they can relax .....