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The frightening number of Russian orphans

Not long ago, Pavel Astakhov (Commissioner under the President for the Rights of the Child) provided information that there are about 660 thousand orphans registered in Russia. For comparison, this is higher than in the 30 of the last century ... At the same time, no more than 10% of this number are so-called orphans - children who have no parents, and other relatives refused to raise them. The majority of the presented number are children, at least one of whose parents is alive, but at the same time is a citizen, deprived of parental rights. In other words, more than half a million Russian children are orphans with living parents and brought up in public institutions.

Is there a chance for a child who is brought up in an orphanage today to grow into a member of modern society who can later himself have a family, find a job and provide for his children? With all due respect to the existing system of pre-school and school education and education, designed for orphans and children left without parental care, there is no need to sing the praises on this matter. And it would be desirable, but not necessary, because according to the statistical calculations of recent years and personal study of this kind of information, the picture is approximately as follows: only a very small percentage of children with, let’s say, a special social status, have the opportunity to actually step over from their actual refusal of their parents through the emerging complexes and find your positive path in life. In the majority of cases, children, even if with good intentions, state bodies have torn off the asocial and amoral lifestyle of their parents from the leading ones, follow the path of the same parents. They simply repeat the same vicious circle: education, graduation, the emergence of their families and children, first - work, then the lack of commitment to work as such, life on benefits, slipping into systematic use of alcohol or drugs, family scandals, beatings, and often - crimes , and - "head to head" with guardianship agencies that are forced to tear children out of the asocial environment (what is already difficult to call a family).

It would seem nonsense! Why is this vicious cycle for most graduates of orphanages and boarding schools repeated? After all, they are brought up completely in a different environment ... But there is no nonsense: the educational environment of orphanages itself (both today and yesterday) is structured in such a way that children are forced to have contact with children who are offended by their fate like they are. The theme of the broken family here literally hovers in the air, as well as the theme of the desire to create your own counterbalance to the world from which the child was pulled out and in which he found himself. This topic may not be discussed directly, but it is in the eyes of children, it is read in their words and deeds.

It turns out that the system of raising children of orphans and children left without parental care cannot cut this tight knot, which leads a person to the same path on which he stood, let's say, unprofitable parents. The system takes the baby, but does it create an opportunity for its full development? Obviously, at the moment - no. There are many reasons for this. Someone says that the employees of orphanages have too low salaries to be able to give their students the attention they need. Someone is sure that the reason is the bad genes of these same pupils: they say, what to expect from a son or daughter of parents who even, excuse me, their child’s conception was carried out in a half-drowned state from the effects of alcohol or drugs, and to bring up a child: where is obscenity, where is his fist, and where is something heavier ...

However, the relatively low salary of the staff, the genes of the pupils and everything else is just special cases of one big whole. And the whole thing is that no institution, no matter how exemplary they are, can be compared a priori with a full-fledged family - a family where there is an elementary parental responsibility to the child. No institution, by definition, can replace a mother and a father - a truism, even if truly professional teachers work in this institution, and indeed “golden” people generally. Pedagogy is a strong thing, of course: Ushinsky is there, Pestalozzi, Sukhomlinsky ... but when with such children — one on one, when you need to give your warmth to everyone — this is not given to everyone, whether you are three times gold or diamond. Indeed, it is one thing to read about how this is described in textbooks, without detracting from the dignity of textbooks, and quite another to at least try to replace the child of one of the parents in this very institution. It’s easier to write off genes ... As from many employees of orphanages, you hear, although it’s simply wrong to blame them, but if you really want to, then for God's sake, at least for a month in their place ...

But if the system itself is built in such a way that it puts the 8 of 10 children into the same vicious circle that was discussed above, then it means that the approach to such a system should be reconsidered. Well, there is no possibility in our country to completely abandon children's homes, even if tomorrow lawmakers suddenly pass the relevant law. Yes, and no law here will not be a panacea. The main goal is propaganda (and there is no need to be afraid of this word), it is propaganda of the moral foundations of the family, bringing to the attention of all sectors of society that having a large family is great, that a full-fledged family is not always the presence of a multi-room apartment, a luxury car, a prestigious work for its members. A full-fledged family is mutual respect, love, the desire to give each other a shoulder in any difficult life situation, the desire to live and work.

In fact, it is easy to understand things. However, for some reason they are so rarely said. For some reason, it has become fashionable to discuss the topic of the fact that having a baby is an expensive pleasure ... And many take the same position: they say yes, yes, very, very expensive - diapers, diapers, mixes, strollers, kindergarten, etc. ... Such an impression that all modern citizens of our country were born and brought up exclusively in greenhouse conditions: in families with separate apartments, cottages, cars and other things ... Well, in fact, not the same. Just the level of morality was different. And despite the fact that our country was considered the most "godless" country in the world ... And now, it seems, we are striving for faith, and we are building churches, but the number of street children wandering around the stations is almost at the level of the early 20 of the past centuries ... And after all, for the most part we often stop paying attention to this problem, as if it should be so - the XXI century is in the yard, and we have hungry children walking along the streets that do not have a roof over their heads, nor there were perspectives in life for which another word is more suitable - survival ...

By the way, one of the readers can remember at least one episode of social advertising of the last time about what family foundations and values ​​are, the moral character of parents, mutual respect, what kind of care is shown for large families (if there is), about What procedures are necessary to pass for the adoption of a child?

One gets the impression that advertising of expensive cars or bank loans is much more important ... And if it is more important, then 660 of thousands of orphans is not the limit for us and our country ...
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  1. Vanek
    Vanek 5 June 2013 08: 33
    I don’t know how anyone, but I am taking my child to the kindergarten through the territory of the "Solnyshko" orphanage. Nuu it's on the MZhK in Novosibirsk. Guys! Damn ... scary ... Children are children everywhere. It's scary when parents and children are alive. home ...

    Author, thanks for the work.
    1. Tersky
      Tersky 5 June 2013 09: 23
      Ivan, hello! Scary to you alone, SCARY ALL OF RUSSIA !!!
      1. Vadivak
        Vadivak 5 June 2013 10: 25
        Quote: Tersky
        Scary to you alone, SCARY ALL RUSSIA

        Everything comes from the family, if there is no love and respect between the parents, how a normal child can grow up, somehow I see my grandmother calling her grandson (about 5 years old)
        - go bitch home
        He is silent
        Go home again
        He sends her to ...
        She told him, well, that’s already offended

        And what can grow here? He is already an orphan with his parents
      2. Russian
        Russian 5 June 2013 10: 53
        Quote: Tersky
        Ivan, hello! Scary to you alone, SCARY ALL OF RUSSIA !!!

        I think not all of Russia, but our people are scared! And those who sit at the top of our power, they do not care what is done down there ...
        At first I remember that there was, and is, the action "Good", when they ask for help for expensive operations for children, so the necessary amounts are collected very quickly! And people donate money there, who don't have a lot of money themselves. And what prevents our oligarchs not to buy another yacht, or a cottage, or maybe a foreign club, but donate to charity ??? That's right, but why? We must pump everything out of Russia and leave here.
        1. Alexander Petrovich
          Alexander Petrovich 5 June 2013 14: 48
          Quote: р_у_с_с_к_и_й
          It is necessary to pump everything out of Russia, and leave here.

          And then hang himself, an unenviable fate. But I wonder why the orphans and boys are not sent to military schools? This is the opposite, there will be great benefits to the people, the country and the more so the army. I am sure many talented military would have come out.
          1. aviamed90
            aviamed90 5 June 2013 15: 11
            Alexander Petrovich

            But do you know the results of military reform?
            What military schools are there?
            Thank God that even the Suvorov (8 left) and Nakhimov (1 left) remained intact!
            Well, the notion of power - the presidential cadet schools (3) and a bunch of cadet corps (converted from boarding schools).

            How they differ from Suvorov’s is a mystery!

            And also a mystery remains the reluctance to connect this system to the solution of the issue of orphans and street children.
            1. Major Payne
              Major Payne 5 June 2013 21: 21
              to give a child after grade 4 in IEDs is also a form of orphanhood.
              1. Alexander Petrovich
                Alexander Petrovich 5 June 2013 23: 00
                In my opinion, an orphan, anyway, is an orphan, it would only be better for a military orphan, to serve his homeland, establish his personal life and give birth to children, than an orphan addict who will die from an overdose in which thread in the basement without understanding anything from this life.
            2. Grishka100watt
              Grishka100watt 6 June 2013 15: 31
              So they are connected to this, actually request
          2. fzr1000
            fzr1000 5 June 2013 21: 38
            I also do not understand this. But there is still the problem of social adaptation of people from orphanages. Nobody is waiting for them in a big life. Officials are required to allocate them square. meters of living space, but deceive them.
            1. INC_1254
              INC_1254 6 June 2013 17: 49
              Allocate, I have a whole family of orphans I know, two siblings, and a cousin, grandmother died, were left alone, after almost two years of courts allocated 544 thousand rubles. (in the countryside), but even with us, a two-room apartment costs at least 1,5 million in the village, an old circled house with a plot of 600-700 thousand, and they sued even because my MOM intervened in this situation, works in the RF PF and is familiar with this system. It helped and suggested what and how to do, but they did not even know that they were supposed to have something.
              1. INC_1254
                INC_1254 6 June 2013 17: 56
                Fortunately, the guys are absolutely summer, 18 and 20 years old. Hardworking children work, but without support in our time it is very difficult to pull out.
    2. Atrix
      Atrix 5 June 2013 13: 46
      It’s terrible damn that it’s because of such assholes that children suffer. Imagine what could be done with this money. And he was given a suspended sentence, where is Russia heading?
      The former deputy of the Moscow regional Duma, Vasily Dupak, was sentenced to a suspended sentence and a fine of 1 million rubles for fraud. This was reported on June 5 by Interfax.

      When initiating proceedings in 2009, it was reported that the amount of damage from the actions of Dupak was estimated at 100 billion rubles. By the time the verdict was passed, the amount of damage was reduced to 15 billion.

      It was established that in the 1990s, Dupak, being the chairman of the Petrovskoye breeding plant, stole from the labor collective the rights to land plots with a total area of ​​more than 2,2 thousand hectares in the Lyubertsy and Mozhaisk districts. Dupak managed to sell 127 hectares. Victims in the case recognized more than 500 people.
    3. Bronis
      Bronis 5 June 2013 16: 23
      I had to face a problem. In different subjects, everything is different. The problem is that a very large proportion of future orphans (more precisely, those left without parental care) are born with large deviations in development - heredity and the lifestyle of their parents. Most "normal" children are dismantled, one way or another, by the age of 3-5 (in prosperous regions). Remains 7 species or even 8 (or even some delay in development and accompanying "bouquets"). You can't really socialize them. And they don't. And it’s almost impossible.
      On the other hand, the system is such that the territory is often cleared from the foliage by hired workers. Believe it or not, the Prosecutor's Office "runs over" - labor exploitation of children! Curriculum is not provided! Then they automatically have to go to special institutions, or get registered ... but there is a lot of chaos.
      Orphans are also given quite poorly housing, but whoever gets it - they sometimes even sell their apartments after 3 years (before they could not) and again require housing. Just unsuitable for realities.
  2. Sibiryak
    Sibiryak 5 June 2013 08: 46
    The main goal is propaganda (and there is no need to be afraid of this word), namely propaganda of the moral principles of the family, bringing to the attention of all walks of life that a large family is great, that a full-fledged family is not always a multi-room apartment, a chic car, prestigious the work of its members. A full-fledged family is mutual respect, love, the desire to give each other a shoulder in any difficult life situation, the desire to live and work.

    This propaganda cannot be resolved by one propaganda; in the end, everything will come down to simple chatter! Favorable conditions for the development of the family by the state should be created. And maternal capital is not a panacea, I watched somehow the performance of one woman from Kabardino-Balkaria, in my opinion, she was indignant at the poor attitude of the state towards her citizens and families in particular, just saying that a normal woman would not give birth for money, but did it for love! So I think, in addition to propaganda, some movements in this direction are necessary.
    1. sergey32
      sergey32 5 June 2013 09: 39
      I agree, Siberian. But in this matter, not only the carrot, but the whip is also needed. Drunks and drug addicts who make children into a drunken stupor and then abandon them must be sterilized by a court decision. Deprived of parental rights should still support their children, do not pay - forced labor.
      1. Hon
        Hon 5 June 2013 09: 54
        Quote: sergey32
        Deprived of parental rights should still support their children

        And now they must, by law, just take from them? If there was something valuable, it was drunk long ago or replaced with a dose. And workers from them are none, the harm will be more than good.
      2. Sibiryak
        Sibiryak 5 June 2013 19: 33
        Quote: sergey32
        Drunks and drug addicts who make children into a drunken stupor and then abandon them must be sterilized by a court decision. Deprived of parental rights should still support their children, do not pay - forced labor.

        I Sergey think that it is not necessary to conduct any vessels for such people. This is an extra waste of time and nerves. But sending them to forced labor is a very serious argument!
    2. _Forgiven_
      _Forgiven_ 5 June 2013 10: 05
      It's not even about the attitude of the state to the family ... A lot of "families" are created by the same drug addicts and alcoholics, and what kind of children will be happy there? Well, the state will take them to an orphanage, but there is such a concept as genes, as the author gave. Plus, the child cannot overcome his complexes. You can endlessly argue and talk about this topic, but the kids won't get any easier from this .. It's all sad ...
  3. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya 5 June 2013 08: 49
    You don't need to talk about it, you need to shout about it. But what do not you say, the well-being in the country directly depends on the social policy of the state. It has become a tendency that children are mostly born in dysfunctional families, everything is simple here, children are conceived, what is said on the fly, and the child was unnecessary here, and thus street children appear. The state should participate in families at all stages, that is, it should stimulate marriages, the birth of children (but not so that alcoholics give birth to children just for money), existence. Again, there should be strict control over dysfunctional families, in the Union at one time this was well implemented, the forced fight against alcoholism and parasitism, and whoever said that street children are all future criminals, remember that after the war, there were thousands of street children , and many of them became great people: scientists, military men, engineers, etc. It's just that everything depends on the "head", when the rulers begin to think not only about stuffing their own pockets, then order will come in the country!
  4. valokordin
    valokordin 5 June 2013 08: 56
    The question of orphans and homeless children is a disgrace to the country and no boltologies with insertion otherwise words about caring for the people and children, you cannot cover him. Soviet military and post-war experience is needed. Boys to Suvorov and Nakhimov schools, girls to boarding schools for noble girls. Hence the real defenders of the Motherland and their noble friends, and then snot, tears on TV programs like "let them talk." The question is, where is the political will and where are the cries of deputies of all stripes (motherfucker so)?
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. Turkish Granite
    Turkish Granite 5 June 2013 09: 07
    While our youth is brought up by TNT and all sorts of bullshit in Mexico, we cannot see the social unit as our ears. And about the upbringing of orphans: in the VVUZE where I studied there were 6 "pupils" - the sons of the so-called regiment, they were on our list, of course this is not a panacea and is not suitable for everyone, but as an option and an opportunity to educate Defenders of the Motherland , to give children a different morality from what they see in ordinary orphanages. Not all military unit commanders are ready and able to take such a step, but I think there will still be a certain percentage and such should be supported at the state level. It is also possible to create specialized cadet corps, where only orphans (both girls and boys) will be trained. Many will say that this is the military clique and deprivation of childhood for children, but is what they see in orphanages now - childhood? In addition, in my opinion, the level of education and morality in the army is currently higher than the average in society, i.e. a country can get a well-bred citizen, and more than one commander will not refuse to accept a person, a graduate of the cadet corps, brought up from childhood in the spirit of the defender of the Fatherland.
    1. cyclist
      cyclist 5 June 2013 09: 36
      in the VVUZ where I studied there were 6 "pupils" - the sons of the regiment so called, they were on our name list, of course this is not a panacea and is not suitable for everyone, but as an option and an opportunity to educate the Defenders of the Motherland, give children a different moral that they see in ordinary orphanages.

      This is exactly what children from dysfunctional families need, and after all, someone at the Ministry of Defense decided that we did not need military schools, how many of them had been shortened in Russia, what kind of moral education we could talk about !!
    2. Tatar
      Tatar 5 June 2013 10: 18
      and even all the parents who have been deprived of their parental rights to send for kalyma and work for food, let them work out what the state then puts in the children of orphans and officials there, that the money will be bagged
      1. Hon
        Hon 5 June 2013 11: 11
        They would rather die of hunger than work
      2. Gari
        Gari 5 June 2013 12: 01
        Well, how is it like a child without a house, his own corner, without his toys, without a dad, without a mom, without grandfather and grandmother.
        How is it possible without children's laughter and joy in the house, without constant questions and caprice, but so pleasant ???
        And when you suddenly see tears in your beloved eyes, then I’m not ready for anything if only there weren’t!
        What we live only for our stomach and entertainment ???
        Our main purpose of our life is to have children and raise them worthily
        And God blessed Noah and his sons and said to them: Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth.
    3. smile
      smile 5 June 2013 13: 15
      Turkish Granite
      You are right, of course ... but by creating cadet corps the problem cannot be solved .. there are about as many orphans as there are hp. of all the armed forces, although I support you with your hands and feet .... and the level of education and morality in orphanages corresponds to the state of society, the moral principles of which were shaken, if not broken by the introduction of liberal values ​​to us ... if it will be possible to turn society away from extreme egoism-individualism - something will move, no, nothing will come of it, and no super-correct decrees, ideal leadership of the country (this is for those who speak of wrong power) will change nothing in principle ... by the way , among the opposition, only the Communists are proposing to change the self-consciousness of the people, the rest do not ... although, I believe that in the current state of affairs in the Communist Party, no one in their right mind can imagine that they will come to power - everything will work out ...
      They get used to the bad quickly. it’s much easier to teach a child to speak bad words than to wean ... it’s a long one. painstaking work and will take no less than a generation in the best case ...
      But I want to say something else ... for all my dislike for Nokhchi, I must admit that there are no orphanages at the bottom ... all the children are taken to their families. Of course, we will make allowances for the fact that they fell back to a society that was a cross between the tribal system and feudalism ... but still, nevertheless ... it is possible to go out in foster families and "family orphanages", but with appropriate control and assistance from the state. ... and cadet corps and "smolny" corps are undoubtedly needed ..
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. smart ass
    smart ass 5 June 2013 09: 16
    I think the problem is that today's society is raising people for whom having a family is "NOT COOL". Do we have a lot of films and TV shows in which the family is promoted? Now a generation is growing that cannot live a year in marriage. Today it’s much more important for a man to make money, to steal money, buy a cool car, stir up a bunch of heifers ... and what's next ??? Well, it's cool until the age of ... so 30ti ... and then what? For girls, the same situation, glamor, parties, 90 \ 60 \ 90, everything connected with it ... It is necessary to drive young people into the head that it’s cool family!
    1. _Forgiven_
      _Forgiven_ 5 June 2013 10: 08
      I fully agree with your words. Today's youth has already degraded so much that there is nowhere else to go. No values, morality or principles. One tusnik, a pivasik and a woman on her mind. BUT ... This is still young, forever you will not lead such a lifestyle
    2. FC SKIF
      FC SKIF 5 June 2013 19: 25
      I told my friends: instead of House - 2, launch an interactive project about an adopted family with many children (and). Here is the elder's first love, the younger learns to speak, one of the middle ones comes with a black eye and the family council decides whether he did the right thing by participating in a fight. Friends say that it will be "unrated", and I would love to watch such a reality show. The moral of this TV - the program is simple - a lot of children are cool.
  9. Captain Vrungel
    Captain Vrungel 5 June 2013 09: 22
    A homeless child is a product of the state and system. Parents do not need him, he is indifferent to officials of guardianship authorities, and to the whole state that is sleepy for this problem. So, for show, the police together with the administration will carry out a raid. Clean the dens of minors and their pockets. They will be sent to the receiver and forgotten until the next raid, where they will meet the homeless in the same brothel with the same composition. And all in a circle.
    The church is secular in our country. It’s not good for her to scribble pens and invest money. A clergyman who is not indifferent to street children will appear, but he will be surrounded by the indifference of his colleagues. Some expenses to church business. Our modern priests got used to only take, did not learn to give.
    Callous, indifferent, soulless power up to the first persons, capable only, once a year, to promote itself at a forced event of visiting an orphanage and handing over a bag with a "gift" on its own behalf, but at our expense.
    Our state has always dealt with the problem of orphans. From the first days of the Soviet state. But it all ended with the transition from the Soviet state for the people to the compulsory creation of a secular state for a single group of people. It's not a lordly thing to climb the servile "dumpsters".
    What to do with socially degraded parents? To create reservations for accustoming to socially useful work, the return of moral character.
  10. Strashila
    Strashila 5 June 2013 09: 25
    The state does not do anything to save families ... orphans are beneficial for officials. Such a child is an order of magnitude more expensive than the state if he were in a family. Especially for single fathers with many children, they are generally not considered people. Any emergency with children and every region tries to report that they all found and prevented, even if it was not, they will create conditions for this.
    1. Grigorich 1962
      Grigorich 1962 5 June 2013 11: 23
      Yes, the orphan policy in Russia is a failure. And here it is necessary to declare a state of emergency and the only way !! ..... definitely need to punish the parents of the abandoned children, but this is not the main thing ... these children are citizens of Russia and will certainly grow up ... and will remember how the Motherland took care of them. .....
  11. fenix57
    fenix57 5 June 2013 09: 36
    To the author +++. According to the article: the elders told that once in the SUVOROV SCHOOLS it was considered a priority to take an orphan into the upbringing students ... And the genes here are only "far away". Nine! to RUSSIA, and after all, SU is a secondary education, and, here's a graduate of "the crossroads of two roads" - a citizen or a "military profile".

    Quote: Clever man
    I think the problem is that today's society is raising people for whom having a family is "NOT COOL"

    It's not even "UNCOOL" (although for the "lady", their opinion!), How much "troublesome" (for them). It is easier to "acquire a zombie" -type of a crocodile ...
  12. Igor77
    Igor77 5 June 2013 09: 44
    The authorities will not decide anything, they are disinterested. Society is trying to create organizations like "to combat pedophiles" and so on. Now we need to set the brains of the parents who have abandoned their children. And we do it with you.
    1. Hon
      Hon 5 June 2013 09: 59
      Where do we start?
  13. Dima190579
    Dima190579 5 June 2013 09: 45
    If everyone is afraid, then why should they be afraid and start taking and adopting a child from themselves. What prevents to show a civic position.
  14. Vladyka
    Vladyka 5 June 2013 09: 48
    The figures given in the article are doubtful. Somewhere there was a detailed analysis of the statistics of this problem (I’ll use the aftershock), and from memory the order of numbers is much smaller there. Well, you need to solve the problem, and you need to start it by simplifying the adoption procedure for Russian citizens.
    1. Vladyka
      Vladyka 5 June 2013 11: 29
      Here are the official statistics http: //monitoring.sid.rf/news/71. More like the truth. By the way, pay attention to the adoption statistics, that's what you need to work on. PySy: And Gudkov voiced the figure of 1 million 100 thousand ... Astakhov's arithmetic mean ...
      1. aviamed90
        aviamed90 5 June 2013 13: 27

        The figure may be incorrect, but not by much. And by and large, no one counted such children.

        But there are still street children - they generally cannot be counted. There are hundreds of thousands. They also do not need the state.
        That's when you regret that Felix Edmundovich with his Cheka does not exist now - he would solve the problem. He already did it.
        What are we all about the past? And why now, for example, the FSB, will not deal with this problem? Once? We collect dirt on the aligarchs?
    2. The comment was deleted.
  15. Was mammoth
    Was mammoth 5 June 2013 10: 12
    "Not so long ago, Pavel Astakhov (Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights) provided information that about 660 thousand orphans were registered in Russia. For comparison, this is higher than in the 30s of the last century ..."
    I'm not surprised. There are idols among young people, Sasha Gray, for example.
  16. Was mammoth
    Was mammoth 5 June 2013 10: 12
    "Not so long ago, Pavel Astakhov (Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights) provided information that about 660 thousand orphans were registered in Russia. For comparison, this is higher than in the 30s of the last century ..."
    I'm not surprised. There are idols among young people, Sasha Gray, for example.
  17. profcom77
    profcom77 5 June 2013 10: 16
    Propaganda of family foundations? No .. I'm sorry for that. It’s better to remind everyone once again that Gazprom is a national treasure.
    1. El13
      El13 6 June 2013 12: 31
      Are you from the category of "all prospers"?
      Today, Peter, propaganda:
  18. runway
    runway 5 June 2013 10: 20
    How many people, so many opinions on this subject. But the problem will be solved only when everyone will conscientiously fulfill their duties, and not be scattered with slogans. The topic is very extensive and most of the questions are for government agencies. The basis of the problem is the family. There are programs to support young families. But how do they work? Can everyone take advantage of discounts on the same mortgage where banks order music? Why do families break up and people get drunk? In short, there are more unresolved questions than answers. But time has shown that neither Putin, nor the Duma, nor the Astakhov, and any other current structure, can solve the problem - as stated in the article, 660 thousand street children voiced by us are not the limit.
  19. Bear Quakin
    Bear Quakin 5 June 2013 10: 22
    I’ll try to explain where such a figure comes from. It's no secret that graduates are children. houses receive apartments for release. Papers officials refuse their children, and their children of full age receive a gift from the state in the form of an apartment. Every summer, in our city, a children's home leaves the sea, and while I grew up, I only took my daughter out twice to the sea, there was no money.
  20. dmb
    dmb 5 June 2013 10: 22
    Well, why are we surprised? The country has been at war for almost thirty years. Street children are one of its consequences. Unfortunately, while we are losing it. And until we win (and we will surely win), the occupation authorities will continue to talk about increasing population and bringing in migrants, claiming to care for orphans and pushing them to provide them with statutory housing in municipalities, and to talk about financing social programs and transfer money intended for this to support private banks.
  21. krez-74
    krez-74 5 June 2013 10: 34
    If the state punished in every possible way those who abandon their children (family, parents) - by banning them from public office - the problem would have been solved long ago! And also, so as not to get around this - a ban on abortion (unless of course there is no medical recommendation)!
  22. lawyer
    lawyer 5 June 2013 10: 39
    now many parents don’t need many children, I myself work as a lawyer and see what attitude to children, parents themselves drink, inject, don’t care about children, but when I come to court with guardianship authorities, parents immediately blame everything and everything, but not they are to blame. they show one crap on TV and nothing else, and Astakhov my colleague only scratches his tongue like all officials, but they do nothing.
    1. smile
      smile 5 June 2013 13: 28
      Let me be curious about what Astakhov should do, who, in your opinion, only “scratches” his tongue, like all officials ... what would you do if you were your colleague?
      1. aviamed90
        aviamed90 5 June 2013 14: 06

        Mr. Astakhov has some kind of selective attitude to orphans. And it is alarming! Of course, what he does deserves the gratitude of society! But...

        He is only interested in those children who are sold by the state abroad (and these are Russian citizens), and our Russians, for some reason, do not attract his brilliant attention!
        Why doesn't he vote for all the media when orphans and non-orphans are being killed in Russia? Why is he not suing the state in the interests of Russian children and does not protect their rights?

        Only Mr. Astakhov can answer this question.
        1. El13
          El13 5 June 2013 14: 10
          Do you know exactly what Astakhov does?
        2. smile
          smile 5 June 2013 14: 34
          As for the selective relationship, I categorically disagree. The fact is that he is the authorized representative of the president. In all matters of an international level and resonance it is OBLIGATORY to voice the position of our state, and not his subordinates. If foreigners are not very reckoned with him. then with officials of a smaller caliber they wouldn’t talk at all.
          I do not really like him. but to deny that he is doing something and does not vote is absolutely unreasonable. Moreover, he should organize, manage and control, and not personally rush about all the dysfunctional families of Russia.
          By the way, and if he had howled - yes h..with them, with crimes against our children and mothers abroad, we ourselves take such dogs ourselves from our mothers under far-fetched pretexts at the first denunciation of our neighbors — would you like it more?
          1. aviamed90
            aviamed90 5 June 2013 16: 03

            I do not belittle the merits of the venerable Mr. Astakhov, but merely remind you that Russian orphans live not only in Europe and the USA, but also in Russia! Still, there is some result from his work, but this is a drop in the bucket.

            And officially his position is called "Commissioner under the President of the Russian Federation for the rights of the child."
            So let him fit his position!

            He was appointed to her on December 30, 2009.

            What has changed? Have you adopted the "Dima Yakovlev" law? By linking the problems of orphans directly with the welfare of officials (which is not very noble)? Suing Western adoptive parents? And at least one child was taken from them and returned to Russia? And where to return them? Again in the same orphanages?

            But what has changed in Russia? Has it become easier to adopt a child? Are there fewer lines from potential Russian parents? Or can motherhood and childhood flourish in our country against the backdrop of closed maternity hospitals?
    2. 3 inches.
      3 inches. 5 June 2013 15: 45
      does the lawyer work? a joke however ..
  23. nemec55
    nemec55 5 June 2013 10: 48
    Fucking shame on "our" "celestials"
  24. Alekseir162
    Alekseir162 5 June 2013 10: 52
    By the way, one of the readers can remember at least one episode of social advertising of the last time about what family foundations and values ​​are, the moral character of parents, mutual respect, what kind of care is shown for large families (if there is), about What procedures are necessary to pass for the adoption of a child?

    Personally, I can't, but there are an abundance of commercials with the subtext "Take everything from life", or something like "Take only the best". It seems that there is nothing bad (at first glance), but if someone takes everything or only the best (using all the methods, including illegal ones), who will be left with the worst. The answer suggests itself ... It is clear that the children in this chain are an annoying misunderstanding and an obstacle to achieving the voiced goals.
  25. Yun Klob
    Yun Klob 5 June 2013 10: 54
    In Soviet times, the issue of street children and their future was decided twice, after the civil war and after the Great Patriotic War. Both times successfully and from the vast majority of street children a worthy generation of citizens demanded by society grew up. Both times the same methods worked, with minor adjustments. It is a pity the great Astakhov and his superiors do not know this.
    1. nemec55
      nemec55 5 June 2013 10: 58
      Obviously they know something. I don’t want to slander, but I think their salary is not weak and their summer houses are cars ???????
    2. 3 inches.
      3 inches. 5 June 2013 15: 50
      then mostly orphans were with healthy genes. now, alas, many of them are children of drug addicts and drunks. unfortunately, nothing good will grow out of them. I have watched this picture for 16 years with my own eyes. Unfortunately, the apple tree doesn’t fall far. But sterilize such people any doctor will tell you that the drug addict will be predisposed to continue the work of his parents.
  26. Check
    Check 5 June 2013 11: 03
    A bill may be introduced in which people who pass their children to orphanage are required to put something like alimony into their account. so if you refused, please help denyushka. at least some help to children whose life is not sweet anyway
    1. nemec55
      nemec55 5 June 2013 11: 06
      So it is, and someone has not canceled it
    2. Hleb
      Hleb 5 June 2013 18: 47
      if you refused then please help denyushka. at least some help to children whose life is not sweet anyway

  27. Russ69
    Russ69 5 June 2013 11: 13
    Quote: Check
    A bill may be introduced in which people who pass their children to orphanage are required to put something like alimony into their account.

    So ..., there is such a law. We have more problems not in the laws, but in their implementation.
    "The severity of the Russian law is not compensated by the obligation to comply."
  28. Grigorich 1962
    Grigorich 1962 5 June 2013 11: 27
    Morality in Russia due to Western influence is falling at an accelerated pace .... and these orphans as the fruit of this massive moral decline in Russia. There is no intelligible state policy in this matter. Children are abandoned, forgotten. But these are not only citizens of Russia, but also fertile ground for crime. Urgent measures must be taken ..... things are not comic
  29. Lionelrk
    Lionelrk 5 June 2013 11: 36
    Congratulations to the author of the lie, in fact, 600 thousand are all children who have fallen into file cabinets, of which 500 thousand are in families, both adopted and under various forms of guardianship, about 100 thousand in orphanages and about 20 thousand are educated in different educational institutions ( from boarding schools to universities) under full government support.
    1. smile
      smile 5 June 2013 13: 33
      Thank! I believe that lying is this way, highlighting really topical issues of concern is unacceptable, this reduces confidence in the author's conclusions ... but, damn it, is there a problem, do you agree?
    2. El13
      El13 5 June 2013 14: 21
      Aleksey, already the second person gives information about the inaccuracy of the statistics, could you go a little deeper into the figure you quoted and clarify who-is-who?

      While reading the article, I caught myself thinking that 660 thousand is a medium-sized town, and then the thought rushed at a gallop from the memories of the All-Union camp "Artek" through Skolkovo to the idea of ​​creating an All-Russian orphanage in the Far East, as the cosmodrome is being built now, with all the infrastructure and federal funding, which, firstly, it will be easier to centrally control, secondly, it will attract specialists to the Far East, and thirdly, it will allow all interested pupils to stay there and thereby become part of the solution to the problem of the small population of the Far East ... I understand, what a project, but one of the national ideas could be made from this - to protect orphans and really help these orphans and society to unite the construction of the century ...
    3. Volodin
      5 June 2013 15: 40
      If readers doubt the number of orphans presented, then doubts should be addressed to the source of this information - the Commissioner for Children's Rights. But it turns out that there are no problems - everyone, you know, managed to adopt, while Astakhov voiced his numbers ... And what about the Internet project of the Ministry of Education does not provide data on how many children from the list of adopted children homes after this very adoption?

      about 20 thousands are trained in different schools

      Yes, there are more than 1400 people in Voronezh alone to all educational institutions. And there are still unaccounted for, who do not study anywhere, and are under the care only of the street. And here Russia is not only Voronezh ...

      As they say, if there is a lie, there is a blatant lie, but there is a statistic.

      And, by and large, the question is not at all in ideally accurate verified figures that no one can call anyway ... The question is something else - in the moral pillars of our society. Although why I explain this, because we have some readers do not descend further than the first line of the material.
  30. Dromac
    Dromac 5 June 2013 12: 08
    The numbers are questionable. Children are very sorry. I myself have two. Wife no no yes and throw a bait about the adoption of the child. But for me, it is difficult to take this step, to my shame. I understand that everything is on me, rented accommodation, etc. Maybe I'll ripen. In the meantime, we are helping the Good Program with my wife. At least somehow do your bit. I really want to help the kids. But I strongly hope that the state will take this issue seriously!
  31. Beloborodov
    Beloborodov 5 June 2013 14: 01
    Homeless children are waste material. We have lost them. Like single (homeless) pensioners.

    Now the fighting is going on for children in normal families - with dad, mom, sisters, brothers, wealth.
    Any student can write a statement to a normal family - and they will come with a check.
    Children are taken away without a trial and they don’t find the ends where they are being placed - they don’t say where they are, they don’t register their stay in a state institution or they register under other names.
    Go with the child to the emergency room and you will be met by a commission from a social worker, a worker from guardianship and trusteeship, a juvenile worker and a district police officer.
    A school from an educational institution has become an institution for monitoring parents.

    In a word, the topic of homeless children and orphans is not relevant. It is necessary to save their blood children. Children from normal families are a source of high-quality donor organs. So the law on donation of children's organs has already been registered.
    1. aviamed90
      aviamed90 5 June 2013 14: 11

      I agree with you only partially.

      But orphans and street children are not waste material!
      Remember what measures were taken after the Civil War! They even attracted the Cheka! And they did it! And citizens from these children turned out no worse than from prosperous families. You just have to deal with them and love.

      But the state is judged in relation to its children and the elderly. So draw conclusions!
  32. alexkross83
    alexkross83 5 June 2013 14: 54
    It is already good that there are such forums where everyone can express their opinion, with the help of this, self-awareness rises. And those values ​​that we lost with the help of paid and rotten through and through commercial TV, I think we will return. As for the problem described in the article, this is precisely the result of the loss of values ​​and their substitution with other false ones. It is always hard to read such material.
  33. open
    open 5 June 2013 15: 24
    Muslims do not abandon their children and the elderly here learn from these.
  34. Vladyka
    Vladyka 5 June 2013 15: 29
    Quote: aviamed90
    But there are still street children - they generally cannot be counted. There are hundreds of thousands.

    Yeah ... And there are only thieves in the government, and an incompetent army ...
    Stop thinking with cliches. Where do hundreds of thousands of homeless children come from? The country did not give birth in such numbers of children ... See statistics and do not look into the mouth of any AnalAstakhov.
    Here is the statistics -
  35. Svobodny
    Svobodny 5 June 2013 16: 30
    as a comment
    1. Cormorants
      Cormorants 27 August 2013 09: 48
      Heard about this justice, it’s tough. Russia ranks first in the world in abortion, it's tin.
  36. rereture
    rereture 5 June 2013 17: 11
    According to my personal observations and inputs (my mother worked in an orphanage), the children live there luxuriously, every day they have fruits and meat, and they receive attention, benefits, permits, and even an apartment for coming of age. You can still cope with the kids, but not with the teenagers, the lazy ones don’t want to learn, they can offend any gratitude to the staff and don’t leave things - they steal. They run away, if there is money, then they buy cigarettes and alcohol, the guys just get drunk and take a little kiss, the virgins to thump and have a look. They themselves speak with their parents better to live, and they do not forbid thumping, stealing, and are not forced to go to school. Draw your own conclusions.
    1. aviamed90
      aviamed90 5 June 2013 18: 08

      Yes. It's true!
      But where are these qualified educators graduated from? Where are the makarenki? And how to deal with children if the country is cultivating theft and the power of money? Which of the educators will be able to prove the opposite in the current realities?

      Nobody wants to go to a beggarly salary - somehow you have to live somehow! But then, why the state does not raise it? Yes, because the state does not care!

      And to feed and clothe a child is not education!
      1. rereture
        rereture 5 June 2013 18: 18
        Quote: aviamed90
        Nobody wants to go to a beggarly salary - somehow it is necessary to live

        In addition to the shelter, in our village there is a kindergarten, school, housing and communal services, the village administration and a boiler room.

        No more work.

        Quote: aviamed90
        Yes, because the state does not care!

        I don’t care for normal children. Normal, large families, not garbage, should be encouraged by the state.

        Up to 12 years, you can do something as a child, but after alas, no.
        And as for me, for children over 12 years old, you need to revive work houses.
      2. rereture
        rereture 5 June 2013 18: 20
        Quote: aviamed90
        But where are these qualified educators graduated from?

        There are enough of them, and their salary is normal. in the village
  37. knn54
    knn54 5 June 2013 17: 23
    "- I'm a lousy jackal ... I took money from the children. I robbed the kindergarten.
    - What culture was found, huh? And when you were there, on a column, diluted gas with donkey urine, wasn’t it lousy?
    - That gasoline, and then - children! "
    The Soviet criminal has more conscience than the Russian / Ukrainian official, who turned custody into business.
    ABANDONED CHILDREN is the genocide of our people.
  38. rereture
    rereture 5 June 2013 17: 47
    And recently, children 12-15 years old came up with a new thing, to call the police and guardianship authorities. As soon as you begin to influence them (not physically, of course), threats immediately begin: one call and you lose your workplace. The lousy boys, one boy of 14 years old, violated the regime (after hanging up, he listened loudly to music on the phone and lifted smaller children), the teacher took his phone from him because he did not understand the words. The guy went to the toilet and put his head on the tile well, then a call to the police: the teacher hit me. And the guys from his room confirmed (he scared them or agreed not to know), everything worked out well, but the teacher had to leave work.
  39. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 5 June 2013 19: 30
    <<< At the same time, no more than 10% of this number (660 thousand) are so-called full orphans - children who do not have any of their parents, and whose education other relatives have refused. Most of the presented number are children, at least one of whose parents is alive, but at the same time is a citizen deprived of parental rights. >>>
    Such a huge number of orphans is already a consequence of the fact that the number of so-called dysfunctional families is constantly growing!
    The Institute of the Russian Family DEGRADES! Here is the eternal problem of drunkenness and "hazing" relations in the family, but also, perhaps most importantly, an attempt to copy the Western approach to the institution of the family, which in the West is subjected to fierce attacks (as an anachronism) from the brazen pathologically sexually ill, who, according to the chimera of liberalism, are the main direction development of the society of the future! This is where we need to decide: either we are for the family and it must be supported and developed in every possible way, or we are copying the West with its gay parades, juvenile justice and other liberal shit that destroys the family!
  40. My address
    My address 5 June 2013 20: 17
    The article is necessary. And only propaganda disagrees with the decision. Although it will give a lot. I think it is necessary to act immediately in all directions: propaganda; improvement of financial independence of unmarried (so that men do not vykobenivalsya) and, special benefits, mothers; benefits to enterprises, organizations for the payment of decrees; control, without intrusiveness and stupidity, the position of the child in the family; mandatory three-year leave for care and so on.
    I absolutely do not think that I offer the perfect. I simply know from experience that a serious problem must be fought seriously and immediately on all fronts. And analysis, from whom or what is more good, leave for later. It’s almost like an enemy regiment cannot be thrown by rifle and even tank platoons in turn.
  41. fzr1000
    fzr1000 5 June 2013 21: 44
    And in the Caucasus there are no orphans. In the former republics of the USSR in Wed Asia too. There is much to learn. In Tsarist Russia, it was also customary to take the children of poor relatives or orphans to the house. How did they live there? In different ways, but it's better than in an orphanage. And in my evenings in Moscow in the park, families of Kyrgyz, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Caucasians walk in the evenings. Usually 2 babies, another in the womb, are expected. And do not give a damn about low income and difficulties. Are fruitful.
    1. il grand casino
      il grand casino 6 June 2013 19: 25
      There are also no orphanages in Israel. Rather, there are a couple of temporary ones, but there the children do not stay longer than a couple of months.
  42. Garry
    Garry 5 June 2013 21: 52
    As a person who has recently adopted a small child, I can say the following:
    there are queues in the custody of families who would like to adopt (for example, in Vladimir there is a queue of 60 families), but unfortunately there are almost no children with status (who can be adopted).
    Most of the children whom I saw at the orphanage, for example, have parents and they are not deprived of parental rights, the maximum that can be done in this situation is to take the child under temporary guardianship (but as God willing, today the child is with you, and some relatives will come tomorrow and pick him up). So we get a vicious circle:
    Children in the orphanage, parents with rights, and in the custody of the queue of people who want to adopt!
  43. Anat1974
    Anat1974 5 June 2013 22: 12
    Guys! This is the tip of the iceberg! Family ties with us all collapse and not only this concerns children. I just recently talked with the employer, well, let's call stardom (the correct name is very long). He's just in shock. Even 10 years ago, he could not equip his institution. Now it's a crazy turn. ALL are taken, regardless of the mat. position, class, public opinion. Nobody wants to get in with their parents, who laid down their lives for these coves. You ask the old man there are roadwalkers - no answer. Just make out, my dear mother, but the sea turns out to be near and dear to her, and all are so affectionate and everyone urgently needs to sell all the old man’s property.
    Honestly, disgusted to look at all this.
    And Astakhov, well, that Astakhov will work with children, report that he has improved the "Coordinate" situation, give him a medal, praise, and publicize the people. (Even now, the guardianship authorities are advised not to deprive alcoholics of parental rights. what's next?
    And where is our conscience, fear of God, sense of responsibility. Yes, nowhere, on TV - heifers and water, the smartest detectives, cops, the court is on, the most charming Malakhovs, etc. etc. Nowhere is there anything for the soul, there is no patriotism, spirituality, Void.
    And if there is emptiness in the soul, there are no traditions and at least some kind of faith (except faith in loot) we will have lonely old people, orphans, and maybe we will be lonely old people.
    And the Astakhovs will change, money will be thrown in, we will "radically" change the situation for life (no changes).
    We need to change the approach to solving the problem. We need to change our gut.
  44. Severok
    Severok 6 June 2013 00: 02
    Quote: Vanek
    I don’t know how anyone, but I am taking my child to the kindergarten through the territory of the "Solnyshko" orphanage. Nuu it's on the MZhK in Novosibirsk. Guys! Damn ... scary ... Children are children everywhere. It's scary when parents and children are alive. home ...

    Author, thanks for the work.

    The scary thing is not that the orphans are with their parents alive, the scary thing is that the state has a high bell tower for the family and its needs! It’s easier to give an adoption cordon than to simply and stupidly raise a child’s allowance! It is simple and stupid to force the guardianship authorities to HELP families and not stupidly wipe their inexpressibles in their offices, wait for their parents to drink from hopelessness! Of course, after all, no effort is needed for this! But then with fanfare and television people to announce the whole country - here, they say, they seized children from careless parents !!!
  45. Farvil
    Farvil 6 June 2013 00: 44
    This is the policy of our occupation authorities to destroy the future of a country called Russia.
  46. Dejavu
    Dejavu 6 June 2013 04: 54
    You are mistaken in saying that oligarchs and others do not charity. Orphanages are packed with computers, bicycles and new clothes. At least in our area. This is even a problem, as workers complain. Children are so weaned from the thought that in life you need to work and only then you will have something, that when they grow up they become frank loafers. However, no doubt - the whole problem is in families, more precisely in their absence. My wife and I are considering adopting one or two children from the orphanage. Some mothers, 16-17 years old, refuse absolutely healthy and strong babies, only due to the circumstances of their youth. A child, having ended up in an orphanage, completely loses itself later, which is very sad. God forbid there would be support from the state in adoption, at least half of the money that is now allotted for the maintenance of children in orphanages. Amounts there are not small by the way.
    1. bear
      bear 6 June 2013 19: 03
      There would be an opportunity to plus, plus would plus for your comment.

      Well, and so, I think that we ourselves are to blame for this !!! Because we choose the power ourselves, we give our children that moral education, justifying this by employment at work, in order to earn more money. They are left to their own devices, who is staring at the box, who is playing the computer for days on end. In the place of sitting behind a book and parents reading, and listening to the parents and discuss what they read. Instead, the child hears, let’s get tired later
  47. cth; fyn
    cth; fyn 6 June 2013 17: 10
    And we have closed the orphanage, now there is a kindergarten.
  48. 3 inches.
    3 inches. 6 June 2013 19: 05
    and we closed kindergartens. now there are bailiffs ..
  49. Cormorants
    Cormorants 27 August 2013 09: 45
    Good article. I would have passed the law in place of the legislators, so that at least 20% of all commercials and posters would fall on social advertising, and I would also clean the ministry of social development of the Russian Federation.