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"Relationship" is not under the charter

"Relationship" is not under the charter

Today, perhaps, except that the lazy does not talk about the problems of sexual violence in the US armed forces. Foreign social networks and blogs are full of various caricatures covering the “non-statutory relations” in the US Armed Forces, users are actively discussing a sensitive issue. US President Barack Obama is also no exception. After another sexual scandal involving the US military, he stated that the problem was so deeply rooted in the ranks of the country's armed forces that its solution would require "efforts from the best US military personnel." Army chief of staff, Army General Raymond Odierno, added that "the time has come to make the fight against sexual violence and sexual harassment our main task."

And indeed, over the past 20 years, the level of sexual violence in the US military has increased significantly. The Pentagon estimates that over the 2012 26 military personnel have been the victims of “unwanted sexual intercourse” in 000, which is a third more than in the previous year. However, only 3,4 thousands of similar cases per year are reported to higher authorities.

Moreover, over the past month, as a result of the sex scandal, Brigadier General of the US Army Brian Roberts, who was part of the leadership of the military base in Fort Jackson (South Carolina), was removed from service. 17 May this year Darin Haas, head of the sexual assault prevention service at the Fort Campbell military base (Kentucky), was fired. He was accused of threatening his ex-wife. Earlier, near the Pentagon building, Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Krusinsky, the head of the sexual assault unit in the US Air Force, was detained. He was accused of pestering a woman while being drunk. In addition, an investigation is underway regarding Sergeant First Class Gregory McQueen, who was also responsible for preventing sexual offenses at Fort Hood (Texas). McQueen was accused of rape and forced prostitution.

It is worth noting that in the US military there are laws that quite severely restrict the sexual freedom of servicemen. According to Article 134 of the United States Code of War Laws, adultery is considered a crime. The article covers cases in which a soldier of the US Armed Forces engages in sexual relations with someone, provided that one of them is married or married. According to the charter of the American army, coordinated sexual relations with subordinates are also considered as its violation (not to mention violence).

What is the reason for such a surge in sexual activity in the US Armed Forces?

Corey Schake, a research fellow at Stanford University and an assistant professor at the United States Military Academy at West Point, believes that the reason should be sought in many years of military conflicts that adversely affect military personnel and their families. “Some of the wrong decisions we see are the result of fatigue. For a long time people constantly demanded something, and there was simply no time to somehow settle their own affairs. But this by no means justifies these wrong decisions, ”she says.

Veterans and officers of the US Armed Forces also believe that the current situation in the Armed Forces is due to continuous armed conflicts outside the country. However, they note that after the next round of austerity measures introduced in connection with reductions in the military budget, the military men fall into a state of despair. "Nerves are on the edge, and alcohol abuse only aggravates the problem," say US veterans.

Other US analysts are reminded that the US military is staffed on a contract basis and makes up one percent of the country's total population. Therefore, the army to some extent reflects the realities of civil society. They are also concerned that the lifestyle of the military leadership may push their subordinates to inappropriate behavior, and the impunity of top military officials only exacerbates the situation.
Currently, women make up 14 percent of US regular troops, and this trend has persisted for several years. Many military personnel believe that the presence of women in the army deprives them of their work — and the opportunities for promotion — of some of their male colleagues. The difference in ranks can exacerbate the problem, because the higher-ranking male servicemen are used to using their power to illegally seek relationships with their female subordinates.

US President Obama and the Chief of Staff of the US Army Odierno believe that the problem is also in the capacity of personnel who are called upon to combat sexual violence in the US Armed Forces (which, by the way, is confirmed by recent sexual scandals). According to them, these are the people who did not show themselves on the battlefield or did not take part in military operations at all. Often these are bona fide officers who perform valuable work, but they are still not the best representatives of the US Army.

Thus, the issue of sexual harassment is very acute in the US military and is under the scrutiny of the media and society. Gradually, the problem comes to the fore and, apparently, the US military-political leadership does not know how to solve it. If the trend continues in the near future, then, according to many experts, the level of combat readiness of the armed forces, as well as the moral and psychological state of the personnel, will significantly decrease. The main task of the armed forces, according to President Obama, in the near future may be the solution of internal problems, and not the preparation of units for new local conflicts. Probably, many leaders of countries are now relieved ...

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  1. krasin
    krasin 1 June 2013 07: 40
    Yes problem! Bromine double the norm - everything is OK!
    1. astra
      astra 1 June 2013 11: 47
      Indeed, why should men be provoked by women, I mean in joint work. For example, as with us, the crews of ships with long voyages try to pick up so that there are no young girls, in extreme cases, women of retirement age.
      1. Far East
        Far East 1 June 2013 12: 55
        Respected! and you went on a flight to fish., ship? I went to the floating base where 200 women of different ages, and about a hundred men, and in the sea we were at least seven months or even more like that. here the problem is different.
    2. Genady1976
      Genady1976 1 June 2013 12: 26
      Yes, let them re-rape every friend there and take off
      Canadian paratroopers are constantly bullied during the first six months of service. Nobody talks with them, but only give orders. Recruits must comply with any orders, no matter who they come from. During the rite of passage, they are obliged to eat bread, which they themselves have just urinated on. Officers in every way encourage this practice. [1] In the mid-1990s, one of the selected battalions of the paratrooper troops was disbanded in Canada - unregistered relations of such proportions were opened in this battalion that even the country's defense minister was shocked.
      1. Karabu
        Karabu 1 June 2013 12: 33
        naive question. and tries they are generally needed there in the sun, these warriors in skirts?
        1. Genady1976
          Genady1976 1 June 2013 12: 55
          Stress relieve when Magnadonals with Pepsi will not bring lol
      2. 4fedor1
        4fedor1 1 June 2013 23: 25
        THERE LET THEM ALWAYS BE WITH THEM. Let them "love" each other. We will be afraid.
  2. treskoed
    treskoed 1 June 2013 07: 41
    US Sexual Harassment Awesome

    In a healthy body .... To spite homosexual Europe!
    1. 1 June 2013 08: 59
      Quote: treskoed
      In a healthy body .... To spite homosexual Europe!

      Yes, what a spite. In the United States, they have recently allowed homosexuals to serve and not hide. And against this background, they are fighting against sexual violence against women in the army. Read-crush a normal relationship. So everything is like in Europe, homosexuals in high esteem, heterosexuals - you can’t - will be punished.
      1. andrejwz
        andrejwz 1 June 2013 12: 10
        So everything is like in Europe, homosexuals in high esteem, heterosexuals - you can’t - will be punished.

        The US Army has a problem. Heterosexuals are not democratic enough and do not know how to negotiate with partners as well as homosexuals. Let them organize the holding of master classes in a different way, the combat effectiveness of the Armed Forces and democratic "values" are in danger.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  3. Rattenfanger
    Rattenfanger 1 June 2013 08: 12
    Under Section 134 of the United States Military Code, adultery is considered a crime.

    For the first time in my life, I sincerely felt sorry for the Pindocs ...
  4. omsbon
    omsbon 1 June 2013 08: 14
    I read somewhere that their main problem is gay violence against recruits.
    1. Algor73
      Algor73 1 June 2013 09: 21
      And how much such violence was in the Soviet army, the present one surely is, too. True, this is not due to orientation, but to humiliate, but still ...
  5. Old warrant officer
    Old warrant officer 1 June 2013 08: 15
    The bulk of the harassment is just homosexuality!
  6. shinobi
    shinobi 1 June 2013 08: 41
    According to US President Obama, in the near future may be a solution to internal problems, rather than preparing units for new local conflicts

    This quote seemed very interesting to me. What is the mass civil disobedience brewing in America or is the war steeper?
  7. Horde
    Horde 1 June 2013 11: 09
    fighting pida_races are like honest Jews, concepts from the category of complete opposites laughing
    1. Army1
      Army1 1 June 2013 17: 23
      Imagine a picture: there is a war between Russia and the United States, an attack by US marines on our checkpoint, before the assault Sergeant Johnny and Corporal Frank, "close" friends wish each other good luck, they are doing something else ... fuuuu. Well, in general, like this: kamon guys! ran and then one of them was banged. The second one runs towards him yelling NOOOOOOOOETTT !!!! Then he takes out the camouflage @@@@ yk itself and runs to take revenge. This is a dangerous opponent!
      1. Horde
        Horde 1 June 2013 18: 01
        Quote: Army1
        Imagine the picture: Russia-USA war is going on,

        The United States Army adopted a provision according to which, by virtue of the tolerant legislation in force in the country, it is said that same-sex relations, as part of the American way of life, cannot be prohibited in the armed forces. Therefore, taking into account the hardships of the army and the need for psychological unloading, the United States Army introduced a new form of clothing - army pants, breeches with pants on the back. Innovations in army life were greeted with an understanding of the wide layers of American society.
        1. Army1
          Army1 1 June 2013 18: 46
          Quote: Horde
          the uniform is army pants, breeches with pants on the back. Innovations in army life were met with an understanding of the wide layers of American society.

          Well this is ............ no comments
  8. sams
    sams 1 June 2013 12: 48
    Quote: treskoed
    In a healthy body ....
  9. Onotollah
    Onotollah 1 June 2013 13: 36
    Heck, they don’t share two pedagogical bags in the US Army - and in the wake of emotions one of them will press the red secret button.
    In order to prevent the aggressive encroachments of the homosexual-democratic armed forces of America, I propose rather to organize a no-fly zone over the territory of the United States and to conduct military operations so that chemical and nuclear weapons do not fall into the hands of perverts.
  10. Avenger711
    Avenger711 1 June 2013 14: 47
    Women are not all right with their heads, it has long been known. They cannot understand in any way that a man is, first of all, a male, he cannot not stick. but they are constantly looking for problems and climb into activities where only men are suitable. The problems with women in the army are above the roof, these are unwanted pregnancies due to which sometimes ships were removed from combat missions. And in general, I remember about this "I fought in a T-34" by Drabkin, where one of the veterans describes a whole cast of such who, a little war, mothers advised, to get pregnant and to the rear. But what is characteristic, he does not condemn them. A woman should give birth to children and be safe, and the men must deal with the enemy themselves.

    Again, one woman in a bunch of men, this is already a serious reason to beat another's face for her, that is, a provocation of conflict. Well, even if the woman herself liked some lucky guy, what’s he going to run with her in the attack? Will you run with your girlfriend, or will you only think about her safety? A woman is not a friend to rely on, it is an object of protection. Further, no woman, even how many stars on her shoulder straps will be able to command even the separation of guys, because for a guy from the age of 15-16, even his own mother is not a decree, he instinctively feels that she is above her hierarchy. Women themselves are poorly adapted to the hierarchy. But any male society is built on it, and if there are no females yet ... In general, a prison and groups of males of various types are the most striking examples besides the army, where the hierarchy seems to be formal.

    In general, there is only one conclusion: women simply need to be removed from military-type organizations, they should sit at maximum in offices, then there will be no problem that a male jumped out of the next guy who took a drink for the third month of sitting at a remote base. In general, do not create problems in order to overcome them later.
  11. Ezhaak
    Ezhaak 1 June 2013 14: 54
    “The time has come to make combating sexual violence and sexual harassment our main concern.”

    In the near future I see an Amer army consisting of pedril and lesbian. As well as any dermocratic army, France, for example. Absolute indifference to the opposite sex.
    Decent, normally oriented people will ignore that army.
    Dreaming is not bad! Harmful not to dream!
  12. My address
    My address 1 June 2013 20: 49
    The problem is solved elementarily - to castrate all army mericos, incl. in aviation, navy, marines, Pentagon.
  13. smershspy
    smershspy 3 June 2013 09: 41
    Lord! It seems to me that a woman has no place in the army, in extreme cases, medical battalion! First of all, a woman is a mother, not a special forces soldier or a sun! I have the honor!