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Ilya Glazunov: “Power must be strong, otherwise it is not power!”

Ilya Glazunov: “Power must be strong, otherwise it is not power!” The artist - about the embezzlers and the introduction of the death penalty.

Ilya Glazunov celebrates his upcoming birthday in his writings - he opens the Museum of the three estates, prepares for publication another book about stories Russia. On the problems of modern famous artist talked with "AIF".

Democratic drooling

AiF: - Russia sank in corruption. It was as if the country had returned to the old days, about which the classic wrote: “These are people without a thought of duty and honor, without the slightest desire for the good of the general, people who make up a huge corporation of robbers”.

IG: - In our social and social life, the main goal today is the fight against corruption. I am generally for a strong and courageous vertical of power. Power must be strong, otherwise it is not power! Especially in such a huge multinational country as the Russian Federation, which today is reaping the destructive fruits of the 1991 capitalist revolution of the year. The country is torn apart by the lack of control and impunity of schemers and thieves. And this is at a time when people are below the poverty line, poverty and degeneration. So stop dissolving democratic drooling! It's time to finally move from words to action. The law is the same for everyone - not only Roman, but also Russian law of Yaroslav the Wise speaks about it. In the fight against corruption and all the terrible phenomena of our reality, I, like millions of my fellow citizens, for the most stringent measures to curb unpunished criminals.

I am very surprised that the confiscation of property of embezzlers and corrupt officials is not introduced. For example, the situation with Oboronservis. Billions are taken away from the state, but there is only a continuous talking room and the name of the main culprit of this criminal case is hushed up in a surprising way. I do not understand one thing. America, a symbol of democracy for many of our and European politicians, has not erased the death penalty from its civilian life. But we are taking the worst from the USA, and this was not adopted, referring to the European Union. But the European Union is in a deep economic and political crisis - why do we need it? They will buy our oil and gas!

But the Americans are right: the impunity of the atrocity of the death penalty leads to permissiveness, political chaos and the flourishing of corruption. On the example of “Oboronservis” it is especially clear what the impunity of fraudsters who pursue personal selfishness and profit leads to. I, like everyone, am waiting for changes in the army. I was fascinated by the beauty and power of the 9 military parade on May 2013. Finally, the Suvorov students took part in it, as it always did before Serdyukov.

Another example. Why from Russia made a tumbleweed? We have an almost open border! In the same America or England, the example of which we so want to follow, the strictest passport and economic control, up to and including demeaning fingerprinting procedures and photographs of the retina. Why don't we do this? We need to raise the passport and visa services and border control to a decent level. This will cut off a wave of crime, terrorism, drug smuggling and slave trade. And xenophobia has nothing to do with it! If in Russia we introduce the same procedures as in the USA, this will increase the security of our state. Why has the Russian Federation opened its doors to migrant workers who behave so uncontrollably and cheekily and violate Russian laws? And this is despite the obstacles that ethnic Russians who had once been sent to the fraternal republics to raise their welfare must overcome - how difficult it is for them to return home and get citizenship, housing, work ... This is a bureaucratic wall! But why is it so free for migrant workers?

"AIF": - Ilya Sergeevich, these your statements - isn't it xenophobia and chauvinism?

IG: - I am a nationalist. Chauvinist would say that my Russian people are the best of all the others. And I, as a patriot, affirm that the Russian people are no worse than others. But I am proud that I am Russian. When someone says that he is a Pole, a Frenchman, a Jew, a Tatar, a Georgian, no one will accuse him. But if you say: "I am Russian," - immediately begin talking about chauvinism. This is a biased injustice!

Children for sale?

AiF: - The voice of the opposition now sounds in the political life of Russia. Some call them a bunch of screamers, while others believe that this force must be woven into the power structures, for they are fighting for freedom and democracy.

IG: - There is freedom “from” and there is freedom “for”. I would dream that freedom would be exercised to increase the birth rate of the Russian people, to increase economic power. I would like to have the freedom to return and to arrange all Russians in their homeland, who, and more than 25 million people, remained in the former Soviet republics. Not to mention the millions of refugees from Russia after 1917. It was a great outcome. They died, but their children and grandchildren remained. Many would like to return. A few months ago, by means of teachers and students of the Academy founded by me, a monument was erected to the great reformer P. A. Stolypin, who said: “You need great upheavals, but we need a great Russia.” So what can I say about the opposition? I am far from this politically scandalous hype in the name of my ambitions, in which I do not see the struggle for great Russia that is close to me. Those who want great upheavals make noise. And I want a revival of great Russia.

"AIF": - Another problem excites the society - our orphans. Many public figures say: if foreigners do not adopt sick children, then here they will die.

IG: - Shame for our country - the sale of their children! It is obvious that foreign adoption has become one of the official and criminal schemes of the slave trade. On a par with prostitution. The blood runs cold in the veins, clenched fists from resentment for our great country, which allegedly cannot feed and put on its feet its future citizens - the defenders of the Fatherland. I am convinced that the state and various confessions, especially the Orthodox Church, should create a system of orphanages, where children will grow up healthy, well-fed, trained, educated in the spirit of patriotism. Our government is obliged to raise beggarly wages for the work of educators, doctors, teachers of orphanages so important for the state. I am sure that in our orphanages many children have the talents of musicians, scientists, artists, poets and engineers. I am against the international adoption that is shameful for our country, but I believe that bans and denunciations will not help here, we need concrete measures to help children who have no parents.

AiF: I heard that an exhibition of works by students of your academy was banned in Moscow.

IG: - Unfortunately, this is true. Last year, an agreement was signed with the Small Manege for the exhibition of works by students and graduates of the Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture Ilya Glazunov, the rector and founder of which I am. I am deeply outraged that Muscovites were deprived of the joy of seeing young realist artists who are not given the way. Russian culture today drags on a miserable existence, is overwhelmed by the waves of show business, and visual art is crushed by the terror of "modernity." Blue enema on the bank is exposed as an image of the Russian church ...

But I am happy that with the triumphant success the exhibition of students of the Academy was held in March 2013, in the Central Exhibition Hall of St. Petersburg. Theses of religious, historical, portrait, landscape workshops looked especially powerful. This proves that the people are close and necessary to the true art of high realism, which is eternally modern, like the sky today, the sound of the surf and the woman we love.
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  1. Uncle
    Uncle 28 May 2013 19: 23
    All those problems that concern our society, members of the forum of the "Military Review", voiced by a Russian artist. It's nice that the opinion of the patriots of Russia coincides with the opinion of the majority of members of the forum and mine. I believe that Ilya Glazunov, like many eminent figures of art and culture, can be considered a kind of barometer of the mood of society. It is especially pleasant that the respondent is an Orthodox Christian, at least judging by his paintings.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 28 May 2013 20: 27
      Quote: Uncle
      Ilya Glazunov, like many venerable figures of art and culture, can be considered a kind of barometer of the mood of society.

      Wow! Glazunov stands up for what I.V. Stalin with foam at the mouth. Like many "venerable figures". I don’t believe him for a penny! Well, the fact that the exhibition of his students did not take place is still ahead of them.
      But I can advise (and envy the white envy of Muscovites and guests of Moscow) - The Tretyakov Gallery will host an exhibition of M. Nesterov until August 18! 300 works from 24 museums in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Two recognized peaks of his works - "Vision to the youth Bartholomew" and a large-scale canvas "In Russia (Soul of the people)". So, the last work "In Russia" after 1917 was hushed up. It was shown once in 1962, and now it is exhibited again! This is worth seeing.
      1. Uncle
        Uncle 28 May 2013 21: 55
        Quote: Egoza
        Glazunov advocates for what I.V. Stalin with foam at the mouth

        You do not expect much from the artist. Like all creative personalities, he is prone to reeling from extreme to extreme. That writes nudity, then Christ. Do not judge strictly.
        1. The comment was deleted.
          1. Uncle
            Uncle 29 May 2013 00: 02
            Quote: S_mirnov
            And the photo is not accidental, he uses it to score points.

            As a background - his picture, why should he shy away from his own work? So I took a picture on his background.
            Quote: S_mirnov
            For example, Ilyukhin never reeled, then Ilyukhin’s works must be published!

            Write an article about Ilyukhin, we read.
            1. S_mirnov
              S_mirnov 29 May 2013 00: 24
              Now it’s fashionable to be a believer, even the little brothers put candles in churches, not to mention the presidents.
              "Write an article about Ilyukhin, we will read it." - not a master, unfortunately, and it's too early to write articles about him, he was recently killed, the internet is still full of his speeches. And who is too lazy to type in a search engine - that and articles are useless.
              1. Seraph
                Seraph 29 May 2013 04: 15
                here I am a believer. not because of fashion. I respect Ilyukhin, and I consider his death a great loss for the Russian state. even though he is a communist ...
                and your constant boorish statements about believers and the Church and I personally do not respect you. do not reach your idols. hand over a membership card, don't dishonor the communist party
                1. S_mirnov
                  S_mirnov 29 May 2013 09: 59
                  "Your constant boorish statements about believers and the Church" - strange, but where did I boorishly speak about believers? They believe in themselves and in health. I draw the attention of people to the corrupt church, ridicule the priests who have exchanged service to God for greed and worship.
                  And I am not a member of the Communist Party, just the communist views are closest to me.
          2. Seraph
            Seraph 29 May 2013 04: 10
            Viktor Ivanovich, a respected man. But why a wonderful lawyer and politician, whom many respect, if not for views, then for straightforwardness and honesty, to compare with the artist?
            they have different fields, and tools. Ilyukhin (by the way, his last name is spelled just like that, without a soft sign) we all heard a public politician and his opinion. Glazunov is a fairly closed person. So let's calmly, without hysteria, listen to him
      2. does it
        does it 29 May 2013 21: 49
        Quote: Egoza
        "Vision to the youth Bartholomew" and a large-scale canvas "In Russia (Soul of the people)".

        I see! Priests to power are torn. As if to a civil war and their actions are not transformed.
    2. honest jew
      honest jew 29 May 2013 04: 48
      Power must be popular
      1. Seraph
        Seraph 30 May 2013 00: 48
        fat must be fresh
    3. valokordin
      valokordin 29 May 2013 05: 32
      Quote: Uncle
      All those problems that concern our society, members of the forum of the "Military Review", voiced by a Russian artist. It's nice that the opinion of the patriots of Russia coincides with the opinion of the majority of members of the forum and mine. I believe that Ilya Glazunov, like many eminent figures of art and culture, can be considered a kind of barometer of the mood of society. It is especially pleasant that the respondent is an Orthodox Christian, at least judging by his paintings.

      And that Ilyusha started singing about democratic power in Russia, when he cherished in vain the Soviet power, Stalin, sprayed censorship with saliva, now, having received freedom, he burned with love for the hanger Stolypin. Well, let him cry now, can he be elected chairman of the United Russia party and appoint a deputy of the State Duma?
  2. Navy7981
    Navy7981 28 May 2013 19: 26
    Emotionally! Sore to see.
  3. My address
    My address 28 May 2013 19: 35
    No wonder they say that there should be power. And do not forget that she is a servant of the people. And remember the expression: "The voice of the people is the voice of God." And "climb" on the forums, it is not bad in our (excuse the immodesty) Military Review. There are many people here who are for the country and many who are critical and at the same time efficient.
    1. S_mirnov
      S_mirnov 28 May 2013 22: 32
      "And remember the expression:" The voice of the people is the voice of God. " - now another expression "All power is from God" is in vogue. In general, the Russian Orthodox Church is compromising itself more and more.
      1. evfrat
        evfrat 28 May 2013 23: 19
        There are people like you. What do you expect from them, expect better from yourself. But the Covenant cannot be spoiled by anything; it is not milk. Ilya Sergeyevich special thanks, I always respected him, although I won’t argue that sometimes he brings in a master.
        1. S_mirnov
          S_mirnov 29 May 2013 00: 28
          "There are people like you there." - no, serving God is a separate path, whoever declared himself a clergyman - hence the demand for another!
          "And nothing can spoil the Covenant, it is not milk." - The covenant can be rewritten ... and more than once, in the interests of those who are obliged to "keep", so to speak.
          1. evfrat
            evfrat 29 May 2013 00: 46
            Well, if you want, live with such beliefs, it's up to you ...
          2. Seraph
            Seraph 29 May 2013 04: 24
            Do you know this little girl in the photo below?
            and there it is written in black and white in the paragraph "Party members, their duties and rights":
            2. A party member must:

            a) fight for the creation of the material and technical basis of communism, serve as an example of a communist attitude to work, increase labor productivity, act as an initiator of everything new and progressive, maintain and disseminate advanced experience, master technology, improve one's qualifications, preserve and increase social, socialist property - the basis of the power and prosperity of the Soviet Motherland "
            SAVE AND NUMBER
            And your communist friends are stealing and cheating
            1. bezumnyiPIT
              bezumnyiPIT 29 May 2013 14: 29
              Are you not a former party?
              1. Seraph
                Seraph 30 May 2013 00: 54
                I AM? No, I was not a member of the Komsomol. was a pioneer. and I won’t say that being a pioneer in my time was boring, I don’t remember anything bad about pioneering. the care for children in the Union was at a level, and most importantly, adults invested in us. and not only parents, everything
                and the Komsomol was no longer seduced. the age is different, you see more, youthful maximalism.
      2. Seraph
        Seraph 29 May 2013 04: 18
        and your Communist Party there too:
        more and more self-compromising, hiding behind the name of the deceased
        1. S_mirnov
          S_mirnov 29 May 2013 09: 49
          Filth in the Communist Party is now dug up fairly and the main Zyuganov! But the very idea of ​​the Communist Party is correct. It’s just that the Communist Party needs to be cleaned, like all our state and the church, corruption has penetrated everywhere.
  4. svp67
    svp67 28 May 2013 20: 25
    Noisy those who want great shocks. And I want a revival of great Russia.
    Golden words
  5. deman73
    deman73 28 May 2013 20: 38
    well, there will still be roofing felts
  6. RostovPapa
    RostovPapa 28 May 2013 21: 00
    Oh my God, Glazunov, there’s nowhere to put a seal on you.
    He painted portraits of Brezhnev and Suslov and licked
    ass of the CPSU. How the commies drove out became creepy
    monarchist and orthodox. He is the hypocrite
    1. nirab
      nirab 29 May 2013 02: 03
      Before pouring mud on a beautiful Russian artist, a patriot of your country, look at least on the Internet (or even better, go to Volkhonka), get acquainted with his work, find out how often his personal exhibitions were held under the communists ... There is nothing easier than to slander the creator, only I know how much Glazunov did for the country, and what you did to us, alas, is unknown ...
  7. fisherman
    fisherman 28 May 2013 21: 11
    may God grant him health ...
  8. crambol
    crambol 28 May 2013 21: 41
    Power must be strong, otherwise it is not power!

    He treated Glazunov not in the best way. But now I fully support!

    1. bezumnyiPIT
      bezumnyiPIT 29 May 2013 14: 31
      Power must be PEOPLE
  9. individual
    individual 28 May 2013 21: 49
    I. Glazunov lived together with Russia her recent history.
    In some ways, he made amendments about past judgments and not a simple turn of the chosen path of Russia. And who of us immediately figured out that trap of tempting "idylls" and the ideological trembling of the heroes of perestroika and the promises of the newly minted messiahs?
    Glazunov said that in tune with my thoughts.
    For us his statement is valuable.

    I can imagine what the liberals will raise against the honest designation of their position. X U D W N I K O M.
  10. de klermon
    de klermon 28 May 2013 22: 05
    A curious interview ... I don’t understand only the villains who hint at Glazunov’s opportunism! He is an artist! A talented artist first! And with power he was not always doing well! Was he supposed to draw a third ear on Brezhnev? Or not write at all? Friends, what are you talking about? For the Yeltsin-ghoul in 1991, 57,30 percent voted, and then the whole country hated it! What, half-people are opportunists?
    An article about something else entirely!
    I would have speculated about the death penalty! It turns out, according to Glazunov, that the death penalty is the best one can get from America! And without execution in any way? If society is ready to take a person's life for his crime, then he must "owe" very much to this society! And if so, then why should he not settle accounts with this society? The error of the court and the investigation is the favorite argument of the liberals, and I do not propose to level up with ghouls, but why not think: and if you really were mistaken, then what? Let's give birth back? In fact, in Russia, still tsarist, so dear to Ilya Sergeevich, there was an answer to this question: CATORGA! If you sinned - pay the price! In monstrous, inhuman conditions, pickaxe in hand and ... to the grave! This is a lifelong PUNISHMENT! And not a waste of state ammunition! Let the criminal feel every second what he has done! And if you made a mistake ... Then in the best sanatorium, a victim of "mistakes", rehabilitation, retirement, etc.! This is certainly not a panacea, but in my opinion it is definitely better than execution, in any case, definitely a topic for thought!
    1. AdAAkRuSS
      AdAAkRuSS 28 May 2013 22: 20
      Hard labor should be for embezzlers, in the first place, such as Serdyukov and company.
  11. AdAAkRuSS
    AdAAkRuSS 28 May 2013 22: 11
    I.G .: - I am a nationalist. A chauvinist would say that my Russian people are the best of all the others. I was not afraid to openly say these are the words of a patriot, for them-MY RESPECT AND RESPECT !!! Liberals are already drooling to splatter the monitor with reproaches, insults and accusations of fascism.
  12. taseka
    taseka 28 May 2013 22: 19
    "And as a patriot I affirm: the Russian people are not worse than others. But I am proud that I am Russian." - Ilya Glazunov only for the picture of an old woman with wrinkles - earned a memory in the Russian people - ETERNALLY!
  13. Umnichka
    Umnichka 28 May 2013 22: 23
    Stop drooling democratic! Well done, for sure! Enough shocks, revive the great Russia, from childhood!
    1. bezumnyiPIT
      bezumnyiPIT 29 May 2013 14: 35
      Quote: Umnichka
      Stop drooling democratic!

      Do you need a Tsar-Father?
  14. lewerlin53rus
    lewerlin53rus 28 May 2013 22: 39
    Vidyushka just turned up. just the topic.
  15. Grenz
    Grenz 28 May 2013 22: 44
    Dear categorical forum users!
    Answer honestly the question - have you always been in harmony with your conscience? But what about the 57% percent who voted for Yeltsin? Not ashamed now.
    So is Glazunov. As they used to say, he hesitated along with the party line. At one time, I condemned him for this.
    But he is a person and a talent. And if enlightenment has come, God grant.
    In any case, his word sounds louder and means more than our suffering on the forum.
    More such people who see clearly, the situation may mature when the word RUSSIAN will not be considered offensive.
    1. horoh
      horoh 29 May 2013 06: 09
      I didn’t vote for EBN !!!!!
  16. Seraph
    Seraph 29 May 2013 04: 30
    Well done Glazunov. Any real Russian understands that if you work for the good of the Motherland, then soulless bureaucrats-atheists will put sticks in your wheels. Glazunov, an exhibition of young talents was thwarted. Probably, the work of a religious workshop prevented them from living.
    1. bezumnyiPIT
      bezumnyiPIT 29 May 2013 14: 37
      And who are the officials? What nationality?
      1. Seraph
        Seraph 30 May 2013 01: 07
        I do not think that national, religious, cultural and other identifications can exist for the human type called "soulless bureaucrat". In order to have the right to be called a Russian, Orthodox, patriot, etc., you must have a soul - alive and seeking. that is why the above-mentioned character is called "soulless", that he does not have one. there is petty self-interest, animal fear of bosses, work and responsibility, ingratitude, pride.
        maybe i maximize. but it seems to me that it is the withering away of the soul (a dream of reason, enslavement to sin, marginalization - everyone chooses his own tastes) is the root of our troubles
  17. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 29 May 2013 06: 28
    So about the current moment he said in the case!