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Why am I proud of my country?

Why am I proud of my country?Just now, in Solovyov's “Duel”, Nikita sounded a question to our Mikhalkov, and what, they say, a modern young man in Russia (of course, today) can be proud, but it’s not necessary about May 9 and history? Mikhalkov hangs like Windows 95. He screamed something, but he did not say anything intelligible. For it is very difficult to talk about the solar system, abstracting from the sun. My comrade was outraged, and was even going to write on this topic (maybe he would also write), but by fate I give these thoughts. So, then I will try to answer this, as if softer, not a good person Gozman and his "friends", and explain the confusion of Nikita Sergeevich Besogon. So, I’m 26 years old, I’m young and I don’t remember the USSR, but I am proud of Russia. That country in which I live, with all its migrants, kondopogami, sagrami and laws banning smoking. I proudly say abroad that I am a citizen of the Russian Federation. BUT! I am not blind, not deaf and I understand everything perfectly - the country does not have an IDEA, and without this, everything that makes sense and value, of course, fades. But when I hear the anthem, when I see the coat of arms and flag, when 9 comes in May - I smile. So, and now about everything in order.


The image of a national-state identity, a nation as an "imaginary political community" (B. Anderson, who does not know) from the point of view of constructivism suggests the inclusion of specially created signs in it, shared by society as a whole. State ideology and national idea are formulated as a specific set of characters. "If you take away the tricolor flag from me, then you will take away half the power of France from me," the famous French poet and political figure A. de Lamartine once said. The works of K.Levi-Strauss highlight the general symbolic environment generated by the ethnic consciousness of the people.

These symbols and meanings concern both the internal political aspects of the life of society (the established perceptions of the ideal type of government, the characteristics of political culture, etc.) and the ideas about the principles and forms of the international existence of the state. Therefore, the study of the idea of ​​the state from these positions helps to reveal its value bases in the context of forming a sense of national unity and identity. The symbol is closely connected with the identity of the community and therefore has a socio-political significance. Symbols are a cementing element for the political system and the underlying political culture. This is especially important in transitional periods. And here we come to the original question!

Political symbols have a number of functions: from informative to administrative. Identity is represented by both verbal and non-verbal symbols (I don’t need to explain, I hope). At the same time, the symbols of non-verbal signs (flag, emblem, anthem) can be used to form a state, political, ethno-cultural and religious identity. The color symbolism of modern political parties in Russia has not yet been formed. However, in the historical memory of Russians, the confrontation between red and white is still significant as a symbol of the opposition of supporters of Bolshevism and their opponents. At the same time, it is in them, along with the Constitution, that there are "fundamental guidelines" of the national idea. The triad (coat of arms, flag and anthem) is a historically established and generally accepted system of state symbols of the majority of states in the modern world.

The coat of arms and flag are the symbolic symbols of the state, and the anthem is its symbolic musical designation. Therefore, the issue of symbols of the Russian state is not something secondary.

For example, the double-headed eagle is of fundamental importance from the point of view of Orthodox tradition and symbolism, personifying the idea of ​​a “symphony” of spiritual and state power. It is also the most important symbol of the continuity of power. In general, the symbolism of the Orthodox Church, along with the symbols of autocracy and nationality, played an important role in the formation and strengthening of the Russian state. Proof of this is, in particular, the fact that many attributes and symbols of the Orthodox Church became at the same time symbols of the Russian state, such as St. Isaac’s Cathedral or the Cathedrals of St. Basil the Blessed and Christ the Savior. According to the theory of E.Gellner, the state, losing the former ethnocultural differentiation, cling to any symbol capable of consolidating the nation. Some turn to history and try to isolate key events, others try to find spiritual and cultural roots in folklore and literature, and still others focus on the system of state symbols. One cannot but agree with the opinion of the creator of the Russian Explanatory Dictionary of Vladimir Dahl, who noted that all the peoples of Europe know their national colors, but we don’t know and confuse, "raising colorful flags and inadvertently."

Evidence of this is the history of Russian state symbols. The first 500 years of its history, Russia did not have a coat of arms, a flag, or an anthem. The role of the flag in the Middle Ages was played by the miraculous icon with which the prince's squads went into battle. Banners, banners or banners also depicted icon-painted faces, more often than others the head of Christ or the Savior the Bright Eye, as they said in Russia. The banner played the role of a talisman, designed to provide protection and protection of divine power. For the first time, a white-blue-red flag (the word "flag" is a derivative of the Dutch name for the worsted wool flagoth, which, due to its durability, went to sea flags) was hoisted in 1668 on the first Russian warship Orel during the reign of his father Peter I Alexei Mikhailovich. In 1699, Peter I assigned the role of the state flag to the white-blue-red flag, and on January 20, 1705 issued a decree according to which this flag was to be hoisted "on all kinds of merchant ships." In different variations, the three-lane flag decorated the warships until 1712, and then on the military navy the St. Andrew flag was affirmed (It was the cross from the time of the baptism of Rus that attached flags to the meaning of a shrine, protecting the state from various troubles.

It can be noted that the most fortunate was the fate of those European countries on whose flags the cross is depicted.

While on the state with the image on the flag of horizontal stripes fell heavy hardships). By this time there was also a symbolism of flowers: white meant nobility, duty and purity, blue - loyalty, chastity and love, and red - courage, generosity and strength. In other words, the Russian state flag became the sign of the Messianic state, who considered the spread of the ideas of good and truth a national vocation. In 1858, Mr. Alexander II approved a drawing with the “black and yellow and white colors of the Empire” on banners and flags, and on January 1, an imperial decree was issued in 1865, in which black, orange (gold) and white were called “state colors of Russia "(These colors are very fond of domestic production of neo-Nazis).

However, the black-yellow-white flag existed as a state symbol until 28 on April 1883, when the decree of Alexander III was announced in solemn cases to use "exclusively the Russian flag, consisting of three stripes: the top - white, middle - blue and bottom - red colors". Finally, in 1896, Nikolai II established a Special Meeting at the Ministry of Justice to discuss the issue of the Russian national flag, which determined that for the whole empire, the national flag should have a “white-blue-red color and no other”. It was at that time that the colors of the flag were officially interpreted. Red color meant state power, blue - the color of the Virgin, under the cover of which was Russia, and white - the color of freedom and independence. The extraordinary session of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR 22 August 1991 decided to consider the tricolor as the official symbol of Russia.



The double-headed eagle as the emblem of the Moscow State first appeared on the seal of Ivan III in 1497 after his marriage to the Byzantine princess Sofia Paleolog. The image of the two-headed eagle (the coat of arms of Byzantium) was combined with the Moscow coat of arms, with the result that one half of the coat of arms was depicted as an eagle, and on the other a horseman trampling a dragon. In the future, changes were made to the emblem throughout Russian history, often of a fundamental nature. On the seals of Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible, the image of St. George the Victorious, the symbol of the Moscow princes, was placed on the eagle's chest. From 1625, under Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich, three crowns appeared over the heads of the eagle, which symbolized the Christian trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit. After Peter I established the Russian Order of St. Andrew the First Called, a chain with the sign of the Order was included in the coat of arms. Thus, the eagle symbolically acquired the rank of a loyal soldier and victorious commander. The eagle's wings were lowered proudly, as if the eagle was preparing for takeoff, its beaks opened, releasing two snake-like tongues, its paws acquired powerful claws that clutched the scepter and power, symbols of power. (By the way, under Paul I, the image of the Maltese cross was briefly included in the coat of arms).

Alexander I carried out a large-scale reform of the coat of arms. In 1825, the state eagle was given not a heraldic, but a completely arbitrary form. The emperor ordered to remove the power and scepter from the claws of the bird of prey, replacing them with arrow-lightning, a torch and a laurel wreath. Emperor Nicholas I, already in 1830, returned to the traditional emblem, but added it with the emblems of the kingdoms belonging to the Russian Empire. 1882 established a strict hierarchy of the coat of arms: Large, Medium and Small State Emblems of the Russian Empire. From that time until February 1917, the image of the coat of arms remained unshakable.

The restoration of Russian symbols took place in 1993, when they were approved as decrees of the state flag and coat of arms by decrees of President Boris Yeltsin. 30 November 1993 B.N.Yeltsin signed a decree "On the State Emblem of the Russian Federation". According to the Statute of the Coat of Arms, it represents “an image of a golden double-headed eagle placed on a red heraldic shield, above the eagle are three historical crowns of Peter the Great, in the paws of an eagle is a scepter and power, on the chest of an eagle on a red shield is a horseman striking a dragon with the spear.” there was no State Flag in the Russian Empire, and the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR adopted only a resolution on the flag, but not the law.

The current coat of arms of Russia is a new coat of arms, but its components are deeply traditional and reflect different stages of national history. But thus the coat of arms communicates with the past, and not with the future. I must say that double-headed eagles in coats of arms are not uncommon. Since the XIII century. they appear in the generic symbolism of the graphs of Savoy and Würzburg, on Bavarian coins. They are known in the heraldry of the Knights of Holland and the Balkan countries. At the beginning of the XV century. Emperor Sigismund I makes a two-headed eagle as the coat of arms of the Holy Roman Empire, and after its collapse, the two-headed eagle becomes the emblem of Austria and remains so until 1919.



One of the main problems, manifested in the inability of formulating the highest value orientations of the development of the state, is the fear of even a hint of ideology. A vivid example of the embodiment of the principle of non-ideology is the national anthem of the Russian Federation. In the literary and stylistic relation, the text of S. Mikhalkov does not cause any complaints. But in the ideological ... Nothing ideologically specific. Common highly artistic words that can be addressed absolutely to any state: "our beloved country", "mighty will", "great glory", "our free fatherland", "we are proud of you", "kept by God", "space for dreams and for life, loyalty to the fatherland. It remains unclear at the same time what constitutes a source of pride, what kind of God in a confessional sense we are talking about and what is the proclaimed dream. The main thing is the absence of development guidelines in the Russian anthem. The only precisely defined element in it is in the geographical description of the location of Russia ("Our forests and fields stretch from the southern seas to the polar edge"). The territory, therefore, is the main sign of our homeland.

The collapse of the Soviet Union led to the destruction of the Soviet identity. Experiencing a state of crisis, the mass consciousness began to look for new grounds for identification. According to the Public Opinion Foundation, in 2000, only a third of Russians (32%) supported the “Patriotic Song”, while 67% of respondents approvingly returned the Soviet anthem (of which the 28% of our fellow citizens unconditionally approved, and 39% - approved rather than disapproved).

Having returned the melody of A.Aleksandrov, President V.Putin actualized the mythological ideas about the power and greatness of the USSR, the successor of which was the modern Russian state.

So, when asked by the FOM about what images arise when listening to a new hymn, in 2002, the majority of respondents (28%) called “images of the past, memories”. At the same time, 2002% were not familiar with the text of the new anthem in 73, and 2004% in 65. In the anthem, "unity" and "freedom" are mentioned three times, but in the Soviet anthem, these categories are more common.

If we compare the value structure of the Russian and Soviet hymns in more detail, we can see that the value structure of the modern Russian anthem is devoid of ideological coloring. In the anthem of the Russian Federation, “glory” is proposed as the main unifying idea (instead of “freedom” and “communism” in the old one). The type of the hymn determines not the state belonging to one or another civilizational type. The peculiarities of the symbols incorporated in one or another national anthem depend on the stage of development of the national state at which this anthem was adopted. The structure and meaning of the anthem of the Russian Federation logically reflect the development of the national state in the post-Soviet period. Nowadays the existing anthem is a compromise uniting various social forces adhering to different values ​​and goals.



Without a national idea, no state can exist in the long run. Its presence is steadily found in history, starting with the most ancient civilizations. Ancient Rome, for example, guided by the ideology of Pax Pomana, historically implemented the project of forming a world empire. Moscow Russia possessed a fully conscious installation, discovering it in the framework of the idea of ​​the “Third Rome” by a certain Messianic kingdom. In the imperial period, the Russian ideology was modified in the form of the Uvarov formula "Orthodoxy. Autocracy. Nationality." The national motto was the call "For Faith, Tsar and Fatherland!".

The ideology of the Soviet state - the slogan "Proletarians of all countries unite!" Despite its markedly internationalist character, it was used as a national idea. “Instead of the Third Rome,” N. Berdyaev argued in connection with the Bolshevik ideological transformation, “Russia succeeded in accomplishing the Third International, and many features of the Third Rome passed to the Third International. The Third International is also a sacred kingdom, and it is also based on the orthodox faith. The Third International is not the International, but the Russian national idea. It is a transformation of Russian messianism. " Today there is no intelligible ideology. Indeed, in fact, not "sovereign democracy" is a "Russian idea"!



One of the traditional value designations in the state are bank notes. In view of the universality of the circulation of money, they are an effective carrier of the ideological code of the state in everyday life. Long-established tradition of images on coins, and then the banknotes of the coat of arms of the relevant state. The image of animals and plants is the lowest possible level of value presentation. It is essentially ideologically neutral. The peculiarity of the nature of the country is the only information positioned in this case. It does not contain any value content and information about the people and the state. An example of this kind of money is the banknotes of the Republic of Belarus of the beginning of the 1990s. with the image of typical animals of the Belarusian forests. Monuments of history and culture - this is one of the most common types of banknote drawings. It is this graphic format that was chosen for the currency of the Russian Federation. In terms of value, this type of images acts as an appeal to the preserved historical and cultural heritage of the country. The ideological component here, as a rule, is minimal. Most often the iconic series is served as a demonstration of tourist attractions. However, with an appropriate selection of memorable places can be served as an image of the most important historical achievements of the country, which accordingly increases the level of value presentation.

Next - a map of the state. Figures of this type are found relatively infrequently. On the banknote of Azerbaijan, the state borders of the country include, along with the actual Azerbaijani territories, the land of Nagorno-Karabakh, thus affirming the corresponding political claims. The placement of the cartographic image of the country on banknotes broadcasts the idea of ​​the territorial integrity of the state, its national sovereignty. Historical and political persons: a historical portrait is the oldest and most common type of images on banknotes today. His appearance on the money of the respective country is evidence of a fairly high level of national cohesion. The portrait on the banknote is the heroes of the nation, its personal impersonation. To nominate such a figure or set of figures requires an appropriate level of agreement in the country in determining national values ​​and priorities.

The absence of personalities on the money of the Russian Federation testifies to the absence in the modern Russia of unconditionally recognized heroes of the nation.
How many seemingly critics were once addressed in the PRC to the person of Mao Zedong. However, this did not hinder the presence of his portrait on modern banknotes of China. Mao Zedong for the Chinese is the personification of the communist choice they made. Further - allegories and scenes of historically significant events. The image of various kinds of allegories and scenes of historical events on money has the highest potential in terms of value-relevant images for the state. Allegorical drawings as a rule reflect the images of labor and military valor affirmed in the corresponding society. Historical scenes on banknotes fix the starting points of state life, the choice of a development model. The most often used plots of national liberation revolutions. The Iranian money depicts the events of the Islamic revolution 1979, for the countries of Latin America - the struggle for independence in the XIX century.

The change of the graphic series on the banknotes of the Russian state reflects the historical value changes taking place with it. In accordance with this, modern money of the 1997 model marks the point of a decrease in their level of ideological loading. As a result of the monetary reform 1898 —1912. bills with portraits of Alexander III (25 rubles), Nicholas I (50 rubles), Catherine II (100 rubles), Peter I (500 rubles) circulated in the country. The personages of the kings served in this case as the personification of the Russian statehood. The selection of personalities of monarchs was carried out, obviously, according to the degree of realization in their reign of imperatives of the national state policy. There were not in this series, for example, the emperors-liberals Alexander I and Alexander II, adherents of the German order - Anna Ioannovna and Paul I.

The money marks of the Provisional Government reflected the value desacralization that occurred as a result of the February Revolution. With the disappearance of the attributes of power in the heraldic eagle power other visual signs disappear. The only image in addition to the coat of arms on fevlistkikh money was presented on the 1000 ruble bill - the facade of the building of the State Duma. The sovznaky printed before 1924 continued the line launched by the February Revolution to deprive the signs of higher meaning. The tendency of the formation of a new ideology, however, was reflected in the slogan “Workers of all countries, unite!” Duplicated in the languages ​​of many (not only united in the Soviet community) peoples. Cyrillic here is even side by side with Chinese hieroglyphics.

From the middle of 1920's allegorical figures corresponding to the arsenal of communist ideas appear on USSR money. An engraving was placed on the silver ruble, in which the worker indicated to the peasant the way to the rising sun. The tradition of placing portrait images on banknotes is restored after twenty years of Soviet rule. On the 1937 banknotes, for the first time, a portrait of V. I. Lenin was printed. Up until the collapse of the USSR, his image was invariably present in all versions of the money series. V. I. Lenin symbolized the communist choice proclaimed by the Soviet Union. It is characteristic that no other Soviet leader was honored to be placed on banknotes.

Notable is the absence of a Leninist portrait on lower-priced money: 1 ruble, 3 ruble, 5 rubles. The portrait images of the “leader of the world proletariat” began with ten-denomination denominations. However, the presence of his "bright image" on banknotes was not to everyone's taste. Money in the voiced ideology of the Soviet man was a symbol of bourgeoisness. Communism, according to Marxist doctrine, suggested the abolition of money circulation. Hence, the characteristic pretentious appeal of the poet Andrei Voznesensky "remove Lenin from money." On banknotes of the 1938 sample, costing below the "Lenin level", images of a miner (1 ruble), Red Army soldiers (3 ruble), pilot (5 rubles) were placed. The pictorial collection as accurately as possible reflected the main tasks put forward by the state — industrialization and preparation for war.

Monuments of history and culture appear for the first time on Soviet banknotes after the reform of 1961. These were the towers of the Moscow Kremlin - the main symbol of the Soviet statehood. Shortly before the Kremlin was open to free access for visitors. Modern Russian money is in the visual plan a gallery of sights of Russian cities. A selection of species is at least random. It is not clear by what criterion the cities representing Russia were selected. Scale? Historical meaning? Regional representation? Sample of historical and cultural objects is even less clear. It is highly doubtful that they should symbolize Russia themselves. A curiosity can be considered the absence of the Moscow Kremlin among them. But there are some "remakes" of 1990's, perceived by the people so far at least ambiguously.

Thus, a monument to Yaroslav the Wise, erected in Yaroslavl in 1993, the image of which is placed on 1000 - a ruble banknote, has the informal name of a peasant with a cake (model of the city in the prince’s hand) among the local population.
And this "man with a cake" was taken as one of the national symbols of Russia. A number of objects reflected on money signs by the time of the development of a sketch of new money was in the direst state of emergency. In relation to the Krasnoyarsk railway bridge over the Yenisei, there was a general debate (and continues today) about its prompt dismantling. A good national symbol that the nation was unable to preserve. In order to increase its own vitality, Russia should form a single space of signs and symbols. It is necessary to create a pantheon of national heroes. The most accessible way of securing their images at the level of the everyday perception of the people is to place portraits of historical personalities on currency notes.



The value component contains any socially significant celebration. A holiday always involves a kind of celebration, but it cannot but be associated with some kind of value. The meaning of the holiday is the solemn proclamation of value. Genetically celebrations lined up in traditional society as an understanding of the factors of community vitality. The ritual contained in them symbolically consolidated the achieved understanding of the success factors of being in collective memory. Becoming an archetype, the factor was fixed in the mental foundations of the existence of a people. Holidays may vary in scale (personal, professional, regional, etc.). The most integrative of them receive the status of a nationwide. Public holidays are thus included in the structure of the ideology of the state. What is the current Russian Federation in this respect? Many of the public holidays are carried over from the Soviet red calendar. There they had quite a certain ideological positioning. Today, this ideology seems to be denied, but the holidays, which represent it, are preserved. As a result, their value content was emasculated and replaced by a kind of surrogate.

In general, this is a general trend of transformation of the holiday calendar in modern Russia. The celebration of the New Year arose and traditionally felt as a celebration of the natural annual cycle, the bend of time. Through the holiday ritual, the value of life itself was sanctified, the idea of ​​"eternal return" was established. In the Russian tradition, the holiday was associated with the harvest (gifts of nature) and was held on September 1 (decision of the Church Council in Moscow, 1348). Transferring the celebration to 1 in January, Peter I connected him with Roman Januarius (in honor of Janus - the god of entrances and exits). In Russia, this holiday did not have much popularity. Its value has increased dramatically since the middle of the 1930's, when a number of traditional Christmas rituals were transferred to it. Christmas tree turned into a Christmas tree. Until 1936, the tree was banned as an attribute of a religious ceremony. The ban, however, was established even before the revolution in 1916 as a demonstration of the denial of German rites that were alien to Russia. During the campaign against religious remnants, the poet S. Kirsanov wrote in Komsomolskaya Pravda:

"Christmas tree dry rod
Looming in our eyes to us.
On the hat of Santa Claus;
Angela - in the teeth! ".

Today, the New Year in Russia still reproduces a significant component of Christmas semiotics. But if in the USSR it was a substitute for an undesirable Christmas, then now it has become a split. As for the idea of ​​a vital natural cyclicity, it has completely disappeared. The most popular Russian holiday today (94% of those celebrating) does not have any intelligible value positioning. The endless TV presentation of the same “heroes” and plentiful food. Is this holiday value? The combination of two calendar calculations in a single calendar, the Julian and the Gregorian, led to an absurd situation. As a result, the New Year is celebrated in the Gregorian calendar, and Christmas is in the Julian calendar. The result was a massive collective New Year sin, falling at the time of a strict pre-Christmas fasting. An attempt was made to protest by judicial means the decision to turn the confessional holiday into a national one. But for the Orthodox tradition, Christmas is not the main holiday date. Value this holiday (if such a hierarchy itself is appropriate) stood traditionally in Russia after Easter. Informally, it is higher in the countries of the Catholic sense. In reproducing the model of Western European Christmas holidays, modern Russian lawmakers ignore the religious tradition of Russia.

So, now the Defender of the Fatherland Day. In the USSR, the Day of the Soviet Army and Navy was of great importance for the promotion of military service. Today it is essentially just a gender holiday (the holiday of all men). The historical foundations of the holiday are very doubtful.

It is proved that the Red Army 23 of February 1918 did not win any significant victories. On the contrary, the German offensive continued near Pskov.

Moreover, it is doubtful how valuable it is to link the defense of the Fatherland with the revolutionary activities of the Bolsheviks, who at that stage proclaimed patriotism a relic of the bourgeois system. In the Russian emigration, to express the value of the state patriotic ministry, a more understandable calendar date was found - April 5, the day the Russian army celebrates under the leadership of Alexander Nevsky in the battle of Lake Peipsi (Ice Battle). In the Russian Federation, as is known, such a holiday does not exist either at the state or at the public level.

But the eighth of March is the second in the popularity rating, after the New Year, a holiday in the Russian Federation. At the same time, in terms of value, it is even more emasculated than February 23. In Soviet times, 8 Martha positioned itself as the day of international solidarity of working women. Historically, he turned to the Chicago weavers' strike in 1857, and ideologically argued for the struggle for the legal emancipation of women. In the modern interpretation of the celebration, the theme of labor equality is not present at all. The holiday has got exclusively gender character and is reduced to value celebrations in honor of the female sex. A number of thinkers representing church circles argue about the genetic connection of International Women's Day with the tradition of celebrating the Jewish Purim.

In the USSR, 1 May was celebrated as a holiday of international solidarity of working people. Of all the celebrations, he most closely related to the ideology of the world's first non-exploitative state of workers. The first decades of Soviet power. May Day was the main national holiday in the USSR. The first and second of May were officially positioned as the “days of the International”. With 1992, May Day received the name "holiday of spring and labor", paradoxically mixing in its ideological content completely different value reference points. For some reason, the natural cyclical and social values ​​are combined. The only explanation for this is the desire to somehow dissolve the political burden of the holiday. The logic in this is visible, the work in the country is not in honor, and it is not necessary to celebrate about it.

The main holiday of modern Russia is Victory Day. The victory over Nazi Germany and its allies achieved in 1945 can be considered as the apogee of the history of the Russian state, the highest point of its geopolitical position in the world.
In contrast to the Day of Russia, which, despite the pompous name, - the most absurd in terms of value holiday in the modern Russian holiday calendar. The subject of the celebration is an appeal to the Declaration of State Sovereignty adopted by the RSFSR 12 in June 1990. The sovereignty of the Russian Federation was achieved through the destruction of the USSR, which in fact was the historical embodiment of Russia itself, such as it was formed in the history of its statehood. The Day of Russia, as the Russian Federation, has become a negation of the emerging Russian state for centuries. This is almost directly stated in the country's constitution - the state sovereignty of the USSR, as the predecessor of the Russian Federation, is ignored. It is necessary to have a high degree of cynicism, or rather political goal-setting, in order to turn state dissolution into a national holiday and assign it to the same name for the Day of Russia.

But in itself an appeal to the spiritual feat of the people in 1612 could be regarded as Russia's return to the national value paradigm. Certain historical inaccuracies in the dating are not of fundamental importance here. For a holiday, a historical myth rather than scientific consistency is more needed. Another thing is that the Day of National Unity in the Russian holiday calendar became the replacement of the celebrations popular with a significant part of the people on the occasion of the Great October Socialist Revolution. Replacement could not be successful due to differences in the types of values ​​of these holidays. The celebration of 7 November appeals to a new ideological project, the society of the future. "Communism is the youth of the world, and erect it for the young!"

At the heart of the holiday 4 November is an appeal to the value of Russian national unity, consecrated by Orthodoxy.
When reforming the holiday calendar of Russia, along with the Great October Socialist Revolution, Constitution Day was also canceled. In addition to opportunistic considerations on the reduction of one non-working day, the presence of some logic in this decision is not traceable. It looks especially surprising in the context of the constant appeals of representatives of the modern Russian authorities to the inviolability of constitutional legislation. The holiday, which focuses on the values ​​of law and law, is in the state holiday calendar of most countries of the modern world, and in this regard, its abolition in Russia looks unnatural. The number of non-working days allocated for public holidays is impressive - 44 days. 17% annual working time canceled. 17% GDP growth per year canceled? Country prescribed to idle, and not to work? The country should not work, but only trade in raw materials and buy ready-made cars and food abroad? Where, then, is state sovereignty? Even the world crisis does not deal such a blow to the economy. In the Russian Empire, the religious component of the holidays dominated the value.

The preservation of the festive dates of the ROC in the official state calendar lasted until 1928. It is surprising that the festive grid of the first decade of Soviet power was more intense in terms of religion compared with the current situation. Within the framework of the ideological project, holidays celebrating the idea of ​​social liberation of humanity and building a society of the future were especially emphasized in the USSR holiday calendar. In modern Russia, there is a gap in the public holidays of the following values: the values ​​of legality, law and order; values ​​of national traditions; social liberation, social reconciliation; the image of a national leader; family values. Especially difficult situation - with the values ​​of national traditions.

In other countries, this type of holiday is one of the most popular. In Russia, not only for the days determined by the state as non-working, but also among the many lower-level holidays there is not one who in any way represents the Russian national traditions. Neither normative legal acts, nor state symbols, nor ritual are used by the Russian state for the purposes of proclamation and securing national values ​​in the consciousness of society. This greatly affects the potentials of the country's statehood. Many of her troubles begin "from the devastation in the head," ie, from the lack of a system of identical Russian (Russian) civilization, morally defined creative values.

Moreover, it is precisely these values ​​that are being destroyed in modern Russia with the aim of geopolitical and ideological transformation of the country into a third-grade dependent country. In the limit - also dissected by the scenario of the USSR. The country must learn to manage values, restore and protect national values. Each of the existing and existing serious states directly or indirectly pursues value-oriented policies, has and relies on its own national idea. Values ​​are replaced by anti-values, and the state perishes. Russia has a serious lesson - the collapse of the USSR. They did not fight with him, they laid him out. Decomposition is in modern Russia.

In many ways, therefore, Mikhalkov hesitated, and looked like a schoolboy who did not learn a lesson. Yes, everything great, bright, rational, good, eternal, that was in our thousand-year history is now smeared with dirt and subject to reproach, but it was and the world will have to put up with it. We won the Second World War and were the first in space, we made so many discoveries, wrote so many great works and did so many great things that the whole world is in our debt. And Comrade Gozman did nothing - he is a man without a Motherland, without a heart, without support, therefore he hates Russia, its great people and its achievements. Probably does not believe in God. And we believe, because we are Russians and God is with us!
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    The question is not correct. It's like asking, "Why do you love your mother?"
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      Anyone will hang about such a stupid and incorrect question.
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      I found out that I
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      Russia is our homeland and the reasons for loving it are simply endless!
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        Refund_SSSR 28 May 2013 07: 37
        Anyone can love a strong homeland, but only an opportunist who has renounced a homeland at the moment of its weakness can. So why these assessments, "why I love my homeland"? An attempt to find at least some benefit of your stay in Russia?
        You need to love your homeland only because it is your homeland and no longer looking at anything.
        1. philippov
          philippov 28 May 2013 08: 48
          Quote: We refund_SSSR
          You need to love your homeland only because it is your homeland and no longer looking at anything.

          I fully support, These are all Western things, to love for something is like a marriage of convenience. And love is an irrational feeling, it does not lend itself to precise "weighing". I love because I love, because I am Russian, because my parents were Russian and grandfathers and great-grandfathers were Russian, because I can’t do otherwise.
          1. Arberes
            Arberes 28 May 2013 10: 05
            Quote: philippov
            I love because I love, because I am Russian, because my parents were Russian and my grandfathers and great-grandfathers were Russian, because I can not do otherwise.

            You completely managed to convey my thoughts and feelings, let me shake your hand! hi
            From myself, I can only add ...

            I love you RUSSIA
            My dear RUSS!
            Unspent power
            Unsolved sadness.

            You are immense in scope
            There is no end to you
            You do not understand for centuries
            To foreign wise men.

            Poems by M. Nozhkin.

            How can your mother not love? What is there to say then !!!
            1. philippov
              philippov 28 May 2013 10: 43
              Mutually! It's nice to meet the like-minded person on the site!
        2. Atlon
          Atlon 28 May 2013 12: 27
          Quote: We refund_SSSR
          Anyone can love a strong homeland, but only an opportunist who has renounced a homeland at the moment of its weakness can. So why are these assessments, "why I love my homeland"?

          I totally agree with you! And Mikhalkov should answer: "They love not for anything, but no matter what!" This is in Russian. And in Hebrew, this is: "Motherland, sonny, where the ass is warm, and you know it as well as I do!" ("Brother-2") So the question: "Why do you love your Motherland?" Is a purely Jewish question. It is a pity that Mikhalkov did not find what to answer ...
          1. Arberes
            Arberes 28 May 2013 12: 41
            Quote: Atlon
            And Mikhalkov should answer:

            Accurate and only true words in time to say it are also worth a lot!
            Totally agree with you! drinks
      2. Ustas
        Ustas 28 May 2013 10: 17
        Quote: Romn
        I found out that I have a huge family. And a path and a forest, Every spikelet is in the field. The sun, the sky is blue -This is all mine, dear! This is my motherland!

        About 30-40 years ago, I was firmly convinced of this. I could freely go to the river to swim, fish, and pick mushrooms. This is my Motherland, no one has forbidden to use the benefits of the Motherland.
        But now I'm not sure about that anymore. For fishing with a line - pay a private trader, for mushrooms too. "It is forbidden to swim here", "There is no passage (passage)" is a private territory. And more and more I begin to realize that my homeland (forest, field, river) is being sold, privatized (and in fact robbed) by cunning businessmen in order to get rich.
        The idea / ideology is based on loot, enrich yourself as you can and you will be "schyaste".
        1. S_mirnov
          S_mirnov 28 May 2013 12: 20
          The author intentionally or unknowingly confuses two concepts - Love for the Homeland and Respect for the State.
          The article tries to compensate for the lack of respect for the modern state at the expense of love for the motherland!
          Indeed, if we compare two different states of the USSR and the Russian Federation, then against the background of the exploits of the USSR, the modern Russian Federation looks like a drunk drinking the inheritance from the pope. Probably the only thing in the production of which we overtake the USSR is the construction of trade and religious centers. Therefore, Migalkov fell into a stupor, for there are so few merit of the tricolor RF, and so much harm has been done to Russia that there is nothing to talk about without Soviet feats!
        2. Georgs
          Georgs 28 May 2013 12: 52
          Quote: Ustas
          About 30-40 years ago, I was firmly convinced of this. I could freely go to the river to swim, fish, and pick mushrooms. This is my Motherland, no one has forbidden to use the benefits of the Motherland.
          But now I'm not sure about that anymore. For fishing with a line - pay a private trader, for mushrooms too. "It is forbidden to swim here", "There is no passage (passage)" is a private territory. And more and more I begin to realize that my homeland (forest, field, river) is being sold, privatized (and in fact robbed) by cunning businessmen in order to get rich.
          The idea / ideology is based on loot, enrich yourself as you can and you will be "schyaste".

          Confusion in the concepts and / or substitution of those. The negative points described by you are grimaces of the state system. Homeland, native country has absolutely nothing to do with it. Today, many of these two concepts are firmly separated.
    2. Reasonable, 2,3
      Reasonable, 2,3 29 May 2013 07: 06
      The author is rude. A "type", without him we do not understand.
  2. Denis
    Denis 28 May 2013 06: 22
    Because I'm here at home
    "When you know what you love for, it is no longer love, but a good attitude"
    V.S. Vysotsky
    good luck!
  3. Ruslan67
    Ruslan67 28 May 2013 06: 27
    I would also be in place of Mikhalkov what If you have nothing to be proud of in your country, what correspondent member are you doing here? Go to Paris or Stockholm to park your car in an emigrant suburb and for the next couple of months your life will be bright and eventful
  4. fenix57
    fenix57 28 May 2013 06: 27
    , Hello! I do not know why Mikhalkov "hesitated" so much, probably "starred" too much.
    I AM Proud of the Russian people who, over the course of 20 years, have not lost themselves, and this people is not sinking! hi
    1. carbofo
      carbofo 28 May 2013 12: 18
      Just because those who still remember what they’re living for haven’t died yet.
  5. alexng
    alexng 28 May 2013 06: 30
    Despite all the blunders and a country that is still recovering, I love and am proud of Russia. This is my country. This is my homeland and for me Russia is the greatest country in the world.
  6. avant-garde
    avant-garde 28 May 2013 06: 54
    Yes, because when I hear the anthem of my country, it gives me goosebumps and overwhelms with pride.
    1. Uhe
      Uhe 28 May 2013 09: 17
      You, apparently, did not hear the Stalinist anthem. The current anthem is a surrogate. The music remained, but the power of words was thrown out. The song is not about anything, unfortunately. And the anthem should give direction, strengthen the will, call for victories. And there it was solid - tili-tili, trawled, and no vital attitudes.

      Unfortunately, they vulgarized the anthem, vulgarized the banner of Victory, removing the hammer and sickle, and vulgarized our history, both of Russia and the USSR. This is their method and calling card - to steal other people's merits and ideas. Even the entire plan for the development of the Russian Federation is taken from Hitler's "My Struggle". What is there to love? Disciples of Dr. Goebbels in the person of You-Know-Who?

      This is a real hymn.

      Union of the indestructible republics free
      Great Russia forever.
      Long live the people's will
      A single, mighty Soviet Union!

      Be glorious, our free Fatherland,
      Friendship of peoples is a reliable stronghold!
      The Soviet banner, the banner of the people
      Let it lead from victory to victory!

      Through the storms, the sun of freedom shone,
      And Lenin gave us a great path:
      We were raised by Stalin - on fidelity to the people,
      We were inspired by work and deeds!

      Be glorious, our free Fatherland,
      Happiness of nations is a reliable stronghold!
      The Soviet banner, the banner of the people
      Let it lead from victory to victory!

      We raised our army in battles.
      Invaders we will slay the vile ones from the road!
      We in battles solve the fate of generations,
      We will lead our Fatherland to glory!

      Be glorious, our free Fatherland,
      Glory of the peoples reliable stronghold!
      The Soviet banner, the banner of the people
      Let it lead from victory to victory!
      1. tixon444
        tixon444 28 May 2013 10: 48
        Quote: Uhe
        You, apparently, did not hear the Stalinist anthem. The current anthem is a surrogate. The music remained, but the power of words was thrown out. The song is not about anything, unfortunately.

        The power of not only words, but also music has been reduced to the level of a pop or children's song. Some introductory chords are worth what - you do not want, but jump up.

  7. smel
    smel 28 May 2013 07: 03
    An article about the history of the country. But there is no answer to the question why and why you are proud. Maybe for concessions in foreign policy, maybe for domestic failures? Maybe for unsuccessful reforms of everything and everything - education, health, retirement, cultural ??? Maybe for monetization? For the collapse of the army? Maybe for outstanding sports achievements (especially in hockey)? Maybe for the destruction of industrial production and the creation of jobs in the market and at McDonalds? Or an increase in the life expectancy of Russians? So for what, yet specifically? In space, are we ahead of the rest of the planet? In science?
    To love the Motherland doesn’t mean that you need to scream about our immense happiness for no reason. Hurray patriots do no less harm than enemies. It seems to me that to love is to admit mistakes, correct them, work for the good of the country, and study seriously. Yes, and seriously punish the harm done to the state, and not like the whole world is dying from the process of seeking truth in Serdyukov’s reforms.
    While this bastard is at large, I do not believe that rulers love their homeland and respect the people.
    1. Refund_SSSR
      Refund_SSSR 28 May 2013 07: 28
      To love is not for something, but against all odds.
      Next time, when the nonsense "what to love for?" think about these words.
      To love your homeland and "hurray-patriotism" are not the same thing, just as a child loves a mother who is seriously ill and cannot take care of him or if the mother has gone out of the way and drank, the right son will not leave his parent and will take care of her until her last breath, simply because in spite of everything, she is his mother and he loves her.
      So the statement minus .. Understand the thoughts and feelings.
      I am insanely happy in my country, because I am surrounded by people who make me happy, and places and favorite activities, and I have learned to live in this country and in another life I don’t know .. - I am a hurray patriot because I am insanely happy in "wild rashke" and do not hesitate to admit it publicly ??
      1. smel
        smel 28 May 2013 08: 18
        think about these words.
        Dear, I didn’t switch with you. I have no honor to know. Yes, and I’m not upset by this. So you minus.

        Motherland and mother must be loved. I wrote about this. If the mother washed down or fell ill and the son is glad for this, because there is no control over him, then this is not a good son. He should not be proud of the state of affairs. The son should take all measures to eliminate the causes of the disease. Must care for the patient. You wrote about this. So in this our thoughts are similar.
        Rђ RІRѕS, only a madman can be insanely happy in the current situation in the country.This is my point of view.
        I in that country received 3 higher education. So both experience and knowledge are enough. Yes, and did not lose the sense of comparing the results (there is such a form of cognition). Therefore, we remain each in our opinion about URA-patriotism
        1. Asgard
          Asgard 28 May 2013 09: 56
          How paradoxically it does not agree with all the authors in this thread ...
          The article put a minus ...

          So the guys at the top did not understand each other, although, in principle, they write about the same thing.
          The article is harmful and with the substitution of characters and an attempt to manipulate the mind.
          What is the difference between Russian man-People are able (in themselves) to generate symbols - the human brain is so arranged that it works with IMAGES, recently the Russian language was filled with Images-49 letters had a figurative expression ...
          There are still not people, the result of genetic interbreeding of People ... with any "crap" they look like us, even head banks, corporations and states ... but they are ready to work only with ready-made images, special books have been issued for them - "Talmud and Kaballah "where it seems like forbidden knowledge))) is transmitted to" animal "species - in the form of ready-made images, all sorts of ordinations and" orders of the Masons "with compasses, trowels and" eyes ")))) the method of zombification ..... still -Television, that also implants ready-made images and "clichés" ... By the way, "comics" from the same "heraldry" ...
          And if you read books, you yourself can build Images, you do not need a Flag, a Coat of Arms in the form of a forked "mutant chicken", Snakes and reptiles on banners ...
          So be proud that you are PEOPLE, read books and similar articles (you need to know the enemies)) and draw your own conclusions ,,,.
          The "herds" of humanoid have an experienced drover, but He is still a "shepherd" (so I don’t think of myself)))
          1. bask
            bask 28 May 2013 11: 39
            Quote: Asgard

            Do not decrease, do not add. All in the top ten !!!
            Asgard You need to write such articles.
            Quote: Asgard
            The "herds" of humanoid have an experienced drover, but He is still a "shepherd" (so as not to think of himself)))

            I would even clarify, not a shepherd, but a Shepherd. And from the fact that he thinks he is someone great, the situation with patriotic education in Russia does not get any better ... ((((yesterday’s article on condoms on fire))) )
            Total corruption, sheer lies at the very top-BACK ON THE EYES OF THE WHOLE COUNTRY.
            Not what good can not please !!!
            And we must distinguish between the concepts of the country in which now, I live and the MOTHERLAND.
        2. Alexey Prikazchikov
          Alexey Prikazchikov 28 May 2013 11: 33
          I got 3 higher educations in that country.

          And why do I think you're lying?
          1. smel
            smel 28 May 2013 12: 09
            Do not think like that about strangers ... First - with a gold medal in 1978 year. The second and third - with honors, in 1988 and 2000. If something is in doubt, - in PM
          2. Atlon
            Atlon 28 May 2013 12: 35
            Quote: Alexey Prikazchikov
            And why do I think you're lying?

            Because he is lying! laughing
            1. smel
              smel 28 May 2013 16: 16
              Quote: Atlon
              Quote: Alexey Prikazchikov
              And why do I think you're lying?

              Because he is lying! laughing

              It’s sad that people with intellect deficiency are found on this site
    BARKAS 28 May 2013 07: 05
    If you are not proud of something, why liberalists of all stripes are so preoccupied with this and actively fall into hysteria proving that any reason for pride in the past does not mean everything is as bad as trying to inspire us to make a list of which I am proud I won’t say I’m just proud of my country and people living in her!
  9. Borat
    Borat 28 May 2013 07: 12
    Mikhalkov thought about cinema and he felt ashamed - how can you be proud of his "masterpieces" ?!
  10. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 28 May 2013 07: 14
    When I see the coat of arms of Russia, I don’t understand him, the eagle is a mutant with two heads, and nothing more. When I see the flag of Russia, nothing stirs either, the striped banner copied in Europe. When I see the emblem of the USSR, everything is clear and simple, you can stand up and bow for it. When I see the flag of the USSR, too, everything is clear, the color is red, there are a lot of associations and all are directly connected with our country, with the past, present, future. Proud of modern Russia? really nothing. Everywhere you throw dirt, garbage, rudeness and lack of culture everywhere. I look around with longing in the USSR. I will remind patriotism once again to those who do not know what it is. This is love for the motherland, the homeland is primarily the land of our ancestors. If the land of ancestors was put up for auction, then where is patriotism, or should we now love the land sold to the rich, or even worse to foreigners? Patriotism is precisely expressed in the fact that they would not give land to the invaders no matter who they were, and even more so do not sell it, which is even more shameful.
    1. lewerlin53rus
      lewerlin53rus 28 May 2013 08: 03
      Quote: vladsolo56
      Homeland is primarily the land of our ancestors.

      And what, Russia began in 1917? Do you exclude the centuries-old layer of the history of our country only for political reasons? Do you regret the loss of Alaska? So, after all, Alaska was not the land of our ancestors and the motives for which it was sold, and according to some information, leased, were not fully clarified. And Rodina, she is the Motherland, regardless of the political system. And the symbols are centuries old. Of course, nothing prevents us from being proud of both of them.
      1. vladsolo56
        vladsolo56 28 May 2013 08: 36
        In my opinion, you did not understand the meaning of what I wrote, but the emblem and flag, symbols. Only for me, the Motherland is not a coat of arms and not a flag, namely the land of ancestors, they gave me minuses here, these are probably those who believe that the land of ancestors should be sold, and there is pride for the Motherland. Maybe someone is proud that we have dirt everywhere, rudeness, go outside, listen to what our people say, checkmate through the word. They steal and sell everything that is possible. It infuriates me when they advise me how to live from behind a hillock, but it infuriates me even more when my compatriots say that my native city ... (dung) is not manure but fertilizer.
        My opinion, in order to be proud of, one should not scratch the tongue, but do everything possible. Maybe there are places in Russia, well-groomed, not littered, where people are polite and well-mannered, but I haven’t seen something like this yet.
        By the way, my homeland originates not in Orthodoxy, but much earlier, the reckoning in Russia has been going on for more than 7 thousand years.
        Yes, I was proud of the USSR, because it was a power which could be proud of.
    2. DeerIvanovich
      DeerIvanovich 28 May 2013 10: 31
      most often the Slavs walked under the red banners: red (otherwise beautiful) color - the color personifying the Sun.
      This time I’ll put you a plus, even despite your description of patriotism ... for many white officers, until recently, loyal to the Empire, despite the defeat of the white movement, remained in their homeland, not afraid of the new government. and when the authorities called to serve the Motherland and when they did not call, they went to serve it as they could ...
    3. Atlon
      Atlon 28 May 2013 12: 42
      Quote: vladsolo56
      when I see the coat of arms of Russia I don’t understand him, the eagle is a mutant with two heads, and nothing more. When I see the flag of Russia, nothing stirs either, the striped banner copied in Europe.

      Have you tried to take an interest in history? Not to study, just to read "diagonally"?

      Quote: vladsolo56
      When I see the flag of the USSR, too, everything is clear, the color is red, there are a lot of associations and all are directly connected with our country, with the past, present, future.

      I myself am nostalgic for the times of the USSR, but you need to be honest, at least to yourself. Our nostalgia for the USSR from the 1960s to 1980 (the year of the Olympiad). Until the 60s, there were a lot of things that it’s not very pleasant to recall, and nostalgic! The civil war, the great Patriotic war, devastation, famine ... And after the Olympics, you know ... Total, what do we have in our assets? Only 20 years of a happy, Soviet life ?! Well, let 25, from 1955 to 1980. Great construction sites, the first in space, sports achievements, power and prosperity. A total of FOUR centuries! And Russia has a thousand-year history! And you are so like, rejecting what happened before the 17th year?
      1. vladsolo56
        vladsolo56 28 May 2013 15: 01
        And why are you talking about the story? Well, the coat of arms was brought from Byzantium along with Christianity, Peter introduced the flag in the image and likeness of his beloved Dutch. From ancient times, the word red in Russia meant not only color, but also the beauty, the beauty of everything that surrounded us, including the beauty of the Russian soul. Now we have everything European, and soon the soul will be in the image and likeness, only American. Some already have an exact copy of the American one.
        1. folds
          folds 28 May 2013 16: 28
          Why is Soviet symbolism closer to me:
          "If you really want to understand something, then imagine all those who lived so that you could be at the end of the day. And how this whole crowd went in ... fought and tore up their zhyly so that you JUST WERE.
          Tighten your head and imagine it GOOD, in colors, in volume, with smells and with dolbisurround. All this vyabyvanie, war and other outdoor games - they took place on a piece of land, where the topsoil is two meters of blood. That is, this “just a certain piece of land” - it is your everything, or even you yourself. You owe everything to this land. They took bread from it to feed you, and they buried those who died protecting your calm child in it. (c) Berkem al Atomi "
          Therefore, everything built by labor (sickle and hammer) of my ancestors on the earth, soaked in their blood (red banner) - for me, are symbols of the Motherland. But the emblem and flag, taken only to get rid of the USSR, are somehow not impressive. For example, look at Belarus.
      2. Avenger711
        Avenger711 28 May 2013 23: 15
        Or maybe we are also to blame for the Great Patriotic War, and not the Germans?
        1. Genady1976
          Genady1976 28 May 2013 23: 32
          Yes, everything’s coming to this or has already come
          Russia had to bend under the hitler and die
          It didn’t work out now it is necessary to blame Stalin that it was he who unleashed the war
  11. fenix57
    fenix57 28 May 2013 07: 26
    Quote: Ruslan67
    I would also be in place of Mikhalkov

    So after all, he "hung" for a long time ....:
    1. UFO
      UFO 28 May 2013 07: 30
      But what if the Emperor does not shine. request
  12. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 28 May 2013 07: 37
    Like the mother, they don’t choose their homeland. Real people don’t yell about their love for their mother MOTHER - this is understandable. And the MOTHERLAND is our common MOTHER and we love her and are proud of her, and the rest is verbiage and husk.
  13. Hleb
    Hleb 28 May 2013 07: 42
    meanwhile, Efremov gives out "patriotic" poems. and does not hang
    1. Parabelum
      Parabelum 28 May 2013 09: 47
      I can not stand Efremov, a complete alkonaut. And this bruise will teach me morality and life values? The shameful son of a great father.
    2. Denis
      Denis 28 May 2013 23: 32
      Quote: Gleb
      meanwhile, Efremov gives out "patriotic" poems. and does not hang
      So he’s an actor, he’ll say and play about anything according to the script
      Hitler or Moses, he does not care
      He also did not hang out betraying a liberal dirty trick in the spirit of 90's
  14. The comment was deleted.
  15. Gardamir
    Gardamir 28 May 2013 07: 57
    Most interested in the last part. Because holidays are our culture. I agree. that we celebrate a double holiday, New Year and Christmas merge in one day. The author still did not remember the holiday, which is celebrated everywhere, but the official authorities try not to remember it. Seeing Off Winter. But we are heavily inculcated with alien (hostile) holidays. This is Valkin’s day hiding supposedly as a day of love. And mad pumpkin day ...
  16. Belogor
    Belogor 28 May 2013 07: 58
    Some kind of crackling author, I do not like these and do not believe them. Whoever really loves his homeland doesn’t talk much about it, he just loves it, and on occasion it will prove his deed. And on the contrary, all this gossip about love and devotion often ends with elementary betrayal. In short, fewer words, but more work.
    1. Gato
      Gato 28 May 2013 10: 44
      Indeed, crackling. Although, in general, the article is positive, except for the "pearls" about the dependence of the fate of a country on the presence of horizontal or vertical stripes in its flag.
  17. awg75
    awg75 28 May 2013 08: 02
    to be a Russian is to love your Motherland-Russia Mother! protect her if necessary, look after her and love her just the way she is ... GLORY OF RUSSIA !!!
    1. Atlon
      Atlon 28 May 2013 12: 52
      Quote: awg75
      to be Russian

      Ugh, disgusting! To be a "Russian" is to be Ivan who does not remember kinship and a cosmopolitan without family and tribe. And also a tolerant bastard who is ashamed of his self-identification !!!

      Quote: awg75
      it means to love your Motherland-Russia Mother! protect her if necessary, look after her and love her just the way she is

      It means to be RUSSIAN! Though "of Georgian origin", even Chechen, even Russian, even Yakut.

      Quote: awg75

      GLORY TO GOD !!! that in Russia the majority of RUSSIANS, and not filthy "scattered, panim ..."
  18. waisson
    waisson 28 May 2013 08: 12
    Mind does not understand Russia,

    No yardstick to measure:

    She has a special feature -

    You can only believe in Russia.


    I don't wanna be a prophet now
    But think, each of us
    That one day we wake up all of a sudden
    But Russia already is not around ...

    the author is not.
  19. waisson
    waisson 28 May 2013 08: 30
    all who have served and are serving in Pv with a holiday soldier drinks
  20. werr17
    werr17 28 May 2013 09: 04
    Silly question, what can you love for? If only for our endless fields and forests, deep lakes and blue rivers, etc. I love, period. Article "-".
    1. Uhe
      Uhe 28 May 2013 09: 08
      This is called the homeland. We all love our homeland and everyone is ready to defend it with our lives. But the state and the Motherland are different things, and the current state and love are antagonistic concepts, if a person is not a masochist, of course.
  21. fenix57
    fenix57 28 May 2013 09: 09
    Quote: vladsolo56
    When I see the flag of the USSR, too, everything is clear, the color is red, there are a lot of associations and all are directly connected with our country, with the past, present, future. Proud of modern Russia? really nothing. Everywhere you throw dirt, garbage, rudeness and lack of culture everywhere. I look around with longing in the USSR.

    Discouragement this is scary ... for you ... Less at the computer, more to nature!
    Night street
    lantern, pharmacy ...
    meaningless and dim light ....

    Let me do this:
    Again, as in the years of gold,
    Three erased fluttering harnesses,
    And the knitting needles are stained
    In the loosened ruts ...

    Russia, poor Russia,
    My huts are gray,
    Your windy songs to me, -
    Like tears the first love!

    I do not know how to feel sorry for you
    And I carry my cross carefully ...
    What do you want a sorcerer
    Give the brigandy beauty!

    Let him lure and deceive, -
    You will not disappear, you will not disappear
    And only care clouding
    Your beautiful features ...

    Well? One concern more -
    With one tear, the river is noisy,
    And you are the same - the forest, but the field,
    Yes, the boards are patterned to the eyebrows ...

    And the impossible is possible,
    The road is long easy,
    When will flash in the distance road
    Instant look from under the scarf,
    When the anguish rustles
    Deaf song of coachman! .. BLOCK
  22. Borat
    Borat 28 May 2013 09: 46
    From the article I did not understand what the author is proud of - state symbols? So any country has it ...
  23. dmb
    dmb 28 May 2013 09: 58
    Not a bad article in terms of cognition. Many do not really know the history of the origin of the symbols of the state. It is a pity that the author, following the newfangled traditions, once again crossed out 70 years of our history, without mentioning either the flag or the coat of arms of the USSR. At the same time, he naturally does not deny the achievements of the Soviet period, for this is stupid. Well, you can't deny the Victory, space, the creation of an industrial state from an agrarian country. The salt of the article, it seems to me, is in the section on the national idea, because all the rest of the attributes are created precisely for the sake of it. Soviet society, as the author puts it, was such a messianic idea that communism proposed. Moreover, this idea for Russia has successfully replaced the previous one because it was its logical continuation. By the way, this idea has not lost its relevance, because humanity simply has not come up with anything better. A flock of comrades who have come up with a newfangled profession of a political scientist proudly declare that this is a utopia. However, since communism is substantiated by thinkers who are no match for "political scientists", the last arguments of "utopianism" are naturally not given. Generally speaking, there are only two options for messianism. They can be conventionally called Soviet and Western. Citizens at the word "communism", beginning to howl tediously about the ..- Bolsheviks, I propose to answer the question: "Which option is closer to you." If not the first, then why are you lamenting about gay marriage and Syria. There is also a group trying to replace the national idea with Orthodoxy. With all due respect to believers in general and Orthodox Christians in particular, I would like to ask, but what is the goal, what is the construction of a theocratic state like in Iran or among the Saudis? Deliver me God from such a kingdom of heaven on earth. I don’t want to repeat that not everyone will want to become Orthodox, and such a kingdom will have to be implanted with fire and sword, which, in fact, is one of the two versions of the notorious messianism, which is being successfully implemented in Syria.
    1. Atlon
      Atlon 28 May 2013 12: 58
      Quote: dmb
      It is a pity that the author, following new-fangled traditions, once again crossed out 70 years of our history, without mentioning either the flag or the coat of arms of the USSR. At the same time, he naturally does not deny the achievements of the Soviet period, because this is stupid. Well, you will not deny Victory, space, the creation of an industrial state from an agricultural country

      Hmm ... Have you read the article ?! Or did you run "diagonally"? I understand ... A lot of bukaff ... But still? Judging by the comment, you haven't read it ...
    2. dmb
      dmb 28 May 2013 15: 10
      Well, if you managed to subtract between the lines the story of the creation of the Coat of Arms and the Flag of the USSR, then I can only applaud such a skill.
    3. fisherman
      fisherman 28 May 2013 15: 42
      article from the internet

      Alternative to the Mind or Absolute Genius

      I have a complicated relationship with Him ... and I can hardly immediately describe or explain them ... but ... even being in rational health (this sometimes happens :), I cannot but admit that I. Christ is simply Absolute genius...

      and I write this text in rational sanity - that is, logic and only logic ... no rally-slogan-agitation propaganda-political cries-demagogic struggle for the rights of marching non-marching ... and other kinds of God forgive Bolshevism :)) besides - I I will try to communicate with the greatest possible atheistic simplicity for me :) and the quotes - which will be given - belong to earthly people ...

      "There is no difference in deeds, the only difference is in slogans" (about people ... about politics ... ideas ... religion and so on)

      strange ... but I just don’t see the difference in the slogans ... everyone promises the best ... any ideology ... and everything - that is invented by the human mind - swears oaths to improve the world around us - and does it ... for at the expense of someone ... well, not at the expense of yourself? .. this is unreasonable ... the peculiarity of the mind is to look for differences ... to analyze - and then synthesize conclusions about the benefits ... for yourself - naturally ... this is reasonable ... in order to improve their relationship with the general environment (so that it is not just good - but better) - you need to look for the enemy ... in order to appreciate white you need to find black ... this is not only the most reasonable way of development. ..but the easiest way to learn :)) you just need to teach your head to do the same thing - to share ... to share ... to divide everything into good and evil ... from morning to evening ... every day .. .week ... generation after generation ... from a brook of blood to ...
    4. fisherman
      fisherman 28 May 2013 15: 44
      ... teachings ... canons ... new dogmas ... ideas ... and new theories ... there will be many more ... this is such a continuous process of cloning the idea of ​​Good ... and each time they will all lead to "moral impasse" ... because every time cunning wins romanticism ... because every time the private wins the public ... because every time the idea of ​​an earthly paradise will be implemented according to the mind (without quotes) and they will create another paradise - of course - the smartest ... there is nothing surprising here ... everything is reasonable - everything is familiar ... flying from one century to another ... one of the successful models of a perpetual motion machine ...

      ... another thing is surprising - how strong the power of the mind on earth is ... that is, how easily smart and not burdened by moral shackles people learned not only to fill their pockets with next privilege needs ... but also to perfectly defend their privileged role of Truth - how judge-interpreter of everything and everything - from the same smart and not burdened with people morality :)))

      the conflict of rational interests is inexhaustible ... intellectual duels (as a reason) stand behind all economic ... territorial ... inter-religious wars - since the normal function of the life of the human mind is to distinguish between white and black ... oneself and the other ... one and another ...
      1. fisherman
        fisherman 28 May 2013 15: 46
        ... morality deals with generalizations (in a secular state - of course - in the first place the moral law derived from morality) in rare moments (dada ... when I am in my right mind :) I understand - they are mostly moral and laws are in a space of illusions ... although I can cite facts and its real existence ... apparently - this is explained by the fact that one of the parents - relatively speaking - a code of honor (moral principles ... ideology ... theory ... code of laws ...) he was - our immortal friend - reason ... apparently - unknowingly reached the point that it would be nice to have at least something fundamental in life:) in the form of restrictions, a taboo (really ... sit quietly drink tea - and then our friend runs in - the damned devil and screams from the doorway - brrratello, how they gored me ... they really do not let me take a nap after dinner ... well, I'm the co-author and senior relative of all these creative personalities, I apologize - I can allow changes to be made everything and in their life - well, so that - so to speak - they would not be bored ... and me with why? ... I want to get bored now ... that is, sleep ... well, you know - I will complain to God :))) I demand the introduction of the law on the inviolability of my sleep (when I want a clear stump ... and also imagine - how the church-goers will rejoice - they will brick up and I will sleep ... where will the creativity be then?) so what should he say to the shaggy horror? .. however - I also have a difficult relationship with him :))

        because - probably - and they disperse ... they blur ... these dogmas disappear for a while ... it seems there is ... but it seems there is no ... in disputes, much depends on who successfully owns this weapon - the mind ... will the next norm be respected? .. or has the time come for a new order and a new oath? .. will it be possible to erode the next foundation? .. give only time - the mind says - and everyone will see - that all my plans end sooner or later with rational deeds ( here you can put quotes) what are the norms? .. I’ll spread it on the nuances that are favorable to me and ... I’ll come up with new ones again ... and fix them with new vows ... for the whole time - while it will be profitable for me ...
        1. fisherman
          fisherman 28 May 2013 15: 48
          and if it is not possible to highlight the nuances that are beneficial to me, then "we will go the other way" ... after all, I learned even to generalize - reasonably generalize - "there are those guys - who are located on the right - all - they oppose our democracy .. . or what do we have there? .. discussing the budget? .. well, okay ... the main thing is to immediately set a reasonable vector when communicating :))) and ... still no one will notice - that initially the thesis was based on the ability to see evil (that is, the ability to share) - those guys over there "... this is how it is necessary to generalize ... otherwise they came up with for some reason" equality ... love ... all people are brothers ... "? ..- why all this? .. these are unreasonable generalizations ...

          "divide and conquer" - this is the call of reason ... you need to learn to immediately generalize correctly - as on a Varangian boat - on the way to their native fjords - the prisoners were tied up in twos ... in three - so that if someone decided to commit suicide - by jumping into the water - then others would have kept them - fearing for their lives ... few people will notice - that in fact the prisoners were "divided" - let them think first of all about their slave fate ...

          ... it is not surprising that Russia was baptized with blood ... after all, it was a decision of the mind ... and if there is no counterbalance in the head on the shoulders in the form of at least something unambiguously indelible, unsullied-hearted, then the restless mind will deal with self-destruction .. . while he sees evil - to stop his creative fervor - it is impossible ... he, in principle, cannot but improve at least something ... to love or simply to peacefully accept as a necessary given something different from himself - this is a counterbalance :) yes .. It was difficult to expect from the pagans in power - that they would baptize the people by non-pagan methods ... and the heart needed time ...
          1. fisherman
            fisherman 28 May 2013 15: 49

            "Good is made of Evil. Because there is nothing else to make of it." - I completely agree with this cultured uncle ... but ...

            ... as an alternative to printed in quotation marks - a little about Stupid ...
            to see your most dangerous enemy - you need to look in the mirror ... if you want to make this world more beautiful - start with yourself ... and so on ... I’m saying that I completely agree with him :)

            ... as the practice of the last two millennia shows - the vast majority of people (unfortunately - and religious figures too) choose this one-of-a-kind Dogma - other alternatives are sweet and reasonable ... although - I repeat - for me they are all on one face - according to subsequent acts (yes ... precisely according to deeds ... and according to slogans - all saints) ... here we have two counter-directional vectors - mind and Counterweight ... for ourselves beloved and for our neighbor ... vanity and Love ... for thousands of years, hand in hand ... for thousands of years, a man has been fighting the immortal hydra of evil ... looking for and destroying a dragon from his neighbor and cultivating an even more sophisticated dragon inside himself ...

            however - everything has been said for a long time ... including before His appearance on earth ... for example - "to think about profit - to multiply evil" ... a very accurate and brief statement of the fact ... without answering the question voprosich - what to do? .. Thousands of years later the Answer appeared ... and thousands of years later, human civilization expects when (in a non-religious term) the game of "chess" will finally give way to the game of "give-away" ...

            and the last quote - "it's hard to be God" - that's why normal people choose reason ...
  24. fenix57
    fenix57 28 May 2013 10: 00
    Quote: vladsolo56
    Yes, I was proud of the USSR, because it was a power which could be proud of.

    Yes, so that I do not support my homeland ... yes, I wouldn’t recognize trolls ..... yes, don’t talk to me ....
  25. AK-47
    AK-47 28 May 2013 10: 01
    The Fatherland is that mysterious, but living organism, the outlines of which you cannot clearly determine for yourself, but which you constantly feel touching yourself, because you are connected with this organism by a continuous umbilical cord.

    M. Saltykov-Shchedrin.

    Mudras were our ancestors.
  26. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 28 May 2013 10: 11
    In my opinion, a stupid question: “Why am I proud of my country?” Any normal person is proud of his country, and even in relation to Russia with its history, and in general, look at the map, how can you not be proud of it? Although if you are a liberal ...
  27. kind
    kind 28 May 2013 10: 39
    I am proud of our glorious ancestors, to which we still have to grow and grow! These were really far-sighted people!
  28. rus9875
    rus9875 28 May 2013 10: 41
    Did anyone understand what the author wanted to say? I personally do not - this is either an essay on heraldry, or a brief excursion into the history of Russia through the eyes of the generation of perestroika "What is he actually proud of? The fact that he is smarter and more patriotic than Mikhalkov? I am not a fan of Mikhalkov, but even less a fan of these here are patriots who clearly cannot explain what their patriotism actually consists of.If you have nothing to say, then it is better not to say anything
  29. Vtel
    Vtel 28 May 2013 10: 43
    I am not blind, not deaf, and I understand everything perfectly well - the country has no IDEA, and without it, everything that makes sense and value will, of course, fade.

    There is an idea, but the current liberal government does not give it a go - they are afraid of Orthodoxy like the devil of incense. All our media are now filled with Gozman and K kosher sauce. Solovyov's transmission reminds of Nightingale the Robber, who manipulates "puppets" on the stage, and a respectful patriot would not go there to this circus. The entot nightingale is not singing at all - it is rather the Black Raven. And about Mikhalkov and others like him, sho can say - God is in the soul, and not in regalia and radiant glory - God is his judge.
  30. fenix57
    fenix57 28 May 2013 10: 50
    Quote: Standard Oil
    In my opinion, a stupid question: “Why am I proud of my country?” Any normal person is proud of his country, and even in relation to Russia with its history, and in general, look at the map, how can you not be proud of it

    ..Our Country is all that is against the whole world of the "truly enlightened" gayrope ..
  31. pensioner
    pensioner 28 May 2013 10: 58
    I propose to introduce a medal im.gozmana. 3 degrees.
    3 degree - with the image of the lamp shade
    2 degree - with the image of a lampshade with a tattoo
    1 degree - as 2 only the light is on.
    There is someone to reward ...
  32. tixon444
    tixon444 28 May 2013 10: 58
    And the smoke of the Fatherland is sweet and pleasant to us. (A.S. Griboedov. Woe from Wit. 1, 7. Chatsky.)
  33. Mihaylo Tishayshiy
    Mihaylo Tishayshiy 28 May 2013 11: 05
    The guys who minus the article, you would at least read the article. You are outraged by the author for asking: "... what can a modern young man be proud of in Russia?" Notice, not "why do you love your Motherland?" As you interpreted it.
    Fuck her, with the interpretation! You did not deign to discern that this question was asked not by the author of the article (Dmitry Pollit), but by a certain Gozman in the program "Duel" by Solovyov, and the author himself was outraged by this question no less than yours, only answered Gozman with this article, at the end of which he directly said :
    In many ways, therefore, Mikhalkov hesitated, and looked like a schoolboy who did not learn a lesson. Yes, everything great, bright, rational, good, eternal, that was in our thousand-year history is now smeared with dirt and subject to reproach, but it was and the world will have to put up with it. We won the Second World War and were the first in space, we made so many discoveries, wrote so many great works and did so many great things that the whole world is in our debt. And Comrade Gozman did nothing - he is a man without a Motherland, without a heart, without support, therefore he hates Russia, its great people and its achievements. Probably does not believe in God. And we believe, because we are Russians and God is with us!
    Do you disagree with this ?! Are you on the forum of a patriotic site, or in a drunk tavern ?, where someone shouted: OUR BEAT !!! And then it doesn’t matter who said what if only to call someone in the face?
    Article +, and minus one article - bold -.
    1. rus9875
      rus9875 28 May 2013 11: 28
      If the author in the title of the article promises to explain why he is proud of the country, then readers naturally expect that he will clearly explain WHY About Victory, space and the fact that Gozman is a dirty trick from which even a good lampshade will not work due to the fact that the raw material is rotten, we ourselves know very well By the way, “to love” and “to be proud” are somewhat different concepts. We are not obliged to be proud of our country, we are simply obliged to love it. And those who do not love nobody here by force keeps Gozman down to Israel at the same time and ask the Jews what is the difference between SMERSH and SS - I think they will explain this very clearly to him
  34. sams
    sams 28 May 2013 11: 11
    Quote: dmb
    Many really do not know the history of the origin of the symbols of the state.

    About the white-blue-red banner.
    “Each Freemasonry has its own color. In addition, in Kabbalism, the vertical line means activity, and the horizontal - passivity or submission to the active ...
    The first Masonic revolution was the Netherlands. Since 1630, the first Masonic flag with three horizontal stripes (emphasizing the regime’s passivity) was approved in this country: red, white and blue. Thus, the Scottish system emphasized centrally ...
    On October 20, 1790, the "great" French (and in reality - consistent Judeo-Masonic) revolution adopted a tricolor with a vertical (active) arrangement of the same colors: blue-white-red. For initiates, the central position of the 33-step Scottish Freemasonry was also emphasized ...
    The tricolor in France supposedly symbolizes Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood. In Peter's Russia, white was explained as the color of monarchy, blue as the color of the world, and red as the color of courage. All of these "decryptions" are no more than 76 false meanings provided by the Cabal. The 77th true meaning is hushed up ...
    An important note is worth making here: our national color is red. It should be remembered that the red banners were the "standards" of the Russian pre-Christian princes, they are visible on old miniatures, the "Lay of Igor's Regiment" speaks about them. According to the epics, red was widely used for the coloring of Russian warships. The eight-rayed Swastika-Kolovrat on a red banner (without any Judaic stars and hammer and sickles) is our native flag.
    Such a statement can joke many, as it evokes associations with the red banner of the communists. However, you should always remember that any symbol has many meanings. The communists used red for their own occult purposes, symbolizing a huge, bloody sacrifice. But because of this, our native RUSSIAN RED COLOR, sometimes called Perun's color, did not become alien to us. "
    1. sams
      sams 28 May 2013 13: 28
      Masonic double-headed eagle with the crown of the Torah, the all-seeing eye of the owner of the Masons and his name - DEVS.
      Double-headed eagle.
      "It is believed that this is a primordially Russian symbol. It is not difficult to refute this. For the first time officially the emblem of a black two-headed eagle on a gold background was introduced by the emperor of Byzantium Constantine the Great in 326. However, the two-headed eagle was not the state emblem of Byzantium, but was its unofficial symbol. After the fall Byzantium The Muscovite state in 1453, officially guided by its understanding of continuity ("Byzantium is the second Rome, Moscow is the third Rome"), appropriated its emblem. crowned dragon it is an ancient Semitic symbol of the Byzantine dynasty. Paleologist. Therefore, to consider this symbol to be native Russian would be a mistake ...
      Two-headed is a sign of ugliness ...
      The double-headed eagle is the emblem of the Byzantine dynasty of Paleologists (and not the entire Byzantine empire, as is commonly believed) ...
      Of course, the two-headed mutant is a much more ancient occult symbol of the black forces that enslaved humanity, who herd the human herd through the Masonic mystical system. "
  35. serge
    serge 28 May 2013 11: 22
    Where would we suddenly have the Russian state idea and Russian public holidays if there are no Russians in power. The country is Russian, the state apparatus is not. The top of the state appartement is one hundred percent Jewish. The media - wild horror - absolutely everything burrs. There will be Russian power, there will be a mighty state idea, and bright Russian holidays. First you need to nationalize the state apparatus. The nationalization of the state apparatus and the media is the idea at the moment.
  36. Gato
    Gato 28 May 2013 11: 24
    And I was born in the USSR and from childhood used to consider my country a huge country from Brest to Chukotka and from Murmansk to Kushka.
    Among my ancestors came from the Don, Kievans (not from Podil), Siberians,
    and one of the great-grandmothers is generally half Kyrgyz. I think I had every right to think so.
    And then everyone knew and sold it all.
    Now they propose to consider only Russia (or only Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc.) as the homeland.
    It’s like, for example, if Moscow separated from Russia: to the Moscow Ring Road - the homeland, and then - no.
    But hell! This is not the homeland - these are states that are craftyly trying to suggest that the homeland and the state are one and the same.
    Every normal person loves his country and is proud of it.
    But the state can be treated differently. For example, I am distrustful. Something it is crooked and thieving ...
    1. rus9875
      rus9875 28 May 2013 12: 01
      Moscow has long since separated from the rest of the country - haven't you noticed this yet? In Russia now there are only two nations - Muscovites and "Zamkadysh" And the first for some reason decided that it was they who, with their "backbreaking work" in offices, media, banks and various funds, feed all the other parasites who came in large numbers here.
  37. iulai
    iulai 28 May 2013 12: 03
    I love the Motherland, but a state where at the helm incompetent little people surrounded themselves with all grayness - no!
  38. runway
    runway 28 May 2013 12: 48
    The question is posed correctly. He demanded an honest answer. Mikhalkov does not always succeed in this - he is afraid to offend Putin (next time he will not come home for his anniversary) and the outright lie will be immediately visible.
    Indeed, today you can be proud of our previous generations, which created and preserved a really great country in difficult years. Today you can be proud of those people who, despite the prisons and pressure of the current thieves, seek to save our country. And she perishes before our eyes! Not only that, a group of criminals arbitrarily separated the former Soviet republics, so today our leaders are trading our territory! Enemies have not caused our country more trouble.
    1. Atlon
      Atlon 28 May 2013 13: 08
      Quote: piston
      Today you can be proud of those people who, despite the prisons and the pressure of the current thieves, seek to save our country

      Who do you mean? Khodorkovsky? Bulk? Lebedev? Udaltsova? Wild snacks? Who are the prisons pushing at ?!

      Quote: piston
      And she perishes before our eyes!

      Indeed? Are you calmly watching? Sipping coffee in the heat and peeing on the forum?
      1. runway
        runway 28 May 2013 14: 20
        As you can see, you are working on the forum as a plug - you are trying to comment on each comment. I don’t need it - it’ll be more expensive for myself. I don’t care what you drink and what you eat and how .... If you don’t have any conclusions on the proposed topic, put it in your holes and don’t push it. With fiery greetings, fools.
        1. Atlon
          Atlon 28 May 2013 14: 25
          Quote: piston
          If you don’t have any conclusions on the proposed topic, put it in your holes and don’t play up. With fiery greetings, fools.

          Another Liberotroll Detected ... laughing
  39. smershspy
    smershspy 28 May 2013 13: 26
    Gentlemen! As a military man, I can answer briefly: "I will tear for the Motherland"! I love her so much! I have the honor!
  40. assaker
    assaker 28 May 2013 14: 00
    The article is good! But RUSSIA needs to be loved and respected for the fact that it has been and has been for the second thousand years !!! And those who don’t like, don’t appreciate, don’t remember her, nor Russian is strangers, evil people, and with their worldview it is best to live in another country, in some Baltic States and from there from behind the hill munch.
  41. smershspy
    smershspy 28 May 2013 14: 58
    Gentlemen! It seems to me that to love the Motherland, how to love is everyone's business! It's just that there are real heroes-patriots of their homeland and there are people without a homeland - opportunists, or as it was said in the movie "BROTHER 2": ".... you have a homeland where * oops in the warmth ...". Who does not know, he will not understand how much I love her! Homeland for me is that mother and father are my family! I have the honor!
  42. smershspy
    smershspy 28 May 2013 16: 09
    Where does the homeland begin?
    From the picture in your letter,
    With good and faithful comrades,
    Living in a neighboring yard.
    Or maybe it starts
    From the song that our mother sang to us,
    Since in any tests
    We do not take anyone away.

    Where does the homeland begin?
    From the cherished bench at the gate,
    With the same birch tree in the field,
    Under the wind bending, growing.
    Or maybe it starts
    Since the spring funeral of the starling
    And from this road country,
    Which you can not see the end.

    Where does the homeland begin?
    From the burning windows in the distance,
    From the old paternal budenovki,
    That somewhere in the closet we found.
    Or maybe it starts
    From the clatter of car wheels
    And with an oath, which in his youth
    You brought it to your heart.

    What does the homeland begin with? ..
  43. The comment was deleted.
  44. fisherman
    fisherman 28 May 2013 16: 14
    it’s very well said among the classics (examples are given in the comments above), really, when there is a desire to find out what I love for? or what should I be proud of? then the intellectual foulbrood starts up inside me ...

    how different are the verbs "to love" and "to be proud"

    "intellectual (Western concept) - a person who does everything for his own success, his career"
    "intellectual (Eastern concept) - a person who does everything to remain a Human in any situation"
  45. Umnichka
    Umnichka 28 May 2013 17: 59
    Thank you Dmitry. If the young think so adequately and do not want to betray their country, I believe in the future.
  46. Umnichka
    Umnichka 28 May 2013 17: 59
    Thank you Dmitry. If the young think so adequately and do not want to betray their country, I believe in the future.
  47. Genady1976
    Genady1976 28 May 2013 18: 47
    And I am proud of my country of the USSR
  48. Andrew 121
    Andrew 121 28 May 2013 22: 10
    Coats of arms, flags, hymns for me it does not matter, I love my country because it is my motherland.
  49. Genady1976
    Genady1976 28 May 2013 22: 40
    In Samara, they want to put some kind of monument to the white whales I - no words
  50. Genady1976
    Genady1976 28 May 2013 22: 42
    The photograph shows the Soviet battle tank IS-2 at number "23", which was the first to break into Prague.
    1. Avenger711
      Avenger711 28 May 2013 23: 13
      The tank commander died. After the victory. Thanks to the Czech geeks for years of serviceable riveting of weapons for the Germans and useless rebellion.
      1. Denis
        Denis 28 May 2013 23: 20
        Here you will involuntarily rejoice that these rat pups are being slaughtered
        Only a little is seen, since they mock at the monuments