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Litvinenko case: who and how is looking for the truth

In the newest review of the British press from "BBC" The article from Independent on the protracted investigation into the death of Alexander Litvinenko draws attention to itself. Among other things, the information about the statement of the key witness in the 2006 murder case of the year attracts attention. This man is ready to testify in open court, according to the newspaper correspondent Alex Delmar-Morgan. The journalist writes that we are talking about a man who helped Litvinenko to work on a report on a major businessman associated with the Kremlin.

“The information available to this witness is so important that representatives of the British intelligence services visited him in the United States three times in order to persuade him to testify during the inquiry about the circumstances of Litvinenko’s death.”

This witness is a former Russian spy who now lives in the USA. Before Litvinenko’s death, he worked with him on a secret file for a high-ranking employee of Aeroflot.

The article states that one of the areas of inquiry concerned work that Litvinenko conducted on the order of the private British company Titon International, working in the field of security. Researches concerned certain high-ranking officials in Moscow. The company refused to accept the results of Litvinenko’s work: Titon International was not satisfied with the poor quality of research.

It was here that Litvinenko turned to the former spy, and he made up a much more detailed dossier on persons who were in the sphere of interests of the British firm.

Then Litvinenko did what was not necessary. He shared the results of the dossier with Andrei Lugovoy, who later became one of the suspects in the murder of Litvinenko. This person brought the documents to Russia, where they were in the hands of the security authorities.

In the same issue of “Independent” is an article by Mary Dejevski. The journalist believes that the Litvinenko case is hampered by the British special services.

According to her, after the death of Alexander Litvinenko in one of the hospitals in London, few could believe that even after six and a half years, no one would solve the riddle of his death.

“As in the case of questions arising from the“ extraordinary extradition of prisoners ”, as well as attempts to hide some evidence related to the 2005 London bombings of the year, it all comes down to the objections of the special services. Our special services, not Russia. "

The statement by coroner Sir Robert Owen last Friday only strengthened the journalist's skepticism. In her opinion, Sir Robert not only satisfied, for the most part, the request of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and made a number of important aspects of the investigation inaccessible to the public, he brought them out of the sphere of inquiry. The reason for the decision of the coroner is just connected with the special services.

Dejevski writes that people who knew Litvinenko closely claim that the intelligence services of Britain and Russia have come to an agreement. Premier Cameron does not want anything to prevent the restoration of friendly relations with Moscow. In conclusion, the journalist calls the British system "compromised to the same extent as the Russian one."

In the review "Foreign Press" are given materials of American sources on the Litvinenko case.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the British inquiry into poisoning in 2006, the former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko, is questionable, because on Friday the judge supported the British government’s demand to hide secret documents from the public. The coroner said that without these documents relating to the possible involvement of the Russian state in the death of Litvinenko and to any facts of the British Government’s prior acquaintance with the threats of his life, the inquiry would not be “complete, honest and courageous.” The publication writes:

“The judge, Robert Owen, suggested that the government might instead wish to hold a public hearing on the Litvinenko death case, chaired by the judges, which would allow a number of documents to be considered in closed hearings without public review.”

The author of the article, Jeanne Whalen, points out that Owen supported the government’s demand to keep secret documents, but not all. He reviewed the materials provided by the government in closed preliminary hearings. He cannot publicly state their content.

After that, the widow of Litvinenko accused the coroner of refusing to “search for the truth about the responsibility of the Russian state for the death of her husband,” says The Huffington Post. A statement by lawyers for Marina Litvinenko says: "This is a very sad day for Litvinenko, a tragedy for British justice, which until recently was respected around the world and tried so hard to expose the crimes committed by the collusion of organized criminals operating from the Kremlin."

The American edition quotes Marina’s statement:

“Litvinenko was completely confused by the decision of the coroner to abandon the search for the truth about the responsibility of the Russian state for the death of her husband. The effect of today's decision is to protect those responsible for ordering the killing of a British citizen on the streets of London, and to allow the Russian government to hide behind the demand for secrecy made by William Hague with the support of Prime Minister David Cameron. ”

Renat Abdullin ("MK") reminds that today the main suspects in the poisoning of Scotland Yard considers Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtun. They deny their guilt. Lugovoy was tested on a lie detector, and during the three-hour test he was asked many questions, three of which dealt directly with the death of Litvinenko: “Did you do anything that led to the death of Alexander Litvinenko?”, “Have you way involved in the death of Alexander Litvinenko? ”and“ Have you ever had to deal with polonium? ”These questions were answered negatively, and according to the results of the analysis, they were recognized as truthful. True, the British court does not consider the testimony of a lie detector as evidence.

William Dunkerley, whose article is published "Voice of Russia", approached the case from the other side. On drew attention to the fact that the coroner in general is not engaged in their duties and solves problems that his posts are not peculiar. The author of the material indicates that the coroner, who heads the investigation into the death of Litvinenko, “persistently pursues the goal set by himself to find out who killed Alexander Litvinenko. But there is one problem with this desire: it has not yet been officially explained whether Litvinenko’s death was violent. ”

Whether A. Litvinenko’s death was an accident, suicide or murder — this is the question coroner Sir Robert Owen should answer.

But the judge seems to ignore this goal successfully.

Instead, Comrade Dankerley writes, Mr. Owen, in the spirit of adventurism, decided to answer the question “Who did this?” That is outside his competence. The hearings he is conducting deal specifically with the question of clarifying guilt. And the question of what happened to Litvinenko remains unanswered. Even the autopsy report is not published. The coroner has not yet filled out the death certificate as it should be!

Comrade Dunkerley explains that, according to the requirements of the Ministry of Justice, the purpose of the investigation, led by the coroner, is “not to establish a measure of guilt, but to answer four questions: who died, when, where, and how”. It is emphasized that "neither the coroners nor the panel of judges can express their own opinions on any issues other than the above". Finally, the text of the law states: “Not a single verdict can be formulated in such a way as to give the impression that it determines the degree of criminal or administrative responsibility of the person referred to in the investigation.”

But Owen is still looking for the killer, Dankerly said.

However, the search led him to a dead end. The impasse wall turned out to be the British government, which refused to disclose some documents related to the additional investigation (state secret, you see).

Owen claims that he cannot do work without access to secret information. He found a way out of the impasse: he offered to transfer responsibility for the conduct of the case from the coroner to special investigators authorized by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. All evidence will be announced, but behind closed doors, and Owen himself will continue to identify the killer. It seems, the journalist notes, “it doesn’t matter to him that finding the killer of a man for whom it’s not clear whether he was killed or not is a rather dubious task.”

Details of Litvinenko’s death are found in the autopsy results. Why does Owen not publish them? No convincing evidence?

In this case, according to the rules, the coroner must issue an “open verdict”, stating the fact of death without indicating its cause.

And why Owen avoids the final conclusions? Perhaps, says the journalist, behind the case there is something more than we see at first glance.

British authorities in this case may receive a conflict of interest.

First, the issue of prevention: the ability of the authorities to prevent a crime. Litvinenko worked for the British intelligence services. Did they know about the circumstances that could lead to his death? Could they have prevented his death? If the secret services could not save their agent, did they escape responsibility for this? If any fault lies with the British government, then it may be subject to legal claims from the widow of Litvinenko.

Secondly, another area of ​​conflict of interest is the previously sound baseless accusations against Russia. They seem to be largely based on the accusations voiced by Mr. Berezovsky and his supporters. The author of the material told about this in the book Litvinenko's Fake Murder.

“Has the British government been deceived by Berezovsky? And is it now trying to avoid a well-deserved humiliation due to the fact that this fact will become public? ”

Dunkerley believes that Owen is obliged to inform British society and the world community about the results of his work. He must publish the cause of death and clarify it if it is installed, and not pretend to be an investigator.

Channel "RT" reminds how the British government behaved in 2006.

For several weeks, officials and deputies were horrified that a British citizen could be killed in plain sight. The media created the impression that the Kremlin is smoothly finishing off anyone whom he wants to finish off, right on the streets of London.

Five months later, David Miliband, the new British Foreign Secretary, expelled four Russian diplomats in connection with the refusal of the Russian government to extradite Andrei Lugovoi, the main suspect in the murder of Litvinenko. And British-Russian relations have become as cold as ice.

But today there is a warming.

Putting pressure on the Kremlin after the death of Berezovsky, we add, has become unfashionable. And even not so much after death, as after a well-known legal process, in which Boris Abramovich Berezovsky was recognized (in writing) by the judge Elizabeth Gloucester "not trustworthy" and "dishonest".

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 22 May 2013 07: 24
    Litvinenko's widow admitted that the deceased was paid agents of the British special services. That is why the official bodies of Great Britain will not give publicity and will carefully hide all the facts of the investigation. But the fervor diminished after the judges announced that Russia was not involved in the "Litvinenko case."
    1. GreatRussia
      GreatRussia 22 May 2013 07: 31
      Quote: aszzz888
      The widow of Litvinenko admitted that the deceased was a paid agent of the British secret services.

      Not only a widow.

      What can I say?
      Dog life and the same death.
      1. domokl
        domokl 22 May 2013 08: 16
        When the lemon is squeezed onto the juice, it is thrown away. Who needs a dry and not tasty skin? The fate of traitors at all times was exactly what Litvinenko suffered. Dog's dog death (forgive me dogs, just a saying)
        1. Bykov.
          Bykov. 22 May 2013 09: 27
          Quote: domokl
          ... When the lemon is squeezed onto the juice, it is thrown away ...

          Lemon, juice, in my opinion, a comparison with a contraceptive is more appropriate ...
      2. Gari
        Gari 22 May 2013 15: 06
        Putting pressure on the Kremlin after the death of Berezovsky, we add, has become unfashionable. And even not so much after death, as after a well-known legal process, in which Boris Abramovich Berezovsky was recognized (in writing) by the judge Elizabeth Gloucester "not trustworthy" and "dishonest".
        And after that, he’s miserable and abandoned
        ,, died ,, - again remember
    2. Explore
      Explore 22 May 2013 09: 26
      - You should extradite Mr. Lugovoi.
      - No, this is contrary to our constitution.
      “Then you should change the constitution.”
      - Change your brain ...
    3. Yarbay
      Yarbay 22 May 2013 09: 33
      Quote: aszzz888
      Widow Litvinenko admitted that the deceased was paid agents of the British intelligence

      so he himself admitted !!
      I recall his interview about helping the intelligence services of England and Spain!
      1. Scoun
        Scoun 22 May 2013 13: 24
        After that, the widow Litvinenko accused the coroner of refusing "to seek the truth about the responsibility of the Russian state for the death of her husband," the Huffington Post says. A statement by Marina Litvinenko’s lawyers said: “This is a very sad day for Litvinenko.,

        Probably betrayed the homeland with joy.
        1. APASUS
          APASUS 22 May 2013 22: 37
          This is the end - oblivion !!!
          He has not died yet, but he is already gone!
  2. Yun Klob
    Yun Klob 22 May 2013 08: 00
    Britain has become entangled in a lie and is now trying to get out of a shameful situation in which it drove itself.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 22 May 2013 08: 28
      Quote: Yoon Klob
      Britain entangled in a lie

      No, not confused. It’s just that the scene with Litvinenko is completed, public opinion is directed towards Russia and no more is needed. The material has fulfilled its act and can be thrown into the dustbin of history.
      1. OTTO
        OTTO 22 May 2013 22: 44
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        The material has fulfilled its act and can be thrown into the dustbin of history.

        That's right, we remember this about the Litvinenko case, and the western man in the street will probably not connect the long-standing polonei scandal with the statement that Russia was not involved.
  3. Denis
    Denis 22 May 2013 08: 00
    He is a traitor, got what he deserves, the question is closed.
    1. Captain Vrungel
      Captain Vrungel 22 May 2013 08: 56
      As a warning to other traitors. And you won’t hide under the skirt of the English queen. Thrill the bastards. You have to pay for everything. So that they shake with fear until the end of their days. That stumbled unsuccessfully, woke up. fatal outcome. Then by chance the ice ax fell headlong with a fatal outcome. He runs a lot more overseas traitors and tail shake cock. It is necessary that they squeezed out of fear that a fawn will fly and a cock will cocket.
      1. Firstvanguard
        Firstvanguard 22 May 2013 09: 09
        Fuck he did not need our special services, otherwise some London gopota would have slammed him completely by accident, for the sake of a gold watch or wallet. Without any polonium and a few years before these events. IMHO shaved his shaving, as unnecessary. And from his death they made a performance about bloody gebnya. At least some good hi
  4. Yun Klob
    Yun Klob 22 May 2013 08: 01
    Britain has become entangled in lies and is now trying to get out of the shameful position in which it has driven itself.
  5. Dima190579
    Dima190579 22 May 2013 08: 05
    Often a person thinks that he plays chess. But no, he turns out to be a pawn himself.
  6. tttttt
    tttttt 22 May 2013 08: 07
    Nah yes! The Englishwoman crap, crap, and eventually crap! fool laughing
  7. shinobi
    shinobi 22 May 2013 08: 10
    Most of all in this story I was amazed at the absurdity of the method of murder. Well, they poisoned me, it’s generally somehow understandable. But the choice of poison makes me think that it was an unequivocal message to someone who was in the subject and would understand it without any difficulty. sane people do not believe Russian intelligence services and the hysteria that followed in the Western media. Special services, of any state, work quietly and leave no trace. Traces of their activities are usually held in the category of accidents. But here are demonstrations, corpses of messages, this is in the style of crime fights and terrorists.
    1. Pit
      Pit 22 May 2013 09: 10
      Quote: shinobi
      Most of all in this story, I was amazed at the absurdity of the method of murder.

      They themselves failed.
      In the concept of a simple people geyropov, Russia is a criminally barbaric country. And special services act accordingly, in a barbaric way. What a normal spy, it would come to mind to poison someone with polonium, right, only the Russians can do that, they are guilty in everything.
      Pipal shawal, Raska resident evil
      A curtain
      1. omsbon
        omsbon 22 May 2013 10: 24
        Quote: Pit
        Raska resident evil

        From now on, I suggest that you dispense with such expressions, whatever the meaning. My Motherland has a glorious name and you know it!
        1. Pit
          Pit 22 May 2013 11: 46
          Quote: omsbon
          From now on, I suggest that you dispense with such expressions, whatever the meaning. My Motherland has a glorious name and you know it!

          As for the glorious name of our Motherland, I completely agree with you. And I consider your reproach in part appropriate.
          But, in this case, it is not our attitude towards Russia that is shown, but the "enlightened" inhabitants of Geyropa and others like them. So I think that sometimes similar statements are appropriate, so as not to forget what they think of us and how our homeland is called by the homebrew libertine.
    2. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 22 May 2013 19: 35
      Polonium is hellishly harmful, but it is not a tool for killing. At least to kill one person. To pour polonium into coffee, as stated earlier ... Damn!
      When trying to sprinkle full somewhere, he first boils and evaporates, secondly he evaporates water and the object will certainly finish off. Also, with a 100% guarantee, absolutely everyone who is present at the same time will die if they are not in complex protective equipment. After that, as soon as possible, everyone who lives in the house will die, and still everyone who will be in the direction of the wind. Several thousand people.
      You can apply a film of polonium to an object. But you can save it for use only in a special container from which you need to extract the item with absolute accuracy in time, because it took five minutes to delay and the film evaporates, and who it will kill, the question is ...
      But the fact that this traitor was poisoned precisely with polonium is possible. There is still a way for this. Polonium is transported in a complex, expensive, massive container and nothing else. You need to be poorly educated, but hellishly self-confident dolboklyuy. Ignore or not know that polonium at the slightest opportunity (for example, when the lid of the container is opened, thus reducing the absorption of alpha particles by the lid) becomes volatile. Open the container and start staring at polonium! This is the only and unique opportunity to die from this substance alone.
      So we were accused for a reason. Otherwise, I would have to admit that this oak tree got somewhere a container with a hellishly dangerous thing and died, not knowing how to handle it! And the question is why the British intelligence agent stole this abomination to England ... So, of course, the Russians are to blame for everything. Who else?
  8. Bykov.
    Bykov. 22 May 2013 08: 10
    ... searches led him to a standstill. The British government turned out to be a dead end wall ...
    Ha ha haaa. The government of Britain, hinders its Interior Ministry, TO LEAD CORRECTLY THE CONSEQUENCE IS GOING, trampled, devils, the notorious "Russian trace".
    It is necessary not to allow, Britam, to "drain into the quiet" all this tekma, with the "mock" of this ublyutvenenko, it was too much of these creatures poking fun at her.
    Yes, and more, let them answer - "Who ruined the birch?" The government will probably fix dead ends again ..
    1. Pit
      Pit 22 May 2013 09: 21
      Quote: Bulls.
      "Who ruined the birch?"

      Who who, they themselves failed. Apparently they again wanted to write off the non-independent Raska, the resident evil, the citadel of vice. But here a story was drawn with a letter in which a birch swears allegiance and prays for permission in the ass to turn around and this citadel of evil has no reason to bring him to a foreign land, if he arrives.
      So now they think what happened there. How to tell a beautiful fairy tale so that the sheep are safe and the wolves are full and the shepherd is eternal.
      1. Bykov.
        Bykov. 22 May 2013 10: 38
        Quote: Pit
        ... Who who, they themselves failed. Apparently they again wanted to write off the non-independent Raska, the resident evil, the citadel of vice. But here a story was drawn with a letter in which a birch swears allegiance and prays for permission in the ass to turn around and this citadel of evil has no reason to bring him down in a foreign land ...

        Oh what I say. Ah, our mass media cannot, like in the West, for each profitable information line, raise the mass media as a moniker, for their own benefit and to discredit everyone and everything that is not needed. And here is such a reason, because the interest of the British special services is obvious, in both deaths, and in the newspapers silence ...
  9. Strashila
    Strashila 22 May 2013 08: 59
    They sat down ... drank tea ... ours showed them some of the documents ... a small part and they were encouraged by the thought that a large one, when published, when considering the case in the same vein, would result in a government crisis in Britain.
    1. Bykov.
      Bykov. 22 May 2013 09: 05
      Quote: Strashila
      ... ours showed them part of the documents ... a small part and pushed the thought that the big one, when publishing this, when considering the case in the same vein, will result in a government crisis in Britain ...

      If so, then it is a pity that it would be interesting and useful to see a small part, and not the whole and not only shirts ...
  10. Ulysses
    Ulysses 22 May 2013 09: 42
    Seven years of cheeks inflating and nothing else but fog.
    The efficiency of the British intelligence services is zero. laughing
    1. Vrungel78
      Vrungel78 22 May 2013 10: 31
      Quote: Ulysses
      The efficiency of the British intelligence services is zero.

      Equally a certain amount of English taxpayer taxes
      1. ivachum
        ivachum 22 May 2013 21: 53
        "The efficiency of the British intelligence services is zero"

        And it couldn’t be otherwise ... they’re gaining it there - by announcement! laughing

        "SIS is recruiting operational staff through online announcements."

        "The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), MI-6 (Military Intelligence, MI6) is the state body of the British foreign intelligence service."
  11. Kovrovsky
    Kovrovsky 22 May 2013 10: 35
    Berezovsky must have put his hands on this matter, but you won’t ask him anymore ...
  12. individual
    individual 22 May 2013 11: 31
    On the occasion of the death of the traitor of Russia, Litvinenko, the British secret services were entangled in versions of his death, so that they wouldn’t investigate the cause, but would drive materials "the secret of the investigation." A well-known technique, which, when the political context allows, to pull out the matter again and brandish the bogeyman of Russian cunning.
    In general, a classic of cinema expressed allegorically about this:
    "Is there life on Mars, is there life on Mars - this is not known to science."
  13. MG42
    MG42 22 May 2013 14: 46
    The closest relatives of Litvinenko are not allowed to the process: his brother and father. And today they reveal details that can completely reverse the so-called Litvinenko case.
    Litvinenko made a sensational statement refuting the involvement of Russian special services in the murder of Alexander Litvinenko. Today, the father thinks that his son has become a pawn in a strange game.

    After Berezovsky’s death, fewer sticks will be inserted into the wheels of this case ...
  14. ivanovbg
    ivanovbg 22 May 2013 15: 08
    Litvinenko did what was not necessary. He shared the results of the dossier with Andrei Lugov.

    So he took and shared his kindness of soul or resold the result of his work one more time, and not to anyone, but to the sworn enemy Albion - Russia.

    The first question is that Litvinenko has already sold his masters once, is the meaning of Russia being killed, if you can continue to count on cooperation with him?

    Question number two - Litvinenko dishonored and did specific damage to British intelligence. In what way should it be punished so that it would be disgraceful for others and the event would benefit the information war with Russia?
  15. Anat1974
    Anat1974 22 May 2013 21: 29
    "Premier Cameron does not want anything to prevent the restoration of friendly relations with Moscow." What news! When the Anglo-Saxons wanted to restore friendly relations with Moscow. Their entire political establishment has been built in the fight against the "UNIVERSAL RUSSIAN" evil.
    And the situation is most likely such that the pink British stigma in the cannon. They wanted to throw arrows on Lugovoi (the Russian trace was very necessary), something didn’t work, this nonsense was to vpar people. A more or less intelligible conspiracy theory of the murder of a faithful companion of the GREAT DESIDENT cannot be concocted in any way. What to do? And we’ll mean nothing stupid (thought shaving). And stupid, creating the appearance of violent activity.
    And I also noticed that the photo of the dying Litvinenko does not cause me any pity, but only a feeling of disgust.
  16. My address
    My address 22 May 2013 21: 45
    Apparently there was a huge op-pa! Where they, the Britons, should be. And not to go around. Only on the brakes. Previously, it was necessary to think when they unwound this nonsense.
    They are interesting, it is necessary to priplesti polonium poisoning! It’s like attracting the London Symphony Orchestra to the musical accompaniment of a real border crossing spy. And the countries of developed degeneration have shouted that this is the usual way of the Russian bear, avenging petty sheluponi.
    1. ivachum
      ivachum 22 May 2013 22: 01
      Yeah ... They admitted that Litvinenko was their agent, i.e. for Russia he was a traitor. If the Russian special services are blamed for its liquidation, then in the eyes of the townsfolk (and not only Russian) they (the Russian special services) did the right thing ... If they condemn their actions, then what should the British special services do with their traitors? Understand, forgive ... crying In general: "You will go to the right - they will cut off everything above the shoulder, to the left - everything below the shoulders. Or cut off the tail of a boa constrictor ... and to the very head!" laughing
  17. Forward
    Forward 23 May 2013 06: 08
    Vile traitors to their homeland, not only traitors, but also brainless traitors. Do not understand basic things! They don’t understand that they will have to pay for everything. They don’t understand that nobody needs them in the West. They are used as prostitutes and then disposed of. And DEATH AND BEREZOVSKY'S COMPLETE BANKRUPTCY, says that traitors with money are not immune from the shameful death. He was called a businessman. But in fact, he was a banal thief. And he could only steal in Russia. Therefore, he requested back when he restrained himself. They won’t let them steal, you have to earn money there. Large thieves robbing their country and their fellow citizens and taking money to offshore, do not know that stolen money will still be stolen. And this is a vivid example of Cyprus. And traitors will always be faithful. This is the law of our life not written by people.