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Trojan horse named "Chrysostom"

Trojan horse named "Chrysostom"

November 16 Official diplomatic relations were established between the US and the USSR on November 1933, and work began immediately to establish informal relations. The main goal for the security officers in this work was the building of the US Embassy in Moscow.

By 1938, according to the results of the work, in which the “sex bombs” from the Lubyanka were mainly used, the KGB managed to find out that the most protected areas of the embassy are the upper floors. On these floors were the offices of American military intelligence officers, the department’s own security, the political department and the ambassador’s office.

This “special zone” became the main goal of the NKVD, especially after information received from Berlin in the autumn of 1941 from Berlin on the recruitment by the Germans of the American military air attache in Moscow. Yes, and the supreme commander himself, upon returning from the Tehran Conference, gave instructions to Beria by any means to get into the ambassador’s office, Harriman.

By December 1943, Beria reported to Stalin that a unique microphone, unparalleled in the world, was created and ready to go. But all the operations for its introduction into the ambassador’s office did not give any results, even the fire arranged in the embassy did not help the security officers under the guise of firefighters to get into the “special zone”

The “master” listened attentively to Beria and suddenly asked: “Laurenty, have you heard anything about the Trojan horse?”

And an hour later, Beria in his office, together with academicians Berg and Ioffe, discussed in which of the souvenirs delivered to him in the reception room it would be more convenient to embed a unique microphone. Academics, under whose leadership the microphone was created, unequivocally answered no, explaining to the Commissar that the design of the device does not allow to insert it into any souvenir, for a successful microphone to work, you need to make a souvenir just for it, taking into account all the design features.

The microphone wore the code name "Chrysostom" and was a passive listening device that did not have any elements that could be detected using the special equipment of that time. The human voice influenced the nature of the resonant oscillations of the microphone, which allowed for the interception of words. Microwave pulses were applied to the microphone from the generator, from a distance of up to three hundred meters, the receiving and recording devices were located on the same line with the generator. The transmission and reception scheme was an isosceles triangle so that the received and transmitted pulses do not overlap each other.

Chekists installed a microwave generator and accumulator on the upper floors of the buildings to the left and right of the embassy building. It remained to establish a microphone, especially for which, on the advice of the academicians, a souvenir-gift was made.

Zlatoust was solemnly presented to the American Ambassador Harriman in February 1945 of the year, during the “Big Three” Crimea conference held in Yalta. It happened like this ...

... 8 in February V. Molotov, People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs, in the presence of Stalin, presented Churchill and Roosevelt with invitations from Soviet children who came to the Artek camp, whose opening was scheduled for February 9. The calculation of the “small three” - Stalin, Molotov and Beria worked like a clock. Such an “important” mission was successfully reassigned to the US and British ambassadors in Moscow, Averell Harriman and Sir Archibald John Clark Kerr.

And at the opening of the camp "Artek", in a solemn atmosphere, to the sounds of the American anthem "Star Banner" performed by Soviet children, Harriman was presented with a huge, wooden US coat of arms and a passport certificate!

The coat of arms was made of precious woods: sandalwood, redwood, ivory, boxwood, parrot of Persian, red and black wood, black alder, boxwood.

Astonished, Harriman asked the question aloud: “Where should I put him? Where to keep? I can't take my eyes off him! ”

To which the personal translator of Stalin Berezhkov, casually gave him advice: "Yes, hang it in your office ..."

It was in this way that the “trojan horse” of the NKVD, named “Zlatoust”, ended up in the top secret office of the US ambassador. Operation Confession began ...

"Chrysostom" successfully worked for eight years, during this time four ambassadors changed, the interior of the cabinet was also constantly changing, only the coat of arms, hypnotically acting on all American ambassadors, did not change. In 1953, the traitor, the GRU lieutenant colonel of the General Staff of the USSR Ministry of Defense Petr Popov declaring him "Chrysostom" to his "operator" George Kyzvalter declassified him.

After the discovery of "Chrysostom", the discouraged Americans for seven years kept the discovery humiliating for them. During this time, the secret services of Great Britain and the United States tried to make their own "Zlatoust", "Satire" and "Comfortable chair", but they could not repeat the success of the unique device.

In the spring of US 1960, in response to international criticism about its espionage flights, it unveiled information about the secret device from Lubyanka, demonstrating a coat of arms with Chrysostom embedded in it at an emergency UN session.

Currently, Zlatoust is kept at the CIA Museum in Langley.

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