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The Fridinsky case: the head of Oboronservis gave in on the fourth attempt ...

The Fridinsky case: the head of Oboronservis gave in on the fourth attempt ...The world-famous Oboronservis company, whose 100% stake is owned by the Ministry of Defense, that is, the state, again showed itself in the week. A five-page representation of Sergey Fridinsky, the chief military prosecutor of the Russian Federation, came to the Russian defense ministry in which he states that during his leadership work in Oboronservis OJSC such gentleman as Sergey Khursevich (head of Oboronservis since July 2009), the government was severely financial damage. It was revealed that the amount of damage only on the fact of the purchase of Italian Iveco armored vehicles, which (the purchase) Khusevich supervised, was not less than 145 million rubles.

It turned out that about a year and a half ago Khursevich received money from the state budget both for the purchase of Iveco and for the processing of all necessary customs documents. On payment of customs duties, Sergey Khursevich decided to “save” and bought paraphernalia for medical equipment (stickers with red crosses, flashing beacons). It was exactly like medical equipment that armored cars entered the territory of Russia, which was reflected in special documents. Only from the presentation of Fridinsky remains unclear: where did the money that the heads of Oboronservis “saved” at customs have gone to - whether he, taking care of the fate of the Ministry of Defense, put everything up to a penny saved back to the military budget, bypassing the budget of customs services, whether this money went to the personal needs of Mr. Hursevich himself. And although the fraudulent scheme can be seen in both of these cases, but if Khursevich saved it for the Ministry of Defense, then, you see, you would also get a jacket award for those awards that he already has (Order of Merit for the Fatherland ”II degree) ...

Sergey Fridinsky, continuing his presentation to the Minister of Defense Shoigu, states that the head of Oboronservis is involved not only in fraudulent schemes with budget funds, but also in countering the work of inspection bodies in the offices of Oboronservice. Such activities of Khurssevich are described by the chief military prosecutor with the following phrases: “he did not ensure the observance of legality”, “he embarked on the path of breaking the law” The total amount of damage from the activities of Oboronservis, at least, says Sergey Fridinsky himself, amounted to about 5 billion rubles, of which only one-fifth was returned to the treasury. The phrase “Where is the money, Zin?” Which has recently received a second birth describes the situation with the work of Oboronservis OJSC for the past few years.

So why did the head of the Main Military Prospect Sergey Fridinsky write his submission to the Ministry of Defense? It turned out that he had asked to dismiss Khursevich from the post of general director of Oboronservis. Hmm ... Somewhat unexpected development of events, isn’t it ... On the one hand, “did not ensure the observance of legality,” “embarked on the path of violation of the law,” and on the other hand, please dismiss from your post ... How do these things fit together is not clear. If Sergei Fridinsky has every reason to suspect Khursevich of embezzling budget funds, then what the hell is the idea ... Where is the criminal case?

A criminal case, but not one, in fact, there is. Only now the name of Sergei Khursevich with reference to these criminal cases sounds at some distance. There is information that the case was initiated against some organizers of the purchase of Italian armored vehicles under Article 194 Part 2 Section “d” “Evasion from paying customs duties levied on an organization or an individual on a large scale”. But with reference to Khursevich (and after all, it seems he is directly related to the organizers), the investigation states that the case against this person, quote: “may be initiated” (at least, no criminal case against Sergey Khursevich at the time of the preparation material was not introduced).

Khursevich was simply fired ... The board of directors of Oboronservis met, conferred and decided that Oboronservis was no longer on the way with Khursevich. That is, for almost 4 years, when one after another the unpleasant facts of budget funds diversion through various front organizations, fraudulent schemes in the purchase and repair of military equipment, the sale of real estate of the Ministry of Defense under the “flag” of the inappropriate and inefficient, Oboronservis with Hursevich was on the way, but now - no ... Apparently, in order for these paths to diverge, a prosecutor’s dispatch about the real “merits to the Fatherland” Sergey Khursevich to the Minister of Defense was needed ...

In general, anyway, Khursevich, who had just recently declared that he would do everything to return his honest and immaculate name to Oboronservis, lost his post. And in this regard, there is an amazing incident: Khursevich was dismissed for those “blunders” that the prosecutor of Fridinsky indicated in his presentation, but only the cases against the ex-general director of Oboronservis were not instituted, the charges were not formally brought. If so, then it turns out that so far all the words that were expressed in his submission addressed to Sergei Shoigu Fridinsky are nothing but a slander ... After all, if there are verbal accusations, then the criminal case against this person should be initiated, and without nomination the charges (any lawyer will confirm) all the talk about Khursevich’s guilt can be exposed as slander ... An obvious incident that the Main Military Prosecutor’s Office, if she is not afraid to bring the Oboronservis case to the end, should be corrected in the near future.

By the way, the presentation of Sergei Fridinsky on the figure of Sergei Khursevich, as it turned out, is far from the first. Prior to the current submission, the chief military prosecutor, as he himself declares, endured the submissions to Khursevich’s relations three times (all in 2012 year). Two presentations are under the Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov, one at the very beginning of his work as Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. However, none of the three previous representations Fridinsky was not given attention. Only from the fourth time did Sergei Fridinsky manage to reach out "to heaven". Amazing patience at the head of the military prosecutor's office - there is nothing to say. Well, if we really pay attention to the submissions of the chief military prosecutor only from the fourth attempt, is it not time to smear the mechanisms of the bureaucratic apparatus? But it’s too long a delay time ... We’ll harness oh how long! How quickly we go - that is the question!

Sergey Shtykulin, State Counselor of the Russian Federation, Class III, who served in Afghanistan in the border troops of the KGB of the USSR as an officer and was awarded a dozen awards, including military ones, was appointed to fulfill the duties of the head of the company. Can a former border guard (although there are no former border guards) really straighten Oboronservis’s reputation as fairly smeared with corruption and fraudulent dirt? I want to hope so. The main thing is that the position of the general director of Oboronservis does not become a zits-chairman ... But what kind of “zits” is there if all the main figures are free with such statuses that they cannot be brought to criminal responsibility.
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  1. AdAAkRuSS
    AdAAkRuSS 16 May 2013 07: 45
    All this looks like a mediocre comedy, so much has been written and said, and the winners of the occasion still have "statuses".
    1. vadimus
      vadimus 16 May 2013 08: 35
      It is necessary to disperse the ball. And sensible to recruit. When they only think about the dough, and put it on the army with the device, it’s too late to talk about ethics, this is CHANGE!
      1. de klermon
        de klermon 16 May 2013 21: 38
        Where to dial? Whom? Not tired?
        It is necessary, forgive me, not to disperse the "sharashka", but to outsource stuff from the Ministry of Defense along with all civilian thieves with a filthy broom and ... some in a bottle and in crosses, and some immediately to felling!
        The Russian Army ALL warriors, all their tests passed successfully and with honor without any civilian interference, and during the 90s and the period of semi-state "administration" our armed forces and navy were defeated, comparable only to the consequences revolution and civil war or defeat in the hardest the war for survival!
        Anyone who raises his hand over the army in an attempt to "reform" it:
      2. captain dvv
        captain dvv 17 May 2013 00: 43
        Specifically what or whom you need to disperse. A similar situation has also been cut in all other areas where budget money is present. Without a single exception. There is a total state crisis. management. Tactical measures can not be dispensed with here. The moment was lost about 5 years ago. Now corruption is a cancerous tumor for our country. Unfortunately, without a change in the political system with the advent of new people to the highest governance of the country, this problem cannot be solved.
    2. Russian
      Russian 16 May 2013 09: 23
      No wonder. They don’t hand over their own, everything is there at the same time. It’s disgusting to watch these pompous anti-corruption statements, but in fact complete impunity.
      1. yak69
        yak69 16 May 2013 10: 38
        Quote: р_у_с_с_к_и_й
        No wonder. They don’t hand over their own, everything is there at the same time. It’s disgusting to watch these pompous anti-corruption statements, but in fact complete impunity.

        On this occasion, I would very much like to hear the detailed opinion of Mr. Yesaul. I really want to know what he thinks about this and how this and other similar information corresponds with his grateful articles that he writes.
        I am not malicious and not gloating, it’s really interesting for me to understand the logic of a person who is delighted with the actions (or without actions) of the country's leader, despite the fact that ALL this is systemic.
        After all, it’s us and you, specific ordinary citizens are filling with our strength and energy the processes that are taking place in our country. There are only a handful of big bosses, and they only issue orders, and WE AND YOU ARE THE MOVING FORCE that TURNS THESE ORDERS TURNS INTO REALITY. Indeed, it was not Khursevich himself who executed all these documents, sent them, corresponded, in a word - not the boss himself does all this. We ALL one way or another participate in these processes. Maybe we all just need to stop filling these allogisms with meaning, energy and everything will change?! ..
        What do you think, dear Esaul?
      2. xetai9977
        xetai9977 16 May 2013 11: 16
        There is a saying, “The fish rots from the head.” Where are the leaders who make it clear by personal example that they will not tolerate bribery ?! Who can blame Lenin, Stalin, Mao or Robespierre for corruption?
        1. astra
          astra 16 May 2013 11: 49
          The impression is that they want to find a "scapegoat" to smear Serdyukov and his woman
      3. Geisenberg
        Geisenberg 16 May 2013 12: 17
        Quote: р_у_с_с_к_и_й
        No wonder. They don’t hand over their own, everything is there at the same time. It’s disgusting to watch these pompous anti-corruption statements, but in fact complete impunity.

        Yes, touch him right now, and he will break his forehead - he will yell that for the good of the case, and that the grandmother disappeared, then corruption. He will talk too much ... that he escaped with an honorable dismissal, instead of a lawful cell in a pre-trial detention center.
    3. skeptic
      skeptic 16 May 2013 12: 16
      Quote: AdAAkRuSS
      All this looks like a mediocre comedy, so much has been written and said, and the winners of the occasion still have "statuses".

      No matter how disgusting it may be for us to recognize, but in the state, behind the scenes, the PERIOD OF ORIGINAL CAPITAL ACCUMULATION is proclaimed. The main task is to find talents, even if they are criminal. In order to organize a criminal, economic structure of a high order, one must also have talent. Distributing money, anyhow to anyone, is not serious. If you want to feed a person, give him fish, if you want a person to be able to feed his whole life, give him a net.
      And therefore, reluctantly, clenching its teeth, the state is forced to look through its fingers, for the time being. Yes, many of them, stunned by rabid grandmothers, went all out. Leningraders who survived the famine for the rest of their lives maintained a reverent attitude towards bread. Newly-mouthed riches, having found money, are in a hurry to find them at all banks, abroad. Yes, they are afraid of the modern analogue of the 38th. When Putin said that he was not the 38th, we should understand that we gave you the opportunity to steal, we won’t touch you for this, but it’s time to start investing them in your country. One way or another, the new gentlemen see that abroad they are needed only as wealthy tourists, no one will allow them to compete on an equal footing. Yes, and money, in the case even from bank deposits, can simply be taken away.
      You can say that why does the government rely on this thieves' evil spirits? The answer is simple - decent people, for the most part, have little initiative. Most, unfortunately, argues that if they come and invite me to head (enterprise, institute, etc., etc.), then here I am ... And those guys are without soap, where they should and should not fit in. Ultimately, having the corresponding compromising materials on them, the state may demand that they keep up with state interests. It is disgusting for us to realize this - YES!

      But the country must be raised, if you feel the strength in yourself, don’t expect that a good, kind president will come and raise us, then we ... Only if each of us undertakes to raise his own business, who is in the workplace, who starting a business, only then can Russia really become the state that it is destined to occupy.
      1. yak69
        yak69 16 May 2013 18: 08
        Quote: skeptic
        decent people, for the most part, have little initiative

        I don’t know what decent and without initiative people surround you, but I have always seen people around me who are not indifferent and active.
        Quote: skeptic
        if each of us undertakes to raise his own business, someone in the workplace, someone starting his own business, only then Russia can really become

        In order to "raise" one's business, there must be a corresponding FAVORABLE state policy oriented towards development and not towards strangling its middle class. You are not an indifferent person, but it is immediately clear that you are not even familiar with the basics of economic policy, for sure you will not even be able to analyze the budget in order to assess it at least in general terms.
        In order for the class of entrepreneurs to rise and grow stronger in our country, there must be the following minimum conditions:
        1. The rate on loans for the manufacturer is not higher than 2-4%, for trade not higher than 6%.
        2. Lease and lease payments should be the minimum.
        3. The manufacturer must have tax holidays of up to 3 years, the merchant up to a year.
        4. The tax rate on the payroll should be significantly reduced.
        5. Export products should be high-tech, not raw. Instead of crude oil, only products of deep processing (gasolines, oils, components), instead of round logs, glued beams, high-quality wood products, agricultural products, instead of metal in pigs, pipes, rolled steel, machines, mechanisms and etc. Moreover, with encouraging export duties. With this setting, the entrepreneur will be forced to invent technologies, equipment, there will be a huge demand for R&D, highly qualified specialists, etc. etc.
        For a long time I can tell you about HOW and WHAT it is necessary, BUT .. all this is NOT present and judging by the laid budget it is not expected.
        For the gifted I will say (anticipating their objections to the allocations for defense and the military-industrial complex), the military-industrial complex and defense are only a PART of the public economy, and if the country is not at war, then this part does not "pull" the entire economy. The entire economy is "pulled" by construction, mining and exploration of minerals, mechanical engineering (small, medium and heavy), ENERGY and agriculture.
        So, dear, as Ostap Ibrahimovic Bender used to say, one must be politically literate in order to judge the economy at least at the level of an excellent pupil of the Soviet school.
        1. skeptic
          skeptic 16 May 2013 20: 01
          Quote: yak69
          For a long time I can tell you about HOW and WHAT it is necessary, BUT .. all this is NOT present and judging by the laid budget it is not expected.

          So tell me about your health. Since 2008, an individual entrepreneur, before that he had his own company, but in Yeltsin's chaos (when accounting, reporting of a small enterprise was the same as accounting and reporting documents of a large plant) he covered up and went into the shadows. Yes, it’s not easy now, as it always has been, but it’s just necessary to work (by the way, I can handle accounting myself, without an accountant, using the programs provided by the tax inspectorate for free, including annual reporting). Business has always been like a slalom on the rapids of a river, but sometimes you have to hurt yourself, suffer losses, but who said it would be easy. If you want greenhouse conditions, then there were none and never will be anywhere.

          And you can continue to reason, grind with your tongue, it’s not to turn coolies. Yours faithfully hi
          1. yak69
            yak69 16 May 2013 20: 34
            Quote: skeptic
            And you can continue to reason, grind with your tongue, it’s not to turn cool

            If my words hurt you unpleasantly, then please forgive. I had no purpose to offend you.
            Quote: skeptic
            If you want greenhouse conditions, then there were none and never will be anywhere.

            I didn’t talk about GREEN conditions (although they wouldn’t hurt), I talked about NORMAL under which any normal, not lazy citizen can provide for himself.
            According to your tone, I realized that you are satisfied with the current government. Well, this is your right and choice.
            As for the "grind with the tongue", here everyone has their own work - you, to be an entrepreneur, with me, to exert your modest efforts to make life better not only for me, but also for other fellow citizens.
            Good luck to you.
            1. skeptic
              skeptic 16 May 2013 22: 29
              Quote: yak69
              According to your tone, I realized that you are satisfied with the current government.

              I apologize if I offended you too. Yes, I agree that I don’t have enough economic knowledge (which I really miss), but now my son (after the army) is studying at the Russian State University of Economics on the international economy, and his daughter is on management. I hope they help me. And as for contentment with power ... Somehow frivolously, how can everyone like the sun equally. There will always be someone who will be hot, and someone too light. By definition, I look at power as the rapids of a river. A little less is already good, there will be even less - much better. The main thing is not to wait for favors from nature and not to lower your hands; you can drown in calm water.
              Good luck too smile
          2. dddym
            dddym 17 May 2013 07: 15
            but just have to work
            You know what the catch is - in the scoop of a working person they respected and created the conditions for his advancement, now you can turn inside out. In our theater, people who worked all their lives were fired, simply because a new leader came, and he urgently needed to arrange his students. Yes, you at least work out - your work will not be seen and appreciated. What's the point, I work on 5 jobs, but I can’t go to my father - to the neighboring region. Because you need to support your family.
      2. AdAAkRuSS
        AdAAkRuSS 16 May 2013 22: 44
        I understand your position, but about the unspoken period of accumulation of initial capital, I remember that the nationwide "favorite" and the father of privatization already spoke openly about this (his name is too well known to be called winked ) and as it recently became known (not well, I laughing I’m lying under the table) either the CIA agents deceived him or framed him. I don’t understand one thing, when will they finally save up capital? Moscow takes the second place by the number BILLIONAIRE !!!I don’t need the help of the state, I don’t expect anything from this government, I just wanted to not interfere and respect my people, and not try to replace us with migrants. In the mid-nineties, I defended this constitutional order so that I could live, work and work on my land natives of Central Asia raised their children? With such a policy, we are destined to become a raw material colony! You are right, I AM OPPOSITE TO UNDERSTAND IT!
        1. skeptic
          skeptic 16 May 2013 23: 02
          Quote: AdAAkRuSS
          ! You are right, I AM OPPOSITE TO UNDERSTAND IT!

          I agree. For me, this "booze" is also not to my liking, but the main thing is not to "drain the water."

          Shine always, shine everywhere.
          Here is my slogan and the sun!
          V. Mayakovsky.
        2. yak69
          yak69 16 May 2013 23: 37
          Quote: AdAAkRuSS
          I don’t need the help of the state, I don’t expect anything from this government, I just wanted to not interfere and respect my people

          On June 1, 1991, I was seconded by my superiors to participate in the work of the 1st All-Union Congress of Entrepreneurs. It took place in Moscow, in the "Russia" Concert Hall (which was destroyed, but nothing was built in its place - somehow even symbolic!). The USSR was still in the yard. The big bosses from the Union Government spoke (Luzhkov was the most noisy there, he was then 1 deputy. Gavryusha Popov). At this congress I met many now famous "figures": Khodorkovsky, Gusinsky, Sterligov, Vinogradov, Potanin, Tarasov, Smolensky and others. But this is lyrics, but the main thing that I remember is that one of the entrepreneurs then said golden words addressed to the representative of the Government of the USSR: “We will do everything ourselves without you! One thing, please, do not interfere!”.
          Yeltsin was then a national favorite, a savior of the fatherland. On the sidelines we began to boil, began to demand from Luzhkov (EBN) his arrival ..... yeah .....
          Life was in full swing.
          That was just the beginning.
      3. vjatsergey
        vjatsergey 17 May 2013 00: 33
        "And therefore, reluctantly, clenching its teeth, the state is forced to look through its fingers, for the time being." Until when, until when ?!
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. vjhbc
      vjhbc 16 May 2013 19: 48
      nor any comedy is just a feudal system untouchable boyars and the rest would be with which you can do whatever you want
      Quote: AdAAkRuSS
      All this looks like a mediocre comedy, so much has been written and said, and the winners of the occasion still have "statuses".
  2. Landwarrior
    Landwarrior 16 May 2013 07: 56
    With "Iveks" is an interesting story in general. I once already threw this link:
    In short - they were imported to Russia under the guise of "medical equipment", well, like ambulances, so that (Attention!) Not to pay customs duties belay
    In no way do I touch the "merits" of the former minister, but think about it!

    The Investigative Committee of Russia (ICR) and the Main Military Prosecutor's Office became interested in the Oboronservis deal with the Italian company Iveco, Nezavisimaya Gazeta reports on Thursday, March 14, citing its own source.

    This is a deal concluded in 2011 for the supply of 358 assembly kits of cars of the M65E19WM LMW model for the needs of the Russian army.

    According to investigators, Iveco vehicles were imported into the country at reduced rates as army ambulances, although, in accordance with the rules of the Customs Union, they were to be classified as “tanks and other combat self-propelled armored vehicles with or without weapons” and taxed 20 percent customs duty. The customs rate for medical equipment imported into the country is zero percent.
    1. YuDDP
      YuDDP 16 May 2013 20: 23
      The only logic that I see in this is an attempt to save the budget of the Ministry of Defense. Although, of course, this is complete nonsense: to send money from the budget to the budget through the accounts of two offices: Moscow Region and customs.
  3. treskoed
    treskoed 16 May 2013 08: 00
    There is nothing new under the sun. JV Stalin also mentioned the "accursed caste". And now she has become untouchable!
  4. koksalek
    koksalek 16 May 2013 08: 18
    Where is the official post of the executioner so revered in the old days? Works him a lot. Already boiling
  5. vania
    vania 16 May 2013 08: 24
    divided the money, who benefits from planting it? yes to nobody.
  6. Bongo
    Bongo 16 May 2013 08: 33
    The captain is responsible for everything that happens on the ship, and in the army, the supreme commander ...
  7. pensioner
    pensioner 16 May 2013 08: 36
    I feel will become Fridinsky Frigidninsky. Especially for women. After serving of course.
    1. ale-x
      ale-x 16 May 2013 09: 00
      Whose imprisonment?
  8. Horn
    Horn 16 May 2013 08: 43
    Lord Fridinsky drowns Khursevich, Berezovsky is suing Abramovich ... And all about Rasea are rejoicing ...
  9. Reserve buildbat
    Reserve buildbat 16 May 2013 09: 11
    Nobody drowns anyone. On the contrary, podleshchiki merge evidence. Khursevich was removed from his post, but his status is preserved, so a little later, he will take a deep breath, he will receive not a term, but a new post, you see, no less grain.
    1. captain dvv
      captain dvv 17 May 2013 00: 28
      That was the case more than once. Unfortunately, there is no need to talk about the fight against corruption in a country where the president openly called for replacing the criminal liability for a bribe with a financial fine.
  10. qroz5
    qroz5 16 May 2013 09: 15
    smear his forehead with greens and all things, under Stalin would have done so
  11. Manager
    Manager 16 May 2013 09: 53
    Well, they’ve found a scapegoat) SchA Serdyukov will also file a lawsuit, saying that the reputation of an honest person has suffered because of this scoundrel.)))
  12. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 16 May 2013 09: 54
    Words alone ... Where are the real things?
    1. andrejwz
      andrejwz 16 May 2013 12: 09
      Quote: Uncle Lee
      Words alone ... Where are the real things?

      Everything is simple. Law enforcement agencies simply lack professionalism, but they learned to be public and loved this matter.
      “He didn’t ensure the observance of the law”, “he took the path of breaking the law”, and on the other hand - a request to dismiss from his post ... Just to dismiss.

      Are these the words of a professional or a speech at a rally?
      Conclusion: found economic violations containing signs but not forming an independent corpus delicti. They ask to be fired in order to secure the possibility of:
      a) to shake documents freely and arbitrarily for a long time (do not care that this will not improve the work of an already problematic and publicly discredited public company);
      b) carry out a large-scale work among the management and employees of the JSC to find persons ready to make accusations against the now former head of Oboronservis.
      Purpose: to cut down a stick in the form of yet another resonant case to prove that it is not in vain to eat your bread (legality is far from the first place here.
      Well, if nothing happens, then this is not at all the lack of professionalism of the operational and investigative services and the inability of Fridinsky and others like him to ensure compliance with the law. The Fridinsky will go into the shadows, and once again we will say (already said on the forum above) that the fish rots from the head. Fish rots with gills. It is very close to the head.
      Professionals first do, and then report the result. The Fridinsky talk a lot and can’t do anything to the end. And the harm from the same word-loving is sometimes much more than the results of their work directly in the post.
      1. Garrin
        Garrin 16 May 2013 13: 28
        Quote: andrejwz
        Are these the words of a professional or a speech at a rally?

        Many pluses to you. To my great regret, you are right. Another evidence of the bias of our security forces.
  13. nickel
    nickel 16 May 2013 10: 00
    In Soviet times there was such a concept - "nomenclature" It was characterized by a simple feature - admission to the "trough", ie - various specialty stores, special clinics and hospitals and other benefits, because it was in the era of general shortages. And if you get into this nomenclature, then in order not to do something wrong, I transferred to another job, as a rule, with a promotion. The exception was some absolutely egregious cases. It looks like developed socialism is returning. Or did he not disappear anywhere?
    1. dddym
      dddym 16 May 2013 12: 20
      Developed socialism? This is developed banditry in its purest form. These are thieves in law!
  14. k220150
    k220150 16 May 2013 10: 21
    "Casus Ignatenko" as a mirror shows that the country does not have one law for all. This means that things are bad "Grab your bags. The station is leaving!"
  15. ale-x
    ale-x 16 May 2013 10: 33
    "Where are the real landings?"
    1. pensioner
      pensioner 16 May 2013 12: 09
      Quote: ale-x
      "Where are the real landings?"

      On my way.
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 16 May 2013 11: 10
    <<<< Well, if we pay attention to the views of the chief military prosecutor only from the fourth attempt, then isn't it time to lubricate the mechanisms of the bureaucratic apparatus? >>>>
    Grease, do not grease the bureaucratic apparatus remains bureaucratic! It is necessary not to lubricate, but to smear all this bureaucratic shobla! But it seems that the cancer of theft and corruption under the leadership of "effective managers" has struck the MO apparatus so deeply that, obviously, many of the apparatus, as they say now, are IN THEME. And, if you start to prosecute, who will be left? Therefore, indecision and this pre-procedural burden is already similar to the criminal "Santa Barbara". Why is the supreme power so stubbornly holding on to cadres who have completely discredited themselves? Why does he think that everyone seems to be like that, that there are no decent, responsible people who support their country?
  18. individual
    individual 16 May 2013 11: 14
    I would like to ask: "Head of the Main Military Prosecutor's Office Sergei Fridinsky, and where were you with your staff of officials.
    Enemies of the state sat in the Ministry of Defense, villains and your fault too.
  19. pinecone
    pinecone 16 May 2013 11: 23
    Calm down, comrades, it has already been said that now is not the 37th year.
    1. vlad767
      vlad767 16 May 2013 16: 34
      Yes unfortunately... recourse
  20. kind
    kind 16 May 2013 12: 45
    Everything is much more prosaic, you need to share! Someone didn’t unfasten someone and went off.
  21. ded10041948
    ded10041948 16 May 2013 13: 01
    Quote: pinecone
    Calm down, comrades, it has already been said that now is not the 37th year.

    Here you look at the 37th (only 21 centuries) something and begin to undertake! Only, for some reason, every day there is a growing desire to slightly speed up this process with the help of improvised firearms.
  22. fzr1000
    fzr1000 16 May 2013 13: 23
    Fridinsky, Khursevich, Dvorkovich, Medynsky ....

    Where are the Petrovs, Ivanovs? In my opinion, it was they who went abroad, and not all sorts of .... as we from the West and all sorts of "sociological" polls are trying to prove.
  23. fenix57
    fenix57 16 May 2013 13: 53
    Quote: ale-x
    Where are the real landings? "

    "Garden vacations" are over, the earth is full of seeds, we will wait for "sprouts" ... Or like this ... request
  24. Chukcha
    Chukcha 16 May 2013 15: 08
    Well, finally found the Chief Switchman.
    And Serdyukov? Noooo ... he’s out of business at all ...
  25. JonnyT
    JonnyT 16 May 2013 15: 31
    One Jew pushed another Jew out of the feeder - tragically ...
    So far, people in leadership positions whose main principle is money and wealth - nothing will change!
    Although now they will do a little cleaning - in visible places the dust will be cleaned. But in the corners it will remain, and the floor will still be dirty for a long time, there will be no normal owner of the house or it will have other worries, while it is putting the house in order, the house is falling apart, the parasites of all kinds of mice bugs and cockroaches got divorced!
  26. Svyatoslavovich
    Svyatoslavovich 16 May 2013 17: 55
    Is Serdyukov so innocent and will remain?
  27. knn54
    knn54 16 May 2013 18: 55
    They work on the principle of:
    "If you have not stolen, consider that you have been robbed."
    But it’s scary that with the word “Oboronservis” potential buyers abroad will shy away. Mistral, Iveco ... and other unnecessary junk at astronomical prices will go to the country.
    And the domestic defense industry will never rise from its knees.
    And while such people are standing at such posts, the enemy is calm.
  28. tank64rus
    tank64rus 16 May 2013 19: 53
    And then he will leave for Londongrad and broadcast from there about the political order. We will soon smell of gunpowder. After all, all this shobla from Syria will move to our borders. The impression is that "Effective managers are here in Russia in a foreign country for them. Grab and leave.
  29. O_RUS
    O_RUS 17 May 2013 00: 00
    ["MK", ​​12.04.2013/170/172,5, "The arrested person involved in the" Oboronservis case "received 138 thousand a month": [...] as financial director of Mira LLC Irina Egorova for allegedly provided to JSC GUOV (Main Directorate of Arrangement of Troops) services received a monthly salary of XNUMX thousand rubles. And now in custody and. about. Dmitry Mityaev, general director of Mira LLC - XNUMX thousand rubles. - Box]