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Marshals vague time. Tukhachevsky


11 June 1937 The special judicial presence of six top-ranking commanders on charges of conspiracy sentenced Marshal of the Soviet Union Mikhail Tukhachevsky and the "group of traitors" to capital punishment. The destruction of part of the leadership of the Red Army is known as the “military case” (the case of the “anti-Soviet military organization”).

12 June 1937, the newspaper Izvestia published the following text: "Spies Tukhachevsky, Yakir, Uborevich, Cork, Eideman, Feldman, Primakov and Putna, who sold themselves to the sworn enemies of socialism, dared to raise the bloody hand to life and happiness of the millions of people who had created a piece of millions of people who had created a piece of millions of people who had created a bloody hand for life and happiness for the millions of people who had created the martyrs of socialism, who had created a bloody hand for life and happiness for the millions of people who had created the people who created the mortal enemy of socialism, created a bloody hand for the life and happiness of the millions of people who created the pattern, they created a bloody hand for the life and happiness of a million million people who created a piece of millions of people who created a piece of socialism, who created a bloody hand for the life and happiness of one million people, who created the mortal enemy of socialism. who built a society where there are no more exploiting classes ... "

Marshals vague time. Tukhachevsky

There are several versions of these events. According to the "canonical" version, Marshal of the Soviet Union Mikhail Tukhachevsky and his associates became victims of a general "cleansing", which was carried out everywhere in the second half of the 1930.

But there is another: the conspiracy existed, but was directed not against the Soviet government, but personally against Stalin. This version has gained fame thanks to an article in the American magazine Life in 1953. The author of this article, as well as the eponymous book titled "The Secret история Stalin's crimes "was General Alexander Orlov, who fled from Spain, where he headed the Soviet intelligence station in the US 1930's.

In his article, he argued that a group of security officers in the archives documents were found, of which it was incontrovertible that Stalin was an agent provocateur of the tsarist secret police. The documents were brought to the attention of the People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Balitsky, who, in turn, reported this to the commander of the Kiev Military District Iona Yakir and the head of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine Stanislav Kosior. Soon news I came to Marshal Tukhachevsky. So a conspiracy arose: it was decided during a large meeting of the commanders to seize the Kremlin and arrest Stalin. However, information about the preparation of the coup became known to Stalin before the conspirators carried out this plan.

Supporters of another version believe that the dossier about the "conspiracy in the Red Army" was fabricated by the special services of Nazi Germany and as a result of a very subtle operation of the Abwehr "slipped" to Stalin.

In accordance with another version of the dossier on Tukhachevsky was born within the walls of the NKVD, it was planted by the German special services in the hope that they, interested in "beheading" the Red Army, would play along to Stalin and help him unleash anti-army terror.

It is known that incriminating documents on Tukhachevsky state security bodies began to accumulate in the middle of the 1920-s. However, in 1932, Tukhachevsky was appointed First Deputy Commissar, in 1933, he was awarded the Order of Lenin, in 1935, he was awarded the title of Marshal of the Soviet Union. He became the youngest marshal of the USSR.

But on May 11, 1937 of the year Tukhachevsky was removed from the post of Deputy People's Commissar and sent to Kuybyshev to command the forces of the Volga Military District. Before leaving, he achieved a meeting with Stalin. The leader promised that he would soon return him to Moscow. Stalin kept his word: May 24 Tukhachevsky returned to Moscow - to the Lubyanka, under escort.

The first days Tukhachevsky tried to deny his guilt, but then signed a confession. Perhaps the reason for this was the torture, which the Political Bureau of the Central Committee allowed to apply to those arrested in this case by adopting a special resolution.

A Special Court Presence of the Supreme Court was established, headed by Vasily Ulrich, which included Deputy Defense Secretary Yakov Alksnis, Chief of Staff of the Red Army Boris Shaposhnikov, Commander of the Far Eastern Army Vasily Blucher, commanders of Semyon Budyonny, Ivan Belov, Pavel Dybenko, Nikolai Kashir districts. Many of them were subsequently repressed.
The military conspiracy sentence was announced on 11 June 1937 of the year in 23 hours 35 minutes. On the morning of June 12, Tukhachevsky was shot in the basement of the prison in Lefortovo.

In 1957, the military collegium of the USSR Supreme Court rehabilitated Mikhail Tukhachevsky.
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