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Deputy Degtyaryov: dollar, leave ...

On the Military Review, we often discuss the topic of Russia's economic security. One of the burning issues is the use of foreign currency as the main tool for the implementation of trade between the Russian Federation and its trading partners and the substantial enough dependence of the domestic economy on the state of the US dollar and the single European currency. On the one hand, the dependence on the state of the world's leading currencies is easily explained: Russia is positioning itself as a segment of the global economy; but there is another side to this - the actual dissolution of the Russian financial system itself in the global economic space, which, with a relatively low level of competitiveness, puts the entire country's economic sectors in a difficult position.

It is quite natural that on this background there appear various proposals on how to conduct economic life in such a way that the Russian financial system grows and has its own, let's say, pleasant face. Here are just often the sentences are heard such that can be called, at best, strange and ill-founded.

One of these proposals literally the other day came from the Duma faction of the LDPR. The person who voiced the idea of ​​the need for a certain metamorphosis in the Russian economy became a deputy (liberal democrat) Mikhail Degtyarev. His idea is that in the Russian Federation in the near future a law should be passed that will prohibit the use and storage of the dollar in the territory of the Russian Federation. The deputy Degtyaryov did not limit himself to the idea, but prepared a whole bill on this matter.

He justifies his idea as follows: given the macroeconomic situation that exists today (well, at least the deputy Degtyarev sees it), the dollar system will have to fall apart over the next 4 years. Such a conclusion is Mikhail Degtyaryov, who graduated from the SSAU (Samara State Aerospace University) in 2004, specializing in “engineer”, the same university (economics department) in 2005, specializing in “manager” and even in 2012 year - MIMTS (Moscow Institute of World Civilizations ) in the specialty "lawyer", made on the basis of the fact that the dollar today is unstable. And Russia in 2017, supposedly will be the country that will suffer from the fall of the dollar system among the first, because its citizens (that is, we have with you) are on hand (again, according to Degtyaryov himself) in sufficient numbers dollars.

The MP from the LDPR faction says that Russians need to be protected now from the financial crisis that in Russia will collapse in a few years due to the collapse of the dollar system, at the legislative level “inviting” them to get rid of their savings in US currency during 2 years go to any other currency in the world, except the US dollar (there is no question of the indispensable use of the ruble). At the same time, Mikhail Degtyarev emphasizes that according to his bill, if one or another Russian does not get rid of dollars for 2 of the year, then this very Russian will be expected to have the banal confiscation of the American currency in favor of the state. This, according to the liberal democrat, is a quote: it will increase the prestige of the Russian currency. Everything is liberal, everything is democratic ... One gets the impression that Mikhail Vladimirovich still messed up something when choosing a party ...

So, the proposal of a person with three higher educations, received by 30 with a little years, was announced. Now he is building up to analyze this bill, which Mikhail Degtyarev himself is positioning as his own child (well, really born without the participation of the founding father of the LDPR party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky). Does that happen in the LDPR? ..

Refusal to store and use US currency in Russia. Initially, there is a feeling that the bill is quite interesting: it seems, really, why should a Russian citizen keep money in the form of the American dollar? What about our state currency or not? But with a more thorough look, several obvious inconsistencies emerge in the bill of Mikhail Degtyarev.

First mismatch. Referring again to the bill, we read: the prohibition of the circulation and storage of US currency in the territory of the Russian Federation. Here it must be emphasized: it is in the territory of the Russian Federation It turns out that if this or that Russian citizen so attracted to keep his savings exclusively in dollar terms, then the bill itself pushes him not to exchange dollars for rubles at all, but to withdraw these same dollars into foreign banks. Immediately you might think that the deputy Degtyarev is thus trying to cut off the ways of “withdrawal” for Russian officials, literally forcing those to exchange the foreign currency they have for Russian rubles, but here looms second mismatch.

It lies in the fact that the deputy Degtyaryov proposes to impose a ban on the circulation and storage of only the American dollar in Russia, but is not going to impose any prohibitions on the circulation and storage, for example, of the same euro ... Does a liberal democrat with an abundance of higher education see the euro currency more stable than the dollar USA? If, in his opinion, this is so, then Mikhail Degtyarev is hardly familiar with the global currency situation and the state of affairs in the global economy. To say that the dollar system will collapse in 2017, but at the same time, to say nothing about the possibility of the collapse of the euro system is, to put it mildly, not entirely correct. The fact that the dollar bubble can really burst is said by many domestic and foreign economists. Only here, unlike Mikhail Degtyaryov, these same economists are inclined to see that the situation with the euro is no better than the situation with the American currency. It is only, for example, that the Greek state finally admits its insolvency, which, in principle, we all know, how the eurozone will receive such an internal blow that Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Italy and other badly indebted people can then fall off. And what, according to Mr. Degtyaryov, will the Euro-crisis not affect the Russian economy, unlike the crisis in the US financial system? .. It will say how it will. Why? Because there is also, at least one discrepancy of the draft law under discussion and of objective reality.

The third discrepancy. MP from the LDPR faction Mikhail Degtyaryov proposes to prohibit the circulation and storage of dollars for Russian citizens. But for some reason, the same Mikhail Degtyaryov does not mention that the Russian Federation has a reserve fund, whose funds are not kept in Russian rubles. If you believe the first deputy head of the Central Bank Alexei Ulyukaev, then Russia keeps its reserves as follows: 2% - Australian dollar, 3% - Canadian dollar, about 8,5% - pound sterling, about 40,5% - euro and 46% - US dollar. If we take into account that the volume of Russian reserves today is almost 2,6 trillion (in ruble equivalent), then there are dollars worth more than 1,1 trillion rubles.

In this regard, the attempt of Mikhail Degtyarev at the legislative level to force the Russians to refuse to store their savings in dollars is clearly not compatible with the policy of the Russian Government. If it comes to that, then in order to increase the prestige of the ruble (what a representative of the LDPR Duma faction says), you must first pay attention to the currency expression of Russian reserves, otherwise you somehow strive to start from below ...

The fourth discrepancy. Mikhail Degtyaryov as an engineer, manager, lawyer and deputy should understand that if Russia needs to protect someone from a possible financial crisis, then not only and not so many of those citizens who are used to keeping their money in dollars and even bank accounts. Obviously, if a person has such a weakness (craving for a dollar bank account), then he will cope with any crisis in an example better than a representative, for example, in the public sector or an ordinary pensioner, who, if they are used to “invest” their income , then, perhaps, in the grocery basket and in the receipt for payment of "communal", which they regularly send ZhEKi, TSZH and other offices ... And, forgive me, as the deputy Degtyarev is going to protect from the crisis of these people - not burdened with bank accounts in dollar terms ? .. Really choose the path of Robin Hood: select "green wrappers" from the rich and give to the poor, so that they immediately changed them for rubles? The option, of course, is interesting, but what does Vladimir Volfovich say, for example ...

But many may note: ah yes Degtyarev, ah yes a patriot - he took and offered to eliminate the dollar component of the Russian economy! But if “ah yes a patriot”, then why only the dollar one? .. And why they gathered to eliminate exclusively in private pockets, not even offering to change the financial policy of the entire state. In general, the bill proposed by the liberal Democrat Degtyarev gives an obvious populism, which is designed for people who are not just poorly familiar with the economy, but also hardly conscious that economic patriotism and concern for ordinary Russians have little to do with the desire to scratch on the bottom of the same ordinary Russians. Although Mario Draghi, for example, will be pleased ...

PS From the microblog of deputy Mikhail Degtyarev:

I have 5 US dollars hanging on the fridge. With them we lure food.
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  1. vadimus
    vadimus 15 May 2013 08: 17 New
    It's time to get off the green needle. And then how the house of cards will collapse, but it will fill up half the world under it ....
    1. Prokop
      Prokop 15 May 2013 08: 40 New
      The most serious step to strengthening economic security could be to calculate the supply of hydrocarbons in rubles. Linking the ruble to real value would correct many imbalances.
      1. RussianRu
        RussianRu 15 May 2013 08: 52 New
        They are trying now to introduce cash settlements between states in their own currencies, but so far it is rather weak somehow. Dollar worm is difficult to deduce.
      2. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 15 May 2013 10: 05 New
        Quote: Prokop
        The binding of the ruble to real value would correct many distortions.

        Exchange speculators will not allow this, if you look, you will see that any squabbles in the economy will immediately ruin the ruble against the dollar. Let the debt in the USA be prohibitive, let us have a pillow, but the greed of a few dozen people beats the authority of the ruble, much stronger than the entire Fed taken together hi
        The financial system needs to be changed in the first place, otherwise the stockbrokers of the ombudsmen will bring everyone under the monastery.
        The owner of the exchange, as far as I remember, is a close friend of Novodvorskaya, that he should expect love for the ruble from him. Greens are closer to these gentlemen
        1. bask
          bask 15 May 2013 11: 08 New
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          The financial system needs to be changed first

          Greetings to Alexander.
          First of all, it is necessary to change the political elite. Without its change, THE FINANCIAL ELITE WILL NOT BE CHANGED BY ANYONE!
        2. No_more
          No_more 15 May 2013 13: 11 New
          I have long believed that such ways of enrichment should be recognized as an economic crime.
          Now many reports have already been made on resource reserves or crops, etc. appear in the form of digestible only for software processing, so that the stock bot starts playing profitably in the market making money from the air. Yes, in the same Iceland there are superfast servers on the way of information from the London exchange to the New York and due to a millisecond lead in receiving data on quotes, they play at the difference in rates.
          I do not think that such parasitism is fair and beneficial for the economy.
      3. zvereok
        zvereok 15 May 2013 11: 06 New
        Loans to foreign partners should also be issued in rubles so that they only buy our equipment with this money. Well, or at least to our banks, interest was unfastened during conversion.
        1. Hon
          Hon 15 May 2013 11: 18 New
          I remember Belarus tried to give a loan in rubles, so the Old Man did not take)))
          1. zvereok
            zvereok 15 May 2013 11: 34 New
            Well, what's the problem, didn’t take and did not take? Now I haven’t taken it, in half a year when I’ve got it completely, I took it. Old Man is cunning (which is an absolute plus for Belarusians), and he took a loan from us and seemed to have thrown in a deal to merge Maz-Kamaz and let the Chinese into his country.

            In general, if we give out loans in rubles, there will be fewer different loans, such as Kyrgyzstan, which has just been forgiven for an old loan, Putin is already issuing a new one.

            I believe that if Assad persists, he will have to restore the country with 0 and better, let him take loans in rubles from us, then he buys from us the equipment and so on. Here the truth is, China is still there, which it will probably palm off on it.
            1. Hon
              Hon 16 May 2013 09: 36 New
              What is this technique? We ourselves are sitting on imports. By the way, dad eventually gave a loan in dollars.
      4. vadimN
        vadimN 15 May 2013 15: 19 New
        Quote: Prokop
        The most serious step to strengthening economic security could be to calculate the supply of hydrocarbons in rubles. Linking the ruble to real value would correct many imbalances.

        Absolutely right! But no one will allow this, for our occupation administration is imprisoned in America’s feeding system by all means ...

        By the way, instead of green candy wrappers, Gaddafi suggested switching to payments for oil in gold. And even began to do something real in this vein. What happened to him for this has become known to everyone. Leading world economists and political scientists agree that it was real attempts to get away from the dollar needle that caused aggression and the elimination of Gaddafi.

        Forecasts about the imminent demise of the dollar, in my opinion, are too exaggerated. Amer is not stupid @ ki and are doing everything to strengthen their green candy wrappers. It is already extremely difficult to do this by economic methods. Therefore, the military went into action. One of the main reasons for the "Arab spring", the Greek and Cypriot crises, the Afghan and Iraq lingering cats, the creation of "controlled chaos", this is known to all. What for? One of the main tasks of such chaos is to strengthen America and its currency as an island of stability, and primarily for the currencies of other countries.
        The principle is simple: "Look, everywhere there is a crisis, war, instability !!! Don’t invest in the euro, which is falling ... Bring money to the most stable country, to the USA!" ... by this principle, amers have for decades supported their relative well-being ...
    2. Prokop
      Prokop 15 May 2013 08: 44 New
      Quote: vadimus
      It's time to get off the green needle. And then how the house of cards will collapse, but it will fill up half the world under it

      I completely agree with you, but you must not refuse green paper in the way that Degtyarev proposes.
      1. RussianRu
        RussianRu 15 May 2013 09: 02 New
        Arrangement of Degtyarev, pure populism.
        1. Natalia
          Natalia 15 May 2013 09: 48 New
          Russia stores its reserves in the following form: 2% - the Australian dollar, 3% - the Canadian dollar, about 8,5% - the pound sterling, about 40,5% - the euro and 46% - the US dollar

          Well, if you do not completely refuse, then at least significantly reduce the percentage of the US dollar and the Euro itself in the Russian reserve.
          Better yet, use:
          South African Rand, Brazilian Real, Chinese Yuan, Indian Rupee, Russian Ruble. And all the BRICS member countries should also keep in their reserves only the currencies of the BRICS member countries.
          This would make it possible to get rid of the bad habit of feeding a bending dollar and a drowning euro. They (USA, Europe) are kind of like our "friends", so what are we helping them?
          1. RussianRu
            RussianRu 15 May 2013 10: 08 New
            The rhetorical question: What the x .. we help them. Probably globalization, but who needs it? They need it, Russia certainly doesn’t. But immediately refuse, also not IMHO. As they say; "one in the field is not ......"
            1. djon3volta
              djon3volta 15 May 2013 10: 46 New
              Quote: Russian
              The rhetorical question: What the x .. we help them.

              China currently holds about $ 3,2 trillion in foreign exchange reserves of other countries, of which about $ 400 billion is in bonds of European states. laughing
        2. zvereok
          zvereok 15 May 2013 11: 09 New
          Populism may also be, but America, at the time of the rejection of the gold standard, seized gold from the population in such a way, right up to the criminal prosecution.

          But punitive measures and limiting the turnover of the dollar in relation to the population will lead to the emergence of a black market.

          The second point - the state will be able to shamelessly get into the pocket of its citizens playing the ruble exchange rate - there is nothing to invest in it.

          In general, it is interesting what will happen to the course and our economy when such measures are implemented. Well, if they give you two years to sell the currency, and then you cannot officially go abroad with it, you can’t return it to the bank without explanation and penalties. Those. this money will be dead weight until the power changes or the laws or you find a tricky way to circumvent the laws.
        3. Eugene
          Eugene 16 November 2013 16: 34 New
          totally agree with you!
    3. igor.borov775
      igor.borov775 15 May 2013 10: 13 New
      Everything is fundamentally wrong. In 1973, the United States refused to provide its currency with gold. And the problem was that the paper printed so much that it simply could not be provided with any precious metals. The amount of green mass outside America was much higher than the amount inside the country, for example, the estimated CMEA ruble was divided by shares between countries where each country supported its share by national banks, It was troublesome within countries, the cost of local currency changed and the estimated ruble was not, In principle, this model is much more perfect than the one that is, Gorby first destroyed it to the joy of the USA, They became the only providers of settlements between banks. In 2009, the crisis began within the United States and quickly affected those who had and used green paper, and most importantly, the United States did not have enough money inside the country, They found the exit quickly printed as much as needed, And save what was abroad USA those who began to fuss about this good in bulk, Here BRICS and twenty appeared. They recalled, Kulrin developed Yankee saving the dollar, they are grateful to him for calling the best, And now we already know we saved the pyramids created by the Americans, The US troubles didn’t touch us weakly, Now the Yankees are busy to strengthen their influence, Of course they are supported by a powerful economy and therefore can dictate their will, And we can only spin like a top in this system, And they shake normally We are all participants in these events,
      1. zvereok
        zvereok 15 May 2013 11: 27 New
        I can imagine what would have happened without Kudrin (and his pillows) with our ruble when the US vacuum cleaner turned on, at the peak of the crisis, sucking liquidity into its own country. How would they pay off debts in the corporate sector? I know that they sold cheaply bought assets in the West, and partly paid for their shares in accordance with the agreement. Well, for ordinary citizens, there would also be nothing good - the second Gaidar shock therapy, after which there would be a recovery, but the current authorities (and then Mishka headed it) would not exist (Putin was the prime minister). Hmmm ... And again, the Americans would pump the juice out of us like in 90's. So Kudrin well done. As for the development of infrastructure - Kudrin motivated the refusal to allocate money in high corruption. If we had the loot, we would have 10 Serdyukov, no, 100.
    4. ziqzaq
      ziqzaq 15 May 2013 10: 35 New
      Quote: vadimus
      It's time to get off the green needle

      That’s for sure, and the first step is to untie the ruble from the dollar, that is, to issue emissions themselves if necessary. Accordingly, cheap ruble loans for domestic producers ....
      Engineer, manager, lawyer?!?!?!
      Mikhail Diagtyarev - three in one, dandruff has no chance .......
    5. Eugene
      Eugene 16 November 2013 16: 31 New
      dollar - world currency
      not a needle.
  2. bask
    bask 15 May 2013 08: 18 New
    Good morning everyone.
    A good thought, but the deputy himself, for foreign accounts (((if any)) are stored in RUBLES.
    Secondly, all assets of gold and foreign exchange reserves are stored offshore in $$$ and euros.
    If you follow this logic. All officials and their wives and relatives sell the property abroad. And the gold and currency reserves of the Russian Federation are converted into gold and rubles. Keeping them in Russia.
    And payments for oil and gas only in GOLD. !!!
    1. Uhalus
      Uhalus 15 May 2013 08: 48 New
      I agree. But who needs to be to squeeze officials? Who needs to be that, by banning the dollar, actually show the US nevermind? (such a measure undermines the US economy) Already not P ...
    2. Gari
      Gari 15 May 2013 09: 58 New
      Quote: bask
      A good thought, but the deputy himself, for foreign accounts (((if any)) are stored in RUBLES.

      Good morning dear

      By the number of billionaires among residents, Moscow ranks second in the world after New York, according to WealthInsight, Kommersant reports.

      64 billionaires live in the Russian capital, 70 billionaires live in New York.

      Moscow ranks second in the world after New York

      It is only interesting that they were in New York about 20 years ago, but they were not in Moscow.

      And in what currency do they keep their money?

      And they will refuse it ???

      Although, as a colleague corrected me very correctly, they don’t live in Moscow, Moscow only an office for them
      1. bask
        bask 15 May 2013 11: 11 New
        And to you, good hi
        Quote: Gari
        64 Russian billionaires live in the Russian capital, 70 billionaires live in New York

        The more billionaires, the more poor in the country.
        And, which is characteristic of almost 100% all of one nationality. Coincidence?
        1. Gari
          Gari 15 May 2013 13: 34 New
          Quote: bask
          And, which is characteristic of almost 100% all of one nationality. Coincidence?

          Completely random in both Moscow and New York
    3. zvereok
      zvereok 15 May 2013 11: 31 New
      Or a ruble. I will be calmer for my salary if the oligarchs receive the same money for gas.
  3. Bykov.
    Bykov. 15 May 2013 08: 19 New
    ... A deputy from the LDPR faction declares that Russians must now be protected from the financial crisis that will fall on Russia in a few years due to the collapse of the dollar system ...

    Martyshkin’s work, all this LDPR defense against the collapse of the “dollar system”, given its global size, when it collapses, and she will do it, it will be possible to protect herself from it, except on Mars ...
    1. bask
      bask 15 May 2013 08: 33 New
      Ordinary people and pensioners didn’t see $$$ in their eyes. And there aren’t any problems up to $. There are hardly enough rubles for salaries and pensions. But ... they are $$$. They are engaged instead of urgent state ones. the problems of every yo-yo
      Infa and feeds :: Fursenko appointed Skolkovo to lead !!! Education failed, now a moron, they threw him to breakthrough science. Mr. Pu knows how to pick up shots. And everything is like a selection ,, or a thief or a moron ,,
    2. folds
      folds 15 May 2013 08: 37 New
      This is not protection, it is pure PR - to propose a moronic law, which they certainly will not accept, but under the slogan of caring for the people. But when the dollar really collapses (as I understand it, no currency is safe from this) - you can yell for the whole country: - And we offered! And we took care of the people back in 2013!
  4. treskoed
    treskoed 15 May 2013 08: 32 New
    The idea is good, but the ban is not solved! Is banning drugs, alcohol, tobacco effective? And to withdraw the dollar, the euro, make the ruble attractive - the task of the central bank! I hope to see how the ruble will confidently become the world!
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 15 May 2013 10: 06 New
      Quote: treskoed
      And to withdraw the dollar, the euro, make the ruble attractive - the task of the central bank!

      For this, the Central Bank must first be nationalized!
      1. bask
        bask 15 May 2013 11: 44 New
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        For this, the Central Bank must first be nationalized!

        And not only the Central Bank, but the entire oil and gas industry + natural monopolies!
      2. yanus
        yanus 15 May 2013 18: 43 New
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        For this, the Central Bank must first be nationalized!

        There will be problems with this - the Central Bank belongs to the state by definition))))
  5. Kaa
    Kaa 15 May 2013 08: 33 New
    Well, then the bill should be expanded to the monopoly of the ruble in Russia, as the only means of payment, with the exception of ALL other currencies, with the elimination of the notorious autonomy of the Central Bank, with the purchase and sale of the dollar for international payments and individual needs that go abroad exclusively through structures, controlled by the government, accompanied by contracts of business entities in order to avoid fictitious agreements with the subsequent export of capital, that is, in fact, to monopolize foreign trade. As the Soviet experience has shown, it is an effective way to impede the existence of the Fed and the dollar, a blow to the global banking system. The question is different - in those days the USSR had a “golden pillow” much thicker than it is now, so Stalin spat on the Brighton-Wood system. I don’t know if anyone in Russia is ready to do something similar now ... in addition, one of the conspiracy theories of Stalin’s death indicates, including such a reason. And if you recall the notorious "golden dinar" of Gaddafi? Vague doubts torment me, although it is tempting ...
    1. bask
      bask 15 May 2013 08: 53 New
      Quote: Kaa
      conspiracy theories of Stalin's death indicate, among other things, such a reason. And if you recall the notorious "golden dinar" of Gaddafi? Vague doubts torment me, albeit tempting

      Me too.
      These uncles ((Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Morgan, etc.)) really grabbed the throat of Russia very tightly. Do not tear. And they entered the WTO, and then there
      And agents of influence - Zionists in the government, industrial oligarchic circles are almost one hundred%
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 15 May 2013 10: 09 New
        Quote: bask
        These uncles ((Rockefellers Rothschilds Morgan, etc.))

        By the way, Rockefeller is 99 nine years old belay Normal people leave young, and this worm dung is still crap. Where's the justice request
        1. Gecko
          Gecko 15 May 2013 10: 15 New
          He probably has half the organs changed to biomechanical smile
        2. Kaa
          Kaa 15 May 2013 10: 16 New
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          Normal people go young

          So PEOPLE, and this -
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          dung worm

          Or, as the American UFO-Yeti-conspiracy therapists write - REPTILOID !!!!! belay laughing And crocodiles-turtles can spoil more ... request
        3. bask
          bask 15 May 2013 11: 19 New
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          By the way, Rockefeller is 99 nine years old. Normal people leave young, and this dung worm is still crap.

          Parasitizing on the lives of others.
          He probably has not been a man for a long time. am
          1. zvereok
            zvereok 15 May 2013 11: 43 New
            Quote: Kaa
            Parasitizing on the lives of others.
            He probably has not been a man for a long time. am

            Yeah, and a member, like a chainsaw starts.
    2. igor.borov775
      igor.borov775 15 May 2013 10: 23 New
      They don’t talk about it now. Several countries try to make settlements with each other in their own currency, but it’s just a very small percentage, it doesn’t affect the main currency, but the Yankees monitor this process very carefully. I’m sure when they consider this a threat we will immediately understand
  6. dark_65
    dark_65 15 May 2013 08: 52 New
    I am sorry Zhirika, what idiots surrounded ...
    1. bask
      bask 15 May 2013 09: 14 New
      Quote: dark_65
      I am sorry Zhirika, what idiots are around

      And Zhirik not go, from ????
      1. optimist
        optimist 15 May 2013 10: 19 New
        Zhirik not. Zhirik, a highly paid CLOWN. Every self-respecting "king" should have one !!! laughing
        1. bask
          bask 15 May 2013 11: 24 New
          Quote: optimist
          . Zhirik, a highly paid CLOWN

          KOZO.L.-provocateur at the slaughterhouse! fool
  7. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
    Andrei from Chelyabinsk 15 May 2013 09: 09 New
    In fact, this bill is aimed at anything, but not to the benefit of people.
    What does our dearly beloved leadership do when the next financial crisis sets in? That's right, the first thing it does is drop the ruble against the dollar and the euro. I remember I laughed at the 2008 crisis for a long and sad time - the problems are in America, and the ruble is sharply cheaper against the dollar ... How's that? If they have problems there, then probably the dollar should become cheaper relative to the ruble, and not vice versa? :)
    But ... just not with us. And why?
    Yes, because the reserves of the Russian Federation are stored in dollars and euros. Accordingly, it is only necessary to lower the ruble exchange rate and RRAZ - it turns out that you can buy much more rubles for dollars!
    It turns out interesting. Let's say the crisis, the budget deficit drew up in 10 billion rubles (I conditionally). And the state has a dollar "nest" to cover this deficit. But you can only buy 8 billion rubles at the current exchange rate. Poorly? Poorly. There isn’t enough money to cover the deficit ... well, the state instructs the central bank to drop the ruble exchange rate and now it’s possible to buy 8 billion instead of 11 billion for a dollar state bail ... The state buys 10 billion, finances the budget deficit, one billion rubles remains in his stock.
    After that, the country's leadership cheerfully reports - WE! REFERRED !! WITH CRISIS !!! AND EXECUTED !!!! EVERYTHING !!!!! THEIR!!!!!! COMMITMENTS !!!!!!! Glory to us! wassat
    In fact, the state simply shifted its problems to the shoulders of ordinary citizens. Because the depreciation of the ruble against the dollar leads to what? And to the fact that any imported things are starting to cost more ... from foreign potatoes and jeans to computers and cars. So now we can already buy for our ruble wage much less than before.
    So the leadership of the country, of course, coped with the crisis ... only now it "forgot" to indicate that it managed something at our expense.
    From such dirty tricks, accounts in foreign currency could save us. Yes, our ruble wages will no longer be from this, but at least save (whoever has) the savings ... But comrade Degtyarev proposes to ban dollar accounts. In principle, it seems to be not scary, the euro, yen and so on remain, but something my heart is broadcasting to me that if the dollar is banned, another currency will be pulled ...
    1. Фокус
      Фокус 15 May 2013 10: 57 New
      Quote: Andrey from Chelyabinsk
      IN AMERICA, and the ruble is sharply cheaper against the dollar ... How's that? If they have problems there, then probably the dollar should become cheaper relative to the ruble, and not vice versa? :)
      But ... just not with us. And why?

      The answer to this question lies in a different plane, but not in the one you described (although you are right in part), the main problem lies in international currency trading and production growth. The depreciation of the ruble (although it was corrective) was due to the outflow of capital from Russia (in part because it is speculative). The outflow of capital occurred for the reasons:
      1. Overpriced stock market.
      2. Problems with liquidity in the US and the EU.
      3. The fall in demand for our main exports - oil, gas, metals.
      4. The machinations of major stock market players.
      Holding the ruble at that time is not only dangerous but also stupid.
      Keeping the exchange rate, we not only exhaust our foreign exchange reserves (which we need, like air, for foreign exchange transactions), but also raise the question of trust in the Russian financial system and its reliability, and therefore the outflow of capital will be increased.
      When the recession began, no one could tell when it would end, and we still wouldn’t have enough gold and currency, you can’t imagine what financial opportunities multinational corporations have, according to our gold reserves forecasts, it would be enough for 2-3 months.
      As a result of this, the devaluation of the ruble allowed us to reduce the cost of our products on the international market and make it more competitive.
      Here it should be noted that the advantages were received by Russian enterprises that are already importing products, and enterprises purchasing equipment for setting up production received a blow (this is due to a drop in the pace of production).
      The government started financial injections into the financial and industrial sectors, but the human factor (greed) affected and the bulk of the help (by the way this was observed all over the world) went to the stock market as Profit received more than in the industrial sector.
      The history of world crises shows that those states that devalued their national currencies in a timely manner passed easier, this fact also affected the decision-making process in the government.
  8. Boris55
    Boris55 15 May 2013 09: 14 New
    "Let me manage the country's money, and I don't care who will set the laws there."
    Michael Rothschild

    February 4 1965 De Gaulle announces that his country is now moving to international gold in international settlements. 1965 in the port of New York anchored a French ship. The French brought to the States dollar bills for 750 millions in order to get "real money" for them - that is, gold.

    Soon, student unrest began in France. De Gaulle resigned, and a year later he died ...

    Hussein and Gaddafi decided to sell oil for their own currency. One was hanged, the other was brutally killed. Both executions were shown on all TV channels as a warning to everyone who wanted to go against them.

    While Russia is weak, while the Russian army and navy have not gained strength, one can only dream of their own "printing press".
  9. pensioner
    pensioner 15 May 2013 09: 15 New
    MIMC (Moscow Institute of World Civilizations) with a degree in law,

    it seems that Zhirinovsky’s father was found ...
    1. bask
      bask 15 May 2013 09: 57 New
      Quote: retired
      it seems that Zhirinovsky’s father was found ...

      ,, dad ,, they all have one.
      and only they plow it.
      the rest, “noodles,” for the people and raising their own rating.
      1. Boris55
        Boris55 15 May 2013 10: 03 New
        Here they are, with surnames and appearances.

        Link to the picture:
        1. djon3volta
          djon3volta 15 May 2013 21: 46 New
          it’s their Mahmud Ahmadinijad who wants to be wiped off the face of the earth, but he is right! wassat
  10. Lavr75
    Lavr75 15 May 2013 09: 22 New
    Everything is relatively simple, the sale of Russian gas, oil and other natural resources from the territory of the Russian Federation should be carried out only for Russian rubles, foreign banks will be in line for our ruble, the dollar in Russia will be used as wallpaper for the toilet !!!
  11. lewerlin53rus
    lewerlin53rus 15 May 2013 09: 26 New
    "This one, how is it? Voluntarism!"
    "In my house, I ask you not to express yourself!"
    (to \ "Operation Y and Shurik's other adventures")
  12. Lavr75
    Lavr75 15 May 2013 09: 26 New
    To strengthen the ruble, it is necessary that foreign countries purchase Russian gas, oil and other natural resources from us only for Russian rubles, this will force them to create a reserve of Russian money supply in their banks and greatly strengthen the Russian ruble. But ours will never go for it!
  13. Semyon Albertovich
    Semyon Albertovich 15 May 2013 09: 32 New
    Degtyarev surpassed Mavrodi so that the people would not suffer from the depreciation of the dollar, he offers him / the people / to rob for dollars.
  14. vvvvv
    vvvvv 15 May 2013 09: 32 New
    It is curious ... If the circulation of the dollar among the population is forbidden, then the dollar will not disappear from this in nature ...
    Between the countries, in any case, there will be commodity circulation and exchange rates ... So, this will not be purely for citizens ?! That is, I can’t protect my savings from the depreciation of the ruble, for example, in pounds or dollars ?! Or how?! And I will not be able to make purchases over the Internet directly from abroad, as I will not have foreign currency accounts in banks and PayPal ?! Those. all imported goods will be bought only through speculators, and even then not by private individuals, but from certain structures who will be allowed foreign exchange transactions ?! Maybe I'm not catching up with something ?! Today I can buy watches, underpants, etc., without waiting for any third parties or even customs duties, in the USA, after waiting only a month for delivery by mail. Then I can buy it all ?! Who will take rubles to the USA or Europe, because they need their currency ?! And this, after all, will not be a one-sided ban; obviously, there will be impossibility of reverse operations, i.e. sell something and get dollars. And the buyer will not have rubles or the possibility of legal conversion and payment to an individual. What about jur. persons, they will have a ban on the dollar ?!
    Explain to me, maybe I "do not catch up" ?!
    1. Andrey from Tver
      Andrey from Tver 15 May 2013 09: 57 New
      Quote: vvvvv
      Today, I can buy watches, underpants, etc. for myself in the USA without any third-party cheating and even customs duties.

      Cowards can and Russian ponost. Well, as a last resort, Belarusian. good
      1. Gecko
        Gecko 15 May 2013 10: 22 New
        And the watch is no longer very relevant ... As a result, we buy everything directly in China for the yuan, and not at outbid in the USA. smile
  15. Black
    Black 15 May 2013 09: 42 New
    Quote: Lavr75
    Everything is relatively simple, the sale of Russian gas, oil and other natural resources from the territory of the Russian Federation should be carried out only for Russian rubles, foreign banks will be in line for our ruble, the dollar in Russia will be used as wallpaper for the toilet !!!

    I am not an economist by education, for me it’s not easy ..
    - The country's economy is on a gas and oil stool. Tomorrow we speak to the European Union, now for rubles! I don’t know how the queues for the ruble are, but Sales volumes will fall significantly. The country's economy will fall off the stool, let it hang, pensions, s.p. Is the country ready to starve?
    -Lenin hallucinated about toilets of gold, now the goals are smaller - wallpaper made of dollars.
    - in order to bring your banknote to the international arena, you need a strong, self-sufficient, independent (is this possible in principle?) economy.
    We could not make the ruble a currency in the Russia-Belarus alliance. France, I think, is also against.
    1. Naval
      Naval 15 May 2013 16: 04 New
      I absolutely agree with you, well, with those who want to buy for rubles, please let them buy. Although this Degtyarev for some reason is worried not for budget money, but is going to protect my money ... So the words of the classic of humor Zhvanetsky come to mind: "what you protect, you have it, you want to have moose, go protect nature ..." Leave in alone my wallet, take care of your direct responsibilities, lawmaking and budget, so that astronomical amounts would not disappear from there. hi
  16. Grbear
    Grbear 15 May 2013 09: 49 New
    There aren’t many people or states in the world who survived by encroaching on the right of the US Federal Reserve Bank to print. "green". De Gaulle (received 5 steamships with gold)" resigned "for health, Kennedy (prepared a law to restrict the Federal Reserve Bank)" caught "a bullet, Gaddafi (gold dinar)" torn "by compatriots, the European Union (euro)" sausages "with of birth itself, China (the golden yuan) received a reduction in investments by several times, Russia (the Customs Union, the ruble zone) received the “title” of the New Russian Empire. So, everything is not so simple, and the appearance of an “educated” deputy is, at best, an attempt PR, in the worst - another log in the furnace of tension. Who benefits?
  17. Averias
    Averias 15 May 2013 10: 08 New
    To begin with, the Central Bank would be returned to the bosom of the state along with assets. What would be written on the ruble as before - the State Treasury Ticket.
    And so, as Kuzmich said, in the film "Features of national fishing" - Fools in Russia, 100 years in stock.
  18. optimist
    optimist 15 May 2013 10: 23 New
    Croce, as one of my close friends used to say: cunt..nook, like he plunged into the water. This is about the same as the idea of ​​a prostitute to ban prostitution. If even the USSR traded oil for dollars, then what can we say about the Russian Federation. So the "green" (in one form or another) will disappear only with the disappearance of the most vile country in the world: the USA. But something is hard to believe ....
  19. Gecko
    Gecko 15 May 2013 10: 28 New
    First you need to put in order the gold and foreign exchange reserves.
    First of all, buy gold, platinum and other rare earth metals.
    Secondly, the dollar and the euro should not be more than 10%,
    and diversify reserves into other currencies.
  20. aszzz888
    aszzz888 15 May 2013 10: 47 New
    Something somehow I can’t believe that our "beloved servants of the people" will adopt such a bill.
    But what about them without green dough?
    Who will take them over a hill without greenery?
    1. Naval
      Naval 15 May 2013 16: 13 New
      So the ban is only on the territory of Russia, and please, as much as you like, over the hill, and since the deputies already have parents, children, wives there, this will not affect them. But confiscated greens they just pop up, they will come in handy winked
  21. Chukcha
    Chukcha 15 May 2013 11: 35 New
    And they really say - in Russia there are two troubles, fools and roads.
    1. 120352
      120352 15 May 2013 12: 29 New
      Add here Deputies of all stripes and you will see how many of them actually are.
    2. djon3volta
      djon3volta 15 May 2013 15: 53 New
      Quote: Chukcha
      in Russia there are two troubles, fools and roads.

      when, in the first tests of the UAZ-469 in the Pamir mountains, the “bobik” climbed several kilometers in 40 minutes, the foreign press came out with the following headline: “Russians won’t come up with anything but build roads”
      so about fools and roads, this is a moot point that can be interpreted in two ways.
  22. 120352
    120352 15 May 2013 11: 45 New
    Have you tried to jump around the bonfire with a tambourine? Maybe enough "cheers-patriotism" and it's time to do something important and useful?
    1. bask
      bask 15 May 2013 11: 49 New
      Quote: 120352
      Maybe enough "cheers-patriotism" and it's time to do something important and useful

      Our Duma deputy is an excellent advice-absenteeism, from voters. good
  23. No_more
    No_more 15 May 2013 13: 04 New
    Any money in the long run is candy wrappers. If you change the currency, then only for precious metals, and even better to invest in the development of the fundamentals of the country's economy, such as infrastructure, energy and technology. Because money should work, not lie dead weight.
    But the article is strange, is it really such nonsense as the statements of a deputy, all the more so from the LDPR worthy of discussion?
  24. dmb
    dmb 15 May 2013 14: 00 New
    The first impression (not from the article, but from the bill), the author is rare .... But if you think about it, then this is not so. The author is akin to a monkey from a joke: "I am a fool, not a fool, but I have a dime in a day." Unfortunately, Mr. Degtyarev has much more and at the same time does not bother. Of course, no one will pass such a law, and Degtyarev knows this no worse than you and me. But a) the whole country found out that there is such a Degtyarev. b) in the elections, he would say to grannies, who did not hold a dollar in his hands, that he tried for them, and other evil deeds (not from the LDPR) did not give him. c) The nonsense proclaimed by him will take some time both from the State Duma apparatus and from the parliamentarians themselves, which will allow them to subsequently say that they wanted to pass laws that are really important for the country, but there wasn’t enough time, it all went to the fight against the dollar, smoking and traveling for the borders of our homeland for the exchange of experience. In my opinion there is also d). Degtyarev probably drew "experts" to write the project, who paid money out of our own pocket. Well, maybe less than Skolkovo Ponomarev for the lectures, but here we recall the monkey and the chervonets.
  25. ioann1
    ioann1 15 May 2013 19: 02 New
    КThe urs of the dollar against the ruble is, without a doubt, artificially overstated, as is the euro. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation, being not subordinate to the Russian government, does not work on the domestic market and, thus, plays along with the United States and the EU to the detriment of the national economy. This is a kind of big exchanger, but with the functions of managing the Russian economy.
    There are many speeches and articles by prominent economists on this subject. The artificially overestimated dollar and euro exchange rates wash out opportunities from the Russian economy for the modernization of entire industries, since most of the modern equipment is manufactured abroad, so no Russian enterprise can withstand such procurement budgets. Even Rosneft acquires such equipment, which is not recommended to be bought ... But the money has been laid into the budget such that there is no need to talk about modernization. Therefore, as long as there will be a currency imbalance, we will be shaken by Western innovations.
    The author distorts the facts. No one is going to withdraw dollars at once. But you have to move to this. The dependence of the Russian financial system on the United States is strategic nonsense. If, for example, Russia's gold and foreign exchange reserves, in particular, accumulate in dollars, and the US reserve system issuing dollar weight is a private company and it pursues one goal - the dominance of the US elite in the global economy, then the question arises, and our gold and foreign exchange dollar reserve for whom ? And if new dollars are already being printed, then why? Deputy Degtyarev correctly raises the problem, and those who simply distort the facts do, to put it mildly, not far-sightedly.
  26. liachenko
    liachenko 15 May 2013 20: 28 New
    ruble dollar euro will soon go away naturally, it is important for people what will happen next

    The theory of KASocialism (Fair society) philosophy and program of the party KAS'S