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“The generation of our grandfathers and fathers accomplished a world-historic feat”

“The generation of our grandfathers and fathers accomplished a world-historic feat”9 May is a great day at stories not only our state. The generation of our grandfathers and fathers made a world-historic feat. They managed to stop, and then defeat the Wehrmacht, to win and those who secretly financed, created the Nazi machine, fostered Hitler himself. All this was done by our simple worker, who put on epaulets, became a soldier.

The USSR was the only country that could stop the stupefied fascist power.

In fact, both Great Britain, and France, and (to a lesser extent) the USA, were paving the way for Hitler to the East. They gave Austria to Germany strengthened. They surrendered Czechoslovakia to Hitler, then to Poland. The war Britain entered into with 1 of September 1939 of the year with Germany and allegedly stood up for Poland was a strange war. They seem to be in a state of war, but they shoot a little, they bombed, but there was no decisive fight. They also surrendered Romania with its oil, they surrendered all of Europe, and then France itself went to bed. The most grandiose event at the beginning of the Second World War is the naval battle in which the British sank the French fleet, the fleet of their allies!

June 22 Wehrmacht Hitler attacked the Soviet borders. On that day, the most amazing event in the history of mankind happened: all the peoples of the world, all the people of the planet closely watched how the Soviet Union responded, because only the country that could stop the stupefied fascist power remained. Churchill radioed the population, saying something like this: there is no more irreconcilable opponent of communism than I, but today the situation has changed, and the threat that hangs over Russia is also a threat for us and the United States.

The Cold War confirms that we were allies only by interests

June 24 spoke in the media to US President Roosevelt in connection with the events on the Eastern Front. He, like Churchill, said: this is a threat not only to Russia, but also to the United States, and we will help Russia until it fights (with the key word “bye”) with the Axis countries. That is, the obligations of eternal friendship, they did not take.

When the Soviet army showed the ability to smash the Germans, only then did the agreements on lend-lease deliveries come to help us. But here we must bear in mind that this assistance was not a humanitarian action: we paid for each shell, for each tank, and aircraft. And since we did not have dollars, we paid in gold. Then the Allies detained the opening of the second front, and did not hide the goals, why they delayed: so that Germany and Russia exhausted themselves as much as possible. And at the final stage of the war, in March 1945, Churchill with a group of American and his generals developed a plan, in accordance with which it was planned in June to strike at the Soviet troops that had entered Europe. This plan has now been declassified and published in our collection of declassified Western documents under the title "Main Opponent". Roosevelt objected to this plan, and for some reason he died suddenly.

The Imperial General Staff of Great Britain conducted a comprehensive assessment and came to the conclusion that the coalition will have superiority in the air force, but the ground forces will be defeated. Therefore, this operation was stopped, and Churchill lost the election and was dismissed. The Cold War, which began immediately after the victory, confirms that they were allies only for our interests.
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  1. Belogor
    Belogor 13 May 2013 06: 32 New
    Yeah, allies were able to spoof, in this they are masters
  2. vilenich
    vilenich 13 May 2013 06: 41 New
    The article is undeniably positive, plus, but what's new?
    The conclusion is:
    confirms that they were allies to us only in interests.

    So now nobody seems to have any doubts about it ...
    1. S_mirnov
      S_mirnov 13 May 2013 10: 06 New
      The article gives an accurate description of the allies! One merged convoy PQ-17 given to destroy the Germans what is worth. Nevertheless, we will give allies their due - it’s good that they were all the same and Stalin managed to create and apply them as efficiently as possible. Hats off to the Soviet Foreign Ministry!
      1. Sirocco
        Sirocco 13 May 2013 17: 04 New
        Quote: S_mirnov
        ! One merged convoy PQ-17 given to the Germans for destruction

        Okay, the convoy would have been merged, it’s no secret that the USA and England financed Hitler and his company. How did Germany, represented by Hitler and his comrades, so quickly rise, in mechanical engineering, and other production? Obviously a financial infusion from outside. And as in the case of the Taliban and Bin Laden, the project with Hitler got out of control. All this is very similar, isn't it? Well, England and the USA were waiting for a convenient case of entering the war, i.e. they tried to pull the hot chestnuts out of the fire with the wrong hands, but it didn’t work, and now they are trying to redraw the story in their own interests. They consider themselves winners in the Second World War. From the USA and England, the winners are like a bullet from poop. (largely)
  3. Stalinets
    Stalinets 13 May 2013 06: 43 New
    The name of that plan is "Operation Unthinkable." These are the "allies." England, the source of Zionism on planet Earth, has always been and will forever remain a sworn friend of Russia. No matter who says anything, but Russia has only two allies, its army and navy. yes
  4. Owl
    Owl 13 May 2013 06: 46 New
    History shows that it was the USSR, the state that rose from its knees after the Civil War and became a Power due to fortitude, thanks to the aspiration of the People, that was at that time a strong, viable defender of the World against Nazi aggression. Now the people of Russia (us) need to become the same as our great-grandfathers were, strive for a strong Russia, strive for a healthy, ideologically inclusive population of the country (compared to 30-40 years of the twentieth century, the level of alcohol consumption increased approximately 6 times, there were narcotic substances, the Goal for human aspiration disappeared). Otherwise, we will not lose the battle (the “collapse” of the USSR in 1991), but we will lose the whole war. They will destroy us and there will be no need for our children to live, to live as slaves.
  5. Denis
    Denis 13 May 2013 06: 46 New
    Great Britain, and France, and (to a lesser extent) the USA paved the way for Hitler to the East
    To the account lesser degree I do not agree. And the order of Ford from the possessed?
    The cold war that began immediately after the victory confirms that they were allies for us only in interests
    Gopniks already understand this, it’s a pity that they express it like that. But this is a gop
  6. pensioner
    pensioner 13 May 2013 07: 08 New
    Something I can’t believe so that L.G. Ivashov sat for the sake of some regular publication and uttered all sorts of platitudes with a smart look. Wrong caliber man. Maybe those who listened and recorded something missed something? Or the details are not disclosed.
  7. Atlon
    Atlon 13 May 2013 07: 19 New
    Operation Unthinkable crashed into the obvious. The Red Army at that time was the most powerful in the world, perfectly armed, and having the freshest combat experience! If the Britons got involved, I think we would not have to build the Berlin Wall, but we would now live in an era of a victorious world revolution, without imperialists and the USA, for example, with the United States (Soviet Socialist States of America). Of course, the war would have lasted for many more years, but the results would have been staggering! However, the shaves are not fools either, and apparently they understood it.
    1. Stalinets
      Stalinets 14 May 2013 06: 03 New
      This is not the shaving understood. These are Americans. They said that it is easier to get involved in a war with the Russians than to defeat it. But! Stalinist intelligence worked !!! And Zhukov managed to regroup for defense. And only then ...... By the way, the situation was not in our favor. For many years, this is a lot of blood. There is no doubt about the outcome, but it is good that this did not happen. yes
  8. Canep
    Canep 13 May 2013 07: 48 New
    The imperial general staff of Great Britain conducted a comprehensive assessment and came to the conclusion that the coalition would have superiority over the air forces, but the ground forces would be defeated.

    Yes, and in the air he would not have superiority, they only had more heavy bombers. At the same time, they did not have attack aircraft at all. I think Stalin stopped the fatigue from the war with Germany and the atomic bomb.
    1. Atlon
      Atlon 13 May 2013 07: 56 New
      Quote: Canep
      I think Stalin stopped the fatigue from the war with Germany and the atomic bomb.

      This phrase is from stupidity, or for provocation?
      1. antidote
        antidote 13 May 2013 15: 49 New
        I think all the same stupidity. Usually provocateurs are more smeared, there would be more words
        1. Nick
          Nick 13 May 2013 23: 21 New
          Quote: Atlon
          This phrase is from stupidity, or for provocation?

          Quote: antidot
          I think all the same stupidity. Usually provocateurs are more smeared, there would be more words

          At the end of the 70s I heard such a bike as if G.K. In the spring of 1945, Zhukov suggested that Stalin renounce the Yalta agreements with the USA and England, and establish control over all of continental Europe (except for neutrals), without dividing the sphere of influence with the allies. The military power of the USSR at that time allowed this to be done. Stalin was categorically against and forbade violating agreements with the Allies.
          I think Minesweeper meant this bike ...
  9. aszzz888
    aszzz888 13 May 2013 07: 49 New
    Once again about the victory of the RUSSIAN people, RUSSIAN weapons.
    The fact is undeniable and understandable to all normal people.
    1. Stalinets
      Stalinets 14 May 2013 06: 06 New
      Soviet, no matter how you like. Fact. And you should not do nonsense. stop yes
  10. valokordin
    valokordin 13 May 2013 08: 33 New
    The article is good. Colonel General correctly assessed the fact that was obvious to us. The fact is not obvious to some women (Alekseeva, Novodvorskaya, etc.) and some of our male politicians. If such a case happens now, there is nothing to defend except for the strategic nuclear forces. These shitmen spread the minds of younger citizens. Fighting against terrorists and in Georgia because of low intensity does not count. God forbid the Unthinkable.
  11. wax
    wax 13 May 2013 12: 11 New
    Enemies could be turned into allies, albeit temporarily, but in the most threatening period, only such a world-class strategist as I.V. Stalin, whose equal at that time was not in the forefront of history, although Churchill and Roosevelt were the first figures in world politics.
    1. antidote
      antidote 13 May 2013 14: 57 New
      Stalin was a brilliant diplomat. He managed to sign a pact with Germany in 1939, took the war to the West. The Germans took up France. He obtained from the Finns (and very quickly, though with heavy losses) concessions to the territory and thereby averted the threat of direct shelling of Leningrad and Kronshtadt. By the way of the annexation of the Baltic states and lands in the West of Belarus and Ukraine. pushed our border.
  12. evgenm55
    evgenm55 13 May 2013 14: 02 New
    Ivashova read. She writes competently and sincerely. I’ve been with his son for four years in the same barracks ... I never once hinted who his father was. I WILL VICTORY !!!
  13. Igarr
    Igarr 13 May 2013 15: 30 New
    Here is a whole Colonel General Leonid Ivashov .. declared by the author.
    And, the impression that I am reading the work of a vocational school graduate on forging equipment.
    Repetitions, some superficial reasoning, Imperial General Staff ..
    maybe the General Staff of Her Highness ... or the British Empire ..
    I do not believe.
    I do not believe that L. Ivashov personally wrote this obscure article
    And then who?
    And why then - it is written SO?
    1. Igarr
      Igarr 13 May 2013 16: 11 New
      Even myself .. flashed ..
      Her Majesties ...
  14. Duelist
    Duelist 13 May 2013 16: 16 New
    Good article. Young people should know what our sworn friends are and the true value of their friendship.
  15. Anti
    Anti 13 May 2013 19: 00 New
    In fact, both Great Britain, France, and (to a lesser extent) the United States paved the way for Hitler to the East.

    As a result, our Soviet soldiers entered Berlin WINNERS in1945, and the Western military entered Moscow, like a herd of sheep, as prisoners of war. soldier Once again all with the Great Victory !!! drinks
  16. 1goose3
    1goose3 14 May 2013 00: 57 New
    Quote: Denis
    Gopniks already understand this, it’s a pity that they express it like that. But this is a gop

    What we have in Russia, and throughout the post-Soviet space, is called a bad word, the Saxons have a commercial interest, for the sake of which they are able to sell their mother. sad
  17. Stalinets
    Stalinets 14 May 2013 06: 16 New
    [quote = Anti] [quote] In fact, both Great Britain, France, and (to a lesser extent) the USA paved the way for Hitler to the East. [/ quote]

    Everyone remembers the conversation between Stalin and Kollontai. Then Joseph Vissarionovich said about the ZIONIS. So they paved, and pushed their foreheads, and anything. ZIONIS. And the crypto of these ghouls was always "old" but never kind England. But Hitler thought to negotiate with them. There he is dear. But the ghouls remained ..... yes