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Their victory was righteous

On the bright day of Easter, I changed the winning ribbon on my car, which had been hanging from last year's holiday. Main for Russia. I thought that this year the Resurrection of Christ is celebrated only a day earlier than in the victorious 1945 ...

For some reason, I remembered how the deceased father and mother claimed that my first word was the answer to the question: “Mysya, and say, what the hell is our Mogliv (district center - MZ) bombyly?” - “Wow! "I allegedly replied with my brows furrowed. If this is a legend, it is quite plausible. I was born two and a half years after the Victory. So the memories of my countrymen about the last war were not just hot - burning. In the center of my village, Bushi stands a handicraft obelisk, on which 364 surnames of villagers who died on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War are carved. Among them - eleven Zakharchuk - my close or distant relatives. My father went to the Austrian city of Klagenfurt with battles. He was wounded three times, once very hard, and contused twice. We buried him with a Kruppov shrapnel steel the size of a passport photo — three by four — in the left shoulder. Doctors did not risk surgery. They said: let's move it, but how the shard behaves is only known to God.

I spent my childhood on the ruins of the famous Stalinist pillboxes along the Dniester, which was built by the legendary General Dmitry Karbyshev. They are located a few kilometers from my village.

When I was already working at the Red Star, I studied each of the fifty kilometers of the so-called MYAUR-53 (Mogilyov-Yampolsky Fortified) in detail and wrote a lot of material on this heroic page of defensive battles in the initial years of the Great Patriotic War. The publication “Unbowed from Dot # XXUMX” received a wide response. It received more than ten thousand responses from all over the then Soviet Union, from abroad. Plus one that left my soul very unpleasant and bitter sediment. An excerpt from my Red Star material was used in his scandalously sensational book “Icebreaker” on the 112 page Victor Suvorov, a traitor to the Motherland, a former GRU officer Viktor Rezun, about whom his father said: “The son brought the family more grief than Hitler”. This unfortunate historian, as is known, for the first time among compatriots tried to reconsider the results of the past war and our righteous Victory in it. Until now, only our enemies have been engaged in such cynical and insidious work. And already after Rezun, he went away: “At the forefront of the battle of the peoples two disgusting, bloody and vulgar figrines were grimacing: Hitler and Stalin. They were played along on the sidelines by two burnt politicians: Churchill and Roosevelt. And all the time there was some disgusting bargaining on blood, on the lives of those who still survived, divided the lands, the peoples, led new frontier lines through human hearts, and the smoke from the gas ovens thickened. And then it turned out that the dispute did not go between fascism and the rest of humanity, but between two fascist systems. Fascism was defeated, fascism won ”(Y. Nagibin).

“I understand both you and all other generals of ours who boast, for no one else will praise. Not at all ... And you, and the generals who led you, were very bad warriors, and could not be otherwise, for they were and fought in the most mediocre army since the creation of the human race. That army, like the present one, came out of the most pathetic society — it no longer needs proof. Now everyone knows, except for you, of course, that our losses in war constitute 40 — 50 millions, and I repeated and repeat to you this time: not you, not me and the army defeated fascism, but our long-suffering people. It was drowned fascism in his blood, they threw corpses at the enemy. The first and only 15 war of thousands of wars on earth, in which losses in the rear exceed losses at the front - they are equal to 26 to millions, mostly Russian women and the disabled, children and the elderly. Only criminals could litter their people like that! ”(V. Astafev).

“I was a fascist too, but only red” (B. Okudzhava).

I have already gathered over a hundred of such statements by much smaller people who lived or are now living in a country that has defeated terrible fascism, and I’m far from sure that this collection is exhaustive. Those who are outside of Russia: in the Baltic States, in Georgia, in Poland, in Ukraine, in other countries, in every way they denounce, demean, or even deny our righteous Victory, already not to be considered.

Today, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the defeated are trying to turn history upside down, convincing oneself first and foremost, and then the rest of the world, is that the last violent war in the history of mankind was just a bloody clash of two totalitarian systems.

One wants to exclaim: fools! Do not know what you are doing! But you are not given to turn black into white, as it is impossible to turn the river back. Not in theory, much less practically do it! This is impossible in principle. Because our Victory is as given as the rising and setting of the sun, as the change of seasons, as human life and death. Our great, no - the greatest - Victory not only and not so much nest in our memory, but in our genetics. It will be passed on to children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and so on, just as our skin color, eyes, hair are transmitted. Even if we ourselves, because of our laziness or because of thoughtlessness, will not make any effort to that. Wise nature will correct us. Because the price for that Victory — almost thirty million people — is too prohibitive, difficult to comprehend, even mystical, so that it can easily disappear from the memory of our saved society, from the memory of humanity as a whole.

Yes, too many ideological polyps have piled up around our Great Victory, as usual with a shell overgrown with shells and an ocean liner. Here our past ideological system, the general opposition of socialism and capitalism, ordinary human weaknesses, like that of Rezun, who is trying to somehow justify his betrayal, are largely to blame for those same defeatist complexes of grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the vanquished. Well, Europe can’t massively lie under Hitler to admire the victory over him, as we admire! Such “misguided” ones like Nagibin, Astafiev, Okudzhava bring a lot of harm ... Finally, we ourselves are partly to blame for the fact that the world is losing its piercingly reverent attitude to our Victory. The current liberal-democratic Russian ideological censorship turned out to be as blind and vengeful as Stalin’s in its time. In those years, as is well known, the so-called “palming” was massively practiced: political figures in photographs disliked by the regime were retouched, and tubs with decorative palm trees were put in their place. Today, even greater absurdities are occurring. So, you can not publish the world-famous photograph of all the Soviet Marshals, the winners, because in its center sits objectionable homegrown spiteful elements Joseph Stalin. Just in case - the main Marshal of Victory. Moreover, even the Generalissimo, under whose leadership this Victory was achieved. And the whole world recognizes this situation unconditionally. They do not even think to put this fact into question. In addition to our "fighters against totalitarianism." In any country of the planet, if desired, they can easily erect a monument to three great world politicians - Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin - who established peace and order for many years after the Victory. In Russia, such a monument is not yet possible. It is impossible to publish and hang posters from the war times in the capital, to show feature films and documentaries without cuts. It is impossible to reproduce newspapers, magazines, books, envelopes, sculptures and other graphic products of that heroic and at the same time terrible time on the stands and posters, because images of Stalin are often found on them. And this, according to our liberal democrats, is the propaganda of Stalinism. Well, what they then differ from the Stalinist minions? But the whole other world stares at us with a dumb reproach: guys, you can figure it out for yourself what's what, then make a complaint to us.

I'd like to believe that we will understand. And the current celebration of the Great Victory will help us strengthen even more in it, my dear. And everything around it is all superficial, stupid, opportunistic, sooner or later it will subside.

Even the most ideologically blinkered people who are now trying to clumsily rewrite, cross out or at least retouch the heroic events of 68 years ago should some day have to wise up enough to understand the not-so-complicated truth: the brown plague of fascism was decisively defeated because that they withstood and withstood in inhuman conditions, showed miracles of heroism, above all, the Soviet people, their army. The forces of good have defeated the forces of evil - it should be so simple and understandable in a biblical way!

Yes, and more than thirty million lives of Soviet people were probably lost - the price for Victory is space. But since the question was: either the victory or the destruction of the state, nation, and the people en masse perceived this alternative in their deepest nature, then let's at least in hindsight not insult that our people with their historical, completely groundless arrogance.

Let not all, but some fighters still went on the attack with the words "For the Motherland! For Stalin! ”And they believed him (not all, again, but many) as God. And many before the battle said or wrote: if I die, consider me a Communist. And the most important, almost holy at that time, a communist, again, was Stalin. We do not understand this, and now we are raging in our own way, as we imagine, in righteous indignation: were they really so naive, primitive? Yes they were. But who gave us the right to blame the people who died for their homeland?

We cannot be patient enough to understand this truth: a historical figure, a commander should not be assessed by what he did not do in our current understanding, but by his achievements in those specific historical conditions.

So, Stalin, relying on the Communist Party, on the cruel repressive structures created by him, not only led the people to victory, but also created a great state, including on the blood of its citizens. How to act differently, he did not understand. And no one then understood this! The world has recognized this truth long ago, but we all scream and fight. Is it time to calm down and wisely?

... I sometimes tell my children and grandson about the past war and Victory. Of course, not as pompous and passionate as these lines are written - excusable on the eve of a great national holiday. I have always asked my little daughters, - adults are now people, they will not let me lie, - do not be offended by their grandfather Sasha’s increased temper. (Another grandfather of Kirill Vasilyevich Belyaev, also a front-line soldier, captain, commander of a company of 82-mm mortars, twice seriously wounded, order bearer, they do not remember. He died from front-line wounds, when the younger daughter was not yet born). That temper of my father was the result of his hardest concussion, after which he could not speak, but only moaned 64 of the day.

I show the daughters and grandson of military and post-war photographs of both grandfathers and emphasize that among my school teachers, only two teachers did not personally participate in the war.

Almost all of my teachers in the Vinnitsa technical school with the intricate name "agroforest", where I entered after eight years, were front-line soldiers. On the big and small Soviet holidays, they, in obedience to the order of the director Alexander Andreyevich Nechayuk, the front-line combat officer, put on their military decorations. It seemed to me that in the technical college classrooms it became warmer and brighter from the slightly dimmed brilliance of military orders and medals.
Years later I will get a higher and academic education. But until now, the Vinnitsa agroforestry-meric college of railway transport remains for me, as for Pushkin the lyceum, in the first place (no offense will be told to two respected Soviet universities and the genius Russian poet). Because educational institutions gave me, already an adult, only a certain amount of knowledge, tuned in on how to extract this very knowledge. And in the college I was taught, educated and even, as I understand it now, carefully cherished, like a mother, people who knew death and had perished for death.

They treated me like this, as if a decent person would turn out of me or not, the fate of the whole Tekhnikumovsky pedagogical team, their own future depended. Such were the people. One of them is the librarian Danyluk Konstantin Grigoryevich, such a wizened, slightly bent old man who kept books like Gobsek his gold. As it turned out, he was presented to the title of Hero of the Soviet Union for having cut off a torn telephone wire in his mouth when he was wounded, lost consciousness, and was found his only two days after the battle. Then he was replaced with the Hero of the Order of the Red Banner, because he still did not provide the connection: the wire was torn apart by a projectile elsewhere, and his heroism seemed to be idle.

All of my army commanders, from sergeant Kraskovsky and ending with the division commander, Major General Dudin, were also front-line soldiers.

From school days I remember the stocky, with a grayish mop of thick hair, always calm and balanced lieutenant colonel Ivan Ivanovich Revkov. Hero of the Soviet Union, an honorary resident of Sevastopol, he did not like to talk about his exploits even under coercion by his bosses. But on the tank business was a little nuts, in a good sense of the word. And we, shalopai, usually used this. Not knowing the essence of the question, they asked Ivan Ivanovich: why is such a heavy tank easily passing through the swamp, while the light horse is stuck in it? In love with Tanks Revkov answered with pleasure and detail. But it so happened that he charged us with his love. The groups led by the Hero of the Soviet Union always passed tests and exams in tank affairs from the first call.

If I became a military man and reached the rank of colonel, then to a decisive degree because most of my teachers were victorious front-line soldiers.

I once had a service car driver Ivan Lebedev - the last front-line soldier in the Russian Armed Forces, twice seriously wounded, shell-shocked, a gentleman of three military orders. To him, the Minister of Defense even issued a certificate confirming this title. Taking into account the time spent in battles, as well as with other numerous front-line and post-war privileges, Ivan Dmitrievich eventually achieved a working experience longer than he lived on the ground. And we buried him in 78-th year of life.

Yes, such people could not be defeated by anyone and never! And this is the main truth about the past war and Victory in it, which we all must carry to the rest of the world. And the world is simply by definition obliged to reflect on the stubborn fact that Russia, unlike all other countries, is capable of waging domestic wars. Civilization does not know any more. For all its long history. We had two of them in a row - in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries! Patriotic war - no one and never unsurpassed Russian military brand! And no one ever went into battle with the cry "For the Motherland!"

Another paradoxical lesson for the world is that in all wars at a certain stage Russian people become mystically invincible.

As a rule, long harnessed, the Russians can only begin truly combat operations when it seems to their opponent that he has already triumphed the campaign. Recall: in the Patriotic War 1812, Napoleon took Moscow, burned it. In the second Great Patriotic War, the Nazis had already observed the spiers of Moscow skyscrapers with binoculars. So what? The Russian soldier eventually conquered both Paris and Berlin. Because when it comes to the fate of the Fatherland, the loss of territory and the loss of life does not mean anything to the Russian people. They can roll back to the Urals, for him - to Siberia. Yes, even to the Pacific coast! But then they will push off their feet on some native hummock and turn the globe in the opposite direction. Russian, among the few nations - the very first who can say about themselves: we will never be slaves! And in order to prove this indisputable truth, the Russians are ready for any, even inhuman tests. They happened in the past war: in Brest, in Leningrad, in Stalingrad and further everywhere, where our soldiers were buried in their land. And this should be reminded all over the world tirelessly. To not borzel.

Since the Russian people have recognized themselves as a people, the Russian people have always been ready to pay any price for their freedom. Is always! And any! And paid! As for the Second World War, its “cost” for Russia cannot be compared with the rest of the world. Literally. In any imaginable dimensions and parameters, Russia's pay for the Victory many times exceeds the sufferings of the rest of the world combined. It is clear from here that the “other world” therefore feels uncomfortable and tries to intensively forget the past. But we won't allow it to him either!
... Half a century ago, at the pioneer rally dedicated to the 15 anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, our frontline teachers spoke. The pioneer leader asked them to tell about the most memorable episode of the past battles. When the turn came to my father, he told how, in an attack near Iasi, he jumped into an enemy trench and out of the corner of his eye saw the trembling air above the barrel of a German machine gun. One can only imagine how many of our soldiers a machine gunner had laid! My father wanted to defuse the entire clip into the enemy, but some unknown force kept him. I hit the butt of a dead German with fright from the fright and ran after their own. And after what I had heard, I ran into the thick lilac thickets near the school and there wept bitterly. I would have killed the fascist for sure!

Only over the years I discovered the great fatherly nobility: he did not shoot the defeated enemy, and, therefore, already just a man. Therefore, he, millions of others like him, and won in those terrible battles. Their war was righteous and righteous victory. For life on earth.

... One end of last year's winning ribbon was worn out all the fluffed up threads, the other by some miracle, braiding the ends of the threads, just twisted into a rope. When I straightened it, the ribbon on one side turned out to be like a new one! For a whole year, the rains, snow and winds cruelly beat her on the roof of the car. And they could not do anything with the Victory patch!
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  1. treskoed
    treskoed 12 May 2013 07: 08 New
    Unfortunately, Victory and heroes are now remembered only on Victory Day!
    1. late
      late 12 May 2013 09: 09 New
      No, what are you! I’m always looking for something new on the shelves in the books about the Great Patriotic War, and I’m not the only one; their military life. In addition, there are many other memorable dates - the Battle of Stalingrad, the Kursk Bulge .. My cousin has a grandfather, a war veteran .. And how many did not survive the Victory! Like the author of the article, on the obelisk in my village, I counted six Mavrichevs - my relatives from the side of my father, and four Ganins - from the side of his mother .. And about ten more people — the Kulikovs and the Ryabikovs — the families were big then and my mother if they were all alive, there would be so many brothers and sisters .. Can this be forgotten? THERE IS NO FAMILY IN RUSSIA WHERE WOULD NOT MEMORY BE HIS HERO!
    2. Alexander Petrovich
      Alexander Petrovich 12 May 2013 10: 55 New
      If this does not offend you, then let me tell you that people usually judge by themselves. And I very often think about those soldiers, but if we talk about veterans, they are very rarely seen on the street here in Chisinau - people are already elderly, and it’s hard for them to go out on their own.
    3. sergaivenski
      sergaivenski 12 May 2013 13: 10 New
      I was born after the war, in 1960. I always wondered: why didn’t we have
      grandparents? It turns out that my grannies died a long time before my elder brother
      My grandfather (mother’s father) Sergey Ivanovich Bersenev, born in 1910, died on the Khalkhin-Gol river in 1939. Few people remember: in 1939, troops were on the Khalkhin-Gol river
      The Sixth Army of Imperial Japan was routed by the Red Army. The Japanese remembered Khalkhin Gol throughout the Great Patriotic War !!! They did not dare to violate the borders of the USSR,
      although provocations at the border did not stop. I want to ask: why did the soldiers of the Khalkhin-Gol river fight? They didn’t erect monuments to them in the country saved from fascism, they didn’t name the streets anywhere !!! What did they fight for?
      1. skeptic-
        skeptic- 12 May 2013 15: 33 New
        Quote: sergaivenski
        I want to ask: why did the soldiers of the Khalkhin-Gol river fight? They didn’t erect monuments to them in the country saved from fascism, they didn’t name the streets anywhere !!! What did they fight for?

        They fought, including for the fact that the Japanese, even in difficult times, of our war with Hitler, would not risk supporting their ally.
    4. Reasonable, 2,3
      Reasonable, 2,3 13 May 2013 01: 24 New
      WHOSE VICTORY IS THAT. Maybe ours ?.
  2. nikolas 83
    nikolas 83 12 May 2013 07: 15 New
    The people did not go to the front for the party, not for Stalin. The people fought for their homeland, for the Fatherland, for their native land, for the people killed by the Nazis.
    1. Nick
      Nick 12 May 2013 11: 50 New
      Quote: nikolas 83
      The people did not go to the front for a party, not for Stalin.

      Please write the last name "Stalin" with a capital letter ...
      1. nikolas 83
        nikolas 83 12 May 2013 19: 39 New
        Ok, in a hurry just
      2. tixon444
        tixon444 12 May 2013 22: 58 New
        Quote: Nick
        Please write the last name "Stalin" with a capital letter ...

        Somewhere there was a comment about how someone’s son, playing the game “Stalingrad” on his computer, thought that ours were going on the attack with shouts: “Get the fuck!” ... And he was shocked to learn that they were screaming "For Stalin!"
    2. S_mirnov
      S_mirnov 12 May 2013 14: 40 New
      "The people did not go to the front for a party not for Stalin. The people fought for their homeland," - This phrase was driven into the heads of our people by various Solzhenitsins and other dissidents in order to erase the memory and gratitude of Stalin from the People for organizing our people and giving an opportunity to defeat Europ.
      Now this phrase is perceived naturally, because for people, the concepts of People, State, Government, Putin are practically spiritually unconnected things. A people in itself is power in itself. In the USSR during the Second World War, Stalin = Homeland = Party. These were links of one chain, for All Stalin's actions were aimed at caring for the people of the USSR and their future.
      In the memoirs of veterans, I often come across examples when the Communists were the first to attack and the phrases "Communists are behind me!" or "If I perish, please consider me a Communist" at the front were not a joke!
      It is only in modern films that one gets the impression that priests and prisoners won the war. sad And it’s worth reading the ranks on the monuments so a third of the dead political officers and commissars, it’s a pity that their image is now vulgarized and very bitter that the population does not have enough brains to understand this.
      1. skeptic-
        skeptic- 12 May 2013 15: 40 New
        I agree, from the beginning to the end of the comment. ++
      2. Aleksys2
        Aleksys2 12 May 2013 20: 01 New
        Quote: S_mirnov
        In the memoirs of veterans, I often come across examples when the Communists were the first to attack and the phrases "Communists are behind me!" or "If I perish, please consider me a Communist" at the front were not a joke!

        As a clarification, from the memoirs of I.F. Stadnyuk:
        The first successes of the Nazi troops, their access to the southern regions of Estonia, to Pskov, on the border of the middle reaches of the Northern Dvina and the Dnieper, were regarded by the Hitler leadership as a complete victory of the war against the Soviet Union.
        Here is what Hitler said on 4 of July 1941 of the year at the headquarters: “I always try to put myself in the position of the enemy. In fact, he had already lost the war. It’s good that we defeated the tank and air forces of the Russians at the very beginning. The Russians will not be able to restore them anymore. ”
        This, I repeat, was said by Hitler on 4 of July 1941 of the year.
        So what happened in our border areas? Who restrained the Nazi armies, enabling our command to draw strength from the depths of the country? Indeed, our cover troops were in a desperate situation because of a violation of the supply of ammunition, fuel, with the complete domination of the Germans in the air.
        If you answer these questions with a brief general formula, you need to repeat the well-known truth that such weapons as FAITH in our ideals, FAITHFUL on our Motherland and the Communist Party, were in full combat readiness in the arsenal of the Red Army cover forces. And these are not just beautiful words, these are real concepts, for with the words of love for the Motherland, the party, our regiments went into bayonet attacks and these words of many thousands of soldiers were the last in their lives ...
        And if you unfold this general formula in a picture, then you need to tell in detail how everything was. And many writers have already told - some with a greater measure of certainty, others with less.
        At the headquarters of the regiment, disguised in a gully overgrown gully, I found out that there was a replenishment - several marching companies of Moscow militia - and that now they are facing Regimental Commissar A. Ya. Gulidov. A minute later I was already in a nearby coppice, where the militias were waiting for the night. Gulidov immediately ordered me to take two companies of militias into the battalion after dark and "answer for them with their heads." The sight of the militia confused me somewhat: many were with beards and glasses; they all seemed to me, twenty, old.
        But when on the second day at dawn, after a short artillery preparation, we rushed to the river, covered with fog, the militias showed themselves well done. They swam and wade across Tsarevich, clearly carried out commands and bypassed the reviving machine-gun German nests. They attacked amicably and fearlessly ...
        Already on the fourth day of battles in the battalion, I remained the only cadre political officer, and among the command staff - several sergeants. The situation was further aggravated by the fact that heavy rains began, making it difficult to transport ammunition and products, as well as the evacuation of the wounded. The offensive choked.
    3. tixon444
      tixon444 12 May 2013 22: 50 New
      Quote: nikolas 83
      The people did not go to the front for a party, not for Stalin.

      What is this not for Stalin? Rezun and the like have read? I was born in 1959, and I remember the front-line soldiers very well how they gathered in a closet on the horse farm of our collective farm and choked like a hatchet ... And if you did not kick me out, a 10-year-old boy, then for me to listen to them the stories were ... like going to the movies. And never one of them said a bad word about Stalin. I would remember. On the contrary, they spoke of him as the greatest commander, as the father of nations.
  3. Hleb
    Hleb 12 May 2013 07: 21 New
    On a bright Easter day I changed the ribbon of victory hanging on my car since last year’s holiday

    1. Ezhaak
      Ezhaak 12 May 2013 11: 48 New
      Quote: Gleb

      In fact, on the wrong car hung a piece of paper with an appeal. There, then another car is crying from resentment and waiting for a sticker from Stop Ham
      1. Hleb
        Hleb 12 May 2013 12: 06 New
        and on which the others who wrote with a slope on the sidewalk wrote on it, is it normal? where should people walk?
    2. bondanty
      bondanty 12 May 2013 15: 03 New
      correct postscript!
      1. Anti
        Anti 12 May 2013 21: 23 New
        Any action can become the kindest, if there is no self-interest in it.
        Do good deeds!
  4. vjatsergey
    vjatsergey 12 May 2013 07: 23 New
    A big plus for the article! I read it in one breath. The geyropa and the rest cannot forgive us our Victory, therefore they are trying in every possible way to belittle it.
    1. BARKAS
      BARKAS 12 May 2013 09: 53 New
      The trick is that they can’t just forgive us for a victory, we don’t accept the fact that they owe their freedom and existence to the USSR, the West will never forgive us for that!
      1. cumastra1
        cumastra1 12 May 2013 13: 38 New
        He was in England, went to Madame Tussauds. I listened to the guide. Sitting dummy of Hitler, Churchill and Roosevelt. I.V. There is no Stalin. I ask the guide. And where is Generalissimo Stalin? He replies that something like only the great leaders of the Second World War stand here. I involuntarily escaped an untranslatable Russian folklore. Can you imagine? these s ... remember Hitler, respectfully poked him next to their leaders, and forgot about Stalin. Or maybe they are standing together because they had common goals regarding the USSR. And after all, the catalog was made up of people who graduated from their colleges, and probably not the last. C oz shorter. He sent them to the Hall of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and left.
        1. wax
          wax 12 May 2013 19: 52 New
          And it is good that there is no Stalin next to them. A lot of honor will be these three.
        2. family
          family tree 12 May 2013 20: 50 New
          Quote: cumastra1
          Sitting dummy of Hitler, Churchill and Roosevelt.

          Type, one gang, though, why type? One is.
  5. taseka
    taseka 12 May 2013 07: 32 New
    Very nice article - Thank you!
    A low bow to veterans! I remember how we climbed these bunkers, which went deep into the 4 floor - they said that after the war cartridges were taken out from there by trucks, the bunker units did not surrender and were poisoned with gases!
    Stalin led the country to the Great Victory, and that he wouldn’t talk about him now, and not those who want him now!
    1. vilenich
      vilenich 12 May 2013 08: 40 New
      Quote: taseka
      Very nice article - Thank you!

      Definitely good! The accents are especially well and correctly placed on all shifters and traitors who seek to belittle the role of the Soviet people in the Great Victory!
  6. Phantom Revolution
    Phantom Revolution 12 May 2013 07: 38 New
    What kind of people were in those days, how much they survived, glory to the defenders of the homeland! When I read the stories of veterans, I really want to cry for what people were going for, so that we live, so we will not shame the memory of our ancestors and we will live so that they would be proud of us!
    1. aleshka
      aleshka 12 May 2013 20: 32 New
      there are people now, not those of course! but guys in Chechnya, aren't they people ???
  7. aszzz888
    aszzz888 12 May 2013 08: 18 New
    Remember veterans constantly and honor their exploits, our duty, the duty of the younger generation. Therefore, history should not be forgotten, let alone rewrite it.
    1. Rustiger
      Rustiger 12 May 2013 09: 16 New
      Quote: aszzz888
      Therefore, history should not be forgotten, let alone rewrite it.

      I understand that, you understand that. . . Many people understand this. But some are somehow special.
      I have already gathered over a hundred of such statements by much smaller people who lived or are now living in a country that has defeated terrible fascism, and I’m far from sure that this collection is exhaustive. Those who are outside of Russia: in the Baltic States, in Georgia, in Poland, in Ukraine, in other countries, in every way they denounce, demean, or even deny our righteous Victory, already not to be considered.

      Today, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the vanquished are trying to turn history upside down, to convince themselves, first of all, and then the rest of the world that the past most brutal war in human history was just a bloody skirmish of two totalitarian systems.

      So I found in the grid "a collection of one chela, which also brought together some of the" masterpieces "of modern creators -
      He frankly laughed loudly at some, because he saw and understood what the fuck was about. But after all, a lot of “pimple shkolota” absorbs all this at once, without hesitation, writing down a trip to his subcortex.
      It would be very funny, if not so sad. . .
      One example is

      Against the background of an inverted Russian flag, young Fritz is swinging a grenade from this famous photo:
      1. family
        family tree 12 May 2013 10: 05 New
        Amba, thanks for the link. Looked, feeling as if deliberately bullied.
        1. Igarr
          Igarr 12 May 2013 14: 03 New
          Hi, brothers ..
          ".. sensation as if on purpose being bullied. "
          Do you think so stupid, or what? Blondes are sitting ..and sculpt inverted flags with fascist grenadiers?
          In other ... options - American planes, tanks ...
          Damn, on the device of the outlet - permission, approval, conclusion ... must be received.
          And on the device - Visual, advertising products - NO, or what?
          Settled ... enemies of the people ... in the City Hall.
          Not enough for them .. Beria.
          This is not stupidity, sloppiness and headlessness.
          This is a consciously conducted action.
          And the whole conclusion.
          1. Rustiger
            Rustiger 12 May 2013 15: 53 New
            Quote: Igarr
            Hi, brothers ...

            Enemies of the people in the City Hall have settled.
            Beria is not enough for them (!?)
            This is not stupidity, sloppiness and headlessness.
            This is a consciously conducted action.
            And the whole conclusion.

            Hello to you, brother Igor!
            But what about this? What the fuck?!? !!!!

            I'm not talking about sailor brothers, these are beyond praise! And by the way, it MUST BE !!! I'm talking about the one who smacked this foul inscription and leaked it to the network. Find and flatten the whole face on the monitor! "Gamer," beat. . . And to break the hapals with which he grabs the joystick so that he even holds his “rotten trunk” with his left foot. . .
  8. Dimy4
    Dimy4 12 May 2013 08: 33 New
    In our country, it is necessary to introduce criminal punishment for denying our role in the Victory, as well as for portraying our country as a country with a fascist regime. Since these comrades just do not shut up, let their mouths open in the Mordovian forests.
    1. omsbon
      omsbon 12 May 2013 09: 35 New
      I wholeheartedly support the need for criminal punishment for denying or mocking our Victory!
      Considering the sourness of our opponents, they will definitely shut up!
  9. Captain Vrungel
    Captain Vrungel 12 May 2013 08: 33 New
    Less and less are the simple heroes who won, defended the country, defeated fascism, saved Europe.
    More and more crap and revisionists are emerging trying to curse, belittle the Great Feat of the Soviet Soldier. Unbroken banderlogs erupted from caches yapping. Bandyukovichs are pulling a blanket of glory, prisoners in power, pulling on themselves the uniform of the NKVD officers and provoking a confrontation. One list deputy of all times and nations (either an ardent nationalist, ran only in Ukrainian embroidered shirt and roamed only in Sevastopol, then jumped to the opposite party (became the “Crimean shoe”), learned Russian and forgot his native. Kolesnichenko drove him from 1958, so he got so angry and without thinking, blurted out that his father had burned down in the tank during the war.The question arises of where he was worn for a decade and a half, until he degenerated. Why me. The thing is that some directly deny victory, others for the sake of PR, hide behind a victory, and the WINNER is higher it. He did the hard work and trust us to keep. Their memory of their exploits, is immortal. She will live in our hearts at all times.
  10. Lech from ZATULINKI
    Lech from ZATULINKI 12 May 2013 08: 43 New
    In our country, it is necessary to introduce criminal punishment for denying our role in the Victory,

    I completely agree with this - after all, these liberal homosexuals will sell our COUNTRY in the event of NATO AGGRESSION first.
  11. Stas
    Stas 12 May 2013 08: 45 New
    Quote: nikolas 83
    The people did not go to the front for the party, not for Stalin. The people fought for their homeland, for the Fatherland, for their native land, for the people killed by the Nazis.

    This is what distinguishes our people from everyone else. In moments when danger looms over the Homeland, we know how to unite together and go to victory.
  12. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 12 May 2013 08: 53 New
    from the Don.
    A good article, thanks to the author. All these Suvorov, Nagibin, and hedgehog with them, will rejoice in the next world! And our business is always to remind our children, grandchildren of the greatness of our people, of the victory of our grandfathers, great-grandfathers, of our ancestors who created this state !
  13. ekama1
    ekama1 12 May 2013 09: 03 New
    Correct article. Reflection of the thoughts of normal, adequate people.
    VADIMKRSK 12 May 2013 09: 08 New
    I can’t explain to the second grader what war is. Happy childhood. Me too. Thanks to the grandfathers !!!
  15. pensioner
    pensioner 12 May 2013 09: 31 New
    Great written! Low bow ...
  16. kind
    kind 12 May 2013 09: 53 New
    In my school, the director and military instructor - there were front-line soldiers !!! They are still alive! Gave us such a vital charge
    that is enough for both our children and grandchildren! They put us the brains of young fools in their place, and explained what real eternal values ​​are. Thank you from us for this and a deep bow !!!
    1. AK-47
      AK-47 12 May 2013 11: 41 New
      Quote: VADIMKRSK
      I can’t explain to the second grader what war is.

      Quote: Good
      In my school, the director and military instructor - there were front-line soldiers !!! They are still alive! Gave us such a vital charge

      Unfortunately, our children and grandchildren have no one to give such a charge
  17. lewerlin53rus
    lewerlin53rus 12 May 2013 09: 55 New
    Newspapers, magazines, books, envelopes, sculptures and other pictorial products of that heroic and at the same time terrible time cannot be reproduced on stands and banners, because they often contain images of Stalin.

    And we live in a free, democratic state, where the use of Soviet symbols is not prohibited by law, while Stalin was a symbol of the USSR and Victory, including, roughly, like this:
    1. Rustiger
      Rustiger 12 May 2013 12: 41 New
      Pay attention to the quote below.
      Here is another post-war poster -

      The writing is on the wall - "Glory to the Russian people!" But everyone in the country understood that this was a "collective image." . .
      But in 2009, it occurred to someone that he no longer meets the realities of the times, and the poster was redrawn:

      Instead of “Glory to the Russian people!” it now flaunts the American politically correct "Glory to the victorious people!" Which one is not specified, so as not to offend anyone.
      Interestingly, during the census, did someone indicate their nationality as a “winner”?
      It seems to me to scratch the phrase “Glory to the victorious people!” On the wall of the Reichstag could only an individual specially grown in a test tube, who would write “With your beloved girl under the windows,“ Masha, I have a feeling of deep affection and sympathy for you characteristic of a person! ”

      / From the same resource that gave the link above. . ./
  18. PValery53
    PValery53 12 May 2013 10: 50 New
    Yes, if the war were unrighteous, there would be no such mass heroism and self-sacrifice of our people, and it is not known where the fate of the whole world would go ... There is nothing to atone for our great victims. The victory was given to the Soviet people at an incredibly high price. And the political pygmies who cry out for our Victory are the same fascists, Nazis, and we must deal with them accordingly!
  19. RUS
    RUS 12 May 2013 12: 26 New
    It’s a little off topic, but still, one of my acquaintances from western Ukraine (the conversation was about Bender trash) said - “but what would you do if the Bolsheviks came to you in the 39th, took all the cattle to collective farms, practically dispersed the Uniate church, abolished private farming with the extraction of land? You can’t justify the Bender’s scum, of course, but there’s something to think about ...
    1. aleshka
      aleshka 12 May 2013 19: 09 New
      shitty that did not finish, the beginning was good !!!
  20. individual
    individual 12 May 2013 13: 11 New
    Lived over 60 years.
    I saw a lot, read a lot, analyzed a lot and sometimes tried on myself.
    In the publication of Mikhail Zakharchuk, it would seem nothing new, but I read with tears in my eyes. Our fathers and grandfathers did what no army in the world could do.
    And we, - will we really lose this GREAT VICTORY? We will not defend the MEMORY OF THE FATHERS in front of a pack of miserable but organized scum.
  21. k220150
    k220150 12 May 2013 13: 14 New
    Imagine that you are in a trench and the team “Attack, go!”, And in front of you the Nazis - 70-100 meters, scorch right at you. You need to get up when your life is worth one attack!
    If you understand this, then there is a chance to be a man, not to let people down. And these .... Okudzhavs, etc. — are enemies. We will not talk about them. The soul hurts about those about whom there are no "signs, no signs", we will pray and remember ...
    1. aleshka
      aleshka 12 May 2013 19: 31 New
      we at one time thought "if I could" now: "but to hell I need it"
  22. Goblin 28
    Goblin 28 12 May 2013 13: 32 New
    Quote: Dimy4
    In our country, it is necessary to introduce criminal punishment for denying our role in the Victory, as well as for portraying our country as a country with a fascist regime. Since these comrades just do not shut up, let their mouths open in the Mordovian forests.

    It is high time with terms from 10 years. After all, there is a criminal punishment for denying the Holocaust, for example.
  23. Igarr
    Igarr 12 May 2013 14: 08 New
    I have two grandfathers left on the fronts. Great-grandfather, on the Labor Front, died of illness.
    Uncle, who left Stalingrad for 18 years, ended the war in Prague, returned in 1949 from Leningrad minefields.
    As this article is clear.
    He grabs the soul and nips in his eyes.
    Thanks to the author.
  24. a.hamster55
    a.hamster55 12 May 2013 17: 18 New
    So you’ll think about the “death list” for this fifth column, which would be expended in the threatened period. These are the descendants of those who met him with bread and salt or with a leaflet-pass.
    1. wax
      wax 12 May 2013 20: 06 New
      Watching and listening to all the turbidity of the fifth column, more and more you come to the conclusion that Stalin had a sharp sense of smell at the traitors, and he sent them to logging fairly and in the interests of the people.
  25. sichevik
    sichevik 12 May 2013 19: 59 New
    I wonder what rubbish minusanula this article.
    I read and lumped to my throat.
    Jews have criminal liability for Holocaust denial. Is it not time for our legislators to introduce the same responsibility for the denial of Our Victory? For defaming the courage and heroism of our people, who bore the brunt of the terrible war on their shoulders.
    1. stranik72
      stranik72 12 May 2013 22: 33 New
      I am FOR, only it is hardly possible in modern political realities. Too different perceptions of Victory by our elite and common people, for some it is mostly PR, for others pride in their homeland. For the elite, this is a problem in communicating with the general Anglo-Saxons and others who do not really want this Victory of the USSR, they generally remember, but for us, there is an axiom by which any ideological theory works, it takes time and effort to make white out of black, and it works great for the USSR and its collapse is an example, so what are we ready to do so that we won’t betray the victory of our grandfathers once again (the first time in 1)?
  26. Rustiger
    Rustiger 12 May 2013 23: 43 New
    "On the morning of May 9 several ultra-liberal media websites were brought down
    The online community is agitated: the resources with which many Internet users are used to starting their day turned out to be inaccessible. The sites “Echo of Moscow” and “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, “TV Dozhd” and “Novaya Gazeta”, “Forbes” and, and several others did not work.
    All of these sites were attacked by hackers. Judging by the list of "broken" sites, the attack was sustained in a certain ideological vein, and the hackers turned out to be savvy guys. It was precisely those media that were most strongly associated with the “liberal schiza” that were attacked.
    These media have a strange tradition. On the holy feast of May 9, early on, having made a fortune under the Parade on Red Square, begin to mock our Victory - and do not reduce the “degree of intensity of revelations” until the evening. Every year on this day, it is incumbent on them to say something disgusting about that war and about our country.
    They are engaged in this on other days, but for today's great holiday - in particular. If you don’t have any cranberries in store about “a million raped Germans”, if you don’t have a specially cooked libel about “you would drink Bavarian beer”, then you’ll at least show up on state television channels in which veterans, newsreels, epaulettes, orders and Soviet films. The Parade, “because of which you cannot drive to your favorite boutique,” ​​will certainly get to you.
    Mockers are accustomed to their impunity. Alas, our government has only learned to quickly and harshly tempt such an audience for ten years of patriotic rhetoric. As is usually the case in such cases, civil society activists make up for the lack of state reaction.
    The responsibility for cyber attacks on the liberal media was assumed by an organization with the underlined comic, “trolling” name “Network Hamsters”. Having timed their rally to the Victory Day, its representatives stated the following in their video message: “We especially want the memory of people who gave their lives for our Motherland to not be offended, that there are no all kinds of conjectures and manipulation of facts.” Corresponding to this is the organization’s website, on which the motto is striking “Let's not let our country be poured mud”.
    To make sure that the "hamsters" are not really joking and actually brought down the sites that they hate for many, you can use their video clip posted on YouTube:
    On our behalf, we want to congratulate these guys on the Great Victory Day, and our opponents should be reminded of this. The information war of the weekend does not know. You treacherously attacked our country and for twenty years you have continued your propaganda attack on our shrines and values, on our old people, on our Army. But whoever comes with the sword will certainly perish by the sword. "

    /AT. Shurygin, military observer of the newspaper "Tomorrow" /

    I don’t have any comments. But with this kid I would roll for Victory!
    Their site is
  27. wax
    wax 13 May 2013 01: 10 New
    I venture to repeat and support the author:
    In the XX century, this is the only convincing victory of the forces of good, personified by the USSR, over the forces of evil, personified by Germany. This circumstance makes our Victory a world-historic achievement, the significance of which will only grow with time. And our parades can guarantee it!
    But I do not agree to suspect the Soviet people in the Stalin period in naivety.