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Tears of the Caucasus

Tears of the Caucasus

The terrorist act in Beslan - hostage taking in school number 1 of the city of Beslan (North Ossetia), committed by terrorists on the morning of 1 on September 2004 of the year during the solemn event dedicated to the beginning of the school year. For two and a half days, the terrorists held more than 1100 hostages (mostly children, their parents and school employees) in the most difficult conditions in the mined building, denying people even minimal natural needs.

In total, 334 people, including 186 children, were killed in the attack.

66 families died from 2 to 6 people, and 17 children were orphaned.

Also during the storming of the building, 10 of the CSN FSB officers died - the largest number of losses in a single operation for the entire history Russian special forces.

To the place of the tragedy and now people constantly bring fresh flowers, toys and water.

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  3. cobalt
    cobalt 16 May 2013 08: 28 New
    What comments can there be, some tears, the fucking warriors of Allah, have found with whom to fight, with children and women.
    many thanks to the authors of the clip and song about the memory of the fallen special forces soldiers. Such men died.
  4. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 16 May 2013 08: 32 New
    And in the USA, on TV and other media, scumbags who killed children were called rebels or fighters with the regime, but not terrorists. Therefore, do not be surprised at the one they choose to be their friend.
    The dead Eternal memory! And for those who killed children and continue to do this, eternal hell with the most hot pan.
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  5. omsbon
    omsbon 16 May 2013 08: 43 New
    Teary eyes when you see photos of dead children!
    There can be no question of justifying the actions of the "bearded" non-humans, who in the West are stubbornly called freedom fighters.
    1. Hudo
      Hudo 16 May 2013 12: 33 New
      Quote: omsbon
      Teary eyes when you see photos of dead children!

      There is such a thing ... The film would be shot truthfully about it, so that they remember how the delusional ideas of the false Islamists end for innocent children and their parents turned gray from immense grief.
      Impossible to forget!
    2. Rezun
      Rezun 16 May 2013 22: 19 New
      You're right, brother, there are tears in your eyes, and scars in your heart ...
  6. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya 16 May 2013 08: 48 New
    Tears are welling up, and terrorists can only fight with those who will not fight back, remember the hospitals that they captured and killed there primarily the military, police, firefighters, those who could fight back, just terrorists, these are ghouls who are ready for money for money everything, and do not believe that they are fighters for the idea, in their actions the idea takes third place.
  7. zambo
    zambo 16 May 2013 09: 02 New
    The soul turns inside out ... Jackals ...

    To all the victims A blessed memory.
  8. Hleb
    Hleb 16 May 2013 09: 08 New
    beautifully graveyard done
  9. Turdaun
    Turdaun 16 May 2013 09: 41 New
    All this is the work of the Americans, soon they will be rewarded for their sins .... Eternal memory to the victims, children and mothers, fathers, soldiers, soldiers ... The best of people ... 10 ...
    1. Hleb
      Hleb 16 May 2013 10: 05 New
      You don’t need to tie Americans here. Chechens call themselves proud and free wolves, which cannot be used and forced. Here let them be guilty. Let normal Chechens curse these relatives
      try 200 years ago to find an American trace in the Caucasus
      1. Turdaun
        Turdaun 17 May 2013 11: 29 New
        Dear Gleb, thank you for your comment. I will try to briefly substantiate my conviction regarding the involvement of our "partners". The fact that Chechen separatists are sponsored from the West, I think, is not worth mentioning, all the bloody bacchanals from small to large on the territory of the Russian Federation, with the participation of Chechen separatists, are paid for, and organized by the West, even through the third or even tenths.
        All attacks on convoys of soldiers, attacks on outposts, etc., were all filmed and filmed by special "camera crews" for the Western masters.
        And by the way, touching upon the time period of 200 years that you have given, then the Britons were already doing the same dirty deeds to the detriment of the Russian Empire ...
        It doesn’t matter how Chechen separatists position themselves, no matter what they imagine, they are nothing more than weapons, tools in the hands of those who have been dreaming of ruining Russian civilization for centuries.
  10. pensioner
    pensioner 16 May 2013 10: 18 New
    This is one of those wounds that will never heal. It hurts to remember. And further. I then had to explain to my son's fellow practitioners that Beslan was in North Ossetia. And North Ossetia is in Russia. Believe it or not: many parents said that all this is not happening in Russia. Wildly. And further. I remember the words that Putin said when he flew to Beslan: "Well done, the special forces. They did not spare themselves." And I remember the look on his face. And he would not feel sorry for himself, if that. Many people do not like Putin here. But you can't erase words from a song ...
    1. Hleb
      Hleb 16 May 2013 10: 25 New
      when he flew to Beslan: "Well done, the special forces. They did not spare themselves."

      he would fly across Siberia, I would take him to the legless and armless veterans. I would listen to "thanks" for the "fellows" and for the help
      1. Rider
        Rider 16 May 2013 12: 08 New
        Quote: Gleb
        I would take him to legless and armless veterans.

        bring to cemeteries.
        there are ALL victims of the regime.

        I've been disabled at the end of the 90s seen enough on the passages and stations.

        and right now, and close to no one.

        thank you for that?
        1. Hleb
          Hleb 16 May 2013 19: 00 New
          I've been disabled at the end of the 90s seen enough on the passages and stations.

          and right now and close to no one

          to send you money for a ticket? so you come and I escorted you to these guys?
          I'm not talking about other people with disabilities.
          1. Rider
            Rider 16 May 2013 21: 03 New
            Quote: Gleb
            send you money for a ticket?

            But don’t press on pity, okay?
            I didn’t say that there are no people with disabilities at all, I claim that they (real people with disabilities) disappeared from the passages and the metro


            which means the financial situation, for them, has changed for the better.

            and by the way, I don’t mind that they would live even better, but to say that nothing is being done for them, and personally Pu scored on them, it’s kind of ... uh, well, nonsense
            1. Hleb
              Hleb 16 May 2013 21: 23 New
              never pressed, but what was it all about?
              Well done commandos
              You dragged the beggars here.
              but to say that nothing is being done for them, and Pu personally scored on them, it's like ... uh
              but is it not so? if a friend takes something for what is enough pension. and not what he deserves?
              WWII veterans waited for "housing", waited ... and they die in poverty ...
              You know the sea of ​​such links on the Internet. In Germany, two people are caring for the elderly, and in our richest country the Serdyukovs live and people give their health and life -
              Well done commandos
              open your eyes wide and see the essence
              1. Rider
                Rider 16 May 2013 22: 28 New
                Quote: Gleb
                Well done commandos
                You dragged the beggars here.

                what special forces 7
                where did you find (in my posts) 7

                and the fact that they steal like this is our all-Russian misfortune

                and according to veterans: the average pension in the Arkhangelsk region is:
                - for invalids of the Great Patriotic War - 28780,58 rubles .;
                - for participants in the Great Patriotic War - 29171,58 rubles .;
                - for the widows of servicemen who died during military service on conscription due to military trauma and did not enter into a new marriage - 23110,78 rubles .;
                - for citizens awarded the sign "Resident of the besieged Leningrad" - 21076,97 rubles.


                and further:For these purposes, in the period 2008-2012, 256,2 billion rubles were allocated from the federal budget. Construction, purchase of housing was carried out, as well as social payments were made in order to provide housing for these categories of people in need of better housing conditions. This allowed for five years to improve housing conditions for 216085 veterans.
                probably lie everything.

                I have already been told about officials.

      2. pensioner
        pensioner 16 May 2013 21: 15 New
        Dear "Gleb" !. Studying your comments, I realized long ago that you were involved in the wars in Chechnya. Furthermore. Most likely, you are also involved in the actions of the VON (special forces. It's just that in the 80s we were defined as special forces). .... My former cadets were on the 1st and 2nd and now they wind there. Yes, and 08.08.08. managed to grab. And my wife, through social insurance, appoints pensions and payments to the wounded and (or) disabled as a result of participation in the BD. I can't say they are big. But not small either! Plus social programs for social rehabilitation both through the Ministry of Defense and through the SS. Plus there are still benefits ... You cannot be unaware of all this. I am not saying that it is ENOUGH for each individual person. But the trend is evident. And how to improve the life of disabled war veterans is in our power. For example: legislative initiatives through public organizations and parties, which again leads us to the need for public activity. I did not write you a reply during the day on purpose. Wrong reason. I think it is possible at night.
        1. Hleb
          Hleb 16 May 2013 21: 43 New
          I won’t talk about benefits and social programs. But you live here and see everything. Indeed, the Union of Veterans is trying to help as much as possible. But this is a drop. I see all the advantages that can be put to the government. But you can’t keep silent. When people live in problems. just hurt these words
          Well done commandos
          but I would like to come to the cemetery and see all those who died for the country. such graves. beautiful, well-groomed. guarded.
          were on the parent's bottom in the cemetery? saw mounds of forgotten people? of course the government can not even remember them. It was necessary to calm the Ossetian society. because they feel for themselves ...
          1. The comment was deleted.
          2. pensioner
            pensioner 16 May 2013 23: 00 New
            Gleb! The words were said when ... Immediately upon arrival and after the report of the leaders of the operation, they were not spoken by the President, but by a person and a citizen. Putin (I know for sure. As soon as he was not discouraged) covered the whole school. What if something didn’t explode there? The man is brave. In principle, I only wanted to draw attention to this. We have such a state! And Putin is far from = state. In the sense: not the same thing. Especially then! After all, what salaries were !! Himself at a military factory ZP paid in the district 4000r. !!! In order to live, he worked in 2 shifts + as a guard and janitor at school + a carpenter in a private school + problem solving for all of those. disciplines that will bring. Well, it’s impossible in Russia to pay tribute to the Heroes !!! And it never worked out. Something was bothering me all the time. That lack of money, then changes in ideology (with all that it implies), then theft, then war, then its consequences, then default ... A lot can be said on this subject ... Thank God from my friends during the wars in the Caucasus no one not seriously injured! And there are a lot of them. Today succumbed to one of them. Major BB (Special Forces). Both 1st and 2nd are only shell shock. For which they commissioned. One cadet from my mine nearly died. Pinocchio discharged. Mine got stuck. Thought it defused. And she is here and ... la! Not even injured. Toko fractures ...
  11. OCD
    OCD 16 May 2013 10: 50 New
    This is the pain and tears of Ossetia. And the joy of the neighbors.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 16 May 2013 11: 13 New
      Quote: UBOP
      This is the pain and tears of Ossetia.

      This is our common pain! And we must not forget about this, let alone forgive!
      Let these "fighters" return their activity like a boomerang. and let them not ask "Why?"
  12. DuraLexSedLex.
    DuraLexSedLex. 16 May 2013 12: 41 New
    This is the face of terror - mountain jackals who can safely kill children and women hiding behind the canons of Islam. Then, at Dubrovka, in Beslan, they showed everyone against whom they were fighting, against our future, our children.
    They must be burned with a hot iron along with those seeds where these creatures were born, so that not a single geek would survive.
  13. Fuzeler
    Fuzeler 16 May 2013 12: 43 New
    OUR children are being killed, and in Grozny a rich mosque was repelled .......
  14. Svyatoslavovich
    Svyatoslavovich 16 May 2013 13: 50 New
    A year and a half after the Nord-Ost, I traveled to the center on Dubrovka, my friend the drummer and their group gave a concert there. When I arrived, I felt an involuntary thrill, the same as it happens when you come to the Piskaryov Memorial, when you come to Khatyn. But what I saw there struck a lot more. Smoked, stoned young people did not care, just do not care. My friend asked why he didn’t soar, saying that everything is fine. This is also very scary, very.
  15. nnz226
    nnz226 16 May 2013 14: 32 New
    A good Wahhabi is a dead Wahhabi!
  16. knn54
    knn54 16 May 2013 15: 23 New
    Terror must be fought with terror.
    How many terrorist attacks were there in the USSR?
  17. Abakanets
    Abakanets 16 May 2013 16: 10 New
    This terrorist attack once again proved the whole diabolical essence of Muslims. The only thing they can do is to kill children, women, wounded, and so on.
  18. Eric
    Eric 16 May 2013 21: 03 New
    Quote: Gleb
    You don’t need to tie Americans here. Chechens call themselves proud and free wolves, which cannot be used and forced. Here let them be guilty. Let normal Chechens curse these relatives
    try 200 years ago to find an American trace in the Caucasus

    You can search for English, so ...
  19. Eric
    Eric 16 May 2013 21: 06 New
    Quote: Fuzeler
    OUR children are being killed, and in Grozny a rich mosque was repelled .......

    We have earned such a mosque only in Tatarstan ...
  20. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 17 May 2013 06: 01 New
    Unfortunately, in the Muslim religion there is no difference between infidels by age, that is, all the same, whom to kill, an adult or a child.
    "2 (191). And kill them [unbelievers], wherever you meet them, drive them out of the places from which they drove you, for for them delusion is worse than death at your hand.

    2 (193). Fight with them until disbelief disappears and faith in Allah is established. If they cease [to be unfaithful], then there should be no hostility, except to the wicked.

    8 (12). [Remember, Mohammed] how your Gd inspired the angels [sent to help the Muslims]: Verily, I am with you. So give support to those who believe! I sow fear in the hearts of those who did not believe. So chop their heads off and chop off all your fingers
    (thirteen). [in revenge] for avoiding obedience to Allah and His Messenger. If anyone shies away from obeying Allah and His Messenger, then Allah is strong in punishment.

    8 (39). Fight the infidels until they stop seducing [the faithful from the path of Allah] and until they worship only Allah.

    25 (52). Do not obey the infidels and fight them with this great struggle!

    47 (4). And when you meet those who disbelieve, then - a blow with the sword in the neck; but when you make a great slaughter of them, then strengthen the bonds. "
    Imams, for example, are as influential as the Saudi imam Muhammad Al-Arifi and others have long declared jihad. Therefore, Muslims around the world believe that there is a war with them, which means that what is written above even without interpretation is applicable to all infidels, regardless of who they are kyafirs or giaurs.
  21. black_eagle
    black_eagle 18 May 2013 17: 30 New
    And when they will justify these creatures and make them heroes, as now some stupid people make them heroes of the Nazis ...