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Revealed the secret of provocation in the American Boston

15 April 2013 was the oldest marathon in Boston, USA, which is considered one of the most prestigious athletics races in the world.

Unfortunately, not all runners crossed the finish line. Three hours later, after the first athletes reached the finish line, an explosion thundered, after a few seconds - the second.

This is a terrorist attack map.

Revealed the secret of provocation in the American Boston

The moment of both explosions was captured in this photo.

After the sad 11 date of September 2001, when the World Trade Center skyscrapers were destroyed in a terrorist attack in New York and about 3000 people died, there were no more terrorist attacks in the USA!
And now, after 12 years, the first case. Eyewitnesses of the event and millions of viewers around the world immediately realized that this terrorist act, despite its many times smaller scale, was in its own way extraordinary and significant. Why? Now you will understand.

Technology bloody provocation

If I had been at the scene of the FBI investigators, then first of all I would try to find out WHAT EXPLODED in Boston ???

Initially, the population was given the following version of the incident: “According to the police, two powerful improvised explosive devices worked. It is possible that they were hidden in the trash cans. According to the latest data, as a result of the explosions, three people died, including an eight-year-old boy, 176 people were injured, the state of 17 is assessed as critical. ” Source:

Later, another official version appeared: “The explosive devices powered by the marathon in Boston were in six-liter pressure cookers placed, in turn, in bags, foreign media reported, citing a source familiar with the investigation. The explosive contained pieces of metal, nails and bearings. According to him, the law enforcement agencies still do not know how the explosive was activated, according to Interfax. At the same time, according to the CNN channel, investigators concluded that the terrorists probably used time bombs. ” Source:

Now let's find out what really exploded in American Boston?

This picture captures the moment of the first charge detonation. Finishing board shows the exact time of fire.

Here we see that the burning process has already been completed, and a large column of smoke has risen to the sky. A marathon runner in a red T-shirt managed to run around 5 meters during this time. It is clearly seen that the ejection of fire and smoke occurred in the immediate vicinity of the wall of the building or exited from inside it.

What exploded here or what was burning ???

Backpack with 6-liter pressure cooker, which the terrorists turned into a bomb?
Trash can?

Let's find out.
In the photo below - the first explosion. This is Boylston Street.

Obvious damage has a building located on the left. Fragments of broken windows, lying outside the house, eloquently indicate that the process of explosion or burning was going on inside the building. The laws of physics say: when something explodes, fragments fly from the epicenter of the explosion to the periphery. Therefore, in our case there are only two options for explaining what happened:
1. The explosion occurred inside the building;
2. The pyrotechnic device was located not inside the building, but inside the window frame, and an explosion occurred in the space between windows of a large window block with the inscription “Lens Crafters”.

We look at the scene of the incident. It was made from the balcony of the building, one of the windows of which turned out to be blown up.
The picture reflects what happened on the site in front of the house approximately 3-5 minutes after the explosion, when the column of smoke emanating from the destroyed window had already dispersed.

On the right, we see a light cloud of smoke in the midst of people, and on the left, fragments of a ruined window block with the inscription “Lens Crafters” in the center.
What continues to smoke is clearly not connected in any way with broken glass.

If an explosion had occurred at the point of smoke, all or almost all fragments from broken windows would have been inside the building. These are the elementary laws of physics. When the blast wave comes from the epicenter of the explosion, it carries all objects with it. If an explosion had occurred where smoke is now visible, then 90% of the glasses would be inside the building. And they, as we see, are outside the building. This is particularly noticeable in the bottom photo.

We look now at the photo below. This is a different perspective. As a photographer, I was struck first of all by the reflection of the police in the left half-broken window. The window in the building is ordinary - it has two rows of glass. If there is a through hole in the right frame, then only the outer glass turned out to be embossed in the left frame. The second, the inner, turned out to be a whole !!! In it, the police and reflected in the mirror.

What does it say?

This says only one thing: there was no explosion inside the building. Otherwise, such a focus would not have happened. If the explosion was in the room, then all the windows would fly out at once. This picture proves (!) That the pyrotechnic charge was mounted between the glasses in the frame of the right window.

Inner glass in the left window could remain whole only in two cases:
1. If there was a blast wave, then it went to the butt of this glass, and it proceeded from the adjacent right window of the first floor.
2. There was no strong blast wave. The outer glass of the left window cracked and fell out from the intense heat emanating from the burning right window on the first floor.

Having such an obvious picture of the scattering of window glass fragments, it can be said that the space between the glasses in the lower right window was filled with pyrotechnic composition, which, when set on fire, gave a strong flame, but did not give a strong blast wave. This flame was so great that its heat caused the destruction of glass in the windows of the second floor. Also partially affected balcony on the third floor. What is clearly seen in this picture.

Thus, the picture of the incident is completely clear, and we can say that the first explosion in Boston could not be associated with the explosion of the 6-liter pressure cooker or with the explosion of the garbage can. The fire effect, captured by video cameras, gave a pyrotechnic charge of sufficiently high power installed inside the window frame labeled “Lens Crafters”. Fragments of window glass - irrefutable proof of this.

The Tsarnaev brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar, whom the US authorities were quick to declare responsible for the attack, could not do this in the presence of dozens and hundreds of people. And the protection of the event would not allow. This means that the pyrotechnic charge was laid inside the window in advance.
Consequently, we have reason to suspect the collusion of terrorists with the owners of the premises. After all, without their knowledge, who could have done this work?

A reasonable question arises: if the Tsarnaev brothers, who allegedly had bombs in their backpacks, could not do it, then who did it?

Personally, I noticed the presence in this attack of some Kabbalistics. We see the inscription on the window block “Lens Crafters”, and we know from the media that the guys who supposedly protected the marathon from terrorists were dressed in the form of a private security company Craft-international with a distinctive skull emblem and an inscription on the forehead Craft.

Is this a mere accident or intentional symbolism of Kabbalistic lovers ?!

Now let's find out what could create the effect of strong ground smoke at the explosion site No. 1 ?! The video, shown by CNN, clearly showed that the smoke coming from the building, where a powerful but short fire had occurred, quickly rose, and its color was light brown. On this frame you can also see where the center of secondary smoke was located. He was closer to the fence, about eight meters from the building. I marked it with a red circle. The center of secondary smoke gave a smoke of gray-blue color, which literally spread on the ground.

Judging by this photo, the source of secondary smoke was an ordinary army smoke bomb !!! She eventually gave all this smoke creeping along the ground.

What did the organizers of the terrorist act want to hide behind a smoke screen?

It seems that the smoke had to hide the technology of monstrous deception, which later could become some important "trump card" in the geopolitical game of the powerful. In this picture, we just see the work of smoke bombs. The red arrow indicates its location.

Now, friends, turn your mind on 100%!

If we assume that there was an explosion, then it could be only at the wall of the building. In this case, we have already established that the explosion site was a ground floor window.
If it exploded in such a way that someone had their legs (!) Blown off, then dozens of other people we see here should have torn off their legs. It is so?! However, here, at the site of the first explosion, the legs were cut off from only one person.

If you look closely at the photo above, then in the background in the smoke there is a noticeable person in a white jacket. Just below is the one who later turns out to be legless!

Here is the same frame, but at high magnification. It is clearly seen here that the future hero of all television News lies on his back, and above him conjure a mulatto woman and a man in dark glasses, whose head is hidden by a gray hood.

Here is the subsequent storyboard storyline.

From the side it may seem that a man, whose head is covered with a gray hood, and a mulatto woman are giving birth to a guy lying on his back. However, everything was much worse. Taking advantage of the smoke screen, they attached a dummy to it imitating severed legs. When this work was done, these two also began to portray the victims of the terrorist attack. Here they are in the center. This photo was taken from the opposite direction.

Behind the mulatto woman in a white sweater and a red jacket lies the one to whom the models of bloody feet were attached a minute ago. I marked its location on the frame with a red arrow. Please note that our legless "client" is already forgotten-forgotten. A man marked with a green marker, who has his back to us and holds a cowboy hat and an American flag in his hands, will soon accompany the poor guy when he is taken to a wheelchair. Pay attention to the girl indicated by the blue circle in the top picture. Now she will serve as a guide.

Here it is. And that was what was hiding (a man with his legs torn off) behind a dark-skinned mulatto in a white sweater and red jacket when she left this place.

This terrible picture saw the whole world.

The guy has no right leg, and his left leg below the knee is torn off, a bone sticks out of it! The knee of the left leg lies directly on the ground. If there was a right leg, then the left leg would lie on it. Once again I draw your attention: there is no RIGHT LEG !!! And in the bottom picture RIGHT LEG for some reason is! And, judging by the photograph, the lower third of the right leg is torn off, just above the ankle joint.

Compare yourself again.

But this tricks with the right foot does not end! In the photo below the knee of the right leg is gone again !!! Instead of the right knee, the bone now protrudes, and the knee joint, lower leg and leg together, have disappeared. By the way, pay attention, at what angle is the left leg sitting in a wheelchair. Judging by his face, this position does not cause him any difficulties. Try, friends, to sit yourself with healthy legs, and see how much is enough for you. For a person who has lost several liters of blood and received such a severe injury, it is physically impossible!

And our hero is absolutely vigorous, and, judging by his face, does not even remotely resemble a seriously injured person.

Whoever has not fully understood all these tricks, I explain: severed legs are dummies used by actors in Hollywood when making movies about the war.

A person who actually tears off one or even more than two legs will not grab his hands on a crippled limb. With such a severe injury, he should just lose consciousness from the painful shock and huge blood loss. This opinion was expressed by all the surgeons to whom I turned for advice. And one more discrepancy: so much crippled legs cannot be kept at a right angle. A terrible painful shock should relax all muscles.

On the Internet there is an amusing video taken with external surveillance cameras. It clearly shows how a hero with his legs torn off is transported down the street in a wheelchair in a sitting position (probably so that the spectacle is the most vivid, shocking and therefore memorable).
The camera recorded that the woman pushing the pram behind her suddenly raised her hand, and the whole sorrowful procession stopped.

What's the matter? It turns out that the wounded man literally fell off (!) The same hastily applied right leg, or rather, its props. The policeman was forced to squat in front of a man sitting in a gurney. He fitted the fallen off leg into place, after which the procession moved on. Obviously, it was after this intervention of the police officer that our hero lost his right leg and knee. Hollywood traditions, however!

And here is the video itself, where the policeman conjures over the alleged victims of the terrorist attack.

Do you see such a trick for the first time?

Here is another one for you. Consider it a test of ability to think.
Imagine that there are two victims: one has two legs torn off, the other has suffered injuries of moderate or even mild severity.
For their transportation are available:
1. Wheel chair;
2. Gurney, where the victim may lie.
Based on this data, who and where would you place ???
I would personally put a man with his legs torn off on a gurney, where he could lie. And I would put an injured person who has injuries of moderate or mild severity on a wheelchair, since there is nothing else at hand.

Now, attention, question!
Why at the explosion site # 1 in Boston everything was done against logic ?! The guy with his legs torn off was put in an uncomfortable for him on a wheelchair, and the mulatto woman next to him, who had never had injuries of even moderate severity before, was placed in a comfortable wheelchair ???

I hope you remember that it was she and the guy with the gray hood on her head who conjured earlier over Jeff Bauman, attaching him dummy legs.
Then on this lady was completely clean white blouse. Now, as we see, her blouse is literally smeared with something red, like blood.

So why, contrary to sanity, did the guy with his legs torn off end up in a wheelchair, and the dark-faced lady was in a bed with all the comforts ???

The answer to this question is obvious: Jeff Bauman had to see the whole world.

And finally, the third focus.

Here are two identical photos from Boston that have placed different newspapers. In the foreground we see a fair-haired girl, who seems to be in shock, sitting on the pope, and in the background, to the left, we see a man lying down, perhaps a woman, over whom a man in a red jacket bent. Pay attention to the injured legs. They are intact and have no visible damage.

Now look at the picture published in another newspaper. All the characters are the same, but the legs of the lying man already seem to be killed. And we see an open wound and an open fracture of the bones.

And what else ?!

Here is a fragment of a photograph published in the first newspaper.

And now - in the second.

The falsification is obvious, and worked very roughly! At once two falsifications in one event, it, you see, bust!

On the very first day, the Americans themselves noticed this, and immediately appeared revelations on the Internet. Local bloggers very quickly identified a disabled guy who agreed to participate in this performance as a victim, who allegedly tore off his legs.

This is legless Nick Vogt! We recognized him! - began to write people on the Internet.

Do you think that the US administration and the FBI leadership were sitting quietly, and they didn’t have a heart when they saw that the people so easily expose them as criminals involved in this half-fake terrorist attack ?! Of course, no, they feverishly thought how beautiful it was for them to get out of this stories!

Soon the authorities controlled by the media provided other information to the people. The guy who was blown off by an explosion during the attack was not Nick Vogt. His name is Jeff Bauman! - Here he compare!

It really looks like!

Almost immediately, a photograph of Jeff Bauman appeared on the Internet, where it was clear that he was lying on a hospital bed. The picture, however, some not fresh. Apparently, it was filmed on a film camera. Does anyone use them now? In America? I can not believe it.

And here he is, three days after the amputation of both legs. Easily sitting on the fifth point, cheerful and even cheerful. And even distributes gifts to other patients.

Do you believe that this is possible? Me not! Because I know: even Christ could not perform such miracles!

And about the sad. Here is a photo from the site of the second explosion in Boston, which occurred at the same time, 15 on April 2013 of the year, 10 seconds after the first explosion. On the asphalt are visible numerous characteristic fragments and fragments left by a point explosive device. Judging by the radius of the fragments, the second explosion created a significant shock wave. In the center of the picture we see a guy stripped to the waist, bending over the body of a man, who also has torn wounds instead of legs. Where is this man now? Why don't we know his name? Where are his photos? Perhaps because there is no information about him, because it was a real victim of the terrorist attack. It is obvious that this person was absolutely not interested in the leadership of the United States and controlled by the media ...

Here, for comparison, another real victim from the site of the second explosion. There is no visible damage. The skin is of normal color, but the woman lies on the bed and is wearing an oxygen mask.

And our legless, having lost perhaps more than half of the blood, is sitting on a wheelchair at this time, has a rather peppy look and still manages to keep the remains of his legs in weight in a pose that resembles a gymnastic corner.

The question arises: why was all this props and all this monstrous deception required ?!
Why so much attention was drawn to the footless Jeff Bauman, and all the other victims of the terrorist attack in Boston who suffered from the second explosion, more powerful than the first, were almost immediately forgotten.

The media revealed this secret in just a few days.

The true organizers of the terrorist attack needed a valuable witness, the hero of the terrorist attack, who could identify (!) The terrorist. He had to recognize, of course, not the real terrorist, but only the one whom the US administration had prepared in advance for this role. The US administration really wanted this damned terrorist to be somehow connected with Russia and, at the same time, with Islamic radicals !!!

This was found in advance, as well as our legless actor. And not one. The terrorists were appointed brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Chechens by nationality (Wow! That's cool! Chechens! Who does not know them!).

The brothers came to live in the US exactly 10 years ago, and there was already some bad glory behind them ... So they came up to this role perfectly.

According to the legend, which was soon voiced by the media, the main terrorist was installed when the FBI officers visited the person who lost both legs in the hospital. When Bauman allegedly woke up after the operation (18 or 19 of April), he told the FBI representatives everything he saw and remembered. This is how the story was told by the newspapers. “The athlete waited at the finish for his bride, she participated in the marathon for the first time. A man in dark glasses, in a jacket, with a hood over his head stood next to him. He looked at Bauman and put a backpack next to him, and then he disappeared. A few minutes later the explosion thundered. The marathon runner gave an accurate description of the terrorist as soon as he woke up after the operation. He asked for paper and a pen and wrote: “Bag, I saw a man, he looked right at me,” and described the exterior of the terrorist in as much detail as possible. Bauman’s testimony helped the FBI identify the suspect in the photographs. ”

The security services described the appearance of the terrorist as described by Bauman quickly identified with Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who came to see the marathon not alone, but along with his younger brother.

So the brothers Tsarnaev became terrorists.
But we already found out that it was not at all some backpack that caused the first explosion in Boston, but a window in the window block with the inscription “Lens Crafters”, between the glasses of which a sufficiently large pyrotechnic charge was laid!

What happened later, the whole world learned from the criminal news voiced by the American media.
19 April 2013, on Friday, in the suburbs of Boston, after stubborn persecution, accompanied by a shootout with police, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was detained. His older brother, 26-year-old Tamerlan, died during a special operation. The brothers put up desperate resistance to the police. According to the officers, they overtook Tamerlane first. He was wounded on the ground, and the police were ready to take him, but at that moment Johar moved him in an off-road vehicle. The injuries of Tsarnaev Sr. were fatal. Johar himself, probably at that moment was already wounded in the throat. He soon abandoned the car and tried to hide in a boat in the courtyard of one of the private houses. A day later, the owner of the boat, finding blood stains on it, called the police, which detained Johar.

In this story, there is no doubt that the elder Tsarnaev was killed immediately, because no one except his mother and relatives was alive to anyone, and the younger Tsarnaev was injured in the throat, so that he obviously could not utter a word in his protection.

One thing is clear from all this false history: this bloody provocation was directed against Chechnya, which is part of Russia.
It was also directed against the entire Muslim world, since the Tsarnaev brothers were Muslims.

In the United States, this provocation immediately gave rise to unhealthy anti-Russian and anti-Muslim sentiments among those who are not used to thinking with their heads, who are not learned and do not know how to analyze facts.

As soon as the media started talking about Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaevs (and it happened on 19 on April 2013 of the year, allegedly at the suggestion of legless Jeff Bauman, who described one of the terrorists), Sarah Palin spoke on American television, who in 2008 was a candidate for the highest state post in the United States from Republican the party that literally said: “We know that they are Muslims from the Czech Republic. I bet, I will express the opinion of many Americans, saying that I want to go there right now and teach these guys a lesson. And let's not stop at the Czech Republic, let's go through all the Arab countries! The Arabs must learn that it is impossible to come here like this and undermine everything. Let's fire a pair of nuclear missiles in Islamabad, burn Prague, then bomb the hell out of Tehran. We have to show them that we are serious. "

This fiery performance by Sarah Palin instantly shocked the public around the world. Here is how “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” commented it: “The intelligence level of this“ American politician ”, no doubt, goes off scale. She confused Chechnya with the Czech Republic, and then also decided that the Czech Republic is in the Arab world. But the most important thing, if you do not pay attention to all these blunders, it turns out that the ex-presidential candidate of the United States made a call to bomb Chechnya, which is an integral part of Russia. ” Source:

Here, friends, that may follow such provocations, and this is what they are for.

3 May 2013. Murmansk. Anton Blagin

Post scriptum

The great deception of the world community continues today.
The US leadership is now trying to accuse terrorism of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s mother, referring to the audio recording provided by the leadership of the Russian FSB, where during the communication between the mother and one of her sons the call to jihad is allegedly heard. Now, on the basis of this audio recording, the American media are forcing a new hysteria.

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  1. Canep
    Canep 10 May 2013 06: 04
    It is believable. I think the American intelligence services and on September 11 themselves arranged or deliberately inactive. Then I wanted to bargain for Afghan heroin, and now not to allow a decrease in funding.
    1. Krapovy32
      Krapovy32 10 May 2013 06: 20
      Quote: Canep
      It is believable. I think the American intelligence services and on September 11 themselves arranged or deliberately inactive. Then I wanted to bargain for Afghan heroin, and now not to allow a decrease in funding.

      That’s a similar report on Russia Today, with photos and other evidence. You often need to poke their own noses in their own noses like little puppies lol
        SASCHAmIXEEW 10 May 2013 09: 37
        RT well done !!! But amers are never recognized, ssy in the eye, God's dew !!!
        1. StolzSS
          StolzSS 10 May 2013 11: 13
          It’s impractical and useless) But the cruise missile in the White House turning it into ruins like the Reichstag will completely satisfy me!)
          1. Cynic
            Cynic 10 May 2013 16: 45
            Quote: StolzSS
            And here’s a white house cruise missile

            It was, but on the Pentagon. Although they say this plane was.

            This photo has a caption
            find a plane on it
            It has long been said
            History repeats itself twice: the first time in the form of tragedy, the second in the form of farce

      2. Army1
        Army1 10 May 2013 12: 26
        Does our government really not know about this ?! I think that even as he knows about the 11th, too. In general, the people who investigated this well done, Sherlock Homs is resting.
      3. T-130
        T-130 10 May 2013 12: 52
        they can't stand it! RT broadcast will be closed in its territory
    2. 420482
      420482 10 May 2013 06: 58
      The fact that the Americans arranged for themselves on September 11 has already been proved. The towers would withstand the planes, but the charges were laid in advance. If you look, you can see that first there is an internal explosion, and then collapse. So each floor is downward. The US is trying to strengthen its dollar even in this way, through controlled chaos.
      1. Canep
        Canep 10 May 2013 07: 44
        It is possible that the buildings are so neatly built into themselves that it leads to certain thoughts. From an engineering point of view, it is very unlikely that all vertical structural elements at the same time lost stability, and began to take shape. The temperature of the heating of the columns in a fire could not be the same. accordingly, the moment of stability loss will be different. The building is likely to collapse on its side.
        1. Samaritan
          Samaritan 10 May 2013 08: 35
          Head Department of Sopromat (Doctor of Sciences) gave us a two-hour lecture on the impossibility of such a collapse.
          Well, about the article: with such a happy face after losing his legs ... - "courageous" man 78 leveled !!!
          Someday the Americans will play out !!!
          1. patline
            patline 10 May 2013 10: 16
            The article is informative.
          2. Canep
            Canep 10 May 2013 17: 35
            Head Department of Sopromat (Doctor of Sciences) gave us a two-hour lecture on the impossibility of such a collapse.
            Here, one does not need to be a doctor of science to understand this, it is enough to have knowledge of the compromising information (I did not study structural mechanics by this construction mechanics) and common sense.
        2. Baloo
          Baloo 10 May 2017 10: 02
          It is possible that the buildings are so neatly built into themselves that it leads to certain thoughts.
          A couple of weeks before this, "electricians" were "repairing" wiring throughout the building. After the explosion, the components of the termite explosive, which melts the metal, were found. How many people could work in buildings? 3 thousand officially died. Is it a lot or a little? Some firms did not come to work that day. And what is the connection with the third building that was rented by the CIA that collapsed on the same day? Why did it collapse?
    3. skeptic-
      skeptic- 10 May 2013 10: 07
      Quote: Canep
      I think the American intelligence services and on September 11 themselves arranged or deliberately inactive. Then I wanted to bargain for Afghan heroin, and now not to allow a decrease in funding.

      Oh, how you want that the plans of the Amers were limited only by the desire to bargain. Most likely - this is another part of the general strategic plan for the destruction of Russia as a single state. September 11, the initial part, upon entering the underbelly of Russia and the states of the post-Soviet period. Drugs are an element of the decay of the people, just like the food products of the West (GMOs, etc.) Previously, the Anglo-Saxons used contaminated blankets to massacre the Indians. Now we have sharply increased and rejuvenated diseases (diabetes, cancer, stroke, and often in people who do not drink), practically assuming the dimensions of an epidemic. They are trying to inflict a defeat on Russia in all directions, one way or another causing harm. Do not forget that military laboratories for the development of biological and chemical weapons worked with GMOs. And the aforementioned provocation - for domestic, Western consumption (to create a more aggressive image of the "ENEMY OF HUMAN KIND" - Russia) Unfortunately, the enemy's priorities in the "cold war", as it did not change, only increased salivation, as military potential of Russia.
      1. Ruslan_F38
        Ruslan_F38 10 May 2013 13: 02
        Well, and I thought that there were courageous people, the Tsarnaev brothers who decided to punish the Americans for their crimes and transfer the horrors of war to the territory of the enemy, and then the Amer’s play again appears, and even innocent guys were killed! But ordinary amers, and Europeans believe everything, Zadornov is right - well, they are all stupid!
      2. DeerIvanovich
        DeerIvanovich 10 May 2013 15: 13
        GMO is a particularly big problem: do you think the seeds pass the control of our services responsible for this ... hardly. But a very large flow of seeds comes from the West ... so it is possible that the product grown in the country is safe.
        buy Belarusian.
  2. buga1979
    buga1979 10 May 2013 06: 14
    yes there it was immediately obvious that the ears of the CIA were sticking out
    1. Hudo
      Hudo 10 May 2013 07: 12
      Quote: buga1979
      yes there it was immediately obvious that the ears of the CIA were sticking out

      EARS? !!! They no longer bother with their ears, the local Aibolite doctors from the CIA attach the cut-off legs to the camera in public with nano-glue to the Hollywood "bunny" and take this "bunny" for display in a wheelchair, periodically gluing it to heighten the effect.
    2. Baloo
      Baloo 10 May 2017 10: 07
      yes there it was immediately obvious that the ears of the CIA were sticking out
      The brothers were trained at the Kavkaz camp in Georgia. Those. how, with Oswald, in the assassination of President Kennedy, the brothers were trained for the role of “official killers” and then eliminated. Everything else is a shredded crowd. The dormitory neighbors first gave positive feedback to the journalists, then they were slightly assaulted, and someone was closed, and now there are completely different testimonies.
      You need to look at the FSA as a brazen, unscrupulous, presumptuous gangster from a nearby street, and therefore have a horrroshchy club at hand for an answer if Che.
  3. Vodrak
    Vodrak 10 May 2013 06: 16
    It may sound blasphemous, but there are too few victims for an explosion of such power with striking elements, and even with such a crowd. In my opinion, this is the purest setup of the special services themselves with the aim of diverting attention from the crisis in which the United States and knocking out money from taxpayers are.
    1. PiP
      PiP 10 May 2013 10: 21
      Quote: Vodrak
      but there are too few victims for an explosion of such power with striking elements

      Incidentally, about the striking elements, in the first hours after the explosions they talked about "sewing needles", now they are silent what was there. Think for yourself about the destructive power of such an element that does not have mass and ballistics. The pressure cooker, they all are made of layered lumentia (this is not our cast-iron duck, 8/01/1977 in the subway car of the Izmailovskaya-Pervomayskaya stretch at 17:30, shop No. 15, 25th October Street (Nikolskaya) at 18:05, and on the same street at 18:10)
      In the photo, you can also pay attention to the glass windows and refrigerators
  4. k220150
    k220150 10 May 2013 06: 17
    The destroyer Main, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, Lunar Scam, 9-11, Boston Marathon and a bunch of smaller provocations - too lazy to list, these are all flowers of "democracy" in the American way. God, we will live to see the "berries"! But this is the case!
    1. CTEPX
      CTEPX 10 May 2013 09: 23
      Quote: k220150
      The destroyer Maine, Pearl Harbor, Tonkin Gulf, Lunar Scam, 9-11, Boston Marathon and a bunch of smaller provocations - too lazy to list, these are all flowers of "democracy" in the American way.

      Against this background, the imitation of a "flight to the moon", realized through an agreement with a group of comrades from the Central Committee of the CPSU, which eventually led to betrayal and the collapse of the Union, can not still be considered a "berry"?)).
    2. Asgard
      Asgard 10 May 2013 11: 27
      Ahead of "Blue ray" so it seems .... the arrival of aliens on Earth and the uncompromising struggle of American "painted" superheroes with the invasion and in gratitude the saved humanity will say as they once said *** (based on fairy tales from invented chronicles))) + *** rule us Normans, ugh you ... insolent Saxons ... we are unreasonable))))

      Remember as if the Russian People called an unfamiliar Peasant from the fires in Normandy))) the unwashed "prince" of the Norman to the bright cities with a clean population)))
      they say rule us "prince" ...
      we had a historian at school, he constantly made fun of supposedly historical facts, we all loved the true story that THIS HUMAN told)))) and not what they wrote in textbooks ...

      Well, judging by the comments, to the unreasonable mankind is FAR ....
      It seems that the Jews played with the Saxons and what they think up the rest - it will happen to them MANDATORY .... PEOPLE SURE WORK IN THIS DIRECTION (without hype in the media))))
      We are watching a performance with an unpredictable plot and a dead director ...
      It will be interesting))))
    3. 89501358976
      89501358976 10 May 2013 12: 36
      Quote: k220150
      The destroyer Main, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, Lunar Scam, 9-11, Boston Marathon and a bunch of smaller provocations - too lazy to list, these are all flowers of "democracy" in the American way. God, we will live to see the "berries"! But this is the case!

    4. redwar6
      redwar6 10 May 2013 20: 59
      God forbid? And I don’t think so. Pay attention to the military "Fees" around the world. You begin to think about the advisability of obtaining a reserve officer rank ..
  5. rumatam
    rumatam 10 May 2013 06: 21
    and that we are defending the Chechens so zealously, their mother speaks English very well, in general in this matter there are a lot of questions, especially since they have already received a residence permit and were Americans.
    1. Anti
      Anti 10 May 2013 10: 23
      [quote = rumatam] and that we so zealously protect the Chechens [/ quote

      Probably still himself. The action might have been directed against Russia, after which the opinion of Western society should have been negatively related to Russia. Manipulation, as it were.
    2. Asgard
      Asgard 10 May 2013 12: 41
      We protect not Chechens, We protect TRUTH.....
      Then they are for the rest of the world-RUSSIANS ....

      And for us, it’s also a shame FOR THE POWER !!!))
  6. Alexey K.
    Alexey K. 10 May 2013 06: 22
    Everything is as always - a mapet show in American. Remember the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 in New York. The same setup by the American intelligence services. As the saying goes, "don't go to the grandmother." For an ordinary person, if his brains are not punched by American propaganda, everything is extremely clear. Who wants to watch the Chmerikans make a fool of the whole world here is the link to the movie "9-11 Reconstruction from Scratch"
    1. Hudo
      Hudo 10 May 2013 07: 17
      Quote: Alexey K.
      Alexey K. RU Today, 06:22

      Everything as always - American Muppets

      The coolest mapet show - "flights" to the moon without leaving the hangar. It rolled then, so tovarischi-pin-dos were carried away.
      1. viktorR
        viktorR 10 May 2013 10: 57
        Why, when you talk about "flying to the moon" you are plus))), and when I say the same thing, they minus me)))? I envy white envy)
        1. antiaircrafter
          antiaircrafter 10 May 2013 16: 00
          Quote: viktorR
          Why, when you talk about "flying to the moon" you are plus))), and when I say the same thing, they minus me)))?

          For there must be equilibrium in nature. )))
  7. The comment was deleted.
    1. skeptic-
      skeptic- 10 May 2013 10: 51
      Quote: Engineer Shchukin
      Using a smoke screen, they attached him a fake imitating severed legs.

      Maraz of conspiratorials opened up new horizons.
      however, because the brainlessness of the target audience allows, gg

      If you mean - American inhabitants and their special services, then you are not far from the truth. smile
  8. Landwarrior
    Landwarrior 10 May 2013 06: 29
    Wow! belay
    Well, just like the "Unknown Fathers" from "Inhabited Island":
    -Smart ass. You have to prepare public opinion. I hope you come up with something?
    - Any attempt? Or - an attack on the Tower?
    - Of course. Everything is ready.
  9. domokl
    domokl 10 May 2013 06: 38
    A beautifully conducted investigation. It is clear that you can’t say anything about the photo, but there is logic in the article and it says that the Americans screwed up. Thanks to the author!
  10. Egoza
    Egoza 10 May 2013 06: 40
    The USA is stunning with its cynicism! They are drowning in a crisis and at least a small war was urgently needed! And it is desirable to hook both Muslims and Russia. Then they wonder, "why don't they like us so much?" Very dangerous games, after all, they can seriously run into a real terrorist attack!
    1. skeptic-
      skeptic- 10 May 2013 10: 56
      Quote: Egoza
      Then they wonder, "why don't they like us so much?"

      They follow a different rule. "Spit on everyone - love yourself", as well as: "Nothing personal - just business"
  11. Strashila
    Strashila 10 May 2013 06: 48
    What wonders at America is a lot of miracles, even sopromat doesn’t work there, for example, the addition of towers 9/11 ... the number of victims, the main defeat of the lower limbs, the directed explosion? the country ... if it sniffed as the FBI reported ... everything would have been in corpses. The most unpleasant thing was if it was struck with glass, fragments, they were X-ray transparent. And also ... the victim was torn off! legs! or it seemed to me in the photo! on one leg !, and the other?
  12. fenix57
    fenix57 10 May 2013 06: 56
    Quote: Vodrak
    It may sound blasphemous, but there are too few victims for an explosion of such power with striking elements, and even with such a crowd.

    That's really yours ...
    Wonders why they are not "selected" as terrorists Shiites by nationality. After all, in this case, the "geography of claims" could have been much broader. Starting with Iran and Armenia ... After all, the Chechens at one time were protected by amers. hi
    1. skeptic-
      skeptic- 10 May 2013 11: 01
      Quote: fenix57
      It is surprising why Shiites by nationality were not “selected” as terrorists. In this case, the “geography of claims” could have been much wider.

      Apparently, the "geography of claims" is undergoing a change of direction, to a more urgent one.
    2. antiaircrafter
      antiaircrafter 10 May 2013 16: 05
      Quote: fenix57
      Shiites by nationality

      Shiites are not a nationality, this is a branch of Islam.
  13. aszzz888
    aszzz888 10 May 2013 07: 14
    Yes, the mericatos has a very classified special department dealing with such photos, videos, special effects. One of their work. The truth pulls not even at C grade. Chopped up the pear trees.
  14. Vladomir
    Vladomir 10 May 2013 07: 14
    The United States, creating arbitrariness and lawlessness around the world, numbering hundreds of thousands of victims annually, wants to appear as "sufferers" of the evil they are doing. And already the US senators declare about the direction of the terrorist attack from abroad. On September 11, 2001, Iraq was named the "culprit". Who will be appointed now?
  15. mogus
    mogus 10 May 2013 07: 30
    Quote: Engineer Schukin
    Using a smoke screen, they attached him a fake imitating severed legs.

    sorry laughing

    Maraz of conspiratorials opened up new horizons.
    however, because the brainlessness of the target audience allows, gg

    The main task of the devil is to convince everyone that he does not exist.
    The explosive device contained striking elements, including heavy ones (bearings). Then why are there few casualties and practically no serious injuries? Where are the traces of VU "filling" hits on the walls of the building?
  16. aszzz888
    aszzz888 10 May 2013 07: 35
    Quote: mogus
    Quote: Engineer Schukin
    Using a smoke screen, they attached him a fake imitating severed legs.

    sorry laughing

    Maraz of conspiratorials opened up new horizons.
    however, because the brainlessness of the target audience allows, gg

    The main task of the devil is to convince everyone that he does not exist.
    The explosive device contained striking elements, including heavy ones (bearings). Then why are there few casualties and practically no serious injuries? Where are the traces of VU "filling" hits on the walls of the building?

    Yes, as the scriptwriters makhanuli, they forgot to drill holes with a drill ...
    1. family tree
      family tree 10 May 2013 08: 34
      Quote: aszzz888
      Yes, as the scriptwriters makhanuli, they forgot to drill holes with a drill ...

      Duc, this, cut the budget. There’s not enough money, not just for a drill, for felt-tip pens, well, to draw holes request At that pace, soon, someone on the porch, someone on the panel laughing
  17. The comment was deleted.
  18. sergeschern
    sergeschern 10 May 2013 08: 33
    A little off topic, but about the attitude of amers to all other people:
  19. Genur
    Genur 10 May 2013 08: 37
    Hollywood! Yes and only.
    They are afraid of Russia - that's the story they make ...
    In general, IM (the so-called World Government) needs the territory of Russia with its bowels and cheap labor.
  20. shinobi
    shinobi 10 May 2013 08: 43
    I’m wondering why the Chechens are so much more logical than the Syrians, well, there’s Alkaida at last. Amers supported the Chechens in the first and second war. Now they are fighting against Assad in Syria. decided to substitute the diaspora?
  21. Strashila
    Strashila 10 May 2013 08: 48
    I would pay attention to another fact, he is especially visible photo where they compare the damage to the legs.
    The victim lies ... the victim is taken in a chair ... on the first one he is clearly without pants, there are already pants on the chair. Another strange thing is ... the location of the victim, he is not off the edge, he is inside the group of victims ... like so selectively shock a wave, fragments have passed dozens of legs ... and you are all alone.
  22. Onotollah
    Onotollah 10 May 2013 08: 49
    And these mattresses (bugs?) Called the USSR the evil empire !! 1
    I am angry111
  23. nickname 1 and 2
    nickname 1 and 2 10 May 2013 09: 36
    And it’s not blood at all!
    Explicitly paint, nitra! already dried up.
    Here in the photo where a woman with hair is taken in blue in a circle - there a man took a step left, right is taken up for the next step! The imprint from the shoe where? No!
    those. shoes that just came into contact with the splattered surface did not leave a TRACK? This can only be if the paint dries instantly.
    And blood does not paint such a trace does not.

    And it doesn't look like a bone! And the expanded muscle tissue does not look like living tissue. Here on the second explosion there are stumps of legs - it seems like they are natural.
  24. gameover65
    gameover65 10 May 2013 09: 45
    if all this is true, but apparently it is, then I am simply amazed at the mental abilities of the organizers of this action lol primitive embroidered with white thread, which can be opened simply by the pictures. if they have people with this IQ in the special services, then how does this country even exist?
    1. viktorR
      viktorR 10 May 2013 11: 13
      It doesn’t matter what, say a dozen such people who analyzed this information and put it in the access, it doesn’t matter what dozens or even hundreds of thousands of people who read this say in the comments, it’s important that they taldonit the box and drive the rest of the population into the head !
      1. ramzes1776
        ramzes1776 10 May 2013 20: 04
        Quote: viktorR
        It doesn’t matter what, say a dozen such people who analyzed this information and put it in the access, it doesn’t matter what dozens or even hundreds of thousands of people who read this say in the comments, it’s important that they taldonit the box and drive the rest of the population into the head !

        They have 90% of the "people" shavaet everything !!! They said that the Chechens live in the Czech Republic and it is necessary to bomb it, then it should be so fool
  25. Normal
    Normal 10 May 2013 09: 57
    "The tail wags the dog." It has long been clear that politics is not being pursued by public forces. Politicians only do the dirty work of implementing not their plans, but to direct politicians along the right path, and such "terrorist attacks" occur.
  26. erased
    erased 10 May 2013 09: 57
    What’s the main conclusion? Everything is properly painted, efficiently, plus the author, but where is the conclusion?
    And everything is simple - everything goes to a new war. When, how exactly - only initiators know. But the fact is the fact - Russia will be among the enemies and it will be tried first to flutter from the inside, and then finish off from the outside. The distribution will include Iran, Syria, North Korea, Belarus, Ukraine (if you do not have time to lie under NATO). Plus someone else.
    That's all. So ... if both friends of the country do not stand up, it will be tight. And friends are the army and navy.
  27. nickname 1 and 2
    nickname 1 and 2 10 May 2013 10: 03
    Police officers who are reflected in a window (in the second not broken glass)

    These-they lifted up their heads and look up somewhere. And those who are in a mirror image do not stare upwards!
  28. Dimy4
    Dimy4 10 May 2013 10: 15
    A similar vision of the situation will never be shown or told to the American layman. And it’s not even an hour, he will begin to move his brains.
  29. Tarpon
    Tarpon 10 May 2013 10: 36
    Quote: mogus
    The main task of the devil is to convince everyone that he does not exist.

    In politics, diabolical cunning is often intertwined with human stupidity.
    1. Kostya pedestrian
      Kostya pedestrian 10 May 2013 19: 23
      This is what happens, guard !!! What is the Church - personal reliance for the devil? They either zealously convince of their victory over him, or advertise his or her existence. wassat

      This is something from the opera "About the worker Balda"
  30. the polar
    the polar 10 May 2013 10: 36
    The facts about the staging of the attack described in the article are quite convincing.
    But the origins and reasons for this provocation so far can be assumed only indirectly. And oddly enough, but this provocation is beneficial not only to the political players of the US administration, but it is also beneficial to the Russian side, since discredits the North Caucasian terrorist structures entrenched in the West, especially since the FSB allegedly repeatedly informed the FBI about the Tsarnaev brothers. It's not a secret to anyone about the links between the FBI and the FSB, and they seem to be more solid than necessary for Russia's security. An additional revealing fact could be a list of victims with medical reports and a "map" with the fixation of their location during the explosions, as well as a real investigation of the biography of a "disabled person" with his legs torn off. But there is still nothing like this in the media. This is also very strange
  31. nickname 1 and 2
    nickname 1 and 2 10 May 2013 10: 39
    Yes, these are completely different places.
    In the first pictures = from a crashed window to a 4-5 meter road. Some kind of front garden, the trees are young.
    in the following pictures = the distance is already about 8 meters, there is no front garden and trees, but some building structures (scaffoldings) appeared, some kind of wooden fence. And where are the FLAGS! Where did they go? Indeed, in the first pictures, the entire run is decorated with flags and they are installed along the curb. Where have you gone? And where did these metal structures come from?
  32. mabuta
    mabuta 10 May 2013 11: 01
    Soon the authorities controlled by the media provided other information to the people. The guy who was blown off by an explosion during the attack was not Nick Vogt. His name is Jeff Bauman! - Here he compare!

    And his hair curled from the explosion. request fool
  33. andrey777
    andrey777 10 May 2013 11: 08
    Hollywood steers laughing
    1. Landwarrior
      Landwarrior 10 May 2013 19: 14
      Quote: andrey777
      Hollywood steers laughing

      Yeah, special effects are just bewitching, just like live laughing
  34. individual
    individual 10 May 2013 11: 18
    All US policy is solid Hollywood. They created a fairy tale in cinematography subordinated exclusively to the idea of ​​American superiority. They themselves do not distinguish where is the simulated myth, and where is the reality of being. Therefore, those who are not intoxicated by their propaganda say, like our classic: "I do not believe." So it was with the flight to the moon, so it was with the provocation and grandiose deception in Iraq, so it was since September 11 with the "Twin Towers", this is how it happens in the Boston Marathon. This is what happens in all US international politics. But GOD sees everything, God marks rogue.
    They are waiting for the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah.
  35. Semyon Albertovich
    Semyon Albertovich 10 May 2013 12: 00
    After the shootout in which the elder brother was allegedly killed, his body lay in the following position: lying on his stomach, arms spread apart, fists unclenched / palms pressed to the ground /, legs spread apart. The body could not assume such a position either as a result of the battle or when a car passes over it. He was simply put on the ground by order and shot / interesting photo has already disappeared /. Tamerlan was trained in Georgia, it is unlikely that this poor country financed these militant courses, so they could do all the evidence they found on assignment, without understanding for what. There are a lot of exaggerations, but the "terrorists" have been found and nothing can bring officials and smart media out of this version (most Americans will believe).
  36. aepocmam
    aepocmam 10 May 2013 12: 06
    More and more I begin to doubt that the Americans once visited the moon.
  37. Frunze
    Frunze 10 May 2013 12: 33
    Bolivar can not stand more than one billion, the rest is in Hollywood wassat
  38. Takashi
    Takashi 10 May 2013 12: 41
    article is nonsense.
    Another photographer who studied poorly at school.
    make and shove explosives into the inter-window space and blow them up. You will see where and what will fly.
    Another nonsense about the fact that it is beneficial to the United States and even more so to ours and the FSB. Ours at least, but never would have thought of such a thing.
  39. Yun Klob
    Yun Klob 10 May 2013 12: 45
    Glass came out from the upper floors. No secret.
  40. valken
    valken 10 May 2013 12: 52
    I saw an explosion against the background of a tricolor. I immediately understood that they would try to bend Russia. and, in general, there is one AMERICAN and Niebt from the tsarist people. yourself there somehow.
  41. dc120mm
    dc120mm 10 May 2013 12: 55
    There was something wrong in the beginning.
  42. igordok
    igordok 10 May 2013 13: 22
    Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s elder brother was quickly buried. Yes, and in an unknown place.
  43. Vladimir 70
    Vladimir 70 10 May 2013 13: 32
    It is striking that the mattress makers arranging the "show" did not even bother to make it look believable. Or is it meant for the dumb American layman? And what prevents Russia from waging an information war, starting at least from this "show"
  44. holding
    holding 10 May 2013 13: 34
    These "democrats" have long been ahead of the 3rd Reich in cynicism. Obama is striking in scale, after all that the states have done under him, they were given the Nobel Peace Prize !!!
    It is clear that the United States is agonizing like a wounded boar is ready for EVERYTHING! After all, a wounded animal rushes crushing everything in its path, pouring blood on its path.
    1. Kostya pedestrian
      Kostya pedestrian 10 May 2013 19: 14
      As -__ cartoon:

      You would change the avatar well, at least to the T-60, otherwise the T-34 is just like a sister to the US EMC. Remember the great Russian St. Alexander Nevsky, and his testaments to his children!

      Democracy is the Greek word, and the USA is a capitalist country.
      1. Kostya pedestrian
        Kostya pedestrian 10 May 2013 22: 01
        Thanks for the minus. I should have suggested the choice of the T-54, as a worthy and stern opponent to Churchill's plans.

        1. Cynic
          Cynic 11 May 2013 17: 51
          Quote: Kostya pedestrian
          T-54, as a worthy and stern opponent to Churchill's plans.

          Absolutely rare 54 with two lures, then there is an object 137 of the sample of 1946, and Churchill announced his program in 1947.
          I guess with a wiki photo?
    2. Tverichanka
      Tverichanka 10 May 2013 23: 30
      Quote: hoot
      done the states with it gave the Nobel Peace Prize !!!

      Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize at the BEGINNING of the presidency, when he hadn’t done anything at all anywhere. That was ridiculous. They gave him an advance.
      1. Kostya pedestrian
        Kostya pedestrian 11 May 2013 09: 10
        Which colonel wants the SSBIC (Bel. Yaz.) One lane to diligently count the stars by number?

        But, I, as a person of purely Shtatsky, are interested in your negative opinion;
        Even though I am not a Russian according to my passport, I experienced my first "Mermedes" experience of comfort in the Volga city committee, flying through the railway crossing, then there were dives, parachute jumps, but that moment of "free" flight in GAZ 24-10 remained forever in my memory.
        And I, in no way, without prejudice to your rights, put forth my point of view on the discussions, FOR WHAT minus me? (well, if only for an error of 30 years)
        I’m just trying to develop the idea that if military designers at VAZ had been, then Kalina would have won the audience’s prize at all shows. Not to mention the fact that the VF AG concern is fatally obliged, not only to restore and develop the body of the new Volga, but also to invest billions of dollars in the development of a new chassis in Russia for Russian roads. This would be fair, and demonstrated that the Germans did not return to discrimination against Russians and Russia, as their Indo-European predecessors.
  45. nokki
    nokki 10 May 2013 13: 41
    I refer again and again to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. How could you invent something like this:

    Extracts from Protocol No. 9:

    "Terror. Who Serves Freemasonry.

    All-encompassing terror emanates from us. We serve people of all opinions, all doctrines: restorers of the monarchy, demagogues, socialists, communards and all sorts of utopians. We harnessed everyone to work: each of them, for his part, undermines the last vestiges of power, tries to overthrow all established orders. By these actions all states are tortured; they cry out to peace, ready for the sake of peace to sacrifice everything; but we will not give them peace until they recognize our international Super-Government openly, with humility.

    The people screamed about the need to resolve the social issue through an international agreement. The fragmentation into parties has placed them at our disposal, since in order to compete, you must have money, and we have all of them.

    Separation of the "sighted" and the "blind" forces of the goyim kingdoms.

    We could be afraid of the combination of the goyim sighted power of the reigning with the blind power of the people, but we have taken all measures against such a possibility: between this and the other power we have erected a wall in the form of mutual terror. Thus, the blind power of the people remains our support and we, only we will serve as a leader and, of course, direct it towards our goal. "
    1. Kostya pedestrian
      Kostya pedestrian 10 May 2013 22: 18
      And who are these sages, whose protocols are freely quoted even in the ocean of "Freedom"?

      In addition, according to my data, the masses have nothing to do with the most radical doctrines of both Western and Westophobic hrestyans.

      This organization is famous for the fact that they helped the most scientifically talented people to develop, for which they gained notoriety from the religious inquisition of both the Greek and Catholic faiths as breeding grounds for knowledge and competitors of God ... (from a church point of view.

      Well, the Zionists ... these are people * - who simply do not know the Russian language. We say oak guy, not goy. Goy yosh - this is shouted in Himalayas or Tebet when they hunt for Et (s), Bigfoot!
    2. Tverichanka
      Tverichanka 10 May 2013 23: 38
      Quote: nokki
      to confess the combination of the goy's sighted power of the reigning with the blind power of the people,

      Hence the logical question - to whose mill do many people pour water today, endlessly doing what they throw mud at Putin? It's not about him, but about the fact that there is healthy and therefore always constructive criticism of the authorities. And there is criticism, which is not constructive. and always counterproductive ... So the "Protocols" should be studied by everyone, thoughtfully analyzing what they read. IMHO.
  46. slaventi
    slaventi 10 May 2013 13: 49
    It was very likely a provocation. If something explodes in America, it means they need it. The Americans blew up skyscrapers in 2001, destroying 3000 of their fellow citizens in order to take control of drug trafficking in Afghanistan and invaded Iraq. Would they not have sacrificed 3-5 people. they are completely stupefied, which is unlikely, or that most likely another scheme was involved here.
    1. Tverichanka
      Tverichanka 10 May 2013 23: 44
      Quote: slaventi
      destroying 3000 of his fellow citizens,

      Alas ... from fellow citizens there were mostly immigrants from other countries. And they worked mainly as secretaries, clerks, etc. And the big bosses, oddly enough, it was on this day that EVERYONE was late for work as one. Add here absolutely empty safes, in which there was not a single serious document, and the picture will get a finished look.
  47. ABV
    ABV 10 May 2013 14: 03
    everything, of course, is very interesting ... but a week or two ago the exact same article, with the same photo material and comments .... re celebrated or something ..
  48. malikszh
    malikszh 10 May 2013 14: 23
    the explosion was terrorists and this photo montage protects terrorists
  49. Misha
    Misha 10 May 2013 14: 54
    All this writing is complete nonsense! What kind of weed was the author of this brad smoked? This article has 100 drawbacks, as well as the overwhelming majority of "comment writers"!
    1. Cynic
      Cynic 10 May 2013 16: 52
      Quote: Misha
      All this scribble is complete nonsense!

      And who is stopping you from pinching a liar?
      Everything is online, point by point, like the author of this article!
      1. Cynic
        Cynic 10 May 2013 17: 50
        Quote: Cynic
        And who is stopping you from pinching a liar?

        Dreams Dreams
  50. leopard
    leopard 10 May 2013 15: 20
    All this is strange. Are their special services so stupid that they pierce like that?
    If it was so necessary, they could make real self-made explosive devices. Fill with small shots so that there are more wounded and fewer dead. Detonate more bombs.
    Total. A huge number of wounded and all for real. And then nobody will definitely prove it.
    Or are they really holding the whole world for idiots?
    1. Cynic
      Cynic 10 May 2013 17: 04
      Quote: leopard
      could make real self-made explosive devices

      Well, they are not complete, archives have a very long memory.
      And one thing is a pyrotechnic political show, another is a full-fledged terrorist attack!
    2. Tverichanka
      Tverichanka 10 May 2013 23: 52
      Quote: leopard
      they really hold the whole world for idiots?

      Naturally. Try to communicate with the inhabitant of any "fool." Do you think we look normal in their eyes? By themselves, people usually evaluate others. That is, if a person is not capable of offending an old man, he wonders how this can be? those who are capable of this, on the contrary, believe that others can, but they are afraid, but he is brave. So Americans judge by their mental level.