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In the Irkutsk region Mi-8 helicopter crashed. Killed and. Heads of Regional State Ministry of Emergency Situations and another 8 people

In the Irkutsk region, the Mi-8 helicopter of the Angara Airlines, carrying 9 people, crashed. On the discovery of the wreckage of the aircraft "Interfax" said a source in the airline "Angara", which owned the aircraft. The official representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, Irina Rossius, told the agency that the helicopter "with signs of destruction" was found seven kilometers from the Preobrazhenka settlement of the Katangsky district. Nine people were aboard the helicopter; nothing is yet known about their fate.

On the fact of an accident in the Irkutsk region, a criminal case was initiated “on violation of safety rules and operation of air transport”.

A source in the power structures of the region told ITAR-TASS that among the people on board were three crew members, four EMERCOM employees, including the acting. Stanislav Omelyanchik, Head of the Main Department of Emergency Situations in the Irkutsk Region According to Interfax, the chief specialist of GO ChSiPB of the Irkutsk Region, Igor Chekrygin and rescuers also flew on the Mi-8. In addition, the helicopter transported tons of ammonite explosives 1,9 for blasting to eliminate the ice jam.

The helicopter that crashed on Monday in the Irkutsk region with rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations on board could have exploded, Sergey Aleksandrov, the chief of the emergency services of the Irkutsk region, told reporters by telephone. “The flash was seen from the second helicopter, and at first it was interpreted as an explosion during the flood control works. Then they noticed that it was out of the way and compared this fact with the loss of the helicopter,” said Alexander Alexandrov. He stressed that it is too early to say whether a helicopter exploded in the air or when it hit the ground during a crash.

The fact that communication with the Mi-8 helicopter, which monitored the flood situation, lost communication, journalists were previously told in the Information Administration of the EMERCOM of Russia. At present, the search and rescue operation has been suspended, since it is already night in the Irkutsk Region and it will resume during daylight hours. "Until those debris that could be found from the air Emergency Situations Ministry, no one has got," - said Kalush.

The helicopter was operating on the Lower Tunguska River when a sharp rise in water level occurred, exceeding the critical level in 890, see. As a result of the blasting, the ice jam was eliminated, there was a steady decrease in the water level in the area of ​​the Preobrazhenka settlement, the Emergencies Ministry said.

According to ITAR-TASS, a source among security officials, after working in Nizhny Tunguska, the helicopter was sent to refuel 50 km from Preobrazhenka. "After he flew about 40 km, the connection with him disappeared," the agency’s source explained.

Airline "Angara" is engaged in the transportation of people, delivery of cargo and mail to hard-to-reach places of the Siberian Federal District. The airline also carries out transport work for the oil and gas organizations of the district, and also, under an agreement with the government of the Irkutsk region, provides transport links to the Katana and Nizhneudinsky districts. The airline’s helicopter fleet consists of X-NUMX Mi-12 helicopters, including the Mi-8Т transport, Mi-8-passenger, Mi-8 MTV.
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  1. Totalanigila
    Totalanigila 6 May 2013 22: 52 New
    From 2 tons of ammonite, the tail will be least affected, it can be found.
    1. Reasonable, 2,3
      Reasonable, 2,3 7 May 2013 00: 25 New
      And, what did all this company do in one helicopter to feed the kids ?. Shoot bison. Although I can not understand artiodactyls. God punished.
      1. Lopatov
        Lopatov 7 May 2013 00: 27 New
        Ice blast. You would read the article.
        1. Reasonable, 2,3
          Reasonable, 2,3 7 May 2013 02: 17 New
          I read the comments in advance. But this does not detract from their actions. We remember the swans and respect them; I got into the same yachma. I contacted ... ............
  2. Ruslan Bear
    Ruslan Bear 6 May 2013 22: 54 New
    it seems disgusting to me or it’s time to upgrade the fleet of MI 8 helicopters and better prepare the personnel
  3. Apollo
    Apollo 6 May 2013 23: 04 New
    They died in the line of duty, honor and praise. A blessed memory and my condolences to the families of the tragically dead.

    1. vadson
      vadson 6 May 2013 23: 26 New
      I agree with your condolences
      it remains to find out what it is, negligence or an accident - if the explosion was in the air
      or technology failure and detonation on earth?
  4. Samaritan
    Samaritan 6 May 2013 23: 44 New
    Died to those killed in a plane crash

    Down, down ... infinity is carried away ...
    Shouting: "Hold !!!" And in response: "I can not !!!"
    And before my eyes only faces sweep
    All to whom you remain in debt ...

    The memory will return all instants of old ...
    A pretty face that I could love so much ...
    "To survive ... I will fulfill all desires ...
    Everything, exactly everything ... No ... know how to forgive ... "

    “Mom, I'm scared, answer what happens?”
    “You know the prayer, son, pray ...”
    The look is madly saying goodbye to the child ...
    "God! Let me, but not him! Answer me !!!"

    “You know, I remember all the meetings, all the little ones ...”
    “Just don’t cry ... Still ahead ...”
    “And daughter’s birthday, Olenka ...”
    That one, the very first ... Forgive us ... sorry ...

    Ten seconds ... Life is immensely short,
    If you could fly at that moment ...
    Mother’s look and smile that meek,
    The first “yes”, happiness, joy — again a glare ...

    Lightning, lightning, thunder prevail here ...
    I wish I woke up with my eyes open ...
    Who will stop and who will prevent? ..
    How to return everything? Is it all right? Back !!!
    Inhale — emptiness ... only a cry of hopelessness
    Echo melts, announcing all the ways ...
    Quiet rain on the window ... the point of the story ...
    I believe ... I love ... do not forget and ... I'm sorry ...

    Rest in peace!
  5. Muxalet
    Muxalet 7 May 2013 02: 13 New
    2 tons of cargo + a lot of people, no authorization will save here, because they probably didn’t fly 5 meters away ... well, if the breakdown of the swashplate breaks and, as a result, the blades overlap and uncontrollable fall ... maybe the pilots have nothing to do with it. In any case, this is the loss and loss of human lives and probably one of the best .. ETERNAL MEMORY!
    SIBIR38RUS 7 May 2013 02: 27 New
    Not far from us, it crashed somewhere ... I don’t know about the reasons, but several years ago we had an An-12 or An-24 airplane near Ust-Ilimsk, I don’t remember .. I couldn’t reach the airport, there wasn’t enough fuel , the reason for this was the fact that the crew refused to refuel in Ust-Kut because of "sorry for the money" ... We flew in with cargo, there were no survivors.
  7. valokordin
    valokordin 7 May 2013 04: 46 New
    Lord, forgive everyone, let the land rest in peace, this is how 9 men lost the country and 9 widows and orphans appeared. Fate is not fair.
  8. TRex
    TRex 7 May 2013 06: 15 New
    If you saw a flash - it means there was an explosion on board. I can assume that the guys cracked ice - a charge with a burning OS is dropped from a small height onto the surface. According to the RPR, the cord length is 15 cm (if the memory does not change) - this is 15 seconds to move away from the place of the explosion. Two options are possible: either the charge detonated from an impact on ice and the wave overturned the aircraft, or there was a “backache” of the OS and the charge worked in the hands (this happens well very rarely. At the beginning of the 70’s starter, I shortened three fingers when I inserted it by stupidity burning OS in the CD, and then take it yes "shot" ...)
    Any work with explosives is a risk. And then there was also a helicopter, and with ammonite. Sorry guys.
  9. Borat
    Borat 7 May 2013 07: 21 New
    Quite a strange situation, the article says that the helicopter was monitoring, that is, experts on board evaluated the flood situation. At the same time, there were two tons of ammonite in the helicopter.

    You will swear at me, but here (as is often the case with us in the Ministry of Emergencies) there is a clear violation of the instructions and PTB.