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T. Kartanbayev: In Kyrgyzstan, extremists are grown for public funds

T. Kartanbayev: In Kyrgyzstan, extremists are grown for public funds

In Kyrgyzstan, the introduction of a new religious extremist doctrine from Turkey - “Nurdzhuler” - is proceeding rapidly into the minds of young people. The state itself pays taxpayers' money in order in the near future to once again drive the country into the chaos of religious and national hatred.

Every day the popularity of studying the Turkish language is growing in universities and lyceums of the country, for which new faculties and directions are opening up everywhere. It’s certainly good to know the language of a friendly country, but no one from the Ministry of Higher Education even bothered to check, but what are they generally taught in these courses? Who are these Turkish teachers who so zealously arrived in Kyrgyzstan, a beggar mired in anarchy? Connivance at the highest levels and complete indifference to the fate of their own youth leads to the fact that the consciousness of young Kyrgyzstanis is clouded with yet another theological teaching, Nurculer, which does not pursue peaceful goals. And the entire world community is well aware of this, except, as was to be expected, Kyrgyzstan itself, where it is active funding from abroad and create a springboard for a surge of new terror.

So, for example, when we surveyed the students who attend the free courses of a teacher at the Kyrgyz-Turkish University Manas in Bishkek Burak Altynli, we found out that they get not only knowledge of Turkish literature and art, but also study the works of a certain Said Nursi. In particular, they talked about the book "Risala-i-Nur", which describes the canons of "Nurculer", of course, not related to the rich cultural heritage of the Turkish people. We went even further at Osh State University. It is well known that this university has become a favorite place of Turkish preachers and theologians of all stripes. So, the religious scholar Ismoil Fuzal arrived here from Turkey famous for his extremist slogans and sermons. Not long ago, he actively disseminated the ideas of "Nurdzhuler" among students in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, so that his experience is rich. Moreover, given the full ideological vacuum of modern Kyrgyz youth, it will not be difficult to put it on the path of jihad and turning the country into some kind of emirate.

However, from the state structures, special services or at least the ministry of higher education, this fact was not paid attention to, I am afraid to suggest that officials busy with embezzlement of the state do not care for the future of this very state. As for I.Fuzal, he calmly conducts his destructive mission at the theological faculty of Osh State University. Like every skilled psychologist, he learns through discussions what is happening in the soul of the young residents of the Osh region. And at the same time, and produces information about the religious situation in Kyrgyzstan and the Fergana Valley as a whole. The theologian is trying to give a political tint to the ban on the Nurjuler movement in neighboring Uzbekistan. With strong ideological and religious pumping, this intensifies inter-ethnic and religious enmity between countries even more, which is good for the sponsors of all such religious extremist movements. In addition, I.Fuzal is engaged in the dissemination of the ideas of "Nurdzhuler" in the course of additional classes, during which the canons of "Nurdzhuler" are imposed under the guise of learning the Turkish language of youth and the books of the Turkish theologian S.Nursi are distributed free of charge.

Connivance has already led to the fact that the Osh University graduates, poisoned by the ideas of Nurdzhuler, seem to be recruited (or maybe this is true, the Kirghiz secret services are inactive!) Conducting active, purposeful activities to reinterpret events in the region and the world. What is important - the "correct" interpretation, in terms of aggressive ideas "Nurdzhuler." This work is carried out in a hierarchical chain: Turkish teachers - students of Kyrgyz universities, students - students of local schools. And what is even more terrifying - this fact has grown into a trend! With each passing month, the number of young extremists who are ready to kill their friend, neighbor and brother to translate the insane ideas of some sponsors from abroad is increasing more and more.

Where it leads? The wick of the next powder keg was lit with the complete indifference of the leadership of Kyrgyzstan, and only the time and prudence of the Kyrgyz authorities, who hopefully will come down to the aspirations and problems of their own people and first of all, will show what will happen next.
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  1. CTEPX
    CTEPX 6 May 2013 18: 38
    Envy fit Kyrgyz! We have it since 1992)).
    But it’s more difficult for them. They have less innate distrust of gingerbread)).
    1. Scoun
      Scoun 6 May 2013 19: 40
      Quote: ctepx
      Envy fit Kyrgyz! We have it since 1992

      there, since 1995, at the time, cadets / students went back to study and went to the special police officers complaining of recruitment, in general, they were beaten up with impudent brutality by force ... they are now recruited differently ..... they are recruited.
  2. avt
    avt 6 May 2013 18: 46
    request What's so surprising? Here the new elder brother is pushing the pan-Turkic idea, who would doubt that this will not happen. The meat for the slaughter is being prepared.
    1. dc120mm
      dc120mm 6 May 2013 19: 38
      Quote: avt
      Prepare meat for slaughter

      This is exactly so. Turks also eat in Adjara, but thank God Ivanishvili does not allow this.
    2. smile
      smile 6 May 2013 19: 47
      Yeah, what a peace-loving country, Turkey, especially in the light of today's news ... and some of our colleagues are still offended that we are wary of Turkey ... they also say that we, the bad ones, have pushed harmless Turks throughout history ...
      1. avt
        avt 6 May 2013 20: 00
        Quote: smile
        Yeah, what a peace-loving country, Turkey, especially in the light of today's news ...

        At one time, in the 90s, he himself was very unpleasantly surprised. It turns out that in Turkey, for the sake of history, a kind of record is kept of the descendants of immigrants from Crimea. So, with a very burning desire, they can recruit several million “indigenous” Crimeans.
    3. Beck
      Beck 7 May 2013 21: 59
      Quote: avt
      Here the new elder brother moves the pan-Turkic idea, who would doubt that this will not happen

      I do not agree with you forumchanin. This is not a "big brother", that is, the Turkish government. This is a private organization. Most likely a newly-minted Islamic sect.

      But the shortsightedness of the Kyrgyz authorities is evident. They and our lesson does not teach anything. After the collapse of the USSR in Kazakhstan, Islamic schools, madrassas, even institutions that called themselves Islamic universities began to appear like mushrooms. All this was organized from the countries of the Middle East, Turkey, Iran. But not officially from these countries. And from private Islamic organizations in these countries. And what direction they were in Kazakhstan, no one was interested. Under the banner of religious freedom, the state allowed such schools, most of them free. Thinking people even then had the question - What will be taught in such schools? but there were people who gave their children to these schools.

      And these schools did not teach mathematics, physics, geography, chemistry, etc. And only Islamic religion was taught. Well, and something was given about the country from which the sponsors came. And the teaching of Islam consisted of thoughtless cramming of ayats and suras from the Koran and driving into children's heads that Islam is Everything and the value of life is nothing compared to the Almighty.

      In mid-2000, the government came to its senses and closed these schools. But the seeds were sown. Those attacks that were committed in Kazakhstan were committed by people no older than 1990 year of birth. These are exactly the children of Islamic schools who by the end of 2010 became young men.

      If Kyrgyzstan does not take our lesson into account, then it could be much worse, because the Kyrgyz themselves are more religious than the people of Kazakhstan.
  3. UFO
    UFO 6 May 2013 19: 06
    A herd without a shepherd will not be long. Russia is gone, Turkey occupies a free ideological niche, as in other post-Soviet republics. hi
    1. dc120mm
      dc120mm 6 May 2013 19: 44
      Yes, Turkey is pleased to occupy a free ideological niche. For the countries of Central Asia, this is not such a tragedy (except for radical Islam), all the same, related peoples and religion are the same. For Christian countries, this is very dangerous.
    2. avt
      avt 6 May 2013 19: 55
      Quote: UFO
      Russia is gone, Turkey occupies a free ideological niche,

      Quote: dc120mm
      This is exactly the case: Turks also eat in Adjara,

      In the case of Adzharia, the situation is even more serious than with Kyrgyzstan. There, the Turks have, after the departure of Russian troops, the legal right to send their troops in case of oppression of Muslims. This is laid down in the agreement when Adjara joined the then Russian Empire and the agreement was not denounced, it has legal force in our time. So the Turks, with the development favorable for them in Adjara, can fill not only the ideological niche, but also occupy the territory, summing up fully valid legal grounds for the introduction of troops.
      1. dc120mm
        dc120mm 6 May 2013 20: 13
        Not quite so, but in truth it eats.

        Prior to Saakashvili, the Christianization of Adzharia was massive, but this traitor gave the Turks a sign of power that ...

        It was exactly the same way in the Pankisi Gorge, Kistintsi were already a lot of Georgians, and mixed weddings were drinking and beating, but Shevardnadze Gelaev let in his bandits and that’s all, the wahbitisation of the gorge started. Saakashvilli helped and cooked them all. angry
  4. Humpty
    Humpty 6 May 2013 19: 06
    They teach "correct Islam", in parliament and not only full of Sharia supporters. Unfortunately, the majority of the Kyrgyz are extremely suggestible people, easily succumbing to negative agitation, ideological sabotage breeding their thorns.
    The Islamic "teachers" do not like that almost all Kyrgyz people like to eat lard, drink traditional folk alcoholic drinks, and many respect vodka.
    1. Scoun
      Scoun 6 May 2013 19: 42
      Quote: Humpty
      for the most part, extremely suggestible people

      more precisely childishly direct.
      I recently read that they went to Syria to fight on the side of the militants and write to their relatives .. we are Shiites and the Sunnis are going to help. and lay down uneducated little heads .. for whom?
  5. albai
    albai 6 May 2013 19: 07
    There is nothing to envy here. For a long time, the Kyrgyz have had a peculiar attitude to Islam. As you probably know, with their bias, along with the canons of Islam, they also supported pre-Islamic customs. In those days, even such proverbs were common: "Mullah for the sake of money and the Koran will read the dog" or "In the house of the most holy mullah, seven heads of pigs were found." And 70 years of Soviet power in general settled in the minds of a hodgepodge, superficial knowledge of Islam and pagan customs. And here is the result
    Quote: ctepx
    They have less innate distrust of gingerbread
    Our home-grown ulama themselves do not know what kind of Islam is leaning against. And about young people there’s nothing to say, what if the elders themselves get confused in the interpretation of the suras. That is not a plowed field for various kinds of pseudomulls. Special services work, they just give them a shortcut on top. Political myopia suddenly struck those in power until a roasted cock pecked. Or until the bodies of recruits from Syria are brought. From their stupidity, it becomes sour in the mouth.
    1. Scoun
      Scoun 6 May 2013 19: 48
      Quote: albai
      The Kyrgyz have long been peculiar to Islam.

      + in the 90s, Islam simply went fashion mainly in the south on the border with Uzbekistan.
      mostly Uzbeks, at the end of the 90s the Kyrgyz went and read prayers five times a day.
  6. MRomanovich
    MRomanovich 6 May 2013 19: 09
    If what is written in the article is true, then this is a warning sign for us. Where will all these extremists rush? It’s clear to Russia, which is what the Turks are counting on.
  7. knn54
    knn54 6 May 2013 19: 16
    Local authorities in eastern Ukraine should consider stopping the subsidies of the Western Ukrainian regions. This was stated by ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the Communist Party of Ukraine Yevgeny Tsarkov.
    He noted that the Western Ukrainian regions are subsidized by the state budget, which is mainly filled by enterprises located in the south-east of Ukraine.
    "As you know, they live off the industry of the East. For the money of eastern Ukraine, Nazism is getting stronger in the West," Tsarkov stressed.
    PS According to Uzbek refugees from southern Kyrgyzstan, local crime loses to the Turkish mafia. And now, neo-Ottomans ...
  8. waisson
    waisson 6 May 2013 20: 02
    for international politics, kyrgyzstan is a leash with a wick in this region
  9. Yeraz
    Yeraz 6 May 2013 20: 25
    Yes, the author discovered America. Turkey immediately entered the society of the Turkic countries, they have excellent universities and lyceums, and in all Turkic countries, the patriotism of the Turks, as they are proud of their Turkism, also makes it attractive in the eyes of the Turks, plus the recent revival of Islam in them It is also attractive, because it was not very welcomed in the Turkic countries to aspire the Turks to Europe and bring their cultural life under it. Therefore, it is very easy for the Turks to act in the Turkic countries due to the proximity of kinship, and in recent years, the ever-growing economy has also helped it, benefits for Turkic students, for example, through the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who study in Turkey for all foreigners who have been studying for 5 years except Turks, it was even surprising to me that the Moldovan police officers, who are ethnically Gagauzians, also stood out from other ethnic Moldovans.
    By the way, the influence on students who study in Turkey is stronger and more effective in the future than those who graduated in Russia. Because in Russia you can agree with the teacher a brandy or grandmother, and if you don’t take them through your acquaintances in your home country, go to the Russian civil servants and administratively to pressure, from Soviet times, many remained connected, but this did not work with the Turks, so there the young people who are really more professionally prepared come out, with more pride in their Turkic blood, coming and seeing in their homeland that lawlessness that is even more fond of falling in love with Turkey and here you are distinguished by a devotee of Turkey, proud of her youth in Turkic origin, who will try to bring everything under Turkish standards and unity at the Turkish beginning.
    By the way, the Turks are very fond of saying to the Kazakhs, Kyrgyz and other Turks that we are here from your lands, we are taking, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan are the lands of our fathers ancestors, and of course, the Turks are flattered that the Ottomans are so proud of their kinship with them and all that.
  10. open
    open 6 May 2013 21: 17
    "Nurjuler" pursuing by no means peaceful goals. And the entire world community is well aware of this, except, as one would expect, in Kyrgyzstan itself, where active funding from abroad is creating a springboard for a surge of new terror.

    Uzbekistan also closed Turkish-owned supermarkets on suspected nurjuler
  11. Ram chandra
    Ram chandra 7 May 2013 10: 11
    Russia and Kazakhstan need to introduce their agents, people to their posts, and monitor the situation. Anyway - to begin to rule there already. No matter how insulting it may sound, all actions in Kyrgyzstan show how backward they are and do not understand what is happening. Greed is to blame, it’s easy to bribe / buy people and revolution ..