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A veteran of the Alpha special forces believes that Americans have a hand in the terrorist attack in Boston

“The behavior of the American special services and officials, to put it mildly, strange, leads me to certain thoughts. I do not believe that the Tsarnaev brothers could have been a “sleeping Islamic cell,” Alexey Filatov, vice-president of the Alpha anti-terror unit of the Alfa anti-terror unit, told the VIEW newspaper. He believes that some important information is being closed down from Americans, and the attack will be cluttered with absurdity.

Analysts around the world continue to wonder who stood behind the Tsarnaev brothers and what were the motives of the alleged Boston terrorists.

Thus, the Financial Times reports that the Americans began to check the possible connection of the elder of the alleged terrorist brothers Tamerlan Tsarnaev with the so-called "Emirate of the Caucasus" - a terrorist group that had previously claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack at Domodedovo in 2011. However, Russian law enforcement agencies deny such ties. In particular, a representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia said on Monday that the Dagestani terrorist Gadzhimurad Dolgatov, who had been liquidated at the end of 2012, did not have Tsarnaev relations.

A possible motive of terrorists was voiced by an adviser to the US Department of Defense, Professor Michael Nath. He suggested that Chechens, with the help of a resonant terrorist attack, wanted to become leaders of the world terrorist movement, world jihad.

Vedomosti writes that Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2011 had already checked the FBI as a follower of radical Islam, moreover, at the request of some foreign colleagues. According to the newspaper, the request for Tamerlan came from the FSB of Russia.

And finally, the Chechen extremists themselves, through the Kavkaz Center website, which was banned in Russia, denied their involvement in the Boston terrorist attack, Gazeta.Ru reports. And in parallel, Americans are urged to check the involvement of Russian intelligence services.

To make assumptions about the connections and motives of terrorists, the newspaper VIEW asked Alexey Filatov, Vice-President of the International Association of Veterans of the Alpha anti-terror unit.

VIEW: Alexey Alekseevich, what kind of people, in your opinion, did they organize the terrorist act in Boston? Are representatives of any major international factions behind them?

Alexey Filatov: You know, there is still very little information about this, and it is contradictory. But the behavior of the American special services and officials - to put it mildly, strange, - leads me to certain thoughts. I do not believe that the Tsarnaev brothers could have been a “sleeping Islamic cell.” Somehow it does not come out from their biographies, from their relatives, from their contacts. This is the first. And second, whose sleeping cell is it? Now someone is trying to present everything as a Caucasian trace, to find a connection with Doku Umarov. And what is the motive in general for Umarov to prove something on American territory? Not a drop does not fit ...

A veteran of the Alpha special forces believes that Americans have a hand in the terrorist attack in BostonVIEW: Could the Tsarnaevs (if their guilt were proven at all) be lone terrorists?

A. F .: This is the second version. But again - it does not converge. Well, they do not look like some hooligans, frostbitten. Again, from the stories of their relatives and friends, it is unlikely that these are people who were capable of just that, from some purely hooligan motivations, to go for it.

LOOK: Then what remains?

A. F.: And the option remains that they were not really all the same, and maybe even not at all. We remember well that two days after the terrorist attack, thanks to an investigation by international bloggers, many photos appeared in which comrades are present in sports or even military-sport ... Then they were identified as participants, if not mistaken, by a commercial military army.

VIEW: And they may be involved in the explosions?

A. F .: I don’t know, but, you see, they have some backpacks there, and then these backpacks on the frames after the explosion ... As I heard, now there is a very serious such movement that this line should discussion remove. This information has already been closed to the American society. And at the same time, without even having interrogated Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, they already say that the crime has been solved, that the brothers have no accomplices, that, they say, you can calm down, the police have worked well, everyone is found.

And now go promotion about where and what. And I would not be surprised if the US special services continue to lobby for a theory about the Russian, Caucasian and Chechen tracks. For what the Americans need it, we will soon see. But my personal opinion is that there is no Russian trace, no Doku Umarov is there.

As a result, we excluded the hooligan motive, proceeding simply from common sense. I would also exclude the Caucasian trace with Doku Umarov, because he has no motivation, no contacts, and in actual fact there is only one interested subject - American power, only they.

VIEW: Why is it for the States?

A. F .: After 11 September 2001, a huge amount of time has passed. Public opinion in America is reassured, it requires some kind of new democratic transformations, it requires an end to the war in foreign territories, and this does not fit in a bit with the foreign policy of the authorities, and even does not fit much. Therefore, we must pay tribute to the fact that the American authorities are very carefully watching the mood of society and trying to control them.

And in fact, with all these questions, many of which we are unlikely to get answers, it turns out that all of this was beneficial only to America. Their special services or people who represent the military-industrial complex are, in essence, the same thing.

VIEW: Do you, too, disregard large international terrorist organizations like Al-Qaida?

A. F .: Then it turns out that this is a “sleeping cell”. But, analyzing the biography of the suspects, we see no connection with international Islamic radical organizations. If only through the Internet. But I do not believe that this could be done by people who first lived in Kyrgyzstan, then - just a little bit in Makhachkala, and the main part of the conscious life - in America. I do not believe that out of two more or less educated, intelligent, normal people, this is how they made a “sleeping cell”. This is a fairy tale.

VIEW: Professor Nat from the USA believes that Chechen participants of international jihad are trying to advance to the leading roles in the world in this way ...

A. F .: Absurd. And this act of absurdity will be overgrown with this terrorist act. The point is, again, to direct the world and, above all, American society along some alternative, unintelligible paths of investigation.

But we in Russia more often than many others are confronted with terrorism, we are able to analyze the motivation and goals that these people set for themselves. And the British and even the Americans, who do not face it all the time, have such a fabulous idea of ​​this, they are afraid and do not understand it. And when you do not understand, you can load any motivation and any nonsense. The fact that this is not even some kind of al-Qaeda, but Chechen terrorism, although, if you look, Chechnya is now much safer than even Kabardino-Balkaria or Dagestan.

VIEW: You assumed that the Tsarnaevs could not do this. But, according to media reports, several years ago, the older brother was checking the FBI for communications with terrorists. It is even reported that such a request came to them from the FSB ...

A. F .: Our version is profitable for such a version that we supposedly made a request, we had information, and it was on your conscience that you didn’t check it. This is on the one hand. On the other hand, they were checked and found no involvement in anyone. And these people led a normal life, studied, played sports, got married, gave birth to children.

I think there was no request. Yes, they looked at them, but not at the level of such a total check, but at the level of isolated cases, some interviews, surveys, maybe, were conducted with their friends. It is impossible to keep the entire population under total control. But sometimes they are checked. And all the checks showed that they are loyal enough that they are not capable of such things.

LOOK: You persistently lead to the idea that it was not they who blew up the marathon.

A. F .: While I am not sure that they are. And even if they had some components of explosive devices in their homes that were used during the terrorist attack, even this does not mean that they brought it in and turned it on. Now we hear a lot of all sorts of statements that they are terrorists: from the FBI, and from the state governor, who are rolling in American society. But we are used to studying evidence. And no one has evidence yet.

VIEW: The combination of different factors in the main version of the authorities is very unusual: the alleged terrorists are Chechens, but they have not lived in Russia for many years, they spent most of their conscious lives in the USA ...

A. F .: This terrorist attack is very well prepared. There is a small amount of TNT, and a relatively small number of victims, and the wave, on the contrary, has gone all over the world. It is comparable, probably, only with the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks of the year, although, you know, the scale of things seems to be incompatible. Time and place were chosen exclusively. I can say that the director of these attacks was very literate.

As for the "selection" of Chechen performers, former Russian citizens - I generally call it aerobatics from the point of view of planning a terrorist attack. I do not know what this will lead to, but experts are already talking about a possible complication of relations with the Russian Federation. This is little believed, but I think that some politicians can take advantage of this situation. That is, an image of such an aggressive Russia is being created, moreover, we, they say, cannot cope with the problems in the Caucasus, and that the hotbed of world terrorism from Afghanistan and Iraq moves to us, to our Caucasus Mountains. And then, without our will, they will want to help us solve our problems. While it is, of course, difficult to imagine, it is so - thinking out loud ...

VIEW: And lastly - the Chechen separatists themselves from the terrorist attack in Boston have already disassociated themselves, incidentally accusing the entire FSB. What do you think about it?

A. F .: What do we gain here? We are in this situation - generally losers. Russia already does not have a very good image in the world, but here it becomes even worse. Neither we nor the Chechens have any benefits. I repeat once again - the puppeteer who organized all this, did everything very competently. And I still think that the one who benefits from it is sitting on American soil.
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  1. SCS
    SCS April 24 2013 06: 14
    after watching the news with this topic, my wife says that it all looks like a performance!) and that was the first impression! intuition... smile!
    but we don’t have measures to poke around, they’ve not completely blown off! after all, after that you will not manage three victims ....
    1. Russian
      Russian April 24 2013 15: 21
      Of course, this is the work of special services! And there are many reasons: this is also a budget cut, and blame everything on Russia, and so on.
      They have already arrived in Dagestan:

      A group of employees at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow arrived in Dagestan on April 23 to interview parents of the Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev brothers suspected of organizing a recent terrorist attack in Boston.

      According to the channel, the Russian authorities are helping the FBI investigate the bombings. According to the mother of the alleged terrorists, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, she and her husband will soon be interrogated by Russian and American investigators. At the same time, she stated that the only fault of her sons was that they were Muslims.

      The arrival of American specialists in Dagestan was preceded by a telephone conversation between the presidents of the United States and the Russian Federation, during which Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin agreed to cooperate in investigating the Boston terrorist attack.

      According to the channel, the Americans intend to find out what Tamerlan Tsarnaev was doing in Dagestan during his visit to this region in 2012. Basically, they are interested in whether he made acquaintances among local radicals engaged in building an “Islamic Emirate” in the North Caucasus. Earlier, representatives of the Islamists said that they are not fighting against the United States, and their only enemy is Russia.

      The members of the Tsarnaev family have already stated that Tamerlan was carried away by the ideas of radical Islam while in Dagestan. What exactly prompted him to this, the Americans who have arrived there hope to find out.
      1. Lord of the Sith
        Lord of the Sith April 24 2013 16: 28
        Today there was news about Boston
        Look at the bloggers investigation
        % 20% 20.html

        The same person in two roles

        Where is the blood?

        And here she is already gone

        Who are these people?

        Here they are in their PMC office

        But the head of this company died on February 2
        Remember the famous American sniper killed? So he was the head of Craft International

        Christopher Scott "Chris" Kyle (April 8, 1974, Odessa - February 2, 2013, Glen Rose) - American soldier of the special operations forces of the US Navy. He was considered the most effective sniper in the history of the US Army. During his service in Iraq, he killed 255 people, of whom 160 were officially confirmed by the US Department of Defense.

        Born April 8, 1974 in the family of a clergyman.

        Chris Kyle served in the army in 1999-2009 and went on military missions to Iraq four times. He was wounded twice. He took part in the second battle for Fallujah. In Ramadi, he was called the Al-Shaitan Ramad and a reward of $ 20 was awarded for his head. Its farthest shot is the destruction of a rebel armed with a grenade launcher at a distance of 1920 m (2100 yards). Kyle was twice awarded the Silver Star and awarded five Bronze Stars.

        In 2009, Kyle left the US Navy and with his wife and two children, moved to Texas. He served as the head of Craft International, which provided training for snipers and bodyguards. In 2012, he released the autobiographical book American Sniper.

        He was killed on February 2, 2013 at a shooting range in the district of Erat. He was shot dead by former soldier Eddie Ray Ruth with post-traumatic stress.
        1. Army1
          Army1 April 24 2013 17: 29
          It’s really interesting, I was still surprised by such an explosion, many tore off a lot, and this is often shown in close-ups! But I don’t think that if we understood, the FSB would not understand. If you managed to crank up the towers, then this is a firecracker, although the Americans do everything trite, or they make the rest stupid, or they themselves are stupid.
        2. knn54
          knn54 April 24 2013 17: 55
          Lord Sith: So he was the head of Craft International ...
          PMCs, but not that ?!
          A black backpack was blown up. And the Chechens had other backpacks - gray and white.
          Read more at Boston blew up mercenaries from PMC BlackWater
        3. Castor oil
          Castor oil April 24 2013 19: 03
          Here is also interesting:
          And pay attention: in one photo, in the first minutes after the act, a guy with legs "torn off" by an explosion lies on his right side, and his right (below) leg is like a classic stump of a disabled person with a sewn-up leg. And in a wheelchair, in his consciousness (!!) they are being taken somewhere, and his same right stump has already been torn into the trash !?
          1. Castor oil
            Castor oil April 24 2013 19: 04
            1. Castor oil
              Castor oil April 24 2013 19: 05
      2. NAPOLEON
        NAPOLEON April 24 2013 18: 12
        Of course, special services at home in Moscow in 1999 blew up Putin in order to raise the rating and then to saw the loot on the restoration of Chichen. Bislan Putin organized to cancel the gubernatorial elections. And Nordost so that Muscovites would not be conceited. as well as at the airport so that people fly abroad less wassat
    2. Belanov-ga
      Belanov-ga April 24 2013 15: 38
      The performance, definitely! This became clear immediately when in the first frames of the report they first of all showed a close-up of the flag of the Russian Federation, and only then the victims. Thus, and failing this operation at the very beginning. And then it started what hit.
    3. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith April 24 2013 16: 20
      I agree completely, women are like children that they see something right away and say. They do not think. And this is pure perception without speculation. As you look in the mirror, the mirror does not expect the same, but displays your face. So here your wife saw and displayed as it is.
    4. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith April 24 2013 17: 03
      I also invite everyone to study this

      Arson of the Reichstag - American remake

    5. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith April 24 2013 17: 08
      Arson of the Reichstag - American remake

      If the result of the September 11 attacks would be only the destruction of three skyscrapers (“twins” and WTC-7), this could be explained by the fact that they were prepared in advance for a controlled demolition in case of a terrorist attack, in order to prevent them from falling through all of Manhattan. And to confess that there was a mess and the buildings were accidentally demolished along with the people inside them - firemen and those who did not have time to evacuate. But the attack on the Pentagon does not give a chance for such explanations, which cannot be explained in the framework of the official version of Alkaide and a certain Bin Laden: the Pentagon was not destroyed by the Boeing that got into it. The official version of the attack on the Pentagon is sucked out of the finger: there is no evidence that the Boeing crashed into the Pentagon, and the nature of the damage to the Pentagon clearly and irrefutably proves that it was anything but the passenger Boeing.

      The real picture of what happened left the only, absolutely fantastic explanation of what happened: fuel exploded on the liner from a collision with the Pentagon wall, as a result of which the plane evaporated without a trace, leaving no traces on the lawn. We will not give arguments like those that refueling is not enough to evaporate one hundred tons of aluminum and titanium: one who believes in such nonsense cannot be convinced with reasonable arguments. We just carefully consider the scene, so that on the basis of this each non-zombie reader can draw his own conclusions.

      Close-up area

      We do not see any serious damage, we will pay attention to the reels with cable, which were not touched by a huge liner that crashed into the first floor of the building.

      This is exactly the place where the Boeing 757 crashed.

      The fire extinguishing is almost finished, we see in close-up the place where the aircraft hit and the wall around it, covered with fire foam. The liner, the cabin height of which is about 2/3 of the floor height, successfully fit between the coils with the cable, without hitting and without damaging the windows of the second floor!

      The Pentagon Wall about twenty minutes after the fire began

      The wall, in which the window panes were not even damaged, suddenly collapsed for no reason. Words are tired, tired and wall.

      1. Lord of the Sith
        Lord of the Sith April 24 2013 17: 18
        For a snack. According to the version offered to us, the plane completely evaporated. But the passengers of this flight were identified by DNA analysis. Strong, however, the Americans: they don’t burn in fire, in the hellish flame in which metal evaporates !!!

        Who are they holding us for, like that?

        On this topic has been previously published: Facts and fuck-you, the Commission pulls time, Science is inferior to the occult

        Places of damage and fires in the Pentagon that arose immediately after a mysterious object hit the outer wall

        A hundred-footed Boeing could not crash into the first floor for one more reason: in the immediate vicinity of the building there is a highway at an altitude of 20 meters, as can be seen in the following photo:

        Highway 20 meters above the base of the Pentagon

        The plane was supposed to fly to the Pentagon at a height of 6 meters, but how did it jump over the track?
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov April 24 2013 17: 36
          Quote: Sith Lord

          The plane was supposed to fly to the Pentagon at a height of 6 meters, but how did it jump over the track?

          Without even hitting the pillars, here is the first photo after getting into the pentagon. Someone find at least one spare part from an airplane request
      2. Skiff-2
        Skiff-2 April 24 2013 17: 38
        The purpose of the production is already clear - Russia is not able to cope with terrorists in the Caucasus and therefore the Americans are not recommended to attend the Sochi Olympics, this is in the morning in all their media.
        1. Orik
          Orik April 24 2013 18: 27
          I think that this is not the only goal. The explosion, as well as the recent shootings in America, will make it possible to tighten control inside the country, create prerequisites for toughening the rules on the possession of weapons, and the explosion is a powerful informational occasion that can serve as an information curtain for certain actions! Actions that should remain out of public discussion and be inconspicuous. What this action is not yet clear.
      NAPOLEON April 24 2013 18: 18
      of course intuition. 70 years old, and now our dear leadership continues to drag us in that the world conspiracy is spinning into the American government wassat
      1. Lord of the Sith
        Lord of the Sith April 24 2013 19: 43
        Well, of course we all dreamed yes?

        Here is a list of US military operations, what other country in the world is fighting so much? And most importantly, for what is fighting and with whom?Список_военных_операций_Сое
        1. Ezhaak
          Ezhaak April 24 2013 20: 04
          And you probably know that the Soviet Union managed to participate in its short life span, not only in 47, not in 48 military conflicts? Yes, less than the United States. But, the United States officially took part in the war against Russia. We never fought on their territory. I don’t know what to say, either fortunately or unfortunately. smile
          1. Corsair5912
            Corsair5912 April 25 2013 18: 51
            If the USSR started the war against USA, there would not have been any USA yet, they would have been crushed like cockroaches.
    7. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith April 24 2013 23: 18
      And here is some more news

      In the case of the Tsarnaev brothers, who committed the Boston terrorist attack, a Georgian trace appeared. Documents were made publicly available, from which it follows that the eldest of the brothers - Tamerlane - could have been recruited by the American-Georgian organization "Caucasian Fund" to prepare terrorist attacks in southern Russia. Tbilisi is still denying this information. Meanwhile, the Americans are waiting for an explanation from their authorities why Tsarnaev Sr., included in the list of potential terrorists, was not detained earlier.

      There is still no answer to the main question - why did the Tsarnaev brothers, who left for America, assimilated, decided to blow it up, and who brainwashed the elder - Tamerlan - and pushed him on the path of Islamic extremism?

      Vesti obtained documents from the counterintelligence department of the Georgian Interior Ministry. This is the report of the colonel of this structure Grigory Chanturia to the Minister of Internal Affairs Irakli Garibashvili. It follows from the document that a specially created Georgian organization "Caucasian Fund" was engaged in recruiting young people and intelligentsia of the North Caucasus to increase instability and extremist sentiments in the southern regions of Russia. Last summer, the "Caucasian Foundation" held seminars. Some of the lectures were attended by none other than Tamerlan Tsarnaev when he came to Dagestan.

      "The operative has established contact with all the invited persons under the cover of the Caucasian Fund," the document says. "There is a real opportunity in the future to use these persons to obtain information of an operational nature that is of interest to the counterintelligence department."

      The "Caucasian Fund" was generously funded. Colonel Chanturia writes that the organization received 33 thousand lari a month (this is 660 thousand rubles), and in total more than 4 million laris were transferred to the accounts (this is 81 million rubles).

      The "Caucasian Fund" closely cooperated with the American non-profit organization Jamestown (headquartered in Washington). The NGO was created in 1984 with the direct participation of Arkady Shevchenko - this is the most high-ranking Soviet defector. As Deputy Secretary General of the UN, he was recruited by the CIA, and all the years supplied there secret diplomatic information.

      Jamestown was run by the famous Russophobe Zbigniew Brzezinski and former CIA director James Woolsey. Now on the board of directors is another ex-head of the CIA, Michael Hayden. So what kind of teachers did Tsarnaev have?

      "Now it is being established what Tsarnaev did in Dagestan - stayed at home with his family for these 6 months or left, communicated with people," says Senator Diane Feinstein.

      Tsarnaev’s acquaintances recall that here in the USA, a certain preacher Misha often came to his house, judging by the accent, an Armenian. Of the most memorable signs - a red beard.
  2. Canep
    Canep April 24 2013 12: 10
    Many people think so, including me. The US security officials do not like budget cuts, so they are trying to break through financing.
  3. Ak 12
    Ak 12 April 24 2013 15: 14
    In my opinion we all know who did it
    1. ramzes1776
      ramzes1776 April 24 2013 16: 49
      Quote: Ak 12
      In my opinion we all know who did it

      After the Hollywood productions on September 11, 2001, I’m not surprised at anything. Time will pass, it will be clear to everyone who benefits from this.
  4. Deniska999
    Deniska999 April 24 2013 15: 14
    There is definitely a secret in this incident.
    1. alexng
      alexng April 24 2013 15: 54
      It is the Americans who think that there is some secret here. But the secret is one - a 100% lie.
  5. heavytank
    heavytank April 24 2013 15: 28
    thus the CIA wants to get permission from the Russian Federation to investigate terrorists in Chechnya in the Russian Federation itself. The CIA in Russia is looking for terrorists.
  6. Oleg1986
    Oleg1986 April 24 2013 15: 28
    Representatives of such a respected unit rarely enter conspiracy theology. So, one more powerful argument in favor of the fact that the American security forces are really plotting something. It will, and reports of an explosion in the White House will not be a duck at all. There definitely will not be a play.
  7. Ezhaak
    Ezhaak April 24 2013 15: 31
    the puppeteer, who organized all this, did everything very competently. And I still think that the one who benefits from this is sitting on American soil.
    And, as strange as it may seem to anyone, there are enough reasons to adhere to this opinion !. Well, the guys were wearing backpacks, so what? They turned out to be the "scapegoats". They were made guilty. I think so.
    1. RPD
      RPD April 24 2013 15: 40
      policeman killed after a terrorist attack? where did they get their weapons from?
      1. Ezhaak
        Ezhaak April 24 2013 16: 14
        Quote: RPD
        where did they get their weapons from?

        In states like all adults are allowed to carry weapons.
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov April 24 2013 16: 26
      Quote: Hedgehog
      . And I still think that the one who benefits from this is sitting on American soil.

      Here in this house is the customer hi
      Quote: Hedgehog
      ? They turned out to be the "scapegoats". They were made guilty. I think so.

      Not only you!
      1. fzr1000
        fzr1000 April 24 2013 16: 39
        But during the Anglo-American War 1812-1815 gg. the Angles took Washington and burned this building. The then US government fled in panic. There were times ...
        1. Captain45
          Captain45 April 24 2013 18: 09
          Quote: fzr1000
          But during the Anglo-American War 1812-1815 gg. the Angles took Washington and burned this building. The then US government fled in panic. There were times ...

          It’s a pity that, as in the song “It doesn’t repeat itself, it doesn’t repeat itself, it never repeats itself ..” This is me, the people who do not repeat their feat. Well, let's hope that there is still gunpowder in the flasks and there are good fellows who are laurels Naglich people are not allowed to sleep peacefully. The entot of the Yellow (White) House and those who are hiding behind its facade have already reached.
      2. Lord of the Sith
        Lord of the Sith April 24 2013 16: 57
        Wrong, they just want to put pressure on the White House.

        That's where it pulls
      3. Ezhaak
        Ezhaak April 24 2013 17: 08
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Here in this house is the customer

        Here let me disagree with you. It is the customer who sits in a more modest house, not so famous. Which one, I don’t know. And his name is not so well known to everyone. winked
        1. SSR
          SSR April 25 2013 11: 52
          Bush, (just sitting in white) Dupont, Morgan, Rothschild, Rockefeller ..
          this is probably the first 5 (in the list there should still be those who keep the Fed for ** opu)

          and doesn’t smell of any Boeing here))))
  8. Sirocco
    Sirocco April 24 2013 15: 33
    Like all the fuss since 11.11 2001. So is this explosion, a complete lie. They just made the guys scapegoats. And here I completely agree with Filatov. After September 11, 2001, a tremendous amount of time passed. Public opinion in America is calmed down, it requires some new democratic transformations, it requires an end to the war in foreign territories, and this does not fit in with the foreign policy of the authorities, and does not even fit in much. Therefore, we must pay tribute to the fact that the American authorities are very carefully watching the mood of society and trying to control them.
    1. vadson
      vadson April 24 2013 19: 04
      with numbers more accurately in November they didn’t have anything like that
  9. RPD
    RPD April 24 2013 15: 35
    By the way, "nice intelligent young men", athletes, students of the best universities, future lawyers-economists walk around our cities. and then stabbing, robbery and robberies. and then relatives "shouts like that, he could not." no matter how much you feed the wolf, he still looks into the forest. and who will call him into the forest? clearly not Santa Claus.
  10. krez-74
    krez-74 April 24 2013 15: 39
    Again puppeteers, puppets, theater ... People in their mass have been brought to the point that they even believe in an alien trace in the terrorist attack in Boston! What leads to this? First of all, the fact that the truth, under various pretexts, is never advertised, falls immediately under the heading "secret", and this, in turn, leads to the emergence of a constant and incessant lie!
  11. nikolas 83
    nikolas 83 April 24 2013 15: 55
    And long ago, in my past articles, I commented that the US special services themselves did everything. And they put me down more. All of them, like September 11, were blown up by their own and the arrows are now on the Chechens. Is Chechnya Russia, do you smell what it smells like? American democracy . Democracy they alone climb into a foreign country, make a coup, send troops for example. They will run into Russia.
  12. illarion
    illarion April 24 2013 16: 03
    I think the move will be as follows: Chechens-Chechnya-Russia-Sochi-Olympiad-boycott (due to fear of terror). Thoughts about the boycott of Sochi slipped through, but now it’s like a line.
    Or a completely delusional option: lawsuits of victims with billions of claims at the expense of our stabilization fund.
    1. fzr1000
      fzr1000 April 24 2013 16: 36
      Johar received U.S. citizenship on September 11.09.2012, 2003 (symbolically). Tamerlan received US refugee status in XNUMX and came there with a Kyrgyz passport, as did their entire family. What else is Russia?
    2. fzr1000
      fzr1000 April 24 2013 16: 42
      In a recent Facebook post, Johar wrote to his father: “This is my last message before the police grab me. I have never done that. I was tricked. Father, forgive me. I'm sorry that this happened ... "

      Pretty strange too ...
    3. Mhpv
      Mhpv April 24 2013 16: 42
      The closer the Olympics, the more provocations there will be.
      Summer will definitely be hot until the New Year.
      It is necessary for Russia to somehow spoil for intransigence in Syria, for Serdyukov, for Magnitsky and so on.
      So it probably makes sense to even refrain from relaxing in Sochi or nearby. Georgia has not completely calmed down there.
    4. vadson
      vadson April 24 2013 19: 07
      Quote: illarion
      I think the move will be as follows: Chechens-Chechnya-Russia-Sochi-Olympiad-boycott (due to fear of terror). Thoughts about the boycott of Sochi slipped through, but now it’s like a line.
      Or a completely delusional option: lawsuits of victims with billions of claims at the expense of our stabilization fund.

      they certainly won’t go to Sochi, they’re afraid of losing in hockey :-)
  13. saygon66
    saygon66 April 24 2013 16: 20
    - There is a "reason for war" ... Now it remains to carefully watch who the American authorities will "press". It is not clear why the Chechens were brought here, the states have enough of their own "partisans" In search of information on Boston, I found an article on the website of the Russian Air Force Service - the author mentions those who want to shit on Mama America. Terrorists right and left, separatists from the South, and even some kind of "environmental" bomber, plus all kinds of maniacs. With such and such a choice, one could find a horror story and more abruptly ... Oh, the Americans were shy - before, it happened, presidents were knocked down, and here - a couple of Chechen boys with briefcases ...
  14. Maximus
    Maximus April 24 2013 16: 27
    Just like in the good old detective, everyone thinks of the Americans, but the killer is a butler.
  15. waisson
    waisson April 24 2013 16: 46
    yes what rub the same grandmothers on the benches talk about it
  16. stalkerwalker
    stalkerwalker April 24 2013 16: 49
    ... that two days after the terrorist attack, thanks to an investigation by international bloggers, many photos appeared showing comrades who were athletic or even military-sporting ... Then they were identified as participants in, if I am not mistaken, a commercial military army ...
    The main informational "mutilovo" - what "bloggers" (Navalny companions?) ?, where did you get the video materials? "In a single impulse, all honest people rushed to help the world's most needy and impoverished secret service ...".
    As for the "selection" of Chechen performers, former Russian citizens - I call this generally aerobatics in terms of planning a terrorist attack.
    11 / 09 / 2001 these were the Saudis. Now the Chechens are selected. Which in Chechnya, and never really lived. "Transit" from Kyrgyzstan to the United States through Dagestan with a short stopover. A strange "Muslim theme", and Muslims in Russia are at least 30%. Why not Latinos, not African Americans, not Yankees?
    If we add to this the COMPLETE ABSENCE of any facts or documents, except for "fried video facts", it becomes clear that this is the same "wild linden" as the fall of Boeing on the Pentagon on the morning of September 11th.
    PS The American retired Karatsyupa still causes "delight" - all the local residents sat at home (quietly puffing on the toilet bowls out of fear), fulfilling the strict BAN OF THE AUTHORITIES to appear on the street, and someone was "crazy" to SEARCH A PIANO IN THE BUSH, .e. in a boat, under a tarp. Was he a vampire, led to the smell of blood?
  17. Katani
    Katani April 24 2013 17: 12
    The scheme has long been worked out both there and here !!!
    We need money - stir up terrorist instability, voila - the money went !!!
    Chechnya, Dagestan, Kabarda .... Democratic outbursts of power of the security forces !!!
  18. ramzes1776
    ramzes1776 April 24 2013 17: 53
    Now the American and European people will be led through the media to the Caucasian-Chechen (by default, the Russian trail). Closer to the Olympics, if the people do not "mature" "from where the legs grow" something else will bang and maybe not only in the USA, but also in Europe.
  19. Captain45
    Captain45 April 24 2013 17: 56
    Quote: р_у_с_с_к_и_й
    According to the channel, the Americans intend to find out what Tamerlan Tsarnaev did in Dagestan during a visit to this region in 2012. Basically, they are interested in whether he acquired acquaintances among local radicals engaged in the construction of an “Islamic emirate” in the North Caucasus.

    At the same time, they will refine the intelligence data on the number and composition of radicals, build bridges with whom to stop, give instructions to whom to do. At one time, I met different representatives of human rights and other Western organizations in the Caucasus. 0 spy sits on a spy, chases them spy. they’ll visit, and then wait for the next outbreak of terrorist attacks, mark my words. Do not ... do it there, let them send separate instructions through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Interpol and special services in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Code in force in Russia, we’ll give an answer . Then catch up and add.
  20. korm-yurii
    korm-yurii April 24 2013 17: 57
    The pepper is clear where the amers are driving. Russia cannot cope with terrorism and the Olympics at its end. And we need to pit the DPRK with America, so it will not be up to us.
  21. anarh
    anarh April 24 2013 18: 34
    Very interesting article.
    There about a guy who allegedly had his legs torn off.
    In a nutshell: they removed the prostheses, screwed on the dummy, sprayed with blood. And lay down nearby, like the wounded.
  22. mark021105
    mark021105 April 24 2013 19: 56
    I watched the news that night and the first thing that caught my eye, even somehow unconsciously, the people standing along the road in yellow jackets after the explosion did not even look back, not to mention the fact that they seemed to be blasting if not to throw them away , then at least move from a place ... And an incomprehensible fuss in that place ... And the participants of the marathon who ran past looked around and continued to run by inertia ... So it is very similar to the production ...
  23. deman73
    deman73 April 24 2013 19: 59
    In my setup Amerovskaya bred everyone
  24. shpuntik
    shpuntik April 24 2013 21: 29
    There is only one official conclusion from this Hollywood scenario: terrorists may arrive from Chechnya. Then there are two options: 1) American "aid", like Afghanistan. Further destabilization of the Caucasus, independence coupled with the change of Kadyrov's criminal regime. Option two, the opposite:
    2) America recognizes the external terror in Chechnya and the Caucasus by "Alkaida", it says about external financing. At the same time, funding from London and the UAE, through the CIA, is being curtailed.
    These options are used as leverage in negotiations with Russia, at the upcoming meeting of the US and Russian presidents. If Russia makes concessions on the Syrian issue: then the second option with all the pluses: the Olympics, the lack of support for the militants with money. If Russia refuses, it will be to blame for the source of terrorism in the United States. IMHO.
  25. shpuntik
    shpuntik April 24 2013 23: 49
    Here is the link turned up:


    Just know what the problem is? And the fact is that from the helicopter of the journalists of one television company this same Tsarnaev is alive, healthy and sitting on his own, as if nothing had happened.
  26. AlNick
    AlNick April 25 2013 04: 20
    "... Late Tuesday evening in Moscow (in the US at that time it was the height of the working day), the information space of the planet exploded with a message in the microblog of the Associated Press (AR) news agency.
    - Breaking News: Two explosions in the White House. President Obama is injured, the record read.
    It turned out that the microblog of the news agency was hacked by hackers who launched the “duck” about the explosions. The so-called “Syrian Electronic Army”, supporting President Bashar al-Assad, took responsibility. Previously, hackers attacked the Twitter accounts of the BBC and the American television company NPR, and then hacked the Twitter of the American television company CBS and posted critical messages there against the US authorities.
    Whether this group really has anything to do with the Syrian authorities is still unknown. It may be a group of radicals from Europe or from the United States itself, sympathizing with Assad ... "(

    Here is another Americans' setup, and another reason ...
  27. RPD
    RPD April 25 2013 15: 00
    Tsarnaev’s mother will be arrested in the theft case if she arrives in the USA. nice, intelligent family
  28. Corsair5912
    Corsair5912 April 25 2013 18: 43
    I have been waiting for this performance for a long time.
    USA just has no choice; they need a reason to invade Syria, Turkey, Iran, and the Caucasus.
    They need a reason to maintain their presence in Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, and Iraq.
    Loyal friend of USAA bin Laden served the White House and the Pentagon for a long time, but he is no more, there is nobody to catch.
    Bin Laden was replaced by very comfortable figures - the Chechens.
    Chechens in the West are known as terrorists without any moral restrictions, prone to inhuman atrocities and senseless terrorist attacks against civilians.
    Chechens are much more convenient than bin Laden, they have spread all over the world and everywhere their reputation is bad, they are prone to rudeness, violence to lawlessness and wild antics.
    The accomplices of the Tsarnaev brothers can be caught in any country and for as long as you like, but along the way you can kick the Russians.
    In the eyes of an ignorant western cattle, the Chechens are almost Russian and there is a common fault on them.
  29. Oleg63
    Oleg63 4 May 2013 21: 16
    The United States does not want and will dump on RUSSIA, they need it as an ally to fight China, and this whole bloody performance is needed in order to change the opinion of the American people (which they themselves created) "about the struggle of the Caucasian people for freedom", now they will call them terrorists.