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Arctic: thawed or frozen?

As transmits "Gismeteo"According to American scientists - those who have been studying sea ice in the Arctic for years, by the 2050 in the summer, the Arctic Ocean can be crossed without fear of colliding with the ice. That is, to put it simply, instead of icebreakers you can go there by boats and yachts. Maybe travel agencies will be interested in new routes in which solariums in hotels will be irrelevant. Those of the scientists whom colleagues attribute to pessimists claim that the Arctic ice will melt in the next decade. That is, northern tour operators should hurry with booklets, network advertising and diversify business: open trade in swimsuits, sunblock creams and ice cream.

Scientific explanations for the speedy melting were given by the staff of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. These comrades, as reported by Gismeteo, note: the rapid melting of Arctic ice is the surest indicator of global climate change. According to scientists, this leads to shifts in ecosystems, including significant changes in weather conditions throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

Americans believe that humanity should adapt to the coming global changes. True, it is impossible to accurately predict the change scenario. And therefore, American researchers have proposed three scenarios. And the first of them, it seems, was just pessimists.

According to their assumptions, almost all Arctic ice will melt by 2020 year. Only some glaciers will survive in the northern regions of the Canadian Archipelago and Greenland.

The second scenario was composed by pessimists in half with optimists. A reasonable compromise was found. According to this scenario, it will take ten years more to melt the ice: the Arctic will change to 2030. Scientists support this version by the fact that large losses of Arctic ice were previously observed not as a continuous phenomenon, but as cyclical, occurring with an interval of 5-7 years.

The optimistic Arctic scenario devotes years to the process of complete melting of the ice of 40-50. After the 2040 of the year, according to the forecast of American optimists, the concentration of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere will reach a peak, and this, among other things, will lead to an unprecedented heating of the Arctic.

But even here the voices of pessimists erupted: scientists have reminded that because of the unwillingness of mankind to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions, the process of melting in the Arctic in the coming decades may even accelerate.

In April, an international conference entitled “Ensuring Technogenic-Ecological Safety in the Arctic: Solutions” was held in Salekhard. It was attended by representatives of the Arctic Council member states, reports with reference to the press service of the governor of YaNAO.

The report “Resource Development of the Arctic and the Conservation of Arctic Ecosystems” was made by the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation Denis Khramov. Speaking about the coming warming in the Arctic, he noted: “Another pressing issue is global warming in the Arctic. Over the past 30 years, the ice cover has decreased in 2 times. I hope that the fruitful and constructive cooperation of the Arctic Council member states in the field of environmental protection will allow us to preserve the Arctic ecosystems. ”

Comrade Khramov reminded those present the main parameters of the Arctic zone. Its area is 18% of the territory of the Russian Federation and 28% of the world's Arctic possessions. The region has 594 oil deposits, 159 gas deposits, 2 nickel deposits and more 350 gold deposits. The main participants in the development of mineral resources in the Arctic: Russia, USA, Norway, Canada. The deputy minister said that this year it is planned to prepare an updated application for submission to the UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf.

Also, as he writes "Russian newspaper", Denis Khramov announced that in 2013, work will be carried out to eliminate pollution on the Russian Arctic islands. The total amount of pollution should be reduced, as in the 2012 year, by 8000 tons, while technical rehabilitation of the territories should be carried out on an area of ​​34 hectares. “The mineral resource base of the Arctic has a huge potential, which should be a driver for the development of remote and inaccessible regions of the country, the development of industry, and the strengthening of Russia's strategic positions,” comrade Khramov noted.

Russia demonstrates responsible environmental management, regulated by the Program for the Elimination of Sources of Negative Impacts on Contaminated Areas of the Archipelago to 2020.

Analyst Andrei Milovzorov ( believes that the main message driving the bustle around the Arctic - the statement "The Arctic Thaws" - remains quite controversial.

Most plans for the development of Arctic resources are based on the assumption that there will be warmer: the navigation period will be extended, the ice over the oil and gas fields will disappear, and the cold lands will be covered with lush greenery. Western science trumpets catastrophic climate warming.

But not all the results of scientific studies confirm such conclusions. Scientists at the Pulkovo Observatory say solar activity is waning. Therefore, literally from next year, the average annual temperature on the planet will begin to fall, and after some time another “small ice age” may begin (the previous one happened at the end of the 17th century).

In this case, writes A. Milovzorov, not only the pole, but also a large part of the Northern Hemisphere will be covered with ice. About mastering the wealth of the Arctic will have to forget a hundred years.

The very likely stopping of the Gulf Stream, caused by the melting of the Arctic ice and the desalination of the waters of the northern seas, can also lead to a cooling down.

A report on the future migration of people from the North Atlantic to North Eurasia, released at the end of 2011 of the London School of Economics and the American Brookings Institute, also speaks about the likelihood of global cooling that may occur instead of global warming.

According to the authors of the study, the analyst recalls, the new “outcome” will be caused by a geoclimatic catastrophe, from which representatives of the Euro-American civilization, turned into ordinary refugees, will seek salvation in a large and rich in natural resources of Russia.

And you say - warming!

With regard to the alleged development of the Arctic resources, expert Pavel Razuvaev spoke on this subject (IA "Sever-Press"). He recalls that Russia is the leader in reserves and resources of oil and gas in the Arctic. Russian gas reserves are currently estimated at 91,3% of the reserves discovered in all five Arctic countries. The Kara, Pechora and Barents seas contain a total of about ten trillion cubic meters of natural gas.

What prevents Russia from starting hydrocarbon production in the Arctic? Comrade Razuvaev is also inclined to think about the coming “ice age”.

"... By the way, last year the lowest ice cover in the Arctic was recorded for the entire history observations. From this the easiest way to conclude that the era of warming is inexorably approaching the planet. But, according to many scientists, the situation is just the opposite. The point of maximum warming of the Earth is passed, and the cooling phase begins. However, do not rush to stock up on fur coats, this process is very inertial, lengthy. And, alas, now no one can predict it accurately. But the further development of the countries of the Arctic region directly depends on this. ”

Could the Arctic be completely and completely frozen? Will it be possible to start large-scale development of oil and gas resources in the near future? The author of the material writes that the answer to these questions was not found either abroad or in Russia.

Comrade Razuvaev highlights other risks for hydrocarbon production. Among the first - earthquakes. Norwegian scientists have published data that indicate that many earthquakes occur in the Arctic. But they are not determined by Russian seismic stations. Nobody has thoroughly studied the low-amplitude earthquakes in the Arctic. But, the author notes, any oil and gas project such inattention can lead to disaster.

Another factor that has to be taken into account is the negative temperature of the water - down to minus two degrees. This creates tremendous problems for the production of hydrocarbons. But you should take into account the permafrost.

“Natural processes that have not even been properly studied, lead to the fact that in many areas there is a strong outgassing,” said Vasily Bogoyavlensky, deputy director of the Institute of Oil and Gas Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences. “Now an expedition of the Russian Academy of Sciences is being conducted to study this phenomenon.”

“What do we have in the end? The combination of natural and economic problems of the development of the Arctic forced to postpone indefinitely the development of the Shtokman field. Now Russia and Norway are starting exploratory exploration on the Fedynsky Code. Its area is much larger than Stockman, and here, with a high degree of probability, they expect to find not only gas, but also oil. Hydrocarbons are actively produced on Sakhalin. And it even allowed Japan to refuse to import a significant amount of them from Alaska. The Yamal LNG is moving by leaps and bounds to the first day of its industrial operation. Last year, the piloting of the Ob River along the Northern Sea Route proved its exceptional economic benefits. However, it should be borne in mind that the main pollution of the seas does not occur during the extraction of oil and gas, but during their transportation. No technology can protect the Arctic from a person who, as we know, is prone to make mistakes. And the statistics inexorably proves that the notorious human factor is guilty of fifty-five percent of cases of tanker accidents. ”

An example is the Shell expedition to the Chukchi Sea. The company was preparing for it for 6 years and spent more than 4,5 billion dollars on it. But one of the rigs was cast ashore. As a result, not a single well was drilled.

“I would not like to adopt such foreign technologies,” writes Razuvayev. He recalls that Russia will have to create a new Arctic fleet. Today, almost all wells on the Sakhalin shelf are drilled with Chinese and Korean platforms. For drilling at the Dolginskoye field, Gazprom Neft signed an agreement with a Romanian company.

"... And the Romanians are already boasting that they are beginning to work in the Arctic, despite the fact that their drilling was created for the southern regions and is absolutely not adapted for the North."

And yet the author ends the article on an optimistic note. In his opinion, Russia has hope for a safe and cost-effective development of the Arctic. Gazflot conducted a geological survey campaign in the Gulf of Ob and Taz and on the shelf of the Kara Sea. The increase in gas reserves in these areas for a decade of work amounted to more than 2 trillion. cc m

In the hope of warming, Russia is fighting in the United Nations for expanding the external borders of the Arctic shelf. According to Arctic Info With reference to Golos Rossii, this year Russia plans to file an application to the UN Commission on extending the boundaries of the shelf beyond the 200-mile economic zone established by the Maritime Convention 1982 of the year. If our scientists succeed in proving that the Mendeleyev Ridge and the Lomonosov Ridge continue the Russian continental shelf, the country will have a priority right to develop these areas. According to the head of Rosnedra, Alexander Popov, performed by the department in 2010-2012. High-latitude exploration expeditions in the Arctic provide a chance to entrust the Russian Federation with the UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf, 1,2 million square meters. km

Arthur Chilingarov, Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for International Cooperation in the Arctic and Antarctic, specified recently that Russia intends to submit to the United Nations a modified application for expanding the external borders of the Arctic shelf. He noted that the application will be filed with the UN only when Moscow is confident of success.

“We cannot submit an application without being at 100% confident of a positive result. Therefore, another expedition is needed in 2013, ”said Chilingarov in an interview with the Voice of Russia correspondent.

Andrei Milovzorov ( specifies that for more than ten years Russia has been trying to prove that the Arctic submarine ridges of Mendeleev and Lomonosov are the “protrusions” of the continental shelf, continuing the continental Siberian plate. If this is recognized as a scientific fact, Russian hydrocarbon reserves will increase by 5-10 billion tons of standard fuel.

However, in the 2013 year, applications will be prepared with Denmark and Canada. These countries also claim part of the mentioned submarine ridges. A. Milovzorov writes that the UN Commission deliberately “slowed down” the course of the Russian application in order to consider all three simultaneously. Shelf will get to those whose arguments seem members of the UN Commission more convincing.

Thus, the future of the Arctic is unclear in many ways. First, in the climate: some scientists insist on the coming warming, others argue that to be on Earth a new cooling, almost an “ice age” —and such that the inhabitants of other countries of the G-7 will become refugees and try to survive in Russia Secondly, the risks of developing the natural resources of the Arctic are extremely high: from sub-zero temperatures and earthquakes to the human factor threatening the environment. Thirdly, decisions on UN applications will not do without political arguments, which are likely to go ahead of scientific ones.

In any case, most of the mining projects are based on forecasts of imminent warming. In the case of a global cooling, the crowd who want to cut the Arctic into pieces will noticeably thin.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. click80
    click80 April 25 2013 08: 05
    For more than ten years, Russia has been trying to prove that the Arctic underwater ridges of Mendeleev and Lomonosov are the "protrusions" of the continental shelf that continue the mainland Siberian plate.

    Maybe just on what thread islets which next to these ridges put up the border posts of the Russian Federation and put the whole world before the fact that this is our territory. And let all of NATO bite its teeth in powerless attempts to do something
    1. Romn
      Romn April 25 2013 08: 16
      I completely agree, because I still can’t prove it, the delay in decisions, considerations, etc. will continue. It is necessary to take it by force, but for now it is necessary to increase this force, until the year 2020-2030 there is still time to feel! smile
      1. Papakiko
        Papakiko April 25 2013 09: 31
        Quote: Romn
        delaying decisions, reviews, etc. will continue

        And on what "kladenets" was signed in the 90s an agreement on sea borders and international waters !?
        It was like this and everyone was "happy":

        Talk about the polar part!
    2. Odissey
      Odissey April 25 2013 12: 40
      Maybe just on what thread islets which next to these ridges set up the border posts of the Russian Federation and put the whole world before the fact that this is our territory

      It would be nice. Moreover, we have all the opportunities for this: a powerful icebreaking fleet, a base in the form of adjacent territories (Franz Josef Islands, etc.), troops and extensive experience. If they wanted to, they would.
      It’s just that, our campaign, our authorities hope that in this matter everything will be decided by civilized methods. How are they wrong sad
      1. vadimN
        vadimN April 25 2013 18: 20
        Quote: Odissey
        It’s just that, on the hike, our authorities expect that in this matter everything will be decided by civilized methods.

        Yes, no ... Most likely, our officials of all stripes and levels (including the highest) simply do not care about the interests of the country, especially those that will be contested in years through 40 - 50 ... They themselves will not be there by that time, but they have long attached children to those countries that will tear the Russian Arctic apart. And therefore, they do not care .. Their interests will not be affected.
    3. igordok
      igordok April 25 2013 13: 38
      Quote: click80
      set up the border posts of the Russian Federation

      About polonium flagpoles at the bottom of the Arctic.
      tsya.html winked
    4. smprofi
      smprofi April 25 2013 23: 02
      Quote: click80
      And let all NATO clap its teeth

      Yes NATO does not care (however, the Kremlin already has love to suck in the gums), but the former "lesser brothers", hunhuz, are very nimble guys. they, for example, believe that the Northern Sea Route is exclusively neutral waters. and they, hunhuz, are allowed there to do whatever their heart desires
  2. rereture
    rereture April 25 2013 08: 08
    The Arctic is melting, and in the middle zone of winter it is getting colder, and the snow lies until mid-April.
  3. bars280
    bars280 April 25 2013 08: 09
    Quote: click80
    For more than ten years, Russia has been trying to prove that the Arctic underwater ridges of Mendeleev and Lomonosov are the "protrusions" of the continental shelf that continue the mainland Siberian plate.

    Maybe just on what thread islets which next to these ridges put up the border posts of the Russian Federation and put the whole world before the fact that this is our territory. And let all of NATO bite its teeth in powerless attempts to do something

    And to each pillar at a large military base. Then it certainly will not care what NATO clings there.
    1. click80
      click80 April 25 2013 09: 14
      Duc enough border guards, for an attack on such can be counted as an attack on the Russian Federation. A base is better to build on the mainland.
  4. UFO
    UFO April 25 2013 08: 24
    "North Pole, a bear with a bear cub. Bear cub: Mom, and in our family, there were no brown bears? ... -No sonny. ... Mom, well, we can grandma, somewhere - on the side, huh? .. . -No, but what are you asking? ... Well then, what am I SO cold? !!! ". Alas, this anecdote may soon become history. hi
  5. Kolya
    Kolya April 25 2013 08: 31
    Glaciers in the Himalayas will melt faster. There will be 2 billion hungry refugees from Asia. Besides, anyone who thinks about "global warming" only in terms of temperature changes thinks very narrowly.
    1. vladkust
      vladkust April 26 2013 16: 20
      I completely agree with you that it will be much more terrible that half of the world's population, mainly African residents, will look with hungry eyes in our direction and God forbid American "fighters for world peace" will snobbish them with weapons ...
  6. AK-47
    AK-47 April 25 2013 08: 47
    ... a new "outcome" will be caused by a geoclimatic catastrophe, from which representatives of the Euro-American civilization, turned into ordinary refugees, will seek salvation in a large and resource-rich Russia.

    It's time to prepare for the meeting of unexpected guests. drinks
    1. UFO
      UFO April 25 2013 08: 51
      Yes, and stock up on shovels and large plastic bags for "guests". soldier
      1. pensioner
        pensioner April 25 2013 11: 18
        Quote: UFO
        Yes, and stock up on shovels and large plastic bags for "guests".

        It is desirable that the shovels have a thermobaric effect, and bags with an annihilation effect. Do you mind
        1. UFO
          UFO April 25 2013 12: 26
          I AM? Totally agree!!! drinks
        2. navy33
          navy33 April 25 2013 23: 42
          with both hands FOR !!! drinks
    2. antiaircrafter
      antiaircrafter April 25 2013 19: 11
      Quote: AK-47
      It's time to prepare for a meeting of unexpected guests

      Why will they trample on us? They have a tang!
  7. individual
    individual April 25 2013 09: 40
    Forecasts of hydrometcenters of the last 5 years constantly contradict themselves in the person of their leaders. New warming or a new ice age? Whose theory is more convincing? Undoubtedly, in weather forecasts for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, systematic lapses of the luminaries of the forecast. All these weather predictions depend on a large number of criteria. Not everything has been sufficiently studied by science, and the conclusions of specialists often contradict each other. It seems to me that all battles for weather forecasts come down to completely earthly mercantile reasons. Allocation and the right to develop the budget dough is the whole tale of the confrontation. The creator himself by his decree will make the weather as he sees planet Earth as necessary in the climate.
  8. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 April 25 2013 09: 48
    Despite the stated warming, in fact, the average annual temperature is getting lower. That is, it falls, but does not rise. And this is a fact, my dear colleagues on the site ...
    So we will see yachts and other floating garbage in the waters of the Arctic oh, if not soon ...

    But the bear is funny ... smile
    1. Naval
      Naval April 25 2013 18: 38
      I'm afraid you're mistaken. Tanker DWT-100t. passed, what still needs to be proved, the Chinese are already building ships for the NSR, and judging by their agility and our inertia, they will remove the foams from this project ... Although it is insulting, our ancestors made this path. We lose such grandmas ...: ((
  9. nod739
    nod739 April 25 2013 10: 07
    Remember Soviet maps? so there the border went to the north pole. I read somewhere that Stalin himself checked the box and said that ours.
    on a flat map it is not clear, but on the globe it is clearly visible that this applies to Russia - geometrically, without delving into the shelves.
    but something suggests that the UN Commission will "prove" that it is Canadian.
    but in essence, put the rig, keep the fleet and bases nearby,
    In the Silent Ocean, there are even French islands, I am silent about the United States, and something there no one is looking for a shelf

    Any geologist will say that the world lives mainly in the ice age, for 100 or more thousand years, and the interglacial ones fit in several tens of thousands of years by force. the last glacial was 30 thousand years ago.
    They’re afraid that a new one will come
  10. pensioner
    pensioner April 25 2013 11: 16
    I don’t understand what it all rested in gas and oil when it comes to the Arctic? Yes there and without oil and gas dofig everything. The simplest thing is coal. And rare earths (including those at the bottom of the sea) should not be dug by digging. Why is there little talk about these riches? Bioresources unmeasured. Possibility of shipping. They tried to build at least one enrichment plant, all the oil, gas ...
  11. Bashkaus
    Bashkaus April 25 2013 11: 31
    YES, right now, I'll start to panic about global warming, what to do, what to do? there was one thing to disappear.
    Whatever the child would entertain, if only she would not think about the global crisis. What kind of syria or homosexual is there in Europe, when there, the end of the world at the end of the world, the earth changes magnetic poles, polar shafts melt away, etc.
    But seriously, it’s okay that the northern ice will melt.
    This is a global process taking place on planet Earth much longer than a person exists, because few people know that the climate in the middle sea before the small ice age (i.e., during the Roman Empire and ancient Greece) was warmer than now despite global warming. And if you look even further, you see mammoths got even more, there were tropics on the territory of Siberia. And nothing, somehow survived.
    Yes, of course, such disasters affect people, many will even die, but this is a natural process that we cannot stop.
    We don’t have to think about wars and how to earn more money, but how to live harmoniously with Mother Earth, but we don’t know how to do this, so we need to set our border post and point to the very pole, attack on the border is a serious matter, you can use a mace grab your head.
  12. Odissey
    Odissey April 25 2013 12: 28
    The region has discovered 594 oil deposits, 159 gas deposits, 2 nickel deposits and more than 350 gold deposits.

    Arctic. Oil, gas, gold - that's not all. After all, there are a lot of biological resources. And this is very important in our age of overpopulation and global food shortages.
    For example, there is such a crustacean - krill is called. Lives in the Antarctic. Six months growing, six months at the bottom. It is mined by itself (100000 tons per year), so it is also food for fish. In the Arctic, before him, summer was too short. Now, when the ice melts, such a problem will no longer be. It will breed there instantly. But one they can feed all of humanity, and even the number of fish on a large feed will dramatically increase. If the territories recede to us and the Arctic warms up, it will become for us truly a gold mine.
    1. pensioner
      pensioner April 25 2013 13: 11
      Quote: Odissey
      For example, there is such a crustacean - krill is called.

      Magnificent thing. We ate well in Soviet times. Moreover, they grumbled "Again krill meat for a snack ...". Morons. It was necessary to EAT in the whole mouth for future use. Who knew we wouldn't see again.
  13. Black
    Black April 25 2013 12: 51
    Hysteria about warming is not justified. The periods of cooling and warming amicably change each other. let's still look at it.
  14. Black
    Black April 25 2013 12: 51
    Hysteria about warming is not justified. The periods of cooling and warming amicably change each other. let's still look at it.
  15. Tuzik
    Tuzik April 25 2013 13: 55
    all the hysteria about global catastrophes and doomsday is due to a decaying society, people simply have nothing to do and it’s very boring to live (especially in the geyrope), so people are waiting and wanting some kind of change! either war, then aliens, then catastrophes. even in the film industry this is well traced, more and more disaster films.
  16. mabuta
    mabuta April 25 2013 14: 13
    Over the entire 199 mile, sprinkle islands and 200 more miles fellow
  17. nod739
    nod739 April 25 2013 14: 27
    Quote: retired
    We ate well in Soviet times. Moreover, they grumbled "Again krill meat for a snack ...". Morons. It was necessary to EAT in the whole mouth for future use. Who knew we wouldn't see again.

    do not answer for the entire Union, in Yakutia I saw krill only a couple of times, and then in canned goods at a big doom.

    but if they start to catch him in the Laptev Sea, it will be soooo, but it’s probably not in this century - there’s no infrastructure
  18. Vtel
    Vtel April 25 2013 15: 36
    I’m sorry for the bear ...!
    1. Naval
      Naval April 25 2013 18: 41
      I completely agree with you.
  19. pinachet
    pinachet April 25 2013 15: 39
    all these climatologists and conservationists of pure water divorce. Our scientists have already said that the climate on the earth is cyclical and changed regardless of human activity.
    this ice has melted and built up a hundred times without our "gases"
    Remember these wise men in the 80s and tried to ban chlorine. And when they find out that the continents are moving slowly they will make a fuss and start collecting money to stop them !!
  20. Arrogant
    Arrogant April 25 2013 15: 57
    About warming, it’s just complete nonsense)) in the courtyard on April 24 it is snowing and I’m about 800 km from the ocean
    1. biglow
      biglow April 25 2013 18: 52
      Quote: Rogue
      About warming, it’s just complete nonsense)) in the courtyard on April 24 it is snowing and I’m about 800 km from the ocean

      about warming, it’s just nonsense, in the Arctic, the last few years record record cold
  21. 12061973
    12061973 April 25 2013 16: 48
    vilfand confusedly, ornately, admits that he does not know anything about the weather.
  22. USNik
    USNik April 25 2013 17: 23
    Americans believe that humanity should adapt to future global changes.

    To bomb Libya and incite Islamists, a strange method of adaptation however ...
  23. knn54
    knn54 April 25 2013 17: 54
    In winter, in the cities of Tajikistan, the daily temperature was -15 ° C (in the mountains, up to -25).
    In China, they don’t remember such a winter for about 30 years.
    Snow storm "Nemo" has been called the worst in the United States in 35 years.
    Israel and Jordan had the most heavy snowfall in the last 10 years.
    During the expedition for the Arctic Circle, the American ecologist Zak Anger calculated that the number of polar bears (Alaska, Greenland, Russia, Canada, and Norway) increased from 1950 to 2010 from 5000 to 25000 and continues to grow.
    PS They say that in 2009 hackers broke into the server of the University of East Anglia ... in recent years, the temperature on Earth has not increased.
    So what to believe-forecasts or your own eyes?
    1. Naval
      Naval April 25 2013 19: 02
      Believe SOVKOMFLOT, which drove a 100000-ton tanker with petroleum products into the Pacific from the Atlantic by sea, and this is a fact
      1. Azaat
        Azaat April 26 2013 07: 00
        In the 18th century, this way was sailed on wooden mounds to America. There was no other way.
  24. atalef
    atalef April 25 2013 18: 29
    I believe that there is no warming, and if there is, it is due to periodic fluctuations in the Earth’s climate. It's no secret that in the Middle Ages grapes grew in England, then there was a cooling (see pictures of the small Dutch) all the channels in Amsterdam were frozen and it was every year. There was a time when mammoths walked on the Arctic Circle and there was quite a lot of vegetation. Sugar was green 5000 years ago. then for some reason it turned into a desert (but there wasn’t any greenhouse effect then)
    There is a group of scientists and politicians who are promoting a warming trend. beating money for it (by intimidating the population) By inventing the stupid Kyoto Protocol (to control the industry of developing countries, by limiting carbon dioxide emissions) They roll out symposia, live in 5 * hotels and what you think are interested in the truth, no. they are primarily interested in extending their comfortable existence.
    It's like with SARS, Rabies Cow, Influenza (pork, avian, canine - put in the right one) Just buy the vaccines, and whether it is flu or not - who cares.
    People are bred for loot (entire states), but the truth is nobody needs
  25. Naval
    Naval April 25 2013 18: 57
    The Arctic has melted and this is a fact. Canadians. Danes, etc., and we can safely move along the northern sea route. and you can’t get away from it. The question is whether we can enter a club of countries capable of offering transportation of goods from the Atlantic to the Pacific region by the northern route, which promises big profits. Hydrocarbons are certainly good, but transport will give more and faster. The Chinese are already preparing, but we are only reasoning. No.
    NOBODY EXCEPT US April 25 2013 22: 33
    Judging by many comments, the debilitation level is close to critical, it’s necessary to think of declaring international waters as your own, everyone wants it that way, I understand that Vova’s tongue grinds steeply but muscles do not grow from this, many teenagers already think of themselves as rulers of the world, you will need to see how this is called in psychiatry ......
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov April 25 2013 22: 45
      Excuse me, but what kind of "international waters" can we talk about?
    2. Ruslan67
      Ruslan67 April 26 2013 03: 56
      Quote: NOBODY BUT US
      the level of debilitation is close to critical, it’s necessary to think of international waters as their own

      Absolutely agree hi Your personal has reached the limit belay According to international law, the state can declare any area that is capable of confidently controlling its territorial waters. By the way, the recognition of other countries in this case is not required request
  27. and she
    and she April 25 2013 22: 45
    The Chinese, you say, are preparing, but we are arguing. Yes, we are not discussing - the other day, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich and got down to business - he signed the order AD-P9-254, in which he suggested the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Energy and Rospriroda to prepare proposals on the abolition of the state intelligence program and the development of the continental shelf. That is, it is proposed to postpone the development of the region for a long time.
    And we also thought about icebreakers in our wonderful government - the Finance Ministry decided that there was no money for the construction of these ships. Two years ago it was announced that nine icebreakers would be built: three universal nuclear and six diesel-electric. The Ministry of Finance requires a cut in the icebreaker construction program. Large oil and gas companies also do not find money for it - they believe that the existing Arctic fleet is quite enough, but no one remembered that this fleet was built back in the 70s and was pretty worn out.
    There’s as much money you want for Skolkovo’s squandering of billions at Medvedev’s cap, but there isn’t any money for the country’s important business, and there’s no money for exploring deposits at high latitudes either, so I’m afraid that under such a government, the Chinese will really soon manage our waters. Or the Finns - they also have the capacity and money to build icebreaker ships, and these figures will save on matches and squander billions on fun projects.
  28. Azaat
    Azaat April 26 2013 07: 07
    Warmer or colder there is no difference. The main thing is that we need the north. And then, under EBN, part of the Barents Sea has already been given away and you cannot return it back.
  29. Humpty
    Humpty April 26 2013 17: 14
    The main thing is to be prepared for both variants of events. Glaciers are extremely variable natural objects. With rare exceptions, glaciers are retreating everywhere in the world.