Bet more than Stalin

Why, despite all the efforts to convince people, the popularity of Stalin is only growing?

Before a serious visit to Poland, Dmitry Medvedev again — and already somewhat annoyed — recalled the current political attitude: “The people won the war, not Stalin.”

But in response on the Internet there are tricks, but why does the body have a head, if there are legs, why do we need a president then, if he is only a hindrance to people?

Why, despite all the efforts to convince people, the popularity of Stalin is only growing? Do they not understand that he was a bloody tyrant?

To begin with, I am not a Stalinist, for generally adhering to the commandment "do not make yourself an idol." But today we are not talking about a benevolent idol or a hated idol. Today, a battle is unfolding around the figure of Stalin ... no, not for the future of the Russian state, but for whether it will have any future at all. Do not worry, humanists, this is not your topic.

“When they talk about“ de-Stalinization, ”we must clearly distinguish between wrappers and sweets,” Leonid Radzikhovsky wrote in the Daily Journal a year ago. - The Wrapper is a stunning discovery of how bad it turned out to be I.V. Stalin, and the message that people do not need to torture and kill at all ... Candy is the solution of absolutely real POLITICAL, not at all historical and moral tasks.

And it is clear that the wrapper is designed for one, and the candy - basically completely different ... "

So, let us drop - forgive generously - the humanitarian wrapper and deal with the most "sweet", no matter how bitter it may be.

“The de-Stalinization, as is known, went through two stages - Khrushchev and Gorbachev. Now they are arguing: will there be a third, Medvedev, stage.

It must be said that both times this campaign did not bring happiness to the organizers - both (and only from among all the kings over the past half century) dropped. And is it true, perhaps, the devil enchants the old man with a mustache, avenges him? .. "

So, the first shot at the dead Stalin was actually funeral - “they betrayed the corpse on ideological ground”. The second was aimed at the Soviet system (“Again it was necessary to dismember the corpse, divide the inheritance”). According to Radzikhovsky, the two past de-Stalinization completed the task - there is nothing more to divide: on the basis of this, he concluded that there will be no third de-Stalinization. A year after this forecast, we see that it was fundamentally erroneous. The third de-Stalinization has begun. What is the political purpose for this time?

And let's not reinvent the wheel. And let us give the floor to the same Radzikhovsky (I hope I have not tired them yet?) - primarily because this man is from the liberal camp, and therefore the following assumption will sound at his mouth, at least not like slander of evil patriots. So, what do we have left after the "sweet" from Khrushchev and Gorbachev?

“The matrix itself, which was, naturally, centuries before Lenin, before Stalin, successfully survived both the anti-Stalinist“ de-Stalinization-1 ”and the anti-Leninist“ De-Stalinization-2 ”...

That, without which, in the opinion of the liberals, Russia will "rise from its sleep." That, without which - according to the guardians - Russia simply will not, will fall apart, will lose its civilization. ”

Radzikhovsky considers this question eternal and leaves in his article without consideration. But there is no other reason!

Thus, at stake of the third de-Stalinization, the largest rate for Russia is civilization, in other words, the rate is more than life. Life of Russia as an independent civilization project.

Liberals consider the Russian “matrix” itself to be autocratic and authoritarian, but, cutting it down, they bring down the entire Russian history and Russian identity. Someone by thoughtlessness, but someone completely consciously and purposefully. Hence the calls for endless repentance - oh, not only for Stalin, for all of Russia, beginning with Alexander Nevsky, who raised his sword against the blessed West. With Germany, they confined themselves to repentance for the Third Reich — after all, the European people: they deserve leniency. And us - Asians - are cut down at the root.

Westernizers need a de-Stalinization in order for the Russian people to forget once and for all about the great power. But as soon as we forget, we will certainly be dismembered for loyalty. To ensure that the head is not raised. “Destalinization has been turned into a means of ridding the people of statehood,” warns Sergey Kurginyan.

Really. Stalin died a long time ago, taking the political repressions to the grave, and the Soviet system died. Who is being killed this time? What is the purpose of the “great de-Stalinizer” Fedotov?

“The primary task of the Human Rights Council, voiced by Mikhail Fedotov, is the de-Stalinization of public consciousness, which is part of a general campaign of hatred of the Soviet past in all its manifestations. Our public consciousness is not Stalinized ... And the popularity of Stalin is caused solely by the absolute helplessness and inadequacy of the current leadership of the country or the unwillingness to do something for the good of society. If our state had ceased to engage in corruption and become engaged in development and modernization, Stalin would have sunk into historical Leto ... ”- Mikhail Delyagin (“ Russian Journal ”) is sure.

But it is a mistake to think that de-Stalinization is only a red herring. The present elite has a bad sense of foreboding - and she intends to make every effort to avoid responsibility. And Stalin is a symbol of a strong hand, a nightmare of the officials and oligarchs who are sybaritic at the expense of the people. No ideology is just a question of responsibility. Therefore, the Western liberals received the most powerful reinforcement: “The idea of ​​de-Stalinization seized the governing masses long ago,” as Anatoly Wasserman and Nurali Latypov (blogovesty) noticed.

But the more we are “de-Stalinized,” the more often Stalin's name pops up. Here, for example, an indicative comment (one of very many!) To the note about the appeal to the president of the investigator from Kushchevskaya on the site

“The cattail in its video asks Medvedev to check ... Naive! Only Stalin could control! And everything - from below and to the very top - would have sat down for a long time. Under Stalin, the verification commission left the Central Committee in our region, and two regional secretaries had already shot themselves to death - and everyone knew why ”(Sergey53).

Notice, the point here is not at all in historical fact, but in relation to the fact of modernity.

“Stalin is a living reproach - a reproach to which there is nothing to object to our current leadership. He is not hated because he killed people, by and large, as far as I can tell, ”says Mikhail Delyagin with knowledge of the subject,“ few people care about it in our leadership. He is hated because he did a lot of things. But the current leadership, in general, has done almost nothing. ”

Of course, this maximalist exaggeration. Something is still being done (although it is hopelessly losing in comparison of scales), and lately, some have even been reminded of responsibility. Only it is unlikely that seriously frightened the rest. They put only a small fry, very rarely - who are bigger, and that if the criminal boss flew off the coils and fell under the gun of an indignant public. The rest are threatened only by resignation, almost honorable. People who feel their humiliation and factual powerlessness are no longer annoying, but sullenly angry — and, willy-nilly, it makes them remember Stalin. They see no other councils for the current order. And how do you order this to "detalinize"?

“Is it really so good with human rights” that the priority task was “fighting the ghost of more than half a century ago?” (A. Wasserman, N. Latypov, blogovesty).

The best de-Stalinization is the recovery of the state. Only not the people should be treated, picking out Stalin from him, but the state apparatus, which by its activity does not allow to forget about it. But it seemed to someone upstairs that this was not the case: the liberals suggested that the irreconcilable spirit of the great power was interfering with Russia — that is what should be broken by trampling the imperial Stalinist banner. So this name of Stalin breeds theft, corruption and corrupt elite violating the law ?!
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  1. Miller
    14 June 2011 14: 26
    Bravo Andrey Davydov!

    I agree with the article 100%
  2. 0
    13 October 2016 11: 52
    From 2016 it can be stated that the organizers and ideologists of the 3rd de-Stalinization crap a little
    1. 0
      13 October 2016 12: 19
      There is such a book, "Who are the Russians", by S. Kara-Murza, a book from 2010, and so there it is clearly described why the so-called Westerners pull an owl on the globe, trying to change the matrix of Russia and why, internally, sometimes unconscious resistance the overwhelming mass of the population of Russia, does not allow them to do what they grieve about.
      There is a hunch that this new Troubles (or a new round of the old) brought us to a dangerous line. In some places, the decay is approaching the vital, and this cannot be masked by any petrodollars.
      And most importantly, this process does not stop by itself; some protective mechanisms of the whole Russian organism are damaged.
      The windows of supermarkets are sparkling, the violins of the "Virtuosos of Moscow" are playing loudly, the hussars of the Kremlin regiment are galloping solemnly, and the alarm is growing stronger. We are about to miss something important, we will not hear a quiet cry for help - and we will lose the main thing.
      The mistakes that we make in the first steps will be redeemed and corrected with a new replenishment. The main thing now is to assemble the core, the center of crystallization of forces.
      This can be seen only because the "creators of the Troubles" are working carefully and tirelessly to destroy and dissolve the emerging embryos of such nuclei and centers.
      But their success can no longer stop us.
      The life span of these sprouts is lengthening every day, the material they have accumulated does not disappear, but feeds the following projects, the web of interaction has already become indestructible. The leap is approaching a new level, at which an avalanche of Russian rebirth is emerging.

      HERE this infuriates all of these de-Stalinizers and all Russophobes in general.

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