Military Review

The last combat episode of the soldier (s) Victory!

Shel 1945. Spring was fragrant with its smells .. May ...! On one of the farms in East Prussia, a squadron of 114 OP Communications was stationed. These were young girls 21-23 years of birth. The very fact that they were in this war is unfair! It is unfair that they were born to love and give birth, and not to kill and hate! ...

Already there was the Reichstag, already there was an intoxicating feeling of VICTORY ... According to the canons of literature and nature, Nadia J., the corporal, fell in love! And, of course, to the platoon commander. On the eve, passing through a German town, she saw stockings in a broken display case. Ordinary women's stockings. It was beyond her strength. Previously, she saw stockings only in the picture, or on the wives of high-ranking party bosses. She stole them! Yes! I did not take it, but I DRAWN! She was ashamed that she took what does not belong to her. Forgive her - the temptation was very great! In the evening, she tossed and turned under her overcoat for a long time, thinking ahead how the squad platoon in these stockings would meet her. When she woke up in the morning, so as not to come with bare hands, she welded up the potatoes she had got in the barn, cleaned her uniform, ironed off the heavy skirt, ironed her skirt, and walked. She went to her Herman-Commander, who stayed for the night at the location of the company. Of course, she did not forget to draw her eyebrows with a black pencil, and rub her lips with beetroot! And even more so to wear captured stockings, which in a strange way and strove to slip from it. Sweet cherries and cherries have already begun to bloom. It seemed that all the birds of the world, including the cockatoo, which she had never seen, chirp.

-Mom, and then what? - I asked.
-What is that ... I got it, thank God. (I'd rather I did not interrupt her).
-Mom, well tell me, and? !!!
- Well, I got to town. I remember that the street is narrow and houses are two-storey ... I go - I fix stockings with one hand, and with the other I carry a kettle with potatoes. And still papacha-kubanka and strives to overtake his eyes.
And then the noise - far away - the aircraft. And I go - After all, victory. And only when I heard the characteristic sound of the German "Messer" - I realized that it was German! She understood with her mind, but she didn’t accept with her soul - after all, VICTORY !!! Lead smelled on the pavement ...
She came to me in the gateway, where an old infantryman with a mustache pushed me.
Daughter! What are you roaring? !!! Wounded ?!
Grandpa-ah !!! I broke the stockings-ah !!! And scattered potatoes on the road !! What am I going to come to Herman ?!
PS My mother didn’t like to tell about the rest of the war ...
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  1. svp67
    svp67 April 14 2013 12: 15
    A woman is always a woman. And to all the women who fought in that war, I must say many thanks and ask for forgiveness, after all, war is not a woman’s business ...
  2. svp67
    svp67 April 14 2013 12: 16
    And I consider this picture very symbolic
  3. 120352
    120352 April 14 2013 13: 14
    Without those like her, we would not have won. It just wouldn't make sense. And of course, the foreman infantryman is a symbol!
  4. smart ass
    smart ass April 14 2013 14: 12
    Women are created to procreate. The war is terrible, but even more terrible that such lovely creatures have to participate in it.
  5. Atlon
    Atlon April 14 2013 15: 45
    Why "stole" something ?! I disagree!!! A trophy is a trophy! And there is nothing here!
    1. zennon
      zennon April 14 2013 18: 03
      Unfortunately, this is not so. The trophy is the weaponry or military equipment of the enemy. And this is called looting. Little thing, these stockings could burn, excusably ...
      1. waisson
        waisson April 14 2013 19: 16
        in the future, it was called trophies for some military captives, and you will recall the old ancient conquerors and Napoleon’s soldiers, I had time to crush it, I’m talking rudely because the pay for the war was a little soldier, they made it possible to compensate for the property captured from the enemy both military and purely civil and these traditions remained and the moderka is a profit during natural disasters and all kinds of civil situations. you don't seem to have fought
        1. papas-57
          papas-57 April 14 2013 21: 48
          Be a friend, translate into plain language
  6. Kostia1970
    Kostia1970 April 14 2013 15: 53
    Many thanks to that generation for the Victory! It is unfortunate that they are leaving .....
  7. svp67
    svp67 April 14 2013 15: 54
    Quote: Atlon
    Why "stole" something ?! I disagree!!! A trophy is a trophy! And there is nothing here!

    The difference is that she, for this act reproached herself very much, so implicitly understood that the trophy is what goes to the battle, and what she did is
    misappropriation of another's property in an atmosphere of impunity, usually in adversity - for example, during natural disasters or military operations.
    that is - looting.
    A girl is a girl who is pure in soul, she can only be regretted, such tests that fell on her generation and specifically to her, you will not wish anyone
  8. Kos335
    Kos335 April 14 2013 15: 55
    You look at what orders these girls have, real heroines. My grandmother was the same. Glory and respect to our beautiful women.
  9. Hysnik-Tsuzoy
    Hysnik-Tsuzoy April 14 2013 16: 33
    People, I have all the hyperlinks on this site being redirected to some filthy online game, tell me, is it my one or all?
    1. tor11121
      tor11121 April 14 2013 17: 01
      also such a story!
    2. erased
      erased April 14 2013 17: 25
      Already wrote to the moderator, it seems to have passed.
    3. Onotollah
      Onotollah April 14 2013 18: 58
      Also noted this feature. Infrequently, but it happens.
    4. sscha
      April 16 2013 09: 00
      Clear the cache. Or download history hi
  10. erased
    erased April 14 2013 17: 21
    I can not see children and women in the war! This is not their business! And always ashamed before the eyes of a child or girl. For the fact that he did not save, did not protect, did not save. Let not blame, but not nice. They have nothing to do with it. But bombs and shells fall on their heads, enemy soldiers hit them, they suffer hardships and hunger. And when a girl in the ranks and fights, even in the rear, it’s also unpleasant.
    Then there was a people's war, World War II, everyone fought. But so far, at the sight of the chronicle, when children’s eyes and figures of girls drawn into shape are shown, he is in his soul.
    1. Atlon
      Atlon April 15 2013 09: 33
      Quote: erased
      They have nothing to do with it. But bombs and shells fall on their heads, enemy soldiers hit them, they suffer hardships and hunger. And when a girl in the ranks and fights, even in the rear, it’s also unpleasant.

      Each and when the enemy attacked your homeland. War, of course, is not a female affair, I agree. But if conscience does not allow sitting in the rear, the arm is strong, the mind is decisive, and the sacred rage to the enemy is bubbling in my heart, I think that it is a holy RIGHT to defend your Homeland!
  11. jagdpanzer
    jagdpanzer April 14 2013 19: 01
    my deceased grandmother’s sister also fought, and said that after the Victory a woman rode in a tram in Ufa, some woman attacked her like, oh you look, etc. slept there with everyone like ... well, she, too, poured thanks to her) figs knows what I mean, I just remembered .. soon they will not be at all ..
  12. deman73
    deman73 April 15 2013 11: 58
    Thanks to them for everything. I am very grateful to my Grandmother for the VICTORY !!!! soldier
  13. deman73
    deman73 April 15 2013 11: 58
    Thanks to them for everything. I am very grateful to my Grandmother for the VICTORY !!!! soldier
  14. sergeschern
    sergeschern 3 July 2013 22: 51
    Under the photo is written "young girls born in 21-23", and my mother was 25 years old! I added more years to myself in the military registration and enlistment office and went to war. She graduated from some flight school and flew, you will not believe, on a captured Ju-88 as a radio operator. There were heroic people!