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RKK: The decision to create a super-heavy lunar rocket will be adopted in the near future

RKK: The decision to create a super-heavy lunar rocket will be adopted in the near futureThe decision to create a super-heavy rocket in Russia will be made in the coming days, said Vitaly Lopota, president of the Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, at a press conference in Moscow on Tuesday.

“A piloted lunar program is possible when the launch vehicle reaches 70 tons. Then we can hope for a ballistic flight around the moon, ”said Lopota. - The ship will be tons of 20. To make it fly to the moon, you need tons of more 40 overclocking block. To return the ship, you need tons of 20. If we land on the moon, there are still 20 – 30 tons. ”

RSC Energia President noted that 2030-ton carrier will be created by 130, ITAR-TASS reports.

At present, Vitaly Lopota said, preparations are underway to hold a competition for the creation of a heavy launch vehicle.

“Officially, according to the Federal Target Program, there is no such carrier. But initial data are being prepared for a competition to create a rocket, ”he noted.

At the same time, the Vostochny Cosmodrome is building a launch complex for a heavy launch vehicle.

The development of deep space, according to Vitaly Lopota, is possible only in international cooperation. Answering the question whether it is likely that our country will make another cosmic breakthrough, he noted that “the exploration of deep space is a matter for the international community, otherwise no one can do it effectively”.

“The expeditionary complex, where you can fly to Mars, will weigh 500 tons. You don’t even have to try to explore deep space alone - this is futile, ”Lopota said.

Recall that earlier it was reported that the launch of the Luna-Glob landing gear will take place in 2015 year, and the orbital lunar module - in 2016 year.

After that, the IKI, together with the Lavochkin Scientific Production Association, plans to send a heavy scientific apparatus to the Moon, and also, together with India, carry out the Luna Resource mission.

In addition, it was reported that the launch vehicle "Luna-Glob-1" is supposed to use the launch vehicle "Soyuz-2". The mass of the scientific apparatus with fuel will be about 1400 kg.

The weight of the landing module will be about 500 kg, including 20 – 25 kg of scientific instruments. An equipment for water search will be installed on the landing module, as well as a manipulator for the study of soil samples.
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  1. fzr1000
    fzr1000 April 10 2013 12: 08 New
    If everything is so, then: "Hurray, comrades!" ... This is in continuation to yesterday's article about new taxiways.
  2. Romn
    Romn April 10 2013 12: 10 New
    Apparently our people really want to get out for a walk on the moon and Mars, this is certainly very good, but in my opinion this is not a priority issue in which it is now necessary to invest.
  3. OlegYugan
    OlegYugan April 10 2013 12: 12 New
    As I understand it, they decided to revive the Energy-Buran system. The fact that it is not in the Republic of Kazakhstan is encouraging.
  4. Sochi
    Sochi April 10 2013 12: 13 New
    Class !!! only a question, but what about "energy"? like she had awesome data, lost everything? or how?
  5. Asgard
    Asgard April 10 2013 12: 17 New
    Well then, probably, we’ll fly to the moon.
    As for amers, I (personally)) have more doubts ... No luck that rocket (even drawings and engine)): 6 times flew and not a single accident and emergency situation ??? Just like in Hollywood films. Wait "Curiosity" came across a plastic bag, the scientists examined the picture and found it. And there are sandstorms (after all, some kind of atmosphere. Look at the pictures of the rover itself - is it rubbed every morning with a damp cloth?))), Not a speck of dust on the surfaces ...
  6. erased
    erased April 10 2013 12: 17 New
    Space technology is an important part of the overall development of science. So you can only welcome such decisions. But even better - bring them to life!
  7. avt
    avt April 10 2013 12: 24 New
    The lunar carrier already existed, it was called "Energy" and initially the entire system was conceived with the possibility of using the carrier without Buran. Glushko wanted and made Energy for the Moon and beyond. "The expeditionary complex, on which it will be possible to fly to Mars, will weigh 500 tons. you even need to try to explore deep space alone - this is futile ", - said Lopota .----- I liked to saw the loot on the ISS and commercial launches negative The campaign will be overcome by the Soviet backlog to dryness. There is no need to wait for a breakthrough in space, in terms of manned interplanetary communication. Not those times, not those people. Everything is shallow, God forbid that the East is done on time and able to maintain the orbital group.
    1. Cynic
      Cynic April 10 2013 18: 16 New
      Quote: avt
      There was already a lunar carrier, it was called "Energy"

      And as you remember, not only Lunar and not only Energy! She is also Martian, and more ...
      Everything written above causes pity for those who wrote URA_comments and so contempt for the content of the article!
      Why rejoice? The fact that Russia is now at the start of mid-70s ?! Having successfully buried both Energy and its long-range layouts Hurricane and Volcano ?!
      And yet, what does RSC Energia have to do with it? It seems that the RC Khrunichev will make a rocket ?! Maybe I'm wrong? I would like to . How do you remember "Breeze-M".
      1. avt
        avt April 10 2013 20: 33 New
        Quote: Cynic
        Why rejoice? The fact that Russia is now at the start of mid-70s ?! Successfully burying as Energy

        I myself was not honored, but the guys were at the first launch, I left the stand with the Skif - I scattered the concrete blocks! The guys said it was a fantastic sight. But Buran has already fired regularly. By the way, Feoktistov, although he was not very fond of, I don’t know why probably for the first "Union", back in the 70s he said that they came to the limit with "chemical" carriers and new solutions were needed. Well, now, yes, running on the spot. You're right - mid-70s, with an iPhone as a consolation bonus.
        1. hrych
          hrych April 10 2013 21: 55 New
          At the expense of the limit of rocket technology is absolutely correct. Like the N-1 rocket, the Germans and the Brownian Saturn have reached the limit of this type of carrier, which makes it impossible to land on the moon. Ours followed the path of lunar rovers, and the Americans followed the path of the fake chronicles of Stanley Kubrick. Glushko was the initiator of the closure of N-1, in his opinion (unlike Korolev), the lunar apparatus should have been assembled in orbit, which was at least real.
        2. Cynic
          Cynic April 11 2013 17: 24 New
          Quote: avt
          need new solutions

          Especially cocked
          The decision to create a superheavy rocket in Russia will be made in the coming days

          and even catch up
          The President of RSC Energia noted that a 2030-ton carrier will be created by 130, ITAR-TASS reports

          It turns out there was
          The ENERGY LAUNCHER is a universal rocket and space transport system. Created at NPO Energia in 1976-1987. as an integral part of the program of the reusable air spacecraft "Buran", it received its own name during its first flight on May 15, 1987. It was assumed that depending on the number and type of unified rocket units of the 1st and 2nd stages used, the URKTS would be able to near-earth orbit from 60 to 200 t

          It was !
          Was not him

  8. nikolas 83
    nikolas 83 April 10 2013 12: 35 New
    .... And our apple trees will bloom on the moon drinks
    1. engineer74
      engineer74 April 10 2013 16: 09 New
      Better than Topol-L! smile
  9. paul1969
    paul1969 April 10 2013 12: 39 New
    Hurray !! comrades, I think our not s .. sat sleepwalkers, and amers will be landed at the first stop, like hares
  10. OlegYugan
    OlegYugan April 10 2013 12: 43 New
    It seems the Chinese have soaped themselves to the moon laughing And we will make them a rocket launcher - let them dream and pay. Lun-naftics.
  11. Navuxonastupil
    Navuxonastupil April 10 2013 12: 51 New
    I recall the joyful intoxication of the first years of space exploration - today Gagarin, tomorrow Mars and the Moon, the day after tomorrow the stars !!! Hurray !! Half a century passed. We didn’t actually move a single step ... The tank in orbit does not count. I can’t understand why the development of cosmonautics around the world has been so slowed down .. For some ten years from Fau to Lunar modules, we’re stomping around like calves are newborns. During the same period, the same electronics made a giant leap, but astronautics did not. The same cars have changed beyond recognition for half a century, medicine has exploded, biology ... It seems to me that the development of such industries is cumulative, that is, accumulation and push. centuries practically did not develop and leisure ... Rraz and Gagarin, two and Armstrong .. When is the next breakthrough? New engines, otherwise we fly into orbit in Chinese firecrackers, two thousand years old ...
    1. SCS
      SCS April 10 2013 13: 14 New
      Navuxonastupil: QUOTE "otherwise we fly into orbit on actually Chinese firecrackers which are two thousand years old ..."
      what are you talking about now? about Frigates, about Breezes? I can say that they have such a potential that they will fly into that very orbit for another two thousand years ...........
  12. Conepatus
    Conepatus April 10 2013 13: 31 New
    Not a small amount of money will be allocated for a new rocket.
    They will take "Energia", put new electronics and something else on the little things. They will say that this is a "new" rocket.
    Money will naturally settle in bureaucrats' pockets. Actually, for the sake of this, everything is brewed.
  13. Vtel
    Vtel April 10 2013 14: 50 New
    In pancake, we are just creating a rocket for landing on the moon, and the Americans have been there for a long time. Yes, they still do not understand the poor fellow how they got there to get there again.
  14. AleksUkr
    AleksUkr April 10 2013 16: 55 New
    In the pictures of the moon, a Soviet lunar rover was discovered, which could not be found for 37 years
    Professor Phil Stook of Canadian University of Western Ontario discovered in the pictures taken by NASA, the Soviet “Lunokhod-2 ″.
    It is very significant that the small lunar rover is visible better than the so-called Apollo tracks))) By a strange coincidence, the camera always gives the worst quality results there.

    The Russian proverb says: "Shame is not smoke - eyes will not eat up." A well-known person, Dr. P.I. Goebbels, speaks even more definitely on this subject: “The larger and shameless the lie, the more likely it is to be believed in it.” And they believe. In any case, a large majority. Or some pretend to believe.

    At one of the public receptions, they asked S.E. Savitskaya, were the Americans on the moon?

    Answer: were. This is said by the Hero of the Soviet Union, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Defense. Like this. Just like in Andersen’s famous tale “The King’s New Dress”

    The fact that the expedition to the moon at that time was an unrealistic task was understood on both sides of the Atlantic. Some went along the bluff line, others ... Here I put the ellipsis and allow myself the courage to dream a little. The weight of one astronaut in a spacesuit is approximately 150 kg. The weight of the launched moon rovers is much larger. A lunar rover could tear off from the lunar surface and deliver to the Earth about 100 g of lunar soil. To tear 150 kg from the moon - the task was then unrealistic. Could our suicide bomber be launched without returning to Earth? Theoretically possible. Should we speak of humanity in this case, although it is clear that we are talking only about a volunteer? But the task is too tempting - the first Soviet man on the moon! As the saying goes, the end justifies the means. But - I repeat - these are my fantasies. Almost resulted in a conspiracy between the leadership of the USSR and the USA. The USSR received the Helsinki peace agreements, the withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam, the sale of grain at bargain prices and, probably, something else, the USA received a beautiful legend, the time of which, unfortunately for the USA, is ending

  15. biglow
    biglow April 10 2013 17: 13 New
    before the new exploration of the moon, the Americans will have to bring new artifacts to the moon to believe in their old lies laughing
  16. No_more
    No_more April 10 2013 19: 30 New
    Space all lives on the technology of the 60s and this is not a joke. I would have built the largest cannon for flying to the moon, I can even offer an economic justification - it’s reusable.
    Engines need fundamentally different and reusable devices. How much fuel can be oxidized? We’ve been using fire since the Stone Age. But rocketers can only make rockets - alas.
  17. Thomas A. Anderson
    Thomas A. Anderson April 10 2013 20: 18 New
    Nuclear rocket engine where ??? They promised after all! I think this: to create powerful NRE and start visiting the moon, as well as the construction of a new orbital station, for 20-30 people. The construction of the orbital station on the moon. And finally, the first outpost of mankind on the moon, a modular design will increase the size of the station on the surface, the construction of industrial complexes in the same place, in general we produce helium 3 and work on a thermonuclear reactor. In general, the technologies are tested and you can do the same on Mars. And then deep space. By the way, you need to work hard on the ships capable of independently taking off from the surface and landing, as well as on the mainline for outer space. The USSR in the midst of the Cold War would have done this in 60-70 years .... And thanks to the fat Americans, it’s fantastic ... PS A NRE (nuclear missile engine) was created in the USSR 60 years ago ....
    1. biglow
      biglow April 10 2013 22: 54 New
      Quote: Tomas A.Anderson
      Nuclear rocket engine where ??? They promised after all!

      such an engine exists, but the question is its reliability and durability. Current materials are not yet suitable for this. We are waiting for a new technological breakthrough and then everything will appear
      1. No_more
        No_more April 11 2013 16: 10 New
        what is the longevity of the current? one flight? all this is laziness and stagnation, missile launchers do not want to admit that what they have learned to do perfectly is out of date.
  18. SlavaS
    SlavaS April 10 2013 20: 56 New
    Go ahead for HELIUM !!!
  19. hot
    hot April 10 2013 21: 10 New
    Well, that’s it, the limit. They can still fly to the moon for helium-3, but here they can fly to Mars once, for satisfaction, and that's all. It makes no sense to fly on chemical engines, not cost-effective. That's when the best minds begin to think not about how to crash with the help of some kind of wave energy or some kind of field as accurately as possible, more securely and more, but about how to lift and disperse the spacecraft with the help of this force and then we will have deep space.
  20. Thomas A. Anderson
    Thomas A. Anderson April 10 2013 21: 28 New
    For the development of the moon and Mars, a NRE is enough. For the development of the solar system in principle, powerful NREs are enough, but thermonuclear engines need to be developed as well. But in general, to move even to the nearest stellar systems, light speeds are needed, the most real one is a photon engine with an anhylation reaction. In theory, very high speeds can be developed ... Well, all kinds of power generators and magnetic fields with spatial measurement, etc. I don’t count.
    PS What am I from Poland ?!
    1. hot
      hot April 10 2013 21: 44 New
      NRE was abandoned due to the danger of environmental pollution. We considered options for assembling the device on a nuclear engine in near-Earth space. I don’t know how things are with the NRE now, but I read somewhere that ours were planning to create a new NRE just for the expedition to Mars.
  21. hot
    hot April 10 2013 21: 46 New
    ABOUT! I am Jewish. Shalom guys. lol
  22. Thomas A. Anderson
    Thomas A. Anderson April 10 2013 21: 58 New
    The assembly of the NRE in orbit, but in the future on the moon. Heavy ships with powerful NRE just fly between the planets, and landing and loading on the shuttles of these ships. And in the future, there will be a replacement for the NRE.