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Afghanistan’s largest terrorist attack on 2011: more than 50 killed

Afghanistan’s largest terrorist attack on 2011: more than 50 killed

More than 50 people died and 90 was injured as a result of militant attacks on the courthouse in the Afghan city of Farah. Most of those killed are civilians. Responsibility for the attack took the representatives of the Taliban.

The attack began at 9 in the morning local time. Initially it was reported that the purpose of the attack was the residence of the governor, but this was not confirmed later.

As the head of the city police Aga Nur Kemtoz stated in an interview with the Associated Press, the militants managed to avoid inspections, as they drove up to the building in army vehicles and were wearing military uniforms. Their vests were filled with explosives.

The Taliban blew up one of the cars near the buildings where there were a large number of people. Two nearby banks were hit by overflowing customers. After the explosion, the extremists proceeded to storm the court. According to the Air Force, after a fierce firefight, the militants still managed to gain a foothold in one of the buildings of the complex.

The dead were 34 civilians, 10 Afghan soldiers and 9 militants. Most of the injured are civilians.

According to police, the goal of the militants was the release of 15 arrested Taliban, who had previously been brought to court. However, this was not possible.

The terrorist attack has been the bloodiest in the country since 2011.
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  1. piterkras
    piterkras April 4 2013 11: 39 New
    But there is American democracy, and opium blooms and shines ...
    1. ShturmKGB
      ShturmKGB April 4 2013 12: 18 New
      And the good of being Americans there? Drug trafficking only increased ...
      1. piterkras
        piterkras April 4 2013 12: 36 New
        So you came there to control drug trafficking and train the Taliban at the same time, so that in due time they would go through the pine Central Asian countries to destabilize the situation there.
    2. cumastra1
      cumastra1 April 4 2013 14: 31 New
      An action movie of some kind First an undermining, then an assault on the court. The local special services were smoked there ...
  2. Joker
    Joker April 4 2013 11: 40 New
    Durak blow their people, and that's the price of this whole struggle for freedom. They do not fight for any kind of freedom; they fight for the right to make money on drugs. It has long been necessary to throw nuclear weapons there, so as not to boast that they are invincible.
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco April 4 2013 11: 57 New
      Touching care for peasants

      Neither Kabul, nor its Western partners participating in the mission of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan, are able to establish any effective anti-drug fight in this country, many experts believe.

      If in Russia the problem has reached the level of political leadership, then Westerners treat it, let's say, “philosophically” - they acknowledge the fact of its existence, but they don’t want to include their efforts in the fight against drugs. Although there are rare exceptions - more on that below.

      So, Vladimir Putin states in his article “Russia and a Changing World”: “The terrorist and drug threat emanating from Afghanistan does not decrease ... Drug trafficking has become one of the most acute threats, undermines the gene pool of entire nations, creates a breeding ground for corruption and crime and leads to a destabilization of the situation in Afghanistan itself ... Russia is faced with real heroin aggression, causing enormous damage to the health of our citizens. "[vii]

      And what do we see from NATO?

      In March 2010, NATO once again rejected Russia's calls to completely destroy the opium poppy crops in Afghanistan, offering in response that Russia should provide them with more assistance in the fight against the Taliban. Do not cope? Or are they cunning?

      They are cunning! Here Russia transfers to the United States a list of Afghan drug lords in order to stop opium production as much as possible. And what will NATO mutter in response? NATO spokesman James Appathurai, with a blue eye, replies that Afghan farmers cannot be taken away from their only source of income without “providing an alternative to work.” [Viii]

      The subtext is simple - let the Russians drown in the Afghan "dope". Do not believe? Do you think he really "pity" the unfortunate Afghan peasants?

      Just think, why did they suddenly feel “sorry” for the Afghan peasants? They do not “feel sorry for” anyone, but they regretted the Afghan peasants! The number of people destroyed by their NATO bombs over the past two decades is reaching enormous numbers! Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya ... And suddenly - a touching concern for the Afghan peasants.
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov April 4 2013 12: 09 New
      Quote: Joker
      For a long time it was necessary to drop nuclear weapons there so that they would not boast that they were invincible.

      Where to put nuclear weapons in Washington laughing
    3. vlad767
      vlad767 April 5 2013 01: 06 New
      No, nuclear weapons there will not help much, the mountainous country. We need chemical weapons. Or, cut an ozone hole over Afghan, a year later they will begin to die like flies. lol And to start a rumor that it was them that Allah “punished” for everything “good”. laughing
  3. avt
    avt April 4 2013 11: 40 New
    Everyday life of a democratized country with a successful market for drug trafficking. The "bright" future of the former Central Asian Soviet republics, prepared for them by universal human bearers of democracy.
  4. evgenii67
    evgenii67 April 4 2013 11: 42 New
    Here it is "controlled" by Afghanistan! Amer is there only in order to grow poppy, but to engage in foolishness.
  5. don.kryyuger
    don.kryyuger April 4 2013 12: 01 New
    They didn’t give the SA to finish them, now let them disentangle.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov April 4 2013 12: 10 New
      Quote: don.kryyuger

      They didn’t give the SA to finish them, now let them disentangle.

      At that time they helped them.
      1. evgenii67
        evgenii67 April 4 2013 12: 50 New
        Greetings, Alexander!
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        At that time they helped them.

        Yes, they are still helping them, for example, in the export of dope .......! It is important for a country-business and such a country to profit from the war, and where to get profit if there is no oil where you are fighting, it’s right in drugs!
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov April 4 2013 13: 24 New
          Quote: evgenii67

          Yes, they still help them, for example, in the export of dope .......!

          Here they are more likely to lead the business.
          Eugene hi
  6. Roomata
    Roomata April 4 2013 12: 09 New
    The two nearest banks, crowded with customers, were hit.
    And it's at 9am
    But was there an explosion?
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov April 4 2013 12: 27 New
      Quote: Roomata
      But was there an explosion?

      No, the dead perished in pieces fool
  7. Dwarfik
    Dwarfik April 4 2013 12: 25 New
    Kind! I feel sorry for people ....
  8. cerko
    cerko April 4 2013 12: 51 New
    "the militants escaped checks as they drove up to the building in army vehicles and were wearing military uniforms." the Americans are two sides trading military equipment and ammunition
  9. sergo0000
    sergo0000 April 4 2013 13: 54 New
    It would be better if the Taliban did not blow up people, but began to destroy poppy crops. Thus, the CIA’s income would be significantly undermined.

    1. piterkras
      piterkras April 4 2013 13: 55 New
      It would be necessary for NATO to show this map on occasion. And then, after all, they don’t even know where to look for drug glades ...
    2. Bosk
      Bosk April 4 2013 14: 28 New
      We must teach the Colorado potato beetle to eat poppy straws and introduce it to Afghanistan .... I think in a couple of years there will be results.
      1. sergo0000
        sergo0000 April 4 2013 14: 33 New
        NATO approves Afghan opium ...

        Quote: piterkras
        And then, after all, they don’t even know where to look for drug glades ..

        They protect them!
        1. elmi
          elmi April 4 2013 14: 51 New
          Quote: sergo0000
          They protect them!

          Take care of the harvest. If the Baffgan bordered on the United States, everything would have been equal for a long time.
    3. TRAFFIC
      TRAFFIC April 4 2013 16: 15 New
      It turns out that almost all poppy crops are located in the territory "controlled" by the Taliban, it is doubtful that they will destroy their source of income.
  10. cerko
    cerko April 4 2013 14: 53 New
    Americans around the world are trying to control raw materials, and the Agan poppy is also a kind of raw material, so it’s a misconception that they don’t know something.
  11. assaker
    assaker April 4 2013 15: 51 New
    It is interesting that after the Americans fall from their bold Olympus of Russia, someone will say thank you ??
  12. datur
    datur April 4 2013 16: 45 New
    So little belay - democracy does not consider losses !!! laughing
  13. andrei332809
    andrei332809 April 4 2013 17: 14 New
    damn, they have no other goals there? from all over the world NATO rabble, and they are in their own way.
    who of the locals will help them after this. or is everything organized with American-British money specifically to discourage locals from supporting the Taliban?
  14. varov14
    varov14 April 4 2013 18: 39 New
    Quote: Alexander Romanov
    Quote: Joker
    For a long time it was necessary to drop nuclear weapons there so that they would not boast that they were invincible.

    Where to put nuclear weapons in Washington laughing
    ---- Not enough cholera - diarrhea cleans the brain.
  15. biglow
    biglow April 4 2013 18: 55 New
    Afghans continue self-destruction, and where is the chapel
  16. 320423
    320423 April 4 2013 19: 13 New
    It became interesting and revered the UN resolution on which the amers are there (UN Security Council resolution 1386 [10] of December 20, 2001) and stumbled into the Resolution 1373 (2001) reference to an interesting 1970 norm - "reaffirming the proclamation of the General Assembly in its
    declarations of October 1970 (995_569) (2625 (XXV)) and
    affirmed by the Security Council in its resolution 1189 (1998) of
    August 13, 1998, the principle that, inter alia,
    that each Member State is required to refrain from organizing,
    abetting, assisting or participating in terrorist
    acts in another state or from indulging organizational
    activities within its territory aimed at
    the commission of such acts. "This is what the Americans, Europeans, the Arab League, Turkey, officially violate this rule in Syria, because then our people in the person of Lavrov do not act and do not go to the GAAG tribunal to soak up the reputation of people. Let them justify themselves to their voters yes and less time will climb into our affairs
  17. APASUS
    APASUS April 4 2013 19: 55 New
    Peaceful routine of democratic Afghanistan .............
  18. maksim
    maksim April 4 2013 21: 18 New
    and what could be expected under amer’s power in such a country, a country that lives according to its own laws, a country in which there will be no peace when and when it’s crawled from outside, and which lives according to the laws and customs of the Middle Ages with the attributes of the modern world
  19. Hius-124
    Hius-124 April 4 2013 22: 28 New
    Obama's order: "In connection with the ongoing financial crisis and sequestration of the budget of the defense departments of the United States and NATO countries, I order: to give a salary to all coalition soldiers for 3 months - in kind."
  20. medwed1976
    medwed1976 April 4 2013 23: 23 New
    America is the only country that has gone from barbarism directly to decline, bypassing the stage of civilization.
    Georges Clemenceau
    see photo
  21. penguin
    penguin April 5 2013 09: 53 New
    I read not so long ago a book by T.V. Grachev "Invisible Khazaria". Everything is painted in quite detail there about the Afghan peasantry, names are given, etc. And NATO aviation is also used for the transfer of "agricultural products" from the south to the north, i.e. to our borders with you.