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NASA will stop buying Chinese computers

Last week, United States President Barack Obama signed a resolution banning the purchase of Chinese computers for some US government agencies. Along with the National Science Foundation, as well as the Ministry of Commerce and Justice, the ban also touched NASA. The current document will last until September of this year's 30.

NASA will stop buying Chinese computers

The reason why the above-mentioned structures cannot buy computer equipment from any enterprises owned or controlled by the Chinese government is simple - espionage. The fact of the matter is that recently the facts of hacker attacks from the Middle Kingdom have become more frequent in the United States and the authorities believe that their goal is espionage and conducting subversive activities. Naturally, the Chinese government denies all of this, calling the Americans paranoid, suspecting their own shadow.

The US government believes that there may well be funds for espionage in computer products from the PRC sold in the United States. And since it is impossible to prohibit the purchase of Chinese equipment by all Americans, the lawmakers decided to limit themselves to state bodies. True, it will still be possible to acquire this equipment if the FBI checks all aspects of the transaction and the Chinese enterprise itself with whom this transaction is concluded.

What exactly the secrets NASA is trying to protect the US government is not yet clear. But, if you take into account the growing role of China in the global space industry, then the Americans have cause for concern. The constant reduction of the budgets of NASA painfully beat the vanity of this organization, and already forced it to abandon some large-scale projects. It is precisely this that the Celestial can take advantage of in order to throw the Americans off the throne of the very cosmic power of the world. On the side of the United States in this struggle is their technological base, which China simply does not have because of its young manned space program. And the Americans will protect this base with all their might.

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  1. Vanek
    Vanek April 4 2013 07: 36
    There are no fakes in the Chinese market. ........... everything is Chinese .....
    1. GSH-18
      GSH-18 April 4 2013 08: 54
      Quote: Vanek
      There are no fakes in the Chinese market. ........... everything is Chinese .....

      It sounds like an advertisement for Chinese goods ... belay
  2. Doctor Evil
    Doctor Evil April 4 2013 07: 43
    Previously, they looked at the Chinese with superiority as at ... Now they’ve come to your senses! How so, there are spies everywhere! Down with Chinese electronics!
    1. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg April 4 2013 14: 25
      Apparently some concrete flush is being set up against China, which will be realized before the indicated deadline, and flush will probably come through space. In another case, if they were afraid of espionage, they would just forbid it.
      1. max2188
        max2188 12 September 2013 09: 58
        The United States is afraid of losing military superiority, that’s all. This is the only means of pressure on China that they have left. And that is ineffective. The narrow-eyed squeeze their super duper corporation in all directions. And now they will begin to dictate their conditions. For China and space is not a problem. With such production facilities, the USSR space program may seem like the launch of toy models. When I listened to the stories of those who were there, just ooh. L on the number of plants that stands there. Cities of thousands of plants and factories that produce one type of product. For example, accessories for electronics. Nearby is another 1 of the same city and there are also a thousand factories. 300 people produce only NoskiiIIII, another 000 city is nearby, and there are also 1 factories there that produce only BruyukII. Can you imagine what they can in principle ???
  3. svp67
    svp67 April 4 2013 07: 45
    And I wonder what kind of computers Roscosmos buys?
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov April 4 2013 08: 22
      Quote: svp67

      And I wonder what kind of computers Roscosmos buys?

      Assembled in Russia from Chinese components laughing
    2. GSH-18
      GSH-18 April 4 2013 08: 52
      Quote: svp67
      And I wonder what kind of computers Roscosmos buys?

      Stuffed with chinese bugs laughing laughing And then go, prove that the j-15 is not a Su-33 laughing poor Chinese! They are all attacked, accused of theft and appropriation of technology ... But the Chinese know, they themselves invented and did all this without any outside help! laughing laughing wassat
  4. smel
    smel April 4 2013 07: 58
    For weapons, the rocket and space industry generally can not buy anything. Only equipment for the production of components. And it’s better to do it yourself.
  5. Sirocco
    Sirocco April 4 2013 08: 15
    Congratulations to the United States, Boomerang is back. Not all of the states in this way mischief, came sex reap the storm.
  6. Corsair5912
    Corsair5912 April 4 2013 08: 22
    The US government believes that spyware may well be found in computer products sold from the PRC in the United States.
    The thief thinks that the whole world is thieving.
    Cheeky Chinese perhaps, encroached on the holy right of the Yusovites to spy on the whole world and crawl into other people's internal affairs.
    Spyware tools are allowed to embed only yusovtsy in their computer products.
  7. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov April 4 2013 08: 23
    I understand that now amers will fake Chinese computers bully
    1. GSH-18
      GSH-18 April 4 2013 09: 04
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      I understand that now amers will fake Chinese computers bully

      The Chinese will simply be rid of such arrogance and enterprise! laughing
  8. Predator-74
    Predator-74 April 4 2013 08: 24
    So in the United States computers have probably forgotten how to do what now to start again? And for what money? The circle is closed. tongue
  9. krasin
    krasin April 4 2013 08: 49
    First, they cut down our company that manufactures super computers, now a Chinese one. It’s my opinion about super computers. Industrial espionage is a serious matter. No wonder China is rushing to the lead.
  10. engineer74
    engineer74 April 4 2013 10: 10
    "to throw the Americans off the throne of the world's most cosmic power."
    And then who are we ??? what Galactic Empire, probably? wassat
    1. Corsair5912
      Corsair5912 April 4 2013 10: 58
      Quote: engineer74
      And then who are we ??? what galactic empire, probably? wassat

      And so it turns out. Yusovtsy buy our engines for their carts, they themselves do not know how.
      But the funny thing is that they are simply not able to repeat the landing on the Moon, the drawings of their rockets and lunar modules are lost. Continuous humor:
      - In unlimited quantities I will sell lunar soil. B. Obama
  11. Averias
    Averias April 4 2013 11: 22
    Yeah, they spooked the hedgehog with a bare bunch. For example, the "FoxCon" plant - produces (and what it just does not produce) products and components for many well-known companies in the United States and not only. To go far, Apple and those in China make their own devices.
  12. biglow
    biglow April 4 2013 16: 52
    the Chinese are already creating assembly plants in the states, and under these conditions, this ban ceases to apply
  13. pechv
    pechv April 4 2013 16: 59
    Are operating systems also in China? I did not suspect that everything was so interesting. All miracles and miracles. Set the WTO on them - let them understand, file a complaint about the lack of competition.
    The news is good, it means a strong fear about competition in high-tech fields. But, it seems, the late man is rushing around, the point of no return already seems to be passed
    1. rereture
      rereture April 4 2013 20: 19
      Operating Systems - in India (Hindu Code) laughing