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"It is profitable for our American friends." The expert explained that Washington and Pyongyang, with the help of belligerent gestures, play along with each other.

“The DPRK nuclear missile potential is greatly exaggerated by the Americans,” said PIR Center expert, Lieutenant-General of the Reserve Yevgeny Buzhinsky, told VIEW VIEW. The expert said that the North Koreans used to take relevant technologies from the USSR and the Chinese, but now these channels are closed.

DPRK leader Kim Jong-un has signed a final plan for the technical preparation of strategic missile forces for a nuclear strike on US military bases in the event of a provocation. The South Korean military has already recorded activity on North Korean military facilities and did not rule out that Pyongyang "will deliver a real blow."

On the eve of the American “invisible” bombers, for the first time, trained in dropping the “nuclear bombs” on Korea.

"Second Pearl Harbor"

As the newspaper VIEW, Kim wrote at an emergency meeting, he approved a plan to prepare for a missile attack on US military facilities located on the mainland (Alaska), on the island of Guam, Hawaii, and in South Korea.

The attack on US facilities hypothetically could entail the use of the 5 article of the Washington Treaty, which provides for collective protection of the territory of a NATO member country, said in response NATO Assistant Secretary General Alexander Vershbow.

“I think that at the present time it is only hypothetical that we can judge what will happen next. As we observed 11 of September of 2001, if the territory of the United States is attacked, the article of the Washington Treaty 5 begins to operate, ”Voice of Russia quoted Radio Vershiba.

PIR Center expert, former deputy head of the main department of international military cooperation of the Russian Defense Ministry, reserve lieutenant general Yevgeny Buzhinsky told the newspaper VIEW about what the Pyongyang would actually like to achieve with such threats.

VIEW: Yevgeny Petrovich, is it true that the estimated range of the Tepkodon-2 rocket reaches 6,5 thousands of kilometers, or is it just the rhetoric of the DPRK?

Yevgeny Buzhinsky: They haven’t allowed it to such a distance yet. Once let out, she flew over the Japanese islands, tried to repeat, but nothing happened. In reality, they have our Scuds, all this within 1,5 – 2 thousand km, not more. The nuclear potential of North Korea is greatly exaggerated by the Americans for purely domestic political reasons.

VIEW: And if they successfully develop their program, when can they really threaten Alaska?

EB: It's not about time, but about economic potential and technology. First of all, this is a very expensive pleasure - all these nuclear missile programs. Secondly, we need the appropriate technologies, which the North Koreans do not have, and they have nowhere to take them.

Previously, they took rocket technology from us, enrichment technology, from the Soviet Union and China. Now all this is blocked - fairly efficiently and reliably. Therefore, on their own, in my estimation, they are unlikely to be able to do this due to purely economic and technological reasons.

VIEW: And from a purely military point of view, how could the DPRK army use an atomic bomb?

EB: Well, North Korea does not have an atomic bomb. They blew up a nuclear device three times. The nuclear device and the atomic bomb - between them a huge distance, technologically. They created an uncertainty factor. Everyone says, Americans, Westerners, that they have an atomic bomb, meaning: “What if they really have something that they can blow up?” Otherwise, they would have had the same thing with Moammar long ago Gaddafi

VIEW: So it turns out that neither Guam, nor Alaska, nor Japan is threatened with any missile attack?

EB: I think that from North Korea, besides this belligerent rhetoric, that they are bringing something to a state of full alertness, that they are about to strike - all this is pure bluff. It is beneficial for our American friends to support this horror story in order to develop their military programs in the Asia-Pacific region. That's all.

VIEW: Kim gives the Americans a great excuse to redirect elements of their missile defense system to this region?

EB: No, you do not need to retarget anything. With regard to missile defense, the United States is creating a global system: the European segment, a segment of the national territory and a separate system in the Asia-Pacific region. That's all. But in order to create, need some kind of reason. In Europe it is Iran, in the Asia-Pacific region it is North Korea.

VIEW: They say that in fact the missile defense will be aimed at China and the eastern part of Russia ...

EB: Naturally, because in the Asia-Pacific region, the only US geopolitical competitor is China. Well, and partly Russia, but not the DPRK.

VIEW: What is the purpose of such a war of words from Pyongyang in the end? Kim Jong-un wants loans? Food aid?

EB: They are just trying to remind themselves once again, and secondly, so that, God forbid, no one had the thought of forcibly changing, frankly, this rather odious regime.
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  1. CCA
    CCA April 2 2013 06: 19 New
    It is beneficial for our American friends to support this horror story in order to develop their military programs in the Asia-Pacific region. That's all.
    Expression "to our American friends" you need to automatically put in quotation marks ... The inability to play your script in Syria, brings "our American friends" to white-hot ... Here they shake and stir up all possible stress points in the world
  2. TRex
    TRex April 2 2013 06: 25 New
    The Korean bosom hamster just shakes the air and pretends that he has something in his bosom ... Frantic attempts to keep his unhappy people in check can ultimately lead to a real military conflict, after which North Korea will be returned to the Middle Ages and hundreds of thousands of people will perish.
    Does the young muggy talent think that he has dug up a mink, where he will be able to hide? Or hopes to screw from the battlefield, as his illustrious grandfather once? Sit back, write a memoir, "My struggle with world imperialism" ... But where? He’s tired of the Chinese for a long time, They won’t let him into Russia. It will not reach Iran.
    On the other hand, it’s good that there’s such a splinter in Uncle Sam’s ass ... So as not to relax.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov April 2 2013 06: 40 New
      Quote: TRex

      The Korean bosom hamster just shakes the air and with all his might pretends that he has something like that in his bosom.

      Kim's problem is that all his actions cause a negative, and even in Russia and China. He needs to chat less, then there will be less attention to him, and perhaps understanding will come.
      1. pav-pon1972
        pav-pon1972 April 2 2013 09: 02 New
        See who benefits from the instability in this region, and don't forget that Kim was graduating from a Western educational institution in Bern ....
    2. djon3volta
      djon3volta April 2 2013 07: 16 New
      Quote: TRex
      shakes the air and with all his might pretends that he has something in his bosom

      The DPRK clearly has some kind of trump card up its sleeve, otherwise where did they get such a mood?
      1. Sirocco
        Sirocco April 2 2013 07: 49 New
        With these statements, Eun went too far. Whether he is a Cossack mishandled, or the mind is completely absent. These statements are equivalent to if one of us ran to meet a diesel locomotive and shouted laughing Many may say that Eun can create problems for both the US and its neighbors. This problem will look like smeared flies on the windshield of a diesel locomotive. It is enough to turn on the washer without reducing the speed of the locomotive. And if in fact, then the South should have driven these Americans out of their territory, because all of Korea has problems with them. If it were not for "US assistance," Korea would probably not have united, yet, but would go to visit each other. Chase tea. laughing But this is not in US interests. Well, the states cannot live differently.
        1. andrejwz
          andrejwz April 2 2013 08: 33 New
          Quote: Sirocco
          With these statements, Eun went too far.

          Well, yes, and Seoul with plans for a preemptive strike, a bunny and nothing more. All the negative attitude towards Pyongyang is caused not so much by the belief that Sev. Korea poses a real threat to peace, and the fact that the United States is interested in destabilizing the region. Well, and we: no matter what happens ... Let's Euny together verbally stumble. Maybe it would be worth talking about the reconciliation of the PARTIES.
      2. TRex
        TRex April 2 2013 08: 05 New
        Evgen! UFO has nothing to do with it. They have enriched uranium, there are atomic devices that were classified by specialists (according to the testimony of seismic stations during the tests), as an “explosion” ... Only how to get to the island of Guam by SCAD? Cool delivery vehicles do not.
        In the most negative case, they will try to shell (bomb) the territory of South Korea. Look at the globe: what’s that Korea, with a gulkin nose ... Everything radioactive will fly to China and mother Russia. So this "comrade Una" must be put up with cancer, until he has done the trouble. And the "partners", taking this opportunity, are fishing in troubled waters, encircling the Far East with their missile defense systems.
        By the way, I was born in Slavyanka ...
      3. Black
        Black April 2 2013 14: 57 New
        Quote: djon3volta
        North Korea clearly has some kind of trump card in its sleeve

        Eun is a Pentagon freelancer.
  3. svp67
    svp67 April 2 2013 06: 28 New
    Quote: KKA
    The inability to play your script in Syria, brings "our American friends" to white-hot ... Here they shake and stir up all possible stress points in the world

    They just play the old trick - any such "horror story" is an occasion and a reason for the allocation of new allocations to the Pentagon ...
  4. smel
    smel April 2 2013 06: 49 New
    Author!! Well, we don’t have any American friends !!! It’s only possible for us to rephrase their own phrase: “the best Indian is a dead Indian” Type - the best American is ...
  5. fenix57
    fenix57 April 2 2013 06: 59 New
    , This whole "theater" is directed against Russia and China, because after this militant hysteria from the side of YN Amers will begin to deploy anti-ballistic missiles on the Pacific coast and it turns out that the United States is strengthening missile defense near Russian borders! hi
  6. djon3volta
    djon3volta April 2 2013 07: 13 New
    and what will the global missile defense give / give Americans? do Americans really think that they will play the world policeman for another 4-5 billion years until the sun goes out and humanity dies or moves to other planets? what if Yellowstone explodes after a month or an accident what’s going to happen at the nuclear power plant? or some kind of super typhoon will sweep 2-3 states to the root, then what? After all, they first of all think which country to bend than about themselves. It’s just that nobody can guarantee 100%. That's who expected Berezovsky dies? no one. and who expected the USSR to cease to exist in 1991? no one. where is the 100% guarantee that there will be no civil war in the USA in a month or a year? is that why they packed up a million coffins and build concentration camps? Why did Obama sign a decree that In which case the army will take away everything that is needed from the people, what is it for? Cut the dough, or are they preparing for a mess inside the USA? ahh, so ...
  7. krasin
    krasin April 2 2013 07: 25 New
    Well, that’s all resolved. And then, on the verge of a nuclear war!. Missiles will fly like that. and theirs is so!. And you just had to comment on the statements of the DPRK to a competent specialist, Lieutenant General of the reserve Evgeny Buzhinsky. Thank you very much!
  8. fenix57
    fenix57 April 2 2013 08: 21 New
    Meet - before you is the real leader of the DPRK. For the majority, this name will not cause any associations, but meanwhile, it is this person who really governs North Korea since the day of Kim Jong Il’s death, and, according to some reports, since he was “seriously ill”. This is uncle Kim Jong-un, but not by blood - in 1972 he married his own aunt, younger sister Kim Jong Il. The father, the great Kim Il Sung, was against this marriage - the bridegroom was poor and common, although he was well educated. The wedding, however, took place, and the happy youth began to quickly move up the career ladder. He reached the peak of his career when in 2004 he tried to organize a coup against Kim Jong Il and seize power. The rebellion failed, and the ambitious Chan Song Taek, oddly enough, was only relieved of all honorable posts. But the strangest thing is that in March 2006 he again began to take part in public life, and two years later he was appointed to the key position in the party hierarchy as the first deputy organizational department of the CC TPK, responsible for the internal affairs and security organs. The married couple of Chan Song Thek and aunt Kim Gen Hee forms the so-called "Regency Council", which pulls the strings, sorry, helps to rule Kim Jong-un. Uncle finally came close to his old dream, concentrating in his hands the most important levers of power. South Korean experts argue that "people of Chan" are sitting in all foreign policy structures. The "Gray Cardinal" controls diplomacy, the administrative and organizational department, and the defense committee. He personally led the guard of Kim Jong-un, which is considered the most powerful and influential agency with the best weapons and the most combat-ready units. Officially, General Chan Song Thaek holds the post of deputy chairman of the DPRK State Defense Committee. in detail: http: // hi
  9. fenix57
    fenix57 April 2 2013 10: 10 New
    Quote: djon3volta
    The DPRK clearly has some kind of trump card up its sleeve, otherwise where did they get this attitude

    They don’t have any trump card, they are sure that they will soon hear a song: “Here the UN has come.. hi
  10. Roll
    Roll April 2 2013 10: 30 New
    tongue You read the comments of such an expert and are surprised. Firstly, the northerners launched the satellite, which means they have already received all the necessary technologies, secondly, an attack on Alaska is most likely possible through our territory, but here is the legal nuance, if a rocket flies above 120 kilometers above our territory, we cannot legally bring it down. , we do not need radioactive debris, and this is the problem of amers. As for the nuclear device, no one except the northerners knows what they detonated, given that even 155 mm shells can be vigorous, then the northerners may have ammunition of full value. Then, in principle, the northerners do not have to get into the city, an explosion in any place amerovskoy territory, the financial and political consequences will be.
  11. Oshin
    Oshin April 2 2013 10: 35 New
    Sorry for the comment off topic, but I can not help but share.
    here is a link to an article that I really liked. The author tries to explain Russophobia from Russia's immediate neighbors out of confusion. Trying to explain with reasonable explanations.
    "Fidelity to Russia is not only a sacred duty of the Eurasian peoples, but also a banal condition for their survival"
    1. albert
      albert April 2 2013 19: 19 New
      Quote: Oshin
      Fidelity to Russia is not only a sacred duty of the Eurasian peoples, but also a banal condition for their survival. "

      Alas, not all of them understand this. For Russians, they are brothers, for Westerners, slaves.
  12. Roll
    Roll April 2 2013 10: 43 New
    am Then, this expert does not say anything about the presence of chemical and bacteriological weapons among the northerners. And if a vigorous blow is delivered, then there are no brakes. Then they say nothing about the submarines of the northerners, but in vain. It is enough to sail a boat under a Japanese container ship or a passenger liner to reach the amers, and if bacteriological weapons hit the city of amers, the panic will be notable. The problem is that war is inevitable and the parties are not bluffing, Kim specifically speaks and does, showed an averm a pseudo-map of strikes against them, told what rules will work, a sudden hit with all missiles and hostage-taking, amers showed on B 2 how they will bomb the northerners .
    1. Windbreak
      Windbreak April 2 2013 12: 58 New
      Quote: Rolm
      It’s enough to sail a boat under a Japanese container ship or a passenger ship, it’ll reach the amers,
      And diesel submarines do not need to float anymore? Yes, and it is problematic with 13 nodes to keep up with the ships.
  13. Roll
    Roll April 2 2013 11: 05 New
    love In principle, we already need to prepare camps for refugees of the northerners, because it is not clear if, under the blows of amers, women and children will rush across our border, will our borders shoot at women and children of northerners? If they don’t, then they will need to be resettled somewhere and this is thousands 200 will be, the rest of China will take. And the war is likely to happen if the amers of the northerners are left alone in a couple of years there will be a new conflict, only Kim will have more vigorous bombs, and so will the missiles, so amers, like cancer patients in the initial stage, do not want to do chemotherapy, but do.
  14. taseka
    taseka April 2 2013 13: 09 New
    What happens here in 1925-1940gg happens there, with all the ensuing consequences (of violent patriotism and violent executions " not patriots, not crying at the death of the sun god and father of all ... blah blah blah)
    1. Black
      Black April 2 2013 15: 00 New
      Quote: taseka
      What happens in our place in 1925-1940 is happening there.

      Something I do not remember, that the USSR threatened someone. They plowed, built at the cost of their own people, and did not go around the world with outstretched hands.
      And outwardly, yes. All MODES are the same.
  15. IRBIS
    IRBIS April 2 2013 15: 18 New
    I have noticed such a hat for a long time - as soon as Koreans get quite tight with grub, they begin to buzz. They threaten, explode something, launch something. Then they are given additional help with food and they immediately subside. Until the grub runs out .... So it will be this time. Stopudovo ...
  16. Genoezec
    Genoezec April 2 2013 16: 52 New
    everything is clear and to the point, plus.
  17. fenix57
    fenix57 April 2 2013 23: 38 New
    Quote: Rolm
    You read the comments of such an expert and are surprised.

    Comrade Expert, I, unlike you, do not consider myself as such. I express my opinion without imposing it on anyone. hi