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Fleet is not a joke to Chernomyrdin

Vice Admiral

Radzevsky Gennady Antonovich

Born 14 July 1949
Figures of the Russian Navy, Vice Admiral (1999 g.).
Specialist in the field of control of formations and formations of heterogeneous naval forces.

Born in Porkkala Udd, Finland. In the Navy since September 1966
In 1971 he graduated from the navigational faculty of VVMU im. M.V. Frunze, commander of warheads 1,4, RTS of the MT-486 minesweeper of project 254, since 1971 - assistant, since 1972 - commander of the base minesweeper BT-360 of project 1253B of the 94th brigade of the Tallinn Naval BF. In 1974 he was appointed commander of the Rear Admiral Khoroshkhin pr. 266M, then - commander of the T-205 Gufel ​​guards, pr. 266 Baltic fleet. In 1974, R. was prematurely awarded the rank of captain-lieutenant. Since 1976 - senior assistant. destroyer commander "Haste" of the 56th project of the 12th division of PLO ships. Listener of the Naval Military Aerospace Defense School (1978-1979), since August 1979 - commander of the EM “Persistent” of the 12th division of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Since 1982 - commander of the Special Operations Command "Druzhny", pr. 1135, 12th DiRK. He spent 13 years on the commander’s bridge.

In 1987, he graduated with honors from the command faculty of the Military Medical Academy. A.A. Grechko, beg. of the headquarters of the 128 th brigade of PLO ships of the 12 th division of the Republic of Kazakhstan, beginning. headquarters 32-th division of the PLO BF. In 1989, he was appointed commander of the 32 Division of the PLC. Listener VAGSH AF Armed Forces (1993-1995), appointed early. Headquarters, from 1998, the commander of the 7-th operational squadron of the ships of the SF. Participant of a unique operation on the docking of the Kursk APRK. In 2004, retired by age. From 2004, member of the Board of Directors of CJSC Absolyut. He was awarded the Order "For Service to the Motherland in the Armed Forces of the USSR" 2 and 3 Art., "For Military Merit", medals.

Fleet is not a joke to Chernomyrdin

Excerpts from the statements of one of the Russian admirals, Gennady Antonovich Radzevsky, commander of the Northern Fleet squadron 7:
- These little nasty things that make the life of any commander unbearable, but incredibly interesting, we - the staff officers must constantly implement.

- “You should not shamefully stretch your little skirt on your knees, Comrade Captain of the 1 rank, when you came to a venereologist for help. Tell me how you managed from such a good and necessary thing as a reception of the patron delegation, to arrange a drunken orgy with trips on a command boat on winter bay with preventive grenade launcher?

- Unfortunately, the level of general training of most ship commanders does not allow them, not only without a hitch, to read the commander’s decision made by the most brisk subordinates to a naval battle, but also correctly put the indefinite article "b ... d" in the phrase "Who is the last for vodka?" ".

“When I start thoughtfully treating cruiser commanders with proletarian ruthlessness, they immediately begin to break the Japanese tragedy in front of me: the father is a rickshaw, the mother is a geisha, the son is Moishe, and we are innocent.

- Our commanders do not have any knowledge, so they will have to be allowed to independently control the ships, and dry the rusks themselves and get ready for prison.

- If about a famous actress no longer say that she - b ... d, then it loses its popularity. If the commander of the ship subordinates in a conversation among themselves at least sometimes do not call an asshole, then it is time to remove him from office.

- And the former commander of the RKR Marshal Ustinov did everything he could do - he had already done: the cruiser broke up, made friends with the St. Petersburg policemen, went to the academy, fished out the apartment from the state with illegal methods. So I do not need to comment on all the advantages of this amazing person.

- What really pleases me really is the fact that most of our ship commanders can safely rely on if we start a global nuclear missile war. None of them will go mad, because for this you need to at least have it, at least.

“And you are the chief of staff of the brigade, gather your cheeks into a fist and, without breathing, write down my clever thoughts with lust, and in the end, when I finish, you can squeak — allow, Comrade Vice-Admiral, not to train one exercise .

- I was literally amazed when, when I tried to personally get through to the commander of the largest Russian military ship, I ran into an answering machine. The division commander, memorize verbatim, then you will give this bastard a record - it’s about people like him, the people in part are folded: “I’m pretty for the whole evening, I couldn’t catch anything. Dear answering machine, tell him that he is an asshole.”

- If you call the ship commander in the morning on the carpet, tell him everything we think about him, think of the bastard, then he will rush to the inspiration of the Naval Flag extremely inspired, with a sparkle in his eyes and a strong desire to share his emotional uplift with his subordinates.

- You, of course, excuse me, comrade officers, but I can't help but share about the sore. Here, the young wife of one of our senior assistants came to me at the reception to share her personal tragedy. From the side, it seems to be, a quite decent officer, and organized the service quite well, but in fact, a stumbling block - cannot bring the seed to the house without spilling it on the way.

- Any commander of the ship only deserves respect when he can make the life of his subordinates unbearable.

- Honestly, I sometimes feel ashamed when I hear the speeches of some particularly zealous commanders of ships who seize upon the “piping” of a five-kilowatz microphone on the upper deck. They, that not a word, then - vile swearing. Well, just like small children.

- The commander of the division, if you now need someone from the commanders of the ships to pull, then you have a full five minutes - do not hold back the soul beautiful gusts. If necessary - I am ready to turn away.

- There are people who couldn’t keep their heads up until 3, everyone around them said that they were about to die, and they not only survived, but also commanded the enemy to start their cruisers for joy, but for us - for chagrin.

- How far can the one who was sent far? The answer is - to the nearest tavern. It was there that the commandant of the garrison was detained during the training in his specialty, the senior officer of the operational department of the squadron, Captain 2 of the rank of Davydenko, whom I had expelled from a meeting for a vile, three-day unshaven 50 minutes before. One thing is good - during this time he even managed to shave. True and get drunk - too.

- Well, what are you, comrade captain of the 3 rank, as a schoolgirl Smolyanka, blush and mollify in front of the map, trying to moan something plaintively? Didn't the older comrades tell you that a real man is shy only two times in his life? The first time when you can not the second time, and the second time - when you can not the first time?

- Honest child loves not mom and dad, and tubes with cream. An honest sailor wants not to serve, but to sleep. Therefore, he must be forced to serve.

- And after all this tedious and monotonous work, the client begins to get used to the idea that the money will have to be given back. But the client got used to another, got used en masse, carelessly, with enthusiasm.

- A frightened sailor is disgraced, this is a potential criminal, a future killer and a rapist.

- Remember, comrade officers, in order to do nothing, you must be able to do everything.

- If the boss allows his subordinates to say everything they think, then soon they will completely forget how to think.

- Before you give any sensible thought to your subordinates, you should definitely be stunned and bewildered by them, but it is advisable - to weigh something less. So that their painful shock temporarily lost the ability to argue mindlessly over the meaning of what was said. And if you repeat this procedure periodically, then the honorary status of a skilled leader is guaranteed for life.

- For all the negative phenomena on the ships are usually normal people, whose activities are not subject to control by the command.

- Who is not yet clear that chastity is the most unnatural sexual perversion and that the officer-virgin is not able to adequately delve into the nuances of the ship service.

“And leave your Pindyur small-sized notebooks, which can fit two or three condoms and three or four addresses of frivolous women, leave at home, comrade officers, safely hiding them from their wives in order to avoid provocative questions. And in the service, you should all use the wide-spread workbook that is registered, numbered, stitched and sealed with a mastic print.

- And all the chilling soul facts must be carefully collected, competently summarize, thoughtfully analyze, and - on the tonsils, with particular cynicism, audacity and rigidity of penetration. Humanism and humanity in matters of maintaining alertness are criminal things by their very definition.

- You, comrade captain of the 2 rank, differ from the child only in the size of the reproductive organs and the ability to eat vodka in unlimited sizes.

- It is high time to remember that every undisciplined sailor, planning an unauthorized absenteeism with a drunk on the shore, will know in advance: who will stand on duty on the ship; who - watch officer; who remains the eldest; who - providing; who his - the bastard will take away from the commandant's office; who will beat the muzzle. And if in this chain there is one weak link - booze is possible, and if several - it is inevitable.

- And yet I was pleased with the results of the control test of the preparation of our AMG (carrier-based multipurpose group) to perform the upcoming combat missions, which we had perpetrated by the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy with a punitive detachment of loyal nukers from the General Staff. Lost illusions are also a valuable acquisition.

- And with the figures who were detained while driving while drunk, comrade head of the personnel department, it is necessary to understand very thoroughly and necessarily - with the involvement of an independent commission. So that they do not run through the courts with bulging eyes and do not overwhelm the United Nations International Commission for the Protection of Human Rights with numerous complaints that they have, eight children in the shops are huddling and there is not enough money for a bottle of beer.

- If you have a half-head hole and you are not able to memorize even the multiplication table, then hire a secretary at half-time so that she writes everything down for you. But only - terrible and without legs, so as not to be distracted from the duties of military service, indulging in sexual dreams.

- Today is Saturday, tomorrow is Sunday, I want to work like hell.

- They write us a lot .... Universal literacy will destroy us.

- Belly to entangle, squander, speak smart and well understood by the higher command beautiful words with chopped phrases.

“If a sailor mindlessly enjoys life, then I’m wary until a smile slowly slips from his face.”

- Tanks bedbugs do not crush, I will not even talk to you, comrade captain of the 3rd rank.

- Of course, I am pleased to open your eyes to the world, to talk about something new and fascinating, while stirring up your inquisitive naval mind, but I am not a visiting lecturer of the "Knowledge" society, I am a prominent representative of the great Inquisition and I can hurt all at once.

- Do not forget, if I go there, it will be a trip through your bodies on a tank with small caterpillars to make it more painful.

- When I was the first mate, then on Mondays, I personally, during 45 minutes, during the drill, coached the commanders of the watch posts on the principle: "Does an unknown man run with a spear - your actions?"

- The head of the fleet headquarters yesterday scolded me with harsh words involving profanity, which caused a feeling of internal protest and resentment in my soul.

- And I have long noticed that our squadron, when returning from a holiday, strives to sacrifice the Pripyat Radiant for me, or to treat them to Chernobyl apples. Apparently he wants my main body to lighten up and fall forever.

- And so, gently taking me from the ramp under the white ruchenki and cheerfully clattering hoofs, you should proudly lead me to your supervises after eliminating my comments.

- Returning from vacation is fascinating, immediately strange things seem to be striking, impossible and incompatible with military service at sea. And for a long time one and the same thought insistently perplexed: "Why we still have not burned down or drowned," but after a couple of days, involuntarily you get used to ugliness, although you twitch for a while in a dream.

“And the senior officer of the heavy missile cruiser, Admiral Ushakov, became impudent to such an extent that the ugly report wrote to the commander of the Northern Fleet with a request to protect him from my attacks and insults. This is never forgotten - I will do everything, but I will try to put this report into his coffin.

- “Beat a woman with a hammer — there will be a woman with gold,” proverb says. The same can be said about our paratroopers. The only thing to remember is not to hit on the head - it is useless, and the tool quickly fails.

- As usual, our sailor is extremely curious and extremely playful. Running through the corridor of the only Russian aircraft carrier in Russia, he thoughtlessly poked his dirty finger with a gnawed fingernail on a pretty un-sealed device, and when he heard a loud pop and sound of flowing water behind the bulkhead, he jumped up and ran to the bread slicer to steal butter. What a bother to him is that within a few seconds more than a hundred of the world's best air-to-air anti-aircraft missiles from the world, for each of which the once fraternal Ukraine has been fighting us with over one hundred thousand dollars according to the best world standards, were immediately disabled.

- To whom it is not clear that when I begin to characterize the activities of any officer, he should boldly respond: "I", quickly stand up and turn red and thick. Moreover, if the assessment of his activity is positive, then the eyes should joyfully shine and express immediate readiness for further accomplishments, and if the activity is evaluated, as usual, negatively, then he should ruffle his ears so that it is easier for them to get, and his eyes are dull down.

“Young officers are graduates of naval institutes who have rightly earned the nickname“ institutes ”in our harsh naval environment, vulnerable as children, but they do not cry, buried their faces in Mommy’s skirt, and drink vodka in the company of local moths.

- The officer must be constantly in a state of emotional curl, his nose is in the wind, his fly is unbuttoned, and his readiness for immediate action is increased. Then - from it will be a good judge.

- I remind the flagship specialists who want to avoid evening rape that a monthly analysis of the preparation of compounds in the specialty should be taken to the chief of staff up to 15 hours 30 minutes.

- A ship officer who can satisfy a woman more than twice a night (and with the rank of a captain of 3 rank and above — more than once) is a harmful phenomenon that is socially dangerous and alien to us as it does not meet the interests of our native state. He, a scoundrel, doesn’t have enough ship service, he doesn’t lay it out on her.

- When you agree to nod your head during a well-deserved whipping, you just want to say: "Do not vulgarize my love with your slavish consent, you bastard."

- I want to congratulate our assistant mate on the EW squadron, who in his 34 of the year well understood for himself, with the upcoming next wedding, that after marriage, it may not be better, but surely - more often.

- When I talk with some officers of the operational department of the squadron headquarters, I would like to advise: "Tell your father - so that he will continue to protect himself."

“When on Mondays they report to me that some staff officer fell ill and could not come to the service, I would like to say:“ I wanted to sneeze on your cold, uncle.

- Look at you in the smoking room, Comrade 2 rank captain, because you are so passionate and dexterous, well, just like Filippok from a children's book, and as soon as you give you a word at a service meeting, you will sweat repeatedly, scratching at least some sensible A thought from your verbal abyss.

- Do not go to yourself, mechanic, there they will find you in two accounts.

- Comrade Bonchenko, and your arrival from St. Petersburg from training ended up with the youngest infusoria - RKR slipper "Marshal Ustinov" with the rank of senior lieutenant stepping as a supervising duty officer in our operational association, and in the morning I was greeted with a tremor in my voice and a wild fright on my face . I sent him where it was necessary (that is, to you), and he burst into tears, but did not spit out the chewing gum from his mouth so as not to disturb the acid-base balance in the oral cavity (RKR - missile cruiser).

- If necessary, comrade officers of the headquarters, when conducting a final inspection on ships, you should not shy away from rolling up our sleeves and delving deeper into shit, for a more complete coverage of the situation. And know - it is not a shame to dig in shit, it is a shame to get pleasure from it.

- The squadron headquarters officer must be able to speak long and intelligently until his superior stops him.

- And where is the young comrade-in-chief of the organizational and mobilization department? My joy, you should not sleep here ukromkoy, hiding behind the broad back of the squadron's air defense chief, blowing rainbow bubbles, but sit with your mouth ajar and joyfully bulging eyes feverishly writing down my precepts to Russian soldiers. After all, it is so useful for your fragile psyche and unformed active life position.

- Comrade Bonchenko, do you really not remember your Corefan, who escaped to the brigade headquarters for a position with a smaller workload, but a higher salary, gentle and affectionate words: "With whom you, fuck, twist your love, with whom do you smoke with one cigarette?" "

- And where is the smartest face of the most intelligent representative of the operational department of Comrade Davydenko? What - again fell and can not get up?

- When I summon a young Leninist to my carpet - the head of the department of military service and security of military service, I constantly ask myself the question - will they not put me for a young child?

“And with lovely smiles, with flowers in buttonholes, the headquarters arrives at the nuclear-powered cruiser Admiral Nakhimov and begins a carefully planned genocide.”

- I know that you are a rare demagogue, comrade captain of 1 rank, and even are able to convince a woman in dire need of male caress that the recumbent member is much better than the erect one, but I will not even listen to you. And if you try to interrupt me and speak, then immediately get on the forehead with a weight of poods.

- Your exploits for the decent education of tired warriors, Comrade Air Defense Chief, are known to the entire fleet - the gang of marauders is still that.

- Why do you drink so much and often, comrade Davydenko? Is it really that tasty?

- And you, comrade chief of operations, found yourself a beautiful spine - the captain of the 2 rank Davydenko and always expose him like a shield. And even a large-caliber projectile is about his head - the steel core breaks with pleasure.

- The head of the personnel department, I have the impression that you put ink on your fingers before the meetings, so that everyone thinks that you work a lot.

- In my opinion, it is not a secret to anyone that in the fleet all duties are strictly distributed:
Lieutenant - should know everything and want to work;
Senior Lieutenant - should be able to work independently;
captain - lieutenant - should be able to organize work;
captain of the 3 rank - must know where and what is being done;
captain of 2 rank - should be able to report where and what is being done;
captain of the 1 rank - must independently find the place in the papers where he needs to sign;
admirals - must sign for themselves where indicated;
Commander-in-Chief of the Navy - should be able to clearly and clearly express his agreement with the opinion of the Minister of Defense;
The Minister of Defense - should be able to express in a fairly clear form what the Supreme Commander wants to hear from him;
The Supreme Commander (President) - should periodically (but not less than once, preferably before the elections) be interested in what kind of army is currently in the territory of his state. If it turns out that she has her own, then try to pay her a salary in recent years and promise to raise it (later, maybe) by 10-15. ”
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  1. Chamber No. 6
    Chamber No. 6 28 March 2013 07: 05
    As long as we have such admirals - we are invincible!
  2. Vanek
    Vanek 28 March 2013 07: 28
    Well, here's how not to smile. Especially from the morning. Positive charge for the whole day.
  3. serezhasoldatow
    serezhasoldatow 28 March 2013 07: 46
    In the morning the mood rose. I remembered youth and all further service. If there weren’t such commanders in the fleet, then you can go crazy.
  4. mike_z
    mike_z 28 March 2013 08: 24
    Under the command of Gennady Antonovich, I served 6 years. I also know the author of these notes well. He had already planned his dismissal to the reserve then, so he simply wrote down the admiral's pearls, which were strewed like from a cornucopia. Serving at OpESk headquarters was not easy, but really interesting. At Radzevsky we, after a long stay, began to go out into the sea little by little. And the fact that they managed to save something, which is still able to leave the base and even crawl to Syria, is also a great merit of Radzevsky. The ships turned inside out, but the comments were eliminated. Therefore, many of them are still alive. There is something to remember ...
  5. Shooter
    Shooter 28 March 2013 09: 06
    Thanks to the author for the mood in the morning! No humor in our army! smile
  6. pinecone
    pinecone 28 March 2013 09: 23
    Fine. Most of all I liked the admiral's statement about the distribution of duties.
  7. Feka
    Feka 28 March 2013 11: 04
    Ahahaha, I am writing from Patstal good
    And the introductory: "An unfamiliar man with a spear is running - your actions?" back in '95 I heard it at the KSF, they were in practice on boats.
    Our deputy chief of the faculty liked to repeat: "I have come a long way from a sperm cell to a captain of the 1st rank." laughing
  8. vladimirZ
    vladimirZ 28 March 2013 11: 19
    Why was Vice Admiral fired so early? Is the demanding admiral not needed by the Russian Navy? 55 years is not the age for dismissing an admiral from the Navy!
    1. mike_z
      mike_z 28 March 2013 11: 36
      The Federation Council was stunned and upset when Radzevsky wrote a letter of resignation and refused a new appointment. It could have lasted, but the vice admiral is valid up to 55 (the admiral is up to 60). Keep silent about the motives, they were ...
  9. seafarer
    seafarer 29 March 2013 01: 32
    Radzevsky, of course - a block!
    But he was not alone. It is a pity that the Pacific Fleet (where he served in the 80s) did not find his own "chronicler". The commander of the 10th OPESK, V. Dymov, also did not climb into his pocket for a word. And NachPO Ostrovsky was also a match for him.
    1. coserg 2012
      coserg 2012 15 December 2013 21: 21
      So Dymov did leave you from the 7th OPASK.
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    valerei 29 March 2013 14: 35
    Gennady Antonovich, bravo !! I haven’t laughed like that for a long time! With this concert program - yes, in Russia!
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  12. galiullinrasim
    galiullinrasim 31 March 2013 19: 17
    I remembered the whole service very well. The rocket launchers, too, there were such people that the bugs didn’t push the bugs to hear. But this is a whole concert and while we are such people we are not defeated
  13. Captain45
    Captain45 31 March 2013 21: 21
    Now it is clear where Alexander Pokrovsky took the themes for his stories, the collections "Shoot", "72 meters" and others. Service is not a service without a strong salty word. Without a cheerful word there will be no good deed.
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    Great article. I remembered the service. You won’t hear such statements on a citizen ... Music ...
  18. Aboriginal53
    Aboriginal53 April 25 2013 22: 48
    Reading an article you don’t remember youth and army service. We also had such wits in our unit. Great article. The army rests on such people, and for their labors they didn’t fall apart. Honor and praise!
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    pilot8878 23 July 2013 15: 50
    A brilliant mind, a sharp tongue, a hard character - a real MAN!
  20. Kapdva
    Kapdva 10 September 2013 13: 58
    I found one without a sense of humor ...
  21. Uazovod
    Uazovod 12 September 2013 10: 05
    RRC "Marshal Ustinov" Cap 1st rank Zhuga - commander, lieutenant Izvekov - deputy commander for educational work. Sailors - BCH-2. The commander of the BCH-2 - 2nd rank captain Grisha (Ukrainian surnames) is a rare "terrorist", but generally a funny guy (not shown in the photo). And the expressions, when referring to the sailors, are completely different from the civil ones - they entered their hidden meaning for a long time. AK-130 in the foreground, AK-630 in the back, on the sides - Basalt cruise missile launchers
    1. mike_z
      mike_z 12 September 2013 12: 02
      Rear Admiral Sergei Zhuga is now in command of the division of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Volodya Izvekov lives in Kostomuksha (Karelia), works on a profile. I'm going to visit him. "Ustinov" in Severodvinsk, under repair ... Thanks for the photo.
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    grapefruit 17 October 2013 23: 10
    Zhvanetsky in uniform laughing