The first serial An-158

20 March 2013 of the year at the Kiev airport Svyatoshino held the first flight of the first production 99-local passenger aircraft An-158 (serial number 201-01). The plane, which became the second copy of the An-158, was built at the Antonov Serial Plant (the former Aviant plant), and was completed on the order of the Russian leasing company Ilyushin Finance Co. (IFC) for further transfer to the Cuban state airline Cubana de Aviacion. It was originally planned that the aircraft would be ready by the end of 2012 of the year. As the press service of the Antonov state enterprise reported, the first flight of the new 20 machine in March was 2 hours 20 minutes. The plane was piloted by test pilots of the Antonov State Enterprise, Sergei Troshin, the crew commander, and A. Gorin. The test program provides for the implementation of 10 flights, including three bearer and three receiving.

In total, Cubana de Aviacion with the financing of IFC and the mediation of the front company of South American Leasing SA registered in Panama, has leased three An-158 aircraft, of which the aircraft with serial numbers 201-02 and 201-03 are now under construction at the Antonov Series factory ". According to the plans of the Cuban airline, An-158 will operate both domestic and international flights to Central America and Canada. In October-November 2012 of the year at the Antonov state enterprise, ten employees from among the flight and engineering staff of the Cuban airline took theoretical, practical and simulator training.

The An-158 is an extended version of the An-148. The first model of the An-158 (01-02 serial number, UR-NTN registration) was reequipped at 2009-2010 at the Antonov Series factory from the second experienced flight prototype of the An-148 (01-02 serial number, UR-registration NTB) and is now in operation at Antonov Airlines.

The first An-158 production aircraft (201-01 serial number) on the day of the start of flight tests. Kiev, 20.03.2013
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  1. +1
    25 March 2013 13: 33
    gentlemen, I recommend watching the source, srach is epic there.
  2. -2
    25 March 2013 13: 46
    svidomye according to the source harness flamethrower!
  3. +3
    25 March 2013 13: 51
    TTX comparison
    1. 0
      25 March 2013 14: 09
      Quote: Apollon
      TTX comparison

      judging by your picture, the Russian aircraft is superior to the Ukrainian in its parameters
      1. +3
        25 March 2013 21: 29
        However, the characteristics of the Tu-334 are more preferable than those of the Superjet-100. But the Tupolev car was stabbed to death. And most likely they did it to please the publicized miscarriage of the "effective manager" and holder of the Order of Service to the Italian Republic, Misha A. Poghosyan ...
        And to the Ukrainian car (and of course to its creators!) I sincerely wish you all the best and a happy future! ..

        Tu-334 (specifications)
  4. -5
    25 March 2013 13: 54
    Quote: leon-iv
    gentlemen, I recommend watching the source, srach is epic there.

    judging by the number of comments and the number of deleted - srach really epic. I will express my opinion: let them sit and mess with An-148 / 158 / 178, if only they would not play in the state of Ukroin. Well, or whatever is right ...
    1. +1
      25 March 2013 13: 56
      Pelevin wrote well about them in SNUFF-urkaina she is.
      BUT nevertheless, our workers collect it and there a lot of our SSI will confirm it.
  5. Ruslan_F38
    25 March 2013 14: 00
    The main thing that would not fly against us, but only for.
    1. +2
      25 March 2013 16: 15
      With 99 passengers?))))) With full outfit suitcases? fellow
  6. avt
    25 March 2013 14: 05
    Campaign is a direct competitor to the widget. I don’t think they will let him go to Russia, the AN-148 is released with a creak.
    1. +4
      25 March 2013 15: 48
      Quote: avt
      Campaign is a direct competitor to the widget. I don’t think they will let him go to Russia

      and it’s a pity they won’t let me go
      According to the data for the whole of 2012, announced in February 2013, only ten Sukhoi Superjet 100 out of a total of 125 fleets of the company accounted for 40% of Aeroflot aircraft failures in 2012.

      An is 17% cheaper than Superjet100, and in all respects ...
      But Russia has its own path, Russia has M.A. Poghosyan ...
      1. +1
        26 March 2013 02: 44
        It is not only cheaper .. it is 70% composed of Russian materials and components
        , and the "jet" is 80% imported.
    2. evil hamster
      25 March 2013 18: 33
      To raise the question of transmission or not, they should buy it. But a queue of those wanting AK is not observed.
  7. +2
    25 March 2013 15: 18
    Very similar to IL-76 ... a smaller version, just an interesting car.
  8. 120352
    25 March 2013 16: 00
    Lord! Such aircraft flew in batches in the USSR! Why are we stomping around! Where are the speeds, ranges, loads? It’s probably time to focus on a speed of at least 2-3 M and a range of 10000 km. And this piece of iron for pioneers for scrap is just right. One problem: there are no pioneers!
    1. +2
      25 March 2013 16: 27
      Quote: 120352
      at a speed of at least 2-3 M and range from 10000 km.

      Well this is a short-haul plane, do not scare people .. laughing
  9. vmnss
    25 March 2013 16: 17
    Quote: avt
    Campaign is a direct competitor to the widget. I don’t think they will let him go to Russia, the AN-148 is released with a creak.

    With a flight range of half that? Oh well.
    1. +1
      25 March 2013 16: 26
      [quote = vmnss] With a flight range of half that? Well, well. [/ Quote

      just in case: the Superjet100 has a practical range of 2950 km, the AN-158 3100 (the 148 has 3500, but here the interior was increased, the range decreased)
      1. VAF
        25 March 2013 19: 51
        Quote: sanyabasik
        just in case: the Superjet100 has a practical range of 2950km

        You can write anything you like, but in fact I. 2-x is not typed, and the An-148 flies free at 3400! wink
        1. evil hamster
          25 March 2013 20: 25
          In fact, he flew from Yerevan to Madrid and Paris, so do not mislead people.
          1. +2
            26 March 2013 02: 49
            Fly, he flew ... but empty. Put in it a piece of iron weighing 10 tons. and drain 10t. kerosene ... where will it fly?
            1. evil hamster
              26 March 2013 16: 46
              Not not empty but with 78 pax. You even crack from racial dislike for this aircraft, but in the type certificate it says 3050 with a full payload of 98 passengers. So there is no need to tell tales about the empty.
  10. gladiatorakz
    25 March 2013 20: 28
    Nice plane! All connoisseurs say. Both Ukrainian and Russian. Now the beginning of a large production! And they write in vain that there is no demand. The package of orders is already about 30 pcs. It is with such airplanes that the entire aviation industry must be lifted. Both here and in Russia. After all, there are Russian spare parts in bulk. Cooperation must be increased. Then it will be more profitable and more interesting to cooperate. Accordingly, the convergence of the vectors of development of countries.
    1. Vital 33
      25 March 2013 21: 17
      That's just the point ... I don’t even know whose he is more, Russian or Ukrainian (in terms of components, it is at least half Russian), unlike SSD, which is 15 percent Russian, but still not brought to mind (bitter true). Could launch it as they were going to in Russia, and chop the loot for a couple ... but Pogosyan is like a bone ... And at his base, they could rivet a new transporter (in Kiev they draw slowly, AN-178,) too packs could be pushed. Eh ..
      1. evil hamster
        26 March 2013 00: 13
        Quote: Vital 33
        which is 15 percent Russian
        I feel that they will reach ten soon, then they will be shy.

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