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"Great work" of Germany in the Balkans


German representatives have long ceased to refute the allegations that Germany and the European Union as a whole do not demand recognition of Kosovo’s independence. On the contrary, since the 2011 year of the refusal of the Serbs from the north of the province and the recognition of Kosovo, they demand unceasingly and extremely aggressively. 15 March 2013 was once again declared by the Chairman of the Bundestag Committee on Foreign Affairs, Ruprecht Polenz (CDU). He emphasized that “if, as a result, Serbia does not recognize the independence of Kosovo, it will not become a member of the EU”. As for the rest of the Western Balkans, the German politician warned: "... all countries can become members of the EU if they fulfill all the conditions" (1). Actually, nothing more is needed - just follow the conditions dictated by Berlin and Brussels.

Western diplomats in the most disgusting way demonstrate a cynical-contempt for Serbia, which they themselves were almost destroyed in 1999 and subsequent years. Here is the last example. 2 March 2013 US Ambassador to Serbia Michael Kirby, speaking at the invitation of Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Alexander Vucic at the Faculty of Law of Belgrade University, gave a public lecture on questions from the audience. Some students asked a question about the United States’s previous assessment of the activities of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) as a terrorist organization. The ambassador first became confused, and then suddenly announced that "from the point of view of the United States, people who are now in power in Serbia also engaged in terrorism." After these words, it remained unclear whether it was blackmail that went beyond the permissible norms of behavior of a foreign diplomat, or a demonstration of the traditionally dismissive attitude of Americans towards Serbia, which they had once bombed? Ambassador Kirby also explained that “Serbia should look to the future, not to the past, it needs to solve problems of the economy, unemployment, corruption, and not Kosovo”. He had the courage, or rather the audacity to say that the 78-day bombing of Serbia, which killed thousands of people and economically threw the country to the level of the beginning of the twentieth century, was “the right decision” for which he “does not intend to apologize” and about which does not regret. " But when answering a question from a student about a possible Texas separation, Kirby exploded with indignation: “Texas is a completely different thing, it needs to be understood from the very beginning. Texas is a southern American region, not a southern Serbian region, and there can be no talk about secession, such a question is ugly and more ridiculous than offensive ”(2).

The words of the US representative, as well as the affairs of the country he represents, speak for themselves. To support the young NATO jihad state, the US Congress in 2012 allocated $ 67,45 million for the Republic of Kosovo, $ 2013 million for 57,669. A significant part of these funds is intended for the “integration” of the Serb minority to the Kosovo Society and Government (3). So the US has consistently brought to the end its "business in the Balkans."

Now the details of the diplomatic “big work” with the participation of another, second in the Western world by geopolitical weight, a supporter of the Kosovo drug-state - Germany - are becoming known.

It is about empowering / not allowing the unification of the Serbian communities of authority within the framework of an independent Kosovo. President T. Nikolic, in particular, stresses: “The Serbian association in Kosovo should adopt statutes, regulations, decisions and regulations based on laws adopted by the Kosovo Assembly” and recalls that “in this Assembly, laws relating to the Serbian community should be adopted by such so that representatives of the Serb community for the most part voted for these laws ”(4).

11 March became known as the “Working Version of the Serbian and Kosovo Framework Agreement”, developed by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. This document was handed over in January to “the person of special trust of Angela Merkel,” who holds the post of special adviser to the foreign policy and security chancellor, Christoph Heusgen. In February, Mr. X. Hexgen handed 2013 a document to the vice-premier of the Serbian government A. Vucic during the latter’s visit to Berlin. The working version includes such items as the development by both sides of good-neighborly relations based on the principle of non-interference in internal affairs and bilateral respect for territorial integrity; agreement that their membership in the UN and other international organizations will not imply international legal confirmation; the obligation to fully apply the treaties reached under the auspices of the EU; neither side can represent the other in the international arena or act on its behalf, and their authority only applies to their own territory (5). This is much more than what is required from Serbia in negotiations with Pristina under the auspices of the EU. German diplomacy insists: only the fulfillment of the conditions of Angela Merkel's office will open the way for Europe to Serbia ...

After 13 years after the end of the military aggression against Yugoslavia, which initiated the "Kosovo independence" and 5 years after the independence of the "Republic of Kosovo" was declared, this neoplasm on the body of Europe failed to build a viable economic and political system. Despite all the help from the West (officially 5 billion euros), Kosovo remains the most undeveloped part of the European continent, but with a superbly developed criminal structure. Part of the “Kosovars” flee Kosovo, dreaming of living “in a normal country”, another part calls on Germany to reanimate the plan for financing reforms in Albania, proposed by 1992 and rejected by Paris, transferring it to the entire Balkan region: region, withdraw international organizations and let Germany do its job ”(6).

(3) Steven Woehrel Kosovo: Current Issues and US Policy // Congressional Research Service. January 23, 2013.
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  1. ShturmKGB
    ShturmKGB 22 March 2013 11: 04 New
    How can an objective assessment be expected from American diplomats? These are dogs of contention ...
    1. Joker
      Joker 22 March 2013 12: 15 New
      In the topic of Serbs
      [media = http: // feature = player_detailpage & v = WaGAaRkqwWc]
  2. Kaa
    Kaa 22 March 2013 11: 10 New
    And the Germans always "breathed unevenly" towards Yugoslavia ... starting with the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the provocation in Sarajevo, the capture in 1941 ... In the days of the SFRY, they easily took the Yugoslavs to work ... the Deutschmark in Yugoslavia, like a native ... So they treat it like a lost patrimony. And they contributed a lot to the collapse of Yugoslavia - Slovenia, pro-Austrian-pro-Arab oriented, practically without war and was the first to secede, then - Catholic Croatia, then - the Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina ... now the Serbs drank democracy, thought a little - Germany needs to crush them ... the cause of the 4th Reich lives on and wins ... Greece ... Cyprus (75 years ago - Czechoslovakia, Poland) ... then - everywhere?
    "I do not believe in the honesty of the player, in the love of Russian Pole Europe of the Bundes "
    1. Begemot
      Begemot 22 March 2013 13: 09 New
      I will support. The Balkans have always been at the center of interests of Austria-Hungary, Germany, and the Ottoman Empire, and Britain was very interested in them. It was not in vain that Tehran Churchill took the line to open the 2 front in the Balkans. Uncle Joe then played the perfect combination with Roosevelt and Winston was alone, but as he wanted !! Only here the little brothers for us, the Serbs were not the most respectable. When all is well, we ourselves go to the bathhouse, and as soon as we fry, so immediately bros. Tito did not even sign the Warsaw Pact.
      1. Zeus
        Zeus 22 March 2013 16: 14 New
        It was not the Serbs who entered the Warsaw Treaty, but the ghoul Josip Broz Tito. This devil, a mixture of Slovenian and filthy Croatian blood. He reigned in Yugoslavia from 43 to 80, until the devil took him to him. And led a policy of double standards. In short, the USSR also collaborated with mattress mats, but only after the death of Stalin, which after the end of World War II ceased to cooperate with Tito precisely because of Tito's wretched venality of the Yankees. So there was no cooperation until the ghoul Khrushchev came, who turned the friends of the USSR into enemies, and enemies into friends. Tito bastard redrawn the borders of Serbia and Croatia inside Yugoslavia, just like Khrushchev crossed the Crimea into the Ukrainian SSR. In the war in Yugoslavia, in 99, the Croatian bastards naturally did not give this illegally obtained Serbian territory back to Serbia, the Serbs living there were killed. The Croats, twice in the last century, have staged a bastard genocide of the Serbs, the first time in the Second World War, and the second time in 99. So the Serbs are a very brotherly people to us. They even have a saying: "There is God in heaven, and there is Russia on Earth"!
        1. Goga
          Goga 23 March 2013 04: 02 New
          Zeus - Colleague, full of "+" and it's a pity that I can put only one good
  3. ed65b
    ed65b 22 March 2013 11: 12 New
    Revenge the Germans to the Serbs for 1 world. When the war in Yugoslavia began and its crushing, and instead of crushing and crushing Serbia, I was very indignant and indignant. Now I look at the Serbs and nothing will stir in my soul. They became indifferent to me. the spirit was lost among the people. no more Serbs. Partisanism must be in Kosovo to victory.
    1. escapes
      escapes 22 March 2013 13: 18 New
      I absolutely support, they could arrange Euro-Afghanistan for them, right at their side, otherwise they didn’t help to look at the current in Russia, you don’t want it yourself, then no one will help!
  4. pinecone
    pinecone 22 March 2013 11: 28 New
    The people and their rulers are not the same thing. Historically, the Serbian elite has always been distinguished by its inconsistency.
    1. Andrey57
      Andrey57 22 March 2013 11: 40 New
      Well yes - well yes, Serb brothers are rapidly drifting in the same direction as the Bulgar brothers - in Serbia there is no one to look after the graves of volunteers from Russia, those who laid their heads there to help the Serbs, but nothing happened .. ..
      1. Joker
        Joker 22 March 2013 12: 17 New
        Do not grind nonsense, the people are there for us, not for the EU.

        Video insertion does not work unfortunately, you can simply click on the link.
        1. Kaa
          Kaa 22 March 2013 13: 05 New
          Quote: Joker
          Do not grind nonsense, the people are there for us, not for the EU.

          Quote: Andrey57
          Serb brothers are drifting rapidly in the same direction as the Bulgarians

          "What is the likelihood of Serbia joining the European Union? Sooner or later the Serbs will join the European Union. I am inclined to believe that this will happen later. But Serbia faces enormous trials on this path. Since 1991, Serbia has been speaking the same language - the language of blackmail, endless demands for concessions. The West is behaving towards Serbia as an occupier, as a colonizer, demanding from it endless concessions that benefit the European Union and the separatist forces that it supports. Therefore, Serbian society in the more than 20 years that have passed since the split Yugoslavia, civil wars, has already fully realized how the West behaves in relation to the Serbian people.
          Most likely, long, long years will pass. It is still completely unclear what will remain of the European Union itself, and, possibly, its composition will change fundamentally. Naturally, the countries of the first echelon — Germany, France, and Great Britain — will certainly survive. They will save themselves and their economies. But the question is, how will they do it? How will they save themselves? Of course, at the expense of the rest of the countries, and, first of all, the Slavic countries of the European Union, which find themselves in the position of third world countries, and literally all resources will be scooped out of them. During a sociological study conducted from February 25 to March 4, 2012, 1,2 thousand adult citizens of Serbia were interviewed. 27% of citizens categorically opposed European integration, another 26% sympathized with the idea of ​​joining the EU, but "not at any cost." Why is Serbian society so divided? Because he is well aware and sees in real life that nothing good can be expected from the European Union of Serbia. And support falls very much - 47% - this is less than half. This means that most of the people do not connect their future with the European Union. Support will fall even more. The ruling elite, in theory, should think about defining Serbia in a geopolitical coordinate system. If half the population is against the European Union, then it is for cooperation with Russia. Http://
          evrosoyuz_no_ne_skoro /
          Again, the policy of a "donkey laden with gold" for the ruling elite, as in all still under-Americanized countries.
  5. elmi
    elmi 22 March 2013 12: 50 New
    It seems Germany feels like a mistress in Europe
    1. Kaa
      Kaa 22 March 2013 13: 07 New
      Quote: elmi
      Germany feels like a mistress in Europe

      All three German Reichs were ruined precisely by this pernicious desire ... I think this is a tradition ... we will not violate it ...
      1. Genur
        Genur 22 March 2013 13: 40 New
        But it would be worth breaking.
    2. pippo
      pippo 22 March 2013 15: 15 New
      Quote: elmi
      It seems Germany feels like a mistress in Europe

      I think Germany, like other Europeans, acts solely at the direction of (known whose)!
      1. Vasya Ivanov
        Vasya Ivanov 23 March 2013 05: 11 New
        Just by order, they have no sovereignty.
  6. Kibl
    Kibl 22 March 2013 13: 59 New
    In the twentieth century, the Hermans twice tried to restore "order" and carry out a "final solution to the problem" in Europe, and everyone knows what came out of this. Pan-Germanism is alive, it's time to start the Russian "steam roller" again !!!
  7. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF 22 March 2013 14: 56 New
    After the 1 of the world, the Versailles system appeared. it was enough for 20 years. After the 2-th world - the Yalta-Potsdam system. It began to crumble after the collapse of the USSR, now it does not work at all. On the face of double standards and complete lawlessness. Something like at the end of the 30's (full house of Austria, Czechoslovakia, the war in Spain).
  8. Zomanus
    Zomanus 22 March 2013 15: 02 New
    The Balkans, as well as the Baltic states, each had, has and will have as he wants. It's just that the Balts are no longer pretending to have a natsideya. They just do what the current owner allows them to do.
  9. washi
    washi 22 March 2013 17: 29 New
    Serbs, Bulgarians - Everyone hopes that again, thanks for them, WE should intervene. Enough of two world wars. Either live according to OUR rules, or let them bend further.
  10. Andrey_K
    Andrey_K 22 March 2013 18: 11 New
    Albania and Kosovo are open gates for waiting for Europe.
    So Turkey and Greece would stand in the way - it is difficult to break through their border.
    But Albania - this is what the doctor ordered - if the Islamists want to arrange in Europe what they did in Syria, then here is a bridgehead and diverging roads to Southern, Northern and Eastern Europe.
  11. zart_arn
    zart_arn 22 March 2013 19: 22 New
    Recall 1995 and 1996, the Budyonnovsk and Khasavyurt surrender.
    It seems that precisely these circumstances contributed to the tragic development of the events of 1999 in Serbia.
  12. taseka
    taseka 23 March 2013 05: 41 New
    "such a question is ugly and more ridiculous than offensive" - Cynics and international louts with double standards of a corrupt soul!